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This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global.

Covid-19 is a GIANT MESS, which happened when the world’s economic machine was DOING AMAZING!

Many people WILL SCOFF at this, saying that their own personal situation wasn’t great and that there’s poverty and misery all around them. True, there are and probably WILL CONTINUE TO BE disharmonious circumstances in every city, in every neighborhood, and in each and every country, but those have LITTLE TO DO with the economic machine.

There’s a MAD RACE in place; you’re IN IT, whether you’re aware of it or not — it’s called CAPITALISM and though we keep hearing that “capitalism is broken,” please don’t KID YOURSELF!

If somebody else in your area is getting richer, wiser, more sophisticated, more loved, healthier or JUST BETTER and you are not, he is CAPITALIZING ON REALITY, while you’re not.

Do you want everything to be TRULY FAIR, before you begin to play the game? DON’T BE NAÏVE!

Nothing is fair and especially with governments; their single role is to do the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM to keep the masses in line.

Don’t rely on anything EXTERNAL; all riches start with ACTION on the part of the individual.

Did anyone tell young Warren Buffett to hit the books at age 13? He read hundreds of business and finance books by the time he graduated high school. Did anyone tell Elon Musk to develop PayPal or Tesla?

Do you think Steve Jobs’ mother pushed him to come up with the iPhone?

These people didn’t care who was the man in the WHITE HOUSE, what interest rates were, what their competition looked like or how IMPOSSIBLE AND UNLIKELY it was to become a self-made billionaire — they RE-WROTE HISTORY! believes we’re in a HUGE BULL MARKET for precious metals, but unless one positions himself to make a fortune from it, the WHOLE THING means nothing to him, apart from some bragging rights.

Execute now; it takes DRAMATIC ACTION and relentless commitment to making it happen; don’t be fooled by the media. Success is always the result of a combination of the following:

  1. HIGH CONVICTION GOAL with no excuses – NONE WHATSOEVER about why it won’t get done.
  2. A support group; either FULL PARTNERS on the journey or closely-intimate associates and mentors.
  3. Charming personality; don’t think you can REALLY SUCCEED without an attractive character.
  4. BELIEF!

Put it in SIXTH GEAR and get it done; NO EXCUSES!

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