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Will Smith film moving out of Georgia in protest of state’s ‘regressive voting laws’ — at a cost of $15 million to movie budget

Actor Will Smith along with director Antoine Fuqua announced they are moving production of their upcoming film “Emancipation” out of Georgia in protest of the state’s “regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access,” Deadline reported.

What are the details?

The outlet cited a Monday statement from the production companies headed by Smith and Fuqua explaining their reasons for exiting Georgia: “At this moment in time, the Nation is coming to terms with its history and is attempting to eliminate vestiges of institutional racism to achieve true racial justice. We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access. The new Georgia voting laws are reminiscent of voting impediments that were passed at the end of Reconstruction to prevent many Americans from voting. Regrettably, we feel compelled to move our film production work from Georgia to another state.”

What does the law say?

But the law merely ramps up security for Georgia’s elections by requiring photo IDs for mail-in ballots, and it even expands early voting hours. Yet it’s been almost universally criticized by the left and has fallen victim to their false attacks.

For example, President Joe Biden earned “Four Pinocchios” from the Washington Post for saying the law “ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote.” And the paper added that Georgia’s far-left U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock signed on to a third-party email that contained false information about the voting law.

Big budget dent

Deadline noted that “Emancipation” production leaving Georgia will cost it about $15 million in state tax rebates which have made the state “such a busy U.S. production hub.” The outlet said the new location for the movie likely will be Louisiana, given that’s where the events of “Emancipation” — which is about a runaway slave — take place.

Prior to the decision to move production out of Georgia, Smith and Fuqua held discussions with Stacey Abrams, who urged Hollywood to not leave the state over the law, Deadline said. But the outlet noted that “the optics of shooting in the state would be difficult given the subject matter” of the movie.

“Emancipation” was scheduled to begin filming June 21, Deadline reported, and will star Smith in the lead role while Fuqua will direct.

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Google Drive Takes Down PERSONAL Copy Of “Plandemic”

If there was ever a time in history to pay attention, it’s now.  It’s now obvious that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to that which Big Tech and the government continue to censor to “save us” from “misinformation.” Google Drive, at the request of The Washington Post, has taken down a user’s personal copy of the movie “Plandemic.”

Ever since Big Tech platforms started cracking down on what they deem to be “coronavirus misinformation” (information they don’t want you to know about), the media has been willfully flagging alleged violations to social media companies and getting content taken down, reported News Break. 

In other words, they want us to remain in a panic-induced state of fear and only listen to the mainstream media’s official Operation Mockingbird narrative about the entire Plandemic.  And because you are not supposed to know anything else, Google drive has removed a user’s personal copy of Dr. Judy Mikovitz’s “Plandemic” after it was flagged by the Washington Post. 

It doesn’t get more blatant than this, folks.  We are being lied to and expected to stay fearful and obey the ruling class at all costs. It’s going to get ugly by the end of this year if tyrants don’t release their grip on power…and we know they won’t let go easily.

In an article reporting on the takedown, The Washington Post’s Silicon Valley Correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin complained that after the coronavirus documentary Plandemic was censored on social media, some YouTube clips were telling users how to access “banned footage” from the documentary via Google Drive. She then notes that after The Washington Post contacted Google, Google Drive took down a file featuring the trailer for the Plandemic documentary.

Watch Plandemic on Bitchute, a decentralized, censorship-free platform by clicking here. 

As Big Tech ramps up censorship, we need to ramp up our exit and cease to use their products.  We said last month that the mainstream media was going to continue a smear campaign against anyone who stands up to the elitists and this tyrannical takeover and economic terrorism while using a virus as an excuse.

The mainstream media is going to continue its smear campaign against anyone who dares to believe they have the right to live freely so long as they aren’t harming others and take life’s risk upon themselves. But as fewer people tune in to listen to their propaganda, fewer people will be brainwashed by it. –SHTFplan

And that’s exactly what the Washington Post did. Dwoskin frames users sharing files containing the Plandemic trailer with each other as:

“A wave of seemingly countless workarounds employed by people motivated to spread misinformation about the virus — efforts that continue to thwart social media companies’ attempts at preventing hoaxes and conspiracy theories from spreading amid the greatest public health crisis in decades.”

There is good news though.  We now know that the mainstream media is struggling to maintain their grip on the official narrative, and for all intents and purposes, they’ve already failed.  Too many have awoken to the lies and propaganda designed to keep a ruling class in place, and the rest of us subjugated.  But that’s all ending and they will not go down without a fight. Expect more censorship as they desperately try to cling to their mind control and social engineering schemes in the coming months.

As Robert Kiyosaki said recently: “Pray for the best but prepare for the worst!”

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‘Mission: Impossible 7’ filming postponed due to coronavirus outbreak in Italy

Due to a recent COVID-19, or coronavirus, outbreak in Italy, film production of “Mission: Impossible 7” has been put on hold.

The studio was scheduled to do a three-week shoot in Venice, Italy, but a surge in coronavirus cases in the country has forced plans to change. As of Tuesday afternoon, Italian officials confirmed that 322 have been infected with the virus, resulting in 10 deaths.

According to Variety magazine, Paramount Pictures announced the delay Monday following the Venetian government’s memo to halt public gatherings.

“Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our cast and crew, and efforts of the local Venetian government to halt public gatherings in response to the threat of coronavirus, we are altering the production plan for our three week shoot in Venice, the scheduled first leg of an extensive production for ‘Mission: Impossible 7,'” the studio said. “During this hiatus we want to be mindful of the concerns of the crew and are allowing them to return home until production starts. We will continue to monitor this situation, and work alongside health and government officials as it evolves.”

Tom Cruise, who plays the franchise’s lead character, Ethan Hunt, a seemingly indestructible Impossible Mission Force Agent, had reportedly not landed in Italy before the announcement was made.

The seventh film in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise is scheduled for release in July 2021.