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Democratic Minnesota Governor’s 4-week lockdown banning ALL social gatherings, sparks protest at Tim Walz’s mansion

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced on Wednesday a rigid month-long lockdown order that bans all social gatherings of people who do not live in the same household, even if participants wear face masks and practice proper social distancing. On Saturday, Minnesotans went to Walz’s mansion to protest the drastic lockdown orders.

Walz’s severe new coronavirus restrictions, which went into effect on Friday at 11:59 p.m. and will be in place until Dec.18, will shut down bars, restaurants, and breweries, except for takeout, delivery, or walk-up service, according to the MinnPost. The order will also close gyms, indoor sports facilities, theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, go-kart tracks, and other entertainment businesses for an entire month.

Retail businesses, barbershops, and salons are permitted to stay open, but may only operate at 50% capacity.

All youth, high school, and adult sports leagues are prohibited for the next four weeks, but college and professional teams are exempt from the order.

In one of the most extreme measures ever implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesota will have draconian measures regarding social gatherings.

From the Minnesota Department of Health:

Social gatherings are groups of people who are not members of the same household, congregated together for a common or coordinated social, community, or leisure purpose – even if social distancing can be maintained. This prohibition includes planned and spontaneous gatherings as well as public and private gatherings. Most commercial activities are not considered social gatherings, so this change will not impact most industries.

The harsh restrictions come with punitive penalties, including fines of up to $1,000 or 90 days in prison.

“Any business owner, manager, or supervisor who requires or encourages any of their employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers, or interns to violate this Executive Order is guilty of a gross misdemeanor and upon conviction must be punished by a fine not to exceed $3,000 or by imprisonment for not more than a year,” Walz’s order states. “In addition to those criminal penalties, the Attorney General, as well as city and county attorneys, may investigate and seek any civil relief” of up to $25,000 per occurrence.

The stringent restrictions were not welcomed by many Minnesotans, and some who demanded freedom protested against the new lockdowns outside of Walz’s mansion in St. Paul. Many protesters waved American and Trump flags outside the Minnesota governor’s residence while they chanted: “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

The crowd hung signs of infamous dictators from history on the fence of the property. Others held signs that dared Walz to arrest them for attending a Thanksgiving gathering with their family.

A car parade protest drove by the governor’s mansion and honked their horns.

The crowd also sang “America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee).”

Earlier this week, Walz stated, “I’m not going into someone’s home on Thanksgiving. But if you’re gathering with a lot of people not in your family on Thanksgiving you are really speaking volumes about what the values are here in Minnesota.”

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Ilhan Omar’s campaign funneled nearly $3 million to husband’s firm for 2019-2020 election cycle: Report

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign has sent more than $2.7 million to her husband’s political consulting firm for the 2019-2020 election cycle, according to a Fox News report based on Federal Election Commission data.

What’s going on?

Omar’s relationship with husband Tim Mynett has raised eyebrows for more than a year.

In the summer 2019, reports surfaced that Omar was having an affair with Mynett, a political consultant who was working for her campaign. Both Omar and Mynett were married to other people at the time. After divorcing their spouses, the two tied the knot in March.

Omar’s relationship with Mynett sparked an August 2019 FEC complaint alleging she used campaign funds to pay for her affair.

As reporters dug into Omar’s FEC filings, they found that her campaign had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with Mynett’s firm, E. Street Group, LLC, during the alleged time of the affair.

During the 2018 election cycle, when Omar won her first race for Congress, Mynett’s firm received about $63,000 from her campaign.

Since then, Team Omar has funneled more than $2.7 million to the candidate’s spouse for the 2019-2020 election cycle, Fox News reported. Omar won re-election last week.

According to Fox, 70% of Omar’s third-quarter payments went to her husband’s firm. More from Fox News:

Federal Election Commission data shows that Omar’s campaign sent $1.6 million to E Street Group LLC, which is owned by her husband Tim Mynett, from the start of 2019 through Jul. 22, 2020. After that, she reported an additional $1.1 million in the third quarter and $27,000 in the following weeks. That $1.1 million constituted nearly 70% of the $1.6 million that Omar’s campaign spent that quarter.

Peter Flaherty, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, which filed the August 2019 FEC complaint, said Omar’s marriage to Mynett shows how important an FEC investigation is. He told the Washington Post, “You have a member of Congress paying a close friend and now-husband the bulk of her campaign spending. It still raises the question of whether it is to facilitate a personal relationship or whether Tim Mynett is the best possible vendor for all these possible activities.”

Omar’s campaign attorney, David Mitrani, told the Post there was nothing wrong with paying the congresswoman’s husband’s company.

“There is simply nothing unusual about the services that E Street Group provides to Ilhan for Congress — and nothing inappropriate with a vendor being reimbursed for travel for bona fide services — even if that vendor is run by a candidate’s spouse,” he said.

Fox News reported that the campaign’s payments to Omar’s husband are possible because though the law prohibits members of Congress from hiring family members for government jobs, it does not prevent family members from working for congressional campaigns.

Fox News reported that neither Omar’s office, her campaign, nor E Street responded to requests for comment.

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‘Ugly folks’: Joe Biden lashes out at Trump supporters who crash his campaign rally

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden lashed out at supporters of President Donald Trump on Friday, calling them “ugly folks.”

What happened?

Video showed that, during a Biden campaign stop in Minnesota, Trump supporters attempted to crash and interrupt the Biden campaign event by making noise and honking their car horns.

As Biden slammed Trump over his response to the coronavirus, the former vice president attempted to drown out the noise — but it was just too loud.

“Look, President Trump is spreading division and discord,” Biden said. “He thinks that he can divide us, we won’t notice his failures, that’s what it’s all about. That’s why he shamelessly equates Somali refugees — folks seeking a better life in America, contributing to this state and our country — with terrorists, as he did last night.”

“We need a president who will bring us together, not pull us apart,” Biden continued. “I’ll deal with this pandemic responsibly, bringing the country together around testing, tracing, masking.”

That’s when Biden shifted to promote a national face mask mandate — and angrily snapped at Trump supporters in the process.

“Dr. Fauci called for a mask mandate last week,” Biden said. “This isn’t a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping the horns. This is a patriotic duty for God’s sake!”

Anything else?

Friday’s outburst was not the first time that Biden has lashed out at Trump supporters.

Last Saturday, a drive-in rally hosted by Biden’s campaign suddenly became a rally of Trump’s supporters.

Because so many Trump supporters had crashed Biden’s event, CNN political correspondent MJ Lee reported, “Practically a Trump drive-in rally here now outside the Biden drive-in event.”

The Trump supporters made noise and interrupted Biden, which clearly angered the former vice president. In response, Biden called the Trump supporters “chumps.”

“By the way, we don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone are doing, the Trump guys,” Biden said. “Look, we’ve got to come together.”

Ironically, Biden later claimed he would unify the country — but again denigrated Trump supporters.

“I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps at the microphone out there,” Biden said. “That’s the job of a president, the duty to care for everyone. The duty to heal.”

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Minnesota Democrats tried to limit Trump rally to just 250 supporters — but photos show it backfired

Democratic leaders tried to limit the number of supporters who could attend President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Minnesota on Friday — but photos show their attempts failed.

What’s the background?

Prior to Friday’s rally, Trump claimed that Minnesota’s Democratic Gov. Tim Walz had capped the number of supporters who could attend his Rochester rally at just 250 supporters. Trump said that as many as 25,000 supporters had sought to attend the event.

According to The Hill, Minnesota has limited the number of individuals who can gather indoors or outdoors at just 250 to prevent spreading the coronavirus.

What happened?

Although only 250 people were allowed into the actual rally area — in which supporters were forced to sit in socially-distanced chairs as mandated by state and local leaders — thousands of Trump supporters gathered outside the official rally barricade, according to photos taken by journalists.

The New York Post reported that, upon arriving to the rally area, Trump “took a motorcade to the overflow crowd rather than the state-sanctioned stage after disembarking Air Force One.”

Glen Stubbe, a photojournalist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, captured the throng of supporters who came to the rally despite the crowd limit.

Trump also tweeted a video showing the sea of supporters.

“Your far-left Dem Attorney General, and your Dem Governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of Minnesota, and take away your freedom of assembly. They thought we would cancel – but I said NO WAY, I will NEVER abandon the people of Minnesota!” the president tweeted.

Trump also bashed state leaders while addressing supporters.

“Your far-left Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison and your Democrat governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of Minnesota and take away your freedom and your rights,” he said, The Hill reported.

“The governor wants to play games. He’s a weak governor. He’s done a terrible job. He doesn’t know what the hell he is doing,” Trump also said. “This should be a lesson.”

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Exclusive: Minnesota Democratic candidate alleges outright vote buying by Minnesota Democrats: ‘worse than Somalia’

A few thousand votes in swing-state Minnesota may decide November’s presidential election.

In recent years, multiple Somali-Americans living in Minneapolis-St. Paul have come forward to describe vote-buying, ballot-harvesting, and intimidation operations of historic scope in the Democratic Party-controlled area. Some have brought evidence to state and federal law enforcement, though little action has been taken. These whistleblowers explicitly name Rep. Ilhan Omar, her campaign director Ali Isse, and other Democratic Party members as being involved.

This year, local political activist and Democratic Party member Saciido Shaie ran for the Minneapolis City Council seat in Ward 6. She has a long political resume. Shaie has been appointed to several state boards by Minnesota’s governor and has also served as the Minneapolis DFL (Democratic Party) fundraising director.

On July 6, Saciido Shaie released
a 15-minute video of herself speaking in Somali. She announced that she was not suspending her campaign — but she would no longer be campaigning door-to-door.

She spoke about how upset she was by how many voters she encountered who expected her to pay $200 for a vote.

She was angry that local Democrats had taken advantage of so many elderly Somali-American refugees, who, she said, sincerely do not know that vote-buying is a serious federal crime in the United States.

Shaie also specifically described two incidents she had witnessed.

She added that anyone who thinks she is a “snitch” needs to understand that law enforcement and others “already know.” That everyone involved could eventually get turned in by friends and family, presumably if law enforcement finally shows up with evidence and leverage. Shaie also stated that these “terrible things” simply need to stop, because they will destroy the Somali-American community and their children’s hopes for a future in America.

As of this article’s publication, Saciido Shaie’s July 6 video is still live on her campaign page. The full video can be viewed below (relevant portion begins at the 5:00 mark) and is followed by an English translation of her video, provided to us by a native Somali-language speaker and verified by a second independent translator. Please watch the video as well — Shaie’s emotion and demeanor show her to be an American patriot.

Shaie did not respond to a request for additional comment on this story.


As you are well-aware, we are going through elections in Minneapolis. The people of Ward 6, I would like to tell them that the campaign is going well and that early voting has started, and it has started on the 26th.

Somalis, by the way, it seems they are not done with fraud and corruption.

There are a lot of things ethically, culturally, and religiously that are not good for us and happening on the side of campaigns. A lot of people are doing things that eventually will bring a lot of problems for the Somali community. A lot of people are doing things that could possibly bring a lot of problems for the Somali community.

The reason being, what we have clearly seen, we have seen first of all the seniors are being confused about the time of the campaign, and how [voting] is supposed to be done in the traditional American system of voting.

We are doing the opposite. In fact we are doing it like Somalia, and even worse, is how the campaigns are being done.

You will see people who are saying “if you need my vote, give me money.” Terrible things.

In reality, the person should choose a person on quality, education, and work performance and even being Somali, but instead the people are fighting over “who will give [me] money is who I will give my vote.” That is what was going on in Somalia.

Truly, I didn’t want to talk about this. But I feel it’s become unavoidable to speak out about it.

You remember recently Somalis were caught in the daycare fraud issue? And they were all closed. It was a terrible thing and all these businesses, day cares, home cares were closed. And people were arrested in the city. Because they did things they were not supposed to do. Money being exchanged, people were choosing money over quality and qualifications, religion, culture, ethics, dignity.

Which is exactly what is going on in our campaigns now. People being told “give me your vote for money.”

The old men or women, when you go to them to ask for their vote, they respond “I can’t vote for you unless you pay.”

Recently I sent a van from my campaign to give a ride to voters who promised to vote for my campaign, mostly older women, we picked up eight people. When the driver and the eight people arrived at the voting center the voters told the driver “na af garta” which means “sort us out.” So the driver called me and said this is what they are saying. I asked, “What does that mean?”

They responded, “It means our vote is worth $200 a person, we are being promised that amount, but because you are a nice young lady and we like you and how hard you are working, we will take $100 a vote instead.”

What I did was I instructed the driver to turn around and take them all back home.

I will only get my votes based on my qualifications, record, personality, and platform. I will not get involved in that. As long as they want money for a vote, tell them to go back to the people who promised them the $200, and vote for them.

This is the truth and it is clear. And we all know each other. It is the truth and it is a fact.

Truthfully I want to tell Somalis that these issues will come to light, and it’s not good. This is a country of laws and systems. And this is what has destroyed our Somali community. Our culture, our religion, and our livelihoods being threatened? It is because of these issues. And why we are disliked — it is because of these terrible things.

We must know that the young children we have, we want to leave a future in this country, and we are hoping to be an example in America or elsewhere. But any person who is here sees all these problems we are having within the community and the corruption at all levels, from daycare to seniors, should be aware.

After seeing all these problems — add “corrupting seniors” to all these problems. It’s a shame.

Also be aware that there are Somalis working with government, or outsiders who are living among us, who are reporting all these things. Be aware that we need to end these shameful things.

We were used to “clanism,” which was part of our culture, and choosing a person from your clan was always part of this community. That won’t change because it’s always been there, voting for their clan member. But what is terrible is taking
bakshish (bribe) and money for a vote.

For sale to a person who will probably do nothing for you, who will sell you tomorrow when they sit on that seat.

I’m very sad and disappointed about this issue. Dear Somalis, I’m advising you today is a day, and tomorrow is a day. Today, the advice I’m giving you, a lot of people will say, “Why? Has she gone crazy? Why would she snitch, why is she telling?”

I am responding that they already know. People are watching. What I’m saying is to heal and fix this community, the problem happening in our community.

An old man or woman in their 80s who are locked in a room here know nothing about the system, or the law you understand. You have misled them!

I met this woman and I asked her, “Have you voted?” She responded “yes.”

I asked her, “Aunty, how, because the vote has not happened yet, it’s on the 26th of this month this time.” She responded, “I don’t know.”

I then asked, “Who did you vote for?” She responded, “Wallahi I don’t know.”

So I asked, “How did you know you voted?” She responded, “Someone came and forced me and took my ballot.”

I responded, “OK, so what did he say or do?” She replied, “I don’t know, he was a Somali man, I just gave it to him.”

So please, you people who are running around, who we all know each other. Dear cousins, please stop these problems you are perpetrating on these poor old victims!

Do not put them in situations that will affect them, and their records. If this comes out, billahi, you will regret this one day.

You people who are educated, who know the system, to see people doing bad things and you support them? Be aware on earth and in heaven, it is bad for you. This is advice for you today and tomorrow. These issues will come to light, and people will report you.

Maybe even people who are your closest relatives. The truth will come out.

Everyone knows me. I will never and have never participated in a situation where members of my Somali community have been oppressed, whether it is by a Somali or outsiders. I can say today, as Saciido, I have stopped my [door-to-door] campaigning because of the ugliness that is ongoing.

But people have to know this ugliness. I am telling you I will continue to fight for my people. Since I was a teenager, I have done public service for years. I can’t and won’t participate before, now, or in the future — I will not sell or buy my people for a couple hundred dollars.

My campaign is on, and I’m urging people to vote for me because of all the work I’ve done. I need people to come and support my campaign, because I will work for you and do my best to represent you. Assalam aleikum.

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Minnesota National Guard Activated Out Of “Abundance of Caution”

We are seeing the National Guard rolled out in American cities as looters and rioters wreak havoc on businesses and individuals as a “protest” to police killings.

Understandably, people on both sides are upset, yet this is just another way to get the public used to martial law.

“Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of Minnesotans, we have asked the Minnesota National Guard to prepare to assist in keeping the peace,” Governor Tim Walz said. There is definitely an attempt to keep the violence levels high so we all get used to seeing the military on our streets.  According to officials (the ruling class), the National Guard was activated following the release of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin from a correctional facility. Chauvin was captured on video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd until he died.

Here’s What’s Coming for America as the Coronavirus Spread: MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW

The following was written in 2014:

We are on the cusp of absolute tyranny. The presence of the military on American streets should concern everyone.

According to Fox News, as of right now, no violence has been reported in response to Chauvin’s release.

It seems like the timing is impeccable to activate the National Guard.  Just look at what the military will be tasked with doing within weeks:

Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

Systematic Collapse of Society: Manufactured Election Crisis & FAMINE

The election is around the corner and so is the vaccine. Perhaps this all just coincidence, but that seems incredibly unlikely.

Fauci’s Warning: “Hunker Down” Over Winter, Second Lockdown Coming

If there is a second lockdown coming, there could be an expectation that people will revolt, and things could get really ugly.  It’s hard to say how these events will unfold, but we know that there are plans for chaos, and certainly feels like all of the agendas are coming together for the elitists perfectly right now.


The post Minnesota National Guard Activated Out Of “Abundance of Caution” first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

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Shoppers banned from Walmart after flaunting swastika face masks in store

A couple were caught on video wearing face masks with swastikas on them while shopping at a Walmart in Minnesota. The woman wearing a swastika face mask claims she’s “not a Nazi.”

A man and woman were seen on video at the checkout of the Walmart in Marshall, Minn. On Saturday, the couple were wearing red face masks with large swastikas in the middle. The video was posted to Facebook by Raphaela Mueller, and it has since gone viral on several social media platforms.

“You can’t be American and wear that mask,” a witness is heard saying in the video. “We literally had a war about this.”

“I’m not a Nazi,” the woman wearing the swastika mask responds. “I’m trying to tell people what’s going to happen in America. If you vote for Biden, you are going to be in Nazi Germany. That’s what it is going to be like… socialism is gonna happen here in America.”

The Marshall Police Department responded to several calls regarding the couple wearing the masks at the Walmart. Marshall PD Sergeant Jason Buysse said the 59-year-old man and the 64-year-old woman were issued a notice of trespass. Police said the couple left the store without further incident, according to the Star Tribune.

Walmart issued a statement regarding the incident:

“What happened today at our store in Marshall, MN is unacceptable. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all our customers and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business. We are asking everyone to wear face coverings when they enter our stores for their safety and the safety of others and it’s unfortunate that some individuals have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to create a distressing situation for customers and associates in our store.”

The trespass notices issued to the couple prevent them from visiting any Walmart facility for one year, according to KARE.

Walmart started requiring customers to wear face masks on July 20. Walmart, as well as other retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, walked back their mask mandates last week. The retailers won’t enforce their mask requirements because there were several confrontations between anti-mask customers and other patrons or employees. The companies want to avoid potentially dangerous encounters over people who don’t want to wear masks.

“With every requirement there are exceptions that have been established to avoid escalating the situation and putting our associates in harm’s way,” a Walmart representative said. “Our goal is to keep associates from a physical confrontation in the stores.”

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Feds deny Gov. Walz’s request for aid to rebuild after Minnesota faces $500 million in riot damages

The federal government has denied a request from Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) for funds to rebuild North Star State following the George Floyd riots that inflicted wide-scale destruction in the Twin Cities.

Walz’s spokesman Teddy Tschann confirmed that the request for federal aid was denied, as reported in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through,” Tschann said in a statement.

“The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help Minnesota rebuild after civil unrest damaged public infrastructure and caused extensive fire damage in the wake of George Floyd’s death,” Tschann said.

Walz had petitioned President Donald Trump on July 2 to declare parts of Minnesota as a “major disaster” due to the extensive damage to public infrastructure caused by rioting.

Walz’s office claims that nearly 1,500 businesses in the Twin Cities were damaged from looting, fires, and vandalism. Walz’s administration estimates that there was $15 million in damages from fires, and the total damage losses exceed $500 million. The destruction arrived in the weeks of riots in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, who died while in the custody of Minneapolis police.

During the George Floyd riots in late May, vandals torched blocks of retail locations in Minneapolis. Rioters were able to take over the third precinct police station after Minneapolis police fled the scene. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) openly admitted that city leaders allowed rioters to capture the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct building and instructed the police force to retreat.

In June, the Minneapolis City Council voted to disband its police department and replace it with a “community safety” model.

Censored Coronavirus COVID-19 deadly dissent empire of lies Fear Headline News health and human services healthcare workers Intelwars investigated minnesota New World Order over count deaths panic propaganda Scott Jensen Senator silenced Targeted TREASON Truth United States WHISTLEBLOWER

Scott Jensen Being Investigated For Blowing The Whistle On Government’s COVID-19 Death Toll

Scott Jensen, the doctor and senator from Minnesota, who blew the whistle on the government’s gross over-exaggeration of COVID-19 deaths is being investigated. Jensen shared documents proving Health and Human Services demanded healthcare workers list as many deaths as possible as COVID-19 deaths, whether they were tested or not.

Not that the tests matter anyway with a 50-80% (depending on the study) false-positive rate. Jensen is now under investigation after someone complained about him sharing the fact that the government needs to count as many deaths in the United States as possible as COVID-19. We featured Jensen when he first broke the news a few months ago:

BOMBSHELL: MN Senator Reveals HHS “Coaching Document” On How To OVERCOUNT Coronavirus Deaths & Cases

He was not the only doctor who blew the whistle either. There’s now a running joke that if you fall out of an airplane without a parachute, you’ll be labeled a COVID-19 death. Jensen says he knows he’s being targeted for sharing this information with the public.

In a viral Facebook video, Jensen revealed the Minnesota Board of Medical Practices is formally investigating two complaints lodged against him.

“That was hard, the fact that a licensing board could be used as a weapon,” Jensen told KARE. “And then the fact that you don’t get to know your accuser. And this has nothing to do with patient care, this has to do with public comments.”

The medical board, by law, must investigate both complaints but can’t legally divulge the names of those who lodged them. In fact, the board isn’t even allowed to confirm the existence of a complaint or investigation unless it ends with some type of disciplinary action. –KARE11


“If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone,” Jensen says. “But I should have seen it coming.” There is a systematic purge of anyone who’s speaking against the totalitarian takeover we are living through.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” –Ron Paul

We are being lied to and those who speak out are being silenced and having dictatorial actions taken against them.  There’s only one narrative that’s allowed, and it’s the narrative of the government (ruling class) who is helping the globalist elitists usher in the New World Order by using the mainstream media to push propaganda on the unsuspecting and largely still sleeping public.

Boycott police Child sexually assaulted Intelwars minneapolis police minnesota Powderhorn park

Child sexually assaulted in Minnesota park where neighbors swore off calling the police

Minneapolis Park Police say that a juvenile was sexually assaulted late Thursday night in one of the homeless encampments inside Powderhorn Park, where neighbors have boycotted the police in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

According to WCCO-TV, the child was transported to Abbott Northwestern Hospital early Friday morning, but the individuals who took him there did not call the police. Upon the child’s arrival, staff at the hospital notified law enforcement.

KSTP-TV reports that authorities are now investigating the incident but have not made an arrest nor identified a suspect due to little information being available.

It was not immediately clear whether the child had been living in the encampment or if an abduction had occurred.

Police are asking anyone with more information to call the police.

The neighborhood boycotted the police

Residents of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood, which was described by the New York Times in a report last week as “a haven to leftist activists and bohemian artists,” vowed not to involve police as a way to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Many residents said they would look the other way regarding property damage, even to their own homes.

But the report found that many residents in the neighborhood have found it difficult to keep stand by their virtue-signaling pledge as the park has quickly become overrun by crime and homeless in recent weeks.

Hundreds of new homeless residents displaced by unrest in the city have taken up shelter at the park, which some are now referring to as the “Powderhorn Park Sanctuary.”

One resident even expressed “regret” to a Times reporter for breaking his pledge and calling the police after he was mugged at gunpoint by two black teenagers.

“Been thinking more about it,” the resident wrote in a text to the reporter. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

When the reporter made mention that the boys put his life in danger, the resident replied, “Yeah I know and yeah, it was scary but the cops didn’t really have much to add after I called them. I haven’t been forced to think like this before. So I would have lost my car. So what? At least no one would have been killed.”

FEMA Intelwars Jacob frey Minneapolis minnesota Protests Riots Tim walz

Minneapolis leaders allowed protesters to destroy city. Now they demand taxpayers pay for damage.

The delayed action of Minnesota leaders to quell growing unrest in the shadow of George Floyd’s tragic death resulted in mass rioting across the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Now, the leaders want federal taxpayers to partially foot the bill for damage caused by violent protesters.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, more than 200 buildings across the Minneapolis-area have been destroyed or damaged in the riots, which will require at least $55 million in repairs. However, that number will likely be much higher — up into the “hundreds of millions,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat, said this week.

“We will do everything we can as we shift to recovery mode,” Frey said. “We’re recovering from crises sandwiched on top of each other, from COVID-19 to the police killing and then the looting which took place afterward.”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) and city leaders will seek federal assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to “offset” the cost of damage repairs, the Star Tribune reported. Walz’s administration is reportedly discussing the matter with Minnesota’s congressional delegation, including with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D).

The request comes despite Frey openly admitting that city leaders allowed violent protesters to destroy the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct building.

The delayed response of city and state leaders to the growing unrest also contributed to out-of-hand violence, destruction, and endless looting.

Despite the impending request, FEMA is not likely to help the area.

From the Star Tribune:

After the 2015 riots in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan repeatedly sought about $19 million in aid from FEMA for public agencies that responded to the unrest. At the time, Hogan pointed to federal assistance provided to Los Angeles following the 1992 unrest over the beating of Rodney King. FEMA denied Hogan’s request.

[Rep. Betty] McCollum expressed doubt about Minneapolis and St. Paul’s chances of getting federal disaster funding, a decision that is up to President Donald Trump. Alternatively, the state could seek funding through Congress’ annual appropriations, but that would require the Democratic-led House, Republican-led Senate and Trump to sign on.

To help chances of obtaining taxpayer-funded FEMA aid, McCollum suggested obtained a disaster declaration.

“If it is demonstrated outside provocateurs committed acts of destruction then there is a clear rationale for an emergency declaration by President Trump,” she told the Star Tribune.

Anger democide Derek chauvin Die George floyd government buildings burn Headline News Intelwars killing killing people Law Enforcement looting Minneapolis minnesota police brutality Police State Protesting Rioting Sara Walton Brady societal collapse Twin Cities ares Violence

A Society On The Brink Of Complete And Utter Chaos

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

It is heartbreaking to watch the violence that is taking place on the streets of Minneapolis.  I have quite a few relatives that live in the Twin Cities area, and I have been there many times.  In the old days, it always felt so peaceful, but not anymore.

The tragic death of George Floyd has unleashed a massive wave of anger, and the riots have made headlines all over the globe.  Originally, many had anticipated that Thursday night would not be as violent as Wednesday night was, but that was not a safe assumption to make.  Around 10 o’clock, protesters stormed into the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building and set it on fire

Minneapolis is in the midst of a third night of unrest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, with protesters taking over the police department’s 3rd Precinct building late Thursday night.

The break-in happened at about 10 p.m., with helicopter footage showing a large fire burning near the main entrance.

Police released a statement, saying in part, “in the interest of the safety of our personnel, the Minneapolis Police Department evacuated the 3rd Precinct of its staff. Protesters forcibly entered the building and have ignited several fires.”

As the building burned, fireworks were being shot into the sky in celebration.

Of course, the violence that we witnessed the previous evening was quite alarming as well.  By the end of the night, rioters had torched and looted a number of prominent retail stores

Shocking images Thursday morning showed the widespread destruction left overnight after stores including Wendy’s, Target, Walmart and Autozone were looted and some even set on fire.

Mayor Frey pleaded for calm ahead of more expected protests this evening telling residents ‘we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy.’

Videos also showed what was reported to be an apartment building entirely engulfed by flames as rioters stood and watched and the fire department was nowhere to be seen.

I don’t think that any of us will ever forget watching a Target store being looted, and at this point Target has decided to close all of their locations in the entire state “until further notice”.

Overall, more than 50 buildings were burned down on Wednesday night, and one protester boldly declared that “the whole city can burn down”

“The whole city can burn down. They should all be out here protesting, not just people who care about black lives. Everybody. Burn it down. Make them pay. Maybe then they’ll understand,” one protester, Elicia S.—she declined to give her full last name—told The Daily Beast late Wednesday.

“I read somewhere that you’re never gonna care until it hits your front door. We are here now, knocking in the front door,” demonstrator Becky Mathews added.

Sadly, it isn’t just the rioters that are out of control.

When George Floyd was arrested, it wasn’t for committing a violent crime.  He was accused of “allegedly trying to pay at a local deli with a counterfeit $20 bill”, and surveillance video from the scene does not support police claims that he resisted arrest.

Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight entire minutes, and video of the moment when Floyd finally lost consciousness is absolutely horrifying.

Of course, this is far from an isolated incident.  According to the Los Angeles Times, approximately one out of every 1000 African-American males will die at the hands of our police…

About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police, according to a new analysis of deaths involving law enforcement officers. That makes them 2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.

Look, I have friends that are current or former police officers, and I am so thankful for the good men and women that work so hard to protect all of us day in and day out.

But the truth is that there are a lot of really bad apples out there, and troubling incidents are happening with increasing frequency all over the nation.

For example, a young mother named Sara Walton Brady was recently arrested by the police in Idaho for simply taking her children to play in the park.  The following comes directly from a message that she sent to me, and she said that I could share it with all of you…

On April 21, 2020 I saw a video on Facebook by other moms about a playdate at Kleiner Park scheduled for the afternoon. That video showed people at the park and the tape ripped down from the play structures. I decided to go with my two middle children and showed up about an hour late.

I was only there 5-10 minutes when three officers from the Meridian Police Department arrived; one Sgt. And two officers. The Sgt., who I now know is Sgt. Fiscus, came marching onto the playground ordering all of the children and moms off of the bark and playground area while brusquely explaining that the city of Meridian the parks and they were closed by the order of the governor and the mayor.

This obviously upset several of the moms there, including myself. I attempted to ask questions to the Sgt. About what authority he had to remove people from the park. During this attempted dialogue he continued to tell people that the playground area was closed and people needed to leave. However, he continually directed people to a concentrated area on the grass, which would have been a violation of the Idaho governor’s order of being closer than 6 feet. None of this made sense to me as I saw multiple other people recreating in the park – walking, fishing, and even people playing a game of basketball. It also didn’t make sense to me why we could be closer together on the grass and it was okay to violate that portion of this new found rule, but not on the park where the kids and the adults were much more spread out.

As I continued to ask these questions the situation became more heated and eventually the officer told me I had five seconds to leave the bark or he was going to arrest me. The officer then proceeded to count down to me, as I often do to my children when they are not listening. I told him “Fine! Arrest me for being in a park! Do it!” While turning around to his threat.

I was placed inside the back of a very hot patrol car and left there for several minutes at which time I was eventually booked into jail for a misdemeanor trespassing charge. I was also accused of tearing the tape down on the playground that was had been placed there previously. I did not tear down any tape as it was down when I arrived. I was told that children had ripped it down.

Multiple other people were on the bark while I was arrested yet no one else was charged with trespassing, cited, or arrested. I was also told that after I was transported to the jail that several people went back onto the bark (after tearing more tape down) and began playing on the playground and bark as the police watched. None of this was addressed by the police.

My case has now been conflicted to the State of Idaho. This is very concerning to me that they have not dismissed the case and they have unlimited resources to make an example of me. It’s also concerning to me that while people are losing their jobs and businesses’ that the State would use hard earned taxpayer money to waste on a mom who was at a park with her kids and try to make an example of me.

Please help me raise funds for legal fees to fight the State of Idaho. I am told that it could cost anywhere from $30,000-$50,000. You can go to

Sara Walton Brady

I was friends with Sara Walton Brady long before this incident occurred, and I can tell you that she is a rock-solid citizen.

In fact, Idaho would not be in the giant mess that it is today if a lot more patriots like her lived in the state.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the whole country is a giant mess, and what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.

Our entire society is on the brink of a complete and utter meltdown, and I expect that the upcoming election will bring tensions that have been simmering all over the nation to a boiling point.

There is a reason why so many people are looking to move out of our major cities right now.  America is literally in the process of coming apart at the seams, and there will be a lot more rioting, looting, and civil unrest in the days ahead.

About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe. I have written four books that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned) By purchasing those books you help to support my work. I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations, I need those that republish my articles to include this “About the Author” section with each article. In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all many people as we possibly can.

Antifa Intelwars Jacob frey Melvin carter Minneapolis minnesota Tim walz white supremacy

Minnesota gov blamed right-wing ‘white supremacists’ for violence — now the truth comes out

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, pinned responsibility for the violence in Minneapolis on right-wing “white supremacists” and drug cartels on Saturday. Walz, along with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter (D), also blamed the violence on out-of-state, professional agitators — not local residents.

New evidence, however, show their claims are not true.

According to KMSP-TV, the “overwhelming majority” of those arrested in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area over the last several days were in-state residents.

The overwhelming majority of people arrested in connection with the Minneapolis unrest have Minnesota addresses, a search of the online Hennepin County Jail log shows.

Of the 45 people arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly, stolen property, burglary or robbery on May 29 and May 30 so far, 38 had Minnesota addresses, according to publicly available jail records reviewed by FOX 9.

In fact, KMSP reported that only six of those arrested have out-of-state addresses.

The revelation forced Carter to retract his previous declaration that “every” protester that had been arrested in his city were not local residents. The Democratic mayor claimed he was given inaccurate information prior to making remarks at a press conference on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a security expert — former British Army counterterrorism officer Adam Leggat, who now works as a security consultant — told USA Today that intelligence reports show the agitators are left-wing anarchists.

From USA Today:

Leggat, the security consultant, said intelligence reports from his colleagues indicate most of the hard-core protesters in Minneapolis are far-left or anarchists, and that far-right groups have not yet made a significant appearance. He said looting is typically done by locals – usually people with no criminal record who just get caught up in the moment.

But direct conflicts with authorities come from a mix of both locals and outside groups who see these conflicts as a core part of their mission. Many of the anarchists, he said, target banks, chain-type businesses and even luxury cars as symbols of corrupt institutions. He said even a peaceful protest can turn violent if outside agitators decide to participate, hijacking the message.

Indeed, Attorney General William Barr said Saturday that the violence is being carried out by “far-left extremist groups.”

“In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far-left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence,” Barr said.

Barr reiterated those facts in a statement on Sunday, saying that, “violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

President Donald Trump also announced Sunday that Antifa will be desgnated as a terrorist organization, which may prove difficult because Antifa does not have centralized leadership like terrorist organizations and drug cartels.

George floyd Intelwars Jacob frey Melvin carter Minneapolis minnesota Protesters Tim walz

Minnesota leaders say arrested protesters are not local residents: ‘We don’t know these folks’

The mayor of St. Paul, the sister city to Minneapolis, announced Saturday that every protester arrested during Friday’s riots were from out-of-state.

Speaking at a press conference, Mayor Melvin Carter (D) said out-of-state agitators were responsible for the violent unrest in St. Paul on Friday. Demonstrations erupted in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area this week in response to the tragic death of George Floyd.

“Every single person we arrested last night, I’m told, was from out of state. What we are seeing right now is a group of people who are not from here,” Carter said.

“As I talk to my friends who have been in this movement for a very long time, who wake up in this movement every day and I ask them what they’re seeing, what they’re feeling, what they’re hearing, to a person, I hear them say ‘we don’t know these folks. We don’t know these folks who are agitating, we don’t know these folks who are inciting violence, we don’t know these folks who are first in to break a window,'” Carter added.

St. Paul Mayor: Everyone Arrested Last Night In His City From Out Of State

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) said the majority of those arrested in his city were also not local residents.

“I want to be very, very clear. The people that are doing this are not Minneapolis residents. They are coming in largely from outside of the city, from outside of the region, to prey on everything that we have built over the last several decades,” Frey said.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) also said Saturday that only 20% of the protesters who have been arrested are state residents — meaning 80% do not live in The Gopher State.

On Saturday, Walz mobilized the full force of the Minnesota National Guard in response to the widespread violence.

Donald Trump Glorifying violence Intelwars Minneapolis riots minnesota Tim walz Twitter censors trump US Military

Twitter suppresses President Trump’s tweet for ‘glorifying violence’ amid rioting: ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’

President Donald Trump fired off a pair of tweets after midnight Friday in relation to rioting in Minneapolis over George Floyd’s death at the hands of police.

The first tweet from the president is still up. The second tweet? Well, Twitter got an eyeful and ruled that it violated the tech giant’s rules about “glorifying violence.” But Twitter still made the tweet available for viewing since its content “may be in the public’s interest.”

What are the details?

The first of Trump’s two tweets says, “I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right…..”

But in the spot where Trump’s second tweet used to be is the following message from Twitter: “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.” Users who want to read the tweet can press “view” at the right of the message to do so:

Image source: Twitter

What does Trump’s second tweet say?

Trump’s second tweet states: “…These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let this happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you.”

According to Fox News, Twitter took action on Trump’s second tweet a few hours after he posted it.

What did Twitter have to say?

Twitter told the cable network that Trump’s tweet was hidden for “glorification of violence based on the historical context of the last line, its connection to violence, and the risk it could inspire similar actions today.”

Fox News added that critics of Trump’s second tweet said it contains “racial undertones” and that the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” can be “traced back to Miami Police Chief Walter Headley in 1967 as a threat to black protestors during the civil rights movement.”

Twitter added to the cable network that it has “taken action in the interest of preventing others from being inspired to commit violent acts, but have kept the Tweet on Twitter because it is important that the public still be able to see the Tweet given its relevance to ongoing matters of public importance.”

Anything else?

It was second time this week that Twitter has taken action against Trump’s activity on the social media platform.

On Tuesday, Twitter added fact checks to Trump’s tweets about problems he foresees with “substantially fraudulent” mail-in balloting:

Image source: Twitter

In response, Trump signed an executive order against social media companies that behave with bias — and said Thursday he’d shut down Twitter completely if he could do so legally.

Not that it matters, but Twitter’s “head of site integrity” who helped orchestrate the fact-check said “Nazis” are in the White House and implied that Trump supporters in middle America are racists.

Bankruptcies burning cops Death Deborah Weinswig division economic collapse frustration George floyd Headline News Intelwars looting Mainstream media Media minnesota Murder police brutality Police State race baiting Rioting tyranny

There Will Be A Lot More Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest As The U.S. Economy Continues To Crumble

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.

What we have been witnessing on the streets of Minneapolis is just the beginning.  Our nation is so deeply divided, and a large portion of the population is losing faith in the basic institutions that govern our society.

Personally, I don’t know how anyone can watch the video of what happened to George Floyd without having an emotional reaction.  Police brutality has been a massive problem in the United States for many years, and it has gotten to the point where most of the country no longer has faith in the police.  Of course, the rioters are not helping their cause by burning down the communities that they are supposedly defending.  And after causing so much chaos on Wednesday night, protesters were back in the streets of Minneapolis on Thursday

Protests and, in some cases, violence, continued Thursday in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody after a white officer pinned him to the ground under his knee.

Hundreds of protesters flooded Minneapolis streets Thursday evening for a march through downtown. Traffic was halted as a crowd of people stretched for up to four blocks. Protesters shouted “I can’t breathe” and “no justice, no peace; prosecute the police” as volunteer marshals in highlighter-colored vests directed traffic.

Sadly, this is just a small preview of what is coming to major cities all over America.

If you think that these riots about police brutality are intense, just wait until the economic riots start.

We are moving into a time when millions upon millions of Americans will become increasingly desperate as we plunge even deeper into a new economic depression.  On Thursday, we learned that another 2.1 million Americans filed initial claims for unemployment benefits last week…

First-time claims for unemployment benefits totaled 2.1 million last week, the lowest total since the coronavirus crisis began though indicative that a historically high number of Americans remain separated from their jobs.

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for 2.05 million. The total represented a decrease of 323,000 from the previous week’s upwardly revised 2.438 million.

This was the 10th week in a row when the number of new claims for unemployment benefits has been above 2 million.

As I keep reminding my readers, prior to this year the highest that number had ever been for a single week was 695,000 in 1982.

So even after so many catastrophic weeks in a row, we are still at a level that is approximately three times higher than that old record.

Overall, 40.8 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits over the past 10 weeks.  That is the greatest spike in unemployment in all of U.S. history by a very wide margin, and it means that more than one-fourth of all the jobs in the United States have already been wiped out.

But for now, the impact of those job losses has been cushioned by the extremely generous $600 a week unemployment bonuses that the federal government has been handing out, but those benefits are set to expire at the end of July

Right now, many are able to take advantage of an additional $600 a week in unemployment benefits provided by the federal government on top of each state’s standard jobless benefit. But that benefit is set to expire at the end of July if Congress does not pass another stimulus bill to extend benefits.

If those benefits are not extended we will see a massive national temper tantrum, and right now President Trump and Republican leaders in the Senate do not plan to extend them.

We shall see what happens, but we may soon have tens of millions of very angry unemployed Americans that are unable to pay their bills anymore.

And with each passing day, more bad economic news just keeps rolling in.  We just learned that orders for durable goods were down 19.4 percent on a year over year basis last month, and we also just learned that pending home sales were down 34.6 percent in April compared to the same month a year ago.

As I discussed yesterday, we are watching a full-blown economic collapse begin to unfold, and the fact that many U.S. states are starting to “reopen for business” is not going to stop the momentum that has now been created.

During the first few weeks of the pandemic, there was just a trickle of major bankruptcies, but now that trickle has become a flood

In the first few weeks of the pandemic, it was just a trickle: companies like Alaskan airline Ravn Air pushed into bankruptcy as travel came to a halt and markets collapsed. But the financial distress wrought by the shutdowns only deepened, producing what is now a wave of insolvencies washing through America’s corporations.

In May alone, some 27 companies reporting at least $50 million in liabilities sought court protection from creditors — the highest number since the Great Recession. They range from well-known U.S. mainstays such as J.C. Penney Co. and J. Crew Group Inc. to air carriers Latam Airlines Group SA and Avianca Holdings, their business decimated as travelers stayed put.

And we are watching store closings occur at a rate that we have never seen before in our entire history.

At this point, Coresight Research is projecting that about 25,000 stores will permanently close by the end of this calendar year

Coresight Research, which tracks retail openings and closings, has upped its projected store closures for 2020 from 8,000 at the beginning of the year to 15,000 at the beginning of March to about 25,000 now.

“That’s unlike anything the industry has ever seen,” Coresight CEO and founder Deborah Weinswig said. “It’s the speed with which it’s all happening which has been a little surprising.”

So much anger was building up all over America during the “good years”, and now this new economic depression is going to make things much, much worse.

When there are no jobs available and people can’t even provide the basics for their families, we are going to see frustration on a scale that is unlike anything we have ever witnessed before.

So please take careful note of what is happening in the streets of Minneapolis right now, because that is what the future is going to look like in all of our major cities.

About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe. I have written four books that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned) By purchasing those books you help to support my work. I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations, I need those that republish my articles to include this “About the Author” section with each article. In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and any way that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all many people as we possibly can.

Church Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars minnesota Tim walz

Minnesota’s Democratic governor is limiting church attendance more strictly than restaurants, with no justification

Minnesota Democratic Gov. Tim Walz announced changes to the state’s COVID-19 restrictions, and although restaurants will have expanded ability to serve customers next month, churches will not, according to the Washington Examiner.

Beginning June 1, tattoo parlors and salons will be allowed to partially reopen, and restaurants will be able to serve up to 50 customers at a time on outdoor seating. Churches, however, will still be limited to gatherings of 10 people or fewer—and the governor hasn’t clearly explained why.

Under phase 3 of the governor’s reopening plan, Restaurants can serve up to 50 people outdoors as long as the social distance of six feet is maintained. Masks will be required of workers and “strongly recommended” for customers.

For churches under phase 3, no more than 10 people can gather, regardless of whether the gathering is indoors or outdoors. The inconsistency raises a simple question: Why can 50 people gather outside at a restaurant, but only 10 people can gather outside at a church?

The guidelines for phase 4 are also more stringent for churches than restaurants. In phase 4, up to 20 people can have an indoor gathering at church, and up to 100 outdoors with social distancing. The only guidance for restaurants in that phase is “Indoor dining with capacity restrictions and social distancing requirements.”

Walz reportedly said there is “not a perfect answer” to explain the difference between people gathering in a restaurant and at church. He referenced the issue of “predictability” as a reason for the difference, but then seemed to undermine that argument by noting how predictable church attendance is.

“I think, and I’m hearing strongly on this, of trying to figure out how we make that happen because I think the logic behind it, and I think, again, it was the predictability of who’s there,” Walz said, according to the Washington Examiner. “But I think you could argue, ‘Boy, I see the same people every Sunday at my congregation and, in fact, the Smiths sat in the same pew every year for 30 years, so we know exactly where they’re at and we know exactly where they are.”

Ilhan omar Intelwars minnesota

Minnesota imam confirms Rep. Ilhan Omar improperly raised cash from his charity meals program

Shortly after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz issued a “stay-at home” order on March 25, local Imam Tawakal Ismail partnered with 115-year-old charity GMCC to deliver meals to seniors and disabled individuals in immediate risk of hunger.

On April 9, GMCC’s website announced the meal program’s partners and major donors. The list included the imam’s charitable organization Darul Hadiith, and GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare program.

Absent from the list: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, or any other elected official or candidate.

This was intentional. Responding to questions via phone and email, Imam Tawakal states that the project is strictly “charity work,” and that he has been explicitly rejecting political partnerships and forbidding campaign photo or video opportunities.

On May 5, GMCC posted a formal news release announcing the program’s growth and success, and again listing partners and major donors. No political campaigns had joined, as expected.

Unexpectedly, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted this fundraising appeal the same day:

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Soliciting charitable contributions under false pretenses is, of course, a crime. Federal and state election law further governs the act if committed by a political campaign.

The reputational and organizational concerns for the charity project were also clear. “@IlhanMN” is Rep. Omar’s campaign account, the fundraiser was hosted by massive Democrat/progressive donation platform ActBlue, and the graphic read “PAID FOR BY ILHAN FOR CONGRESS.” As the “@IlhanMN” account has 2 million followers, the unwanted appearance of a political partnership would spread quickly.

Rep. Omar’s tweet appeared to cause an emergency. That evening, GMCC’s executive director posted a remarkable denial:

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Since August 2016, only one local resident has agreed to speak on-record with evidence of illegal activity by Rep. Omar. (He quickly received multiple threats, and has required security). Imam Tawakal Ismail is now the second. A religious and organizational leader, a source describes him as a high-profile, influential member of the community.

Imam Tawakal states — with compelling evidence, below — that Rep. Omar’s tweet was no simple mistake: “She knew.”

On May 3, two days prior to Rep. Omar’s fundraising tweet, Imam Tawakal was at Safari restaurant to coordinate his program’s meal distribution. Per the contract Tawakal had signed on behalf of the charity partnership, his program would begin feeding seniors and disabled individuals at 6 p.m. that evening.

States Tawakal, via email:

Image source: Email screenshot

That weekend, states Tawakal, Rep. Omar’s campaign was also at Safari restaurant — but for a separate event. (Video of Rep. Omar at Safari restaurant that weekend was posted on her Facebook account on May 4.)

According to Tawakal, he told Rep. Omar’s campaign of the program’s “no politicians” policy — in-person:

Image source: Email screenshot

I asked Imam Tawakal why he was certain that Rep. Omar knew of the policy.

Imam Tawakal answered by identifying the Rep. Omar campaign staffer he spoke with, and providing eye-opening details about the discussion:

Image source: Email screenshot

Ali Isse “Ganey” is perhaps the longest-serving, most influential member of Rep. Omar’s campaign and congressional staff. He is shown below in a Facebook photo from his account with Omar and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

A 2018 article titled, “Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar Picks Leadership Team,” describes him:

Isse has served critical roles in Omar’s two successful campaigns as the field organizer for her Minnesota House race and was the outreach director for the historic congressional campaign.

Imam Tawakal also explicitly confirmed the GMCC executive director’s statement that Rep. Omar had no involvement whatsoever with the meal project:

Image source: Email screenshot

At some point between the posting of the GMCC executive director’s May 5 statement and May 8, Rep. Omar deleted her ActBlue fundraising appeal without comment.

This graphic was published in a May 5 GMCC press release. On-record, the leadership of all partners listed above state Rep. Ilhan Omar was never involved. One leader states he had an altercation with a top Omar staffer, demanding Omar stay away from the meal program.Image source: GMCC press release screenshot

I reported the incident on May 8:

To the meal program’s partners and donors — and perhaps the Federal Election Commission — a public apology and thorough explanation from Rep. Ilhan Omar regarding the location of funds donated while her appeal was live might be expected.

This did not occur. In fact, it appears as if the strong-arm tactics similar to those described above by Imam Tawakal continued.

In the 24 hours following my above tweet, the GMCC executive director’s May 5 tweet was deleted. The following two tweets later appeared:

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Notably, she did not correct her earlier statement — “Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with the project. I do not know where this money is going to.” She simply announced that GMCC had since confirmed that Rep. Omar would be sending funds.

She also posted the correct link for donors to give to GMCC. She did not repost Rep. Omar’s ActBlue link.

Rep. Omar and her campaign communications staffer, however, then chose to falsely describe the charity’s clear statement while attacking Minnesota state Rep. Steve Drazkowski and myself:

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Rep. Omar’s and her campaign communications staffer’s replies are demonstrably false.

Rep. Drazkowski is, objectively, the least appropriate target for Rep. Omar regarding campaign finance issues. In 2018, Rep. Drazkowski filed a complaint against Rep. Omar with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. The Board’s investigation found Rep. Omar’s campaign had committed at least six infractions, which she was ordered to repay.

(Far more troubling, the Board revealed that Omar had jointly filed her personal taxes with one man while she was married to another — a felony — for at least two years, and perhaps eight.)

Rep. Drazkowski’s response and my May 8 tweet are not “deliberate disinformation,” or a “rightwing conspiracy theory.” They are information confirmed on-record by two principals, along with verifiable screenshots. GMCC’s executive director did not refer to her earlier statement as having been inaccurate or false in any manner — let alone a “lie.”

Accusing Rep. Drazkowski, myself, and GMCC’s executive director of framing Omar with “‘scary, lying immigrants’ smears” is unfounded and outrageously false. In the cases of Imam Tawakal and Ms. Dorn, Rep. Omar’s actions seem particularly reprehensible.

For six weeks, Ms. Dorn and Imam Tawakal — an immigrant — have been feeding immigrant seniors and disabled individuals facing hunger in Rep. Omar’s district. According to Imam Tawakal, Rep. Omar’s campaign attempted to strong-arm an immigrant’s food charity to falsely take credit for rescuing her potential voters.

Imam Tawakal states that he firmly rejected Rep. Omar’s campaign in-person, but she then attempted to steal credit later — when Imam Tawakal was not physically present.

Further, Imam Tawakal states that Rep. Omar explicitly requested donations based on the false pretense of a partnership, and claimed the donations help Minnesota FoodShare feed Minnesotans who “struggle with hunger.” This appears to have been completely false.

Since August 2016, reporters Preya Samsundar, Scott Johnson, and myself have reported — with photo, video, and other verified evidence — several such incidents of Rep. Omar’s campaign and staff explicitly threatening and bullying the immigrant population of her district. We have reported that, dating back to 2009, Omar appears to have committed the most extensive spree of federal and state felonies committed by a congressperson in U.S. history.

With an apparent crime in progress to investigate, perhaps local Minnesota media and authorities will finally take action to protect the district from her — particularly its Somali immigrant population.

2020 graduation college students Coronavirus Intelwars International students Lgbtq students minnesota St. olaf college students of color Virtual graduation

LGBTQ students, students of color, internationals reportedly to get virtual graduations at Lutheran college — but others must wait until 2021 for ceremony

St. Olaf College — a Minnesota school “nourished by Lutheran tradition” — reportedly will hold virtual graduation ceremonies for “self-identified domestic students of color, international students, and LGBTQIA+ students” at the end of the school year while all other students must wait until 2021 for their pomp and circumstance.

What are the details?

Commencement exercises at St. Olaf were shuttered after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and will be “rescheduled for a date in late May/early June of 2021,” the school’s website noted.

A Friday administrative email from the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion at the school announced the three virtual graduation ceremonies, Campus Reform reported.

“This event acknowledges the value and uniqueness of students’ experience and serves to commemorate and highlight the accomplishments of individuals within their familial and cultural context,” the email said, according to the outlet.

Campus Reform added that the three ceremonies will be called the multicultural, international, and lavender graduations and are intended for students of color, international students, and LGBTQ students, respectively.

None of the graduating St. Olaf seniors interviewed by the outlet said they were told of an online ceremony for the general student body.

What did the school have to say?

Kari VanDerVeen, the school’s associate director of communications, told Campus Reform that St. Olaf is “exploring a number of ways to celebrate the Class of 2020,” but plans were not yet “finalized.”

TheBlaze on Wednesday reached out to VanDerVeen for comment on Campus Reform’s report but didn’t immediately hear back from her.

Anything else?

You might recall St. Olaf College in the news before. In May 2017, a racist note prompted the student body to hold a massive protest that shut down classes for a day — but the note was revealed to be hoax.

The note read, “I am so glad that you are leaving soon. One less [N-word] that this school has to deal with. You have spoken up too much. You will change nothing. Shut up or I will shut you up.”

The school’s president later said the author of the note confessed and said the fake note was meant to direct attention to racial issues on campus.

Intelwars Land o'lakes minnesota Native American political correctness Racism accusation

Native American maiden on Land O’Lakes package — which ‘devolved into a stereotype’ — is gone after nearly 100 years

The familiar Land O’Lakes Native American maiden — front and center on the Minnesota company’s packaging for nearly 100 years — is no longer on butter, cheese, and other products, the
Star Tribune reported.

In some packaging, the figure known as Mia will be replaced by photos of Land O’Lakes member farmers, the paper said, adding that the words “Farmer-Owned” have been given prominent placement.

A company news release about the new packaging makes no mention Mia’s disappearance, and the Star Tribune said nearly every trace of her has been erased from the Land O’Lakes website.

What’s the background?

The paper said the Native American maiden was illustrated by Arthur C. Hanson, and that her appearance was modified over the years.

Patrick DesJarlait of the Ojibwe tribe remade Mia in the mid-1950s, the Star Tribune said, adding that he also created the Hamm’s Beer bear, and the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul features his work.

‘Mixed feelings’

But Robert DesJarlait — the son of Patrick DesJarlait and an artist and writer — told the paper he has “mixed feelings” about getting rid of the Mia imagery.

“I’m sad to see it go, but I can understand why it’s gone,” he noted to the Star Tribune. “We live in a politically correct time, so maybe it was time to get rid of it. It certainly devolved into a stereotype. But in our family, my dad’s work is a source of pride for us. He broke barriers as an Ojibwe artist from Red Lake. Back then, you didn’t find native people in those kinds of jobs, and this gave him the opportunity to put his spin on a well-known native image.”

More from the paper:

Much like the use of Native American names and imagery in sports and other popular culture arenas — the Washington Redskins come to mind — the Land O’Lakes maiden has generated controversy for years.

In 2006, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe artist David P. Bradley created “Land O Bucks, Land O Fakes, Land O Lakes,” a sculptural representation of the Land O’Lakes butter box. It is part of the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum.

The museum notes that Bradley “reformulates pop imagery such as this Land O’Lakes butter box — found in American grocery stores — to combat cultural myths and the treatment of Native Americans.”

“For five hundred years, American Indians have had everything taken from them,” Bradley told the museum, according to the Star Tribune. “One of the last valuable things they own is their identity. Now that Indian identity has become a marketable commodity, it is being taken, as well.”

‘Hand-in-hand with human and sex trafficking of our women and girls’

Native people have called the maiden’s imagery racist, and that it goes “hand-in-hand with human and sex trafficking of our women and girls.… by depicting Native women as sex objects,” North Dakota state Rep. Ruth Buffalo (D) — a registered member of the Mandan, Hidatsa Arikara Nation — told the Grand Forks Herald.

“Yes, it’s a good thing for the company to remove the image,” Buffalo — who’s also from Fort Berthold Reservation — added to the paper. “It’s kinda like with land acknowledgements, it’s a good gesture and a step forward. But we can’t stop there. We as a whole need to keep pushing forward to address the underlying issues that directly impact an entire population that survived genocide.”

Black men Homicide Insensitivity Intelwars LGBTQ Minneapolis minnesota naacp Offensive jokes Police Racism accusation T-shirt White woman

White police commander demoted after she posted photo of old T-shirt that local NAACP president deemed ‘insensitive’

Last month, Kim Lund Voss was a commander with the Minneapolis Police Department. This month, she was demoted to her previous rank of lieutenant, the Star Tribune reported.

And what happened in between was all due to a photo of an old T-shirt she posted to Facebook.

What are the details?

The photo shows a black T-shirt with the following text: MINNEAPOLIS POLICE HOMOCIDE [sic] DIVISION Our Day Starts When Yours Ends.” In between the text is an image of a chalk outline of a body with yellow tape across it reading “POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS.” Voss’ accompanying message reads, “Attempting to organize the storage room and came across this gem! It pays to proof read before you hit ‘print.'”

Well, Leslie Redmond — president of Minneapolis’ NAACP chapter — got an eyeful of Voss’ post and then hopped on her own Facebook page March 30 to take the white commander and the police department to task:

“I am very disturbed that a commander in the Minneapolis Police Department, Kim Voss, would post this,” Redmond wrote. “I do not think this was about the misspelling of the word homicide. This shirt says that Minneapolis Police Homicide Division[‘s] ‘day starts when yours ends.’ This is extremely insensitive, especially considering the involved demographics.”

Redmond also accused Voss of having called “a fellow officer the N-word” and criticized the department of having “too many officers like Commander Voss.” Voss subsequently denied ever using the N-word.

The Star Tribune said some considered the T-shirt “insensitive to homicide victims in a city where most are young black men” and that others wondered if the “HOMOCIDE” misspelling was intentional since the shirt was printed when Minneapolis had seen a “series of murders of gay men.”

What happened next?

The same day that Redmond’s rebuke hit Facebook, Voss posted a follow-up message saying she took down her T-shirt post and didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers.

“I am told that the photo of the 25ish year old T-shirt that I found in a storage bin came across to some as offensive,” she wrote, adding that “my intention was not to offend anyone with the content of the message on the shirt but to show that misprints commonly occurred back in the days prior to spellcheck.”

Chief Medaria Arradondo apologized for Voss’ post and said it did not reflect “the values and transformational culture that we are as a department today,” the Star Tribune said.

Voss was demoted after a meeting last week between the chief, Redmond, and other black leaders regarding the T-shirt post, the paper reported.

Nekima Levy Armstrong, a longtime civil rights attorney who also attended the meeting, told the paper that Voss should have known her T-shirt post had the potential to offend.

“Her intentions do not matter. What matters most is the outcome of the actions,” Armstrong added to Star Tribune Monday. “As a leader within the Minneapolis Police Department she should have known that posting such an offensive message on social media would be highly offensive … not to mention to undermine public trust.”

A longer note from Voss

Voss went back on Facebook Sunday to tell her friends she’s now a lieutenant in charge of the Property Crimes Unit in the 3rd Precinct. And she wrote a whole lot more.

She shared that she “grew up in an area in Minnesota that was far from wealthy, and I am now a member of a mixed-race family. I don’t actually know many that are not.”

More from Voss’ post:

“As my family in blue are from all walks of life and my blood family is no exception. We are perfect in this way. We get to share perspectives and experience. I would have it no other way. My daughter served in the Peace Corps in Africa. My Son is an accomplished musician. We celebrate the musical greats together, from Sam Cooke, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and of course Notorious B.I.G. I loved what Sean Combs (P-Diddy) did with Herb Albert and the Tijuana brass song ‘RISE.’ We sponsored foreign exchange students from around the world in our home when I was a child, and now as an adult and continued relationships with them as family members. It’s also important that I make this very clear, I have never used the ‘N Word’ to describe or address anyone in my life, ever, especially not one of my brothers or sisters in blue! That is a lie! I will protest. I will not tolerate this type of besmirchment as I also have the duty to call it as it is. The words a few have used to describe are not true. It’s not me. Not my family. Not my department. Not ever. Not on my watch.

“As for those of the LGBTQ community, a community that is rich with love and acceptance, I’m sorry, the guy that made the shirt just didn’t know how to spell. When I said, ‘gem” it was of sarcastic remembrance of a time before spell check and computers. “

The Star Tribune said Voss is married to a former Minneapolis homicide detective and started with the department in 1987, citing information from the department website.

How are folks reacting to Voss’ demotion?

Voss’ Sunday Facebook message attracted a number of comments that were resoundingly supportive of her, saying she “got screwed” and “sorry this crap happened to you.”

“Sorry Kim,” another commenter wrote. “You are the latest victim of the spineless caving in to the loudmouth know-nothings and do-nothings. Screw them all, hold your head up, do this new job in a manner that allows you to look yourself in the mirror and feel pride in YOUR service. Good luck, my friend!”

Jon Tevlin, a former Star Tribune columnist, commented to Voss that he doesn’t know her but knows “of your reputation. I remember the shirt from 30 years ago. Posting was a mistake, but I think this is an overreaction. If I were still a columnist at the [Star Tribune], I’d write that. Good luck.”

But one woman who knows Voss thanked her for apologizing and wrote “I deeply understand the hurt that is felt when reading the T-shirt. I won’t get into why it hurts or why it’s even offensive because for those who don’t get it — it’s because they choose not to.” However, the woman added to Voss that “the negative things being said about you are not true and are an angry response to the unfortunate decision you made when posting that picture. I do not believe your intent was to hurt or offend anyone. But that’s what happened, plain & simple.”

The woman added: “I just hope this is a lesson you can honestly learn from & dig even deeper to really understand the sensitivities of our mixed race/mixed culture society. It has nothing to do with people being overly sensitive, but everything to do with how people should treat others. You’ve done this very well in the past & I know this one incident will not stop you from continuing to do great work in the future.”

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

11-year-old 4th floor apartments Balcony Broken femur first responders Fourth floor balcony Intelwars minnesota Mother threw son Police St paul minnesota St. Paul

Police say mother went into 11-year-old son’s bedroom, dragged him to the balcony, and threw him off the fourth floor. But she won’t say why.

A mother has been taken into custody after throwing her 11-year-old son from the fourth-floor balcony of her apartment, police in St. Paul, Minnesota, said.

Officers responded Monday morning to a call from someone who lives in the apartments who originally reported the incident as an attempted suicide. But after they conducted interviews with the boy’s younger brother, his mother, and her girlfriend, officers concluded something much more sinister had occurred.

“Through the course of their interviews and investigations they discovered [the suspect] had gone into the child’s bedroom, dragged him out of his bunk bed and thrown him off the balcony,” St. Paul Police spokesperson Steve Linders told KARE-TV. “We don’t know what would make someone do this or why [the suspect] would do that.”

Linders added that the mother, Itayvia Demetiric Lloyd, 33, admitted to the crime but has refused to explain why during interviews.

The scene was traumatic

When the officers arrived they found the child on the ground, conscious and breathing but suffering from a multitude of injuries, including a broken femur, a fractured jaw, and several traumatic head injuries.

The child was able to provide details to officers about the incident at the time and instead was rushed to Regions Hospital for treatment. Police said the child is expected to survive.

Linders reported that the sight of the child on the ground was traumatic for first responders and police who responded to the incident.

“Sadly, we do see cases of child abuse like this, and there have been incredibly sad cases here in St. Paul and across the country. They’re tough, tough on our officers, tough on the first responders, all of them,” he said.

The suspect then allegedly assaulted police

Lloyd became aggressive with police as she was being transferred from police headquarters to Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center after being arrest Monday, Twin Press reported.

According to criminal charges filed Tuesday, Lloyd tried to punch an officer during the transport and then later spat at a different officer who was trying to calm her down at the jail.

Investigation into the incident is still under way.

Abortion abortion clinic Intelwars minnesota NARAL Planned Parenthood pro choice Pro-Life

Minnesota city recognizes ‘Abortion Providers Appreciation Day’ to ‘celebrate’ abortionists’ ‘high-quality care’

In St. Paul, Minnesota, Tuesday officially marks “Abortion Providers Appreciation Day” in the city after the city council decided to wade into the national debate on the right to life last week.

According a city council resolution that passed Wednesday, “Abortion Providers Appreciation Day” is meant to “honor the memory” of abortionist David Gunn, killed on March 10, 1993, as well as “to combat the stigma that many abortion providers and clinic staff face, and to celebrate the courage, compassion, and high-quality care they provide.”

As reasons for officially setting aside Tuesday as a day to celebrate people who end unborn babies’ lives, the resolution said that the Supreme Court “now contains a majority of Justices who may not interpret the Constitution to provide protection for the right to end a pregnancy and may overturn or severely limit Roe v. Wade” and claimed that “abortion providers must be accessible in order for people to make real decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures.”

The resolution passed unanimously with a vote of 7-0.

The measure also called abortion “one of the safest medical procedures in the United States” — despite the fact that it must result in the willful termination of a human life in order to be successful.

Of course, last week’s vote didn’t go through without drawing some pro-life pushback.

Minnesota state Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R) criticized the decision on Twitter, calling it “bizarre.”

“I believe we should protect human life from conception to natural death,” Gazelka wrote. “But why would the St.Paul city council choose to ‘celebrate’ abortion? Some may think it’s a necessary evil, but to celebrate abortion is bizarre.”

GOP state Sen. Mark Johnson said that he was “saddened” and “disturbed” by the city council’s decision in a prepared statement.

“Movements like this are indicative of the moral decline occurring in Minnesota and across our country,” Johnson stated. “As a father of three, I understand the sanctity of life and the joy that children bring to this world. Instead of celebrating abortion providers and their destructive habits, let’s take a moment to celebrate life and our local organizations who are on the front lines protecting women’s and children’s health.”

But Tuesday’s celebration of abortion providers and the execution of their chosen profession wasn’t limited to the city of St. Paul. Multiple pro-abortion organizations also marked the date on social media, with some sharing a graphic that encouraged others to “join the celebration.”

Last month, the question of whether or not any abortion advocates actually celebrate abortion briefly became a topic of debate, following then-Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s comment that “we have to get back to the point where no one is suggesting that we be celebrating an abortion at any point in the pregnancy.”

A CNN opinion writer tried to counter that “nobody ‘celebrates abortion,'” and his assertion was subsequently met with numerous counter-examples in rebuttal. Now it would appear that such rebuttals have been given even more evidence to back up their case.

Amy Klobuchar Biden Biden endorsement campaign democratic party Democratic primary election Election 2020 Endorse Endorsement Intelwars Joe Biden Klobuchar Klobuchar endorse minnesota Nomination Super Tuesday suspend

Amy Klobuchar to end presidential bid and endorse Joe Biden; Pete Buttigieg rumored to be backing former VP, too

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) plans to exit the race for president and endorse former Vice President Joe Biden, various outlets reported Monday.

Klobuchar’s decision to drop out of the nominating contest comes just one day before voters cast ballots in her home state of Minnesota as a part of Super Tuesday, the largest delegate handout of the primary season.

According to CNN, Klobuchar will officially announce her decision to suspend her campaign and endorse Biden at a rally for the former vice president in Dallas Monday night.

Klobuchar joins a growing number of candidates who have dropped out in the days following Biden’s decisive win in South Carolina, including former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.

The senator was unable to capitalize on momentum following her surprisingly strong third-place finish in New Hampshire last month. In the South Carolina primary over the weekend, Klobuchar finished a distant sixth with just over 3% of the vote.

On Sunday, Klobuchar was forced to cancel a rally in her home state after Black Lives Matters protesters seized the stage.

Mayor Pete is also rumored to endorse Biden

With the Democratic Primary increasingly becoming a two-man race between Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — and with the prospects of a Sanders nomination alarming the less-radical wing of the party — more endorsements for Biden may continue to roll in.

As such, an endorsement from Buttigieg is “likely,” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported Monday, though the timing of the possible endorsement remains unclear.

Interestingly, despite the boost that an endorsement from Klobuchar (and potentially Buttigieg) might give, Zeleny is also reporting that Biden’s team desired that other candidates would stay in the race to cut into Sanders’ amassing of delegates. Specifically, Biden’s team was hoping that Klobuchar and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) would stay in the race to deny Sanders delegates in Minnesota and Massachusetts.

On Tuesday, 1,357 delegates, or about one-third of the total delegates, will be at stake as 14 states hold nominating contests.