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This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global.

Are there people on YouTube or other platforms that YOU’RE ADDICTED to and love every word coming out of their mouths? When I ask around, many tell me that Ray Dalio is a favorite of theirs, or Howard Marks or Jeff Gundlach.

The reason why so many LOVE THEM is because they confirm their bias on markets.

Who wants to listen to someone they HATE and have nothing in common with? I do!

If I see a successful person who has views opposite of mine, I cherish the relationship.


Ray Dalio, Howard Marks and Jeff Gundlach, among others, talk about MACROECONOMICS and I want to tell you that even if they get the macro right, it DOES NOTHING to their portfolios, as you can see.

Look at the performance of Bridgewater Associates for NEARLY A DECADE; they suck, point-blank.

Any institution, college endowment or pension fund that decided to PLAY IT SAFE and go with Mr. Dalio’s firm, had been MUCH BETTER OFF just buying the index fund.

Macroeconomics creates ZERO VALUE when picking stocks; it might help in understanding how to allocate funds among the various asset classes, but it never REPLACES STOCK PICKING skills.


Of course it’s fun to listen to a GURU who confirms your worldview, but there’s nothing QUITE LIKE results. The name of the game is results!

None of these WALL STREET TYCOONS saw Bitcoin like we did!

Portfolio Wealth Global covered Bitcoin below $500, a position that is up over 2,000%!

None of these WALL STREET TYCOONS bought stocks in the MARCH PANIC, but we did, IN DROVES, through the three watch lists reports we published to you!

None of these WALL STREET TYCOONS went big on silver or gold, but we did!

The name of the game is RESULTS.

Owning stocks is PRIORITY NO.1 for any person who is looking to grow wealthier, especially if they’re cheap. In March, they were JUST THAT, but these suits were too afraid to WALK THE TALK, while we issued THREE WATCHLISTS, full of goodies!


Homebuilders are telling us that millennials are entering the HOUSING MARKET; are you going to keep listening to the doomsday crowd, which keeps telling you that millennials don’t have two nickels to RUB TOGETHER, or will you look at facts, objectively?

I’ve been investing in real estate since 2010 and it’s been a GOOD INVESTMENT the whole time.

Don’t listen to the macroeconomic doom forecasts; see what’s happening ON THE GROUND.

Huge alerts coming from us!

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