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Fauci: The “Vaccines” Work Against India Variant

The push to get everyone injected with the experimental gene therapy is ramping up.  They are now using the “variant” coming from India as a scare tactic to get more people to roll up their sleeves and take the shot.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States head medical tyrant is dictating that the shots, which don’t even protect people from COVID the original (they lessen symptoms), are effective against India’s more “transmissible” variant. They are doing everything in their propaganda brainwashing handbook to convince people to get this shot.

The New York Post reported that the ruling class is claiming a “concerning strain” of the coronavirus first detected in India will likely be thwarted by the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines in the US, health officials said Tuesday. The more contagious India variant, B.1.617.2 was called a “variant of concern” in the United Kingdom and it’s now made its way into the US.

But Dr. Anthony Fauci said early data suggests that the two-dose vaccines already in use are “at least partially and probably” protective against the India variant and other strains. –The New York Post

Citing “multiple studies” for which links were not provided (is anyone shocked?) in recent days showed the vaccines maintained antibodies against a wide range of variants for as long as six months, Fauci said at a Tuesday White House COVID-19 briefing. So why are they using the India variant now in the mainstream media? It’s simple:

“So in summary, this is just another example of the scientific data accruing…indicating another very strong reason why we should be getting vaccinated,” Fauci said during the briefing, held virtually. –The New York Post

Moderna recently announced the results of a clinical trial that showed getting a third shot of its vaccine boosted its effectiveness against variants first identified in Brazil and South Africa. Except, they keep calling these shots vaccines, and they are not based on simple legal medical definitions.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Is COVID-21 right around the corner? It sure makes one wonder…

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

Stay alert and aware.  As always, use your critical thinking and discernment. Ask questions, and remain prepared.  This “India variant” could turn into something, and it’s anyone’s guess how far they will be willing to take it.


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MSM: Vaccines Will Not Be Enough To Stop COVID-19

The mainstream media has been busy trying to convince the masses that widespread vaccination against COVID-19 won’t be enough to stop the spread. Instead of suggesting we live freely and take precautions as the sovereign individuals that we are, they are attempting to promote a totalitarian dictatorship in the name of health.

The media’s newest talking point has been the variants, with a few “experts” (people paid to say we need more lockdowns) saying we are in a “doom” situation.  According to The Conversation, the new “variants of concern” have emerged and spread worldwide, putting current scamdemic control efforts, including vaccination, at risk of being derailed.

Put simply, the game has changed, and a successful global rollout of current vaccines by itself is no longer a guarantee of victory. –The Conversation

Those of us who have been paying attention knew that the vaccines wouldn’t stop the spread because they aren’t vaccines by definition, and members of the ruling class have been bold enough to continue to tell us so while moving the goalposts. Most Americans don’t seem to notice and don’t seem to care.

Ruling Class Warns Of “Variant” That Could Spark Another Lockdown

In an effort to gin up support for the total and permanent enslavement of mankind, a slavery so deeply engrained into the minds of the masses that no one will ever escape, the media is trying to push the fear as hard as possible:

No one is truly safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe. We are in a race against time to get global transmission rates low enough to prevent the emergence and spread of new variants. The danger is that variants will arise that can overcome the immunity conferred by vaccinations or prior infection. –The Conversation

Oddly enough, it sure appears that those who are the least afraid of COVID-19 are somehow the least affected by it.

They want you to believe you must willingly submit to whatever commands they make and reject your free will. They want you separated and isolated from others. They want you muzzled and contained within a small area.  They want you surveilled, tracked, and traced, and all as this disturbing narrative falls apart in front of those who still employ critical thinking.

Use discernment and critical thinking.  Maintain your free will. Do what is right and moral.  If we can all stand together and help each other, we can beat the tyrants at their own game. If we continue to roll over and acquiesce, we are all going to experience a painful outcome.


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Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

The ruling class is telling us to our faces that they won’t stop this phony charade until the entire population of the globe submits to the COVID-19 vaccine. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said on Friday that “the pandemic is not over until all people in the world have been vaccinated.”


Merkle says that in addition to sending money, wealthy countries should also share their COVID vaccines with poorer nations. Speaking after a video conference of leaders of the G7 group of large developed economies, Merkel said they had not discussed specific percentages of their vaccine stocks that should be given to poorer countries, according to a report by Reuters. 

The simple question we should all be asking is does the vaccine work? If it does, why does everyone need to be vaccinated? Let those who don’t get it get sick.  If it doesn’t, then what is the real reason why everyone needs to be vaccinated?  Most of the ruling class, including top medical tyranny Dr. Anthony Fauci, has admitted you can still get COVID-19 if you’ve been vaccinated. So that answers all the pertinent questions for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Tyrants: “Prepare To Wear Masks & Socially Distance Even After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine”

U.S. Government Diligently Working With Big Tech To Censor ANYTHING That Could Cause “Vaccine Hesitancy”

Fauci: Vaccine “Open Season” Will Begin In April

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

We all should have plenty of evidence to know this vaccine is not about our health or the health of anyone.  It’s about control and oppression.

Meaning they will continue to destroy everyone’s lives until we willingly submit to our own enslavement.  Wake up, people.  They aren’t even making an attempt to hide it anymore.  They demand our oppression and this will continue until the people of Earth wake up to the truth that there is no such thing as authority.  No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. Calling it “government” doesn’t change that foundational truth.

The post Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

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The Great Awakening: Our Future Will Be One of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace

There’s a lot of tyrannical nonsense being propagated by the mainstream media on behalf of the ruling class and the elitists of the world, However, there are a lot of people awakening to the fact that they have lived as slaves and want to be free.

The ball started rolling slowly, but it’s picking up speed.  It won’t be too much longer before people figure out the whole truth.  That no one has the right to rule them just as they don’t have the right to rule anyone else.  We are all free, sovereign humans who have been brainwashed into accepting whatever chains the government has put on us.  But a good number of us have finally gotten off our knees and said: “that’s enough!” We are moving beyond fear and anger into a whole other realm of reasoning and logic.

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

A huge shift is taking place.   Instead of accepting the official narrative and willingly submitting to slavery, the general population is started to ask questions.  They are starting to help their fellow humans and living life freely in spite of the tyranny enforcing cops and government telling them to submit to slavery so they can be “safe.”

We all have the power to stop the government and the elitists in their tracks.  All we have to do is live freely, which is our birthright  Every single one of us was born free.  We have to be brainwashed to accept our enslavement because no one would willingly give up half of the fruits of their labor on their own. No one would willingly submit to working their life away for others.  No one would willingly submit to theft and the murder of people they have never met.

Humans in the past have been relatively easy to control, But that’s all coming to end.  People are realizing they have a consciousness and free will and don’t need rulers to dictate their lives to them.

We can have a future that’s bright, and full of liberty and freedom and peace. But this will require a lot more people to open their eyes and stop ingesting the propaganda.  It will require all of us standing united against tyranny in support of everyone else’s rights. It will require that we all disobey immoral commands from anyone, including the government and the police.  It will require we let morality and compassion guide our decisions instead of propaganda and deceit.

We are on the precipice of a great future, but we all need to make sure we know what is going on and unite to stop tyranny in it’s tracks for good.