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Chris Wallace praises Joe Biden’s inauguration speech, gets torched by viewers online — and another Fox News host

Fox News host Chris Wallace earned the ire of many on social media, and another Fox host, after he praised the inauguration speech by President Joe Biden on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol.

Wallace made his comments during the cable network’s coverage of Inauguration Day after Biden’s speech.

“I think it was a great speech. I’ve been listening to these inaugural addresses since 1961, John F. Kennedy’s ‘Ask not’,” Wallace said.

“I thought this was the best inaugural address I’ve ever heard,” he added.

Wallace contrasted Biden’s tone with that of the “insurrectionists” and “thugs” who had assaulted the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“It was less of an inaugural address and more part sermon, part pep talk,” Wallace continued.

“It was a call to our better angels, a call, saying, look, we’ve got tremendous challenges — COVID, the economy, racial injustice, climate change — but there’s nothing we can’t do if we come together,” he added.

Wallace’s comments in favor of unity were met by scorn from many online.

“Chris Wallace on Fox news just stated this was the best inaugural speech he ever heard!!!’ Really???” said Leo Terrell, a Trump supporter and talk radio host.

“Is Fox News trying to have zero viewers left?” remarked one commenter.

“Chris Wallace is a fake news HACK!” said author and activist Brigitte Gabriel.

Among those mocking Wallace was his fellow Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld.

“An amazing inauguration, I agree with Chris Wallace,” Gutfeld shouted. “The greatest inauguration I have ever seen in my entire life! And you know what, I’ll even go further than Chris Wallace, it’s the greatest inauguration I will ever see! Ever see! I think we should stop the inaugurations! Stop the inaugurations! This is it!”

Ironically, Wallace said he liked the speech because it called for more civility.

“I think it was a call to all of us,” said Wallace, “whether it’s us on the air, on cable or broadcast, whether it’s us in social media, on our Twitter accounts, understanding that we have to deal from facts, from the truth, to hear each other out, as he said.”

Here’s the video of Wallace’s comments:

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?Fox News takes a beating in post-election ratings

Cable network news behemoth Fox News took a rare beating in prime-time ratings in the week after election night, according to the latest Nielsen ratings.

Fox News garnered 5.736 million viewers for its prime-time coverage between election day and Sunday, according to ratings released by Nielsen, while CNN came slightly above Fox News with 5.941 million average viewers.

Both fell short of NBC, who averaged 6.33 million viewers partly because of the Sunday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Election night saw Fox News crushing the competition with 14.158 million average viewers in prime time. CNN saw 9.47 million viewers, with MSNBC coming in at third place with 7.661 million viewers.

Fox News has had to weather numerous incidents that have caused many of their previous fans to seek alternative news outlets, including the YouTube channel of BlazeTV host Steven Crowder.

Fox News was excoriated by allies and supporters of the president after they called the state of Arizona early on election day before any other news outlets. When pressured by online outrage to change their call, Chris Wallace said that the Fox News decision desk would not waiver in its decision to call the state. Biden currently holds a lead of just over 11,000 votes in the state.

On Monday, an off-air video of a Fox News host condescendingly dismissing comments about the election call from a guest surfaced on social media and fueled more outrage.

President Donald Trump has also criticized Fox News many times over his term, often when they don’t give him what he perceives to be the best coverage.

In May, the president outright complained that Fox News was “doing nothing” to help him and other Republicans get re-elected.

Prior to election night, Fox News had been crushing records with their ratings, prompting TheWrap to credit the network with delivering “the highest primetime averages in cable news history.”

Here’s the latest about the election:

Georgia officials announce hand recount of presidential ballots

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Chris Wallace defiantly says Fox News decision desk is ‘not wavering’ on Arizona call despite  ‘heartburn’ for Republicans

Fox News host Chris Wallace said that the network’s controversial early call on the presidential election in Arizona was unwavering despite social media outrage and anger from the Trump campaign.

Wallace made the comments on Thursday to Dana Perino on her Fox News show as ballots were still being counted in some states.

“At this point, the president is still trailing,” said Wallace.

“Fox News has already called Arizona, it’s caused a lot of heartburn in the Republican party, but I did check in with our decision desk earlier today and they’re not wavering. They say that our call on Arizona is right, which puts him at 264 [electoral votes].

“And if Biden wins at this point, with 264, any of the three states I’ve talked about, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, he goes over the top.”

Fox News appeared to call Arizona, a key swing state in the election, early on election night for Joe Biden, the Democratic challenger, despite numerous other news outlets declining to make a call.

Wallace went on to address accusations of voter fraud by the president and many of his supporters.

“Is there any hard evidence of fraud? There doesn’t seem to be so far,” said Wallace.

“There seem to be some allegations, but not hard evidence,” he added. “And there is nothing that rises to the level that it could be enough fraud to switch votes when you’re talking about thousands and thousands of vote difference between the two candidates.”

Earlier Thursday Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign communications director, accused the director of the Fox News decision desk of being biased against Republicans and demanded that the channel rescind their call.

Notably, many independent and Dem-leaning pollsters, including FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, have also criticized Fox’s decision to call Arizona and have maintained that the race remains too close to call.

Wallace also said that the polling industry was “broken” by the margin between their predictions for the election and the actual results. Wallace said Democrats expected a “blue wave” but instead got a “blue ripple.”

Here’s the video of the comments from Wallace: