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NWO Rulers Warn Of “Famines of Biblical Proportions”

Those plotting the totalitarian takeover of humanity are now warning what’s coming next. A United Nations chief is coming out and saying that we will be facing a “famine of biblical proportion” due to the reaction to the COVID-19 scamdemic hoax.

“All the data we have, including WFP forecast that the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow by 80 percent by the end of the year, … points to a real disaster,” David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Program (WFP), said. The UN is forgetting that Americans, although largely obese, are also malnourished thanks to the addiction to food-like products manufactured to make people sick.

The Government’s Food Subsidies Are Making Americans Fat and Sick

“Obviously social tensions will grow, migration will increase, conflicts will escalate and hunger will likely affect those who didn’t experience it before,” the NWO official told the Russian news agency TASS. This all a broadcast of what they plan for us.  We will be starved until we accept the NWO and become slaves. Then we’ll be allowed a pittance when it comes to their new digital dollar and fake food.

Self-reliance is the solution here. If you cannot grow your own food and harvest it, you’re going to be facing a difficult time. They need you to depend on the system for everything.

This year some 138 million people in 83 countries rely on WFP (The UN’s World Food Program) for their food supply, the NWO clown said. For many of them the UN humanitarian body is the last hope for survival. In South Sudan, 1.6 million people were added this year to the 5 million already requiring assistance. In Yemen, the WFP feeds 13 million.  That’s a lot of people who are already dependent on the system.

Just preparing and storing food will only et you so far.  You should learn how to actually survive, not just prepare. We have got to stop advocating dependence and slavery in exchange for personal responsibility and freedom.


This is up to us. The slave system we have been living under will collapse. We have a choice to make. It’s up to us to either acquiesce to the new slave system or to stop participating in our slavery altogether. When this crumbles, it’s imperative that we replace this system with nothing. When you cut out cancer, what do replace it with? Nothing or this cycle of slavery will continue.

Take this time to learn self-reliance. Don’t allow fear to consume you.  Stay alert and vigilant, but make sure you aren’t playing into their hands by succumbing to fear.

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YouTube Silences Another: Press For Truth REMOVED From The Platform

As people continue to push back and question the mainstream media’s official narrative, YouTube continues to take down those people’s channels. Freedom of speech has been dead for a while, and if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s time to open your eyes.

There are things and truths in this world that we are not supposed to know about, and those who speak it are bein silenced swiftly and in droves. Dan Dicks who created Press for Truth was removed and banned from YouTube. When YouTube removes someone, you can bet they have something to say that you should probably pay attention to.

Dicks spent 14 years “pressing for truth” and exposing the governments, elitists, and central banks plotting to take over and enslave humanity.  Dicks has a channel on Bitchute, which seems to be one of the only platforms where censorship isn’t possible since it’s decentralized. It won’t be long before YouTube is nothing more than makeup tutorials and mainstream media.  Nothing outside of the government’s official narrative will be allowed.

There are nefarious things happening behind the scenes, hence the blatant censorship.

I’m Worried About David Icke Today…(Updated – and Deleted)

Banned Video: Get Ready For The Great Reset

Max Igan, SILENCED For Speaking Against Slavery of Government

Anyone who speaks out against the enslavement of mankind is being silenced right now.  There’s no excuse for this. YouTube has chosen the side of slavery for all of humanity and has made that very clear. It doesn’t matter whether you believe what anyone has to say or not, the fact that people with largely the same message are being banned should tell you something. If you can’t see it, or choose to look away, enjoy your chains.

Dicks offers a solution too, and it’s the same one I’ve been suggesting: get out of the Matrix. “Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise,” he says. It’s time to get out of the control system and remove ourselves from their clutches.  We do not need the government, or the central banks, or YouTube. They need us to continue to participate in the Matrix. Any system of control needs to go at this point. Power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

Dicks says he’s not going to slow down or stop exposing the powers that shouldn’t be.  He’s stoked and fired up and says this will backfire on all those who are centralizing power to control the rest of us. Let’s hope he’s correct.