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Possible Biden VP pick faces problems over praise for Castro and Scientology, reported attendance at Nation of Islam events

Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) is under scrutiny after reports emerged that she attended Nation of Islam events.

Bass, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, is widely reported to be on presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden’s vice president short list.

Bass has also reportedly made questionable remarks about Scientology and has a troubling past relationship with Cuba and the Fidel Castro regime.

What are the details?

During a Monday interview with NBC News, Bass insisted, “I’m not a socialist. I’m not a communist. I’ve belonged to one party my entire life and that’s the Democratic Party, and I’m a Christian.”

According to Fox News, Bass traveled to Cuba in 1973 with a group called the Venceremos Brigade, which the outlet described as a “joint venture between the Castro regime and left-wing U.S. groups that organized trips for Americans to the country.”

Fox reports that during the trip, Bass attended a Fidel Castro speech. When he passed in 2016, Bass reportedly referred to the dictator as “comandante en jefe” — or “commander in chief” — and lamented his death as a “great loss to the people of Cuba.”

Of the remarks, she told MSNBC that she would “certainly” not make such statements again.

“I have talked to my colleagues in the House about that,” she said, “and it’s certainly something that I would not say again. I have always supported the Cuban people, and the relationship that Barack Obama and Biden had in their administration in terms of opening up relations.”

She also told NBC News that she didn’t consider herself to be a “Castro sympathizer.”

She also said that a new perspective about the dictator “developed over time,” and insisted that his regime was a brutal one.

Nation of Islam ties?

On Monday, the Daily Caller reported that Bass took part in Nation of Islam-related events for three years in a row beginning in 2013.

The outlet reported that a spokesperson for Bass said that she never spoke with or met Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

“Rep. Bass has never met Louis Farrakhan, has never spoken to Louis Farrakhan, and has no ties to Louis Farrakhan,” the spokesperson told the news outlet.

Tony Muhammad, director of the Nation of Islam’s Western division, lauded Bass and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) in 2018, saying that Farrakhan would speak with either of them if they wanted to open up a dialogue about blackness in America.

Muhammad said, “I think our black politicians should stand down. Minister Farrakhan will take a call from a Maxine Waters or Karen Bass. He will stop what he’s doing … come and correct him, he’s told him. But don’t let anyone tell you I’ve done something wrong without checking.”

Scientology’s ‘exciting’ doctrines

In 2010, Bass was embroiled in a controversy after she seemingly praised the Church of Scientology.

During an opening for the “church,” Bass said, “The Church of Scientology I know has made a difference, because your creed is a universal creed and one that speaks to all people everywhere. The words are exciting of your founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in the Creed of the Church of Scientology: that all people of whatever race, color, or creed, are created with equal rights.”

In a lengthy weekend Twitter statement, Bass insisted that while she did make the remarks about Scientology, she only related to them through a lens of agreeing with equal rights sentiments.

“[I] found an area of agreement in their beliefs — where all people, of whatever race, color, or creed are created with equal rights, which is what my remarks were about,” she explained.

“Since then, published first-hand accounts in books, interviews and documentaries have exposed this group,” she added. “Everyone is now aware of the allegations against Scientology. Back in 2010, I attended the event knowing I was going to address a group of people with beliefs very different than my own, and spoke briefly about things I think most of us agree with, and on those things — respect for different views, equality, and fighting oppression — my views have not changed.”

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‘I just found some white men to kill’: Nation of Islam follower confessed to cops he murdered three people because of their race

A Nation of Islam follower confessed to cops that he killed three white men because of their race,
KFSN-TV reported.

“I didn’t want to do nothing to law enforcement, so I just found some white men to kill,” Kori Muhammad said in his confession to police, the station noted.

On Monday — the first day of the second week of his capital murder trial — Muhammad’s first police interview after his arrest was shown, KFSN said.

What’s the background?

fatally shot security guard Carl Williams on April 13, 2017, KFSN said, telling cops Williams had harassed him.

But the station said surveillance video from the motel in northwest Fresno, California, where it all happened showed Muhammad perpetrating a sneak attack while Williams talked to the defendant’s friend.

Image source: KFSN-TV video screenshot

Muhammad went into hiding, KFSN said, but after learning he was a suspect, he decided five days later to enter downtown Fresno and carry out racially motivated violence.

“When I walked up to the [PG&E] truck, I saw a Mexican driver and a white guy,” Muhammad confessed, the station said. “I didn’t want to target the driver because he was Mexican, so I shot the white dude.”

That man was Zackary Randalls, KFSN said, and then Muhammad reportedly fatally shot Mark Gassett and David Jackson — all decisions he revealed in detail to investigators.

“This is telling me that he knows exactly what’s going on,” Fresno police detective Miguel Alvarez told the court. “He knows exactly what occurred earlier.”

After police arrested Muhammad, he said he was well aware of the reason, KFSN reported: “Because I killed those people and the security guard.”

Oddities at trial

The station said Muhammad didn’t make it through the entire confession in court and opted to leave, as he’s done a few times during the trial.

Image source: KFSN-TV video screenshot

“Mr. Muhammad informs me he would like to go back to his cell,” defense attorney Richard Beshwate told Judge Jonathan Conklin, KFSN said.

“Recognizing your right to be present, you’re asking to return back to your cell?” the judge asked Muhammad, the station noted — to which Muhammad replied, “Yes, sir.”

Ominous gesture?

Also at Monday’s hearing, the defendant held aloft a Nation of Islam newsletter for cameras, the station said.

Image source: KFSN-TV video screenshot

KFSN noted that Muhammad’s religion, which has been “denounced by mainstream Muslims,” actually “could be part of the case against him” and that investigators have argued his belief system is “openly discussed and accepted in the Nation of Islam.”

The defense will argue insanity, the station said.