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Horowitz: Beware the fine print on the ending of mask mandates

“I apologize for ever imposing such an illogical, illegal, and inhumane mandate on the public. We now recognize that there is zero correlation between mask-wearing and reduced spread and that criminalizing human breathing is beyond the scope of governmental power anyway. We are therefore going to follow the law and the science henceforth and bar all schools and establishments from discriminating against people who choose to breathe freely.”

That is the speech you have not and will not hear from even the better Republican governors pretending to lift their mask mandates.

A tyrannical edict that was never law to begin with, but that was deeply embedded into society through vociferous shame will not dissipate once the edict is lifted – even if categorically rescinded. After all, it is just as much the law of the land now as it was before. However, if you listen carefully, these governors are not even fully lifting the mandates.

When you read between the lines of some of these orders, it becomes clear that these governors still believe they have the right to regulate a human being’s breathing, that the rising and falling of cases somehow depends upon these ritualistic sacraments rather than natural phenomena, and that they reserve the right to reinstitute mask mandates in the future. As such, don’t be surprised if a number of more liberal localities and school superintendents continue to mandate it on our children. I’m receiving a lot of complaints from my podcast listeners in Texas that their school districts continue to obdurately stand behind the forcible masking of children.

For example, the Frisco Independent School District, which is just north of Dallas, announced “that the District will continue to require face coverings for students, staff and visitors, as has been the case all school year.” I suspect this will happen all over the state and country.

It’s even worse in Mississippi.

“Today, I signed what I expect will be one of my last executive orders regarding COVID-19,” said Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Tuesday. “Our hospitalizations have plummeted, and our case numbers have fallen dramatically as well. In fact, our case numbers have fallen to the point where no county meets the original criteria for a mask mandate.”

Thus, he still buys into the myth that masks help against the spread; he merely concedes that they are not necessary at this point. As the Associated Press reports, “Reeves said he is encouraging people to wear face coverings in public, but is not requiring it.” That, in conjunction with the fact that the order still recommends business follow CDC guidance, makes it clear that the culture in the private sector will very much be influenced by the mask cult.

Worst of all, Reeves is still requiring masks for schoolchildren! These are the first people who should be exempted from a mask mandate, even if masks worked. Children are not in danger from the virus, and reams of data from school reopenings have proven that schools are not extra vectors of spread in the community. To exempt an adult from wearing a mask in a store for 20 minutes, but require children to wear masks and somehow learn and properly interact with each other for seven hours per day is insane. Heck, maybe Biden is right about Reeves being a Neanderthal; he just didn’t realize it.

The reality is that most of these governors simply saw the writing on the wall — that the legislatures were about to clip their wings and the peasants were getting antsy. This is why they are not ceding any legal or intellectual point, and most of them are continuing the mask mandate in some form.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey joined most GOP governors in removing restrictions on businesses, but he is not flinching from the mask mandate one iota. Ditto for Wyoming’s Mark Gordon. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, even while easing some restrictions, contended that some other governors need to “be a little more prudent.” They are acclimating us to tyranny to the point that we now think a little reprieve is a magnanimous act rather than one of tyranny. This is occurring in some of the reddest states.

Conservatives must push state legislatures to permanently ban governors from making such edicts ever again. Time is short, as many state legislatures will adjourn in a matter of weeks. The best time to fight tyranny is when it’s on the run and on defense. If we’ve learned anything these past 12 months, it’s that liberty cannot be taken for granted.

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CNN vaccine expert suggests masks and social distancing should be used every winter to stop the flu

A CNN analyst on Wednesday suggested that one lesson Americans may learn from the COVID-19 pandemic is that mask-wearing and social distancing should be normal every winter to reduce the spread of the flu.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week published data showing that flue cases this year reached an all-time low. In the 2019-2020 flu season, the CDC reported 195 children died of the flu, but in this 2020-2021 season, that death toll fell dramatically to just one child.

Dr. Paul Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center in Philadelphia and a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine Advisory Committee, was interviewed on CNN’s “New Day” to discuss the lifting of statewide mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi when he was asked about declining cases of the flu.

“That’s got to be masks, right? And the fact that people are social distancing,” CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked.

Offit said she was “exactly right” that mask-wearing and social distancing have contributed to this year’s remarkably low levels of the flu. He added that the spread of the flu has been so low this year that the FDA will have a difficult time deciding which strains of the flu people will need to vaccinate against next year.

“If we mask and social distance every winter, we will see a dramatic reduction in the flu, which usually causes hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths,” Dr. Offit said. “I wonder if that will be the lesson from this.”

Offit also criticized states lifting mask mandates, saying that about 120 million Americans need to be vaccinated before spread of COVID-19 can significantly be stopped.

“It’s very frustrating, actually, when you have the people, say, from Texas or Mississippi saying, OK, let’s open things up, because we’re still in the midst of this pandemic,” Offit told Camerota. “There’s 60,000 cases a day and 2,000 deaths a day. It’s obviously still the pandemic. And if we can just hang on for a few months and just — and mask and social distance until we get everybody vaccinated that needs to be vaccinated, we’ll — we can stop this pandemic.”

“It’s just really hard to watch us not being able to wait those few months that I think we need to wait before we can get on top of this,” he added.

Camerota agreed, giving her opinion that opening businesses and removing mask mandates “are at odds.”

“It’s the wearing of masks that allow the businesses, like the retail stores, the nail salons, the hair salons to reopen successfully. The reason that those haven’t been superspreaders, we now know, during these past months, is because everybody wears masks going into the hair salon right now,” she said.

“I agree. I think we don’t realize the power of masking,” Offit replied. “[COVID-19] is spread by small droplets. If you mask appropriately and do the best that you can to sort of physically distance, you can — that’s a powerful way — it’s as powerful as vaccine, frankly. And so while we’re waiting for the vaccine, that’s what you do. This is sort of the pre-vaccine thing to do.”

He went on to say that Texas and Mississippi are conducting a “natural experiment” to see what will happen if you end mask mandates “in the middle of a pandemic.”

“I mean, I think we already know the answer to that question. It’s just hard to believe that we still want to do that kind of experiment.”

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“Experts” Demand Submission To Restrictions For 3 More Months

The “experts” say humans don’t have the right to live freely and not be slaves to the government. They say that the rulers should avoid “lifting” COVID restrictions for several more months even though cases have plunged and their precious vaccines are being injected into anyone who will take it.

These rulers and their mainstream media propagandists have effectively built a prison around the minds of far too many people. “We should not ease up, allow indoor dining, big groups … getting rid of mask mandates. We have to hold on for another two or three months in this condition,” said Dr. Zeke Emanuel, who was a health adviser for the Obama White House and was a member of the Biden Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board. “We’re still having on average 2,000 deaths a day. We cannot become inured to that.”

Heaven forbid we “allow” people to live free from force and coercion and slavery. Is this enough to wake up the masses? It seems like this gets easier to see by the day and yet people still willingly bow to their masters without thinking.

A concerning trend has already begun. That trend is the mainstream media’s panic and fear-mongering push to keep everyone content in and under the control of their rulers.

While the number of Covid-19 cases saw a weeks-long steep decline, the most recent seven-day average of new cases shows an increase of just over 2% compared to the prior seven days, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Monday. About the same increase was reported in the most recent seven-day average of deaths, she added. “With these new statistics I am really worried about reports that more states are rolling back the exact public health measures we have recommended to protect people from Covid-19,” Walensky said. –CNN

They will not stop until we say “that’s enough.” We were born free. It’s our birthright. No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. We all need to start seeing through this propaganda and realize this is not about our safety or our health. They don’t give a damn and they never have. This is about control and their expansion of it.

The message is clear: remain ignorant, remain in fear, remain indoctrinated, and remain in servitude to your master.

The post “Experts” Demand Submission To Restrictions For 3 More Months first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

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Horowitz: The satanic, evidence-free masking of children

While forcible masking of adults is immoral and illogical, the masking of children is downright satanic. Even if, in some alternate universe, cheap Chinese face burkas worked against transmission of particles much smaller than their pores, the virus poses no statistically meaningful danger to children. Together with the hiatus of the flu, children are actually better off than they’ve ever been in terms of viruses. So why, as a free people, are we forcibly masking babies often younger than two years old with no regard for the evidence of masking’s efficacy or the physical and psychological damage of such demonic measures?

By now, most of us have seen the outrageous video of a family being thrown off a Frontier Airlines flight in Miami, when the child caught not wearing a mask was reportedly a baby younger than 2 years old. As outrageous as the story is, we have become desensitized to the fact that children across the country are being masked for seven hours a day every day. How can this be tolerated for another day, especially when our “leaders” plan on doing this indefinitely? Where are the lawsuits? Where are the numerous GOP-controlled legislatures banning this draconian form of child abuse?

Evidently, Italy values freedom more than we do. Last week, il Giornale, a daily newspaper in Milan, reported that an Italian court ruled in favor of a parent who sought an exemption from the mask mandate for their child who suffers from breathing issues. Although the court ruling applied only to that particular plaintiff, the judge found that the government “has not provided proof of the scientific validity, for the purpose of containing the spread of the COVID virus, of the use of masks during school hours” and that therefore “[masking] is suspended immediately.”

What is so absurd is that even if masks worked, children are not threatened by this virus, nor are they vectors of spread. Children are actually being abused at a time when respiratory viruses are a lower threat to them than ever, even according to Biden’s top coronavirus adviser, Dr. Michael Osterholm.

“We are seeing almost no viral respiratory pathogens today in our pediatric population,” said Osterholm on a talk show last week (beginning at 16:40 mark). “If you go look at our hospitalization rates for kids, it is dramatically below what we’ve seen in recent years.”

So why did the flu disappear? Because of the masks? Not a chance.

“Now, you can’t say it’s just because of mitigation, because frankly we haven’t done all that well with mitigation with COVID-19,” continued the famed University of Minnesota scientist. “Look at all the cases we’ve had. So, if, in fact, it were just that, you’d expect to see at least some activity with flu and with the other viral repository pathogens. So, I think there is something going on here that mother nature is doing and across a diverse area of the world that we just don’t understand.”

Indeed, when the politicians and the “scientists” were still predicting a “twindemic” of the flu and COVID back in the early fall, I proved, with the help of Kyle Lamb, that the flu had disappeared in areas and during times when people were not wearing masks or locked down.

The point is that masks played no role in mitigating any of this, and children are better off than ever before. So why are we continuing the abuse of endless masking?

It’s simply an article of faith – a modern-day version of Moloch, whereby we sacrifice the physical and mental health of a generation of children to the gods of virtue-signaling.

Just how absurd is mask-wearing? We know that 87% of particles with influenza viral RNA are smaller than 1 micrometer, with many particles as small as less than one-tenth of a micrometer. One study that examined a sample of over 11,000 particles found that over 90% of SARS-CoV-2 particles were smaller than 0.3 microns, which clearly means this virus is primarily an airborne transmission virus. Most people who are together indoors for long periods of time, who are responsible for most of the transmission, wear cloth masks. Studies have shown most cloth masks have pores between 80 to 500 micrometers and that they expand with each washing. It is simply ludicrous to suggest that they can have any degree of efficacy, any more than using a screen door on a submarine.

The reality is that if you are indoors with someone who is predisposed to spread and you are pre-disposed to getting the virus (both factors still unclear and likely out of our hands), you will get infected regardless of masks or the ritualistic six-foot distance. While relatively large droplets, 100 micrometers for example, fall to the ground within a few seconds (even larger spittle falls immediately) and rarely wind up in someone else’s mouth, the microscopic aerosols can remain suspended for days.

How can we permanently mask our children, beginning with toddlers, based on such anti-scientific insanity?

European officials seem to be fighting harder for liberty than Americans. Yesterday, the U.K. Express published comments from experts and school officials decrying recommendations in England that children be masked in schools.

“The use of masks in classrooms will undoubtedly be detrimental to learning particularly for any children with learning impairments or any special educational needs,” wrote Ross Jones, former consultant pediatrician, in the British Medical Journal.

Jones noted that even the WHO’s recommendation of masking schoolchildren states that it should be “accompanied by monitoring not only of any effect in reducing SARSCoV-2 transmission but also of any harms to either mental or physical health, but this has not been done.”

States with GOP majorities need to pass some version of North Dakota’s HB 1323, which bars all local officials from denying entry into schools or businesses based on masks. They should also pass Tennessee’s Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act (SB 0320/ HB 0794), which would apply anti-discrimination law to those without masks, at least to schoolchildren.

We must remember that as schools begin to reopen in critical numbers in the coming days, we will have just one shot at defining what that reopening looks like: Will it be the only normal of children interacting with each other, or will it be a satanic hell of shaming a human being for his or her own God-created face?

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Horowitz: Will state legislatures keep rolling over for tyrannical governors?

Even if one believes government has the legal right and the scientific backing to destroy our lives over a virus, shouldn’t such decisions be made by a legislative body? This is a simple proposition anyone who supports representative democracy should rally behind, yet 10 months into the greatest government display of control of our lives, we continue to have health departments making the most consequential decisions of all time without legislative input. Governors continue to tell legislatures to mind their own business, and the response from most GOP-dominated legislatures has been tepid at best.

There is no virus that can possibly prevent legislators from weighing in, at least not after a few days into the initial emergency. We should all agree that if the actions taken by the governors, mayors, and health departments are so compelling, then the legislature should easily be able to approve them — if not within hours or a day, certainly within a week. As such, any decision that is made against the life, liberty, or property of an American — from business and school closures to quarantining and masking — should only be made by an elected body within just a few days of the presumed emergency.

Are the 31 GOP-controlled legislatures passing these bills, even in the 19 states where they command veto-proof majorities? Very few of them are going far enough, although some are headed in the right direction. Idaho, Ohio, and North Dakota are examples of some states where one chamber has passed meaningful limitation on the governor’s orders. However, one to two months into the legislative sessions, not a single state has effectively checked the dictatorial powers yet with a categorical bill passed by both chambers.

Last week, the New Hampshire House passed a bill zeroing out all fines levied against businesses and individuals under emergency health orders. Shockingly, Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said, “We can’t claim to support law and order, then incentivize law-breaking and reward those who do not follow the rules.”

From following these efforts in numerous states, I get the sense that this is the belief held by nearly every governor in the nation. They believe they have the right to legislate against the most intimate parts of a citizen’s life, and in turn, the legislature has no businesses getting involved. Sununu believes that the legislature is being lawless by interfering with his private “laws.”

It’s not surprising that governors believe they should have as much power as possible. What is shocking, though, is that state legislatures are not more aggressively checking their power and appear content to allow governors to continue ruling as kings. For example, the GOP supermajorities in West Virginia failed to apply limitations to the current declared emergency. Indiana’s supermajorities refuse to fully check the power of the liberal RINO Gov. Eric Holcomb.

The scary thing is that the clock is ticking on state legislative schedules, and many of them will be out of session within a few weeks, which will enable governors to rule without any checks and balances for the next eight to nine months. At a minimum, states must pass bills forcing the governors to call the legislatures back into session as soon as governors declare an emergency or give the legislature itself the ability to call itself back in to session.

What I’m observing now in most state legislatures is an antiquated law designed to protect liberty being used to protect tyranny. Most states limit the legislature to just a few months of active lawmaking, and some states even limit the number of days during the session that legislators can introduce legislation. This was done to prevent the government from legislating away too many of our rights. However, what has happened in recent years is that most of the “legislation” is promulgated by the governor, the state agencies, or the courts. They have zero limitations on the time or scope of their “legislative” powers. Thus, limiting the ability of the legislature to convene actually prevents the people from using their only democratic avenue to redress their grievances against executive tyranny.

Take Utah, for example. There is an allegedly Republican governor, with the GOP controlling the House by 58-17 and the Senate by 23-6. Yet it as might as well be California when it comes to mask mandates. The state legislative session ends this coming Friday night, and legislators have yet to limit the power of the government or health department. With the legislature out of session until 2022, the health department extended the criminalization of human breathing without a Chinese face burka through March 25. Without any sort of legislation – and indeed, with the legislature slated to be out of session – these unelected bureaucrats are suggesting that the mandate will be in place until 1.6 million people have been vaccinated, and even then, citizens will be allowed to breathe freely only in “low transmission” counties. With masks already never having worked in Utah, the unelected bureaucrats have now set up a standard that will continue with no recourse for the citizenry until the legislature convenes next year.

James Madison, writing in Federalist #48, observed, “The legislative department is everywhere extending the sphere of its activity, and drawing all power into its impetuous vortex.” He further believed, “The legislative department derives a superiority in our governments from other circumstances.”

“Its constitutional powers being at once more extensive, and less susceptible of precise limits, it can, with the greater facility, mask, under complicated and indirect measures, the encroachments which it makes on the co-ordinate departments,” wrote Madison. “It is not unfrequently a question of real nicety in legislative bodies, whether the operation of a particular measure will, or will not, extend beyond the legislative sphere.”

It was in this vein that many state constitutions limited the powers of their legislative authorities. Little did their framers know that not only would the executive branch begin to legislate against fundamental rights all year round, but the legislature would be all too content to permanently cede that authority.

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Horowitz: North Dakota House passes bill blocking localities, schools from mandating masks

Why did God give Republicans an 80-14 majority in the North Dakota House? Because with so many liberal Republicans, they need every last one just to get a majority behind the right to breathe freely without government criminalizing our breath with medieval superstitious rituals, such as mandated covering with a Chinese face burka.

The bad news is that 30 Republicans voted to allow localities to mandate mask-wearing. The good news is that Republicans still had a 50-44 majority to pass a new law barring local governments from criminalizing human breathing and appearance without a mask.

H.B. 1323, sponsored by Reps. Jeff Hoverson and Jeffrey Magrum, would prohibit a state or local elected official from forcing an individual to use a face covering or make such a covering a condition for entry, education, employment, or services. This bill would presumably bar local school boards from forcing children in school to wear masks.

This bill is very important, because even though 12 states currently don’t have a statewide mask mandate, many localities still require them, and it’s almost impossible to find a school district that doesn’t mandate them on children, despite the evidence against both the efficacy of masks and the threat of children spreading the virus.

The bill was given a “do not pass” recommendation by a 9-5 vote in the political subdivisions committee, but in North Dakota, every bill still gets a vote on the floor. It appears that some of those members understood that they were being watched. House Speaker Kim Koppelman, assistant majority leader Scott Louser, and caucus leader Glenn Bosch all voted for the bill.

The bill now moves on to the Senate, where it’s sponsored by Sen. Oley Larsen and will likely get a hearing next month. The chairman of the Senate Political Subdivisions Committee happens also to be the Senate president pro tempore, Randy Burckhard. Republicans have a 40-7 majority in that chamber, but many are known to be somewhat liberal, so conservatives will have to work this vote hard if they want it to pass it.

Gov. Doug Burgum has declined to comment on the mask bill. He implemented a mask mandate on Nov. 14, but allowed it to expire on Jan. 18. As in every other state, there was zero evidence of any efficacy of that mandate. North Dakota suffered from a sharp winter curve because the state had little prevalence of the virus and therefore weak immunity headed into the fall surge. The virus rose and fell with the collapse of the winter curve everywhere else, and the relaxation of the mandate has not stopped the decline.

Despite South Dakota never having a mask mandate and having fewer restrictions than North Dakota, South Dakota actually had slightly fewer cases.

The northern latitude states out West seemed to have the exact same curve, despite different responses and varying population densities.

Clearly, the mask-wearing is a charade and, as the FDA says on its website until this very day, does not work for airborne-transmitted viruses, only to “block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter,” which is not the primary transmission method of the virus. The FDA also says, “Surgical masks are not intended to be used more than once,” guidance rarely abided by as a result of the mask mandate.

Montana’s House of Representatives recently passed a similar bill, HB 257, which would block localities from implementing this inhumane mandate among other restrictions on businesses. That bill passed by a much larger margin, 66-34, because only one Republican voted against it.

Generally speaking, Republican legislators across the country have been shockingly tepid about repealing these mandates, despite the lack of evidence of their efficacy and the moving of the goal posts that are now threatening to continue this inhumane mandate indefinitely. Will the North Dakota bill serve as a turning point?

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Horowitz: Fauci flip: In 2014, Fauci opposed quarantine of Ebola health care workers

Of all Dr. Fauci’s insidious flip-flops, this is likely the most revealing of all. Before infectious diseases became a political weapon to destroy civilization and individual liberty, Fauci opposed mandatory quarantines even for a rare and deadly virus that, unlike COVID, is very quarantinable.

In many ways, Ebola is the antithesis of coronavirus. Given that it’s rare but deadly, it is the quintessential disease for which quarantine is both necessary and effective. The infection fatality rate is up to 50%, but it only transmits through bodily fluid, so during an initial outbreak, the case count will be measured in single digits, not in tens of thousands like a pandemic flu. The origin, scope, and duration of the quarantine are very limited but necessary. The exact opposite is true of coronavirus, which has a fatality rate of well under 1%, but is also bound to spread to the entire population until it reaches the herd immunity threshold.

Nonetheless, when America experienced an Ebola outbreak in 2014 from people traveling from West Africa, Fauci vehemently opposed state governors who were placing mandatory quarantines on the few and specific individuals who traveled directly from the source of the outbreak.

My former colleague, investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel, uncovered this gem from Dr. Fauci opposing policies by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie forcing health care workers who came in contact with Ebola patients to quarantine for 21 days.

“We appreciate the fears of the American people, but you don’t want to have policy that would have negative unintended consequences. … The scientific evidence is what needs to drive us,” Fauci said on ABC News in October 2014. “If you put everyone in one basket, even people who are clearly no threat, then we have the problem of the disincentive of people that we need,” he added, while also referring to his colleagues who went overseas to treat Ebola patients as “heroes” who are “protecting America.”

He added: “And we know that people who are without symptoms are not a threat to transmitting it. You don’t get Ebola unless you come into direct contact with body fluid. So there are things that we have got to be careful.”

Ebola is the exact sort of virus for which our laws allow quarantine. These were specific people who came directly into contact with a very deadly virus that, all things equal, was not destined to spread to the U.S. unless people brought it in from overseas. Yet Fauci spoke of the dignity of the human being and the need not to quarantine the individual without any evidence of symptoms.

Now, this same man is essentially telling us that for the rest of our lifetimes, we can lock down and forcibly mask all Americans within America who never traveled outside the country and who present no symptoms – all for a virus that is like a pandemic flu and is unavoidable. Even with roughly 35% of the country already having been infected, he still continues to forcibly mask every human being indefinitely, regardless of whether they have symptoms, already had the virus, or had a vaccine.

I often find myself using Ebola as the paradigm of what quarantine laws were designed for. Governors erroneously believe that the police power to quarantine applies to locking down the healthy with the sick. That is simply not true. It was designed for a very limited number of people, like those who have Ebola, which can be easily quarantined. Fauci didn’t believe that those without symptoms, even if they directly traveled from a source country and actually treated a patient, should be quarantined. How can he now believe that quarantine should apply to the entire nation indefinitely for a flu-like virus whose transmission is unavoidable?

As Justice Alito said in a speech at the Federalist Society last November, the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts opinion, which upheld the police powers of a state to combat an epidemic, was rooted in “a local measure that targeted a problem of limited scope.” That was essentially what occurred in 2014 when a handful of people traveling back from West Africa landed at a few airports and there were no more than 11 cases in the United States.

What is happening now is not quarantine but a blockade on our rights until the end of time. As Alito said of the Jacobson decision, “It did not involve sweeping restrictions imposed across the country for an extended period. And it does not mean that whenever there is an emergency, executive officials have unlimited, unreviewable discretion.”

Fauci opposed the effort to even temporarily suspend flights and travel from West Africa, noting that isolating those countries would cause “unrest.” Remember, there is no right for foreigners or even Americans to travel back and forth from a particular country. Yet, to this very day, Fauci believes Americans can be placed under curfew, masks, and every restriction under the sun within their own communities.

Fauci’s opinion in 2014 served the medical and “scientific” elite, just like his view today. In that sense, he is somewhat consistent, at least in his stubborn adherence to the two-tiered justice system of the elites.

Consider the physical, economic, emotional, psychological, and behavioral harms of lockdowns and mask-wearing in California for almost a full year. The governor did this to avoid the spread of a virus that the Los Angeles Times now admits is finally slowing down in L.A. because 35% of the people have likely gotten the virus.

Yet Fauci is still acting as if this is a quarantinable virus!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Fauci is never correct.

Coronavirus tyranny Covid-19 tyranny Eric holcomb Indiana Intelwars Mask mandate Mask mandates Masks

Horowitz: Hoosier hubris: Republican legislators keep crowning governors kings over humanity

Nearly every governor has set up a dictatorship crushing every aspect of our lives, including regulating our breathing. After eight to 10 months of silence, state legislatures are finally convening and dealing with the scope of executive emergency powers. But rather than holding hearings exposing all the lies about the efficacy of lockdowns and masks and publicizing the harms of those policies, most GOP-controlled legislatures are simply rearranging the deck chairs for future emergency declarations while tacitly agreeing with the premise of this tyranny. The American people need to wake up before these legislatures are out of session and the governors have another eight months of free reign.

It’s understandable to give governors emergency powers for a handful of days. But when they promulgate edicts that affect every aspect of our lives and properties, there is no reason why, within a week, a legislative body should not be in session holding hearings with expert witnesses on both sides of the debate to see whether those measures are constitutional, necessary, efficacious, or more harmful than helpful. Had this been done in state legislatures last March and April, they would have discovered that these unconstitutional policies are all pain and no gain.

Yet here we are, 10 months into “15 days to flatten the curve,” and most GOP-dominated legislatures are still not asking questions about the underlying premise of these policies, categorically banning their implementation, and properly reining in abuses of executive power.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Indiana. Gov. Eric Holcomb has accepted the entire false premise of the likes of Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo that lockdowns and masks mitigate a viral spread. As such, he has implemented unconstitutional infringements upon liberty almost to the degree of the hard-core blue states. He began categorically shutting down restaurants on March 16, the day after the legislature adjourned its 2020 session. Thanks to the weak leadership in these GOP supermajority-controlled chambers, there was no successful push to force the legislature to reconvene for almost an entire year. Now that legislators are back in session and 15 days of lockdown have turned into infinity, they are stripping him of all this power, right?

More like rearranging the deck chairs.

Last week, the Indiana House passed HB 1123, sponsored by House floor leader Rep. Matt Lehman. The bill was touted as limiting the governor’s power to issue an emergency order beyond 30 days, but in fact it does little to change current policy. Rather than categorically ending an emergency declaration after 30 days absent an affirmative vote by the legislature to extend it, this bill keeps the default position in place — that the governor can extend the order for as long as he wants unless the legislature passes a concurrent resolution to block it. It’s a seemingly slight nuance that makes all the difference.

Proponents of the bill might argue that under current policy, the legislature doesn’t even have the ability to convene in a special session to block the governor absent the governor’s permission, and this bill enables the legislature to convene in an emergency session. That is true, but this bill will not enable rank-and-file members to call for that session, only a “council” made up of leadership members — the same leaders who sat idly all last year while the governor tore up the Bill of Rights, the Hoosier economy, and education for a generation of children. It’s the same leadership that still agrees with the underlying premise of Holcomb, Biden, and Cuomo — that indefinite masking and quarantining of healthy people are legally sound and scientifically sane.

Rep. Jim Lucas (R) has a bill that would stop these orders dead in their tracks after 28 days, but leadership is opposing it. “We’re just moving things around and we’re not really doing anything to protect the individual against government overreach,” complained Lucas.

As the Center Square reports, “The great majority of Republicans also showed no interest Monday night in amendments that would have strengthened the Lehman bill, HB 1123, and restored to the legislature its sole lawmaking authority.”

Rep. Curt Nisly introduced amendments to categorically ban the governor from using emergencies to legislate and regulate the people directly rather than simply issuing guidance to executive officials. They were all voted down. Nisly aptly captured the sentiments among Republicans that I have noticed in most state legislatures across the country. “All summer a lot of Republicans bloviated about, you know, ‘We can’t do anything, because we’re not in session.’ And, now we are, and we’re doing about the same thing we did this summer, which was nothing.”

There is no desire whatsoever from these legislators to deal with the current abuse of power, which is the greatest in American history. No desire to use the wealth of evidence against lockdowns and masks to oppose the underlying premise of these particular orders in addition to properly reforming future emergency powers. We saw this in West Virginia, where the GOP leaders in the legislature only want to apply the limitations to future orders. The Senate bill in Indiana is even weaker and also only applies to orders issued after March 1.

It would be one thing if this is the best they can do with divided government. But Republicans enjoy a 71-29 majority in the House and a 39-11 majority in the Senate! What’s more, in Indiana, as in West Virginia, it only takes 51% of the legislative vote to override a governor’s veto, which means they could even afford to lose 13 RINOs in the Senate and 20 in the House and still override Holcomb’s veto. Sadly, there are more RINOs than that.

Just how radical is Eric Holcolmb? Last year, the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) stayed out of the gubernatorial election in deference to him. It’s the only time in recent memory the union declined to endorse the Democrat candidate.

In October, conservative Rep. Curt Nisly speculated that the reason was because the teachers’ union already had their Democrat man in the governor’s mansion, embodied in Holcomb. As the Center Square reported last year, Holcomb met with ISTA on July 14 (virtually, of course!). Just eight days later, Holcomb announced a statewide mask mandate, originally making all violators guilty of a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine, something we have not seen in most Republican-controlled states. He predicted mask-wearing would become “the fashion of the day.”

The same day, ISTA President Keith Gambill sent out a statement crediting the union’s meeting with Holcomb for securing the mask mandate. Four weeks later, ISTA announced the unprecedented move to remain neutral in the gubernatorial race between Holcomb and the official Democrat opponent, Woody Myers. In other words, Holcomb was such a leftist that he was indistinguishable, in the eyes of the teachers’ union, from a Democrat.

The legislature appears to be going along with this Republican in name only. Several weeks ago, House Speaker Todd Huston encouraged people to wear masks, claiming that “the vast, vast, vast majority of the scientific and medical community agree that wearing masks are important and I will stand by those.”

Well, Speaker Huston, show us any evidence that masks have worked. Missouri is the closest state that doesn’t have a mask mandate, and given that it is in the same NOAA climate zone, it had the exact same seasonal curve, as we have seen across the country and across the globe. In fact, Missouri seemed to do better.

The curves are so regional and seasonal in nature that Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri all had the same curves, despite Illinois having the earliest mandate and Missouri having no statewide mandate. Yet Missouri had the fewest cases of the three. In fact, even within Missouri, one suburban St. Louis County, Jefferson, which instituted its own local mask mandate, did worse than neighboring St. Charles County, which had no mandate, even though Jefferson County has a lower population density than St. Charles.

How much longer will we tolerate this in supermajority Republican states that Trump carried by a large margin? Why are we even focused on taking back Congress with a bunch of leftist Republicans when we can’t even secure basic liberties against the most radical and destructive Democrat policies in states with 3-1 GOP majorities in the legislature?

Well, until Republican legislators are forced to answer tough questions from their constituents, they will continue to skate by every primary without any competition. That’s why it’s time for conservatives to focus like laser beams on Republican-controlled legislatures.

There are several billboards on I-69 just south of the Michigan-Indiana border, essentially inviting Michiganders to flee lockdowns and live freely in Indiana. Unfortunately, things are not that much better in Indiana. Conservatives must work to make this red state red again so that it really can make things better for refugees from blue America.

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Horowitz: When Australia fined mask companies for misleading about their effectiveness against a virus

Once upon a time, sanity and science reigned supreme during responses to pandemics. There was a period of time between the Dark Ages and today when we actually followed logic, science, and learned experience and understood that masks do not stop viruses. You might be wrestled to the ground by police in Australia today for not wearing a mask, but 17 years ago it was the mask proponents who were on the hook for lying about mask efficacy in Australia.

We’ve all seen the warning labels from mask manufacturers that masks don’t work against viruses, which used to be common knowledge among all government agencies as well as laymen. But during the SARS outbreak of 2003, the Australian government warned companies not to mislead the public about their effectiveness in mitigating the spread of SARS 1.

In an article titled, “Farce mask: It’s safe for only 20 minutes,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported on April 27, 2003, “Retailers who cash in on community fears about SARS by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could face fines of up to $110,000.” Then-NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher threatened prosecution of those mask manufacturers who exaggerated the level of protection afforded by medical masks. “I’m sure everyone would agree that it is un-Australian to profiteer from people’s fears and anxieties,” Ms. Meagher said.

How times have changed!

The irony is that, if anything, the science against mask-wearing is even clearer today than in 2003. It has now become clear that SARS-like viruses spread through microscopic aerosols, not primarily via large droplets. Those virions are often 30 times smaller than the pores in surgical masks, let alone the larger pores of the cloth masks most commonly worn. Also, the loose seal around the face for the overwhelming majority of people who don’t properly clamp the mask is a source of all sorts of virion emissions. However, the Sidney Morning Herald noted at the time that masks were ineffective even against larger droplets.

“Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry,” said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

“As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets.”

Professor Cossart said that could take as little as 15 or 20 minutes, after which the mask would need to be changed. But those warnings haven’t stopped people snapping up the masks, with retailers reporting they are having trouble keeping up with demand.

Now consider the fact that people are wearing this mask (or even more ineffective cloth masks) for hours on end, often reusing them for multiple days! And yet, nobody in government is questioning the consequential assumptions they have made forcing young children, seniors, and people with disabilities to continue wearing these absurd cloths, despite 10 months of evidence showing that shockingly high levels of mask-wearing fail to alter the natural trajectory of the epidemiological curve.

This video is a good demonstration of how worthless masks are in stopping aerosols.

On April 3, already several weeks into the unprecedented lockdown over coronavirus, but before the big media push for universal masking, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued guidance for respiratory protection for workers exposed to people with the virus. It stated clearly what governments had said all along about other forms of airborne contamination, such as smoke inhalation — “Surgical masks and eye protection (e.g., face shields, goggles) were provided as an interim measure to protect against splashes and large droplets (note: surgical masks are not respirators and do not provide protection against aerosol-generating procedures).”

It wasn’t until October that the CDC finally admitted to the aerosol threat indoors, but even then declined to acknowledge that it was the primary method of transmission and that therefore masks are useless. This is a point that Biden’s top epidemiologist, Michael Osterholm, made last June. Now, Osterholm has joined a group of scientists criticizing the CDC for continuing to downplay aerosol transmission and not updating its indoor guidance based on this fact. But the irony is that Osterholm still won’t acknowledge that he was right to assert that surgical and cloth masks don’t work against the spread of this virus. Instead, they are now pushing for even tougher mandates to prevent indoor gathering or requiring N95 masks that are form-fitted.

It is unsustainable for large swaths of the public to wear masks that really cut off the aerosols for hours because, absent state-of-the-art oxygenation, wearing these devices for long periods of time will reduce oxygen flow. Moreover, their view on aerosols is an admission that this virus cannot be avoided in any realistic manner. Given that at least a third of the country has gotten the virus and many more vulnerable people have been vaccinated, it is simply insane to continue this charade.

What’s worse about the mask mandate is that it’s very likely that improper masking actually aerosolizes the droplets that would otherwise fall to the ground. As Megan Mansell, a PPE expert for OSHA and ADA compliance, writes at Rational Ground, “The worst part of all is the ability of commonly-used face coverings to aerosolize respiratory droplets that would otherwise have fallen in a predictable arc of approximately 6 feet.”

Instead, these aerosolized particulates remain aloft for extended periods after passing through the mask, responding to airflow patterns (like HVAC systems and breathing), effectively evading the 6-feet-over or 6-feet-under rhetoric, as the aerosol range is 18-20 feet.

Plosive force, which is caused by respiratory activities such as sneezing, blowing raspberries, coughing, screaming, and snorting, among others, pushes larger droplets forcefully through woven fibers like flour through a sieve, and droplets that would have otherwise just fallen in that neat, predictable arc are now sent aloft within respiratory range, where they can remain for hours, effectively increasing atmospheric viral load in contained spaces.

The “experts” are implicitly yielding this point by now, moving on to requiring double masking (a counterproductive absurdity in itself, which weakens the seal on the first mask) and by recognizing the thin evidence behind universal masking months into this sadistic and shameful ritual. Just this week, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control conceded that “there are still significant uncertainties about the size” of the effect of surgical masks and that the evidence in support of homemade cloth masks (which is what most people wear when indoors for long periods of time due to comfort) “is scarce and of very low certainty.” Yet they still double down on using them!

But 10 months into the failure of the masks to change the trajectory of the virus one iota, why do we continue to treat this as a harmless intervention, especially as it relates to children, who aren’t even in danger of the virus? Aside from the psychological or physical effects, has anyone considered the future damage to the speech and social development of children? A recent analysis in Scientific American showed that babies begin lip-reading at eight months and that obscuring their ability to mimic the facial expressions of adults impedes their language development. Of course, the author still declines to actually attack the mask mandate despite making the case for how harmful it is.

Criminalizing human breathing is the most officious, inhumane, unconstitutional, and immoral thing our government has ever done to us. Given the wealth of data and information that has come to light over the past 10 months, which incidentally, coincides with decades of research prior to this virus as well, it is shocking how few GOP-controlled legislatures have stood against this travesty. After all, before politics took over, even the Australians understood the fraud of masks.

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Horowitz: West Virginia Republicans have become as fascist as San Francisco Democrats

Thomas Jefferson regarded urban areas as “as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man” and looked to rural America for “more health, virtue and freedom.” Under his vision, one would expect no greater beacon of freedom than the official Mountain State of West Virginia, but the perfidious Republican Party has managed to turn one of the most rural parts of the country into the tyranny of San Francisco — with masks, child abuse in school, and closure of struggling businesses.

Living in Maryland during this period of totalitarian COVID fascism, just a short drive from West Virginia’s panhandle, I found myself longingly casting my gaze westward to settle in what appeared to be a nice red state. “West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country roads.” After all, every elected state official is a Republican, no Democrat has carried a single county in a presidential election since 2008, and Republicans control the Senate 23-11 and the House 77-23.

Then, my bubble was burst last September when a listener of my podcast informed me that West Virginia has the same diabolical mask mandate, criminalization of businesses, and abuse of children at school as Maryland does. In fact, Gov. Jim Justice even used Cuomo’s line about “if a mask just saves one life …” He believes one human being breathing normally is risking another person’s life. That is perhaps the most diabolical thing a politician can say.

Well, Governor, Cuomo quite literally has not saved even one life!

Just how out of touch are elected Republicans with their voters? The listener, who just recently moved to Putnam County, West Virginia, from Virginia for freedom, told me that her children in this Trump+43 county are forced to wear masks for 7 hours straight, including during PE and recess. Another listener from Boone County, which Trump carried by 53 points, informed me that businesses are being forced to inform on each other and are eventually charged with misdemeanors by the health department. The health department of this Trump+53 county has put into place a “three strikes and you’re out” system for businesses caught not enforcing the mask mandate. A number of counties in the northern part of the state still don’t have full in-person instruction.

One of the first acts of Speaker Roger Hanshaw in the first legislative session since Justice’s tyranny, rather than countermanding the governor’s inhumane, illogical, and illegal orders, was to order mask-wearing (HR 5) on the floor of the West Virginia legislature, just like in California.

A bipartisan group of legislators are pushing a bill (HB 2003) to limit emergency declarations to 60 days, a very generous period of time without legislative input. Yet Jim Justice still thinks that is infringing upon his monarchical powers. “I’m going to go back to something my dad taught me a long, long time ago, and said, ‘If it’s working, don’t fix it.’ The bottom line is, it’s worked,” said Justice. “And it’s not only worked, it’s worked unbelievable.”

Take a look at the curve, which shows that the masks did nothing, and the state had the same late fall/early winter curve as every other place on the face of the planet.

He did such a good job with his lockdown policies that … they coincidentally happened to follow the same natural curve as neighboring states with a similar climate.

This man is taking the starting point and the end point of the virus, all the while forgetting that the cases went up 1,800% long after all of his insanity was in place and only went down afterwards once the seasonal spread was over, as was the case in every single state and every country around the world! Some maskers suggest that mask mandates only work if they were in place early when cases were low. Well, that is exactly what happened in West Virginia!

The West Virginia legislature is in its second week in session. Conservatives are asleep at the wheel. Republicans have a 2-1 majority in the Senate and a 3.5-1 majority in the House, and incidentally, they only need 51% to override the governor’s veto. This should be an easy time to either force these Republicans to become Republicans or expose them in front of their voters as the closet Democrats they really are. The governor himself only switched parties once he realized how much his state loved Trump.

On Saturday, the House Judiciary Committee originally accepted an amendment to HB 2003 by Delegate Pat McGeehan, R-Hancock, to clarify that the 60-day limitation the legislature wants to place on emergency declarations applies “to any state of emergency or state of preparedness currently in effect.” But then on Monday, the committee reversed course and stripped it out! Ironically, it was Democrat lawmakers who cried foul about this former Democrat-turned-RINO governor becoming a king. “[The bill] made somebody upset in the executive office, the old king himself,” said House Minority Whip Shawn Fluharty in response to the second vote. “So we came back in here, and we’re reneging on promises made to our constituents.”

How is it that in a state Trump carried by a margin of 68%-29%, conservatives can’t even pressure 51% of a 3.5-1 majority to oppose this governor who is indistinguishable from Gavin Newsom in California? Well, because the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is none other than Moore Capito, the son of the very liberal U.S. Senator Shelly Moore Capito. He used the fact that the committee room needed to be cleaned for the virus to host the next committee as a means of moving on from debate. “We’re in the middle of an unforeseen and very, very novel and dangerous pandemic right now,” said Del. Moore Capito in defending his rush to pass the bill without teeth. “I think it’s important that we move forward with the bill the way it’s drafted.”

Again, who needs Democrats when we have Republican leaders just as passionately promoting the illogical premises behind their most destructive and unconstitutional policies?

This is why conservatives need to shift their focus from national politics to state and local politics while building a patriot infrastructure at the county level to hold phony Republicans accountable. Unless we get organized in red states to make them red again, Jefferson will roll over in the grave watching rural states adopt the same pestilence to the morals, the health, and the liberties of man as the large cities.

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Horowitz: Tennessee lawmakers introduce bill to prevent businesses from discriminating against customers without masks

In our society, businesses are sued for not looking at customers the right way or for not taking expensive actions to accommodate the needs of employees and customers through OSHA, ADA regulations, and anti-discrimination laws. Since when did it become OK, then, for businesses to force customers and employees to take very definite actions against their bodily integrity, such as wearing face masks, no matter their personal conditions? A group of conservatives are pushing a bill in the Tennessee legislature to address this problem, and it just might become a model for other states.

Tennessee is one of 12 states that currently does not criminalize breathing without a Chinese face burka, but the damage done by the local and federal mandates has made businesses feel as if they need to enforce it to cover their backs. Despite no statewide mask mandate and overall fewer restrictions than other states, RINO Gov. Bill Lee he has still declared going to church in person dangerous and tried to dictate to Tennesseans how many people with whom they could gather. He has also enabled and empowered localized health board tyranny instead of individual liberty, and even put out a video promoting face masks. Thus, like in every other state, Tennessee businesses are enforcing this mask tyranny on the citizenry.

A group of Tennessee lawmakers have introduced the Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act (SB 0320/ HB 0794) to ensure that businesses are not enforcing what government is clearly incapable of doing. It is also designed to place anti-discrimination and disability laws vis-à-vis mask-wearing in line with every other practice of business regulation that prevents even private businesses from wholesale discrimination, invasion of medical privacy, and violation of the ADA.

Specifically, this bill would prohibit a person from denying an individual the full and equal enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of a place of public accommodation, resort, or amusement on the grounds of the wearing or use of a medical device, or whether the individual has received medical treatment, such as a vaccine.

On a practical level, this bill would prevent grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms from requiring masks or proof of vaccination in order to receive services. This is in line with current anti-discrimination law as it relates to every other facet of society. Just a year ago businesses would have been shut down for the rampant and cruel discrimination they are engaging in today.

Pursuant to the ADA (36.201), no individual shall be discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of goods and services, without retaliation or coercion (36.206) covering any condition whether a physical or mental impairment (36.302.1) wherein mere presence does not constitute direct threat, even if contagious or noncontagious with transmissible diseases (36.302.b.2, 36.208).

Universal masking within businesses is unattainable because it does not address the chaos variable of the many who have an ADA right to reasonable accommodation to receive full access to goods and services, and you do not get to know what is wrong with them. Exemptions include PSTD from trauma, rape, and bound torture, autism, cancer, COPD, asthma, lung disease, pregnancy, and exposure/illness. Yet masking is the one thing that can violate anti-discrimination and disability laws, despite the fact that masks are worthless in combatting a respiratory virus.

Thus, this bill would merely place mask policies in line with every other ADA and anti-discrimination regulation we enforce on businesses today. It takes away the liability that businesses would potentially incur for allowing people to come in without a mask. It further prohibits local governments within the state of Tennessee from enforcing such mandates, a step Gov. Lee has failed to take until now.

The Senate bill is sponsored by Sen. Joey Hensley, and the House bill is sponsored by Rep. Susan Lynn. The bill is being promoted statewide by Tennessee Stands, a grassroots organization promoting a more rational approach to the virus.

Are you sick of the left regulating businesses into oblivion, then suddenly empowering them to enforce the ultimate form of discrimination when it comes to their sacred masks? If a mom-and-pop bakery must bake a cake for a gay wedding when the couple can find one hundred other businesses willing to service their event, then certainly businesses can’t shut off all vital goods and services to a human being for merely breathing, especially when there is no evidence they even have the virus. Moreover, if “businesses can do whatever they want,” then businesses can open without capacity restrictions or other lockdown policies. It’s time to apply anti-discrimination law and business regulations as a two-way street.

Let’s be clear, unless this legislation is passed in all the 31 states with GOP-controlled legislatures, the mask cult will never end. It’s time to even up the score and push back against government tyranny with equal and opposing force. The Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act is that opposing force we’ve been waiting for.

Covid mandates Covid mask Gatherings Intelwars Iowa Kim reynolds Mask mandates social distancing

Iowa’s governor lifts statewide COVID mandates, encourages personal responsibility: No more mandatory masks, social distancing, or gathering restrictions

As of Sunday, citizens of the Hawkeye State are free to make more decisions for themselves as responsible adults following Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds’ decision to lift several notable statewide coronavirus restrictions.

On Friday, Reynolds issued a proclamation repealing the state’s limited mask requirements, social distancing requirements, and limits on gatherings, the Des Moines register reported.

Instead of the government mandating behavior of adults and continuing what has essentially become the quarantining of healthy people, Reynolds’ proclamation promotes personal responsibility and common sense, as noted in Section One:

I continue to strongly encourage all vulnerable Iowans, including those with preexisting medical conditions and those over than 65, in all counties of the state to continue to limit their activities outside of their home, including their visits to businesses and other establishments and their participation in gatherings of any size and any purpose. And I encourage all Iowans to limit their in-person interactions with vulnerable Iowans and to exercise particular care and caution when engaging in any necessary interactions.

The proclamation, which extended Iowa’s state of public health disaster emergency through March 7, went into effect Sunday morning and focuses on encouraging Iowans to take personal responsibility and make decisions that are in the best interest of their health during the pandemic.

The governor imposed a limited statewide mask mandate in November as cases surged nationwide, the Washington Post noted. But with a significant drop in cases and hospitalizations in the state, as well as increased vaccination availability for hundreds of thousands of Iowans, Reynolds elected to return personal choice on masks to adult Iowans.

Her newest proclamation also rolls back restrictions on social distancing and gatherings and replaces them with encouragement for organizers and hosts to “take reasonable measures” to protect the public health. However, there are no mandates and no enforcement mechanisms for the state to shut down gatherings.

Reynolds’ action also lifted social distancing mandates that have restricted businesses like bars, restaurants, casino, and gyms, as well as sporting events.

The governor’s spokesman, Pat Garrett, told the Register that the governor wants her fellow Iowans to have the freedom to take “reasonable” measures on their own, saying in an email to the paper that Reynolds “strongly encourages Iowans, businesses and organizations to take reasonable public health measures consistent with guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health.”

Two major cities disagree

At least two Iowa cities have declared that they will not be following the governor’s lead and that mask mandates will continue to be enforced.

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, a Democrat, announced that the city’s mask mandate, which he imposed back in August, would remain in place.

“The governor’s decision is confusing and can’t be rationalized with the number of positive cases we continue to see across the state and here in Polk County,” Cownie said Saturday, according to the Register. “With an alarmingly more transmissible version of the virus now detected in Iowa, it is more important than ever that our residents and visitors follow the advice of medical experts, keep social distance and whenever out in public, wear a mask.”

Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague, also a Democrat, instituted a mask mandate back in July. City Manager Geoff Fruin said following Reynolds’ announcement that Iowa City is still under a mask order.

“Iowa City’s mask order is not impacted by the Governor’s latest order and is still in place through May 31, 2021,” Fruin said on the city’s website. “Residents should continue to wear masks in all public spaces within Iowa City in accordance with the City’s order.”

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, a Democrat, has gone on record repeatedly with his belief that cities do not have the legal power to enforce mask mandates, according to the Register.

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Tyrant Reimposes Mask Mandate After It Was Repealed

Wisconsin tyrant Tony Evers (the dystopic governor) has reimposed a mask mandate on everyone after the legislature voted to do away with it. The fear-mongering from all levels of government should be obvious to everyone by now.

It’s past time to wake up to what’s really going on.  This isn’t about health and it never was.  This is about control, plain and simple. Check out this lovely piece of propaganda coming straight from the mouth of a tyrant hell-bent on controlling the behavior of as many human beings as possible:

“If the legislature keeps playing politics and we don’t keep wearing masks, we’re going to see more preventable deaths, and it’s going to take even longer to get our state and our economy back on track,” Evers said on Thursday, announcing the order, according to a report by RT.

The state assembly had voted 52-42 to repeal the old mandate, with all Democrats and seven Republicans opposed. Regardless of the fact that numerous studies have shown masks to be all but useless in the prevention of colds or other viral infections, politicians are demanding the public wear them anyway. It makes one wonder what those masks are really for:

Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

“We should be wearing masks,” said Rep. Robyn Vining, a political parasite. “Masks save lives.”

CDC Study: Most COVID-19 Cases Were Admitted Mask Wearers

Others argued that the issue wasn’t about masks but whether Evers has the authority to issue emergency health orders without their approval. The governor has cited the “changing nature” of the pandemic to justify his powers. “I know you want to make it about masks. It’s not,” said Majority Leader Jim Steineke, a Republican. “It’s about the rule of law.” And even then, the “rule of law” is nothing more than the opinion of politicians, written on paper, and enforced with threats of violence.

New Medical Study: Your Face Mask Is Not Protecting You

Evers imposed the mask order on August 1, 2020,  applying to everyone aged five and older in all indoor public settings and “enclosed spaces” such as outdoor restaurant seating when someone from another household is present.

As of February 1, the Biden administration has imposed a federal mask mandate on planes, trains, subways, buses, taxis, ships, and ferries, as well as transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals across the US. –RT

The ruling class is simply trying to decide just how far they can push this and what amount of dystopian tyranny they can enforce on the public with the backing of their “law enforcers.” Wake up.  Government is slavery.  The only way out to finally realize it and abolish it for good. No one (regardless of how many votes they got) makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. Now is the time to figure this out and stop acting like others own you.

The post Tyrant Reimposes Mask Mandate After It Was Repealed first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

constitutional republic Coronavirus Coronavirus tyranny COVID-19 Fascism Fauci Intelwars Mask mandates Osterholm

Horowitz: Ruling class openly saying fascism and masks will NEVER end. Will we FINALLY wake up?

You can’t blame people for not believing last March that “15 days to flatten the curve” would transmogrify into “restrict your breathing with a mask and lock you down until there is a vaccine.” Nobody could have imagined such an absurd conspiracy theory, especially after months of those measures failing to achieve the goal.

Yet now that the vaccine is being administered swiftly and the fascists are doubling down on the masking – literally – if you still think this will end on its own, you are willfully blind. Either we make it end, or we will be masking our humanity for the rest of our lives.

Consider the following:

  • Despite the fact that we appear close to hitting the de facto herd immunity threshold with so many people already having had the virus, the government now has the perfect pretext to continue the fascism and move the goalposts. Dr. Fauci recently said that we are all at a very high risk of getting the new strains of the virus, particularly the South African variant, even if we already had the virus. Never mind the fact that cases dropped nearly 88% in South Africa over the past three weeks.
  • OK, so this is what the vaccine is for, right? Well, indeed, this is why Fauci is telling us to get the vaccine even if we had the virus. But have you ever heard of a virus whose slight mutation is somehow not covered by natural immunity but is covered by the vaccine?
  • Which brings us to the next step. Yes, they absolutely are pushing the vaccine because the cronies must get rich off it. But will they let you out of mask jail after receiving a dose? Not a chance. They are all openly saying you will need to keep the sacred rituals alive even after having gotten the vaccine and natural immunity.
  • Thus, we have lockdowns and masks, which are so effective … that they can’t work and require a vaccine to do their jobs, but even with a vaccine and natural immunity, they still don’t work, so this charade of mask-wearing must go on! Also, they are so effective that if you don’t wear one, you are almost murdering someone. Never mind the fact that the curve rises and falls at the same time by region, regardless of non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Not only haven’t they eased off on the mask religion, even as so many people have gotten the virus and have gotten the vaccine, they are doubling down and tripling down, which in itself is a tacit concession that one mask has failed miserably, as they themselves predicted before the issue became political. What started out as an insane conspiracy theory is now mainstream, with Fauci now floating the idea of the CDC recommending the absurdity of double and triple masking. Never mind that Biden’s own adviser, Dr. Michael Osterholm, explained the obvious fact that this will further weaken the already improperly worn seal on the first mask and further push the aerosols out the sides – all the while magnifying all the physical problems caused by long-term masking.
  • Then again, is wearing two masks outside a clinical setting any more absurd than wearing one? Osterholm himself ridiculed the idea – not in March, but as late as June, after it had already become a religion. He has consistently described in great detail how the cloth and surgical masks are nowhere near effective in blocking an aerosol of microscopic viral particles. So why are we supposed to believe him now that he became Biden’s adviser when he says they do work? And why should we believe Fauci, who says that two masks work when one didn’t work, if Osterholm is saying that two don’t work just like he used to say one doesn’t work, before he became a politician? Are you confused yet?

Here is a transcript of what Osterholm said on June 12 in a video interview with the Midway Chamber of Commerce (beginning at the 39:23 mark):

So all the data we would have say at this point that just masking of itself with a cloth mask, or a surgical mask, surely may reduce the number of particles you put out, big particles, or the big particles you get in, but it’s the little particles that are coming along the sides that are the real problem. And so I’m telling you, I would throw the kitchen sink at this thing if I thought that it would make a difference. Masks are not a major issue, and by the way, in 1918, there were actually some very exhaustive studies done on masks after that, and John Barry, the historian who we work with closely, will tell you not one of them found that they made any difference.

Number two is, just think about this, common sense, this is a group of commonsense people here. The area of the world where geographically we had the most, the highest frequency of mask-wearing as just a social/cultural event was in China, Hubei Province, China, in November and December of last year. Did that mask-wearing have any impact on that emergence of that horrible, horrible city-on-fire situation? I mean, that was one where we had virtually everyone wearing a mask publicly. It didn’t make a difference, and so I only say this because if you want to wear masks, go ahead, feel free. I worry, though, that people who are at risk of having severe disease will take that mask and have now assumed a level of protection that they don’t really have and then put themselves in harm’s way, in a way that they wouldn’t have otherwise. And so there’s a downside to that. Finally, I just find the social/political pressure, you know, today, if you don’t wear a mask, oh my God what a bad person you are, so you know, and unfortunately we’ve now come to make judgments, not on science, but on basically emotions, and I worry about that, because this one’s not kind of a big one. But what if we start saying, okay, all heavy people, we’re going to do this to you because you’re at risk of getting this disease more, or all people who are of this age, we’re going to do this to you because you’re at higher risk? And they can say well, you know, I’m using the same basis for making those recommendations that I made for the masks; maybe it will help. And at some point you just, I’m just a scientist, a poor lowly scientist, I’m just sitting here telling you, you know, the data, you make a decision, how you decide, and I’m telling you right now that I, the masking is not an issue.

Look at those profound concerns he expressed! Every one of them has been proven right today, as the virus spread out of control months after the mandates were in place with a more religious degree of adherence and public shaming than anyone ever thought possible. Why are we to trust him now, when the science behind what he said has actually been proven by every epidemiological curve? How can he go from ridiculing mask-wearing to making it so sacred that we should violate every law of human rights and dignity, including for children, the elderly, and disabled, in order to enforce it?

  • The more information that comes out showing children are in less danger of getting sick from or spreading COVID than the flu, the more they double down on masking children, even during recess and sports. A survey of over 2,000 high school athletes in Minnesota who had to play with masks showed that 80% had a hard time breathing, 52% experienced excessive fatigue, and 48 players report going to an urgent care. Thus, no amount of science or evidence is able to stop this sadistic obsession with masks.
  • Some of you might be wondering what happened to OSHA? Don’t they have standards on PPE wearing in the workplace and safety guidelines dictating the parameters, types, and exemptions of those wearing masks? Well, they have changed their standards. It has long been the policy of OSHA that respirators, such as an N-95s, are the minimum standard for personal protective equipment, as Dr. Osterholm said in June. Now OSHA is requiring employers to force upon their workers unsafe practices that just a year ago would have gotten those employers prosecuted, with OSHA leading the charge.

Where does this leave us? The more the science shows the endless hypocrisy and absurdity of mask-wearing to stop a virus, the more the ruling elites violate the science and their own prior standards and warnings with even greater absurdities. Miraculously, a new pretext always materializes just at the moment they have milked dry the original excuse for mask-wearing. Those goalposts will never remain in place.

The time to stand up and say NO is now. The time to fight back in state legislatures and with ADA lawsuits is now. The time to pull out of public and private schools that engage in this abuse is now. The time to support those businesses that stand up to this evil and boycott Karen businesses is now. As they say, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

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Horowitz: Norwegian study shows very little transmission in school without masks, as suicide crisis intensifies

Shutting down schools or forcing kids to wear masks – either one is likely the greatest crime ever committed against children under the most false pretenses imaginable. New research continues to show that schools are not drivers of spread, not to mention the fact that the virus is not dangerous to children. Meanwhile, children continue to commit suicide in record numbers. This is the evil cost of adult virtue-signaling.

A brand-new study of transmission in Norwegian primary schools from August through November published by the Norwegian Public Institute of Health showed minimal child-to-child and child-to-adult transmission. “This prospective study shows that transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from children under 14 years of age was minimal in primary schools in Oslo and Viken, the two Norwegian counties with the highest COVID-19 incidence and in which 35% of the Norwegian population resides,” concluded the researchers.

Despite systematic testing of all the 234 child contacts twice during quarantine of those children infected, just two primary cases and no secondary cases were identified. Also, among the 58 adult contacts of the infected children, just one primary case and no secondary cases were detected. All the children involved in the study were ages 5-13.

Here’s the kicker: While the reopening of the schools included measures such as “strengthened hygiene measures, physical distancing and a clear message to stay home if symptomatic, even with mild symptoms,” there was one major element missing. “Use of face masks is not recommended in schools in Norway,” according to this study.

The study further contradicted the notion that somehow teachers are more at risk than people from other professions, a false premise that has led to some states prioritizing the vaccination of young teachers over elderly non-teachers. “This supports findings in Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway that teachers are not at higher risk of COVID-19 compared with other professions,” wrote the Norwegian researchers.

It is truly shocking how consistent the data have been for months that children are not a threat of spreading the virus, yet the politicians have continued to keep children out of school. Well, at least until now – that Trump is out of office. Suddenly, most Democrat politicians, who now have an incentive not to saddle the Biden regime with a bad economy, are pushing for children to return to school. However, conservatives need to be vigilant about the left co-opting what it means to open schools. Opening schools while needlessly masking children for seven hours a day and constantly living in a state of fear might not be much better than keeping schools closed.

Now that Trump is out of office, it’s kosher for outlets like CNN and the NYT to begin reporting on the child suicide crisis. CNN reported last week that in Texas, 37 students were admitted to a Fort Worth hospital following suicide attempts in September alone and that 19 students in Las Vegas actually committed suicide. The Anchorage Daily News is reporting that one Alaska clinic saw a 173% increase in admission of children with severe injuries due to suspected child abuse last year. Suicides are now the leading cause of death in England. You no longer need to go to conservative websites to discover the truth about the mental health crisis triggered by lockdowns.

The gratuitous panic and fear embodied by masking and other draconian measures are destroying the mental health of an entire generation. Even in Florida, where people are freer than in most parts of the country, a recent report shows that suicide was more deadly to the under-55 population in Tallahassee than the virus itself.

The masking, aside from the long-term harms to child development and communications, is the single biggest reminder for kids to live in fear. Opening schools with masking is not proper schooling; it’s a concentration camp. Teachers would have been sent to jail a year ago for suggesting such an idea. We should not jump on the first opportunity just to open schools at all costs and forget about the conditions to which they are subjecting the children.

The same data that show there is no meaningful viral threat from schoolchildren demonstrate that they need not be masked. Not only is the virus not a threat to children, nor are they a threat of spreading it in school, but this year’s flu cases are down 99.5%. As such, there has never been a safer time for children to be in school, even relative to every other year in recent history. Republican governors shouldn’t let Democrats insidiously co-opt the talking point of reopening schools now that Trump is gone. It’s time to force them to reopen schools without the child abuse. The mask religion should not be exempt from following the science.

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Biden Ignores His Own Mask Mandate on First Day: “Bigger Issues to Worry About,” Says WH Press Secretary

This article was originally published by Jon Miltimore at The Foundation for Economic Education. 

*”Rules for thee, and not for me.” -every ruler and master everywhere.

Biden has consistently urged people to “mask up” and is calling on Americans to wear face coverings in public for the next 100 days.

Joe Biden had a busy first day as president, signing 17 executive actions, far more than predecessors Trump, Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton combined.

Among the orders was a mandate that all people on federal property wear masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“[To] protect the Federal workforce and individuals interacting with the Federal workforce, and to ensure the continuity of Government services and activities, on-duty or on-site Federal employees, on-site Federal contractors, and other individuals in Federal buildings and on Federal lands should all wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures, as provided in CDC guidelines,” the order stated.

In some ways, the order comes as little surprise. Prior to the November election, Biden had indicated he would require masks on federal property. Meanwhile, Biden has consistently urged people to “mask up” and is calling on Americans to wear face coverings in public for the next 100 days.

Things got awkward quickly, however.

The same day Biden signed his executive order, he and his family were spotted maskless at the Lincoln Memorial—a clear violation of the order he had signed that very morning.

This created an uncomfortable moment for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who was asked by a reporter why Biden and members of his family were not wearing a mask in compliance with the law.

“He was celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country,” said Psaki, who also rattled off many of the actions the administration was taking to slow the spread of the virus.

The reporter persisted. He asked if Biden, who has repeatedly pointed out the importance of elected officials setting an example, was sending the wrong message to Americans.

“I think the power of his example is also the message he sends by signing 25 executive orders, including almost half of them related to COVID,” Psaki said. “I think we have bigger issues to worry about.”

Psaki’s excuse-making was cringeworthy, particularly the last sentence, which I suspect she wishes she could take back.

But in her defense, there was no good way to answer the question (beyond deflection, or honestly owning up to the misstep). Psaki may have been correct that Biden was “celebrating,” but the order he signed makes no exception for celebrations. She may also be correct that “we have bigger issues to worry about” than masks. In fact, I believe she is.

Masks have become a partisan distraction and a toxic one. Reasonable people can debate their efficacy in reducing the spread of the coronavirus—some evidence suggests they may help, other evidence suggests they may not—but what’s clear is that masks have become symbols.

For some, masks are seen as a tool to shame others, shape consciousness, and force compliance. For others, masks are seen as a symbol of righteousness, a demonstration of morality and selflessness. If you doubt masks have become a moral issue—as well as a device to signal virtue and shame others—consider some of the following. (As well as these videos, which we are not embedding because of profanity.)

*Oh no! We can’t have people talking freely!

There are many things individuals can do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, we heard a lot about hand washing, avoiding touching one’s face, and disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis. We don’t hear much about these things anymore, even though health centers stress these as important measures to reduce the chance of infection.

Essentially, masks unleashed the tribalism and division (both politically and ideologically) that lurk beneath America. Studies show you can tell with a high degree of certainty whether someone was a Trump or Biden supporter based on their mask-wearing habits.

Consider the lack of outcry over the fact that Biden violated his own mask mandate hours after signing it. Biden’s actions don’t make him a bad person, of course, despite what many on social media would have you believe.

It does, however, put Biden in the camp with the numerous others we’ve seen during this pandemic who flout the rules they pass for others. This has been a source of frustration for many people throughout the pandemic, and that frustration seems to be growing.

“I mean they put these rules in place … they’re not even following their own rules,” Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently observed in an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” following a $500,000 donation to the Barstool Fund. “How many people have gotten caught?”

Rodgers is not someone known for being outspoken on controversial issues.

The hypocrisy and unequal treatment matters.

The expansion of the government tends to occur under a basic assumption: that it will result in greater equality. This assumption is flawed, however. The expansion of the state doesn’t vanquish inequality. In fact, it often exacerbates it.

Though politicians promise an egalitarian utopia, the reality is that hierarchy, social climbing, and wealth disparity will exist in any political system. But whereas a free market rewards competence and those who create value, a system dominated by the state will always reward those with proximity to power.

The Soviet Union might have been premised on the idea of equality, but most people didn’t have a Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln Continental, Monte Carlo, Matra, and Lancia Beta.

Leonid Brezhnev, the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and president of the USSR, did.

All of this is to say, Jen Psaki is right. We have far bigger problems than whether Joe Biden is wearing a mask all day.

But one of those problems is the fact that politicians increasingly feel like they can pass orders for others while ignoring those orders themselves.

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Horowitz: Comprehensive analysis of 50 states shows greater spread with mask mandates

For months, we’ve been lectured to by the political elites that cases of coronavirus are spreading too quickly and that we must wear masks to stop the spread. The obvious fault with their act of desperation is that they can no longer mask the fact that most parts of the country have already been fully masked for months — long before the ubiquitous spread this fall.

Researchers at, a clearinghouse of COVID-19 data trends run by a grassroots group of data analysts, computer scientists, and actuaries, did an analysis of all 50 states divided by those that had mask mandates and those that did not. Justin Hart, co-founder of the website, posted the results in a Twitter thread and shared with me the data analysis:

They studied the number of cases over a 229-day period from May 1 through Dec. 15 and divided the results of the two study groups by days with mask mandates and days without mask mandates. The non-mandate data group includes both states that never had a mandate and those that did at some point, but data set included only the days they did not have a mask mandate.

The results: When comparing states with mandates vs. those without, or periods of times within a state with a mandate vs. without, there is absolutely no evidence the mask mandate worked to slow the spread one iota. In total, in the states that had a mandate in effect, there were 9,605,256 confirmed COVID cases over 5,907 total days, an average of 27 cases per 100,000 per day. When states did not have a statewide order (which includes the states that never had them and the period of time masking states did not have the mandate in place) there were 5,781,716 cases over 5,772 total days, averaging 17 cases per 100,000 people per day.

The reverse correlation between periods of masking and non-masking is remarkable.

The 15 states that did not have a statewide mask mandate for the duration of this analysis were Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

Importantly, for purposes of this study, the analysts gave the mask mandate states a 14-day grace period from the time of implementation in order to begin counting cases against mask efficacy. This gives time for the existing spread from the original policy to become obsolete, in order to more accurately assess the efficacy of the mandate. Proponents of the mask mandate might suggest that mask mandates were often imposed once cases already spread quickly, so there is a negative bias of increased cases in those areas (or times) that had mandates in place. However, there was no evidence of any reduction in cases or even better outcomes many weeks later. In fact, Ian Miller, one of the researchers at, found that three counties in Florida (Manatee, Martin, and Nassau) that allowed the mandate to expire after having implemented it had fewer cases per capita than those counties that kept the mandate.

Nor has the mandate worked in states where it was implemented long before the surge in cases began.

California is the ultimate example of a state that had a mask mandate in place forever — long before its turn for spread hit in earnest.

The simple reality is that there is no legitimate data showing the mandates worked.

My first question when reading this analysis was that perhaps there is a bias in case counts against those areas with mask mandates because, by definition, most areas without them are more conservative and tend to have lower population density. After all, dense areas seem to be associated with more spread, and therefore, those areas must be judged by a different standard.

First, it’s important to recognize that over the past few months, as the virus has spread rapidly to the low-population states and counties, the gap between the urban and rural areas has really closed as the virus appears to be giving everyone equal treatment. Also, included in the top-line number of 17 cases per 100,000 in the non-mask states are also the larger states that did eventually adopt a mandate, but had prior days without the mandate in which the cases were counted among the non-mandate data set. Thus, the study is more apples-to-apples than simply taking places that never had a mandate vs. those that always did over the entire study period.

More fundamentally, this study analyzed Florida by county data and shows no correlation between mask mandates and fewer cases, even adjusting for population density. Gov. Ron DeSantis has notoriously declined to issue a statewide mandate in the Sunshine State; however, of the 67 total counties in Florida, 22 have implemented an executive mask order at some point during the study period. Two of them (Miami-Dade and Osceola) were in effect for the entire period, while the other 20 began in the spring, summer, or fall.

What are the results?

When counties did have a mandate in effect, there were 667,239 cases over 3,137 days with an average of 23 cases per 100,000 per day. When counties did not have a countywide order, there were 438,687 cases over 12,139 days with an average of 22 cases per 100,000 per day.

Did population density play a role?

When you isolate only the top 12 most populous counties in the state (>500,000), eight of them had effective mask orders implemented at some point during the study period, and four never had a countywide order (Brevard, Lee, Polk, and Volusia). When the eight did have an order in effect, there were 24 cases per 100,000 a day. On the other hand, during the days when mandates were not in place (which is never in four counties, and some weeks in seven of the other eight except for Miami-Dade), there were 17 cases per 100,000 per day.

We can turn the numbers upside down and inside out, but no matter how we examine them, there is no evidence of masks correlating with reduced spread. If anything, the opposite is true. And it sure as heck is not because of a lack of compliance.

It’s self-evident that the virus does what it does naturally and follows a very mechanical pattern regardless of state policies.

The burden is on those who want to violate the Constitution with such a draconian mandate for the rest of our lives to present affirmative evidence that their religious symbol works. The phony “fact checkers” will always find ways to show that we can’t prove beyond a shadow of doubt that masks will never work. But while they force us to prove 100% that they don’t work, mandaters don’t have to prove any efficacy at all, even as 2-year-olds are forced to have their faces covered on planes.

We used to all scoff at the Islamic fundamentalist for believing that if they just waged jihad a little harder, they’d earn their 72 virgins. Well, those people can learn a thing or two about faith from the mask fundamentalists who believe it’s never too late for masks to magically stop a virus after months of failure.

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Virginia Ramps Up The Tyranny: Curfews, Mask Mandates, Gatherings Limited

As Christmas approaches, Virginia governor Ralph Northam imposes tyrannical edicts to try to keep people under the controlling boot of the state. In addition to tougher mask mandates and curfews, Northam has limited gatherings to ten people.

“New daily case numbers are higher than they have been at any previous point in the pandemic, and while the trends in Virginia are better than most of the country, we are taking action now to slow the spread of this virus before our hospitals get overwhelmed,” Northam said according to RT. 

The curfew will go into effect on December 14 and is scheduled to run through at least the end of January. Northam told reporters on Thursday that everyone other than people traveling to and from work should abide by the curfew. He also urged Virginians to stay home at other times of day unless they must go out.

Northam expanded the state’s mask mandate to include outdoor public spaces where people are within six feet of each other. He also reduced the capacity limit on social gatherings to 10 people – just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations – and said restaurants will have to stop liquor sales by 10pm and close by midnight. –RT

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is also putting the boots on the necks of the public and restricting their freedom. Wold has tightened his Covid-19 restrictions, banning indoor dining and closing theaters, casinos, and gyms. Its weekly average of nearly 10,000 cases is up 51 percent from late November. Wolf, who revealed on Wednesday that he had tested positive for the virus, said the surge in infections necessitated tighter restrictions.“We all hoped that it would not come to this,” Wolf said. “The current state of the surge in Pennsylvania will not allow us to wait.”

They are losing control of the public, and that’s likely why there’s a rush to inject people with whatever it is that’s in this vaccine.

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

Wake up, before it’s too late.  Stay alert and stay prepared.  Many states are ramping up lockdowns right before the magical vaccine is put into the veins of the public.  The more they can panic you, the better chance they have of you lining up to take this thing willingly.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY



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Horowitz: How magical masks can achieve more than 100% efficacy

Masks are so effective that they work even when they don’t. You see, most non-pharmaceutical interventions are either effective or ineffective against this virus and can be judged based on the results. But when it comes to the unassailable majestic masks, they work so well that even when they don’t work, they create more need to wear them, precisely because they don’t work and there is still more work to be done. Confused?

In nearly every state and certainly every major city, we have seen the most dramatic social change of our lifetime with people walking around like mummies and bandits. It’s unmistakable. Even violent criminals are complying with the mask mandate while committing crimes. I have not seen a single human being indoors in any store or institution in my state of Maryland without a mask since April. According to Carnegie Mellon’s survey, there is 97% compliance statewide, yet it has not slowed the fall wave of coronavirus spread one iota.

This is true of most places, according to surveys done on mask compliance. On June 24, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said, “When at least 80% of a population adopts universal masking, it results in a substantial reduction of infection.” What are the results with 93% compliance statewide and 95% in Las Vegas?

During the Sept. 29 presidential debate, Joe Biden said, “If we just wear a mask, we can save half those numbers. Just a mask.” To that end, he plans to implement a 100-day mask mandate. But, this has already been going on for longer than 100 days, and cases exploded rather than dropping by half.

One would expect that seven months later, we would no longer need to speculate about efficacy, calculate intangible projection models, or blow particles through a simulator or mannequins in a lab. We could just look at the actual real-life results we are supposedly trying to affect.

The problem with such an overview is that it would reveal that masks have failed to stop the spread one iota. By the very admission of those most fervently supporting lockdown policies, this fall has brought about the most widespread transmission of the virus to date. In fact, they are so frantic that in places like California, they are pushing new ideas … such as lockdowns and masks.

Well, actually, they are not such new ideas. Indeed, they have been wearing masks for over 150 days and have never fully come out of the original lockdown. Yet after cases have been relatively low there for months, they are now skyrocketing. The masks have been caught red-handed, just like in the Czech Republic and every other place that had a good result until they didn’t!

The spread is so strong in Los Angeles County that it now has nearly twice as many cases per capita as Florida.

Florida already had a stronger wave in the summer, so there was more immune resistance among the population to the heavy fall wave of the virus. Whereas precisely because California had relatively few cases until recently, it is getting hit with a rapid transmission. But that is the broader point. This is all about regional seasonality and built-up immunity – 100% natural phenomena. The “virus is gonna virus” regardless of what we do. We can throw cloths on our faces as medieval superstitious sacraments to the gods of the masks, but that won’t change the fact that the virus has its own natural trajectory.

The sophomoric and ephemeral COVID observations contrasting different states and countries are getting old. The media jumps on a specific area for having a lot of cases … until that area no longer does. The media lauds an area for having few cases … until that area gets slammed. Numerous states and countries went months without problems, despite limited non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as mask-wearing. Yet nobody used that fact against the mask cult. Then when it finally spread, the transmission is blamed on not wearing masks. Conversely, all the places that were wearing masks and did well initially were touted as displays of mask magic. Then, when the cases began to soar and they clamored for lockdowns and mask mandates, they suddenly forget those places already had mandates in place.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realize that masks and lockdowns are not driving this ship. The areas that do worse later on are precisely the ones that fared better before. For reasons that are still unknown in some cases, it is simply their time to spread, but once their turns came, the fact that they had less built-up immunity made the subsequent spread even worse.

Population density also plays a big role in the timing, because the states out west with lower density got hit long after the denser eastern areas, so naturally the western states will get hit the hardest after the eastern states built up resistance for seven months while the western ones initially dodged the bullet.

One of my friends at gave an eye-opening analysis on Twitter showing the near-perfect mechanical seasonal and geographic spread patterns of the virus since the spring, which demonstrates that time and place are the active ingredients even when individual states within the same region employed very divergent policies.

Rather than having the humility to acknowledge their fallibility in the face of this virus, California officials are doubling down on blaming people for not being compliant. But have you ever seen anyone in L.A. without a mask? According to Carnegie Mellon’s daily tracking surveys through social media, 95% of people in California report wearing masks. That average includes the rural areas, so it’s likely that in places like L.A. the compliance is closer to 100%. For people who would be most responsible for spread — those working indoors for hours at a time — there is almost no establishment that would allow the individual to work without a mask. It simply doesn’t exist.

The simple fact is that the virus is spreading in California exponentially more than it did in March when nobody was wearing a mask. Does this mean masks are responsible for the spread? Not necessarily. It likely means now is a time for the virus to spread. It’s all natural. But masks are not helping. However, they continue to accept the advice of Dr. Fauci to double down on a policy that has already failed to stop the sharpest spread.

The compliance for something this draconian is actually astounding. The mask cultists have gotten everything they wanted. And like everything made in China, the masks are not working. Now it’s time for them to own the results.

Coronavirus restrictions COVID-19 Dr. rachel levine Gov. tom wolf Homes Intelwars Mask mandates Pennsylvania watch

Masks now required inside Pennsylvania homes when members of different households gather

A new Pennsylvania COVID-19 mandate requires the wearing of masks in homes when members of different households gather, the Associated Press reported.

What are the details?

Dr. Rachel Levine, the state health secretary, said Tuesday the order applies even if people are physically distant, the AP noted. But Levine acknowledged that officials are relying on voluntary compliance rather than on enforcement, the outlet added.

The order applies to every indoor facility, in addition to private homes, the AP said.

More from the outlet:

A separate order mandates that people who are traveling to Pennsylvania from another state, as well as Pennsylvania residents who are returning home from out of state, must test negative for the virus within 72 hours prior to arrival. The order does not apply to people traveling back and forth for work or medical treatment. People who refuse to be tested will be required to quarantine for 14 days, Levine said.

Again, the state has no plans to enforce that measure, but is asking for voluntary compliance.

The AP said health officials blamed the spread of the virus in part to small indoor gatherings, and Levine noted that how Pennsylvania does in the coming weeks and months will depend largely on the public’s willingness to wear masks and practice social distancing.

“In the end, people will have the consequences of their actions as well as their families and their communities, and if they do not wear masks, if they do not social distance, then those communities are going to see even more spread of COVID-19,” Levine added, according to the outlet.

The numbers

The state is reporting more than 5,000 new infections per day, up more than 115% in just two weeks, the AP said, adding that more than 2,700 people are now hospitalized in Pennsylvania with COVID-19 — not far from the state record of about 3,000 in early May.

The AP said Pennsylvania will run out of Intensive Care Unit beds next month at the present admission rate, according to models from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

And the rate of positive COVID-19 test results, as well as deaths, have been rising, the outlet added.

While Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf imposed a state-at-home order and closed “non-life-sustaining” businesses early in the pandemic, the AP reported that Wolf and Levine have consistently said they don’t intend to implement another broad-based shutdown.

But Levine on Tuesday did not rule out more mitigation measures, the outlet said.

“Whether we have to do anything else really depends upon you. It depends upon the public, each one of us taking our responsibility for the common good of everyone in Pennsylvania,” Levine said, according to the AP. “And if we all do our part, and we stand united, then we might not need any further mitigation measures.”

Penn. bolsters mask, COVID test rules amid surge

Coronavirus Coronavirus restrictions Intelwars Kristi noem Mask mandates South dakota coronavirus Virus spread rates

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem worries about how ‘neighbors are treating neighbors’ over masks

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem challenged media narratives on the rise of positive coronavirus cases in her state Wednesday, denying that her refusal to implement a mask mandate or strict lockdown policies is the cause of surging cases.

Speaking to reporters, Noem said South Dakotans are tired and exhausted from the pandemic and that she worries about how people are treating their neighbors who have different opinions on masks, social distancing, or lockdowns.

“At this point, frankly, I’m getting more concerned about how neighbors are treating neighbors and how people are treating each other in their communities,” Noem said.

“I’ve consistently said that people that want to wear masks should wear masks and people who don’t shouldn’t be shamed because they choose not to. It has been clear from the beginning that I’m not in favor of mandating mask-wearing. I don’t believe that i have the authority to mandate that and that people can use their own personal responsibility to make a decision when it comes to masks.

“I don’t want to approach a policy or a mandate, looking to make people feel good. I want to do good,” she added when asked how she would respond to medical professionals calling for a statewide mask mandate.

According to KELO-TV, South Dakota reported 30 COVID-19 deaths Wednesday. The total number of positive coronavirus cases reported in the state since the pandemic began is 68,671. Of those positive cases, 48,757 people have recovered and 19,240 people still have active cases. There are currently 593 South Dakotans hospitalized with COVID-19.

Gov. Noem urged South Dakota residents to continue practicing personal hygiene and following guidelines from the state Department of Health on hand washing, social distancing, and mask-wearing. Though the health department recommends mask-wearing, Noem reiterated it is beyond her authority to mandate mask-wearing or implement legal penalties on South Dakota citizens who don’t wear masks. She also discussed how South Dakota’s per capita positive case rates compare to other states, noting that some states with mask mandates are actually doing worse than her state.

“Across the country and around the globe, cases are increasing. Over the past week, cases are on the rise in 48 states,” Noem said. “Some have said that my refusal to mandate masks is a reason why our cases are rising here in the state of South Dakota, and that is not true. Others have said that my refusal to advance harsh restrictions like lockdowns is another one of the reasons why our cases are rising and that is also not true.”

“There are 41 states that have some kind of mask mandate. Cases are on the rise in 39 of those 41 states,” she continued. “Now, some in the media are saying that South Dakota is the worst in the world right now, and that is absolutely false.”

Noem claimed several states that have implemented mask mandates are experiencing higher rates of spread for the virus than South Dakota.

“If you look at Wisconsin, they’ve had a mask mandate since August and they have a higher rate of spread than the state of South Dakota. You look at Montana, they’ve had a mask mandate in place since July. Both of those states have higher rates of spread than the state of South Dakota. When you look at Wyoming, it has the highest rate of spread in the nation.”

She pointed reporters to research from Johns Hopkins University that tracks new confirmed coronavirus cases per 1,000 people as daily counts as reported by each state. The research shows that there are several states with higher new case rates than South Dakota.

Reporters challenged Noem’s claim on social media. According to the New York Times, South Dakota has the second-highest amount of cases per 100,000 residents in the last seven days.

Ian Fury, a spokesman for Noem, replied to one columnist with the Argus Leader with a link to the Johns Hopkins research showing Wyoming, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Montana having higher confirmed case rates per 1,000 people.

During her press conference, Noem also mentioned that South Dakota remains below the national average mortality rate and has the “7th lowest case fatality rate in the country.”

The governor emphasized that residents should still take the virus seriously and that elderly people and those with pre-existing conditions are most vulnerable to fatal complications from contracting COVID-19. These groups need extra protection from the virus, Noem said.

She urged people to be diligent with their personal hygiene and to stay home if they feel sick.

On Tuesday, the Sioux Falls City Council adopted a mask mandate but did not enact a penalty for those who refuse to wear masks. Amid demands from medical experts and commentators that Noem adopt a mask mandate, she observed that imposing a mandate without enforcement is virtually the same as issuing guidelines without a mandate, as her administration has done.

“I’m going to continue to trust South Dakotans to make wise and well-informed decisions for them and for their families,” she said. “And I’m also reiterating my request that we all continue to show each other respect and understanding for everybody who makes choices that we may or may not agree with. And I ask that we all trust each other and remember that we’re all human beings working to get through this challenge together.

“Our greatest enemy is the virus,” Noem said.


Gov. Noem to Hold Media Availability

COVID-19 Covid-19 study Intelwars Mask mandates Mask study mask wearing

Horowitz: Massive Danish study on surgical masks found no statistically significant benefit against COVID-19

Most Western elites are telegraphing the message that we will be forced to cover our humanity with cheap Chinese face burkas indefinitely. They are mandating that even two-year-olds must wear masks. The long-term effects on the lungs, emotional and behavioral problems, and development of infants and toddlers is enormous. For such an unconstitutional invasion of personal liberty, they are responsible to show us some amazing degree of effectiveness of this cultish ritual. In fact, the data show the opposite.

The much-vaunted Danish mask study was finally published today in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine. Now we know why three medical journals were so averse to publishing its findings. The study completely obliterates the cultish devotion to masks. The results of this massive real-life controlled experiment show that the group that wore surgical masks in April experienced a 0.38% lower infection rate than the control group that did not wear masks. That is about one-third of one percent, which is so low that it could just be statistically random variances that demonstrate no definitive efficacy even to that infinitesimal level.

“The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use,” concluded the authors. “The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.”

There was a total of roughly 3,000 people in each group of the study, which would make this the largest study ever conducted on the efficacy of mask-wearing. In October, Berlingske, Denmark’s oldest operating daily newspaper, reported that three major journals – JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, and Lancet – refused to publish the study.

It appears that the study’s authors had to twist their tongues in order to get this study published by noting that “the estimates were imprecise and statistically compatible with an effect ranging from a 46% decrease to a 23% increase in infection.” They of course had to concede that their study doesn’t definitely rule out the idea that masks could be effective!

So, we’ve gone from masks being more effective than a vaccine to no incontrovertible evidence that they will ever work in some way.

It’s important to note that several studies have theorized that the virus might have gotten more contagious in recent months than it was in the spring. Assuming there is validity to that theory, this Danish study, which was conducted in April and May, would demonstrate that masks are ineffective even against the less contagious version of the virus.

Then again, there is nothing new about mask-wearing to anyone paying attention. It has long been the policy of OSHA that respirators, such as an N-95s, are the minimum standard for personal protective equipment. We have always known that surgical masks, which have pores about 30 times larger than virus particles and are not form-fitted around the edges, cannot protect against airborne viruses such as the flu. Plus, most people, especially those who are indoors for a long period of time, such as in school and business settings, will tend to wear more comfortable cloth masks, which are even less effective and risk spreading the virus even more.

Which is why nobody should pay attention to the disclaimer in the study, which the authors clearly had to write in order to get the study accepted:

The findings, however, should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections, because the trial did not test the role of masks in source control of SARS-CoV-2 infection. During the study period, authorities did not recommend face mask use outside hospital settings and mask use was rare in community settings. This means that study participants’ exposure was overwhelmingly to persons not wearing masks.

This is a fair point – that at the time, most other people outside of the study group in Denmark were not wearing masks. The problem is we’ve seen the virus spread to everyone in the ensuing months, including in places with 100% mask compliance. In a recent CDC study, 85% of those convalescent COVID patients surveyed reported that they wore masks always or most of the time during the lead-up to their infection period. Thus, the Danish study results clearly corroborate what we see with our own eyes in all environments.

We have seen this result from over six months of real-life experience in the world and even in the military with 100% compliance. Mask-wearing is the only edict that can result in zero efficacy and then use that lack of efficacy against the virus, as witnessed by the massive spread, as further pretext … to double down on mask-wearing! My son was yelled at for slipping his mask down in a dentist’s office for a few seconds when the doctor and hygienist would literally be in his mouth for a much longer period of time. Have we ever experienced something this destructive and illogical in our lifetimes?

COVID-19 Covid-19 study Intelwars Mask mandates mask wearing

Horowitz: Massive Danish study on surgical masks found no statistically significant benefit against COVID-19

Most Western elites are telegraphing the message that we will be forced to cover our humanity with cheap Chinese face burkas indefinitely. They are mandating that even two-year-olds must wear masks. The long-term effects on the lungs, emotional and behavioral problems, and development of infants and toddlers is enormous. For such an unconstitutional invasion of personal liberty, they are responsible to show us some amazing degree of effectiveness of this cultish ritual. In fact, the data show the opposite.

The much-vaunted Danish mask study was finally published today in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine. Now we know why three medical journals were so averse to publishing its findings. The study completely obliterates the cultish devotion to masks. The results of this massive real-life controlled experiment show that the group that wore surgical masks in April experienced a 0.38% lower infection rate than the control group that did not wear masks. That is about one-third of one percent, which is so low that it could just be statistically random variances that demonstrate no definitive efficacy even to that infinitesimal level.

“The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use,” concluded the authors. “The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.”

There was a total of roughly 3,000 people in each group of the study, which would make this the largest study ever conducted on the efficacy of mask-wearing. In October, Berlingske, Denmark’s oldest operating daily newspaper, reported that three major journals – JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, and Lancet – refused to publish the study.

It appears that the study’s authors had to twist their tongues in order to get this study published by noting that “the estimates were imprecise and statistically compatible with an effect ranging from a 46% decrease to a 23% increase in infection.” They of course had to concede that their study doesn’t definitely rule out the idea that masks could be effective!

So, we’ve gone from masks being more effective than a vaccine to no incontrovertible evidence that they will ever work in some way.

It’s important to note that several studies have theorized that the virus might have gotten more contagious in recent months than it was in the spring. Assuming there is validity to that theory, this Danish study, which was conducted in April and May, would demonstrate that masks are ineffective even against the less contagious version of the virus.

Then again, there is nothing new about mask-wearing to anyone paying attention. It has long been the policy of OSHA that respirators, such as an N-95s, are the minimum standard for personal protective equipment. We have always known that surgical masks, which have pores about 30 times larger than virus particles and are not form-fitted around the edges, cannot protect against airborne viruses such as the flu. Plus, most people, especially those who are indoors for a long period of time, such as in school and business settings, will tend to wear more comfortable cloth masks, which are even less effective and risk spreading the virus even more.

Which is why nobody should pay attention to the disclaimer in the study, which the authors clearly had to write in order to get the study accepted:

The findings, however, should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections, because the trial did not test the role of masks in source control of SARS-CoV-2 infection. During the study period, authorities did not recommend face mask use outside hospital settings and mask use was rare in community settings. This means that study participants’ exposure was overwhelmingly to persons not wearing masks.

This is a fair point – that at the time, most other people outside of the study group in Denmark were not wearing masks. The problem is we’ve seen the virus spread to everyone in the ensuing months, including in places with 100% mask compliance. In a recent CDC study, 85% of those convalescent COVID patients surveyed reported that they wore masks always or most of the time during the lead-up to their infection period. Thus, the Danish study results clearly corroborate what we see with our own eyes in all environments.

We have seen this result from over six months of real-life experience in the world and even in the military with 100% compliance. Mask-wearing is the only edict that can result in zero efficacy and then use that lack of efficacy against the virus, as witnessed by the massive spread, as further pretext … to double down on mask-wearing! My son was yelled at for slipping his mask down in a dentist’s office for a few seconds when the doctor and hygienist would literally be in his mouth for a much longer period of time. Have we ever experienced something this destructive and illogical in our lifetimes?

Coronavirus tyranny Covid lockdowns COVID-19 Intelwars Mask mandates Mask tyranny Masks

Horowitz: Pro-mask study withdrawn after virus spread in counties analyzed by researchers

Call it the divine rule of masks. You shall not utter a negative word about them. You shall never question their effectiveness, even when they’ve failed to work for six months. You shall never be caught without the idol on your face – even on the face of your two-year-old, for that matter. You shall worship the cloth until the bitter end.

It doesn’t take a scientist to see that masks don’t work. The experience of unprecedented universal mask-wearing for months – even in places that had few COVID cases to begin with but then skyrocketed after mask use – demonstrates that the idea of wearing a mask to block a respiratory virus is sheer lunacy. Yet one group of researchers tried to cherry-pick data from a selected counties to show that cases dropped after the mask mandate, without any regard for the fact that each wave only lasts for about 6-8 weeks in a given area before dissipating – regardless of what actions are taken by the local population. Then it comes back a few times until everyone has been exposed to the virus.

On October 23, researchers from MIT and the University of California San Francisco published a preprint study titled, “Decrease in Hospitalizations for COVID-19 after Mask Mandates in 1083 U.S. Counties.” Somehow, we were to believe that these counties bucked the worldwide trend of cases spiking after a mask mandate. In reality, these were merely counties that likely already peaked in terms of the viral reproduction rate by the time the mandate was in place, so the cases were destined to drop anyway. That is, until the next natural wave.

On November 4, they were forced to withdraw the study “because there are increased rates of SARS- CoV-2 cases in the areas that we originally analyzed in this study.” Oops. I guess the masks worked until they didn’t.

The authors say they plan to publish “an updated analysis using data from the second and now third wave of SARS-CoV-2 in this country soon.” However, the obvious fact is lost on them. The very fact that there are multiple waves demonstrates that this is a natural phenomenon and will keep going until it burns through the population regardless of what we put on our faces. When the virus is burning out in a given area, nothing can be done to rekindle it. Conversely, when it is spreading, no amount of “non-pharmaceutical interventions” will arrest the spread.

This is why proponents of the mask religion are resorting to fabricating data in order to demonstrate effectiveness while blocking the publication of any study, such as the large Danish randomized controlled trial, demonstrating that masks don’t work.

Then again, we don’t need any fancy study to project or predict what we see with our eyes. The virus is spreading universally more than ever (because of the cold weather and seasonality) despite months of extremely unprecedented draconian mask-wearing and other voodoo restrictions. Nowhere is this more evident than in the military, where there is more compliance than you will ever experience in a civilian population, which itself has been remarkably obsequious on the mask issue.

Last week, researchers for the Naval Medical Research Center in Maryland and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showing how mask-wearing and social isolation failed to stop the spread among U.S. Marine Corps recruits at Parris Island. The over 3,000 participants were divided into two study groups, and those who tested positive up front were removed from the group on day 1. By day 14, spread was actually greater among those in the supervised quarantine group (2.8%) than in the control group (1.7%).

What was the protocol for those in the quarantine group?

All recruits wore double-layered cloth masks at all times indoors and outdoors, except when sleeping or eating; practiced social distancing of at least 6 feet; were not allowed to leave campus; did not have access to personal electronics and other items that might contribute to surface transmission; and routinely washed their hands. They slept in double-occupancy rooms with sinks, ate in shared dining facilities, and used shared bathrooms. All recruits cleaned their rooms daily, sanitized bathrooms after each use with bleach wipes, and ate preplated meals in a dining hall that was cleaned with bleach after each platoon had eaten. Most instruction and exercises were conducted outdoors. All movement of recruits was supervised, and unidirectional flow was implemented, with designated building entry and exit points to minimize contact among persons. All recruits, regardless of participation in the study, underwent daily temperature and symptom screening. Six instructors who were assigned to each platoon worked in 8-hour shifts and enforced the quarantine measures.

This is everything that Dr. Fauci and the other fascists have asked for, right?

Now, anyone who has been in military training can tell you that if a drill sergeant commands you to do something, you listen. This is doubly true for a protocol that is regarded with the upmost importance for public health. Yet the masks were worthless. Now extrapolate this for a civilian population. You will never obtain more control over a population and achieve a greater degree of compliance than in a group of Marine recruits, and these absurd measures failed miserably. Just like they failed with a group of Army recruits at Fort Benning.

The good news is that the study also found that 90% of those infected among this predominantly young population were asymptomatic, consistent with other research. So why are we abusing children and young adults with tactics that don’t work for a virus that is not dangerous to them?

It’s about control and idolatry. Except this form of idolatry requires more faith in cloth diapers than the men of cloth have in God.