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Detroit police chief blasts left-wing lawmakers for demanding probe on cops’ ‘excessive force’ while ignoring violence against officers

Who’s afraid of left-wing U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Detroit? Not the city’s police chief, James Craig, that’s for sure.

Last year, Craig cautioned Tlaib to mind her tongue after she called the police department’s facial-recognition system “bulls**t.”

A few months later, Tlaib told the chief that only black analysts should monitor the facial recognition system. But James — who is black — fired back at Tlaib and called her demand “disturbing” and “delusional.”

What’s up now?

Tlaib is now among a handful of lawmakers calling for a probe into what they characterize as officers’ use of “excessive force” on protesters, legal observers, and journalists during civil unrest this summer, the Detroit Free Press reported.

In a letter the lawmakers said protesters have the right to demonstrate without fear of violence, incarceration, or intimidation from law enforcement, the paper said, adding that they said an investigation is needed.

“The lack of accountability and urgency to investigate claims of excessive force and constitutional violations, coupled with a dismissive attitude of the movement for racial justice, has eroded public trust and community relationships,” the lawmakers stated, according to the Free Press. “Internal investigations by the Detroit Police Department cannot fix this.”

But Craig wasn’t having any of it.

“It’s unfortunate that these representatives have chosen to repeat a number of false claims in their letter without verifying the facts,” he shot back in a statement, the paper said. The chief noted that a civilian oversight body reviews complaints against officers in addition to the department’s internal affairs unit and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, the Free Press said.

“What really disturbs me is that when the protesters assaulted Detroit Police Officers with rocks, railroad spikes, and fireworks, never once did these representatives ask for an independent investigation into their violent criminal activity,” James added in his statement, the paper said.

Anything else?

The dust-up comes on the heels of a federal judge ordering a temporary ban on Detroit officers using anti-protest gear — such as shields, batons, tear gas, rubber bullets, and more — against peaceful protesters. James seemed unimpressed with the ruling, saying his officers have been respecting the rights of peaceful protesters and have only moved on non-peaceful individuals.

Of course, the likes of Tlaib and other left-wing officials probably aren’t thrilled that James has spoken out against lawless behavior and his officers’ response to it with the likes of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:

Detroit Police Chief: We support anger, we don’t support ‘mob mentality’

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Protests erupt over Detroit police shooting — then police chief destroys narrative with video footage

Protests erupted in Detroit on Friday after police shot and killed 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton earlier in the day. Within hours of the fatal shooting, rumors quickly circulated that Littleton was another victim of police brutality.

“We hear one thing from the police, and another thing from the community. The community told us that the police pulled up, told (him) to get on the ground. He put his hands up, and these mother f****** shot him in the back of the head,” Asar Amen-Ra, a man who described himself as Littleton’s uncle, told the Detroit Free Press.

However, Detroit Police Chief James Craig worked to quickly flip the narrative on its head, releasing officer dash camera and body camera footage within hours of the fatal shooting to dispel the rumors.

At a press conference, Craig explained that officers were attempting to arrest an unrelated man when Littleton told officers, “you are not going to take my man, in other words, take him into custody,” before pulling out a handgun and opening fire on officers.

Littleton fired two shots before officers returned fire. Craig said that Littleton managed to fire two more shots as he fell to the ground. In total, three officers fired just four shots, Craig said.

The police chief explained that video showed Littleton aimed for one officer’s head — but fortunately missed.

“He was using a .25 caliber blue steel automatic pistol. This comes from body cameras as well as an in dash camera from one of our scouts,” Craig said, Fox News reported. “There were eight shots fired in five seconds. Four fired by three officers, one officer fired two shots, and then four shots fired by the suspect.”

“As Littleton raised the gun in his left hand he was aiming at the head of the officer,” he explained.

No officers were injured in the shooting. However, the involved officers have been placed on administrative leave pending a complete investigation.

According to the Washington Post, Littleton was on probation for an unarmed robbery and a weapons charge.

Graphic video of fatal shooting released by DPD to combat rumors on social media