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Eye-opening number of America’s youth embraces Marxism and socialism, shuns capitalism

America’s youth is increasingly embracing communism, socialism, and Marxism, according to a new report. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation released its “Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism, and Collectivism,” which found that a concerning amount of millennials (anyone born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Z-ers (anyone born after 1996) are in support of eliminating capitalism in favor of socialism.

The survey of 2,100 Americans, age 16 and older, found that 26% of Americans support the gradual elimination of the capitalist system in favor of a more socialist system, especially among younger generations (31% of Gen Z and 35% of millennials).

There were 40% of Americans who had a favorable opinion of socialism, up from 36% last year. Leading the march toward socialism is Generation Z, which 49% see as favorable, up from 40% in 2019.

An eye-opening number of Gen-Z-ers have warmed up to Marxism in the past year, going from 6% in 2019 to an inconceivable 30% this year. Then there was 18% of Gen Z who believe communism is a fairer system than capitalism. There were 39% of Americans who were likely to support a Democratic Socialist politician, and again Gen Z was way more open at 51%.

Only 63% of Gen Z and millennials say that the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom and inequality over the Communist Manifesto.

There were 51% of Gen Z-ers who believe that the United States is a racist nation with a long history of discrimination, according to the poll.

The survey also highlights a lack of history knowledge, where 64% of Americans did not know that the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for more deaths than Nazi Germany.

The report also highlights how younger generations have a bias against President Donald Trump. The survey discovered that 39% of Gen Z believes the president is more responsible for the coronavirus pandemic than Chinese Communist Party President Xi Jinping, despite COVID-19 originating in China.

Sadly, only 44% of Gen Z says that the American flag represents freedom.

“We are seeing the high watermark, politically, of socialism [and] Marxism in the United States,” VOC executive director Marion Smith told Fox News. “Never before in history has the United States seen positive opinions of these ideologies to the extent that we’re seeing today. That’s just a fact.”

You can read the entire report here.

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This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Oh man, yesterday proved what happens when there’s uncertainty about a major event, coupled with the CERTAINTY that no Federal Reserve is coming to your aid in the days ahead. This is education for the millennials, who have been trained to expect Daddy Jerome Powell to show up every time they load-up.

There is no BACKUP COMING, no Navy Seals coming to the rescue.

This is it; between now and perhaps the end of the year, price discovery is going to be real. We’re going to see exactly what big money and algorithms think about valuations with nothing to prop up markets.

Panic? YES. Volatility? SURE. Buying opportunities? 100%. Craziness and illogical behavior? EVERYWHERE you look.

This will be one of the most important investment months of your career. By acting responsibly, professionally, and with poise and composure, not with an inability to see positions going up and down like yoyos, one will be able to exploit others’ mental incapability to handle bullets firing above their heads.

For the next few days, the FED is out of the business of putting a floor on stocks; perhaps even more than just a few days…

The major indices are now RED for the month of October.

Famed hedge fund manager David Einhorn, who got his ba**s handed to him for shorting TSLA, is convinced the markets peaked on September 2nd. He believes the bubble is over and cites IPO mania, elevated valuations for the Robinhood app darlings, market concentration (FAANG), options trading volumes being off the charts, and the parabolic charts of some stocks.

On top of that, Rasmussen polled Americans and has issued a VICTORY ALERT for President Trump – what a turnaround.

The same polling company actually found that tens of millions of Americans likely believe that a REAL McCoy Civil War is a possibility.


This chart has a lot to do with how America got here!

The ability to create currency and segregate it so it ends up in the hands of the rich and powerful to decide what to do with it has led to expensive asset prices, record buyback programs, no wage growth, and the worst income gap in history.

Think about the process of currency creation: how dollars are born and get pushed into the banking system where the institution cherishes safety and lends to the big and the wealthy, STARVING the real economy.

I personally bought shares yesterday, according to the watch lists we have previously published, taking nibbles at companies, not whole chunks.

NEVER buy a full allocation right off the bat; one can be fully correct on the potential of the company and COMPLETELY WRONG on the timing. Being flexible with your purchases (being patient about the process) is the tactic of successful investors.

Nothing is “now or never” – NOTHING. There’s always time to think things through.

The odds are fully in your favor; let the game come to you.

As I see it, if Joe Biden wins (despite this huge controversy with Hunter’s compromised dealings with China), between now and January 2021, it’s going to get sickening at times since the world will be paralyzed until Inauguration Day. If Trump wins, I still don’t expect SMOOTH SAILING because I think a contested result is coming either way, but Trump won’t lose a recount if he wins the initial vote.



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COLD SWEAT: Millennials Eating S**t – STOCKS SMASHED!

This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

I’m currently in Tel Aviv, where the government has just approved a SECOND LOCKDOWN, more flexible than the one in March/April but still EXTREMELY PAINFUL for businesses (which are forced to shut down again), families (which are now tasked with parenting their children 24/7), the NATIONAL DEBT, which is reaching new highs not seen in decades, and for morale and spirit of individuals, who have seen the COVID-19 virus impact A TINY NUMBER of people compared with the comprehensive response the government is imposing — this is the REAL ISSUE here — the tradeoff between not overwhelming hospitals (which are short of staff and on beds) and halting the lives of the millions, who will not impact statistics, since they’re not at risk.

September is not March or April when the initial shock JUSTIFIED or WAS MORE IN LINE with the quarantines that were enacted around the globe in the eyes of many.

Today, we know MUCH MORE about this disease: it is highly contagious, but not nearly as lethal as previous coronaviruses, such as MERS, Ebola, and SARS.

Because of this, herd immunity is TOTALLY DOABLE while the weakened populations (elderly, diabetic, and obese, for example) remain under PROTECTIVE MEASURES if they elect to.

The fact that CORRUPT POLITICS is paving the way to solutions in many countries is problematic and UNCALLED FOR.

This amazing chart shows SO VIVIDLY the magnitude of the MARCH PANIC.

The world utterly froze and central banks did what no other institution on the planet can do, and that is to use their MAGIC WAND to create endless liquidity and restore needed confidence.

It worked; the global economic machine realized the END of the WORLD isn’t coming.

No one can TAKE AWAY what they accomplished in March, but their actions have second- and third-level consequences that are UNINTENDED but end up being even more meaningful than the response itself.

For example, their liquidity buffer created the Robinhood app bubble phenomenon.

Look at the chart ABOVE again and you’ll see the amount of cash that is returning to equities is still FAR SMALLER than what exited in March.

We believe this SEPTEMBER CORRECTION we’re going through is really good because it points long-term investors to the support levels for stocks, now that millennials understand that there are TWO SIDES to the market coin.


The dollar is clearly weakening, but it has found support at these levels. It could even strengthen a bit, but we believe there’s still a 5%-10% DOWNWARD SPIRAL coming in the 3-6 months ahead of us.

Gold could really jump above $2,000/ounce by the end of the year, along with silver hitting $30.

Right now, though, one has a chance of BUYING TECH at a discount compared with the last two months.

We’ve worked LONG AND HARD on the new TECH WATCH LIST, which you can access HERE.

Many investors have HATED TECH for years, thinking it was a bubble, but that’s not the case.

The world’s fastest-growing businesses are in the fields that include high-tech.


Because real interest rates are STILL NEGATIVE, stocks and precious metals, along with real estate, have a real catalyst to keep GOING UP.

The NASDAQ is down -12% in September.

We’re not in the habit of STAYING INDIFFERENT to discounts.

Think TECH, think gold, think negative rates, and election madness!

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Silver is the WILD CARD of this post-Covid-19 recovery. Since the MARCH LOWS, it has rallied by close to 150%, yet it remains about 45% below its 2011 high and its 1980 high of $50/ounce.

That seems insignificant, but in INFLATION-ADJUSTED terms, it’s a long ways from its all-time high. Some calculations are as high as $600/ounce, but the way I do it, the PRICE TARGET is likely close to $58.


Real estate is BOOMING right now – 80 million millennials WON’T RESIST the lowest mortgage rates in history, coupled with the fact that they’re hitting their 4th decade on planet Earth and banks are willing to lend 80% of the equity needed. Despite TONS OF INBOUND doubtful comments, when I predicted that real estate would continue to rise in price for the above reasons, people are still IN DISBELIEF that we’ve been so right.

I don’t think this is close to PEAKING and is the new driver of inflation for the DOMESTIC ECONOMY.

Silver can’t hit $58/ounce unless millennials seek to own homes and originate mortgages. Silver DOES NOT operate in a vacuum.

Silver’s rising price is a DIRECT RESULT of dollar weakness, which is a direct result of MONEY VELOCITY.

We already know that corporations are borrowing, but they’re not raising wages, so that’s not where the velocity WILL ORIGINATE from.


Investors now FULLY UNDERSTAND how this game is played, so they’re not shorting stocks.

It’s not that EVERYONE’S BULLISH; it’s just that they’re afraid of fighting central banks.

Before this decade is over, the dollar will NO LONGER be needed as the medium of exchange for global transactions. Americans need to be aware that the DOLLAR IS IN PERIL.

Obviously, silver is critical to own, for these reasons. If most Americans can’t come up with $400 to pay for medical emergencies, they can’t possibly have enough to buy gold ounces, so silver is an IDEAL SOLUTION for most.


There’s a REALLY CLEAR trend in place, but the chart shows that support around 1120 points is what we should ALL BE WATCHING.

If that one breaks down, we’re entering the TWILIGHT ZONE, but in a good way.

The way that European countries have been handling the pandemic has SPARKED OPTIMISM that the European Union is embarking on a new decade of growth, and that’s making euros in demand.

Between now and the end of the year, we’ll have further indication of the real trend in the dollar.

Clearly, with the pandemic, food habits are changing rapidly and there’s MANY OPPORTUNITIES, even groundbreaking ones, for companies who crack the code of the new consumer.

There are some stocks, currency well UNDER THE RADAR, which are growing at high double-digit pace, the likes of which I’ve never seen, so expect some UNBELIEVABLE ALERTS from us later this week, because I’ve never seen anything that is so UNIQUE in my career!

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Friday’s HUGE STUNNER, which saw unemployment numbers in America GOING DOWN, has brought back GRANDMA AND GRANDPA to the stock market, along with their MILLENNIAL grandchildren. Suddenly, retail investors are BULLISH like I’ve never seen!

In fact (get this), the NASDAQ daily volume has reached a new RECORD-HIGH – not just any old high, but one set by a WIDER MARGIN from anything else we’ve encountered before!

Get a load of this:


When the MARCH PANIC occurred, we received SCORES OF EMAILS from people expressing dismay that we didn’t dedicate ENOUGH PRINTED WORDS addressing the dangers of the Covid-19 market crash.

Now you can see why we always note caution and diversification but are never permanently bearish on the U.S. indices; the ENTIRE ECONOMY is based on the performance of them – the Federal Reserve and Washington WILL NEVER allow their precious baby to fall down the staircase.

The baby boomers’ net worth is tied to the stock market. The ability of the United States’ ruling class to issue debt, use leverage, exploit the middle class, and live like kings,
ALL DEPENDS on a rip-roaring bull market.

This is especially true in times like these when COMPANIES are clearly much more valuable than government bonds.

But there’s a LIMIT to how much investors can pay for stocks and, IN MY OPINION,
we’re nearing that point.

I don’t expect a massive crash, but what times like these call for is CHERRY-PICKING. The S&P 500 is expensive, but there are REAL BARGAINS within it. The market, as a whole, could see a mini-pullback (5%) and offer better ENTRY POINTS.

Some stats are important here:

  1. There was an attempt to compare this CRASH/REBOUND to the Great Depression, plotting the two charts on top of each other.

Wealth Research Group ARGUED that this was TOTAL NONSENSE all along and we were DEAD-ON!



Covid-19 is much more of a natural disaster than a recession. It didn’t originate because businesses were MANAGED BADLY or because investors were FOOLISHLY BETTING on risky stocks, nor because consumers were maxing out their credit cards or home equity lines. It originated because governments COULDN’T RISK taking a global pandemic too lightly and are now TRYING TO RECTIFY the damages of
SHUTTING DOWN the global economy.

  1. Even after the RECORD-FAST rally back from the lows, there are STILL 115 companies in the S&P 500 index that are DOWN 20% or more this year. On top of those, there are an ADDITIONAL 207 companies that are DOWN between 0.1% and 20% this year.

Overall, 322 companies have DROPPED IN PRICE in 2020.

There are opportunities among them and we are working on our SHOPPING LIST PART 2 after the first one brought us UNBELIEVABLE RETURNS!

  1. Bulls are just BLINDED by the news right now. If we look at the put/call ratio and other measures of BULLISHNESS, we clearly see that mom and pop investors are FAR MORE TRIGGER-READY than Wall Street. In fact, Jeremy Grantham, one of the MOST LEGENDARY hedge fund managers to ever live, just initiated A SHORT POSITION on the markets!

In my career, I have RARELY WITNESSED instances where the general public was able to outperform Wall Street’s top money managers.

My point is that if retail is already positioned, no one is left to bid prices up in the near-term.



I want to close with more thoughts on what’s happening in America right now, with regards to protests, riots, looting, and vandalism.

America has always been A BASTION OF FREE ENTERPRISE, filled with racial, gender, religious, social, and financial POLAR EXTREMES.

What makes it work is that PEOPLE realize that they are in control of their destiny. Our policemen, politicians, business leaders, rags-to-riches stories, protesters, and bad actors are NOT ALIENS, but the product of OUR COLLECTIVE way of life.

I will go to my grave believing that ANYONE who puts every fiber of his being into the pursuit of AN ELEGANT LIFESTYLE and is willing to make sacrifices and to listen to mentors, CAN SUCCEED beyond their wildest imagination. This is how countries change, ONE BY ONE.

Books ALTERED my life from end to end. Books opened my consciousness to worlds that were foreign to me.
Books gave me entry to networks of people that would not consider me otherwise.

Books proved to me that MOST PEOPLE are not independent thinkers, but followers. Books forced me to THINK BIG.

Are there INNUMERABLE CASES of corruption and injustice? Are there more events of WRONGDOING each and every day? The answer is a RESOUNDING YES.

The second you INTERNALLY BELIEVE, with all of your mental capabilities, that NO GOVERNMENT, no boss, no neighbor, no family member – nothing outside of yourself – can SHAPE YOU or HURT YOU unless you allow it to, you are MADE FREE.

You will not WAIT FOR CHANGE from others but will do it yourself, upon yourself. The rest is out of your control.

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Coronavirus Coronavirus america Coronavirus lockdown Intelwars millennials

Democrats and millennials admit they are way more likely than Republicans to snitch on neighbors for violating lockdown orders

Suppose you saw your neighbor with 15-20 people at his home in clear violation of your state’s lockdown orders? Would you report him or leave him be?

Pollsters recently posed this exact question to Americans and found that more than a third of all of us would snitch on our neighbor. Within that, a strong plurality of Democrats said they would call the cops, while a minority of Republicans said the same. The poll also found that liberals and younger Americans were far more likely to report their neighbors than conservatives and older Americans.

What were the numbers?

A poll from conducted by Scott Rasmussen asked adults this question: “Suppose that, in violation of stay-at-home rules, your neighbor had 15-20 people at their home. Would you report them to the police?”

According to Rasmussen, 36% of Americans said they would report their neighbors, while 43% said they would not.

There was a huge difference in responses by Democrats and Republicans. Among Democrats, 44% said they would call the cops, and just 31% said they would not. Republicans were far less likely to rat out their neighbors: 25% said they would, while 60% said they would leave well enough alone. Similarly, those who said they planned to vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden would turn in their neighbors by a margin of 47% to 30%. People who planned to vote for President Donald Trump would not, by a margin of 61% to 24%.

The margins by political ideology were consistent, too: very conservative, 24% to 63%; somewhat conservative, 33% to 52%; somewhat liberal, 40% to 35%; and very liberal, 46% to 28%.

The poll also showed that younger Americans were far more likely to snitch than older Americans: ages 18-24, 43% to 38%; ages 25-34, 44% to 36%; ages 35-44, 34% to 42%; ages 45-54, 34% to 46%; ages 65+, 28% to 48%.

Here’s full breakdown from the poll’s crosstabs:

TheBlaze chart created from poll data

Coronavirus Coronavirus outbreak Coronavirus party Coronavirus us COVID-19 infected Intelwars kentucky millennials Party Tested positive

Kentucky millennials threw a ‘coronavirus party’ to flout social distancing. Now, one of them has COVID-19.

A group of young adults in Kentucky recently threw a “coronavirus party” in open disregard of social distancing guidelines, and now one of them has contracted the COVID-19 disease, the state’s governor reported.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said the young adult, who attended the party along with several other people in their 20s, was one of 39 new cases reported in the state during a news conference Tuesday.

“This is one that makes me mad, and it should make you mad,” Beshear said. “Anyone who goes to something like this may think they’re indestructible, but it’s someone else’s loved one that they are going to hurt.

“We are battling for the health and the lives of our parents and our grandparents,” he continued. “Don’t be callous as to intentionally go to something and expose yourself to something that will hurt other people. We ought to be much better than that.

“We simply can’t have folks that are doing things like this,” Beshear concluded.

Beshear also announced during the news conference that he would be issuing an executive order Wednesday mandating the closure of all businesses in the state deemed not “life-sustaining” as part of a more drastic effort to control the spread of the disease.

While the virus is considered to be far more deadly for those 60 years of age and older and those with underlying health conditions, officials around the country have been asking young people to abide by social distancing guidelines in order to prevent transmitting the disease to other at-risk people in their communities.

But getting young people to listen has not always been easy. Many millennial spring breakers have rejected the call to isolate, instead choosing to party and let come what may.

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying,” one such spring breaker told CBS News last week. Though he has since apologized profusely.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fox & Friends Instagram Intelwars Karla marie millennials Social Media

Radio host goes viral for emotional, passionate plea to spring breakers ignoring social distancing recommendation: ‘Call your mom and dad’

KISS-FM Seattle’s Carla Marie says that millennials need to pay close attention to social distancing in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

What did she do?

Marie shared an emotional Instagram video earlier this week detailing how her mother’s open-heart surgery was postponed because of the deadly virus.

The radio host, who lives on the other side of the country from her New Jersey-area family, is unable to visit her parents during this time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the video, she begged for people to remain at home and keep themselves as healthy as possible in order to flatten the curve of the pandemic within the U.S.

She captioned the video, which has since gone viral, “I need you to be a good human right now. I’m going through the hardest thing of my life … not being able to be there for my family. How can you help? Stay home. Be human. Compassion is easy. It’s all we have right now.”

What did she say on Fox?

Marie told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” hosts, “So now, it’s way beyond coronavirus patients and getting the coronavirus. I mean, I’m sure there are people in their families who have cancer, who have heart problems, and you want your family to get the best treatment for whatever they have. It’s not just catching a virus that you think you are invincible from everyone.”

She added, “I think that [people not heeding warnings] need people in their lives to tell them how they are feeling and their stories. I have friends and family who, at first, weren’t thinking this was real either.”

“Call your mom and your dad because you can do that,” she advised. “I think that’s the problem: they aren’t connecting with their family right now.”

At the time of this writing, there are nearly 11,000 cases of coronavirus in the U.S., and 163 people in the U.S. have died from the deadly pandemic.