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CA Governor Says “Wear Masks Between Bites” When Eating

The ruling class is desperate to have everyone masked up. California’s governor Gavin Newsome says you should wear your mask in between taking bites of food. This lunacy is not ending, but ramping up.

At least Newsom is being ridiculed on social media after urging diners to wear their masks in between bites.  But The ruling class is desperate to have everyone masked up. California’s governor Gavin Newsome says you should wear your mask in between taking bites of food. This lunacy is not ending, but raming up.he also warned them to “minimize the number of times you take [the mask] off.”

Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

Hot Mic Moment: Lawmakers Admit Masks Are All “Political Theatre”

There is definitely an effort to make people believe that the masks work and wearing your symbolic muzzle is how to prevent infection from the COVID-19 scamdemic. The Democrat governor’s office tweeted on October 3: “Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend? Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites. Do your part to keep those around you healthy.” Yet, in the same post, there’s a graphic that says: “minimize the number of times you take your mask off.”

The following Twitter user nailed my sentiments about all of the mask mandates:

People have started to figure it all out though:

Newsome is taking heat for these hypocritical and contradictory posts on social media. Some of these governors sure do have a religious addiction to mask-wearing. Even the avatar which was chosen by the governor’s office says: “wear a mask.” With President Donald Trump testing positive for COVID-19, the mask propaganda will increase. Trump himself had already been ridiculed and shamed for refusing to wear a face mask 24/7.

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Trump Pushes Mask Wearing Propaganda: It’s “Patriotic”

After months of not wearing a face mask amid the coronavirus plandemic, it appears the president Donald Trump has caved and is now pushing the mainstream media’s propaganda about wearing masks. In fact, Trump said it’s “patriotic” to symbolically muzzle yourself.

Trump is now bowing to the psychopaths who are pulling the strings, just like those “with eyes to see and ears to hear” knew would happen. He wore a mask in full display of the media for the first, and so far, the only time while touring the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this month.

On Monday he shared a picture of himself wearing a mask at what appears to be that event, adding: “Many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask” and “There is nobody more Patriotic than me,” according to a report by Business Insider

Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

This picture tweeted out by Trump on Monday appears to be from his visit to alter Reed National Military Medical Center on July 11 of this year. Instead of focusing on the mask propaganda, the commenters on Twitter seem more concerned that Trump called the coronavirus the “China Virus.” The divide and conquer tactic is in full swing in USSA politics.  They don’t want you focusing on the New World Order, the fact that the U.S. government is pushing us into it with excessive money creation, or that the Federal Reserve chooses the president (whichever puppet will be more receptive of their goal to own the planet.)

Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

As long as people are divided and fighting over skin color, politics, religion, gender, face masks, or any other number of thins, they will remain passive sleeping sheep and fall right into the hands of the NWO.  Waking up to this false dichotomy and the illusion of choice isn’t easy, but the alternative is severe.

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MSM NEEDS You To Know: Trump Wears A Mask Now, You Should Too

Now that President Donald Trump has been photographed wearing a face mask, the mainstream media needs his supporters to follow suit and emulate him. It was all over mainstream media that Trump wore a face mask for the first time during this plandemic.

President Donald Trump wore a mask during a visit to a military hospital on Saturday, the first time the president has been seen in public with the type of facial covering recommended by health officials as a precaution against spreading or becoming infected by the novel coronavirus, according to a report by the Associated Press. 

The MSM Pivots On COVID-19 Propaganda Today: Headlines Declare Trump Is “All For Masks”

Trump flew by helicopter to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in suburban Washington to meet wounded service members and health care providers caring for COVID-19 patients. As he left the White House, he told reporters: “When you’re in a hospital, especially … I think it’s a great thing to wear a mask.” More prominent Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, have been endorsing wearing masks as the heat of summer approached. Republican governors have been moving toward requiring or encouraging the use of masks as the plandemic and mainstream media’s fear-mongering has grown more obvious in some states in the South and West.

Texas Governor MANDATES Face Masks

It’s important to not forget what the president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve (the central bank) said of the shutdown, and no, it wasn’t about health and never has been: “This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter. The overall goal is to keep everyone, households, and businesses, whole… It is a huge shock and we are trying to cope with it and keep it under control,” said Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard.

This was planned from the beginning and at this point, doesn’t’ even matter if a virus is ravaging humanity or not, although the evidence continues to point to that not being the case. That comment by Bullard can be found in an article by Market Watch dating back to March 23 of this year.

It’s all a scam and the photos of Trump wearing a mask are straight propaganda.  The wearing of masks became another political dividing line and just gives the media more ammunition to “divide and conquer” those unwilling to look at it for what it is. Republicans tend to be more resistant to wearing face masks than Democrats, but the media wants republicans to change their tune by sharing photos of Trump wearing a mask.

But could there be something more sinister about all the devotion to covering one’s mouth (which always looked like a muzzle or a person symbolically silenced to me personally.)

Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

This mask-wearing is odd at the very least, considering the science is not there to support it, yet people are obeying anything the mainstream media tells them to do.  We live in the strangest of times.

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Tyranny Alert: Americans To Be ARRESTED For Not Quarantining For COVID-19

In Brooks County, south Texas, people are going to be arrested if they test positive for COVID-19 and refuse to quarantine. Remember, the tests are highly inaccurate, and asymptomatic people don’t spread the coronavirus, according to the WHO. Plus, masks work, right?

Like I’ve said from the beginning, this is not about health or infections or deaths or safety.  This about straight-up totalitarian control and a complete takeover and enslavement of humanity. Brooks County, located north of McAllen in South Texas, will begin arresting people who test positive for COVID-19 and do not self-quarantine, according to a report by CBS Austin

Obviously, this article by CBS and the order to arrest people for not quarantining is done to panic people and keep them in a state of fear-backed compliance with whatever edict the government decides.  Apply critical thinking and logic: who is going to arrest these people for not quarantining, especially if they are not sick? Probably the police right? Will the police have masks? The answer is yes because Texas already has a mandatory mask policy courtesy of the tyrannical governor there. If so, and masks are so effective, why bother quarantining?

None of the rules, laws, regulations, and enslavement of humans has been warranted from the get-go.  But politicians at all levels disagree.  They are the masters, and we are the slaves.  There’s no voting our way out of this mess. Look at what this tyrannical judge is using as his excuse to enslave the people of Brooks County:

KVII reports that Brooks County attorney David Garcia made the announcement after community members notified his office of seeing people who tested positive for the coronavirus at grocery stores and businesses.

“If you’re going to go out and endanger other people, and we find out about it, we will prosecute you,” Garcia told KVII. “People have not really embraced the dangers of COVID-19. It’s dangerous. It’s killing people, and it’s making people very sick. So either do it because you’re concerned about others or do it because you’re going to be punished if you don’t.” CBS Austin

No, people haven’t “embraced the dangers of COVID-19” because the majority of us know it’s a scam. It’s a hoax. It’s being done to control the public, and when the tests are wrong half the time, it’s hard to put any faith in the case numbers.  We know the death toll is being amped up to make it look worse than it is.  Still, even then, by the government’s own inflated and fabricated numbers, there is no more of a danger with COIVD-19 than there is with a bad flu season. 

Lockdowns Were a SCAM! Asymptomatic Carriers Don’t Spread COVID-19

Garcia is using the threat of violence to keep everyone from disobeying, this tyranny is the very reason so many people have already been killed in history.  Appeal to cops and the military as much as you can to get them to see exactly what they are enforcing. If you cannot, they should know they will go down in history in the same manner as the Nazis.  Hitler could not have killed as many people as he did without people willing to follow his orders.

If no one obeys, there are no orders.  There are no masters, and there are no slaves. Wake up. This is a full-blown dictatorship and they were able to pull it off in a matter of months.