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Friday Free Form- Paratus, Glocks, Mags, Economics and Life

Today is Paratus if you celebrate it.

I had a Commander Zero week in terms of guns appearing for prices I just can’t pass up. Without going into details I am planning to stick with Gen 1-3 Glock 9mm’s.

Brownells has Magpul Glock 19 15 round mags 10/$119 which is a smoking deal! I have used them in John Mosbys Clandestine Carry Pistol class and IDPA. They are totally reliable and work just fine. If I recall John said minus one bad mag he liked them.

I also went ahead and ordered a spare complete BCG for  my AR-15. It happened to also be on sale.

The last week has been stupid expensive here. Not a week that can happen often but it went a long way in securing my supply of magazines.

In yesterdays post I hit on some points that merited expansion and repetition.

Economics- It is pretty likely that we will see some sort of economic downturn in the next couple years or so. Might be a good idea to take profits on some stocks that have run and put them elsewhere. Silver and gold are cheap right now. Paying off debt, especially high or variable interest debt, it always a good idea. Cash is pretty handy also.

The biggest thing I was getting at yesterday is that preparedness concerns shouldn’t run your life. In most cases (obviously not a 50th story apartment in Manhattan) you can get quite prepared without major life changes. You should move to a cabin in the woods because you want to live there for the fly fishing or whatever, not just because you are worried about some unlikely event. Live how you want to, with some emergency preparedness insurance, so that if things go more or less normally you won’t be disappointed.

Beyond that I need to schedule a range trip for the next week. Also work on some new goals. Organize some stuff and make a couple of lists.

What have you been up to?

AK-47 AKM Commander Zero Intelwars mags

Magapaloza at Commander Zeros Place

Our buddy up in the beautiful frozen wasteland of Montana stumbled into a metric shit ton of magazines. He is selling 20 round Tapco AK mags for 10/100 delivered. That’s right. That is a darn good deal. Those 20’s are useful for keeping the gun loaded in say a bag or whatnot. I want some.

He also has Butler Creek 25rd 10/22 magazines! For those its running 10/$100 for steel lips and 14/$100 for the hotlips. Keep that .22 well fed with an order of these.

Personally I bought 10 of the Butler Creek steel lips.

If things weren’t a bit tight (I’m fine its just been an expensive month.) at the moment I would have ordered 20 of both the AK mags and the 10/22 mags.

I have bought mags from our buddy CZ before. They ship quickly and are always as described. Also he is a like minded guy and we need to do better at supporting our own. This goes triple if they are actually engaging in actual commerce not being blegging moochers.

Mags are important. Without a magazine modern semi automatic firearms are shitty single shots. Most reliability issues with semi automatic weapons are magazine related. The way to fix magazine related reliability issues is by throwing away the shitty old one and replacing it with a new one. I stock mags deeper than most at 10 per pistol and 20 per rifle (minimum). Some folks like more and others like less.

The mid term elections are coming fast and not too far down the road will be another presidential election. It doesn’t take a genius to see we will probably have some associated panic and all of that. Best that you, within reason based on your finances and other priorities, get squared away now. That is why I prioritized buying some 10/22 mags. One of those new Ruger 10/22 takedowns has been calling my name lately and it will need mags.

For full disclosure I received no compensation for this post. All the purchases I have made from our friend CZ have been at the same price offered to everyone else. I mention it because they are smoking deals on good stuff you all can use.

Anyway if you need 10/22 or AK mags this is a good chance to buy them. Buy now or risk crying later.