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Massachusetts cop rings in the new year by helping woman in labor deliver a ‘healthy baby girl’

A Massachusetts police officer is winning praise for heroically helping a woman in labor bring a new life into the new year.

Agawam Police Officer Zack Hall was on duty on New Year’s Day when he responded to an emergency call around 2:45 a.m. A woman had contacted emergency authorities after going into labor without time to get to the hospital.

“Officer Hall quickly responded and helped mom deliver this healthy baby girl,” the Agawam Police Department said in a Facebook post. “Congratulations, Mom, Dad, and baby Sophia!”

Officer’s Hall’s wife Melissa, who is also a police officer, responded with a comment praising her husband: “My hubs!!! So proud of him!!! Congrats to the parents!!!”

“[H]e was literally beaming,” the department wrote back. “It was good to see! Its a nice change-a happy call instead of the usual stuff!! Happy New Years! Stay safe!”

“We’re all proud of him,” the department added.

In an interview with People magazine after the extraordinary birthday, Hall said the moment was surreal and was “unlike anything I’ve ever felt.”

“I was there to help bring a new life brought into this world, all while trying to remain calm for the nervous parents,” he said. “I feel proud and lucky that I had the opportunity to help this family and their beautiful new baby. It’s not something many police officers witness.”

Officer Hall described the encounter and explained at first he wasn’t nervous because he didn’t immediately understand how close the mother was to giving birth. But then things started to happen very quickly.

“It was when I saw the baby’s father running out of the house that I realized the mother was about to give birth at any moment. I just ran into the house ready to help,” he explained. “As a cop, you don’t really have the time to focus on nerves or emotions. We just do what we are trained to do.”

Melissa Hall told People that she wasn’t surprised that her husband acted quickly, noting that police officers receive training for these types of situations.

“We go through first responder training that helps us in such a situation, but we never really expect to be a part of such a special moment,” she said. “I am so proud of him and everything he does for the community every day. … I know he truly loves being able to help others.

“Anyone can clearly see how he’s beaming with pride in that photo, as he should be,” she added, referring to the photo posted by the APD. “He didn’t hesitate to help those parents or their newborn baby and helped bring a new life into this world. What a way to ring in the new year!”

Zack Hall hopes that this story will give people a more positive image of the police and remind them of the good work that they do.

“There are good and bad people in this society that we, as police, interact with every single day — just as there are good and bad police officers that the public interacts with every single day,” he said. “It’s so nice to get positive feedback from the community, especially during a time when most of what the world seems to focus on lately is only the negative.

“At the end of the day, all cops want to do is help make their communities a little bit better for future generations,” he continued. “As nice as it is for everyone to acknowledge my actions, it should also be acknowledged the bravery of the parents in such a crazy situation. We were all in it together, and I couldn’t be happier for them.”

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Massachusetts cop buys Christmas dinner for family after? they get caught shoplifting

A kind-hearted Massachusetts police officer is earning recognition for his Christmas spirit after responding to a call about shoplifting at a Somerset supermarket.

It was five days before Christmas when Somerset Police Officer Matthew Lima responded to a call for his help.

A local Stop & Shop grocery store reached out to police after they claimed two women had been caught shoplifting.

Lima told WCVB-TV that shoplifting is one of the most common complaints police officers receive from retail stores.

“It can be people shoplifting any number of items, any value from $10 up to thousands of dollars,” Lima said. “You really don’t know what to expect until you get there.”

According to WCVB-TV, loss and prevention at the Stop & Shop accused two women who were shopping with two children of only scanning a few of their items at the self-checkout but bagging all of their groceries anyway.

Officer Lima was dispatched to the supermarket after police received a complaint.

“It was a little bit different from the get-go because not too many people engage in that type of behavior with their young children there,” Lima said.

He observed something else as well.

“I noticed it was all grocery items, so it was all consumable food items,” Lima said.

Suspecting that these women were stealing groceries out of necessity, he asked one of the women why they were shoplifting.

“She stated that, obviously it goes without saying, that times are tough for a lot of people, that she was working but not enough and didn’t make enough money and that there were some other family issues going on and that she just wanted to provide a Christmas dinner for the kids,” Lima recounted.

The two children with the women were the same age as Lima’s own children, and he felt compassion for them. He issued them a trespassing notice but decided against filing charges.

After escorting them from the store, he turned around and went back in.

“I just made the decision that I was going to purchase the gift cards and they could go to a different Stop & Shop and buy their Christmas dinner for their girls,” Lima said.

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on every American. People all across the nation from every background have faced economic hardship or loss this year.

“We have the ability to adapt to many things,” Lima said. “But also, we just need to be there for each other and be there for our neighbors.”

Mass. officer buys dinner for family after shoplifting call

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Left-wing activist, 32, accused of punching chest of 80-year-old woman rallying for President Trump after she tossed water on him

A 32-year-old leftist activist is accused of punching an 80-year-old woman in the chest while she was rallying for President Donald Trump in Swampscott, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

But while Ernst Jean-Jacques, Jr., was charged with assault and battery on a person 60 years or older, the alleged victim admitted she was angry at the suspect for “gyrating in front of me” and tossed water on him in response, the Daily Item reported.

What are the details?

In video recorded at the event, Jean-Jacques Jr. — founder of the Freedom Fighters Coalition of 2020 — is seen across a barrier from the Trump supporters dancing to “It’s Raining Men,” which the Trump supporters had playing in the background.

At one point Jean-Jacques gives the finger to the Trump supporters:

Image source: YouTube screenshot, redacted

The alleged victim — Swampscott resident Linda Greenberg, the Daily Item said — was seen making her way through the crowd and approaching Jean-Jacques Jr. at another barrier.

Left to right, circled: Ernst Jean-Jacques, Jr., Linda GreenbergImage source: YouTube screenshot

Video appears to show Greenberg toss water on Jean-Jacques, after which he looks around and then appears to punch Greenberg.

Video shows Jean-Jacques’ elbow cocked slightly, but his forward motion is obscured by others in the video, so it’s not clear if he made contact with Greenberg. But the horrified reaction of others in the clip seems to reveal Greenberg sustained some pain.

Multiple police officers described Jean-Jacques as “punching” Greenberg after they witnessed “water propel from where Greenberg was standing,” the paper said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Jean-Jacques left the scene after the apparent punch, but the Daily Item said police caught up with him and took him away in handcuffs.

But in the paper’s follow-up story about Jean-Jacques’ Monday arraignment, defense attorney Murat Erkan said Greenberg admitted to tossing water on Jean-Jacques in a police interview.

“I was drinking my water, and he was gyrating in front of me, and I was getting mad, and I did get water on him,” Greenberg said in the interview, the Daily Item reported. “I don’t want to lie.”

The paper added that a bystander asked Greenberg if she agreed her conduct made her the aggressor, to which Greenberg replied, “Oh, why don’t you f*** off … You are not America, you are not America.”

Swampscott MAGA-chusetts Freedom Rally!

Now what?

The Daily Item said Jean-Jacques was released on $550 bail bond and that Greenberg refused medical assistance.

Prosecutor Danielle Doherty-Wirwicz at the arraignment asked that Jean-Jacques be declared a dangerous person, be banished from Swampscott, and be prohibited from contact with elderly persons, the paper said. But Judge Matthew Nestor — who described the case as “disturbing” — denied the prosecutor’s requests, the Daily Item added.

The defense also argued, based on the video and additional still images, that Jean-Jacques was “attempting to disarm Greenberg of the bottle” and that he used an “open hand” rather than a fist, the paper said.

More from the Daily Item:

Erkan also brought up images of 1960s Birmingham, Ala., when police sprayed water on peaceful black Civil Rights protesters, and implied that Greenberg’s splashing water on Jean-Jacques dehumanized him in that same manner.

Judge Nestor disagreed with the analogy.

Erkan indicated that he was speaking with authorities and expected to request that Greenberg be charged with a hate crime.

The defense also said Jean-Jacques has no record of prior convictions and works at a senior center caring for adults with intellectual disabilities, the paper said, adding that a pretrial hearing is set for February 24, 2021.

Anything else?

Jean-Jacques noted on his Facebook page that the Boston Red Sox honored him in August as part of the team’s “Hats Off to Heroes” ceremony that usually honors members of the military.

The letter to Jean-Jacques read: “This year, with everything that has been going on in the country, we got permission from the presenting sponsor John Hancock to expand the breadth of the program … So far this year we have recognized front-line health workers, other essential workers, military, a [woman] who spent her life fighting for civil rights and social justice. On Aug. 28 we are going to recognize an activist and pillar of their community, and I would absolutely love it if we could highlight you, for all that you do for [the] city and in the fight against social injustice.”

(H/T: RedState)

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Massachusetts nursing home to begin accepting coronavirus patients and some people are sounding the alarm

A Massachusetts nursing home is set to begin accepting coronavirus patients as some people are sounding the alarm that it might lead to deaths among those most susceptible to the virus.

Willow Manor in Lowell announced on Tuesday that they would have a portion of their facility isolated in order to accept COVID-19 patients. Some staff members and residents will be dedicated to those patients and not intermix in order to prevent spread of the virus.

State Rep. Marc Lombardo criticized the move and called it “insanity” in a tweet.

“While we are restricting people from attending Church due to COVID concerns, MA is allowing long term care facilities like Willow Manor in Lowell to take in outside COVID patients,” he tweeted.

“MA has nearly 7000 deaths already (65% of all MA deaths) in long term care facilities. Insanity,” he added.

Lombardo said in a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders that he would seek a ban on coronavirus patients being sent to nursing homes.

“Given the vulnerability of the populations and the extremely high COVID death numbers to date, why on earth would we ever permit a long-term care facility to create a new COVID positive unit?” wrote Lombardo in the letter.

Willow Manor officials said that they were asked to open the facility to coronavirus patients because of a spike in hospitalizations.

“This new COVID unit will allow for proactive collaboration and seamless care coordination with local hospitals, as we are able to provide patients a safe environment for their continuum of care needs,” said center executive director Monica Roman.

The families of the residents at the facility are worried.

“I can’t think of a worse idea,” said Darlene Torre, who has two relatives at Willow Manor. “This is putting the most vulnerable in harm’s way.”

Coronavirus patients at nursing homes became a flashpoint for lockdown debates when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent the afflicted to facilities that saw a spike in coronavirus cases and deaths. Despite facing massive public criticism, Cuomo has praised his pandemic response effort and written a book to glorify his policies.

Here’s more about Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home policy:

Cuomo deflects blame for nursing home coronavirus crisis on Trump admin

anti-Trump Donald Trump Election 2020 Intelwars Left-wing violence Massachusetts mother Physical attack Trump flags

Mother punched through SUV window by unhinged leftist who didn’t like her Trump flags — all while victim’s daughter, 11, watches from back seat

Leftists continue to lose their minds — or believe they can get away with blatant violence — in public places full of surveillance cameras.

What are the details?

Police in Fall River, Massachusetts, said a mother was driving with her 11-year-old daughter in the area of South Main and Hall streets last week when two women in another vehicle apparently didn’t take too kindly to the mom’s flags supporting President Donald Trump that were flying off both sides of her SUV, WHDH-TV reported.

Police provided the station with surveillance video showing the initial part of the confrontation, as the Trump supporter’s vehicle is within the yellow oval on the left side of the screen while an arrow points at the suspects seated in a vehicle on the right side of the screen:

Image source: WHDH-TV video screenshot

The women pulled up to the victim’s vehicle, exchanged words about the flags, and then violently assaulted her — as her daughter looked on from the back seat, Fall River Police Lt. Jay Huard told the station.

“[The mom] was trying to attempt to de-escalate the situation by telling the two females to get away from her car,” Huard added to WHDH. “She put her window down to … communicate in a better fashion, and at that point she was punched through the open window.”

Police shared a surveillance image showing the suspects fleeing the scene in a gray Nissan Altima, the station said.

‘We need respect’

Concerned resident Jessica Spauone told WHDH she’s outraged by the incident: “I hope they find them. That is so rude and disrespectful, and they should pay for what they did.”

She added to the station that “we need respect. People have lost that humanity; we need that again. People need to bond together and learn how to love each other.”

Image source: WHDH-TV video screenshot

Huard told WHDH his department has been responding to an increasing number of crimes related to the presidential election.

“I would just say maintain your composure,” he added to the station. “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and let your voice be at the polls.”

Image source: WHDH-TV video screenshot

Anyone who witnessed the alleged attack is urged to contact Fall River detective Luis Vertentes at 508-324-2796. Anonymous tips can be phoned in at 508-672-8477.

Fall River Police Search For 2 Women Who Attacked Trump Supporter

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Massachusetts’ new voting rules will allow the state to count dead people’s votes this year

If you’re a voter in Massachusetts who went through the effort to vote early this year but then you died before Election Day, don’t worry: The state is still going to count your vote thanks to a new law passed by the state legislature this year.

Never mind that counting the votes of the dead could lead to problems: This is just a “temporary law,” WBZ-TV reported.

Why do it? COVID-19, of course.

Wait. What’s this now?

Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin announced Monday that, because of the coronavirus pandemic, anyone who voted early but dies before Election Day (Nov. 3) this year will still have their vote counted. Also, the window for early voting has been expanded.

“It’s pandemic-era time,” Galvin said at a news conference, WBZ reported. “So we had to expand the time for voting.”

Before now, early voting in the Bay State was 10 days before an election, and if a person voted early and was discovered to have died prior to Election Day, that voter’s ballot would not be counted.

“These are people who are alive and competent when they voted, but they may have died unexpectedly after they voted,” the attorney general said. “In past times, if the local officials knew they were dead — had died — even though they had legally voted when they cast the ballot, they would have discarded the ballot, not counted it.”

But apparently that did not sit well with the state’s leaders.

According to the Boston Globe, the “temporary pandemic-era law passed this summer” by the legislature is a notable shift in the state’s voting rules.

This year early voting in Massachusetts has been extended by an additional 20 days, giving voters essentially a month to cast their votes.

And not only has the window expended, apparently the definition of what constitutes a legitimate vote has been changed, too.

Now Massachusetts voters who die after casting their early ballot but before Election Day will have their ballots included in the final tally.

The new provision that allows the votes of the dead to suddenly count comes thanks to language slipped into the state’s early voting expansion bill. The law bars election officials from rejecting an early or absentee ballot this year “solely because the voter became ineligible to vote by reason by death after casting the ballot,” the Globe reported.

How many votes will that impact? Galvin guessed not many, calling it “extremely rare” and saying, “It’s not a significant number of ballots.”

“It’s certainly not going to affect the outcome of the election,” he added. “And if it were to — I speculate here — but if it were to, obviously there’d probably be some followup litigation. But since I’m already reaching my quota of being sued this year, I’m not going to go there.”

Massachusetts is not the first state to have such a provision. The Globe said at least 11 states have similar laws, including Florida and Hawaii.

As of two years ago, at least 17 state states had explicitly rejected counting ballots of people who died before the election, the Globe noted.

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Massachusetts Trump supporter installs electric fence around Trump 2020 signs after thieves keep stealing them

A Massachusetts Trump supporter grew tired of people coming onto his property and stealing his political yard signs advocating for President Donald Trump’s re-election. Now his signs are surrounded by an electric fence.

And so far, it’s working.

What’s going on?

John Oliveria, 54, of New Bedford had had it with people stealing his Trump 2020 signs — so he decided take on the thieves by installing his own preventative measure.

The lifelong Democrat who recently jumped ship and joined the Republican Party told WJAR-TV that at least six pro-Trump signs had been snagged from his lawn.

He said he filed two police reports, but nothing was done. So he took measures into his own hands.

Now there is a small electric fence surrounding his lone Trump 2020 sign.

“It’s a shame that I have to do this,” Oliveria told WJAR. “I believe in the president. Obviously, people didn’t like that.”

“Horse wire carries a charge,” he said. “It will certainly will send a message.”

The disabled 20-year Navy veteran said that a few weeks after he first started displaying the Trump signs in his yard, they began disappearing — and in broad daylight, he told South Coast Today. He said the signs were on his lawn when he left in the mornings but were gone when he returned in the afternoons.

After filing the police reports he decided he was “done with it” and had had enough, WJAR said.

“I’m just trying to make a statement and say what I believe in,” Oliveria told WJAR. “Our country is about different opinions and being able to voice those opinions in a fair and equitable manner.

“And when you’re taking people’s signs, that’s not fair and equitable,” he said.

Oliveria told South Coast Today that the 3-foot-tall, triangle fence, which is solar powered, looks terrible and that he expects his neighbors will complain about it. But he said he didn’t know what else to do.

He figures he has lost about $100 worth of materials because of the thefts, South Coast Today reported.

Is it working?

For the last two weeks, the sign with its protective fence has stood untouched.

“You have to be able to respect each other, because we’ll never get anything accomplished if you don’t,” he warned.

“Don’t mess with my right to free speech,” Oliveria told WJAR.

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ACE Hardware worker says? ‘I smell bacon’ while cop is in store and refuses to apologize, police association says

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association tweeted that an officer was inside an Ace Hardware store in the city’s Allston neighborhood Tuesday when an employee said, “I smell bacon” — a synonym for the derogatory term “pig” used against police.

The BPPA said that when the officer asked for an apology, he was told there would be none. With that, the purchased items were returned, the association said, and the store “lost” a customer. The BPPA characterized the incident as a “bad experience” for the officer.

But several hours after the BPPA’s initial tweet, the association posted a follow-up message saying Ace Hardware representatives reached out and spoke to the officer in question and that “during the conversation, an apology was offered and graciously accepted by the officer with both parties agreeing that mutual respect benefits us all.”

There was no indication that the employee in question offered an apology or was disciplined in any manner. Anti-police sentiment has been spiking of late, particularly in urban areas — and especially on the heels of incidents involving black men such as the death of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake.

How did folks react?

The reaction on Twitter to the incident was mixed. Some users were upset that employee showed such disrespect toward a police officer:

  • “Disgraceful, disgusting, and un-American,” one user noted.
  • “Damn….Ace Hardware just f’d up,” another user said. “I’m a Democrat, yes, but I believe all lives matter and don’t wish harm to anyone. I also believe not all cops are bad. I work for Lowes in upstate NY, and we would NEVER disrespect any first responders like that! I repeat…..NEVER.”
  • “Omg @AceHardware better fire that rude employee,” another commenter noted. “Fast.”
  • “I say this as a Dem … as a Lib … as someone appalled by police brutality … HOWEVER, I also think that as an employee, working anywhere, my job is to serve the customer and treat him/her with courtesy,” another user said. “To initiate rudeness on the side of the employee is not good policy.”
  • “And a pos employee should be fired,” another said.

But quite a few others were decidedly unsympathetic to the officer:

  • “A cop is butt hurt, the world knows they’re a wuss & easily offended by WORDS. Wow! This little piggy cried all the way home,” one commenter offered. “If the cop is that sensitive, they need a new job w/o access to a gun.”
  • “If you need help crying about it, may i suggest deploying a canister of tear gas inside your patrol car,” another quipped.
  • “If someone can’t handle ‘I smell bacon’ they have no business controlling a firearm,” another person said. “This is why y’all murder black people who are running away or asleep in their beds — you have no control over your emotions and are a bunch of babies with guns on an ego trip.”
  • “Phew. For a second there, I thought you were going to say an ACE Hardware employee shot your officer in the back 7 times in the cutlery department,” another user said.

Ace Hardware on Thursday morning didn’t immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for comment regarding if any disciplinary action was taken against the employee in question.

ed markey Intelwars Joe Kennedy III Massachusetts primary Senate

Joe Kennedy III fails to unseat  incumbent Sen. Ed Markey in Dem primary challenge in Massachusetts

Rep. Joseph Kennedy III (D-Mass.) has failed in his attempt to topple incumbent Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) in his home state, marking the first time in history that a member of the Kennedy political “dynasty” has lost a race in the commonwealth.

What are the details?

The Daily Press reported that Kennedy, 39, conceded to Markey, 74, as the counts rolled in Tuesday night in a hotly contested battle that was criticized by “some Democrats nationally who feared it would siphon time and money away from the primary goals of defeating President Donald Trump and winning back control of the Senate.”

With 71% of precincts reporting, the Associated Press showed Markey beating Kennedy, 54% to 46%.

The primary race saw battle lines drawn even among Democrats in Congress, with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and democratic socialist firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) backing Markey, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) lining up behind Kennedy.

Critics on social media speculated that the loss could mean the end of the Kennedy “dynasty,” while others argued the congressman would be back but that he simply entered a race he should not have.

According to MassLive, Markey has served the Bay State for nearly “half a century,” first in the lower chamber before winning his Senate seat in 2013.

Anything else?

The Hill reported:

The race had turned personal over the past month after the Kennedy family name was drawn into the battle. In one instance, Markey referenced former President Kennedy’s famous 1961 inaugural address in a widely seen advertisement.
“We asked what we could do for our country. We went out. We did it,” Markey said in the three-minute ad, referencing the former president’s quote. “With all due respect, it’s time to start asking what your country can do for you.”
Markey did not directly address his primary opponent in the spot.
Joe Kennedy quickly hit back, accusing the senator of “weaponizing” his family’s history.
“I didn’t [bring my family into the race],” Kennedy told The Hill last week. “The senator did.”

Markey faces Republican Kevin O’Connor in the general election Nov. 3.

All lives matter Black Lives Matter Intelwars Investigation Massachusetts Mayor Police Traffic message

City officials apologize for traffic message that read, ‘The Safety of All Lives Matter’

The mayor and police chief of a Massachusetts city are apologizing to residents for a phrase seen on an electronic traffic sign.

What was on it, you ask? Profanity? Sexual innuendo? Anti-Semitism?

Nope. The offending message read, “The Safety of All Lives Matter,” WCVB-TV reported.

What are the details?

Melrose Police Chief Michael Lyle told the station a traffic officer was ordered to change the sign’s wording from a reminder that fireworks are illegal to a more general traffic safety message.

A Melrose resident parked near the sign told a WCVB photographer that the new message read, “The speed limit is 25 mph. Please drive safely. The safety of all lives matter.”

Lyle said Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur told him about the “unfortunate and improper wording” on the traffic sign, the station said.

“I am aware that the phrase ‘all lives matter’ is commonly used as a misguided counter to the Black Lives Matter movement,” Lyle told the station. “The sign was immediately changed and, at the request of the mayor, I launched an investigation, which is ongoing.”

The chief added to WCVB that the traffic officer who posted the message said he didn’t do so with “malicious or political intent” and didn’t realize the totality or impact of what he wrote. Lyle added to the station that the findings of the investigation will be made public.

Lyle also told WCVB he’ll address the matter with all of his officers and, effective immediately, will require all messages on roadways and electronic signs to be approved by his office before going live.

“On behalf of the Melrose Police Department, I sincerely apologize to our residents and anyone who drove past the sign today,” the chief noted to the station in a statement.

‘A trigger’

Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur shared a photo of the traffic sign on his Facebook page Wednesday, WCVB said, adding that Brodeur wrote in his post: “I have ordered that it be taken down immediately and am taking steps to find out how this happened. I apologize to the residents of Melrose.”

Image source: WCVB-TV video screenshot

The traffic sign is still up in the area of 236 Main St. but no longer displays the message, the station said.

“The phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ is a trigger,” Brodeur told WCVB. “It does not lead to an atmosphere where we can make progress, [where] we can have uncomfortable conversations and try to move it forward.”

The resident who disclosed the full wording of the sign said the “all lives matter” wording had been up for a couple of days, the station reported.

“I would prefer that it said anything else but ‘All Lives Matter’ for right now with everything that’s going on,” the resident added to WCVB. “I don’t think that it was, probably, appropriate to have in our city.”

Intelwars Masks in public Massachusetts Todd goulston Walgreens incident

Man refused to wear a mask inside a store. So a fellow customer allegedly decided to pull a gun on him in the parking lot.

Police arrested a Massachusetts man after he reportedly pulled a gun on a man who was not wearing a mask in a Walgreens parking lot.

Masks are required by law in Massachusetts stores amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the details?

According to a Thursday report from the Boston Herald, authorities arrested 59-year-old Todd Goulston of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, after he reportedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at a fellow customer in the parking lot.

The outlet notes that Bridgewater Police arrived at the local Walgreens store on July 3 following a report of two men arguing inside the store. According to sources, the two men were exchanging words because one of them reportedly refused to wear a mask inside the store.

Police say that the argument continued — and escalated — once the two left the building and say that’s when Goulston pulled out a handgun and turned it on the unnamed 30-year-old man. Without discharging his weapon, Goulston then got into his car and left the premises, authorities say. The 30-year-old man from Abington, Massachusetts, was not injured.

Authorities were able to identify Goulston following the altercation and visited him at his home, where they arrested him and charged him with assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.

Police confiscated the man’s license to carry a gun and recovered several firearms from his home.

At the time of this writing, researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimate that there have been at least 110,602 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, with at least 8,243 deaths attributed to the virus.

City Council Domestic partnerships Intelwars marriage Massachusetts Ordinance Polyamorous domestic partnerships Polyamory Somerville

Polyamorous domestic partnerships recognized by Massachusetts city council — perhaps a first in US

The city council in Somerville, Massachusetts, unanimously approved an ordinance recognizing polyamorous domestic partnerships earlier this week, the MetroWest Daily News reported.

The paper said Monday the city “quietly became one of the first” in America “if not the first” to do so.

What are the details?

A few word changes in the city’s new domestic partnership ordinance was all it took, the Daily News reported, noting that “entity formed by two persons” was changed to “entity formed by people,” and “he and she” was replaced with “they,” and “both” was replaced with “all.”

Somerville is in the process of changing its domestic partnership application to include space for more than two partners, the paper said, but polyamorous partners soon will be able to file.

Ward 6 Councilor Lance Davis, who chairs the Legislative Matters committee that reviewed the ordinance, told the Daily News that fellow Councilor J.T. Scott asked him about word changes just before last Thursday’s council meeting.

“[He] reached out and said, ‘Why is this two?’ And I said, ‘I don’t have a good answer,'” Davis recalled to the paper. “I tripped over my words a bit, and played devil’s advocate, but I had no good reason. So, I pulled it out, went through quickly making whatever word changes necessary to make it not gendered or limited to two people.”

Davis added to the Daily News, “I’ve consistently felt that when society and government tries to define what is or is not a family, we’ve historically done a very poor job of doing so. It hasn’t gone well, and it’s not a business that government should be in, so that guided my thinking on this.”

Princeton prof sounds off

Robert P. George — McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University — on Thursday said, “Now that we’re actually seeing the formal legal recognition of polyamory, you can count me as the least surprised person in the country.”

George, in his Facebook post, pointed to an article he wrote five years ago contending that “the acceptance and legal recognition of polyamory would soon follow ‘same-sex marriage.'” He added that his prediction “didn’t take any great insight. Certainly no crystal ball was needed. It was simply a matter of following the logic.”

Here’s the rest of George’s post:

Marriage is a conjugal relationship. It unites a man and woman as husband and wife in a comprehensive sharing of life founded on their biological (bodily) reality and complementarity — a bond uniquely apt for the conceiving, bearing, and rearing of any children who may come of their union. It is shaped and normatively structured by that aptness, whether in any particular case the spouses have or even can have children together.

All of this is elementary and, in a certain sense obvious: Even now, everybody knows that if Homo sapiens were not a species that reproduces sexually, no culture would ever have developed the concept of marriage. And yet, secular progressive ideology over a period of some decades obscured it and gradually eroded people’s understanding of it and commitment to it.

The redefinition of “marriage” as sexual-romantic companionship or domestic partnership is perforce its abolition. Once the conjugal nature of marriage is compromised to render the sexes (“gender”) of the “spouses” irrelevant, there can no longer be any principled reason to restrict the number of “spouses” or “partners” to two. If gender doesn’t matter, then number doesn’t matter either. There is no logical way around that.

Now that we’re actually seeing the formal legal recognition of polyamory, you can count me as the least surprised person in the country. It’s bad, and in the larger historical context shocking, but once we abolished the core concept of marriage as conjugal union this development was inevitable. Polyamory would follow same-sex marriage as night follows day.

Anything else?

Somerville’s Mayor Joseph Curtatone, who signed the ordinance into law Monday, made headlines in 2018 when he vowed to never drink Sam Adams beer again after he found out that Jim Koch — the Boston Beer Company’s founder and chairman — thanked President Donald Trump for his administration’s tax cuts.

Intelwars Massachusetts Mental health clinician police reform Police sergeant stabbed social workers

Deranged man allegedly stabs officer inside police HQ. It’s a dark warning for what could happen if unarmed social workers are dispatched instead of cops.

A police sergeant in Southborough, Massachusetts, was allegedly stabbed in the back while interviewing a deranged man inside the town’s public safety building Monday night.

Sgt. James Deluca was taking an inventory of the suspect’s belongings when the unidentified man stabbed him in the back with a folding knife, WSBK-TV reported.

Authorities noted that Deluca had called for a mental health clinician to respond before he was attacked. The clinician recommended that the man receive further evaluation at the hospital.

The district attorney’s office reported that while “the knife penetrated the sergeant’s protective vest,” the material “likely prevented more serious injury.”

Deluca was transported to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, where he was treated for his injuries.

The suspect reportedly fled the building after stabbing Deluca, but was tracked down, arrested, and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

The alleged attack is an ominous foreshadowing of what could happen if unarmed social workers are dispatched to mental health scenes instead of police.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, protesters across the country have demanded serious reforms to the way community policing is conducted in America.

In response, some municipalities have opted to reallocate police funding to various other community health and safety programs and have outlined plans to send unarmed social workers to certain nonviolent dispatch calls.

While the program sounds harmless enough, it makes little mention of the risks involved, which include physical injury to social workers who are unable to protect themselves should things turn violent.

After all, it seems unreasonable to assume that dispatch workers would not be able to assess with complete accuracy the potential of violence in a given situation.

In the instance involving Sgt. Deluca, the attack occurred within police headquarters, and the officers in the area were able to respond to the situation promptly to prevent further injury. If the attack had occurred elsewhere with fewer officers in the area, the situation could have been worse.

It should be noted that some municipalities, like Dallas, have rolled out pilot programs in which clinicians are accompanied by police when responding to certain dispatch calls and have reported success so far.

Coronavirus lockdown Dave blondin Intelwars Lockdown defiance Massachusetts Massachusetts lockdown Prime gym Protest against lockdown

Massachusetts orders utilities cut off at gym defying lockdown — so the owner gets generators and porta potties

A defiant gym owner in Massachusetts responded to authorities shutting off his utilities by ordering generators and porta potties so that he could keep his business open.

Prime Fitness and Nutrition owner Dave Blondin said that he has already been hit with $6,000 in fines over his defiance, but a GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $10,000 for his legal fees.

“I’m extremely frustrated by it all,” Blondin said to WCVB-TV. “I’m extremely frustrated by the governor. I’m honestly embarrassed for the state of Massachusetts.”

Blondin said he originally agreed with the order to lockdown but he has since re-opened and his gym members responded positively.

After authorities shut off water and power to the gym, Blondin responded with even more resistance. He told a local morning radio show that the gym was staying open.

“We have a water tank and porta potty’s and generators on the way,” Blondin said according to HOT 96.9.

The owner put up signs at his gym calling the command a “bogus court order.”

Authorities responded by changing the locks, and posted the court order on the front of the gym.

Members can be seen walking out as the locks are being changed in the video.

A local reporter reporter said that the members continued working out despite the order.

“This is people’s choice to come here. I’m not forcing anybody to walk through these doors,” Blondin said. “They are making their own choice to walk through these doors and as an American, it’s a free country.”

Gym will be allowed to open under phase 3 of the coronavirus lockdown plan in Massachusetts, which is currently in phase 2.

Here’s a local news report about the gym defiance:

Oxford Gym Ordered To Shut Down After Defying Coronavirus Plan

2nd Amendment Coronavirus gun rights guns Intelwars Massachusetts

Federal judge shoots down Massachusetts gun store closure

A federal judge has ordered Massachusetts state and local officials to allow gun stores to reopen by noon Saturday, handing a win to Second Amendment supporters in the state.

In a ruling Thursday, U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock in Boston ruled that Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s order forcing gun stores to close during the coronavirus pandemic placed an “improper burden” on the constitutional rights of citizens in the state, Reuters reported.

The decision came after gun-rights advocates filed a lawsuit against the Baker administration early last month after the governor ordered the closure of all nonessential businesses in the state without an exemption of gun stores.

An updated executive order issued April 10 exempted gun retailers and shooting ranges from the list of nonessential businesses, but after the move was criticized by gun control advocates, their exemption was removed hours later, according to MassLive.

Woodlock, during the video-conference hearing, said that the matter was likely “a small corner of a large issue that the governor is grappling with and undoubtedly has not been at focus of his attention.”

But he added that “individuals who have rights under the Constitution find those rights burdened and without explanation means that they have a day in court.”

A lawyer for the state indicated that the Baker administration may seek an appeal, Reuters noted. The state’s lawyers argued the crisis justified temporarily closing gun retailers and that residents could still buy guns through other means, like private sales.

Coronavirus Coughing COVID-19 Intelwars Massachusetts Shoppers Spitting Supermarket watch

Shoppers tackle, hold down ‘extremely aggressive’ 65-year-old accused of coughing, spitting on supermarket produce

A 65-year-old man was accused of coughing and spitting on produce inside a Massachusetts supermarket in an incident that escalated into a physical confrontation with store staff and other customers.

What went down?

Kingston police on Saturday said that officers responded to a Stop & Shop for a report of a disturbance where it was alleged that a Duxbury man was coughing and spitting and became confrontational with staff and witnesses — after which the incident escalated into a physical altercation.

“I was shopping in the produce [aisle] when all of a sudden I turned the corner. I saw a worker and the man yelling with other people watching,” Kyle Mann — an 18-year-old who recorded video of the incident — told the Patriot Ledger.

Mann added to the paper that he saw the “extremely aggressive” suspect try to hit the store employee, then the employee punched the man in the face — and soon after the man was “tackled by a group of bystanders.”

A cellphone video of the incident showed several men holding the suspect facedown on the floor until police arrived with one of the men shouting, “Don’t try and get up!”

“While that was happening, I heard them talking about him spitting and coughing on the produce, which is how I learned what happened seconds after I arrived and shot the video,” Mann told the Patriot Ledger.

What happened to the suspect?

Police said they have no reason to believe the unnamed suspect has COVID-19 but added that he was taken to a hospital for evaluation. The boards of health in Kingston and Duxbury will take whatever action necessary to ensure public safety with information they become aware of, police said.

Police added that the suspect is no longer welcome at the Stop & Shop and that they’re pursuing an application for criminal complaint that may include charges of assault & battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot), assault and battery, and destruction of property (i.e., store produce).

A Stop & Shop spokesperson told the Patriot Ledger that the store discarded all potentially affected product and deep cleaned and sanitized all impacted areas.

Anything else?

Late last month, a Pennsylvania mom and pop grocery store chain was forced to throw out at least $35,000 worth of goods in one of its stores after a woman reportedly entered the premises and coughed on several cases of food.

Confrontation at Kingston Stop & Shop

(H/T: The American Mirror)

Coronavirus Coronavirus quarantine Coronavirus response Environmentalism Grocery bag grocery store Intelwars Massachusetts New Hampshire Plastic bag ban plastic bags Plastic grocery bags

After banning plastic grocery bags for the environment, some states are liberating them over coronavirus concerns

Massachusetts joined New Hampshire in banning reusable bags and freeing one-use plastic and paper grocery bags over concerns that they were threatening public health during the coronavirus epidemic.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, banned reusable grocery bags and explicitly cited concerns that they could help spread the virus currently ravaging countries around the globe.

“Our grocery store workers are on the front lines of COVID-19, working around the clock to keep New Hampshire families fed,” said Sununu in a statement. “With identified community transmission, it is important that shoppers keep their reusable bags at home given the potential risk to baggers, grocers and customers.”

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker also liberated plastic bags from their dishonorable exile.

“From now on, reusable bags are prohibited and all regulations on plastic bag bans are lifted,” said Baker.

The temporary order also banned stores from charging for plastic or paper bags.

While many local and state governments banned plastic bags out of environmental concerns, many studies have shown that these bans are ineffective, and some show that they result in even worse outcomes for the environment.

Here’s more on how plastic grocery bags are being set free:

Plastic Bag Bans Are Ending Quickly in a Pandemic

Bars California close Coronavirus Coronavirus america Coronavirus outbreak Coronavirus panic Coronavirus us Hunker down Illinois Intelwars Massachusetts New York City Ohio Restuarants schools Shut-down Washington state

America hunkers down as states begin to shut down schools, businesses, and large gatherings

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading health official in charge of the coronavirus response in the U.S., urged Americans to employ harsher social distancing and community mitigation efforts Sunday in order to combat the spread of the infectious disease.

“I think Americans should be prepared that they are going to have to hunker down significantly more than we as a country are doing,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Fauci’s advice came alongside a Centers for Disease Control recommendation that event organizers cancel or postpone events consisting of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks, excluding day-to-day operations of schools and businesses.

States shutting down restaurants, bars

Over the weekend, several states responded by enacting their most extreme measures yet to restrict the gathering of crowds and the potential spread of disease.

Governors in five states — California, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Washington state — issued guidelines temporarily closing or limiting capacity at bars and restaurants. Food service businesses in those states will still be able to offer carry-out and delivery options, but will not be permitted to seat people inside.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine wrote on Twitter that he is aware of the economic impact such guidelines will have, but insisted, “every day we delay, more people will die.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made the announcement that bars, restaurants, and recreational facilities would be temporarily closed Sunday evening only hours after he forcefully admonished state residents who were not practicing social distancing.

“Your actions could kill someone. Stop it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Officials in New York City also moved to close down entertainment venues in addition to bars and restaurants.

Schools across the country have closed

Parents and students are bracing for weeks without classes as schools in many states have closed amid the outbreak.

Schools in more than 30 states and many school districts in other states are scrambling to adjust schedules and move to online curriculum. Working parents, who are used to having the kids away at school during the work day, are feeling the effects, too.

But it is not just bars, restaurants, and schools that have been affected by the coronavirus. These latest announcements come on the heels of other changes that have already significantly altered the day-to-day life of Americans, such as the cancellation of church gatherings, sports seasons, and planned vacations. Also, many employees and businesses unfamiliar or unpracticed with remote work are undergoing some on-the-job training.

As of Monday morning, more than 3,700 people in the U.S. have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, resulting in at least 69 deaths, according to CBS News. Globally, the death toll is over 6,500.

Here’s more on America’s response to the coronavirus outbreak:

Coronavirus Outbreak: States Shutdown Restaurants And Bars To Slow Spread | NBC Nightly News

contracting Coronavirus COVID-19 death toll Emergency Preparedness governments Headline News health problems Intelwars labs Massachusetts preparedness. self-quarantine Sam Scarpino Scientists spreading testing viral infection

Coronavirus Alert: Massachusetts May Soon Look Like Italy

Right now, the focus of is to make sure all readers are as UPDATED as possible on the Covid-19 pandemic. Download our EXCLUSIVE report immediately at:

The state of Massachusetts may soon resemble the current crisis in Italy. The coronavirus pandemic continues to haunt the Italians, and those living in Massachusetts could be next.

Boston is one of the major coronavirus outbreak clusters in the United States, along with Westchester County, New York, and Seattle, Washington. In Boston, it all began with a February 26 meeting at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel, near the tourist mecca of Faneuil Hall and overlooking Boston Harbor, according to 

There, about 175 executives met from around the country, then unwittingly spread contamination across the city and, likely, around the world. Ironically, they were from Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Biogen, whose very mission is to develop drugs. Since then, COVID-19 disease has been spreading.  It’s infecting people from that conference through the Boston metropolitan area of 4.9 million people and beyond. The city now reminds modelers of how matters unfolded in hard-hit Italy, whose hospitals have been overwhelmed.

“Massachusetts is smaller than Italy,” said Sam Scarpino, an assistant professor of network science who heads the epidemics lab at Northeastern. “It has about 100 cases. There were 159 cases in Italy two weeks ago. That’s where we’re headed. We’ve got to move now and decisively prepare hospitals, work remotely and ramp up testing.”

Of course, testing doesn’t stop the virus’ spread, it only lets health officials and the patient know what they have contracted.

The virus has led to fatalities primarily of older people or those with other health problems.

Prevention is the best way to prepare for this virus.  If you do happen to get it, self-quarantine for as long as possible.  Governments and health officials cannot stop the spread of this virus.  It’s up to us to take care of ourselves.

Best Immune System-Boosting Foods To Get You Through Flu Season

Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

Face masks are selling out everywhere, especially the ones that are known to be effective against viruses. Do your best to get the highest rates respirator (N100) and make sure it fits snugly to your face.  Wear it in public if you live in an area experiencing an outbreak. The incubation period for this virus can be quite long (5 days, according to recent research) which means those already infected can spread this disease for almost a week before they even show symptoms.


2020 democratic primary 2020 Election Elizabeth Warren Female vote Intelwars Massachusetts sexism

Elizabeth Warren — who lost the female vote in her own state — blames failed campaign on sexism

Now that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has dropped out of the race, the questions and allegations about how sexism may have hindered her candidacy are making the rounds.

Warren pointed to her gender as an obstacle in earning the nomination, now that the remaining contenders are white men in their late-70s.

“[Sexism] is the trap question for every woman,” Warren said Thursday. “If you say, yeah, there was sexism in this race, everyone says, ‘Whiner.’ And if you say no sexism, about a bazillion women think, ‘What planet do you live on?'”

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), as her own campaign was declining, also wondered openly about whether America was ready for a female president. And now that Warren is out, Harris has revisited the question.

“This election cycle in particular has also presented very legitimate questions about the challenges of women running for president of the United States,” Harris said Thursday, CNN reported. “Look at what’s happened. There are no women currently in this race…but the reality is that there’s still a lot of work to be done to make it very clear that women are exceptionally qualified and capable of being the commander in chief of the United States of America.”

There is, however, evidence that sexism was not Warren’s problem, but rather a general and widespread unpopularity across demographics — including women.

Warren not only lost her home state of Massachusetts, which is embarrassing enough for an allegedly serious presidential contender, but in her home state she also lost the female vote to former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Massachusetts exit polls, Biden beat her by 10 points with women. Sanders beat her by 7 points with “very liberal” voters and by 14 points with voters who support Medicare for All. And the former college professor lost college educated voters by 5 points to Biden.

There are certainly some voters who believe a woman is less qualified than a man to be president. But even if you take that away, Warren probably had too many issues to overcome to have a chance at the nomination. She lied about her race. She was dishonest about the tax implications of her policies. She tried to make personal wealth the worst thing in the world in a country where people aspire to be personally wealthy. Even Sanders, despite still having a chance at the nomination, is learning that some of those issues can cause problems with voters.

editorial Gender Intelwars Left-wing college students Massachusetts Newspaper Nonbinary Transgender Wellesley College Women

Campus newspaper for prestigious all-women college tells school to stop calling students ‘women’

A recent staff editorial for The Wellesley News, the student newspaper for Wellesley College, calls for the prestigious all-women school to edit its policies and language in deference to transgender and nonbinary individuals — most notably to stop calling students “women.”

What are the details?

The editorial takes umbrage at the “never-ending reminders” on campus that Wellesley is for “Women Who Will,” as well as the “attitudes of students, staff, and faculty members on campus who continue to refer to Wellesley ‘sisters’ and use she/her pronouns without consideration for who is in the room. These current practices and attitudes perpetuate the ongoing exclusion and ignorance of transgender and nonbinary identities.”

In addition, the editorial calls attention to Wellesley’s policy of excluding transgender male students from admission and only allowing applicants who identify as women — whether male or female assigned at birth — or who were identified as female at birth who now identify as nonbinary. “Those who are assigned male at birth and identify as nonbinary or identify as cis males are not eligible for admission,” the editorial adds.

More from the paper:

On the fifth anniversary of Wellesley introducing its new gender policy, The Wellesley News calls for the College to reject its complacent attitude and towards the neglect of the transgender and nonbinary community. To do so, we ask that the College administration revise its policy surrounding the admittance of transgender male students and usher in a more inclusive language standard for official communications. Additionally, we ask students to reflect these changes in their everyday lives in order to foster a more kind, empathetic environment.

That ‘women’ word

The editorial also stresses in order to complete a “cognizant rejection of the gender binary,” a few other things are in order, such as doing away with that “women” word. It notes a few ideas adapted from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion web page of another all-women school, Mount Holyoke College, which also includes transgender and nonbinary students:

  • “When discussing the student body, say ‘Wellesley students’ rather than ‘Wellesley women.'”
  • “Avoid making statements like ‘We’re all women here…'”
  • “Use gender-neutral language whenever possible in syllabi and other general written communication.”

“When we reexamine our assumptions surrounding gender through small shifts like language, we become more tolerant of those who deviate from the gender spectrum,” the editorial concludes. “And, most importantly, we cannot stay silent as our nonbinary and transgender siblings are stripped of their humanity by being excluded from something as crucial as language.”

(H/T: The College Fix)

2020 democratic primary Bernie Sanders Biden Delegates Democratic primary Intelwars Joe Biden Liz warren Massachusetts Sen Elizabeth Warren

Breaking: Liz Warren loses home state to Joe Biden, Trump mocks her in a tweet

In a stunning rebuke of her candidacy by the voters, Democratic candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren lost the presidential primary election in her home state of Massachusetts.

The state was called for frontrunner Joe Biden on Super Tuesday.

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took second place at the time the race was called.

The embarrassing showing in her home state will only bolster calls for the senator to drop out of the democratic primary contest. Going into the primary elections on Tuesday, the competition was shaking out to be a contest between the former vice president and Sanders.

President Donald Trump sent out a mocking tweet after the news that Warren had lost her home state.

“Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, other than Mini Mike, was the loser of the night. She didn’t even come close to winning her home state of Massachusetts,” he tweeted.

“Well, now she can just sit back with her husband and have a nice cold beer!” he added, referring to an Instagram video Warren posted of herself enjoying a beer.

Republican strategist Karl Rove said on Fox News that this should spell certain doom for Warren’s campaign.

“Nobody has ever been nominated for president who did not have sufficient support in their state,” said Rove.

“And for her to come out of this, there is no way to recover from this,” he added.

“The voters are practical,” Rove concluded, “and if the people who know you best don’t like ya, even if there are explanations for that, it’s gonna be hard to say, well my people in my own state that I represent rejected me, but you oughta adopt me and support me.”

Here’s the latest on Warren’s disappointment in Massachusetts: