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Biden campaign lashes out after Trump invites Hunter Biden’s former business partner as guest to final debate

The Joe Biden presidential campaign lashed out in a fiery statement after the Trump campaign reportedly
invited a former business associate of Hunter Biden as a guest to the presidential debate on Thursday.

“As Chris Wallace said on the air about this very smear, ‘Vice President Biden has actually released this tax returns – unlike President Trump – and there is no indication he ever got any money from anybody in these business deals.'” read the
statement from the Biden campaign.

Tony Bobulinski is a former Navy lieutenant and businessman who has contradicted the claims from Joe Biden that he never spoke to his son about business matters. Prior to the second debate between Biden and Trump, Bobulinski held a media briefing to announce that he was handing over electronic devices with evidence of his claims to the federal authorities.

“Joe Biden has never even considered being involved in business with his family, nor in any overseas business whatsoever. He has never held stock in any such business arrangements nor has any family member or any other person ever held stock for him,” the Biden campaign statement continued.

“What is true is that Tony Bobulinski admitted on the record to Breitbart that he is angry he was *not* able to go into business with Hunter and James Biden,” the statement said. “What is also true is that in contrast to Vice President Biden, Donald Trump has a secret bank account and pays more in taxes in China than he pays in federal income taxes in the United States – and that this is a desperate, pathetic farce executed by a flailing campaign with no rationale for putting our country through another four years of hell.”

Bobulinski said in he media briefing that he had no political axe to grind against the Bidens and that the few times he had given to political campaigns were those of Democrats.

He did not answer when asked by the media if he had any association with Rudy Giuliani, who has been doggedly pursuing damaging information to the Biden family.

Here’s the video of Bobulinski’s media presser:

Tony Bobulinski held presser claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals

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Glenn Beck reveals Biden family’s slave-owning history — but will the left CANCEL him?

Do you believe that all human beings are created equal and none of us should be held accountable for what our ancestors did?

That’s what Glenn Beck believes, but — as he pointed out on the radio program Monday — the critical-theory-loving left is out to cancel our “entire country” and its founding because of our history with slavery. Unless, that is, the slave-owning lineage happens to belong to one of their own.

A new report from a famous, well-known genealogy organization shows hard evidence that Joe Biden’s ancestral line owned slaves, just like Thomas Jefferson, who, according to the left, must be destroyed. So, why has nobody looked into that?

“Everyone is too comfortable, in the Democratic Party, with this cancel culture. The entire country is canceled now because of our history,” Glenn stated. “This bleeds into your personal history. Redemption no longer means anything. A pivot point, life changing, a switch in thinking or behavior — it counts for nothing with the left.”

Glenn pointed out how people like Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and ABC’s late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel can either use or make fun of blackface without being cancelled. And then there’s Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who worked with segregationists, but is somehow exempt from cancellation. Biden’s crime bill was the exact opposite of what the left is now proposing. How many black Americans were sent to prison because of that law? And yet, Joe “you-ain’t-black” Biden is continues to be immune to the left’s cancer culture rage.

“You know, the left went after [President] Trump’s family history and viciously knocked his roots. The New York Times went after the family’s business dealings, going back to his father. The media has gone after his children, despite no criminal activity … and the attacks even include the president’s youngest child, Barron,” Glenn said. “But what about Biden’s father’s ancestral line? Why has nobody looked into that?”

Glenn shared the details of the report’s findings, which you can also find HERE.

“It’s weird that nobody has ever really dug this far into Biden’s father’s side, or family. Or did they and just did not want this to get out?” Glenn asked. “After knowing this, and if you worship at the altar of cancel culture and social justice, can you call for the destruction of statues and monuments and still vote for Joe Robinette Biden? After all, his family was there, and they owned slaves — just like Thomas Jefferson who must now be destroyed.

“Can you still vote for Joe Biden? Can you do it? I’m just curious. I don’t know. I don’t make the rules. If you call the America of today an evil country, based off its past, then what does that make Joe Biden?” he added. “I personally don’t think the sins of his family tree mean anything at all to the man of today. But that’s not how today’s modern left operates now, is it? I mean, I’m just going by their rules. And if I go by their rules, Joe Biden should be canceled.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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