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The United States Has Become A Banana Republic

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

If we continue destroying the U.S. dollar at our current pace, toilet paper will eventually be more valuable than U.S. dollars.  I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true.  Once the COVID pandemic hit the United States, those that control the levers of power in this country decided to go “full Weimar” and they never looked back.

As a result, the size of our money supply is rising at a rate that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago.  To illustrate what I am talking about, I would like for you to check out this chart that was posted on Twitter by James Turk.  As you can see, M1 was up by more than 50 percent in 2020.

We’ve never had a year like that in all of U.S. history.  What we are doing is literally insane, but most Americans aren’t even aware of what is happening because the mainstream media isn’t talking about it.

If you are not familiar with “M1”, here is a definition that comes from Investopedia

M1 is the money supply that is composed of physical currency and coin, demand deposits, travelers’ checks, other checkable deposits, and negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts. M1 includes the most liquid portions of the money supply because it contains currency and assets that either are or can be quickly converted to cash. However, “near money” and “near, near money,” which fall under M2 and M3, cannot be converted to currency as quickly.

When new money enters the system, every dollar that you are currently holding becomes less valuable.

And if your paycheck does not rise at the same rate that the money supply is rising, that means that your paycheck becomes less valuable as well.

It is helpful to think of our money system as a pie.  When more dollars are added to the pie, your share of the pie steadily becomes smaller.

So who does benefit when the pie is expanded?

The ultra-wealthy do, and I will discuss that more below.

But first, I wanted to share another chart with you.  The first chart from James Turk showed how M1 has been rising on a percentage basis, and this next chart which comes directly from the Federal Reserve shows how M1 has been rising on an absolute basis…

Just look at that for a moment.

It truly is breathtaking.  M1 has literally been rising at almost a vertical rate, and it makes all of the inflation that has come before look almost meaningless.

This is why the stock market keeps hitting record high after record high.  Stocks started to crash when COVID first started to spread in the United States, and the Federal Reserve decided to do whatever was necessary to rescue the markets.  The “unprecedented” response that we witnessed ended up being “a key driver of billionaire wealth” in 2020…

A key driver of billionaire wealth concentration was the unprecedented monetary policy response to stabilize financial markets in the early days of the pandemic, which spurred the stock market’s gravity-defying rise. When Wall Street was on the verge of panic in March, the Federal Reserve intervened with the promise of low rates and an open-ended liquidity spigot.

In addition, Congress just kept passing “stimulus package” after “stimulus package” in a desperate attempt to “rescue” the economy.

But in the process, they borrowed and spent trillions of dollars that we did not have, and that also helped to fuel our transition into hyperinflation.

The good news is that hyperinflation is not showing up at the grocery store or at Walmart yet.  Eventually, it will happen, but so far consumer prices are just rising at a pace that is quite a bit brisker than usual.  Where we are seeing hyperinflation is in stock prices, high-end real estate in rural and suburban areas, and in other areas of the economy that the ultra-wealthy have been pouring their money into.

Despite the fact that we just endured one of the worst economic years in U.S. history, 2020 was actually a banner year for billionaires

Between roughly mid-March and Dec. 22, the United States gained 56 new billionaires, according to the Institute for Policy Studies, bringing the total to 659. The wealth held by that small cadre of Americans has jumped by more than $1 trillion in the months since the pandemic began.

According to a December report issued jointly by Americans for Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies using data compiled by Forbes, America’s billionaires hold roughly $4 trillion in wealth — a figure roughly double what the 165 million poorest Americans are collectively worth. The 10 richest billionaires have a combined net worth of more than $1 trillion.

Last year the rich got a whole lot richer, and the poor got a whole lot poorer.

As I discussed the other day, 2020 was a “personal financial disaster” for 55 percent of all Americans.  The year ended with close to 20 million Americans still receiving government unemployment benefits, and poverty and homelessness have been exploding all around us.

In some cases, people were waiting in lines that were up to 12 hours long just to get a couple of bags of groceries at food banks around the nation.  We haven’t seen anything like this since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and many are expecting things to get even worse in 2021.

And with each passing day, more businesses are closing and more Americans are being laid off.

The retail sector has been hit particularly hard.  The following comes from Axios

Malls are going belly up. Familiar names like J.C. Penney, Neiman Marcus and J. Crew have filed for bankruptcy. Increasingly, Americans’ shopping choices will boil down to a handful of internet Everything Stores and survival-of-the-fittest national chains.

And what we have experienced so far is just the tip of the iceberg.  One recent report projected that “100,000 brick-and-mortar U.S. retail stores will close by 2025”

A research report from UBS predicts that 100,000 brick-and-mortar U.S. retail stores will close by 2025, in a trend that started before the pandemic and has accelerated amid coronavirus-related shutdowns.

Our national landscape is already littered with abandoned stores and restaurants, and they are telling us that it is only going to get worse.

What is our country going to look like as this process plays out?

Of course our authorities will just respond to every new crisis by printing even more money.

That is what they did down in Venezuela, and now just about everyone in Venezuela is a millionaire.

But most of those “millionaires” are living in crushing poverty because the money is absolutely worthless.

Sadly, many other countries are doing the same thing that the U.S. is doing, and so this hyperinflationary spiral is not likely to end any time soon.

But let there be no doubt that we are also in a global economic depression.  Global GDP is about 8 percent lower than it was before the pandemic started, and the outlook for 2021 does not look promising at all.

If you think that there is a way for this economic story to end well, just go back and look at the M1 chart from the Federal Reserve one more time.

Every other time this has been tried in human history, the story has ended badly.

Our story is going to end badly too, and every American needs to get prepared to survive in a very painful hyperinflationary environment.

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About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available on  In addition to my new book, I have written four others that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on FacebookTwitter, and Parler, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.


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This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

In 2020, prices of virtually all asset classes that we follow have gone up. We published five Watch Lists (1, 2, 3, tech, and 5), were bullish on gold, silver, and Bitcoin – which just hit a new all-time high of $27,000 – and bearish on the U.S. dollar, which is suffering from its worst year in a long time.

Due to money printing and lackluster global trade, the demand for dollars is weak. If global trade is slowing down, there’s not much need to buy dollars and, of course, if tourism is restricted, that is also a major headwind for dollar demand.


In the meantime, if you’re a millennial or a Gen Z and are tying the knot or looking to own your home – since the government is willing to finance something in the order of 90% of it for 30 years at the lowest interest rate in history – you’re looking for any way imaginable to qualify and apply for a mortgage.

There’s literally no better deal in the history of deals than getting a mortgage for a home right now, which is the reason Portfolio Wealth Global believes that real estate prices, housing construction and the entire industry (as a whole) will continue to prosper, boom and employ Americans for years to come.

This year, the 30yr fixed mortgage hit sixteen weekly new lows, an annual record for the number of times it has done so in a single calendar year!

Next up Bitcoin; personally, I’d be cautious with Bitcoin. Portfolio Wealth Global first covered Bitcoin at well below $700, and over the years there have been opportunities to own it below $1,000 and $5,000, but its recent run is a testament to how fast sentiment changes with it.

We’re definitely cautious.

What about stocks? Are they in a bubble? Our answer may surprise you, but we’re bullish.

We’re actually about to release our sixth Watch List and do not believe there are many reasons to see a flat year in 2021.

Valuations are rich in some sectors and with certain names, but the world is dramatically changing and investors are betting heavily on the future. In other words, if you were waiting all of these years for the reset, you’re living through it.

It may not be just what you imagined, but these are pretty much the early stages of it.


What about gold? Real rates bottomed right around the election and the vaccine announcement, and are headed in the direction of -1% and lower, which will send gold, in all likelihood, above $2,000/ounce in short order.

There are also clear signs of inflation, both with agricultural commodities, as well as with oil.

This is what the markets view as real-world inflation and our analysis is that 2021 will be better for silver than it will for gold. Both will do well (we forecast new all-time highs for gold), but with the right backdrop, silver could hit even $35 and $40!


Clearly, the agricultural commodities have FINALLY bottomed after more than a decade and are on the rise.

If this trend is real, it will be impactful. Food and energy (oil is on the rise as well) are both items that people immediately sense in their pockets and connect with inflation.

Our conclusion is simple: it’s a recovery year, and people who are feeling the beginning of the end will rejoice and make decisions that will generate money velocity.

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This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

Silver’s price is tied with inflation much more than gold’s is. In the 1970s, as inflation raged in the United States, silver rose to $50/ounce, having started the decade at under $2. It was a sensational decade for the white metal.

However, in the 1980s and 1990s, as deflationary forces brought interest rates down rapidly, the metal’s price languished. Today, its price is HALF of what it was in 1980!

Obviously, investing in silver is NOT similar to investing in gold, which does enjoy a long-term appreciation under both deflationary and inflationary environments.

The question, then, is whether or not there’s a potentially interesting trade setting up in silver now that it has doubled from its March lows.

The answer depends on inflationary pressures and inflationary expectations.

  1. We are seeing that the dollar is dramatically weakening, which is the first sign that silver is likely to enjoy the momentum.

Here’s the dollar chart as it stands today:


It doesn’t feel like the trend is swinging, either. This seems to be a long-term structural decline. Even the price of oil is back over $50/barrel.

  1. Silver’s price has already tested $30 this year and has shown that in the first stages of a recovery, however weak it may be, it can surge by triple-digits.

In 2009, for instance, it appreciated from $9 to $49 in two short years.

Again, this is a trade that could be capitalized upon, not a buy-and-hold idea.

  1. The price of silver has directly correlated with the price of oil over the years. With oil surging, this could be a critical bullish catalyst for silver.

In the end, silver is an ideal way of betting on inflation.

The Federal Reserve has done the heavy lifting for us. It arbitrarily mandated 2% inflation as some magical number. This means that the street will be bracing for inflation if the FED measures it as such.

Therefore, the smartest move is to watch that 2% gauge from Powell and his buddies.


In our world, we’re reaching a point that we call the DEBT LIMIT, which is the moment when deflating the currency supply by simply adding more debt is not productive.

This moment will change how investors view inflation.

Be prepared for it and study the topic thoroughly in the meantime.

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This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global.

No, we don’t think hyperinflation is coming!

How can inflation bazooka higher, when half of young adults live with their parents in 2020 and 38% of Americans are consumed with thoughts about how to make ends meet?

This doesn’t mean that gold and silver can’t or won’t rally in 2021 (inflation has been below 2% for over a decade), since gold responds to real yields, which are measured by 10-yr yield, subtracted by CPI. So even with CPI at current levels (disinflation), as long as rates go down, that negative real yield helps gold.

Silver is an even stranger cat since it responds best to dollar weakness and, boy, do we have plenty of that…

Why are we focusing on pain, though, if vaccines are approved and if the beginning of the end for this unique period is ahead of us? Well, the price that most small businesses paid to indirectly help, by supposedly slowing the spread of the virus to the people at risk of dying of Covid-19 has been huge.

One day you woke up and the government told you that your baby – your source of income, your pride and joy, the business you took time, effort, thought, sweat, and sacrifice to bring to the marketplace – had to remain closed.

Small businesses received minimal assistance and we’ll only learn just how horrible the situation is in 2021.

This is because the dust will settle, restrictions will ease and we’ll see who is left standing.


Bond investors, as you can see, bet on technology advancements and on disinflation. No one buys a negative-yielding bond for the income, of course. The only way to profit from this – and there’s a large incentive to capture gains – is to sell the bond for more than you paid for it.

Appreciation occurs when yields fall. The price of the underlying asset (the bond) shoots up.

Obviously, QE does not create inflation, as was previously assumed, since we’ve had over a decade of it and the FED keeps missing its target. The FED has little control over inflation, but we, the people, do.

What are the implications of so many Americans in this poverty-stricken position?

  1. With 36% of voters believing in fraud and with roughly 80% of Republicans believing foul play, any hardship will serve as a catalyst for more division.
  2. Government will play an even bigger role in the lives of most Americans, who stand to become even more dependent upon it.

It’s time to address this issue, once and for all.


We do not see how the unsustainable bullish stance in the stock market, coupled with the genuine distress of most Americans, continues to remain decoupled for another year.

The fundamental problems in the U.S. economy are bigger than what a central bank can address and, frankly, they’re not only more serious than what the government has to offer to “solve” them, but they’re being addressed with all of the wrong tools.

Nanny state capitalism is not a plan; Americans need to be inspired to get up and figure it out!

Pain cometh in 2021.

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This article was contributed by The Wealth Research Group.

Imagine having a rally car, like a smaller-category Ford Fiesta, on the starting line. Right next to it, imagine a semi-trailer truck, with more wheels, a much bigger engine, and more horsepower. Now, imagine that the little Ford Fiesta gets installed with the same engine as the semi-trailer, so they’re both racing with the same amount of horsepower. If they both press the pedal to the metal at the same moment, the Fiesta will fly out of the gate much more aggressively than the semi-trailer truck will.

Being more nimble and much lighter, it can race ahead much faster than its heavy opponent. Economic recessions make the velocity of currency stall. It makes it so that the semi-trailer and the tiny Fiesta hit a wall (semi-truck being a large business and Ford Fiesta representing a small business). Once the impact is felt, the survival rate of the truck driver is higher and the damage done to him is far less harmful than the fatal wounds inflicted upon the driver of the little Fiesta. If both survive, though, and are bailed out of the mess by fixing all of their issues, the first few seconds of the race will clearly be won by the Ford Fiesta since it’s built to shoot with speed from the starting line.

If the engineers feel that the damage to it was severe, they may over-repair it, installing an engine that doesn’t fit a small car, but a truck. They may have good intentions, but their error in judgment will lead to many issues down the road.

The pandemic was that wall. Both large businesses (semi-trailer trucks) and small businesses (Ford Fiesta rally cars) hit it simultaneously. Some trucks not only did not hit the wall but blasted through it, showing how strong they were (Amazon, Walmart, and other “shutdown winners”). Some smaller cars used that hole in the brick wall and passed through it, after the semi-trailers paved the way (Zoom, DocuSign, and the like). These not only did not get hurt by the recessionary wall; they got much stronger, since their competition totaled their cars, so to speak. Walls are not fair, nor are recessions. Some are able to go above them, under them, around them, or right through them, while others get wrecked. The pandemic wasn’t “fair” towards many businesses and it changed our world; no need denying that.

Because engineers, firefighters, mechanics, and rescue (governments and central banks) rushed to the scene immediately, the atmosphere of panic and disaster soon changed into hope and faith. Drivers imagined their cars going back on the road, better than ever (stock markets bounced fast in late March, rallied, and even entered euphoric valuations), all as cars were mostly still getting fixed, replaced, or totally renovated.

This metaphor is analogous to what has transpired thus far. The Republicans didn’t believe the wall was necessary, while the Democrats thought that this was one of the best ideas since the wall was put there, in order to stop the cars from potentially going over a cliff.

In the end, a few of the mechanics invented a seemingly great solution, a sensor that is aimed at clearing all future walls of this sort (vaccine), but many don’t trust the sensor and don’t want their vehicle to be wired with it. It’s important to remember that governments put the wall where it is. The wall represents the lockdowns and the shutdown.

To sum up our current situation, most cars (both large and small businesses) are in the final stages of getting their oil changed and their tires pumped with air; they’re almost ready to hit the road again.

From the point of standing still, the smaller cars obviously are better suited to get a better start. These “cars” are metaphorical to cyclical businesses, such as commodities, banks, and other industries, which were most hit and now have fresh legs, like hospitality, tourism, and retail stores.

These drivers haven’t been on the road in so long that they may push the gas pedal too much (an analogy for inflation).

2021 is not the reflation year; it is the inflation year and the starting gun will be the 2nd stimulus plan, which we expect to be announced in December, but more likely in January.

Right now, speculators can conjure up any scenario they want, but anyone who has ever seen what happens when the police stop traffic and then start it up again knows that they race out of there.

I expect inflation. I expect the next few weeks to feel like a double-dip recession, but come March, I expect gold to go north, north, north.

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No Wonder the Super-Rich Love Inflation

This article was originally published by Charles Hugh Smith at Of Two Minds Blog.

Asset inflation benefits the super-rich more than anyone else because they own the vast majority of these assets.

With the reflation euphoria running full blast, maybe central banks will finally get all that inflation they’ve been pining for. So let’s ask cui bono–who will benefit from inflation?

The Super-Rich love inflation and the money-printing that generates it. Longtime correspondent Michael M. explains the dynamic behind billionaires’ adoration of inflation:

“Why does a game of Monopoly work? Because there is a zero-boundary for every player’s net worth.

If you were given endless credit (so negative net worth is allowed without limit), the game becomes pointless.

Is there also an upper bound at Monopoly?

Well, the bank at Monopoly can run out of money, I had that happen a few times while playing. But we didn’t treat it as an upper boundary, but wrote the richest player an IOU and took that amount of cash bills from him and put them back in the bank to continue.

Rolling it around in my head, how else could you solve that problem? Confiscate the same amount from every (remaining) player and put it back in the bank instead? That would be pointless if most wealth is with one player and you want the game to continue.

Another option is to go Keynesian [in its true practical implementation] and confiscate 10% of each player’s net worth to “re-liquidate” the bank. This is very similar to “printing money,” just more explicit. Now we’re getting somewhere.

But that’s linear (a fixed percentage), so why not go with progressive confiscation rates, and take a higher percentage of the wealthier players’ net worth?

Wait a second, did I just stumble over the reason why the filthy rich love Keynesian economics? Because printing money only “taxes” everybody linearly, which is much better for the rich than progressive taxation, which is the global standard in income tax policies.”

Let’s explore this profound insight a bit more. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) holds that central banks/states can print as much money as they want without any adverse effects. From this, it’s a small step to sending every household a monthly stipend (Universal Basic Income–UBI) paid by freshly issued currency.

Given the unfairness of the income tax system, as the super-rich buy tax breaks, tax shelters, and subsidies via lobbying and political contributions, it’s just one more tiny step to eliminating income taxes entirely and printing all the money the state needs.

Why would this enrich the super-rich and impoverish the rest of us? Printing money in excess of the goods and services being generated creates inflation, which is a “tax” on all cash and wages, both of which have been losing ground for decades.

Inflation is best defined as a loss of purchasing power. With 10% inflation, $1 only buys 90 cents of real-world goods and services. Thus it’s the exact equivalent of a 10% tax not just on wages but on all cash.

The super-rich don’t rely on wages or cash savings; they own productive assets whose yields rise with inflation. The super-rich own apartments, so they can jack rents up 10%, matching inflation. They own assets which tend to retain their purchasing power even as inflation reduces the purchasing power of cash and wages.

Markets place a premium on any assets that keep pace or outpace inflation, so the value of the assets owned by the super-rich soar, further enriching the few who own these assets.

Asset inflation benefits the super-rich more than anyone else because they own the vast majority of these assets. So money-printing and the inflation it generates is a win-win for the rich. The “tax” rate of inflation / money-printing barely touches their incomes or wealth, both of which are tied to assets that rise along with inflation. All that money-printing pushes the value of their assets higher, making them even richer, which the inflation “tax” impoverishes everyone who depends on wages and cash.

No wonder the super-rich love MMT, money-printing and Keynesian giveaways of freshly printed currency–inflation makes them richer while it makes everyone else poorer. Going back to Michael’s analogy of a Monopoly game: inflation takes 10% of every player’s cash, but doesn’t touch their property holdings. So the wealthiest players’ net worth is barely dinted while players with fewer assets will find it difficult to survive as their cash is “taxed” away by inflation.


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This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Today, America is voting. One year ago, at this time, President Trump was pretty confident that he’d win a 2nd term. After all, tax cuts and major regulatory hurdles were removed. Through a combination of natural trends that were in motion and his administration’s policies, America was booming, economically speaking and the improvement was felt by enough Americans to give Trump a landslide victory.

Covid-19 opened the door for Democrats to re-enter the presidential race, so to speak; it forced Mr. Trump to manage a healthcare crisis, which is obviously not what he really wants to do, as a business-oriented individual. Many millions who weren’t raving Trump fans, but were quite happy with the way their careers and finances were going, were laid-off and now had an excuse to change their tune on the Republican Party.

It’s pretty safe to say that President Trump hates this virus, from a personal perspective. He was riding on the gravy train until it came along and forever changed many aspects of our lives, at least for the next 5-10 years.

Courtesy:, Convoy Investments

The markets have changed as well; the puck has moved towards fiscal stimulus and away from a monetary one. Tens of millions of Millennials have now become actively involved in stocks.

If, up until now, any word uttered from the mouths of Bernanke, Yellen or Powell, caused trillions of dollars to change hands, the next president will have an impact even greater than that. There are new top-trending fund managers; less than 1% of the population has truly realized just how different of a world we are entering.

The markets are now following what Congress does more than it cares for what the Federal Reserve can do. As a child, if you’d gone to Six Flags and went on the same ride a few times, even if it was the best one, the thrill factor had a diminishing effect. Even if there were no lines and you could do it time and again, most kids wouldn’t.

They’d much rather try a brand-new ride, a rollercoaster that they’ve never seen before – one with new colors and a fresh design in another part of the park.

Fiscal stimulus measures like direct deposits, checks to the bank account, and other socio-economic policies, which we will see in the years ahead, will be a critical catalyst for markets. They will be much broader in scope than Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security, and include demographics much younger than retirees.

We believe the U.S. government will act in such a way that inflationary expectations will rise, while the FED will attempt to suppress rates, thus sustaining negative real rates (as we’ve predicted for more than a year), while leaving the nominal bond yield in the positive range.

Trump or Biden; Washington will be fully engaged in MASSIVE DEFICIT SPENDING in this decade and commodity investors will flourish.

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collapse debt based system deflation Emergency Preparedness expectations experts firat currency Forecasting Gold Headline News Hoarding inflation Intelwars Interview Jake Ducey Lior Gantz political puppets Precious Metals Preparedness price explosion sebt bubble Silver weak dollar Weimar Republic World Youtube

Lior Gantz: “It’s Unsustainable! America’s Debt Problem Is Out Of Hand”

Source: YouTube screenshot

Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group recently sat down with Jake Ducey of the YouTube channel, I Love Prosperity to discuss the state of the economy and how to protect yourself from the coming debt-bubble price explosion.  The world is going to soon realize that America’s debt problem is out of hand, and simply not sustainable.

Gantz’s advice is to invest in gold and silver as a way to protect yourself from the coming debt bubble explosion and economic crash. In the coming years, people all over the world will begin to see the dollar as weak and notice that it isn’t the same fiat currency as it was before.

Ducey then asks Gantz about where we are going economically as far as inflation is concerned. Gantz says that we shouldn’t expect the Weimar Republic, but we should be prepared for negative rates by hoarding gold or silver.

The discussion of inflation is in-depth, but instead of fearing inflation, we should be more concerned about other elements all rolling together in this economy.

Gantz continues to suggest you have one year’s worth of savings, but you should also try to focus on growing a business for income increasing. You could also consider owning some mining stocks and other investments in gold and silver, for profit potential. Physical gold and silver will be a great investment too. Another great way is to ain some kind of marketable expert skill that could be utilized as income generation all the time. Because at some point, this whole debt-based system will crumble as it was designed to.

Be aware of what is going on in this insane economy. It probably won’t matter much who is elected. This destruction of the dollar is planned and orchestrated and it will be done to usher in the digital dollar of complete centralization and control.

Think It’s Bad Now? “It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins, The Dollar Is Going To Be DESTROYED!”


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charts Conspiracy Fact and Theory COVID-19 Donald Trump Draconian election Emergency Preparedness experts financial ruin Forecasting Headline News inflation Intelwars Joe Biden money price scamdemic selection


This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

Do you think Donald Trump is going to win or do you think it’s Biden? Whatever your answer is, MY RESPONSE remains the same: MARKETS are headed M-U-C-H H-I-G-H-E-R!

The amount of cash on the sidelines that’s EARNING NOTHING is just SO EXAGGERATED that we expect that another $1tn to $1.5tn is HEADING BACK to the stock market and risk assets.

Treat this pandemic AT FACE VALUE: highly contagious and lethal only to a very small percentage of the population.

The media has convinced some people that they’re living THROUGH END TIMES, but I implore you to shake it off and THINK FOR YOURSELF now that you KNOW the facts. You should be protecting your OWN FAMILY and your OWN CAREER from imminent danger and FINANCIAL RUIN from DRACONIAN measures being implemented.

Wake up!

This is a giant wealth transfer; the ramifications of what just happened to the world in the past few months are yet TO BE DETERMINED. I will not be doing you a disservice by encouraging you to GET INSPIRED to get on with your life IMMEDIATELY.

The markets believe they’ve FIGURED IT OUT; they’re betting on a BIDEN VICTORY and a massive stimulus package that will offset the tax hikes and all the increased regulations that will SURELY COME with a Democrat victory; they believe America has HAD ENOUGH of Trump, but I’m not convinced it’s that cut and dry.

I’ll crawl over broken glass to make sure you TRULY UNDERSTAND that there’s a BULL MARKET going on, no matter HOW UNLIKELY or how weird it is to put MONEY TO WORK.

You don’t ALWAYS have to understand why prices are rising, but you SURE AS HELL must have seen the gains that we’ve BEEN MAKING – they’re off the charts!

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

Your heart will tell you when TO MOVE. Your fate has NOTHING TO DO with this election; the country’s future has a lot TO DO with it, but you have to SEPARATE FROM THE HERD – are you ready to accept BETTER CONDITIONS?

Entire industries, whole economies, great nations, and giant corporations will be built as a result of this COVID-19 WORLD; take what’s yours and STOP AT NOTHING.

Be a dreamer.

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asset returns conditions corporate behavior Debt demand Donald Trump Economy election Gold Headline News inflation Intelwars Joe Biden Silver stimulus plan


This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global.

If you conducted your own DUE DILIGENCE and followed our Watchlists (1, 2, 3, and Tech), as well as our TOP IDEAS for holding precious metals and mining stocks, your portfolio is PERFORMING BETTER than the world’s TOP HEDGE FUNDS and quant computers; you’re in the top 0.01% of ASSET RETURNS.

And, I have even better news for you: This is just THE KICK-OFF!

All across the globe, there’s a massive STIMULUS PLAN going on, as well as a GENERATIONALLY-STRONG surge of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hardship and struggle are BIRTHING DISCIPLINE, a sense of carefulness in corporate behavior, and better conditions for the future.

Even MORE IMPRESSIVELY, we feel that gold is still a DOUBLE from here.


Ray Dalio’s hedge fund has been UNDERPERFORMING FOR YEARS, but the two things he did get right are gold and China.

We believe most Americans are thinking of China with a 30-YEAR DELAY. They do not yet realize just how technologically advanced it is, and they certainly don’t appreciate its IMMINENT WEALTH BOOM.

China’s boom is actually one of the biggest reasons for my REVISED TARGET for gold by 2023 of $4,000/ounce, up from $3,300.

The stock market is going MUCH HIGHER, regardless of who’s going to win this election. The chart is clear:


The S&P 500 index is headed to 5,000 points within 2-3 years. Stocks are expensive (we know), but the REAL BUBBLE, perhaps the only one, is in GOVERNMENT BONDS.

Why on earth is $17tn parked in negative-yielding assets? truly believes that about 5% to 10% of that money will flow into gold, driving its price up 105%.

When gold hits our FINAL TARGET of $4,000 for this cycle, we forecast a 40:1 or 45:1 gold-to-silver ratio, implying silver’s target is around $90 to $100.

No one has yet understood just how much demand for silver COULD GROW if the U.S. dollar starts to lose purchasing power in a noticeable fashion.

Most Americans have no idea what constitutional money is or how silver protects their purchasing power. They’re hypnotized.


We believe they’re about to receive a GIANT WAKE-UP CALL!

The Federal Reserve can’t really control much anymore, by way of interest rate hikes. If inflation does increase, it will turn into an everyday mainstream problem.

Just as fast as Americans buy guns when times seem uncertain or gobble-up toilet paper in the Covid-19 quarantine like programmed robots, so will they purchase a few ounces of silver, when inflation is broadcasted on the news.

As you know, the ABOVE-GROUND supply is only 2.5bn ounces, which IS NOTHING in the grand scheme of things.

Are you ready to TAKE WHAT’S YOURS?

If Biden wins this election, the dollar could plummet by 20% in his first term. His programs are giant PRINTING OPERATIONS to Americans. His stance on China is more relaxed and we believe that in the big picture, silver will thrive!

Gold $4,000; silver $100 — ride ‘til you CAN’T NO MORE!


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Americans Bay Area California Commodities costs Electricity Emergency Preparedness Extra Money Federal Reserve Financial Food Headline News inflation Intelwars lockdown Middle Class money Money Creation Preparedness Struggling

Cost of Living Continues to Rise RAPIDLY As Americans Struggle to Get By

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released new data that says the cost of living is going up as the main street economy crashes and the dollar loses its purchasing power. This also comes as more and more Americans continue to struggle to get by in the aftermath of the government’s reaction to the scamdemic.

The new numbers released are comparing the consumer price index, which is essentially the price of common things we pay for all averaged together, of 2019 to that of 2020. The number has gone up.

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.4 percent in August on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.6 percent in July, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.3 percent before seasonal adjustment. –

Since the Federal Reserve, the central banks, is continuing to bail out corporations and create money out of thin air, inflation and costs for basic necessities will continue to rise. Some areas of the economy are being hit harder than others too. The cost of food has jumped in the Bay Area of California, propelled by meat, poultry, and fish prices that have skyrocketed, joining soaring electricity costs, according to a report by Mercury News. Meat, fish, and poultry prices have soared a whopping 17.4 percent over the past 12 months ending in August in the Bay Area. This means that these prices are at a super-heated pace that’s 11 times greater than the region’s cost of living during the same one-year period.

Because the cost of living is going up as the economy is struggling for everyday folks, it’s important to make a plan. Preparedness should include financial emergencies. Even though the dollar is crashing, having a little extra money on hand to be able to pay 3-6 months’ worth of bills will help you get through tough times. All it would take to eliminate the middle class is one more lockdown.

Financially Prepped: The Importance of an Emergency Fund


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Dollar Federal Reserve inflation Intelwars Monetary Policy

Fed Shifts Inflation Policy to Steal More of Your Wealth

The Federal Reserve has doubled down on its policy of devaluing your money.

During a speech in Jackson Hole last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced a shift in the central bank’s inflation policy.

In the past, the central bank has targeted a 2 percent inflation rate as measured by CPI. Now it will follow a policy of “average inflation targeting.” In effect, the Fed will allow the CPI to run “moderately” over 2 percent “for some time” to balance out periods where it runs under that level.

“Many find it counterintuitive that the Fed would want to push up inflation. However, inflation that is persistently too low can pose serious risks to the economy,” Powell said during prepared remarks at the summit.

The notion that falling prices are bad for the economy is ridiculous to begin with and is nothing more than Keynesian claptrap. But when you define inflation correctly – as an expansion of the money supply – it is anything but “too low.” In fact, it is at the highest level in history.  But based on the consumer price index (CPI), “inflation” has been well below 2 percent for many years. In effect, this new policy means that the Fed will likely hold interest rates at zero for a significant amount of time – probably years – even if (when) CPI runs above 2 percent.

Fed inflation policy has evolved over time to allow for an ever-increasing devaluation of the dollar. The natural tendency in a healthy economy is for prices to decline. So originally, the Fed’s goal was “price stability. Early on, the central bank simply tried to keep prices from rising or falling. Eventually, it shifted to a 2 percent ceiling. It didn’t want rising prices, but it would tolerate them as long as they stayed below 2 percent. But eventually, 2 percent shifted from the ceiling to the target. And now the Fed has moved the goalposts once again with its 2 percent average.

The question is why does the Fed want inflation to begin with? Why does it think that falling or even stable prices “pose serious risks to the economy?”

Because without money printing (true inflation) and the accompanying price inflation, the U.S. government cannot borrow and spend to excess. The Fed is the engine that powers the biggest, most powerful government in the world.

The federal government could never get away with spending trillions every year on the welfare and warfare state if it had to directly tax Americans to pay for it. Instead, it pays for its profligacy through a hidden tax –  inflation. It devalues the dollar and keeps interest rates artificially low to enable government borrowing.

The Fed doesn’t literally run off dollar bills in the basement of the Eccles Building. In practice, the Fed monetizes U.S. debt through the purchase of Treasury bonds on the open market with money it creates out of thin air. This creates artificial demand for U.S. bonds and holds interest rates artificially low. The Fed monetized trillions in debt after the 2008 financial crisis and held interest rates at zero for 7 years.

But the Fed has backed itself into a corner with its loose monetary policy. It can’t fight inflation. That requires rising interest rates. When former Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volker defeated stagflation that ran rampant in the 1970s, he allowed interest rates to rise to 20 percent. Given the amount of debt in the economy today – both government and private – a 20 percent interest rate would collapse the economy. In fact, the Fed couldn’t push rates above 2.5 percent after the Great Recession before the stock market crashed and the central bank pivoted back to rate cuts and money printing.

Since it can’t realistically fight inflation, the Federal Reserve has to keep redefining its inflation policy to justify rising consumer prices. It’s not because it’s “good for the economy.” It’s because it can’t let interest rates rise without popping the economic bubble. It can’t keep inflation constrained while maintaining the monetary policy necessary to sustain government spending. So, it simply moves the goalposts in order to justify continuing its money-printing and artificially low interest rate policies without having to explain why inflation is running hot.

Meanwhile, your purchasing power continues to diminish, the value of your savings dwindles, and the dollar flutters ever-closer to the edge of a cliff.

Because this can’t go on forever. At some point, the Fed will completely lose control of inflation. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, she’s not going back inside. Money printing can only go so long before inflation starts to run out of control. If the central bank still fails to act, it runs the risk of hyperinflation.

Many people believe the U.S. can escape hyperinflation because the dollar enjoys special status as the world reserve currency. That certainly makes it easier for the Fed to print with abandon. But there is no guarantee the dollar will always remain at the top of the monetary pile. In fact, Goldman Sachs recently warned the dollar could be in danger of losing its reserve status.

“Combined with a record level of debt accumulation by the US government, real concerns around the longevity of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency have started to emerge.”

Eventually, economics always wins.

Even without hyperinflation, the constant devaluation of the dollar erodes the average person’s wealth. And the money-printing enables the government to continue growing. If you really want to limit the government, it’s imperative to end the Fed.

blowback Commodities DICTATORSHIP division experts Fear Forecasting Germany Gold Headline News inflation Intelwars market volatility Nazi Party original panic political divides Precious Metals silenced socialist


This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

In Germany, as the 1930s progressed, it BECAME IMPOSSIBLE to maintain relationships and friendships with both Jews and others who OPENLY CHALLENGED the ruling elites and the dictatorship that the National Socialist party was running.

FEAR sat in, where tolerance and open-mindedness once presided. One FELT PRESSURED to distance himself from anything that could compromise him; today we have a similar thing, FAR LESS violent and not dictated by fear or government – it is referred to as Cancel Culture.

It encourages people to KEEP SILENT instead of speaking out, since they’re afraid of the blowback and the potential for criticism.

As we approach the most TALKED-ABOUT election cycle of our lifetimes, your family, friends, co-workers and associates might have a SHORT FUSE with you, if they don’t see EYE-TO-EYE with you on politics. Realize that VOLATILITY is virtually assured, as this country is TORN APART by its lack of willingness to find COMMON GROUND and to seek compromise.

Very few are on the fence and I want to suggest that you don’t WASTE YOUR BREATH attempting to speak about this topic with people who have ALREADY DECIDED, and to warn you that you might be caught in situations where people you know want nothing to do with you if you have OPPOSING OPINIONS.


As you can see above, the masses have begun to anticipate that MORE INFLATION is coming, since they feel like businesses were forced to cut prices during the pandemic, but they’ll have to raise them back, as we EXIT FROM IT.

Higher inflationary expectations are GREAT FOR GOLD, but not so favorable to stocks. They introduce uncertainty and CEOs hate that, let alone investors.

For me, as we’re starting September, I want to stress that The United States is in a period where respect for the RULES OF THE GAME has been lost. Therefore, my cautionary note to you is to expect that politicians will PLAY GAMES with your children’s emotions. It won’t surprise me if certain cities and states decide to CLOSE SCHOOLS again, in order to inflict political changes.

Don’t be susceptible to any propaganda, which is surely to arrive from both sides of the aisle.

If we UNPACK POLITICS, we realize that it is a theatre that has little to do with what’s good for the average person and PLENTY TO DO with what’s good for the wealthy.

Here’s how the recovery IS PLAYING OUT for the 1%ers:


Not only are stocks at ALL-TIME HIGHS, but the equity that has been gained since March is NORTH OF $35tn!

Here are the stats:

  1. This has been the best August since 1986 for the S&P 500!
  2. The Dow Jones is GREEN FOR THE YEAR!
  3. The S&P 500 is up 56% since the MARCH LOWS!

Life is about getting the BIG PICTURE right and we did.

When the MARCH PANIC arrived, we didn’t do a thing in the arena of selling – it was OVERLY CLEAR that the contrarian move was to BUY.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

It’s NOT EASY to do the right thing in a STATE OF CRISIS, but that’s exactly how new leaders are born!

If you did your own research and followed the eternal guideline of BUYING CHEAP, which we highlighted in our THREE WATCH LISTS, as well as in our gold stock profiles, the gains have been ASTONISHING thus far.

It’s a different game now; things aren’t cheap, but opportunities ABOUND.

Politics will become even more polarized, as Wealth Research Group forecasts that presidential debates might be cancelled. We’ll see drama and sensationalism, as both campaigns will try to DIG UP SKELETONS from each other’s closets.

Market volatility is guaranteed.

Therefore, refrain from STOOPING DOWN to the level of these mutual smears and focus on being true to YOUR VALUES.

In a time when the national barometer of morality and ethics is BEING CHALLENGED, don’t get easily persuaded to change your identity to fit the times.

For me, I always go back to MY CORE.

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Commodities Corporations COVID-19. trends Debt Diversification experts Forecasting Gross Domestic Product Headline News inflation Intelwars interest rates Precious Metals Scam scamdemic Silver zero rates


This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

I showed you the THREE BIG TRUTHS of the coming decade. Ignoring these trends will result in poverty, while adapting to them and ADOPTING THEM will lead TO RICHES.

The second truth is that rates will REMAIN NEAR ZERO for years, perhaps for good (until the dollar is replaced or joined by another reserve currency).

If that’s the case, NEGATIVE RATES are nearly guaranteed. Think of it in this light: if rates are zero and inflation isn’t, then real rates are negative BY DEFINITION.

Too many currency units in circulation have led the large institutional funds to embark upon adventures that they wouldn’t otherwise choose to engage in; they’re borrowing because it’s there for the taking.

There’s just NO WAY to generate a fixed-income stream the same way that it WAS POSSIBLE in the 1980s and 1990s, when nominal rates were high and inflation was quite moderate, NOT TO MENTION that debt/GDP ratios weren’t alarming, as they are today.


The chart above shows the STRENGTH of the TREND. Inflation is rising, since Covid-19 isn’t nearly as bad as those early epidemiologists SCREAMED it WOULD BE.

Therefore, not only is the rebound quick to happen, BUT SINCE industries weren’t in a TOUGH SPOT going into this mess, there’s a real chance that dominant companies will BOUNCE BACK faster than we might expect.

In fact, that’s what the MARKETS ENVISION, since they treat the world’s MEGA-CAP companies, such as Apple Inc., Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, as more than regular businesses. They ascribe a MASSIVE PREMIUM to them, since they’re also stores of value, AAA bonds and gold, all in ONE CLICK of the mouse.

They dominate their industries, almost like monopolies do, but it’s not like that at all; customers have plenty of OTHER CHOICES, but they love the products and the services they get from them.

Other companies CAN BE DISRUPTED, overtaken or somehow seem vulnerable, but these ones are DEEMED INVINCIBLE.

This notion is translated into HISTORICALLY-HIGH levels of concentration of size, as you can see below:

Courtesy:, BearTrapsReport

The market now has days where the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of stocks are down, deep IN THE RED and yet it closes up. This is possible only because the WEIGHT of the index is towards market capitalization.

This demonstrates the importance of owning the indices, since history proves that the LION’S SHARE of ultimate return originates from only a handful of stocks.

Two years ago was the last time I WALKED THE STREETS of Manhattan and visited the Federal Reserve’s building, as well as Wall Street, home to the New York Stock Exchange.

On this exchange, more than 3,000 public companies are listed. Today, with markets at ALL-TIME HIGHS, fewer than 50 of these stocks are trading at 52-week highs! On the NASDAQ, where about 3,500 tech and other types of companies are listed, fewer than 150 stocks are trading at 52-week highs!

I can see the WRITING ON THE WALL and it tells me we’re either ON THE PRECIPICE of a severe correction or, if the economy generally improves, on the cusp of a SPECTACULAR RALLY to even loftier valuations.

While it is impossible to predict which is next, we can HEDGE PROPERLY, by both diversifying into companies that are STILL CHEAP, while at the same time having exposure to the index, but also allocating funds into precious metals, real estate and PRIVATE DEBT.

Diversification is paramount!

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Commodities COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness experts Forecasting historic inflation Intelwars millennials Mortgage Rates Precious Metals price target Real Estate Silver wild card


This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Silver is the WILD CARD of this post-Covid-19 recovery. Since the MARCH LOWS, it has rallied by close to 150%, yet it remains about 45% below its 2011 high and its 1980 high of $50/ounce.

That seems insignificant, but in INFLATION-ADJUSTED terms, it’s a long ways from its all-time high. Some calculations are as high as $600/ounce, but the way I do it, the PRICE TARGET is likely close to $58.


Real estate is BOOMING right now – 80 million millennials WON’T RESIST the lowest mortgage rates in history, coupled with the fact that they’re hitting their 4th decade on planet Earth and banks are willing to lend 80% of the equity needed. Despite TONS OF INBOUND doubtful comments, when I predicted that real estate would continue to rise in price for the above reasons, people are still IN DISBELIEF that we’ve been so right.

I don’t think this is close to PEAKING and is the new driver of inflation for the DOMESTIC ECONOMY.

Silver can’t hit $58/ounce unless millennials seek to own homes and originate mortgages. Silver DOES NOT operate in a vacuum.

Silver’s rising price is a DIRECT RESULT of dollar weakness, which is a direct result of MONEY VELOCITY.

We already know that corporations are borrowing, but they’re not raising wages, so that’s not where the velocity WILL ORIGINATE from.


Investors now FULLY UNDERSTAND how this game is played, so they’re not shorting stocks.

It’s not that EVERYONE’S BULLISH; it’s just that they’re afraid of fighting central banks.

Before this decade is over, the dollar will NO LONGER be needed as the medium of exchange for global transactions. Americans need to be aware that the DOLLAR IS IN PERIL.

Obviously, silver is critical to own, for these reasons. If most Americans can’t come up with $400 to pay for medical emergencies, they can’t possibly have enough to buy gold ounces, so silver is an IDEAL SOLUTION for most.


There’s a REALLY CLEAR trend in place, but the chart shows that support around 1120 points is what we should ALL BE WATCHING.

If that one breaks down, we’re entering the TWILIGHT ZONE, but in a good way.

The way that European countries have been handling the pandemic has SPARKED OPTIMISM that the European Union is embarking on a new decade of growth, and that’s making euros in demand.

Between now and the end of the year, we’ll have further indication of the real trend in the dollar.

Clearly, with the pandemic, food habits are changing rapidly and there’s MANY OPPORTUNITIES, even groundbreaking ones, for companies who crack the code of the new consumer.

There are some stocks, currency well UNDER THE RADAR, which are growing at high double-digit pace, the likes of which I’ve never seen, so expect some UNBELIEVABLE ALERTS from us later this week, because I’ve never seen anything that is so UNIQUE in my career!

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asset bubbles Bonds central bankers China Conspiracy Fact and Theory COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness experts facts Federal Reserve Forecasting Headline News inflation Intelwars Investment life Money Printing New World Order portfolio Precious Metals societal collapse Stocks watch list


This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

The three GREAT TRUTHS of these economic times are:

  1. Governments and central banks MUST GROW the currency supply or risk SOCIETAL COLLAPSE.
  2. ZERO interest rates can’t BE ALTERED.
  3. China is FAST BECOMING the world’s most formidable economic power.

Anything and everything you do, whether it is in your career or in your investment portfolio, MUST GIVE ROOM to these facts.

For instance, TRUTH #1 was evident in March and April, when we saw central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, GO ALL-IN.

We published WATCH LIST #1, experienced OUTSTANDING GAINS, then published WATCH LIST #2, which has also delivered HUGE RETURNS, but many assume that with indices at ALL-TIME HIGHS the big profits are behind us.

That’s NOT TRUE!


As you can see, owning the S&P 500 or just the BIG FIVE has been FAR BETTER than owning laggards. Within the ranks, there are SOME SOLDIERS who have yet to become generals, so we are publishing WATCH LIST #3, our newest one, to tackle this opportunity HEAD ON!

Understand that the decision to REFLATE at ALL COSTS, which is truth #1 on our list, has pushed STOCKS, BONDS AND GOLD into all-time highs, at the SAME TIME.

This past July marked this event, A TRIFECTA of new highs (stocks, bonds and gold), which has occurred LESS THAN ten times in the last THREE DECADES.

In each of the previous times, these trends continued for another TWELVE MONTHS at least, with stocks never being down after such an event.

It’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to bet on stocks after their best 100-day stretch in history, after the SHORTEST BEAR MARKET ever and news that SHORT POSITIONS are at their lowest since 2005. But the SECOND TRUTH of our times is that rates aren’t going higher, as you’d expect them to in times of ASSET BUBBLES.


As you can see, since the September 11th attack in 2001, there’s been a CLEAR DECOUPLING in America. While rates have been SLASHED BRUTALLY, creating a bonds and equities bubble, more Americans have been laid-off, driven out of participating in the labor force, WIDENING the wealth gap!

Truth #2 is that it is ACTUALLY the CORPORATIONS that are now addicted to zero rates, even more than governments are.

Governments can ABSORB HIGHER interest payments, but businesses and households really can’t.

December 2018 was when this truth was finally put to the test and markets showed the Federal Reserve that if it intends to raise rates above 2.25%, then stocks are worth at least 20% less than current prices.

If you knew that bonds would pay no yield for the NEXT DECADE, would you bid up stocks further? YOU BET, and that’s exactly what’s happening.


This brings us to our THIRD TRUTH, one that is clear to many, but some still REFUSE TO BELIEVE it.

Throughout human history, China’s economy has been responsible for between 20% and 25% of global GDP, with the only exception being the majority of the 20th century.

Don’t make the FATAL MISTAKE of eating with a spoon the falsehoods of Western reporting of the Chinese economic way of life; while the control that government exercises over the individual is OUTRAGEOUS, their financial engine works FOR THEM.

They’re growing like nothing the world has ever seen and we BEST ADAPT to it. China will have a dominant role in the 21st century, yet its chief objective isn’t to TOPPLE DOWN the West, but to find equilibrium.

What investors must realize is that TWO EMPIRES have never worked together for the benefit of mankind. If leadership on both sides finds the path to co-existence, prosperity AWAITS US ALL.

As part of embracing major NEW TRENDS, which the post-Covid-19 world is birthing, we’ve found a BOMBSHELL OPPORTUNITY, which we’ll be updating on this week. It’s a huge moment for investors, so be ready!

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central banking Commodities crushed dead Debt dent based system dollar dead experts FIAT CURRENCIES Forecasting Gold gratitude great recession Headline News Humanity inflation Intelwars Opportunity POVERTY Precious Metals Rally Stock Market we can do better Wealth


This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

I’m going to show you the MOST AMAZING chart I’ve ever seen. Since 1971, the moment when FIAT CURRENCIES were born again, gold and the CRB (which is the basket of commodities) have moved in tandem until 2008, when the 37yr correlation ENDED.

The chart is so clear on this matter. It was when the Great Recession began and the central banks birthed the new monetary reality we all live in that gold and other commodities SEPARATED WIDELY.

Look at the UNBELIEVABLE CHART below, since it points to the greatest opportunity in trading distressed assets the world has ever seen.

The more I look at it, the more THE POTENTIAL of it begins to talk to me:


The disappearance of inflation in EVERYDAY ITEMS, and its concentration within certain asset classes – among them stocks, real estate, and bonds – have left commodities FOR DEAD.

In March, April and May, we’d published two watch lists, containing just over 30 companies that are mostly S&P 500 components, coupled with proposed limit orders. This was THE FIRST, later came THE SECOND. The gains have been DOUBLE-DIGITS with any and all companies that dipped below the limit orders – a RARE ACHIEVEMENT. Between the 60% in SWK, 54% in LEG, and 52.4% with PNR, there have been IMPRESSIVE WINNERS.

With the S&P 500 delivering its BEST 100-DAY rally of all time, the MAIN SECRET was to stay in there and to even CAPITALIZE on the panic.

As you’ll see below, though it seems COUNTERINTUITIVE, the stock market, with very few exceptions, MARCHES UPWARDS after such times, with a 94.4% probability of seeing an average of a 9.4% return.

Those are pretty good odds, I’d say.


There’s a GREAT TRUTH to be learned by what’s happening here; history is a GREAT TEACHER and it is telling you big moves are ACTUALLY CATALYSTS for additional rallies.

With everything that 2020 has handed us, I want to deliver a message to you.

These are very difficult times for so many people. In the western world, there have been VERY FEW HARDSHIPS the scope of Covid-19.

All over the world, there is suffering. We all want to help and contribute; some have the financial means to do it, while others do not.

We all have personalities, though. We all, poor or rich, young or old, male or female, have a personality. It is our BUSINESS CARD, the way we speak to the world. Though one might be poor, financially speaking, a wealthy character can take you anywhere!

Resist the temptations that come with this competitive world and accentuate your generosity, your gratitude, your will to be courteous, your empathy, and your patience towards everyone else, no matter what their belief system may be. Strive to be tolerant and to celebrate the truth, not your own opinions.

We have one planet and we can do SO MUCH BETTER with it.

amazon dollar collapse experts Facebook falling FANG stocks Federal Reserve Forecasting Gold google inflation Intelwars markets Money Creation Netflix New World Order Precious Metals Silver stimulus Warren Buffett


This article was originally published by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Buffett is famous for saying that he missed out on Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and others because “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but it seems that this opportunity IS JUST TOO GOOD even for old dogs to stand idly by and watch.

Gold has had a CRAZY WEEK, with wild swings, but the big picture remains as ROSY AS EVER. Even after falling by close to 4.6% in the past week, and CLOSING BELOW $2,000/ounce, and even after both gold and silver had their WORST DAY in years this week (silver went down by 13.5%!), the technical analysis is VERY CLEAR: the bull market LIVES ON!

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

The 50-DMA is above the 200-DMA and the spot price is above both of those. It is a beautiful sight to see – a GLORIOUS WORK OF ART.

While gold, which normally trades inversely to stocks, is RUNNING HARD, the S&P 500 just underwent its best 100-day STRETCH IN HISTORY.

Truly, if one WASN’T SHAKEN OUT in March, and especially if he had THE STAMINA to go long in the MOST OBVIOUS time in human history when buyers were considered to be MAD LUNATICS, one had unreal returns.

So, what now?

  1. People that we would not HAVE DREAMED would be interested in gold, let alone mining it, are now buying into the sector. Berkshire’s 13F filings show a $564mn position in Barrick Gold, the powerhouse of the industry. Others will FOLLOW SUIT!
  2. Inflationary expectations ARE RISING FAST, but the central banks have stated that they’re not even CONSIDERING raising rates. They’re not even considering if they should consider it.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

Not since 1991 has there been SUCH A SPIKE in inflationary expectations.

In the past 100 days, the S&P 500 is up just over 50%. In 2009, it was 45%, when in July the market finished a stunning recovery.

The STARK CONTRAST, though, is that the market wasn’t trading at all-time highs back then.

Markets move SO FAST these days that they price in events that are 2-3 years INTO THE FUTURE – they’ll continue to do so. Prices reflect 2022 and even 2023, at this point.

We’re not in the business of crystal balls; our objective is to look at the world around us and FIND OPPORTUNITIES, not guess where they’ll be next.

If what President Trump is planning GOES THROUGH, an additional $3,400 PPP injection is coming to each family of four.

It’s a tremendous stimulus measure with political ramifications. Sending money to families so close to the elections is a tactic that is meant to MAKE ONE feel indebted and obligated to the person who sent it.

With eighty days to go until the ballots, the President will do WHATEVER HE CAN to make sure his powers help him tilt the odds in his favor.

Prepare for another incredible week!


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This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

The Federal Reserve’s Chairman is actually thinking about THE NEXT CRISIS. Jerome Powell is waving the WHITE FLAG and he is basically admitting that the Federal Reserve doesn’t know how their interest rate policy will impact INFLATION NUMBERS, so it wants to find new tools to handle the next downturn since it won’t be able to RAISE RATES beforehand.

Put differently, the world’s leading central banker is ADMITTING DEFEAT, saying that the bank can’t hike rates, so it must use UNCONVENTIONAL tools when the next recession calls it into action.

The boom and bust cycle, which defined the past 100 years of central banking, IS OVER.

Please don’t take this lightly; sit for an hour and think about the fact that there will NEVER BE a normal cycle again.


The Treasury bond is never going to DELIVER POSITIVE YIELD ever again!

What is the FAIR PRICE of gold, silver, stocks and real estate, if bonds never again BEAT INFLATION in your lifetime?

Only three out of every one hundred bonds generate a 5% return in today’s world. Just three decades ago, three of four bonds did that!

Negative-yielding debt is again ON THE RISE; there’s a clear trend and I can hear the drums – that is, if cash and bonds never DELIVER YIELD to retirees again, and gold is worth at least 50% more. And if gold is worth $3,000, even at 60:1, silver is worth FIFTY BUCKS.


This is an amazing 23yr chart, which shows that the dollar had BROKEN THROUGH support and could see a 25% drop in the present business cycle (2020-2027).

Have you TRULY GRASPED this?

Cash will cost you a -20% RETURN, so imagine the rush into HARD ASSETS.

This is a very different crisis than in 2009 and we believe that most investors have still NOT COMPREHENDED this reality and applied it to their calculations – herein lies our opportunity.


Money-market accounts are currently LOADED WITH CASH.

There’s $5tn sitting in them – more than ever before – and Portfolio Wealth Global believes that smart money is figuring out that we’ve entered a new monetary phenomenon and that putting money into gold now is SUPER-SAVVY of them.

The dollar is the measuring stick for everything the global commerce machine buys or sells.

In 2009, when gold enjoyed reflation and rallied from $850 to $1,921, it was at the end of an 11yr BEAR MARKET for the dollar.

 This time around, reflation is happening with a dollar BEAR MARKET just getting started!

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. IS ON FIRE!

After issuing FOUR alerts, which resulted in +100% gains for his readers,
THE TRACK RECORD is amazing!

Over the weekend, they’ve sent us this CRITICAL UPDATE on what’s happening with gold and silver, at the moment:

Our END TARGET for gold in this particular bull market is between $3,200 and $3,900. As such, we still see between 60% and 95% upside for gold. Silver, on the other hand, is an altogether DIFFERENT BEAST.

Silver’s market size is so small, when it comes to bullion investment, that it wouldn’t take more than a FEW LARGE TRADERS to rock the boat and shake this industry, flipping it on its head.

Last Friday, APPL’s market cap grew by $170B in a single day. It is again the most valuable corporation out there. For reference, MCD is worth $145B, KO is worth $202B, PEP is worth $190B, T is worth $210B and CVX is worth $156B. Apple Inc. is worth more than double what all of these iconic businesses are worth, COMBINED.

Silver bullion ownership, if we add up all of the ounces owned by the public, would total around $70B. It’s A TINY MARKET!

In comparison, gold’s entire size is around $15T, more than 100-times larger.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

There are more +65-year-olds ALIVE TODAY than at any other point in human history. The bonds market, which pension funds used in the 1980s and 1990s to generate +7% returns, IS GONE.

Today, governments are telling you, POINT BLANK, that they will not pay investors if they wish to lend the treasury department their money. In fact, they will either return to you exactly what you gave them, a term called ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy), or they’ll CHARGE YOU for keeping your cash with them and pay back less than borrowed, the term for which is NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy).

Governments are not about to CHANGE THAT, no matter if Biden or Trump win the presidency.

It’s not only governments that are operating and functioning without FILING for BANKRUPTCY only because of ZIRP and NIRP; Corporate America is also alive and kicking, thanks to CHEAP BORROWING COSTS.

Now, for the first time in nearly three decades, since the 1980s, a quarter of the country is going to apply for a mortgage. The banks will begin to ORIGINATE MORTGAGES to millennials, who are reaching their 30s and are forming families. The CURRENCY MULTIPLIER effect of money velocity and fractional reserve banking will kick into higher gear.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

Inflation-adjusted, this bull market, which started in December 2015, DIDN’T BEGIN with a massive low point, like the ones in 1971 – 1980 or 2000 – 2011 did. At $1,053/ounce, gold never totally went away.

We can clearly see that between 1980 and 2000, a full 20 years went by, whereas between 2011 and 2015, only a four-year timespan separates. Between 1980 and 2000, gold’s price fell over 75%, whereas between 2011 and 2015, it only crashed by 45%.

The point is that unlike the 1970s, where a 2,400% gain was possible and in the 2000s, when a 600% was realistic, we’re probably NOT GOING to enjoy those types of returns. From bottom to top, we forecast 300% – 400% and we’re 90% into it.

I own PHYSICAL GOLD, come rain or shine, bull market or not. It’s part of my asset allocation model and it has proven to be an ENORMOUS ADDITION to my life. My expectation is that gold will deliver – on a long-term basis, an annualized compounded return of 6% – and act as a BETTER HEDGE than fiat currencies to my cash.

In this environment, in a bull market, gold is not the WINNING HORSE. The better returns will be with silver and with the mining stocks.

The gold/silver ratio is heading towards 40:1 – 60:1, so with a gold price of $3,200 – $3,900, silver’s PRICE TARGET is between $53 and $97.


This chart truly SAYS IT ALL!

The world is not yet positioned in gold or silver and certainly not in mining stocks.

I’ve personally allocated a RIDICULOUSLY-HIGH sum of money towards junior miners and will be deploying more into them, effective immediately.

Expect some DRAMATIC NEWS on new opportunities in August – this is ADULT-ONLY TIME!

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This article was contributed by James Davis at Future Money Trends. 

I’m probably going to shock you, but I am currently CAUTIOUS WITH precious metals.

Gold and silver have been GENERATING SPECTACULAR returns for us in 2020, especially if you caught the bottom with silver since we’re up more than 50% since.

Gold stocks and silver stocks have been CHEWING THROUGH WALLS and delivering massive gains as well.

Right now, though, gold is swimming in the HIGH SEAS. It’s playing with price targets that are FOREIGN TO IT. Goldman Sachs sees it hitting $2,000, Bank of America sees $3,000, and Rob McEwen predicts $5,000.

Silver is SO, SO CLOSE to hitting $20/ounce and it’s up nearly 60% since April!

We should begin to entertain the thought that precious metals are going to face TREMENDOUS RESISTANCE in the days and weeks ahead, perhaps the most excruciating seller momentum ever as short-term traders TAKE PROFITS on both the physical metals and the stocks.



In 1980, Paul Volcker, then FED Chairman, gave fiat currencies air by raising rates to over 15%. Doing so stopped the INFLATIONARY MADNESS of the 1970s, but it also birthed the beginning of the end for America’s middle class and savers.

He basically CREATED THE TOP for government interest rates.

Look at the chart above and you’ll notice how he stopped gold from entering a point where it would have covered more than the ENTIRE CURRENCY SUPPLY.

At $850/ounce, gold had backed the dollar again by free-market forces in 1980.

Nixon essentially freed it up in 1971 to CALL BULLSHIT on the $35:1 conversion, and in nine years, it achieved that goal.

Had this happened once more in 2020, the price would be north of $20,000/ounce.

In other words, today’s gold price of $1,820 is EQUIVALENT TO gold’s price in the mid-1970s when it traded for $60.

We need to put things INTO CONTEXT, and today, gold covers only 5% of the dollars in existence, which means that $850 in 1980 is like $36,000 today!


Goldman Sachs has put S&P 500 earnings for the full year at $115, which means that at 3,200 points, the P/E ratio is currently 27.8.

In this environment, VALUATIONS of the classical kind are less meaningful than in previous times since so much liquidity is pumped into the currency system that stocks serve as an INCOME HEDGE to governments and corporate bonds.

The S&P 500 dividend yield is 1.93%, which is 300% MORE THAN the yield of the benchmark 10-year Treasury bond.

A pension fund, university endowment fund, sovereign wealth fund, insurance company, and wealthy institution will CHOOSE STOCKS over bonds in this world.

Stocks are now bond replacements, which is the reason investors are willing to pay ADDITIONAL PREMIUMS for them, but there’s a limit to that.


We’re entering a DEEP RECESSION. In it, many Americans will be suffering.

Don’t wait for Trump, Biden, or anyone else to dig you out of the situation you find yourself in.

Create your own destiny; this is a time for CALIBRATING CAREER CHOICES.

Struggling industries, such as travel, leisure, hospitality, restaurants, retail stores, banking, insurance, energy, and commercial real estate are SPEWING LAVA with opportunities to fill roles of leadership and innovation.

Capitalize on the leadership gap and assume your position in history!

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

There’s no comparison between the two since 1971; gold is simply a BETTER ASSET to own than silver in the past 49 years. It’s a fact. Numbers don’t lie.

R.H. Macy was an American entrepreneur, but like many others, his first attempts at cracking the world of business, understanding retail tastes and how to run a business, FAILED MISERABLY, and fell short of glory.

In fact, his first four tries at building and managing department stores ENDED IN DEFEAT.

Not many would go for it a fifth time, certainly not FIFTEEN YEARS later, but he did. Macy’s became a huge COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.

Silver, much like Mr. Macy, has failed at breaking out several times. Just like Mr. Macy, I’m sure the camp of people who believe in it HAS DWINDLED. After all, gold has multiplied in price 51 times since 1971, while silver has managed to only multiply by 10 times.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

Even during the first half of 2020, gold is the CLEAR WINNER.

Right now, though, for a very brief moment of time, silver, the little sister, wants to run faster than its older brother, gold. Portfolio Wealth Global believes that it can.

We see silver hitting $21/ounce (a 12% gain from today’s price) before gold hits $2,000 (a 12% gain from today’s price as well).

Importantly, once gold does hit the $2,000 mark, silver will VERY QUICKLY jump to $25, as we see it.

In other words, in the NOT-SO-DISTANT future, silver will emerge as the world’s HOTTEST COMMODITY.

This has CRITICAL RAMIFICATIONS to our incredibly profitable gold stocks portfolio. It has ALREADY reached the triple-digit hemisphere and still has TREMENDOUS UPSIDE left in it.

Silver invites RETAIL SPECULATORS, which, as you can see, are able to take any company and DREAM UP crazy valuations for it – based on God-knows-what thesis, such as in the cases of many DARLING NAMES of the day, which make no mathematical sense, from a purely fundamental perspective.


We see in the data that the RECOVERY of consumer spending has basically stopped. Americans, who up until February were enjoying a strong jobs market, low inflation, and no health issues, got their heads spun by this global panic.

It will take 3-5 years for the jobs market to recover to its February 2020 condition.

This is REFLATION PERIOD, very similar to the 2009 era when silver made a move from $9 to $49. We do not believe anything like that is BOUND TO OCCUR, but we are ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that gold and silver stocks are in a rock-solid uptrend, which will be LEGENDARY.

We’re seeing it already and in the next three weeks of July and going into August, we will profile a NEW COMPANY, which has never been covered on the pages of ANY NEWSLETTER. We will also be updating on existing profiled companies, which are currently making GIANT STRIDES.


Bond investors have simply NOT BOUGHT INTO the recovery thesis at all. The fact that they’re still willingly lending currency to government and PAYING FOR THE PRIVILEGE (negative interest rates), is proof that they are still TERRIBLY UNCONVINCED that the real economy is out of the woods.

The printing presses have to keep filling the ink cartridges because this isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

There’s so much to this; it’s not a rally – it’s a BULL MARKET.

The point of NO RETURN is in the rearview mirror.

Fortunes will be made. The mess below is not HUMANLY POSSIBLE to untangle:


Cases Central Banks deaths Economy experts Gold Government Headline News Index inflation Intelwars Precious Metals prices real money rigged economy Silver Virus Wealth


This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

GOLD IS TRADING ABOVE $1,820/ounce, as I’m writing this, so the cartel MUST BE either asleep or positioned in gold and silver themselves.

It’s been close to NINE YEARS since we’ve seen gold priced this high USD-wise, but there is no sense that this is a bubble. For one, silver has BARELY MOVED since 2015, up only 40%, while gold has risen by around 70%.

Secondly, reflation is here!


The GDX index is now 20% above its 2016 peak level but still WELL BELOW its 2011 highs. The bull market is only beginning. The GDXJ, which truly indicates the phase investors are in when it comes to sentiment, has just BROKEN OUT above 2016’s top, but it has to TRIPLE IN PRICE to go back to 2011 highs.

My point is quite simple: I’M STAYING INVESTED.

Our portfolio is looking amazing and stocks that we’ve featured in the past 12 months are RECORDING BEAUTIFUL DAYS.

We will be providing FULL UPDATES on all of our current profiles soon. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights:

  1. Franco-Nevada, which was profiled in June 2019, is up 69%.
  2. Sprott Inc., whose share price has been consolidated 10:1, is up 67%.
  3. Our favorite OPTIONALITY PLAY, which we profiled for as low as CAD$0.38 IN 2016 and again at the beginning of 2020 for CAD$1.37, has already KISSED THE CAD$2.49 MARK just a few days ago! In THIS LINK, you will find one of the company’s MOST FAMOUS investors explaining why he loves it (timestamp

There are several other companies we’re PREPARING FULL BRIEFINGS on as we speak. They will be lengthy and detailed.

It’s clear that we want to be invested in precious metals at the moment:

  1. Goldman Sachs predicts $2,000/ounce within the next 12 months. The investment bank also forecasts silver hitting $21 during this same timeframe.
  2. Bank of America IS TOPPING its Wall Street rival with a $3,000/ounce thesis in 18 months.


We are absolutely getting a REBOUND IN SENTIMENT for the overall economy.

In our view, we mostly attribute this to the fact that death cases are sinking. America alone is developing 130 types of drugs/vaccines/cures, and because of record-testing capabilities, people are treated within the first five days, which is critical.

As economies get back on their feet, we expect the changing CONSUMER BEHAVIOR to offset profits for many industries, but we don’t expect any disruption in mining precious metals.

Therefore, companies that either (1) produce metals through mining or (2) are advancing a promising project can rise in price by multiples, and they will!

It’s been a very long time since gold equities and silver equities were in a CONFIRMED BULL MARKET. Enjoy the ride.

This is going to be MESMERIZING, and Future Money Trends will feature the most attractive risk/reward setups in financial publication history!

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This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends. 

On April 1st 2019, the Bank of International Settlements designated gold as part of its Basel III regulatory framework, a tier-1 ASSET CLASS. Up until then, it was considered a tier-3 asset, which qualifies for 50% collateral, whereas tier-1 assets (same as USD cash and U.S. Treasury bonds) qualify for 100% COLLATERAL.

That announcement didn’t get much press. That caught my attention, since over the years, I’ve seen gold HYPED-UP because of many macroeconomic events, which turned out to be big piles of nothing. But I saw no hype with that one, so I knew THERE WAS something to it.

There have been plenty of instances where WE HEARD gold was going to $10,000/ounce, and that we should hold all of our net worth in gold. Examples are events, such as the following: the fiscal cliff, the double-dip recession scare, Brexit, Islamic Shariah Gold Standard, gold-backed contracts in China, trade war tariffs and the list goes ON AND ON. People find reasons literally ON THE DAILY, yet they fail to understand that Basel III, which got NO MENTION from the mainstream press, is the only IMPORTANT NEWS.

Since April 1st 2019 (the day the Bank of International Settlements made the announcement), the price of gold has gone in only ONE DIRECTION and that’s up.


I own A SIGNIFICANT-SIZED position in physical gold and silver coins and you can see how the circle to the right, which is the most recent one, JUMP-STARTED a major move for gold. That circle represents the Basel III announcement, which was published when gold traded for $1,281 just sixteen months ago.

The middle circle represents a LARGE PURCHASE I made, when we pounded the table that QUANTITATIVE TIGHTENING was a bluff, even though the markets gave up on gold and it reached $1,180. The price I paid was around $1,200.

Just two years ago, from July to September 2018, investors were THROWING IN THE TOWEL on gold. Luckily, when it comes to physical coin purchases, our mindset is to BUY LOW and never sell (or sell only under incredible circumstances).

We’re not attempting to BEAT STOCKS by owning precious metals. Alternatively, We’re SUCCEEDING IN beating cash, treasury bonds, commodities and speculative bets. That’s always been the playground gold investors were competing on.

This past Friday, my wife and I went to one of the finest cocktail bars in our area. The place WAS EMPTY! It felt surreal, but the bartender assured us that in one hour, the place would fill up. An hour later, we were still the ONLY CUSTOMERS!

Bad times are coming. What’s hard to come to terms with is that CEOs have been delaying the hard decisions of firing employees permanently, but they can’t keep the charade going for long. These workers DID NOTHING WRONG, yet they’ll be punished for Covid-19’s economic impact.

There can be no “V”-shaped recovery for Main Street and for small businesses, since many things are LEFT UNANSWERED.

I want to show you what Bloomberg published just three weeks after the Basel III announcement, which MADE GOLD a really valuable asset to own:


Inflation isn’t dead, but in my opinion, it will REMAIN LOW for years to come. The point that all gold bugs TRAGICALLY MISS is that investors don’t flock to gold when inflation occurs, but when it SURPRISES or REFLATES.

Put differently, if Chairman Powell were to say that he expects 2.5% inflation, no one would be stunned by it. That’s not what he’s saying, though. For his entire tenure as Chairman, he’s been saying inflation isn’t a problem.

Now, look at this chart, but focus on the period between 2009 and 2011:

Courtesy: Deutsche Bank,

Notice that EVERY TIME capacity utilization rises, as the economy recovers from slumps, there’s a REFLATION and gold prices rise.

It’s the ideal time to own gold stocks!

They’ve gone up in price since April 2019, following the gold spot price move, and recently have begun to REALLY BREAK OUT.

This has nothing to do with politics or who wins the upcoming elections; it has EVERYTHING TO DO with the upcoming layoffs in tech companies, which will mark the end of their growth period (for the time being). Gold companies, BY COMPARISON, are rocketing with stellar results.