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Franklin Graham casts ‘shame’ on House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, likens them to Judas

Franklin Graham delivered a strong rebuke against the House Republicans who voted with Democrats for impeaching President Donald Trump this week, casting “shame” on the GOP members and comparing their action to Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus Christ.

What are the details?

“Shame, shame on the ten Republicans who joined with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in impeaching President Trump yesterday,” Graham began in a Facebook post on Thursday, telling the members, “After all that he has done for our country, you would turn your back and betray him so quickly?”

The evangelist went on to sing Trump’s praises, listing several of his administration’s accomplishments and lauding him as “the most pro-life president we have ever had.”

“But the House Democrats impeached him because they hate him and want to do as much damage as they can,” Graham continued. “And these ten, from his own party, joined in the feeding frenzy.”

In a Biblical reference to the apostle Judas selling out Jesus before his crucifixion, Graham wrote, “It makes you wonder what the thirty pieces of silver were that Speaker Pelosi promised for this betrayal.”

Graham went on to admit that “President Trump isn’t a perfect person,” and that he doesn’t “support or agree with some of the things the President said and did the last couple of weeks.”

Acknowledging the storming of the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob last week, Graham wrote, “January 6 was a low point in his presidency.”

Graham concluded:

We knew he had flaws when he ran for office in 2016. But I, and millions of others, voted for him because of the platform and policies he promised. I still support those. The Democrats have been trying to get rid of the President since the day he took office. What they did yesterday only further divides our nation. I hope President-elect Biden will keep his word and work for unity as he has said.

The Democrat-controlled House voted 232-197 to impeach President Trump on Wednesday, for allegedly inciting the violence that occurred when his supporters attacked the Capitol following a rally held in protest of his loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

When the House voted last year to impeach Trump the first time, no Republican members of the lower chamber joined Democrats. But ten GOP members voted for impeachment on Wednesday, including Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), a member of Republican leadership.

In announcing her decision, Cheney wrote, “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

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Franklin Graham viral Facebook post celebrates President Trump’s accomplishments, proclaims he ‘will go down in history as one of the great presidents’

Pastor Franklin Graham has hailed President Donald Trump for being a world leader who he says will “go down in history as one of the great presidents.”

Graham’s remarks came after the Electoral College officially gave the 2020 election victory to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Trump, at the time of this reporting, has yet to concede the 2020 presidential election.

What are the details?

In a lengthy Monday Facebook post, Graham lauded Trump for his four years in the White House amid his disappointment in the results of the election.

“People have asked if I am disappointed about the election,” he wrote in the now-viral post.

“When I think about my answer, I have to say honestly, that I am grateful — grateful to God that for the last four years, He gave us a president who protected our religious liberties; grateful for a president who defended the lives of the unborn, standing publicly against abortion and the bloody smear it has made on our nation; grateful for a president who nominated conservative judges to the Supreme Court and to our federal courts; grateful for a president who built the strongest economy in 70 years with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years before the pandemic; grateful for a president who strengthened and supported our military; grateful for a president who stood against ‘the swamp’ and the corruption in Washington; grateful for a president who supported law and order and defended our police,” Franklin’s post continued.

He also gave thanks for Vice President Mike Pence and said that he and the president “brought back the greeting” of “Merry Christmas.”

“I’m thankful that the president stood against the secularists who wanted to take Christ out of Christmas and that he brought back the greeting ‘Merry Christmas!’ So as we come to the end of this election season, I look back with a grateful heart and thank God for all of these things,” the famed pastor continued.

He concluded the heartfelt post, “It is unfortunate that many people got confused and made the election about personalities rather than the policies of the candidates. President Trump will go down in history as one of the great presidents of our nation, bringing peace and prosperity to millions here in the U.S. and around the world. May God bless him, Melania, and their family, as God leads him to the next chapter in his life.”

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Atheist ‘Grinches’ bully Kansas school to drop annual Operation Christmas Child project; school caves to demands

Operation Christmas Child is an annual program operated by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse. Every year, Americans fill millions of shoeboxes with toys, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities for children around the world.

Liberty Middle School in Pratt, Kansas, had been a part of that program before and was set to participate again this year, Christian Headlines reported.

That is until the Freedom From Religion Foundation — an atheists group known for harassing communities and schools that do not adhere to the organization’s absolutist stance on the separation of church and state — heard about it and sent a letter to the school district demanding that the school abandon its chartable efforts with Operation Christmas Child immediately.

In the letter to Superintendent Tony Helfrich, FFRF staff attorney Christopher Line claimed that a “concerned staff member” had contacted the organization to complain about “many egregious constitutional violations” at Liberty Middle School, including participation in Operation Christmas Child.

“Our complainant also reports that Principal Ryan Creadick has directed staff members to arrange for the school to participate in ‘Operation Christmas Child,’ which is a charity project sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, which describes the program as a ‘shoebox ministry,'” Line wrote, insisting that the school “cease participation in Operation Christmas Child.”

FFRF’s letter said the charitable event was bad news for the school because it is sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, which the atheist group decried as a “pervasively sectarian religious organization.” According to FFRF, by being involved with Operation Christmas Child, the school is essentially “employ[ing] school staff and resources to convert people to Christianity.”

School gives in

Upon receiving the letter, the Superintendent Helfrich caved and abandoned the annual Christmas charity.

FFRF touted its victory on its website Friday, and highlighted a statement of defeat from Helfrich.

“Regarding our students’ participation in ‘Operation Christmas Child,’ we are discontinuing that effort upon learning that its mission is more sectarian in nature than we realized,” the superintendent wrote in a letter to the organization.

The atheist group, acting as though it had uncovered some nefarious plot by Graham and his team, preened that it was “pleased that it was able to educate the school district about the true purpose of Samaritan’s Purse — and that the district officials were quick to see the light.”

“A lot of these groups rely on school authorities being ignorant about their mission,” FFRF co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said. “We appreciate how swiftly the district discontinued the fundraising after our alert.”

But should the school have sidelined Operation Christmas Child?

HillFaith, a Christian website geared toward U.S. congressional staff, said Wednesday that it asked First Liberty Institute’s Jeremy Dys if Liberty Middle School’s involvement with Operation Christmas Child would have been protected by the First Amendment.

“The reality is that Samaritan’s Purse is a social welfare organization. They exist to care for those in need — in the greatest of need across the world. Just because they are religious is no reason to exclude them from public,” Dys told HillFaith.

“Excluding an organization just because it is religious is the the very type of religious intolerance the First Amendment abhors,” Dys added. “FFRF and other Grinches would rather kids be denied the opportunity to care for kids who have nothing at Christmas than put up with the religious mission of Samaritan’s Purse.”

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio sends staff to monitor Christian coronavirus tent hospital over unfounded fear of LGBTQ patient discrimination

Evangelist Franklin Graham’s charity organization, Samaritan’s Purse, opened up a temporary tent hospital in Central Park to help treat patients infected with COVID-19, but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t trust the organization not to discriminate against LGBTQ patients, FaithWire reported.

Samaritan’s Purse set up a facility with 68 beds for the coronavirus patients, an attempt to ease the burden of overwhelmed hospitals in New York City. De Blasio expressed distrust that the organization would treat LGBTQ people equally, and reportedly sent city staffers to the site to monitor the situation.

“I said immediately to my team that we had to find out exactly what was happening,” de Blasio said, according to the New York Post. “Was there going to be an approach that was truly consistent with the values and the laws in New York City, that everyone would be served and served equally? We’ve received those assurances from the organization. … We’re going to send people over from the Mayor’s Office to monitor. I am very concerned that this is done right. But if it is done right, we need all the help we can get.”

Samaritan’s Purse signed a written pledge to treat all patients equally. Samaritan’s Purse recruits Christian doctors and other health care workers, and requires them to sign a statement affirming traditional Christian doctrines, such as Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation, belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, and opposition to abortion.

De Blasio wasn’t the only Democrat to take a shot at Samaritan’s Purse while the organization was working to save lives amid a public health crisis.

“This is very disturbing,” New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson wrote on Twitter. “We need reassurances from the city and from Mt. Sinai that Samaritan’s Purse and its volunteers will be monitored, and that the LGBTQ community will not be discriminated against in any way. This is a crisis, but our values remain.”

There is no evidence that Samaritan’s Purse ever had any intention of discriminating against patients on the basis of sexuality or religious beliefs.

“We certainly do not discriminate, and we have a decades-long track record that confirms just that,” Graham said in a statement to NBC News. “This is a time for all of us to unite and work together, regardless of our political views. Let’s support one another during this crisis, and we pray that God will bless the efforts of all those battling this vicious virus.”

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Left-wing officials angry that ‘anti-LGBTQ’ Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse are helping NYC coronavirus victims. Officials get smacked right down.

Upon hearing the news that Samaritan’s Purse — the relief organization run by Christian evangelist Franklin Graham — is coming to the aid of coronavirus victims in New York City by setting up a temporary hospital in Central Park, a couple of officials were none too pleased.

A temporary hospital is built in Central Park during the coronavirus pandemic on Monday in New York City. The facility is a partnership between Mount Sinai Hospital and Christian humanitarian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, and equipped with 68 beds to treat COVID-19 patients.Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

Who are the officials, and what did they say?

First up was New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who tweeted a statement berating the development: “Franklin Graham has a long history of spewing anti-LGBTQ hate speech, and I find it extremely troubling that he and his organization are involved in our relief efforts in any way. New York City is known around the world for its embrace of diversity, and Franklin Graham has spent his career standing against these values. I will be monitoring this situation closely and making sure that our city’s values are being represented at all times.”

Then there was New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman, who tweeted that “it’s a shame that the federal government has left New York with no other choice but to accept charity from bigots.” In a statement on his official Senate page, Hoylman called Graham a “notorious anti-LGBTQ pastor” and said he put Graham “on notice” that Samaritan’s Purse must “treat all COVID-19 patients equally at the new medical tents.”

Here’s Hoylman’s full statement:

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, and neither should Franklin Graham. It’s unacceptable that a New Yorker infected with COVID-19 could be subjected to discriminatory treatment from an organization whose leader calls us “immoral” and “detestable.”

Today I’m calling on Franklin Graham to publicly assure LGBTQ New Yorkers that they will receive the same treatment as anyone else at the Central Park field hospital. The City of New York and the Mount Sinai hospital network must monitor conditions closely at Graham’s facility and ensure every single LGBTQ patient is treated fairly. We cannot abandon our moral compass in the middle of a pandemic.

Sadly, beggars can’t be choosers: New York needs every ventilator we can get. But homophobic pastor Franklin Graham and his field hospital operation in Central Park must guarantee all LGBTQ patients with COVID-19 are treated with dignity and respect.

We’ll be watching.

Another view of the temporary hospitals set up in Central Park by Samaritan’s PursePhoto by Noam Galai/Getty Images

What was the reaction?

While Johnson and Hoylman tickled a few itching ears with their decidedly virtue-signaling statements, quite a few others found their words rather, er, prejudiced:

  • “The vast majority of voters see this as a group of well intended people bringing hope and light into a dark place right now. Put the partisan politics aside for a season and be thankful for the people willing to serve NYC. This is not the time to score political points sir.”
  • “Now we can all really see where the actual hate comes from.”
  • “As a gay New Yorker, I’d like to sit down with them over a cup of coffee and thank them for putting themselves in harm’s way. That’s how change of heart happens. They are risking their lives. We should be grateful.”
  • “It’s a shame that idiots like you would rather people die than have someone you don’t agree with help them.”
  • “Christians build a free hospital to help New Yorkers survive this crisis and you complain? Despicable.”
  • “Whose the bigot? Christians believe what they believe. Get over it. They love people they disagree with. Even you!”
  • “Let it go. They are compassionate and want to help. Now who’s the bigot?”
  • “Virtue-signaling boob.”
  • “And spare us your woke outrage. Holding a sincerely held religious belief about marriage (I personally think his scripture read is wrong) is not the same as hate speech. Your religious intolerance in the name of wokeness is a bigger threat to our republic.”
  • “It’s pretty clear who’s there to help New Yorkers and who’s there to mouth off on twitter and do absolutely nothing.”

How did Graham respond?

“We do not make distinctions about an individual’s religion, race, sexual orientation, or economic status. We certainly do not discriminate, and we have a decades-long track record that confirms just that,” Graham told NBC News in a statement. “This is a time for all of us to unite and work together, regardless of our political views. Let’s support one another during this crisis, and we pray that God will bless the efforts of all those battling this vicious virus.”

Samaritan’s Purse helps Italy, New York City fight coronavirus pandemic