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Simpsons recasts black character Dr. Hibbert because his voice actor was white

The wokening of “The Simpsons” continues, as another white voice actor will step down from his role voicing a minority character.

Harry Shearer, who has voiced the character of Dr. Hibbert since the long-running cartoon’s second season in 1990, will step away from his role and be replaced by a black voice actor, the Wrap reported Monday.

“Last night’s episode ‘DiaryQueen’ featured Harry Shearer as the voice of Dr. Hibbert for the last time,” 20th Television, the studio that produces “The Simpsons,” said in a statement. “Next Sunday’s episode ‘Wad Goals’ will have Kevin Michael Richardson voicing Dr. Hibbert — and from there on out he will voice the character.”

The recasting decision follows an announcement from “The Simpsons” last June that the show would no longer have white actors voice its characters with different skin colors. The decision was made after Black Lives Matter protests and Antifa riots erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s death. At the time, “Family Guy” voice actor Mike Henry announced he would no longer voice the black character Cleveland Brown on the show.

Shearer will continue to voice other roles on the show, such as Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner, but Richardson will take over as Hibbert.

Shearer did not provide a comment to the Wrap but previously he has criticized the show for indulging the idea that a white voice actor cannot portray a character with a different skin color.

“I have a very simple belief about acting,” he told Times Radio last August. “The job of the actor is to play someone who they are not.”

Dr. Hibbert is not the first minority Simpsons character to be recast because of racial issues.

Last January, actor Hank Azaria stepped away from his longtime role as convenience store owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a character that appears to be of Indian descent. The character was eventually written off the show entirely because of a documentary by comedian Hari Kondabolu, which depicted Apu as a problematic stereotype that has had a detrimental impact on how Indian and Southeast Asian actors are treated in Hollywood.

“My eyes have been opened,” Azaria said of the documentary and the criticism surrounding it. “I think the most important thing is we have to listen to South Asian people, Indian people in this country when they talk about what they feel, how they think about this character, and what their American experience of it [is].”

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Denzel Washington: ‘I have the utmost respect for what police do, for what our soldiers do, people that sacrifice their lives’

Denzel Washington is not your typical Hollywood celebrity. The Oscar award-winning actor has talked about his Christian faith in public, once proclaiming, “There’s never been a time where God didn’t direct protect and correct me. There may have been times where I was less than faithful to him, but he had faith in me.”

The legendary entertainer has spoken out about the importance of fathers, “If a young man doesn’t have a father figure, he’ll go find a father figure.”

Washington even blasted the mainstream media, “In our society, now it’s just first — who cares, get it out there. We don’t care who it hurts. We don’t care who we destroy. We don’t care if it’s true.”

At a time when many celebrities are supporting the “defund the police” movement, Denzel is taking the very un-Hollywood-like approach of saying that he appreciates military members and doesn’t want to abolish law enforcement. A basic tenet that most Americans have, but most celebrities shun.

In his illustrious acting career, Denzel Washington has played a member of law enforcement 13 times. He’s been good cops like in “The Bone Collector” as quadriplegic forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme, and as bad cops, such as Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris in “Training Day.” He’s even been a demonically possessed cop in “Fallen” as Detective John Hobbes.

Washington is portraying another police officer in his upcoming movie “The Little Things,” where he’ll play the role of Joe “Deke” Deacon, a Kern County Deputy Sheriff in California.

During an interview with Yahoo, Washington was asked about his feelings toward police officers in a time when there is so much animosity toward law enforcement.

“I have the utmost respect for what they do, for what our soldiers do, [people] that sacrifice their lives,” Washington answered. “I just don’t care for people who put those kind of people down. If it weren’t for them, we would not have the freedom to complain about what they do.”

Washington said his reverence for law enforcement goes back to early in his acting career, in the 1991 movie “Ricochet.” To prepare for his role as Assistant District Attorney Nick Styles, Denzel did a ride-along with an LAPD officer that changed his whole perspective of cops.

“I went out on call with a sergeant,” Washington recalled. “We got a call of a man outside his house with a rifle that was distraught. We pulled up and did a U-turn past the house and came up short of the house. He told me to sit in the car, which I was gonna do. I wasn’t getting out.”

“He got out. As he got out, another car came screaming up and two young people jumped out screaming,” the 66-year-old actor said. “As it turned out, it was their grandfather. This policeman defused the entire situation by just remaining calm.”

“But it showed me in an instant how they can lose their life,” Denzel explained. “He didn’t overreact. He could’ve pulled his gun out and shot the people that came up driving real fast. He could’ve shot the old man that was distraught and a bit confused, I think he was suffering a little bit from dementia.”

Washington came to an epiphany, “But in an instant it taught me, and I never forgot it, what our law enforcement people have to deal with moment to moment, second to second.”

Denzel isn’t the only celebrity who supports good cops, media mogul Tyler Perry has said, “We need more police.”

When discussing the idea of abolishing police, NBA superstar-turned-sports-commentator Charles Barkley has asked, “Who are black people supposed to call? Ghostbusters?”

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Pro-Trump actress Kristy Swanson: If ‘MY PRESIDENT’ is deleted from ‘Home Alone 2,’ then cut me out of ‘Pretty in Pink,’ ‘Ferris Bueller’

On the heels of the recent left-wing outcry to scrub President Donald Trump from his scene with Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” — apparently since doing so would soothe triggered psyches across the fruited plain — conservative actress Kristy Swanson is calling the left’s bluff:

“If Cancel Culture is really going to have Donald J. Trump removed from the John Hughes movie ‘Home Alone,’ then in support of MY PRESIDENT, I’d like to have myself officially removed from the John Hughes’ films, ‘Pretty In Pink’ and ‘Ferris Buhler’s [sic] Day Off,'”
Swanson tweeted Friday.

Hughes — the iconic creative force behind numerous teen-oriented flicks of the 1980s — directed “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and wrote “Pretty in Pink.” He produced “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

In the latter movie, Trump makes a cameo and offers directions to Culkin’s famous young character Kevin McCallister in the Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned in the early 1990s. Culkin has
applauded calls for Trump getting deleted from the scene.

Left-wing Hollywood hits back

For sticking her neck out amid the current firestorm of left-wing rage at Trump supporters since the Jan. 6 rioting at the U.S. Capitol, emboldened Hollywood elites snapped back at Swanson on Twitter:

Anything else?

Swanson hasn’t been afraid to show her support for Trump supporter or her conservative politics. In 2019 she took issue with a teacher at her son’s school who allegedly wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The same year she starred with fellow conservative Dean Cain in a stage show featuring readings of anti-Trump text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. It will come as no surprise that there were death threats:

It would be a shame if Swanson’s brief but hilarious scene from “Ferris Bueller” — during which she dialogues with another political conservative, Ben Stein — was cut. Here it is:

My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend…

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VIDEO: ‘Die Hard’ director settles the argument, says his film was definitely a Christmas movie — an anti-authority, anti-capitalism Christmas movie

Movie director John McTiernan has answered the question that has plagued so many for more than 30 years: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?

According to McTiernan, who directed the film, the answer is yes.

But it didn’t start out that way. It “turned into a Christmas movie” — an anti-capitalism Christmas movie.

What’s this now?

For decades now, Americans have debated whether the Bruce Willis action flick “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.

The film’s genre — a summer action blockbuster with lots of violence, blood, and cursing — has led people to rule it out of the holiday film list. The story’s timing and location — Christmas Eve during an office Christmas party in downtown Los Angeles — has given ammo to the “it’s a Christmas movie, dadgummit” crowd.

Polls have been taken on the question — but have yielded inconsistent results.

One of the movie’s screenwriters, Steven de Souza, tweeted in 2017 that it is a Christmas movie.

However, Willis, the star of the movie, offered a different take in 2018 when he declared, “‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie. It’s a god damn Bruce Willis movie.”

Image source: AFI YouTube screenshot

Now the question appears to be settled.

McTiernan said in a video last week that his movie is definitely a Christmas movie — an anti-capitalism Christmas movie that preached against authoritarians.

It’s that anti-capitalism, anti-authority streak that, to McTiernan, turned “Die Hard” into a Christmas movie.

What did McTiernan say?

In a “Behind the Scene” video posted by the American Film Institute, McTiernan explained how “Die Hard” became the so-called Christmas classic it is.

Based on McTiernan’s description, when the script was first written, it closely followed the book it was based on, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” the Daily Wire reported. It featured left-wing terrorists who were brought to heel by “the stern face of authority” — and McTiernan didn’t like that.

“‘Die Hard’ was a terrorist movie,” McTiernan said, before explaining how it changed.

“[Producer] Joel [Silver] sent me the script three, four times,” the director said. “And it was about these horrible leftist terrorists that come into the sort of Valhalla of capitalism, Los Angeles, and they bring their guns and their evil ways and they shoot up people just celebrating Christmas — terrible people, awful. And it was really about the stern face of authority stepping into put things right again, you know?”

“And I kept saying to Joel, I don’t want to make that movie,” McTiernan added.

What he wanted to make was a movie that had a message similar what the saw in the Pottersville scenes in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which, he said, “is what happens when the evil banker gets to do what he wants in the community without George … getting in the way to stop him.”

“It’s the clearest demonstration and criticism of runaway, unregulated cowboy capitalism that’s ever been done in an American movie,” he added.

So he got Silver to change the script and make the bad guys unfettered capitalist terrorists who were stopped by a “working class hero.”

And McTiernan, in order to best get across his anti-capitalism message — à la “It’s a Wonderful Life” — he felt the best vehicle was style of film reminiscent of a Christmas movie.

“I went to Joel. And I said, ‘OK, if you want me to make this terrorist movie, I want to make it where the hero in the first scene when the limo driver apologizes that he’s never been in a limo before. The hero says it’s alright. I’ve never ridden in a limo before,'” he recalled, adding, “OK, working class hero.”

According to McTiernan, Silver was on board making “Die Hard” into an anti-capitalist film.

“Joel understood what I meant. And he said OK,” he shared, adding that people working on the movie came to “catch on” to just what they were trying to create: “This was a movie where the hero was a real human being, and the people of authority — all of the important folks — were all portrayed as kind of foolish.”

“Everybody, as they came to work on the movie, began to get … this idea of this movie as an escapee,” McTiernan said, reflecting on how the content was no long under control of the man and instead in the control of the creators. “And there was a joy in it. Because we … had changed the content. And that is how ‘Die Hard’ became — we hadn’t intended it to be a Christmas movie — but the joy that came from it is what turned it into a Christmas movie. And that’s really the best I can tell you about it.”

Then he offered a Christmas wish for his viewers:

My hope at Christmas this year is that you will all remember that authoritarians are low-status, angry men who have gone to rich people and said, “If you give us power, we’ll make sure nobody takes your stuff.” And that’s the essence of authoritarianism , that’s always been the essence of it — and their obsessions with guns and boots and uniforms and squad cars and all that stuff and all those things you amass with power meant to scare us, meant to shut us up so we don’t kick them to the side of the road and decent people of the world get on with building a future.

Merry Christmas, and I hope we have a better year.

Content warning: Rough language

Behind the Scene: Director John McTiernan on making the Christmas classic DIE HARD

(H/T: HotAir)

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Five ‘Mission: Impossible’ staffers reportedly quit movie after second Tom Cruise meltdown

In the wake of iconic actor Tom Cruise’s expletive-laden rant on the set of “Mission: Impossible 7” over crew members’ failure to follow social distancing protocols, five movie staffers quit after a second Cruise meltdown, the Sun reported.

What are the details?

The paper said Cruise erupted yet again Tuesday night after news of his first rant grabbed headlines around the world.

“The first outburst was big, but things haven’t calmed since,” a source told the Sun. “Tension has been building for months, and this was the final straw. Since it became public there has been more anger and several staff have walked. But Tom just can’t take any more after all the lengths they have gone to just to keep filming at all. He’s upset others aren’t taking it as seriously as him. In the end, he’s the one who carries the can.”

What’s the background?

In Cruise’s initial rant, the 58-year-old hollered that “we’re the gold standard! They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us! Because they believe in us and what we’re doing! And I’m on the phone with every f***ing studio at night, insurance companies, producers, and they’re looking at us and using us to make their movies!”

He added that “we are creating thousands of jobs you motherf***ers!” and warned, “I don’t ever want to see it again! Ever! And if you don’t do it, you’re fired, and I see you do it again, you’re f***ing gone!”

Cruise also yelled that he’s trying to protect people’s jobs: “No apologies! You can tell it to the people that are losing their f***ing homes because our industry is shut down! It’s not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education! That’s what I sleep with every night! The future of this f***ing industry!”

Tom Cruise warns Mission Impossible crew they’re ‘f***ing gone’ if they break Covid rules on set

More from the Sun:

Cruise, 58, who plays Ethan Hunt and is a producer, has pumped a fortune into Covid measures including hiring a cruise ship so staff can isolate.

In October, he held crisis talks with director Christopher McQuarrie days after 12 people on set in Italy were said to have tested positive.

Since returning to the UK two weeks ago, Cruise has been pictured wearing a mask on set.

“Mission: Impossible 7” is set to release Nov. 19, 2021, the paper said.

Anything else?

Fellow actor George Clooney defended Cruise during a Wednesday interview with Howard Stern:

“He didn’t overreact because it is a problem,” Clooney said. “I have a friend who’s an AD on another TV show who just had the almost exact same thing happen with not quite as far out a response. … I wouldn’t have done it that big. I wouldn’t have, you know, pulled people out. You’re in a position of power, and it’s tricky, right? You do have a responsibility for everybody else, and he’s absolutely right about that. And, you know, if the production goes down, a lot of people lose their jobs. People have to understand that they have to be responsible. It’s just not my style to, you know, to take everybody to task that way.”

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Rose McGowan backs Matthew McConaughey on hypocrisy from illiberal left elites: ‘Hollywood has been condescending’

Actor Matthew McConaughey chastised people on the “illiberal left” for being condescending and patronizing toward conservatives in an interview last week. Rose McGowan completely agreed with McConaughey’s assertion of far-left members being arrogant, including the Hollywood elite.

“There are a lot [of people] on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards the other 50%,” McConaughey told Russell Brand during an appearance on the “Under the Skin” podcast.

Early Thursday morning, McGowan voiced her support of the fellow actor’s position on how leftists and “elite media liberals” are condescending.

“Matthew McConaughey is right. Hollywood has been condescending, northern elite media liberals, too & it trickles down,” McGowan tweeted. “Far before Trump presidency illiberal condescension & patronization has formed how too many think. Break the class structure.”

The actress-turned-activist has become an outspoken critic of Hollywood, the elite, and Democrats in recent years.

In October, McGowan pointed out the hypocrisy of “liberal intellectuals” defending Jeffrey Toobin after the New Yorker reporter was allegedly caught masturbating on a work Zoom video call.

In August, the “Charmed” actress slammed Democrats for supporting Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Joe Biden. She also called out Democrat Kamala Harris for previously accepting donations from convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan is currently suing Weinstein and his team of “fixers,” but the actress hit a roadblock this week. McGowan filed a lawsuit against Weinstein in October 2019, “claiming they stole a pre-publication copy of her memoir ‘Brave’ in 2017 and tried to ‘silence’ and ‘portray her as increasingly unglued’ to thwart her rape allegation against the movie mogul,” according to the New York Daily News.

“Harvey Weinstein was able to perpetrate and cover up decades of violence and control over women because he had a sophisticated team working on his behalf to systematically silence and discredit his victims,” McGowan said in the lawsuit.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright rejected nine of her 11 claims, including racketeering. In the judge’s ruling, McGowan still has plausible claims of fraudulent deceit and common law fraud against the defendants.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year sentence at Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, New York, after he was convicted of rape and sexual assault.

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Hollywood actor Kumail Nanjiani bashes male Trump supporters, says ‘traditional masculinity is a disease’

Hollywood actor Kumail Nanjiani drew thousands of responses on Twitter after declaring that “traditional masculinity is a disease.” The critique, which was seen as inflammatory by many, was a response to a tweet regarding President Donald Trump’s popularity with men in the 2020 election.

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, a senior writer at FiveThirtyEight, promoted one of her articles in a tweet captioned: “Why did so many men stick with Trump in 2020? The COVID-19 pandemic may have given him a way to reach more masculine men. Many of those men actually liked Trump’s ‘shrug it off’ approach.”

Nanjiani retweeted the post about men who voted for Trump and added his own commentary that appeared to be an insult to male Trump supporters. The tweet read, “Traditional masculinity is a disease.”

Nanjiani did not expound on his belief that “traditional masculinity is a disease.”

The vague statement was immediately met with a wave of backlash.

Gad Saad, an evolutionary psychologist and professor in the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, simply asked, “Is traditional femininity also a disease or is it a virtue?”

Former NFL player Cory Procter astutely replied, “Masculinity is a power to be harnessed. Not suppressed.”

One reaction on Twitter that garnered more than 3,500 “Likes” stated, “Traditional masculinity is what brought men out from primitive status. Traditional masculinity means men willing to lay down their lives for the right cause. It means doing hard things because they are right. It means being a loving father, standing against evil. Being a shield for the innocent. It means taking the hit, and to keep on standing. Being a man means original thought, the spirit of discovery and adventure. Challenging preconceived notions while staying rooted enough for a stable future. Rolling over. Denigrating yourself to blind.”

Many internet commentators pointed out that Nanjiani seemed to take great pride in getting a chiseled, “masculine” body last December for his role in the Marvel superhero movie “The Eternals,” where he played Kingo, a 16th-century Samurai warrior.

Nanjiani gleefully posted a shirtless photo of himself with his new physique on Instagram. He admitted the photo of his new body was to grab attention and said, “I never thought I’d be one of those people who would post a thirsty shirtless, but I’ve worked way too hard for way too long so here we are.”

“I found out a year ago I was going to be in Marvel’s Eternals and decided I wanted to transform how I looked,” Nanjiani said.

One commenter noted that Nanjiani and his fellow cast members on the HBO TV show “Silicon Valley” were on the March 2018 cover of the Hollywood Reporter magazine with the headline: “Triumph of the Beta Male.”

In July 2019, Nanjiani spoke out against traditional masculinity in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“I feel like we’re in a time where we can talk about masculinity and how it’s always been very traditionally defined in a narrow way and how that’s led to problems for everyone — for women and for men,” Nanjiani said during a press blitz for one of his movies.

Nanjiani is a fervent activist for the Democratic Party. The actor, along with other celebrities, started Win Both Seats, an organization supporting the Democratic Senate candidates in the upcoming Georgia runoff election.

On Wednesday, Nanjiani issued a dire-sounding warning to his 3 million Twitter followers and instructed them to vote for Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock. “The soul of our democracy is at stake. #VoteWarnock to save the Senate.”

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Sarah Silverman admits why liberals get away with being offensive: ‘We can say anything’

Comedian Sarah Silverman recently admitted that she was given a pass for offensive jokes during her career — jokes for which normal people would have been denounced — because she is liberal.

Silverman’s comments came during an interview on the “SmartLess” podcast, which is hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett.

What did Silverman say?

The liberal comedian is known for making off-color and offensive jokes throughout her career. She has joked about religions, AIDS, and rape. As Fox News noted, Silverman even once wore “blackface” on her show “The Sarah Silverman Program” in 2007.

Toward the beginning of the podcast, Hayes noted that Silverman has gotten “away with a lot of stuff,” referring to offensive jokes.

He said:

So that’s my thing; it’s like you’ve always been such a — I don’t know — such a f***ing stupid word, “edgy.” It’s always about the messenger of the joke; it’s never really about — so, you can say on “The Sarah Silverman Program,” you could do a joke about AIDS like that and people embrace it and laugh because it’s you saying it. So, what do you think is the difference between you saying it and somebody else saying it and not getting away with it. Seems like you get away with a lot of stuff because you’re so f***ing funny, but some of it’s pretty dark.

In response, Silverman said she was given a pass because she is liberal.

“I think it’s the intention behind it, like, this is a math term, but it’s kind of like the absolute power of the joke,” Silverman began. “Like, especially back then I always said the opposite of what I thought and that was the joke, kinda. Hopefully the truth transcends that I don’t really feel this way, not to break it down in the least funny possible way, but it is also interesting, too, because that comedy I did, you’re right, it was like, ‘Oh it’s OK because you know I don’t mean it.'”

She continued, “But then it also is kind of like, ‘We’re liberal, so we can say anything. So, we can say, you know, the words that are unsayable or whatever. You know I don’t mean it, so I can say it.’ There is kind of a liberal, like, douchiness about it, I think, in retrospect.”

Arnett responded by agreeing with Silverman. However, he essentially blamed “everyone who is not liberal” for the cancel culture that exists today.

“Everyone who is not liberal is so serious and so dark and so real about their negativity or hate or racism, or whatever it is, that it’s taken all of that away,” Arnett said. “I don’t even want to joke about a lot of things that are rough or maybe pushing boundaries because you feel like, ‘I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way because there are so many people who mean it.’

Anything else?

However, Silverman has not always been given a free pass. She admitted last year that she was fired from a movie role because of her infamous blackface skit.

“I recently was going to do a movie, a sweet part, then at 11 p.m. the night before they fired me because they saw a picture of me in blackface from that episode. I didn’t fight it,” Silverman said on “The Bill Simmons” podcast.

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Hollywood’s Time’s Up charities spent donations on large salaries, paid little to help victims: report

The “Time’s Up” organization, which is backed by several Hollywood actresses, spent a large amount of its donations on salaries, but relatively very little on legal costs to assist victims in court, according to public records.

The Time’s Up legal defense fund was founded on Jan. 1, 2018, after receiving major donations from Hollywood A-listers. The organization was formed as a way to fight legal battles of victims of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement.

The organization that started as a legal fund to fight systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood, now has a mission where “every person — across race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender identity, and income level — to be safe on the job and have equal opportunity for economic success and security.”

The Time’s Up Foundation and Time’s Up Now Inc. raised $3,670,219 in 2018, but spent $1,407,032 on salaries and only $312,001, less than 10%, on the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund for victims of sexual harassment, according to the New York Post.

Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog group website that rates charities for effectiveness, said charities “spending less than a third of their budget on program expenses are simply not living up to their missions.” Time’s Up spent 38% on salaries.

Time’s Up Now, the lobbying arm of the organization, spent $157,155 on conferences at the Ojai Valley Inn, a “premier Southern California luxury resort and award-winning spa.” An additional $58,395 was spent on travel.

Time’s Up Now spent $288,007 on advertising, and $940,328 on legal costs. Tax filings show $112,435 went to Rally, a public relations company, and $719,522 was given to “Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, a multinational law firm with a powerful lobbying arm on Capitol Hill,” according to the New York Post.

Former president of the WNBA, Lisa Borders, was hired as the CEO of Time’s Up in 2018, but left the organization four months later after her 36-year-old son was accused of sexual misconduct. Borders was supplied with a $342,308 salary.

Time’s Up Marketing Director Rachel Terrace received a salary of $ 295,000 in 2018, while Treasurer Rebecca Goldman received a salary of $ 255,327.

Members of the “Governing Board of Directors” include former senior advisor to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett, actress-turned-Democratic activist Ashley Judd, actress and host of the 2020 Democratic National Convention Eva Longoria, CNN pundit Ana Navarro, and Jussie Smollett’s sister, Jurnee Smollett.

The Time’s Up organization also features a “Global Leadership Board,” which includes actresses Rosanna Arquette, Jessica Chastain, Laura Dern, America Ferrera, Brie Larson, Alyssa Milano, Janelle Monáe, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, Amy Schumer, Kerry Washington, and Reese Witherspoon.

Actress Rose McGowan criticized Time’s Up on multiple occasions, and called the organization a “lie.”

“The thing is is that, the intentions are good, but I know the people behind it,” McGowan said of Time’s Up during an appearance on “The View” in January 2018. “It’s for CAA agents who needed good PR. And I hope that they, desperately, help these women.”

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‘Frozen’ singer claims she cried after young son said a Biden presidency would mean ‘No more kids in cages’

During President Donald Trump’s first term, progressive journalists and celebrities have made a habit of going on Twitter and telling stories about their young children making woke remarks that racks up thousands of likes and retweets. The latest person to share a story about their child regurgitating left-wing talking points is “Frozen” singer Idina Menzel.

After several media outlets declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election on Saturday, Menzel took to Twitter to brag about how her son allegedly reacted to the news.

“What a relief. My son just hugged me and said ‘mommy no more kids in cages!’ Tears of joy and tears of sadness,” Menzel claimed her son said.

The tweet received over 31,000 likes, many from fans of Menzel’s voice-over work for the character Queen Elsa in the 2013 Disney animated movie “Frozen.”

However, there were tens of thousands of responses, many of which pointed out that the cages were not built by Trump. Twitter users were quick to fact-check Menzel and inform the singer that the facility near the U.S. border with Mexico was built during the Obama administration, which included former Vice President Biden.

Many online commenters shared a photo of Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, who visited the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center on June 25, 2014.

There were also Twitter users who completely doubted the legitimacy of Menzel’s story.

Thomas Homan, executive associate director of ICE during the Obama administration, explained the situation with kids with cages, and how Trump was being unfairly targeted.

“I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages,” Homan said. “That facility was built under President Obama under [former Homeland Security] Secretary Jeh Johnson. I was there because I was there when it was built.”

“If you want to call them cages, call them cages,” he added. “But if the left wants to call them cages, and the Democrats want to call them cages, then they have to accept the fact that they were built and funded in [fiscal year] 2015,” which is when Barack Obama was president.

In last month’s presidential debate, Trump pressed Joe Biden about the kids in cages.

“Who built the cages, Joe?” Trump asked Biden multiple times. Biden refused to answer the question.

christian Christian actors Christianity Entertainment Faith Hollywood Intelwars

‘A miracle’: Doctors said actor would live the rest of his life as a vegetable — if he survived at all. Now, he’s starring in a new movie.

Doctors weren’t sure if Luke Benjamin Bernard would make it after a serious car accident in 2013 left him near death. Bernard suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, blood clots on his brain, and an emergency craniotomy and was ailing in the ICU amid a cloud of uncertainty.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Bernard has defied all expectations, telling “The Pure Flix Podcast” about his unlikely story of survival, his harrowing journey to recovery, and his starring role in “The Favorite,” a movie now streaming on Pure Flix.

“Medically, you have almost no chance of survival,” he said of his initial condition. “It would be a miracle if you lived in vegetative state — a miracle.”

Listen to Bernard discuss his miraculous recovery:

Bernard had what medical experts call a GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) of 3 with dilated and fixed pupils, which generally yields a grim prognosis.

“The doctor … told [my family], ‘I can’t tell you what’s going to happen with him. You just need to get here right away,'” Bernard recalled, noting that it was clear he might not survive.

Despite facing the unthinkable, Bernard’s family refused to give up, turning with fervency to faith and prayer.

“Basically, they did the best thing they could for me … and the only thing they could have done was — they prayed,” he said. “They read scriptures, they sang praise … at my bedside again and again and again.”

The grieving parents firmly believed God would heal their son, and they decided to combat the negative possibilities by intensely appealing to hope.

“[My dad’s] mindset was, ‘This is a fight — I’m in a fight right now for my son’s life and Satan’s trying to take my son and I’m not going to let it happen,'” he said, noting that their prayers weren’t just for survival, but also for “complete healing.”

And the Bernard family got their wish. Against all odds, he fully recovered, and they now attribute it all to God.

“It’s just remarkable with God’s grace and mercy, with his healing power over me,” he said.

And that was only part of the story, as Bernard, who was an actor prior to his accident, later ended up writing and performing in “The Favorite,” a touching new film about two rival brothers who face tragedy — a traumatic event that mirrors what happened to Bernard in real life.

The idea and plot line for “The Favorite” came to Bernard as he was recovering from his accident.

(Read also: 8 classic family TV shows you can stream right now)

“One night I fell into this deep sleep and I had this very vivid dream … a dream that you feel like you’re really there,” he recalled.

Bernard said he saw two brothers in that dream who had a car accident, with one of the men facing the same injuries, recovery, and healing that Bernard faced. The dream was so stirring that Bernard started writing what he saw, turning it into a script, and the rest is cinematic history.

Listen to this phenomenal story in its entirely on “The Pure Flix Podcast,” and be sure to watch Bernard in “The Favorite.” Check out the trailer for the movie below.


This article was originally published on Pure Flix Insider. Visit Pure Flix for access to thousands of faith and family-friendly movies and TV shows. You can get a free trial here.

Cancel culture Hollywood Intelwars Joe Rogan Joe rogan experience Matthew McConaughey Matthew mcconaughey interview Matthew mcconaughey religion

Matthew McConaughey bashes cancel culture, talks about being Christian in Hollywood and defunding the police

Matthew McConaughey gave an interview to Joe Rogan where they discussed a myriad of topics, including the actor slamming cancel culture, talking about being a Christian in Hollywood, and providing an eye-opening response to the defund the police movement.

McConaughey blasted the practice of cancel culture during his appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“We’re making people persona non grata because of something they do that is right now deemed wrong or it’s the hot point in a hot topic right now,” the Hollywood actor stated. “You can’t erase someone’s entire existence. Where the heck does some forgiveness go?”

Rogan asked the “Interstellar” actor if he has experienced any discrimination in Hollywood for being Christian, and he said he “hasn’t had any difficulties.”

However, McConaughey did point out the phoniness of some of his fellow actors.

“I have had moments where I was on stage receiving an award in front of my peers in Hollywood,” McConaughey explained. “And there were people in the crowd that I have prayed with before dinners…many times.”

“And when I thank God, I saw some of those people go to clap, but then notice that, ‘This could be a bad thing on my resume,’ and then sit back on their hands. I’ve seen people read the room and go, ‘That wouldn’t bode well for me in the future for getting a job or getting votes or what have you.’ I have seen that, I have witnessed that. I don’t judge them for it,” he said.

According to a 2014 Daily Caller report, God had only been thanked 14 times in over 750 Academy Awards acceptance speeches over the last 30 years.

One of the 14 times happened in 2014 when McConaughey thanked God while accepting his Best Actor award for “Dallas Buyers Club.”

“First off I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to. He’s graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand,” McConaughey said after receiving his award. “He has shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. In the words of the late (British actor) Charlie Laughton, who said, ‘When you got God you got a friend and that friend is you.'”

McConaughey pointed out that some Hollywood liberals go so far left that they become “illiberal.”

“Some people in our industry, not all this, there’s some that go to the left so far that go to the illiberal left side so far, that is so condescending and patronizing to 50 percent of the world that need the empathy that the liberals have gives and should give to throw somebody, to illegitimize them because they say they are a believer,” McConaughey said. “It’s just so arrogant, and in some ways hypocritical to me.”

Matthew McConaughey Discusses His Religious Beliefs

McConaughey was asked about the defund the police movement; the Texas native delivered a well-thought-out response in attempting to improve relations between police and communities.

“It’s almost like it should have been renamed because ‘defund’ does not sound anything like there’s been money reallocated to different areas of handling some police exercise,” McConaughey said. “It sounds like you got a million and, ‘We’re taking three hundred thousand. Good luck.’ And it’s not exactly what it is, to be fair.”

“The community and the police need to get back together, and the community needs to say, ‘Here’s what’s unfair. Here’s how I feel it’s unfair as a black man or a person of color or whatever the situation. Here’s my problem with my relationship with you as cops,'” the actor explained.

“Well, the police got to get clear to go, ‘OK. Our whole force isn’t screwed up, we have to have law and order. We all agree on that. Yes, we can all agree on that. We’ve got a few bad apples that either need to be trained better so we don’t have those kind of bad apples,'” he continued. “So few of these bad apples need to be removed. But they also we need to make sure we’re training them better.”

“Now, also, the cops need to go to the community and go, ‘Can you all remember and understand our point of view that we’re like the tow truck driver. We’re not called when there’s good news; we’re called when it’s bad news. So we’re coming in looking for trouble. So we’re already under stress when we get a call. Can y’all help us in the way we communicate? Can we get trust again?'” he said.

Last week, online provocateurs users attempted to cancel Chris Pratt because they labeled him as a Trump supporter despite him being largely apolitical. Pratt’s Hollywood co-stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana, and Mark Ruffalo, came to his defense, calling him “as solid a man there is.”

You can watch the entire Matthew McConaughey interview below.

Joe Rogan Experience #1552 – Matthew McConaughey

Campaign 2020 Donald Trump Hollywood Intelwars Kirstie alley

Kirstie Alley says she will vote for Trump, leftists respond with tsunami of hate: ‘You are now dead to me’

Actress Kirstie Alley, known for her roles in “Star Trek” and “Cheers,” revealed Saturday that she will vote for President Donald Trump next month. She was hit with a tsunami of hate in response.

Alley has become increasingly outspoken about politics in recent weeks. Last month, she criticized new “inclusion” requirements for Best Picture contenders at the Oscars. And earlier this month, the actress slammed a CNN reporter in a viral tweet, and called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “evil” just a few days later.

What did Alley say now?

She announced that she will vote for Trump — just as she did in 2016 — because she approves of his job performance.

“I’m voting for @realDonaldTrump because he’s NOT a politician. I voted for him 4 years ago for this reason and shall vote for him again for this reason,” she said.

Alley added, “He gets things done quickly and he will turn the economy around quickly. There you have it folks there you have it.”

Alley’s admission on Saturday was the first time that she revealed that she did, in fact, vote for Trump in 2016.

Alley had initially voiced support for Trump during the Republican primary, but dropped her endorsement when the infamous Hollywood Reporter tape surfaced weeks before the election.

What was the response?

As of Sunday afternoon, Alley’s tweet had received more than 87,000 responses. She was widely criticized, and many detractors invoked her membership in Scientology to mock her.

  • “Shelly Long was way funnier than you,” Hollywood director Judd Apatow said.
  • “Well my vote for Biden canceled yours out. I have done my civic duty of the day,” actress Patricia Arquette said.
  • “So you belong to two cults. Gotcha,” one response said.
  • “Imagine if joining scientology wasn’t even your biggest mistake,” another response said.
  • “She’s part of two cults– Scientology and Cult 45. There’s no hope for her,” another response said.
  • “You are now dead to me,” actress Marina Sirtis said.
  • “We already knew you were a cultist… but it’s definitely weird you’re a member of two cults.
    Isn’t there like a cult honor code or something?” another person
  • “I am hiring my friend because he’s NOT an electrician! I hired him 4 years ago for this reason and he wired up the house quick! And now, 4 years later after it burned down (fake news said it was an electric fire) I am going to hire him again!” one person mocked.
  • “Oooh the highly sought after Scientologist Kirstie Alley vote! Almost as lucrative as the Taliban endorsement,” another person mocked.
  • “So you’re proudly proclaiming your support for the racist, sexist, xenophobic, science-denying, constitution-subverting, corrupt, impeached, tool of hostile foreign governments, who has presided over the death of more than 217,000 dead Americans. Good to know. Psycho,” another person said.
  • “I’m voting for Biden because i have a brain,” Joe Lockhart, who worked in Bill Clinton’s White House, said.

But not everyone was angry. In fact, thousands of people shared their support for Alley’s decision.

“Your bravery is appreciated,” Kimberly Klacik, a Republican U.S. House candidate from Maryland, said.

Crime Ghostbusters Hollywood Honey i shrunk the kids Intelwars New York City Rick moranis

Comedy legend Rick Moranis hospitalized after random attack in NYC. His fans are out for blood.

Comedy legend Rick Moranis was the victim of a random violent assault by a stranger Thursday and was hospitalized, police say.

Moranis, 67, was sucker-punched in broad daylight just before 7:30 a.m. on Central Park West near 70th street, WLNY-TV reported.

The assault, which took place just outside Moranis’ apartment building, was captured on camera. The New York Post reported that Moranis was taken to the hospital for evaluation, suffering injuries to his head, back, and right hip.

The suspect remains wanted by police. NYPD Crime Stoppers shared video of the suspect and announced a reward up to $2,500 for information leading to his arrest.

In the video, the assailant punches the actor, then just walks away.

Moranis is well known for his comedic roles in classic films such as “Ghostbusters” (1984), “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” (1989), and “Spaceballs” (1987).

Moranis retired from acting in the 1990s to focus on raising his two children as a single father after his wife died of cancer at age 35. Since then, many in Hollywood have tried to get him to return to acting, but until this year he’s turned all the offers down.

“I pulled out of making movies in about ’96 or ’97,” he told USA Today in 2005. “I’m a single parent, and I just found that it was too difficult to manage raising my kids and doing the traveling involved in making movies. So I took a little bit of a break. And the little bit of a break turned into a longer break, and then I found that I really didn’t miss it.”

Moranis has a large fan following who made themselves vocal Friday about how his assailant ought to be found and punished.

Moranis finally returned to the small screen this year for a Mint Mobile commercial alongside Ryan Reynolds, who introduces him as an actor “we’ve all gone far too long without.”

Ryan & Rick Moranis

Reynolds said he “wept” when Moranis agreed to come out of retirement to do the commercial.

In February, Deadline reported Moranis will return to the big screen, reprising his role as “Wayne Szalinski” for Disney’s planned sequel to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” The movie will be titled “Shrunk” and will star Josh Gad playing Szalinski’s son who aspires to be a scientist like his dad and accidentally shrinks his kids.

2020 Election 2020 presidential election Donald Trump Hollywood Intelwars John Legend

Old stunt: Pop star John Legend says Americans might need to think about leaving US if Trump gets re-elected, succeeds in ‘project’ to ‘destroy democracy’

Singer-songwriter John Legend has repeatedly made it clear that he is not a fan of President Donald Trump.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK posted Friday, Legend revealed that he and his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, have considered leaving the country over embarrassment that Trump is president.

He went on to say that leaving the country is something more and more Americans might need to start thinking about should the president prove victorious on Nov. 3.

No surprise

Legend’s spat with Trump has been going on for some time.

Most famously, the president ripped Legend as “boring” and Teigen as the artist’s “filthy mouthed wife” after the couple refused to give him credit for pushing for and signing criminal justice reform in September 2019 — despite the fact that the duo had praised it and other liberal black commentators and celebrities had noted Trump’s efforts.

In response to those comments, Legend told the Evening Standard that President Trump is “sad and petty and narcissistic and immature.”

The hard feelings, it appears, have not subsided.

In the Cosmo UK interview, Legend related that he and Teigen thought about leaving the country during the president’s first term and said Trump was “trying to destroy democracy.”

“Every once in a while you think about it. We were born and raised here, all of our families are here. It would be hard to leave,” he told the magazine. “But I don’t know what one’s supposed to do when you have a leader who is trying to destroy democracy.”

Legend added that if the country votes to re-elect Trump and he’s successful in his effort to take down America’s democracy, then it might be time for Americans to consider moving to another country.

“At some point, if that project [to destroy democracy] was to be in any way successful, you’d have to think about going somewhere that is a true democracy, that has respect for the rule of law and human rights,” he said. “If America chooses to be that place then people will have to start thinking about going somewhere else. It is truly disturbing and concerning.”

He wasn’t done there. He went on to claim that that somehow President Trump is responsible for the loss of life when it comes to COVID-19, so Americans should vote “like our lives depend on it” because we might not be a democracy after four more years with Trump in the White House.

“I think his handling of the [COVID-19] pandemic has been embarrassing to the entire nation and has caused so much loss of life, that was preventable,” he said. “We can’t bear another four years of this. As Michelle Obama said, we have to vote like our lives depend on it. I honestly think the American people will do it. I truly don’t know if we would be a democracy when we were done if we went another four years.”

Nothing new

This stunt by Legend is nothing new. Celebrities were all over themselves in 2016 threatening to leave if Trump was elected. The Hollywood Reporter dug up 20 stars who vowed four years ago to flee if Trump became president:

  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Miley Cyrus
  • George Lopez
  • Raven Symone
  • Amy Schumer
  • Cher
  • Omari Hardwick
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Bryan Cranston
  • Lena Dunham
  • Neve Campbell
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Ne-Yo
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Jon Stewart
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • Chloe Sevigny
  • Eddie Griffin
  • Amber Rose
Anthony anderson Black Lives Matter COVID-19 Emmys Hollywood Intelwars jimmy kimmel watch

‘Louder, Jimmy!’: Sitcom actor leads host Jimmy Kimmel in ‘Black Lives Matter!’ chant from Emmys stage

Actor Anthony Anderson played it angry, Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel played it nervous and demure — and it made for one of the more noteworthy moments of 72nd annual awards show Sunday night.

What are the details?

Anderson — star of the sitcom “Black-ish” — walked onstage to present an award and launched into a monologue that Kimmel jokingly indicated wasn’t what they’d rehearsed. Anderson cut off Kimmel and forged ahead.

“We have a record number of black Emmy nominees this year, which is great,” Anderson said.

Reacting to Kimmel’s silence, Anderson quipped to the host, “This is the part where the white people start to applaud.”

Kimmel obliged — but that wasn’t quite good enough. “And nod,” Anderson added. Kimmel did as ordered.

“These Emmys would have been NBA All-Star Weekend and Wakanda all wrapped into one. This was supposed to be the blackest Emmys ever. Y’all wouldn’t have been able to handle how black it was gonna be,” Anderson said before an empty Staples Center. “But because of COVID we can’t even get in the damn building.”

Kimmel attempted to interject, but Anderson kept going: “These Emmys would have been so black, it would have been like hot-sauce-in-your-purse black. It would have been Howard University Homecoming black. It would have been you-fit-the-description black.”

‘Don’t whitesplain it to me, Jimmy!’

Once again Kimmel tried cutting in — but to no avail: “We would’ve had speeches quoting our great poets like Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Cardi B. WAP, Jimmy, WAP!” Anderson said in a partially bleeped-out reference to the sexually charged hit song. “But instead of that sexy melanated energy, here I am, alone in a sterilized green room, trying not to sneeze on a llama. What a damn shame.”

When Kimmel corrected Anderson that the animal — which appeared earlier in the broadcast, the Hollywood Reporter said — was an alpaca, Anderson hollered at the host, “Don’t whitesplain it to me, Jimmy! It shoulda been a pit bull!”

Anderson continued, “I’m still rootin’ for everybody black. Because black stories, black performances, and black lives matter. Say it with me, Jimmy.” With that the pair chanted the “black lives matter” phrase that’s been heard countless times this summer amid protests.

‘Louder, Jimmy!’

But Kimmel wasn’t saying it with enough gusto, and Anderson demanded more: “Louder, Jimmy!” And they chanted the phrase again. But still it wasn’t quite good enough.

“Louder, Jimmy!” Anderson hollered at Kimmel. “Say it so that my kids can hear it!”

After a third chant, the finally satisfied Anderson said, “That’s right, and because black lives matter, black people will stay at home tonight to be safe. Which is fine, because guess what? Y’all don’t know how to light us anyway.”

There was no mention during the bit of Kimmel’s resurfaced blackface controversy which led to the late-night TV host taking a leave this summer from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Anthony Anderson Was Looking Forward to the Blackest Emmys Ever

China corporate censorship Hollywood Intelwars Interviews Judd apatow

Hollywood director Judd Apatow says Hollywood is now China’s puppet: ‘Chilling’ censorship as China has ‘bought our silence’

Judd Apatow, longtime writer and director on the Hollywood entertainment circuit, says Hollywood companies will not criticize China — all because of the almighty dollar.

What are the details?

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Apatow, 52, said that Hollywood is turning a blind eye to human rights violations taking place across the world — especially when it comes to China.

“What I perceive as more chilling is a corporate type of censorship that people don’t really notice, which is a lot of these giant corporate entities have business with countries around the world, Saudi Arabia or China, and they’re just not going to criticize them, and they’re not going to let their shows criticize them, or they’re not going to air documentaries that go deep into truthful areas because they just make so much money.”

He pointed out that Hollywood would not develop a film project pitch based on a story about an escapee from one of China’s Uighur detention camps or from North Korea.

Apatow said that “no one would buy the pitch” if a filmmaker came in and told executives, “Hey, I want to write a movie about the concentration camps in China and Muslims in concentration camps. I want to write a movie about someone who escapes.”

“Instead of us doing business with China, and that leading to China becoming more free, what has happened is a place like China has bought our silence with their money,” he explained.

“They have just completely shut down critical content about human rights abuses in China,” he added, “and I think that’s much scarier.”

Judd Apatow On How China Gets Hollywood To Censor U.S. Films And Free Speech

U.S. companies won’t ‘speak up about concentration camps in China’

Disney has recently
come under fire for one of its recent films, “Mulan,” after several of the films’ scenes were filmed in the Chinese province in which Muslims are held in concentration camps.

Apatow also tweeted about the Disney film,
writing, “It is shameful that no U.S. companies and very few politicians speak up about concentration camps in China. The United States has abandoned the world when it comes to human rights.”

Two days after that tweet, he added, “They are not ‘detained,’ they are being held in CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Apple uses that word because they don’t want to anger China. Maybe Disney and Apple should SPEAK UP & try to help a million people who were abducted and put in CONCENTRATION CAMPS.”

You can read more about the “Mulan” controversy

Academy Awards Hollywood Inclusion Intelwars Kirstie alley oscars Requirements

‘You people have lost your minds’: Kirstie Alley blasts new Oscars inclusion requirements

Actress Kirstie Alley is not impressed with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issuing new “inclusion” requirements for Best Picture contenders at the Oscars, telling the Hollywood decision-makers: “You people have lost your minds.”

What are the details?

On Tuesday, the Academy announced that starting in 2024, any film must meet two out of four detailed diversity requirements in order to be considered for the coveted Oscar for Best Picture.

Academy leadership explained in a statement, “We believe these inclusion standards will be a catalyst for long-lasting, essential change in our industry.”

Ms. Alley did not hold back in her initial reaction to the news. According to The Daily Wire, she wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “This is a disgrace to artists everywhere…can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his [f***ing] paintings. You people have lost your minds. Control artists, control individual thought .. OSCAR ORWELL.”

She later explained, “I deleted my first tweet about the new rules for best movie OSCARS because I feel it was a poor analogy & misrepresented my viewpoint. I am 100% behind diversity inclusion & tolerance. I’m opposed to MANDATED ARBITRARY percentages relating to hiring human beings in any business.”

Alley continued to take heat for her criticism of the academy’s decision, but she was not the only Hollywood star to condemn the new initiative. James Woods called the move “madness,” and Dean Cain retweeted the message.

One man said of Woods’ reaction, “It’s funny how I love the movies and television but yet there were not to many people that look like me. Now to find out that some of my favorite actors are not inclusive is very disappointing,” tagging Alley and Cain.

The actress responded, “I’m more inclusive than the people who wrote that crap. The best kind of inclusion is to make hundreds of movies & TV episodes about real minority stories, not some gimmicky math equation to APPEAR inclusive. UR right l! Not enough content that looks like U or other minorities!”

Anything else?

This is not the first time Alley has slammed Hollywood culture. Last year, the actress tweeted, “I refuse to be part of the Hollywood a**hats who can’t see that ‘NOT working with Republicans’ is as stupid and NASTY as ‘REFUSING to do business with gay people’..STOP ACTING above the FRAY ya damn hypocrites…WE are the same species! let’s help each OTHER ya damn yahoos.”

Blacks in entertainment Hollywood Hollywood bias Ice Cube Intelwars Racism Reparations Social Media

Rapper Ice Cube tells Hollywood to fund black projects as ‘form of reparations’: ‘Stealing our history [and] giving it to white people’

Rapper Ice Cube said this week that Hollywood should funnel money into black-led projects as reparations.

What are the details?

On Wednesday, the rapper appeared on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club” where he said that the entertainment industry should be giving back to the black community for appropriating and using African American culture to make money.

“Black studios is virtually all the studios who’ve contributed in our narrative, in our pain, in our representation, in stealing our history, and giving it to white people for over 100 years,” he said.

“So I think these studios that we know and love should kick in to a studio that’s ran by black people with no outside influences, and whose movies and projects are owned by those black people, those black artists and directors and writers and people who put the project together should own the projects,” he added.

Such companies, Ice Cube said, include big names such as Universal, MGM, and Warner Bros.

“I just think it’s a form of reparations from the entertainment industry if they all had to invest a certain amount of money into the studio each year as payment for all the damage they’ve done to black people,” he explained.

He concluded, “Every artist I know, every great actor or writer, has 10 projects they can’t get made because some white people don’t understand what they’re trying to make. That’s a shame, so we need our own place.”

Ice Cube Talks Contract With Black America, Reconstructing The System + More

A ‘Contract with Black America’

Ice Cube made the remarks in connection with his political activism project titled, “Contract with Black America.”

The rapper crafted the proposal with an intent to distribute it to American political parties and presidential candidates ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“Contract with Black America” stipulates that banks should invest 13.4% of bank loans into the black community as blacks make up 13.4% of the American population.

The movement’s website says the point of the project is “addressing racial inequality.”

Ice Cube’s movement also aims to eradicate police brutality in the U.S., dismantle racism, and administer affirmative action for schools. Other tentpoles of the project include “mandatory civil rights and anti-racism classes in all elementary schools.”

You can read more on his plan for action here.

Antonio sabato jr Conservative actors Conservative entertainment Hollywood Hollywood bias Intelwars Liberal hollywood Socialist blacklist

Antonio Sabato Jr. announces plans to create a new ‘conservative movie studio’ to escape socialist ‘blacklisting’

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. announced on Twitter his plans to create a “conservative movie studio” alternative to the liberal socialist entertainment establishment.

Sabato first revealed his plans on Twitter on Thursday.

“We are putting together a plan to create a conservative movie studio for all patriots to do projects that Hollywood would never do,” he tweeted.

“No more blacklisting and no more injustice from the socialist’s elites,” he added.

“I was blacklisted”

Sabato is an Italian immigrant and is best known for his roles in the popular television shows “Melrose Place,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “General Hospital.”

He said that his entertainment career was sidelined after he announced his unabashed support for President Donald Trump in 2016. He also spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

“I had to sell everything,” Sabato said in an interview with Variety in March.

“I had to pay all my debts. I was blacklisted,” he explained. “All my representatives left me, from agents to managers to commercial agents. I literally had to move, find a new job to survive and take care of my kids.”

“We are not going to be bullied”

Sabato went on to explain his new conservative entertainment endeavor in further statements.

“To all conservative producers who want to make a change this is the time, get in touch with me, and be part of our team. Right now we are In pre-production with Trail Blazers our first in line for many more & first to start our studio,” he added.

“Blacklisting in Hollywood and around my industry is about to be over forever. We are not going to be bullied by you any longer!’ he explained.

On Friday, he appeared to name his entertainment endeavor “Conservative Studios.”

Other conservative actors have also noted the obstacles in Hollywood for those who do dare to oppose liberalism.

“They just think that conservatives are these racist, bigoted, selfish, heartless people that don’t believe in helping people. Really, the opposite is true,” said actress Julienne Davis in 2017 interview.

Here’s a video of Sabato on his support for Trump from Fox News:

Sabato Jr: I’ve been blacklisted for supporting Trump

Ben stiller Cancel culture Donald Trump Hollywood Intelwars Movies political correctness

Hollywood star Ben Stiller refuses to cower to those who want Trump’s cameo erased from ‘Zoolander,’ says PC culture makes movies and comedy ‘challenging’

Hollywood A-lister Ben Stiller is not surrendering to the political correctness movement or to members of the rabid anti-Donald Trump movement who suffer visceral reactions to any image of the president — regardless how old the pictures or video clips may be.

‘You have to look at the context’

In a recent interview with “The New Abnormal” podcast, Stiller discussed today’s politically correct culture and its impact on comedy and movie-making. The actor-director noted how there are several movies — particularly satire — that were made just a few years ago that could not be made in today’s climate, including his controversial hit, “Tropic Thunder.”

Asked about the impact of today’s “preposterous politics” on comedy and movie-making, Stiller, said, “Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the politics as much as just the atmosphere of the political correctness now and everybody being afraid to say something that’s offensive.”

“Comedically, it’s definitely challenging,” he said, adding, “I think it’s much tougher now, and when I think about movies that I’ve worked on in the past, and I look at them now, definitely there are jokes and scenes and that I go, ‘Oh, I don’t know if we could have gotten away with that today, at all.'”

Specifically, he noted that “Tropic Thunder” — which included Robert Downey Jr. playing an actor who was playing the part of a black man and Stiller who portrayed an actor who played a mentally challenged character — likely wouldn’t have been made in 2020.

He said that he could understand those feelings “contextually” today, however, he noted: “But at the time — that’s the thing to me that’s so complicated about how we approach what’s appropriate and what’s not in terms of the timeframe that it was made. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything was more appropriate at another time but you have to look at the context and realize that that’s what was happening.”

The Trump cameo

The discussion then turned to President Trump and his many cameos in TV shows and movies — and about whether to cut his his appearances from those productions, which some anti-Trump people have suggested.

Stiller directed the 2001 comedy movie “Zoolander,” in which Stiller played the title character Derek Zoolander, an empty-headed, full-of-himself male model.

Among several celebrity cameos were Donald Trump and his then-girlfriend Melania Knauss. In the movie, Trump says of the main character, “Look, without Derek Zoolander, male modeling wouldn’t be what it is today.”

Donald trump Zoolander fan

Stiller said Trump and the future first lady were included because of where the filming occurred.

“We were shooting at the now defunct VH1 Fashion Awards,” Stiller said, “and as people were coming up the red carpet, we pulled them aside and asked them to talk about Derek Zoolander, and so Trump and Melania did that.”

He, of course, had no idea at the time that he was filming the future controversial president.

Now, in the current environment where no one wants to be offended by anything they see or hear, especially when it comes to Donald Trump, people are suggesting that Stiller cut the Trump cameo from the movie.

“I’ve had people who reached out to me and said, like, ‘You should edit Donald Trump out of “Zoolander,”‘ and all that,” Stiller told the podcast.

Stiller, no Trump fan himself, noted that the controversy over Trump is similar to the fights going on over movies and TV shows that could not be made today.

Noting the Trump cameo in “Zoolander,” Stiller said, “But at the end of the day, it’s kind of like, again, that was a time when that exists and that happened.”

The interview begins at the 17:50 mark:

(H/T: New York Post)

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Actress Halle Berry bows to the woke mob, won’t consider role of transgender man after online backlash

Acclaimed actress Halle Berry — the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress — is no longer considering a role as a transgender man in an upcoming film after online backlash against her.

What are the details?

Berry said in an Instagram live interview Friday that she’d been preparing for the role but hadn’t been officially cast, Variety reported.

“[It’s] a character where the woman is a trans character, so she’s a woman that transitioned into a man. She’s a character in a project I love that I might be doing,” she said, according to the outlet, adding that she wanted to take a “deep dive” into “that world,” presumably in reference to the trans community.

But Berry got hit with online backlash after misgendering the character multiple times during the interview, Variety said.

“Who this woman was is so interesting to me, and that will probably be my next project,” she said in one example, the outlet noted.

Despite being biologically female, women who become transgender men consider themselves male — and trouble often starts when others refer to them as women or use female pronouns in reference to them.

The apology

Berry on Monday night apologized and said she was stepping away from the role.

“Over the weekend I had the opportunity to discuss my consideration of an upcoming role as a transgender man, and I’d like to apologize for those remarks,” she said in a Twitter post. “As a cisgender woman, I now understand that I should not have considered this role, and that the transgender community should undeniably have the opportunity to tell their own stories.”

Berry added, “I am grateful for the guidance and critical conversation over the past few days and will continue to listen, educate, and learn from this mistake. I vow to be an ally in using my voice to promote better representation on-screen, both in front of and behind the camera.”

Prior to Berry’s statement, the Twitter post from the Netflix documentary “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen” — which looks at how Hollywood portrays transgender people — was directed at the actress, asking her to watch the documentary to “understand how cis actors like yourself acting in trans roles has major cultural consequences offscreen,” Variety said.

Following Berry’s statement, the documentary’s Twitter account issued a follow-up post thanking her for “listening and learning.”

GLAAD also was pleased with Berry checking her cis privilege:

“We are pleased that Halle Berry listened to the concerns of transgender people and learned from them. Other powerful people should do the same,” the post read. “A good place to start is by watching ‘Disclosure’ to learn about trans representation in media.”

Anything else?

Berry’s decision to no longer consider the transgender role isn’t a first in Hollywood. In 2018, an online campaign was launched against actress Scarlett Johansson for her plans to portray a transgender character in a movie, and while she was initially defiant, she soon gave up the role.

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VIDEO: Denzel Washington gets real about his Christian faith journey, reveals moment he was ‘filled with the Holy Ghost’

Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington recently revealed the moment he was “filled with the Holy Ghost,” telling New York City Pastor A.R. Bernard how the “supernatural” experience helped him on his journey to live a Christian lifestyle.

“I was filled with the Holy Ghost and it scared me,” Washington recently told Bernard during an Instagram Live discussion. “I said, ‘Wait a minute, I didn’t want to go this deep, I want to party.'”

The actor joked that he devoted himself to God three times over the years and that he wasn’t quite ready at first to live a biblical life, as the Christian Post noted.

But while it took time for Washington to fully embrace a Christian lifestyle, he revealed what happened when he profoundly encountered the Holy Spirit at a California church in the 1980s.

“I went to church with Robert Townsend and when it came time to come down to the altar I said, ‘You know this time, I’m just going to go down there and give it up and see what happens,'” Washington recalled. “I went in the prayer room and gave it up and let go and experienced something I’ve never experienced in my life.”

Watch Washington discuss his faith:

He called the experience “supernatural” and said he didn’t completely understand it at the time.

Years later, Washington has fully come into his faith, openly speaking about his love for Jesus. He told the Christian Post in 2017 that he is “unashamed and unafraid” to share his beliefs.

(Read also: 18 Christian Celebrities Who Are Changing Show Business)

Read more about Washington’s comments here.

As Pure Flix Insider recently reported, Washington went viral earlier this year after he pulled over on the side of the road to help a homeless man.

This article was originally published on Pure Flix Insider. Visit Pure Flix for access to thousands of faith and family-friendly movies and TV shows. You can get a free trial here.

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Actor accuses notoriously far-left filmmaker Joss Whedon of ‘gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable’ behavior on set

Notoriously far-left filmmaker Joss Whedon — never one to hide his disdain for Republicans,
particularly for President Donald Trump — is getting a taste of his own medicine from an actor.

Ray Fisher on Wednesday accused Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behavior toward the cast and crew during the making of 2017 movie “Justice League,”
Variety reported.

Fisher’s accusation also pointed at former Warner Bros. co-president of production Jon Berg and former DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns, the outlet said, adding that they “enabled” Whedon’s alleged behavior. The pair were “Justice League” producers, Variety said.

The actor’s tweet doesn’t offer detail regarding his allegation. Whedon had no comment, the outlet noted, adding that a Warner Bros. rep didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

More from Variety:

Fisher hinted at friction with Whedon earlier this week when he tweeted a clip from the “Justice League” panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con in which he praised the filmmaker as “a great guy” and that [filmmaker Zack] Snyder “picked a good person to come in and clean-up — and finish up for him.”

“I’d like to take a moment to forcefully retract every bit of this statement,” the actor wrote in his tweet.

What else do we know about Whedon?

In 2018, Whedon tweeted that
he wanted Trump to die because he was emboldening “monsters.”

“Donald Trump is killing this country,” Whedon declared. “Some of it quickly, some slowly, but he spoils and destroys everything he touches. He emboldens monsters, wielding guns, governmental power, or just smug doublespeak. Or Russia. My hate and sadness are exhausting. Die, Don. Just quietly die.”

After Trump’s 2016 presidential victory, Whedon said
he must not be allowed to have a term in office.

The filmmaker did his best to try keeping Trump out of the White House, though. One particular TV spot from Whedon encourages Americans to vote — just not for a “racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.”

Content warning: Some profanity and VERY SUGGESTIVE language:


In 2014, Whedon opined that men shouldn’t have any opinions about women’s reproductive rights (i.e., abortion). “Isn’t that like rabbis electing a pope?” he asked.

And in 2012, Whedon created a video mocking presidential candidate Mitt Romney by representing him as a zombie.