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Deace: Don Lemon may have been woefully wrong in his conclusions about God, but at least he was talking theology instead of woke-ology

Augustine. Aquinas.

Luther. Calvin.

Don Lemon.

Yeah, I know, but stick with me here.

Because for all the CNN host’s supreme ridiculousness, he actually landed on the target of all targets earlier this week when, on “The View,” of all places, he addressed the character of God and how it applies to life in this world.

Doesn’t matter if his arrival there was accidental. Doesn’t matter if his conclusions were wrong. Doesn’t even matter if his intentions were malevolent.

Just talking about God and not the latest social justice distraction ultimately served to let the lion out of its cage. Theology, not woke-ology, was front and center. And since it is theology that long held the privilege of being known as the mother of the sciences in the canon of Western civilization, it means any conversation that includes it as its plumb line for debate has a chance at arriving at something truly worthy — if not flat-out divine.

So many of our modern conversations have zero chance at such an outcome because they pit the inspirational and intellectual equivalent of the lint in our navel against fingernails on the chalkboard. From stem to stern, there is simply no “there” there. Yet when Don Lemon ineptly addressed the Catholic Church’s obvious and predictable refusal to bless same-sex relationships, my only wish was that he had the stamina to keep his interest parked there indefinitely.

Here’s what Lemon said: “If you believe in something that hurts another person or that does not give someone the same rights or freedoms, not necessarily under the Constitution, because this is under God, I think that that’s wrong. And I think that the Catholic Church and many other churches really need to re-examine themselves and their teachings, because that is not what God is about. God is not about hindering people or even judging people.”

Total nonsense? You betcha. But not only is God part of the conversation, assertions are being made about Him as if they not only matter, but are in fact fundamental to who we are as a people on this earth.

How often does progressivism willingly and enthusiastically give you that opening? Well, when the very existence of progressivism has as one of its chief aims to make the answer to that question “never,” you should understand why I don’t want to scare Lemon away. This is the cancel culture, after all.

Like I said earlier, I may not fully trust Lemon’s motivations for choosing this discussion, but I know with certainty that as long as I can keep him engaged there, I have a shot at saving civilization through something other than bloodshed. If you won’t even acknowledge God’s place in the world, how can you ever kneel before his will and purpose?

Not so coincidentally, the nation of Denmark now appears to be addressing the cost of ignoring the things of God for far too long. Sure, it’s not saying that out loud, but when its government announced it will limit the number of residents with “non-Western origin” in neighborhoods to a maximum of 30% within 10 years in order to “reduce the risk of religious and cultural parallel societies,” it may as well have been saying that “all of our secular utopian fantasies have hit a dead end.”

So Denmark acted. Either it addresses reality as it really is and not as it wishes it to be, as determined through hard experience, or it will die. And so it is with Don Lemon, just as it is with each and every one of us.

God exists and He has a plan for us. Without that knowledge, we are lost. So God bless you, Don, for finally picking up a map for a change.

Now let me further help you in your cause, because you are unfortunately holding it upside down.

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Federal appeals court tells ‘ex-gay’ pastor he can’t sue Vimeo for deleting his ministry’s videos, says company is covered by Section 230

James Domen, the pastor of Church United in Southern California and a self-described “former homosexual,” lost his appeal last week seeking to sue Vimeo after the video platform removed his and his church’s videos for promoting “sexual orientation change efforts,” or SOCE, in December 2018.

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Vimeo is protected by Section 230, which offers tech companies a way to avoid liability for content that appears on their websites.

What happened?

Domen, a former practicing homosexual who chose to leave the lifestyle and enter ministry and now has a wife and kids, created a Vimeo account in October 2016 promoting his ministry, the Christian Post reported. Domen and his church posted nearly 100 videos to the account, including “videos addressing sexual orientation as it relates to religion,” over the next two years.

Domen said the videos were part of Church United’s work to challenge the state’s efforts to expand its ban on SOCE to include pastoral counseling, the Post said.

That did not sit well with Vimeo, which alleged that Domen’s account violated the platform’s content rules banning SOCE — or what critics of “ex-gay” ministries call “conversion therapy.”

Vimeo warmed the pastor and his church via email in November 2018 that “a moderator had marked the Church United account for review. The e-mail explained, ‘Vimeo does not allow videos that promote [SOCE],'” the appellate court said.

The company reportedly told Church United to remove the problematic videos within 24 hours. If they did not, Vimeo said it would do it for them — or delete the account entirely.

When Domen’s ministry chose not to remove the videos, Vimeo elected to delete the account on Dec. 6, 2018, saying, “Vimeo does not allow videos that harass, incite hatred, or include discriminatory or defamatory speech,” the Christian Post said.

Domen and his church sued Vimeo in response, but U.S. Magistrate Judge Stewart Aaron ruled against them in January 2020.

In the appellate court ruling last week, the court said Domen and Church United could not sue Vimeo “due to the company’s immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act,” according to the Post.

In her opinion for the Second Circuit, Judge Rosemary S. Pooler wrote that Vimeo’s actions and policy “fell within the confines of the good-faith content policing immunity that the CDA provides to interactive computer services.”

This story has been updated.

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‘The cool pope isn’t so cool after all’: Pope Francis says church won’t bless same-sex unions, calls homosexuality a sin

The Vatican published a document Monday saying the Catholic Church would not bless same-sex unions, a statement that likely let down a number of Catholics who identify as LGBT.

Now Pope Francis, whom progressive outlets like Rolling Stone have called the “cool pope,” is being seen as not so cool after all for not being woke enough to betray thousands of years of Christian teaching.

What did the pope say?

In a response to the question to the Holy See of “Does the Church have the power to give the blessing to unions of persons of the same sex?” the Vatican responded, “Negative.”

The pope-approved statement called homosexuality a choice and said God “does not and cannot bless sin,” which means the church, too, cannot bless sin.

Blessings belong to the category of the sacramentals, whereby the Church “calls us to praise God, encourages us to implore his protection, and exhorts us to seek his mercy by our holiness of life.” In addition, they “have been established as a kind of imitation of the sacraments, blessings are signs above all of spiritual effects that are achieved through the Church’s intercession.”

Consequently, in order to conform with the nature of sacramentals, when a blessing is invoked on particular human relationships, in addition to the right intention of those who participate, it is necessary that what is blessed be objectively and positively ordered to receive and express grace, according to the designs of God inscribed in creation, and fully revealed by Christ the Lord. Therefore, only those realities which are in themselves ordered to serve those ends are congruent with the essence of the blessing imparted by the Church.

For this reason, it is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage (i.e., outside the indissoluble union of a man and a woman open in itself to the transmission of life), as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex. The presence in such relationships of positive elements, which are in themselves to be valued and appreciated, cannot justify these relationships and render them legitimate objects of an ecclesial blessing, since the positive elements exist within the context of a union not ordered to the Creator’s plan.

Furthermore, since blessings on persons are in relationship with the sacraments, the blessing of homosexual unions cannot be considered licit. This is because they would constitute a certain imitation or analogue of the nuptial blessing invoked on the man and woman united in the sacrament of Matrimony, while in fact “there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family.”

No longer a ‘cool pope’

Rolling Stone, the leftist progressive entertainment magazine, reported this story on its website under the banner headline “Guess the Cool Pope Isn’t So Cool After All.”

Pope Francis has gained a reputation among left-wing — many non-religious or non-Catholic — fans for being woke on issues near and dear to the left’s heart (except, much to their lament, abortion). For example:

  • The pope said last year that the coronavirus is “nature’s response” to man’s mistreatment of the environment.
  • Last fall, the pontiff denounced trickle-down economics and private property and advocated for the redistribution of wealth in a papal encyclical.
  • He used his 2020 Easter address to advocate for a socialist “universal basic wage.”
  • Francis was on record saying he was considering adding “ecological sin” to the church’s official teachings in order to take on “sin against ecology … against our common home.”
  • A couple years ago, there was discussion that the pope may allow married men to become ordained priests and thereby bring an end to celibacy.
  • In December 2018, rumors swirled that the pope was considering the approval of a significant edit to the Lord’s Prayer.
  • He added environmentalism to the church’s seven works of mercy in 2016.
  • In October, the pope appeared to endorse same-sex civil unions in a documentary in which he discussed pastoral care for those who identify as LGBT. (The Vatican said the comments were taken out of context.)
  • Last November, he praised NBA players for their racial justice protests.

So it’s no wonder that the reporters and editors at Rolling Stone were taken aback by the pope daring to uphold 2,000 years of Christian teaching by calling homosexuality a sin and standing for traditional marriage.

In fact, the rag pointed out that it’s got to be tough for the pope to be cool when he’s running a backwards, two-millennia-old faith organization:

Rightly or wrongly, Pope Francis has long enjoyed the reputation as the “cool pope,” a view that has been bolstered by, among other things, his public statements in support of the theory of evolution and a 2014 profile in the pages of this magazine. A documentary released last fall even appeared to suggest his emerging support for same-sex pairings.

As it turns out, however, it’s pretty difficult to be hip and woke and with-it if you’re the face of a retrograde thousands-year-old religious institution, as the Vatican clarified in a statement on Monday that it would not bless same-sex unions on the grounds that God “does not and cannot bless sin.”

The pope’s critics, naturally, said he was somehow hypocritical for calling homosexuality a sin while numerous priests stand accused of pedophilia — a scandal the pope has condemned.

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Famed pastor condemns ‘woke’ culture that is creeping into evangelical churches: ‘Deadly’ for the Gospel

Atlanta pastor Michael Youssef shared a powerful warning this week to evangelical churches to watch out for “woke” pastors who hide from telling the hard truths, as well as far-left ideology that is making its way to the pulpit.

The insidious theology that is creeping into the church is “deadly as far as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned,” he told the Christian Post in an interview reported Wednesday.

He has seen this before

Youssef, 72, who serves as pastor of the Church of The Apostles in Atlanta with about 3,000 members, told the outlet that he remembers watching the Episcopal Church collapse from the inside in the ’80s as an Episcopal priest. He said the denomination followed the culture away from Christian principles and moved toward secularism — a move made evident with its vote to approve same-sex marriage.

“Those same battles that I fought in the mainline denominations are now invading the evangelical churches,” Youssef said. “It’s the same arguments, the same lingo, and the same words repeating themselves with such precision I am deeply, deeply concerned.”

Youssef, the Christian Post said, is concerned that pastors are “falling into the trap” of woke cultured are doing so for a couple reasons: first, it’s “popular,” and second, it “appeals to the flesh.”

“Bowing to woke culture allows you to avoid rejection by culture and society,” Youssef said. “It’s a very, very popular message that is now being preached from many evangelical pulpits; traditionally Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching churches. We have gone so far that it just grieves me to the point that I literally sometimes just weep tears.”

Pulpit to culture

And what gets pushed from the pulpit will infect the congregation, and what infects the congregation will impact the culture.

“I’ve always believed, as goes the pulpit, so goes the pew. As goes the pew, so goes the culture,” he added. “As a pastor, I put the full blame on us, right in our laps, because we want to be liked, loved, and followed on social media by millions of people. Pastors are the culprits. We need to be about Jesus, not about being liked, because that is deadly as far as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned.”

Now he’s doing what he can to influence younger pastors and ministry leaders to stick to Christian principles and not yield to the spirit of the age, notably the infamous “Marxist” Critical Race Theory that categorizes everything by racial victim groupings.

“Young pastors must realize that this is a deception. It’s very subtle and very clever, but it’s a deception nonetheless,” Youssef told the Christian Post. “And that is the burden that God laid on my heart to such a point I just couldn’t sleep. I had to address it. I believe people are in a state of confusion and need a clear word from Scripture.”

Critical Race Theory is “a very Marxist ideology that people are taking very seriously,” he added. “The idea of the oppressed and the oppressors is not that simple. Now we have private Christian schools here in Atlanta where white children are apologizing to black kids. Apologizing for what? They are innocent; they haven’t done anything. It’s crazy; it’s just going insane.”

As long as a pastor bows to moral relativism in an attempt not to “offend” anyone, Youssef warned, his church will fail to effectively minister to future generations. Instead of cowing to culture, he said, the Church needs to “invade” areas of society that Christians fled years ago.

“We must take charge,” Youssef encouraged. “Christians have abandoned so many areas of society, from media and the classroom. Instead of withdrawing, we need to go and invade these areas and take them for Christ and not be afraid.”

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Fewer churches hold in-person services now than at end of last summer, and attendance is way down for those that are open

A new poll from Lifeway Research revealed that though most Protestant churches have continued to meet despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the share of churches meeting now is down significantly from the end of last summer.

According to Lifeway, 87% of Protestant pastors said their churches were meeting in person last September. That number dropped 11 points to 76% in January.

Compounding the bad news, churches that are meeting in person have reported markedly lower attendance numbers.

Nearly a third (31%) of pastors told Lifeway that their attendance in January 2021 is less than half of what it was just one year ago.

More than a third of pastors (37%) said their current congregations are between 50% and 70% of their January 2020 sizes.

Another 3 in 10 said their weekly numbers were between 70% and 100% of last year’s numbers.

Just 2% said their churches’ attendance has grown since the start of the pandemic.

The survey reported that 39% of mainline pastors said their churches did not meet in January, while just 12% of evangelical pastors said the same.

Impact on kids

Lifeway’s poll also showed that kids’ lives are being disrupted more than just when it comes to schools being closed. Children’s and student ministries programs have also been heavily impacted, with about half of churches moving to online-only for ministry to kids and teens — or cancelling the ministries altogether.

About one-third (32%) of youth ministry and a quarter (25%) of kids’ ministry programs are conducting all activities in person. Another 25% of youth ministries and 24% of kids’ ministries are doing some activities in person.

More than a fifth (22%) of student programming and a fifth (21%) of children’s programming is happening only online.

A fifth (21%) of churches said they have held no activities — online or in-person — for students. And a third (30%) said the same of kids’ activities.

(H/T: The Christian Post)

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Washington National Cathedral cowers to woke mob, apologizes for letting famed pastor Max Lucado preach. His offense? Holding biblical views on sexuality and marriage.

The Washington National Cathedral took heavy fire for allowing popular evangelical pastor and author Max Lucado to preach at its virtual Sunday service last weekend. Though the church initially defended its decision as part of a move to build bridges, leadership later caved to pressure from left-wing activists and nearly tripped over themselves apologizing for the mistake of allowing Lucado to speak.

Lucado’s offense? He holds biblical Christian views on sexuality and marriage.

He didn’t preach on those topics Sunday — his sermon was about the Holy Spirit, the Christian Post reported — but the fact that he has a history of standing up for traditional biblical values on social issues was enough to have him silenced, the woke mob said.

What happened?

After the Episcopal Church’s Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Paul in the City and the Diocese of Washington invited Lucado to speak at the cathedral in Washington, D.C., LGBT activists were livid.

The reliably liberal denomination known for its left-wing views on marriage and sexuality had betrayed the gay community by inviting a nondenominational evangelical pastor like Lucado who follows traditional Christian teachings on marriage and sexually, and the woke mob couldn’t have that.

So they did what mobs do: sought to intimidate their target into compliance and force their opponent to be silenced.

Activists launched a petition days before Lucado’s sermon demanding that the church rescind its invitation to Lucado, claiming that his “teaching and preaching inflicts active harm on LGBTQ people.”

They accused him of pushing “[f]ear-mongering and dehumanizing messages” and preaching “the kind of dangerous theology that promotes oppression of and violence toward the LGBTQ community.”

According to the petition, “Lucado has inflicted serious harm” and should not be given a platform.

On Feb. 6, the cathedral’s dean, the Rev. Randy Hollerith, sent a response to the petition. Hollerith said that he and the church have long been supporters of “LGBTQ inclusion” and that they “believe the Gospel calls us to nothing short of full embrace and inclusion.” He also added that he understood why the petitioners would be concerned about Lucado’s past statements on sexuality and that it “grieves” him when churches “are used as weapons against God’s LGBTQ children.”

But, he said, there was good reason to invite Lucado: We must find common ground, which comes by peacefully engaging with people we might disagree with.

He wrote:

Let me share why we invited Max to preach. We have to come out of our corners, find common ground where we can, and find ways to live with and see each other as the beloved children of God that we are. We have all grown too accustomed in our silos and echo chambers. In order to start the process of rebuilding, we need to hear from each other.

That does not mean we will always agree. In fact, I don’t agree with Max’s views on LGBTQ issues. We can still hold our convictions and cling to our values in the midst of disagreement. But the work that we cannot ignore is the vitally important task of what Isaiah called “repairing the breach.” That starts, first and foremost, with those with whom we disagree. When we only engage with those with whom we agree on every issue, we find ourselves in a dangerous (and lonely) place. My hope is that all churches and faith communities will find ways to open their doors to perspectives different from their own.

And retired Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, defended the cathedral’s invitation in a video Sunday morning after Lucado’s sermon, saying the church should be a house of prayer for “all the people of God — all — and sometimes that includes we don’t agree with much at all.”

Fallout continued

But that wasn’t enough for Lucado’s critics. They had wanted his sermon canceled, and when it wasn’t, they turned up the outrage and increased their criticism of church leaders, according to a report from the Episcopal News Service.

By Wednesday, the church leaders had had enough and scrambled to offer apologies to the mob for the horrible “mistake” of inviting someone with a record allegedly causing so much pain to speak.

Dean Hollerith blamed his “straight privilege” for failing to understand the “pain” Lucado had caused in the past and the “depth of injury his words have had.”

“I made a mistake and I am sorry,” Hollerith said.

Washington Bishop Mariann Budde echoed the dean’s statements and offered her own mea culpa.

“I would like to apologize for the hurt caused in inviting Max Lucado to preach at Washington National Cathedral,” she wrote. “I have heard from those who were not only wounded by things Max Lucado has said and taught, but equally wounded by the decision to welcome him into the Cathedral’s pulpit.”

Hollerith and Budde announced that they are going to hold a “listening session” on Feb. 21 for anyone who wants to share their LGBT experiences within the church.

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Local congregation in Louisiana raises $125,000 to pay neighbors’ electricity bills

As people continue to struggle in the current pandemic-plagued U.S. economy, members of one New Orleans-area church decided to find a practical way to help their neighbors — they engaged in a campaign to raise money to help pay their neighbors’ electricity bills.

And it was no small effort.

The nondenominational Household of Faith Family Worship Church International, which has three locations in Harvey, Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River from the Crescent City, helped raise $125,000 for the cause, the Christian Post reported.

When asked why the church did this, Dale Barriere, the wife of Senior Pastor Antoine Barriere, told the Post they launched the campaign “because God said so.”

According to the Post, the efforts helped pay bills for customers of energy company Entergy, which partnered with the church to meet residents’ needs.

For Dale Barriere, this was an answer to prayer.

“Our prayer was how can we help those who are hurting and He said $100 towards Entergy bill,” she told the outlet. “Our hope is to encourage the community to never give up and when you think there’s no help, out of the blue help steps in.”

Barriere explained to the Post that the church first raised $50,000, and then Entergy matched their donation. According the church, members of the congregation and businesses then added another $25,000, bringing the total to $125,000.

People were having trouble paying their bills not just because of higher unemployment in the downturned economy, Entergy said. The company also said that the cold weather, coupled with the pandemic that has forced more people to stay home, has led to higher electricity usage — and therefore higher bills.

“We had colder weather, so people were using heat more. We had an end of holiday period where people were not traveling normally,” Entergy New Orleans CEO David Ellis told “What those point to is higher consumption.”

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Progressive Christian author trips over herself to apologize for inaugural prayer thanking God for ‘giving us this land,’ throws organizers under the bus

Christian author Jen Hatmaker received the opportunity to lead a group of fellow left-wing progressive faith leaders in prayer Thursday at the National Prayer Service, an event held every four years the day after the presidential inauguration to honor and pray for the president and the country.

And now Hatmaker is
mea culpa-ing all over social media for daring to thank God for giving America the land we have — and she’s throwing event organizers under the bus for her troubles.

What did Hatmaker say?

When it came time for her to lead a prayer during the event, which was held virtually for the first time due to the coronavirus concerns, Hatmaker began by saying, “Almighty God, you have given us this good land as our heritage. Make us always remember your generosity and constantly do your will. Bless our land with honest industry and an honorable way of life.”

January 21, 2021: Inaugural Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral (OFFICIAL VERSION)

And it was that opening sentence thanking God for America’s land that led to Hatmaker’s apology.

She took to Facebook Thursday, shortly after the event, to reveal just how sorry she was for the line that made her “stomach hurt all day.”

And she really,
really wanted people to know that she did not write the line she uttered as part of her prayer. (She also apparently did not read the line beforehand.)

It was those event “organizers” who gave her the naughty words.

“I was proud to offer the final liturgical prayer which was written by the organizers to serve as an anchor,” Hatmaker pointed out.

“I have one regret and thus apology. The very first sentence thanked God for giving us this land as our heritage,” Hatmaker said.

“He didn’t,” she continued. “He didn’t give us this land. We took this land by force and trauma. It wasn’t an innocent divine transaction in which God bestowed an empty continent to colonizers. This is a shiny version of our actual history. If God gave this land to anyone, it was to the Native community who always lived here.

“That line. I knew it as soon as I said it,” she added. “And I panicked and froze and then just kept going. I am so sorry, community. Primarily sorry to my Native friends. It MATTERS to me that we reckon with our history of white supremacy and the lies we surrounded it with, and I am filled with regret that I offered yet another hazy, exceptional rendition of the origin story of colonization. Ugh.”

How would she have opened the prayer had she been the one to write it?

In the most predictable way possible: “God, may we continue to be a people who reckon with our violent history, repent from the unjust systems we built, denounce white supremacy in all its forms past and present, and continue to work together to form a more perfect union.”

(H/T: The Christian Post)

attack attacks Coronavirus death Covid death Crime Faith Intelwars Prayer

Elderly man with COVID bludgeoned to death by roommate for praying

An elderly California man dealing with COVID-19 was bludgeoned to death by a roommate for praying.

An 82-year-old Latino man was being treated for coronavirus at the Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster in Southern California. The elderly man was sharing the hospital room with a 37-year-old man who was also diagnosed with COVID-19.

The older hospital patient “leaned on his Catholic faith and began to pray,” according to
The Washington Post. The BBC reported, “Jesse Martinez became upset when the 82-year-old man sharing his hospital room started praying, according to Los Angeles police.”

Martinez allegedly used an oxygen tank to beat to death the elderly man in his hospital bed on Dec. 17, at approximately 9:45 a.m. The victim died the following day.

“He then struck the victim with an oxygen tank,” according to the
statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau.

The two men did not know each other before being assigned to the same hospital room, and authorities did not know why Martinez murdered the man for praying.

Martinez was arrested and charged with murder, a hate crime enhancement, and elder abuse. His bail is set at $1 million. He is being held at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Martinez is scheduled to appear in Antelope Valley Court on Dec. 28.

The investigation is on-going.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris (R) was ”
shocked and saddened” to hear about the man’s death, and said in a statement, “These families were already experiencing a hardship and now this — it’s senseless.”

Christmas 2020 Christmas star Covid-19 christmas Faith Intelwars The great conjunction Theblaze sarah taylor

Amid Christmas — and COVID — the most important lesson remains: Jesus shows up

Like many other people across the planet, I’ve had my ups and downs this year amid the COVID-19 crisis.

A natural quasi-hermit, I had no issue remaining inside my home under lock and key. After all, being under semi-lockdown was my normal state of existence.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that there were times where I wished things were back to “normal,” whatever “normal” might have been for that particular instance: Sitting on a jammed beach blanket watching fireworks on the Fourth of July as the salt and sand played havoc with my hair, which sports more silver stripes this year than ever before; standing in a snaking Starbucks line patiently waiting for my highly anticipated first pumpkin spice latte of the season; queuing up in a long line to take an overcrowded trolley through a wonderland of Christmas lights on a cold night, with my children’s mittened hands securely fastened in my own.

These were a few of my favorite things, and I missed them, but that didn’t mean that there weren’t other events that would take precedence over my personal comforts and joys.

Pestilence, political division, police brutality, and even more marked 2020 with an indelible stain of human desperation.

Though media, politicians, activists, entertainers, and armchair warriors were louder than perhaps ever before, the world, this year, seemed quieter — and more divided — than it’s ever been.

And then came the Great Conjunction.

The Great Conjunction. What a thing to happen this year of all years, right? The alignment of Saturn and Jupiter, appearing as one bright, shining star just days before Christmas — it was too good to be a coincidence, too planned to be serendipity. The Great Conjunction was more kismet than anything else. For many if not all believers, the Great Conjunction was the very Christmas star that appeared more than 2,000 years ago with Jesus’ birth.

“Conjunction” by its very definition is a word to connect clauses or sentences — and what greater a phrase to describe what Jesus Christ himself did for his creation, time and time again: to connect us to our Heavenly Father by coming to Earth and eventually becoming the ultimate sacrifice.

The Great Conjunction in 2020 was more than just a celestial anomaly — it was a message of Jesus’s unfailing, unflinching promise that He is here, and He will come no matter how ugly humankind’s ugly gets. And it has doubtless gotten very ugly this year.

The Great Conjunction was Jesus’ eternal message that He will always show up, wherever we are and throughout whatever has happened.

More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus showed up when the world needed him most.

“After listening to the king, [the wise men] went on their way,” Matthew 2:9-11 says. “And behold, the star that they had seen when it rose went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.”

Time and time again, the promise remains the same: Jesus shows up — and while many of us sat around pondering the fate of the world this year, Jesus showed up more than ever. We simply needed to take a pause and look up to the skies to remember whose we are and whose world this really is.

Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years to come.

Christmas Christmas specials Christmas tv Entertainment Faith Intelwars

These 15 Christmas TV specials are the best ever made

The Christmas season offers some of the greatest television ever made — from touching commercials to holiday episodes of your favorite shows to seasonal specials. There is always something available for families to gather and watch this time of year.

Yesterday, you experienced the “Top 15 Christmas family-friendly Christmas movies of all time.” Today, enjoy a look at the 15 best Christmas TV specials ever made. Like the movie list, there were a few rules needed to set boundaries for the TV list: Each item had to be “Christmas-y” and family-friendly; had to be created for TV and not a theatrical release that’s now replayed on TV annually; and had to be an actual “special” created for Christmas and not just a Christmas-themed episode of a regular series.

#1: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

This is one overtly Christian cartoon that has become and annual must-see — even among secularists. When Charlie Brown becomes depressed over the commercialism of Christmas, he turns to the school’s Christmas pageant for inspiration. But as the director of an unruly cast — not to mention his disappointing tree — he finds himself more frustrated than ever. All of that changes when Linus reminds everyone about true meaning of Christmas by reciting the Nativity story from Luke’s Gospel. Plus, the special put the musical genius of Vince Guaraldi into the mainstream of American pop culture.


#2: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

Featuring the incredible vocal talents of Boris Karloff, this tale of a nasty … well … Grinch who hated Christmas because of the happiness it brought to the lives of others offers a poignant story of redemption and change. Determined to keep Christmas from coming, the Grinch steals all of the gifts, decorations and food from the entire town of Whoville. When the Whos still celebrate sans gifts, ol’ Grinchy Claus realizes that Christmas will come without ribbons, come without tags, come without packages, boxes or bags.


#3: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

The “Rudolph” tale of a band of misfits’ journey across the North Pole trying to find where they fit in inspires kids everywhere and is probably the best-known of Rankin/Bass’ many stop-motion Christmas programs. The characters who’d been cast-off save Christmas and become the heroes. Throw in the beloved voice of Burl Ives, and you’ve got a classic that will continue to endure.


#4: Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (1970)

This is another one of several Rankin/Bass gems chock-full of great songs and characters. The Mickey Rooney- and Fred Astaire-led creation delves into Santa Claus’ origins and pits him against one of the best comic “villains” of all time — the evil Burgermeister Meisterburger


#5: A Christmas Carol (1984)

George C. Scott’s turn as the miserly Scrooge is the most famous of the made-for-TV movie adaptations of the Dickens tale (though the 1999 Patrick Stewart version may be closing in). The film stayed true to the story and earned Scott an Emmy nomination.


#6: Frosty the Snowman (1969)

Based on Gene Autry’s 1950 hit song, it features Frosty “dying” so he can save a little girl. Kids are taught about love and laying-down-your-life-for-others sacrifice, all with palpable Christian parallels — even the bad guy changes his ways in the end.


#7: John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together (1979)

In 1979, Jim Henson’s team worked with country folk artist John Denver to create an LP of 13 Christmas songs (which eventually went platinum). From that album came a one-hour special for ABC featuring great Muppet takes on holiday classics, plus the typical Muppet humor.


#8: The Star of Bethlehem (2007)

The Magi followed a star in the heavens to find the Christ child. Explore the truth of God’s stellar handiwork in this documentary that uses historic and scientific evidence to tell the real story of the Star of Bethlehem.


#9: Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (1962)

Call it a history-maker. It was the first-ever animated Christmas special produced for TV, according to The cartoon was created to give the feel of a Broadway production — a feel that was enhanced by the musical work of two Broadway show writers, Jule Styne and Bob Merrill.


#10: The Little Drummer Boy (1968)

This old-school, stop-motion 1960s production about the little orphan boy who didn’t have anything to give to the infant Jesus except his drumming ability teaches kids that the best things we offer each other have nothing to do with money or “stuff.”


#11: Mickey’s Once (and Twice) Upon a Christmas (1999/2004)

Both of these shows are a series of cartoon shorts all about the importance of friends and family and doing good for others at Christmas. From Donald’s repentance for his selfishness to Goofy’s expressions of love for his son Max to Mickey and Minnie’s selfless giving of everything they have for each other, these specials offer great lessons for the little ones.


#12: A Flintstone Christmas (1977)

The story in Fred Flintstone’s one-hour special begins with Fred begrudgingly agreeing to play Santa Claus at a party for the Bedrock Orphanage on Christmas Eve. On the night of the party, an injured and sick Santa Claus recruits Fred to fill in for him (and Barney takes the role of an elf) to make sure all the presents get delivered. The boys work through a massive storm, make a trip to the North Pole and barely make it back to Bedrock in time for the orphanage party.


#13: Prep & Landing (2009)

The North Pole has gone super-hightech in Disney’s Emmy-winning special. Elves Wayne and Lanny, while prepping the world for Santa’s annual trip, are the only members of the command team available to make possible a visit by St. Nick in the midst of a terrible storm. They save Christmas for Sector 7 using sweet gadgets and a little creativity.


#14: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983)

Grace (played by Loretta Swit aka “Hot Lips Houlihan”) is tasked with the job of leading her church’s annual Christmas pageant. The disaster of a job gets even worse when the six Herdman kids, who are known troublemakers from a broken home, decide to be a part of the play. By the end, the Herdman children, from whom no one expected anything worthwhile, learn the power of the Christmas nativity story and teach the church the true meaning of Christmas.


#15: Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977)

One of the lesser-known Rankin/Bass creations, “Nestor” is a very religious special that shares the story of an outcast and abused long-eared donkey who goes on to fulfill his special purpose—to carry a very pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. The message, combined with the musical talents of the estimable Roger Miller, make this a powerful show for kids.

A version of this list first appeared in the December 2014 issue of TheBlaze magazine.

Christmas Churches covid Faith Intelwars service

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, 500 Missouri church volunteers find way to pack more than 40,000 meals during Sunday’s morning services

They were not going to let a pandemic get in the way of providing for the less fortunate — especially during the Christmas season.

That’s what was going through the hearts of some 500 volunteers at a church in Joplin, Missouri, over the weekend.

What did they do?

Members of Hope City Church gathered for a different style of worship service Sunday morning, the Christian Post reported. Instead of the usual time of music, prayer, and sermons, the church’s entire morning services — at 9:45 and 11:15 a.m. — were reserved for packing meals for a local charity.

Lead Pastor Cody Walker told the Post that the teams of hundreds packed 40,218 meals for Watered Gardens Ministries, an organization the church has worked with for years now.

What about the pandemic? Walker said they took the appropriate precautions, knowing that it would take extra effort to complete their mission.

“We had about 525 individuals pack the meals. Everyone was required to wear a mask, hair net, and gloves,” the pastor told the Post. “Every volunteer was stationed with a small team of about 10 in a specific spot while they packed the meals.”

It was worth the effort because the church was focused on the desire to “give our people an opportunity this season to impact our local community.”

“In a season where it can be easy to give our attention and focus to things, we wanted to focus on people. Instead of having a typical worship gathering, we spent most of our time packing meals that will help feed hungry families,” Walker said. “We know everyone needs two things: food and hope. We hope these meals will be able to provide both for people who need to know they are not forgotten or alone. Our people at Hope City know we are all in the same boat and serving others is at the heart of the Gospel.”

Watered Gardens Ministries told the Post that Hope City Church filling an ongoing need for an item that runs out regularly and shared that the meals will be passed out at their Mission Market and their Outreach Center.

Abortion Charles chaput Church Faith Holy communion Intelwars Joe Biden Religion

Former Philly archbishop says Joe Biden should be denied Holy Communion

The archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia proclaimed that Joe Biden should be denied the sacrament of Holy Communion. The former archbishop maintains that his opinion is not “political,” but rather a “pastoral concern.”

Charles Chaput said that despite Biden being Catholic, the former vice president should not receive Holy Communion. Chaput asserts that Biden’s support for the “grave moral evil” of abortion should disqualify him from Holy Communion.

Chaput voiced his viewpoint in First Things, a religious journal aimed at “advancing a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.”

“Public figures who identify as ‘Catholic’ give scandal to the faithful when receiving Communion by creating the impression that the moral laws of the Church are optional,” Chaput wrote. “And bishops give similar scandal by not speaking up publicly about the issue and danger of sacrilege.”

“Those bishops who publicly indicate in advance that they will undertake their own dialogue with President-elect Joseph Biden and allow him Communion effectively undermine the work of the task force established at the November bishops’ conference meeting to deal precisely with this and related issues,” Chaput explained. “This gives scandal to their brother bishops and priests, and to the many Catholics who struggle to stay faithful to Church teaching. It does damage to the bishops’ conference, to the meaning of collegiality, and to the fruitfulness of the conference’s advocacy work with the incoming administration.”

“This is not a ‘political’ matter, and those who would describe it as such are either ignorant or willfully confusing the issue,” he continued. “This is a matter of bishops’ unique responsibility before the Lord for the integrity of the sacraments. Moreover, there is also the pressing matter of pastoral concern for a man’s salvation.”

“At minimum, every bishop has the duty of privately discussing these vital moral issues and the destructive effect of receiving Communion unworthily with public figures who act contrary to Church teaching,” he concluded. “Reception of Communion is not a right but a gift and privilege; and on the subject of ‘rights,’ the believing community has a priority right to the integrity of its belief and practice.”

The debate is ignited because Washington, D.C., Cardinal Wilton Gregory proclaimed that he would administer Holy Communion to Biden.

Cardinal-designate Gregory told the Catholic News Service, “I’m not going to veer from that,” in regards to Biden receiving Holy Communion.

He said there is a need for dialogue within the church among people who think differently.

“Conflict within the church is not a new reality; it goes back to apostolic times,” Gregory said. “What seems to be new is the capacity for people to broadcast the conflicts and to allow social communications to intensify the conflict.”

CANADA Canada lockdowns Churches covid Covid lockdowns Faith Intelwars

Dozens of police barricade Canadian church parking lot to keep worshippers out of drive-in service. So they line the highway instead.

The Church of God at Steinbach in Manitoba, Canada, received a $5,000 fine for violating COVID restrictions by meeting in person on Nov. 22. But the churchgoers decided that they would not be deterred from coming together, and on Sunday they held a drive-in service.

But the police wouldn’t let churchgoers into the parking lot — even though would-be attendees had been instructed to stay in their car with the windows up, the Christian Post reported. So the faithful lined the highway in front of the church.

What happened?

After receiving the maximum fine allowed for holding an in-person service that violated Manitoba’s ban on groups larger than five people, the Church of God in rural Steinbach, Manitoba, said it would not stop offering worship gatherings for the faithful.

In a Nov. 23 press release posted to Facebook, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt said that churches “have been singled out” in the COVID lockdowns and not given the same treatment as pot shops, liquor stores, and fast-food joints that have been considered “essential.” This violation of the churchgoers’ “right to religious freedom and peaceful assembly in the Canadian Constitution” is not something Christians follow in “blind obedience,” the pastor said.

“We are not asking for special treatment, just equal treatment,” Hildebrandt wrote. “Christians have always believed that their faith and the reasonable expression of that faith is essential to their mental health and well-being and that being arbitrarily separated from each other is detrimental to them.”

“On Sunday morning, people in this province interacted at Walmart, Costco, and other retailers,” the pastor continued. “The same thing happened at the local liquor store, cannabis dispensaries, and the list goes on. Yet, it is our faith community that is singled out for public criticism, media attention, and visits by the RCMP, Manitoba Public Health and local bylaw enforcement. There must be an allowable expression of faith that is deemed essential while we are allowing the sale of products at establishments that exist solely for the sale of alcohol, coffee, donuts, cannabis, and fast food.”

In light of the government’s crackdown on in-person gathering inside the church building, the church announced it would be holding a drive-in service in its parking lot on Nov. 29 — as did other churches in Manitoba.

Not content with stopping indoor services, the provincial government declared that even drive-in services were verboten.

But the Church of God at Steinbech was not to be deterred. In a Saturday morning Facebook post, the church announced that the planned drive-in service was still on. The church instructed those who planned to attend to stay in their cars with the windows up. A subsequent post told worshippers to tune to 88.5 FM to listen to the service.

“Tomorrow morning we will have the safest parking lot in Manitoba,” the post said. “Keep your windows rolled up and stay in your vehicles. This won’t be like the parking lots of Costco, Walmart, and the government-owned liquor stores where people freely mingle. Make no mistake, this is not about a virus.”

On Sunday morning, parishioners found dozens of police vehicles lined up along the highway outside the church and blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

A video shot as police barricaded the church entrance showed a growing line of cars along the highway being prevented from entering the parking lot.

The church later posted photos showing the highway jammed with cars of people taking part in the drive-in service while parked along the side of the road.

What did the government say about bans on drive-in services?

Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer, told the CBC that the government has several tools it can use to enforce public health restrictions.

“If somebody was undertaking activity that we felt put the health of the public at risk, we could issue a health hazard order that would require an organization to close,” Roussin said, according to the CBC. “There could be continued fines, there could be prosecution under the Public Health Act. So those are just the various options available to to enforce things.”

According to Roussin, people just need to stay home because even drive-in services can be dangerous.

“We know there are a lot of things that are very important to people, but we’ve heard from our health care providers, we’ve seen the numbers, so we are asking Manitobans for a relatively short period of time to take these steps to stay home and limit any type of gatherings,” Roussin said Monday, according to Canada’s Global News.

“Are people going to be in their car? Is that all household people in there? Does anyone need to use their washroom during this time? There are risks involved with it,” Roussin added.

2020 presidential election Faith George Washington Intelwars Prayer Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 2020

Thank you, almighty God, for your blessings this Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving Day falls on Thursday the 26th of November, marking 231 years to the exact date of the first Thanksgiving Day proclaimed by President George Washington. Forgive the cliche of quoting from Washington’s proclamation, but the simple fact is Washington issued a near-perfect statement of how Americans ought to think about the Thanksgiving holiday, and it’s worth honoring by remembrance.

A mere three paragraphs, Washington’s proclamation begins with an acknowledgement, the proclamation itself follows, and the president concludes with a request for the American people.

First, Washington acknowledges it is “the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor.” These days, Americans are very fond of demanding that government protect our various and innumerable rights. Undoubtedly, the purpose of just government is to secure the rights and liberties of its citizens. But a system of self-government such as we have will fail and will be unjust if the people, who are sovereign, do not recognize their duties. We each have a duty to our neighbors to respect their rights. We have a duty to follow just laws. To be good citizens. To be kind to one another, to serve each other, to help those in need, and for Washington, to be thankful for God’s provisions and to pray for his protection and favor.

In recognition of this duty, Washington proclaims “Thursday the 26th day of November next” to be a day for “the People of these States” to devote to God. Americans are to thank Him, “the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be” for “his kind care and protection,” for his mercy during the Revolutionary War, for the “tranquillity, union, and plenty” which followed, for “the peaceable and rational manner” in which the new American government was established, and “for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed,” the “means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge,” and also for “all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.”

These blessings here recounted are permanent things. Americans continue to enjoy the goodness God has shown to our forefathers, which speaks of God’s eternal nature. The sovereign King of Heaven, in His boundless mercy, saw fit to permit a rag-tag assembly of English colonists to overthrow the most powerful empire on earth and raised up wise political leaders to frame a Constitution that’s lasted for 233 years — a Constitution that to this day protects your rights and liberties and enables you to read this article in the safety of your own home, surrounded by family and friends and delicious food that, Lord willing, will last for several days.

And for those less fortunate, who may lack family or friends and food, did God not provide a country with many who can share with their countrymen? It is a great sin and transgression indeed for those of us who can share to neglect our duties to those who lack.

Yet sin is a reality we all must confront. People treat each other wickedly. We are unkind in our words. We are hateful and murderous in our thoughts. We are greedy, selfish, and self-serving, neglectful and thoughtless of those in need. We are proud and boastful, yet who can truly say they’ve always done right and never harmed another by word or deed? We lie to each other. We only love those who love us first, and even then we love poorly. We are unforgiving. And we’re too often ungrateful.

This is why, in the third paragraph, Washington requests that the American people “unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions.”

The greatest blessing freely offered by God to man is pardon for our sins. God offers forgiveness for all the wrongs we’ve done to Him and to each other to those who repent. Once free of our individual and national sins, He enables us “whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually—to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed.”

So giving thanks to God doesn’t simply involve thankful prayer, though that is important and necessary! It also involves obedience to His will, which is “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” We must repent of our sins toward one another and pray for forgiveness. We must love each other by performing our duties as citizens, which is to act righteously, to obey just laws, to respect each other, to help and support each other, both publicly and privately.

As Thanksgiving Day 2020 approaches, I cannot help but think of the hostility too many Americans feel towards one another after a contentious and divisive presidential election. I know this as truth: The anger, frustration, and anxieties felt by Americans on both the left and the right are the consequences of sin. No one is blameless. We have all sinned. If we loved each other as we ought, if we performed our duties as citizens to each other as we ought, would any right-thinking person be outraged or anxious about the White House changing parties for four short years?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a God who loves us and offers forgiveness for our sins. I am thankful for a God who listens to and answers prayer. I’m thankful that God rules in heaven, that all authority on earth is on loan from Him, and that He will enact justice when we will not, no matter who occupies the presidency. I am thankful for a God who taught us, when we pray, to ask for our “daily bread,” reminding us that we are to rely on Him for His provisions each day and that we ought not to worry about tomorrow. I am thankful for a country and a Constitution that protect my right to worship this God. And it’s my intention and earnest prayer that in showing my gratitude, I fulfill my duty as an American citizen and a patriot to love my neighbors, as God commands.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” — Philippians 4:6-7

Faith Georgia runoff Georgia senate election Intelwars Kelly loeffler Raphael warnock special election

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate says ‘nobody can serve God and the military’ — veterans and Republicans call him out

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock was lambasted by veterans and Republicans this week over comments he made in a 2011 sermon saying Americans cannot serve both God and the military.

Warnock, who serves as the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, made the remarks
during a sermon titled, “When Truth Meets Power.” The sermon paraphrased Matthew 6:24, which states, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

“America, nobody can serve God and the military,” Warnock said, admonishing Americans to turn away from the pursuit of power and wealth and turn to God. “You can’t serve God and money. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. America, choose ye this day who you will serve. Choose ye this day.”

“Politicians try to keep their power,” he continued. “Political parties lie in order to keep their power. And church folk, yeah, you too, maneuver … in order to keep your power. And Jesus says, that’s not power. That’s paranoia.”

Warnock, 51, is a civil rights activist. His position at Ebenezer Baptist Church was once held by Martin Luther King Jr.

Warnock’s opponent, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), blasted the sermon, accusing Warnock’s sermon of “disparaging the men and women who serve our country & risk their lives to defend freedom.”

She was
joined by other Republicans including Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a combat veteran who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said Warnock’s sermon was “an insult to everyone who served” and called on him to withdraw from the race.

More than four dozen Georgia veterans also called on Warnock to suspend his campaign in a statement reported by Fox News.

“Raphael Warnock’s comments about military men and women are despicable and flat-out wrong,” the veterans said. “Here in Georgia, true leaders recognize the service and sacrifice of all who have courageously defended our nation’s freedom.”

They continued, saying it’s “sad to see Raphael Warnock is more interested in insulting and condemning our military than in building communities that support and protect them.”

“We stand together in calling on Raphael Warnock to drop out immediately, and we remain grateful to those who honor our fellow men and women in uniform—and our Creator,” they said.

A spokesman for the Warnock campaign told Fox News that Loeffler and other Republicans were taking Warnock’s sermon out of context.

“This sermon is based on a biblical verse that reads ‘No man can serve two masters… Ye cannot serve God and mammon,’ a biblical term for wealth,” campaign communications director Terrence Clark said. “Reverend Warnock was speaking about the need to commit to moral life before pursuing other priorities. As the video of the congregation’s response makes clear, this is another blatant effort by Kelly Loeffler to take Reverend Warnock’s words completely out of context. Given her own decision to spend her first days in the U.S. Senate profiting off the pandemic, perhaps she should watch the sermon more closely.”

Warnock also responded to Loeffler on social media.

acclimate the public Americans Bigger Picture chaos Civil War contested election council on foreign relation Donald Trump Election 2020 Faith globalist establishment government is a religion Headline News Intelwars Joe Biden max boot no concession Riots we lose Winners

Get Ready For Chaos Regardless Of Who Ends Up In The White House

In July of this year in my article ‘Election 2020: The Worst-Case Scenario Is The Most Likely One’ after I outlined the strange factors surrounding Biden and Trump, I stated that:

These factors and more lead me to predict that Election 2020 will be a contested election which ends with Trump staying in office but accused of usurping the democratic process. This outcome is the worst possible outcome and also the most advantageous for the globalist establishment.”

I also noted the predictive programming campaign by the media and members of the Council On Foreign Relations like Max Boot to acclimate the public to the idea of a contested election while also “wargaming” (planning) that exact outcome. I stated:

“…Boot is back again, this time writing about how he thinks Donald Trump will try to “hijack” the presidency in 2020.

In an article for the Washington Post titled ‘What If Trump Loses But Insists He Won’, Boot outlines a scenario that was “war gamed” by a group called the Transition Integrity Project. The group played out a scenario in which there is a razor-thin victory for Joe Biden, followed by actions by Trump to keep control of the presidency through lies and legal wrangling. The group also predicted civil unrest leading to potential “civil war” as the fight over the White House expands.

This article is, I believe, an attempt at predictive programming by the establishment. They are TELLING US exactly what is about to happen. A contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse, and the US will be destroyed from within.”

So far it appears my prediction was correct. As I write this the Trump Administration is filing suit in Pennsylvania over suspicious ballot actions including blocking Republican observers from watching the vote count. The fact that PA is allowing mail-in votes to be counted even though they are postmarked well after the cut-off date will also come into question. Evidence of ballot fraud is popping up in multiple swing states; it’s starting to look like Trump might remain in office after all.

If ANY of the reports of fraud are verified by the courts then the election situation changes completely. Millions of Americans will lose faith in the process and the election itself would be invalidated. Even if the uncovered fraud is not proven to have effectively shifted the vote in favor of Biden, no conservative will accept Biden as president, and the Trump Administration will have a perfect rationale for refusing to concede the White House.

Many Americans do not seem to understand the dynamic at play here. They think “winning” the vote count means an automatic Biden presidency, but this is not actually the case. Trump is already in possession of the White House – If he will not leave because of possible election tampering, then who is going to remove him? Perhaps one of the alphabet agencies, but on whose orders or authority? The military won’t remove him as the majority of them are conservative, and certainly not the Democrats as they have no ability to project power. Trump stays in because the only people that could possibly pressure him to leave (conservatives) will probably not do so.

Another scenario could involve “activist” state electors. Voters within the electoral college do not necessarily have to vote according to the popular vote within their respective states. Some states have laws that bind electors, but many do not, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Minnesota. The states that do have laws have little ability to enforce them, and activist electors can only be slapped with a misdemeanor. Basically, there is nothing anyone can do to stop the electoral college from voting for Trump instead of Biden.

If electors in swing states congregate in December to cast their votes and decide to cast for Trump instead of Biden because they suspect ballot fraud, this would be perfectly legal, and again, Trump stays in office.

Then there is the issue of congress finalizing the election results. Neither party currently holds a 218 seat majority in congress, and if one half of representatives refuse to validate the election then challenges to the results will arise. Once again there is a problem of legitimacy going forward for Joe Biden.

I realize that these factors and many more are giving conservatives continued hope of pulling out an election “victory”. However, I want readers to set aside the concept of “winning” for a moment and consider the bigger picture.

I was able to predict the outcome of the 2020 election (so far) because I based my analysis on what would be the most advantageous result for the globalist establishment. Meaning, even if Trump stays in the Oval Office, the globalists have much to gain.

First, lets not be naive about the situation – Trump’s cabinet is LOADED with globalists from the Council on Foreign Relations as well as numerous banking elites. If they want to steer the election response from Trump’s side, they easily can. Trump is contesting the election because he is being advised to do so.

Second, the mainstream media and the Biden campaign are already preemptively declaring Biden the winner. This sets the stage for a dangerous dynamic; consider what would happen if leftists go into December/January under the assumption that they have the presidency in the bag, when suddenly it is all snatched away from them? This narrative creates the ultimate rage scenario for the political left; they will consider Trump a usurper of the presidency and from that point on they will rationalize any and all mob violence. This civil unrest will be blamed entirely on Trump and conservatives.

Third, a mass unrest event triggers a demand for law and order. There are two ways this can be achieved: A constitutional way and an unconstitutional way. The elites in Trump’s cabinet will push for the unconstitutional response, meaning they will push for martial law. Martial law will inevitably lead to numerous violations of the Bill of Rights, which are UNACCEPTABLE under ANY circumstances.

Not only this, but what would happen if conservatives, normally staunch defenders of individual rights, suddenly decide it’s okay to trample those rights in the name of “defeating the political left”? We become the greatest hypocrites of the age, we lose the moral high ground in the long term and no one will listen to us when we argue for liberty in the future. The greatest defenders of freedom become freedom’s greatest destroyers. Again, the globalists benefit.

Anyone who tells you martial law is “the lesser evil” and that we have no other choice has an agenda they are not being honest about.

Fourth, with Trump still in office the establishment’s “great reset” agenda will continue using conservatives as the scapegoats of the economic collapse they created. Beyond that, the contested election can be used as further excuse for economic instability. The central banks which have used endless stimulus measures to inflate the massive “Everything Bubble” ever since 2008 need to divert blame for the bubble’s eventual implosion, and now they have numerous distractions that will allow them to do just that.

Fifth, even if millions of Americans view Trump’s actions as justified and the election results as rigged, much of the rest of the world will treat Trump and conservatives as pariahs. The situation becomes much worse if conservatives support martial law. The narrative will be that America is under illegitimate and tyrannical rule, and that international intervention may be required. At the very least, there will be global economic penalties, including the loss of the dollar’s world reserve status which will lead to a flood of dollars returning to the US from overseas and hyperinflation in prices.

Now don’t get me wrong, a Biden presidency will lead to immediate and violent repercussions as well, but conservatives need to wake up to the reality that a Trump presidency is not an answer to any of their problems or fears. It’s a Catch-22 situation.

Under Biden, expect the economic crash to speed up dramatically. Biden will initiate Level 4 lockdowns nationwide within weeks of becoming president and this will cause the destruction of the small business sector, which is already barely hanging on for dear life. The globalists will have to bring down the economy faster under Biden so that they can claim the crash is a residual effect of the Trump Administration. If they wait too long, the blame will fall on Biden and by extension the globalists.

Level 4 lockdowns would also help prevent conservatives from relocating to more friendly states and regions. And, they would help prevent conservatives from congregating in large groups and organizing resistance to leftist policies.

Censorship of conservative voices and platforms will have to accelerate under Biden as well, because the more conservatives are able to share information in real time, the more galvanized they will become and the more confident they will be in refusing to submit to pandemic restrictions (among other things). I believe that web service providers will start directly censoring conservative websites that use their servers. Sites like mine will be removed from the web entirely, or filtered out completely by search algorithms.

Finally, under Biden there will be an immediate call for draconian gun control measures and perhaps even gun confiscation. This will be done by executive order, and it is likely that Red Flag laws will be used. A leftist or globalist agenda cannot progress while conservatives are armed. It is impossible. No one will go along with pandemic restrictions in conservative leaning states. No one will agree to carbon controls. No one will adopt new and insane hate speech laws designed by social justice lunatics.

A Biden presidency would galvanize and unify conservative groups more than anything in recent history. Eventually, conservatives will revolt (including many in the military and law enforcement) and there will be nothing leftists or globalists can do about it. Disarmament would have to happen quickly.

This is why I believe that Trump staying in office is a better model for the globalists. Tricking conservatives into jubilantly supporting martial law measures and bringing in tyranny under their own banner is a better tactic than creating a direct confrontation between conservatives and globalists through Biden’s lockdowns.

As mentioned above, though, there is a solution. Welcome a Trump presidency if fraud is discovered but refuse to support martial law. Instead, conservatives can protect their own towns and counties by organizing community security for themselves. There is no need for the military to take on domestic security concerns. Rather, conservatives must react as many did in Idaho during the BLM riots.

When BLM and Antifa tried to bus hundreds of protesters into rural parts of the Northwest, conservative groups fielded hundreds of armed members of the community to maintain security. BLM and Antifa activists remained relatively peaceful and quiet, there was no looting and no one was hurt (as opposed to numerous other cities). It was the best possible outcome.

This model must be enacted all over the country, and Americans must take their security into their own hands. I would even suggest we start using the “M word” again: Militia.

Conservatives states and counties should start seriously considering the formation of community militias, because government cannot be trusted to remain benevolent or just when it is given the ultimate power of martial law. In the event of a Biden presidency, militias will also be necessary as a deterrent to totalitarian enforcement of federal pandemic lockdowns. If leftists want to destroy their own local economies through unnecessary lockdowns, let them. Conservatives don’t need to follow the lemmings off that cliff.

Constitutionally, militias are supposed to be verified by state governments. This might not be possible. If not, then communities should form militias anyway; just don’t call it an official or “organized” militia. If state governments try to sabotage such measures then they should be bypassed and ignored. We don’t need them in order to provide security for ourselves.

If this solution is not taken seriously and conservatives do not take matters into their own hands, I foresee catastrophe. Either we will be lured into giving credence to liberty crushing martial law, or, we will be at the mercy of Biden’s medical tyranny. The future depends on us…

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‘He walked up the wall’: The modern demon possession case that rocked the world

“He walked up the wall, flipped over … and stood there.” And if that’s not strange enough, another eyewitness description proclaimed that a little boy from Indiana “glided backward on the floor, wall and ceiling.”

I remember reading those words in a strange state of shock and wonder. How in the world did a little boy allegedly walk up a wall? I wondered. And why was a mainstream outlet like the Indianapolis Star covering such a bizarre story?

I had a slew of immediate questions about the 2014 story that had come out of Gary, Indiana, about a so-called demon house that was filled with terrifying tales, but the claim about a little boy walking up a wall was the hands-down, most offbeat detail amid the plethora of strange phenomena surrounding Latoya Ammons and her family.

It’s just one of the compelling stories I tell in my new book, “Playing With Fire: A Modern Investigation Into Demons, Exorcisms and Ghosts.”

Former Star journalist Marisa Kwiatkowski opened her now famous 2014 article on the Ammons case titled “The Exorcisms of Latoya Ammons” by reporting that Ammons and her three children “claimed to be possessed by demons.”

The lede was anything but buried, as there were many elements that boldly distinguished the story from other paranormal claims. Among the intriguing facets was the series of prominent people — including a family case manager, a nurse, and veteran police captains — who all seemed to corroborate various pieces of the bizarre puzzle.

So, what exactly unfolded in Ammons’s Gary, Indiana, home? According to her own media account, Ammons said she and her family began experiencing strange phenomena just one month after moving into the rental home.

It was December 2011 when large black flies reportedly started swarming the family’s porch, coming back again and again even after they were killed. Ammons and her mother, Rosa Campbell, told the Star that they also started hearing footsteps coming up from the basement every night — and that it sounded as though the door was repeatedly creaking open.

By March 2012 — just four months after moving into the home — the strangeness kicked up a notch. Campbell told Kwiatkowski about a night when the family found one of Ammons’s children unconscious and levitating. Overwhelmed by the events unfolding in the home, the family sought the help of clairvoyants and local churches.

They purportedly burned sage, drew crosses on the hands and feet of the children using olive oil, and attempted various acts recommended to them in an effort to rid the home of the supernatural forces they believed were infesting it.

None of this worked, though, with the family claiming that their problems only worsened. Ammons and her three kids (at the time aged 7, 9, and 12) all reported experiencing what they described as “possession,” with the purported effects reading like a horror novel.

Ammons and Campbell reportedly told Kwiatkowski that “the kids’ eyes bulged, evil smiles crossed their faces, and their voices deepened every time it happened.” Additionally, the 7-year-old reportedly spoke to another child whom no one else could see.

Ammons soon turned to her children’s doctor for help. Her kids’ bizarre behavior while in the doctor’s office teamed with the family’s claims of paranormal activity led medical professionals to call emergency services. “Twenty years, and I’ve never heard anything like that in my life,” Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu, the physician involved in the incident, told the Star. “I was scared myself when I walked into the room.”

An official report details what some medical professionals claimed to have witnessed. The document reads, in part: “Medical staff reported that while the children were at their primary doctor’s office the medical staff reported they observed [one of the children] be lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him.”

Still, not everyone was convinced something supernatural was at play. In the midst of that chaos, a skeptical individual reportedly called the Department of Child Services to file a complaint, which sparked an investigation into Ammons’s mental state (an evaluation by a hospital psychological found “there were no concerns about her mental stability at this time”).

That’s when DCS case manager Valerie Washington entered the picture — and reportedly saw much of the bizarre behavior for herself. Washington’s own account of her interaction with the family included seeing the seven-year-old boy’s eyes roll back in his head and watching him growl. At one point, the boy reportedly said the following to his brother, “speaking in a different deep voice”: “It’s time to die. I will kill you.”

This brings us to that pivotal point in the story: the claim that the boy walked up a wall. Washington’s official DCS report — an account reportedly backed by Willie Lee Walker, a registered nurse who was in the room, says the following about the encounter with the family: “Child became aggressive and walked up the wall as if he was walking on the floor and did a flip over the grandmother. The episode was witnessed by the psych counselor and DCS worker FCM Washington.”

This is a strange line to include in government documentation, but it’s an account Walker later confirmed to Kwiatkowski, telling the reporter that the boy “walked up the wall, flipped over and stood there.” The nurse added, “There’s no way he could’ve done that.”

Washington later indicated that the situation profoundly impacted her. “It’s taken me a while to move past that,” she said of her claim of seeing the boy walk up the wall. “I believe that it was something going on there that was out of the realm of a normal living person.”

As I cover in “Playing With Fire,” other compelling sources have corroborated these elements, among many others.

Despite the fact that some psychologists and skeptics have reportedly felt the story was inauthentic and had more rational roots, the compelling details and unwavering witness testimony had enough legs for mainstream media and the public at large to at least entertain what was claimed, and that’s notable.

Regardless of where you stand on stories like this, there are two essential realities we must remember. The first is found in Ephesians 6:11: “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” This means holding close to the Christian faith, which translates into daily prayer and a healthy relationship with God.

There’s one other reality, though, that is found in the subsequent verse (12): “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

It’s easy to forget that there’s a spiritual battle raging — but a failure to acknowledge this reality can prove dangerous. Still, there’s hope. Yes, there’s a spiritual battle, but there’s also a solution that is freely available: Christ. Explore these realities more in “Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts.”

Excerpted from PLAYING WITH FIRE: A MODERN INVESTIGATION INTO DEMONS, EXORCISM, AND GHOSTS. Copyright © 2020 by Billy Hallowell. Published by Emanate Books, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.

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‘A miracle’: Doctors said actor would live the rest of his life as a vegetable — if he survived at all. Now, he’s starring in a new movie.

Doctors weren’t sure if Luke Benjamin Bernard would make it after a serious car accident in 2013 left him near death. Bernard suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, blood clots on his brain, and an emergency craniotomy and was ailing in the ICU amid a cloud of uncertainty.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Bernard has defied all expectations, telling “The Pure Flix Podcast” about his unlikely story of survival, his harrowing journey to recovery, and his starring role in “The Favorite,” a movie now streaming on Pure Flix.

“Medically, you have almost no chance of survival,” he said of his initial condition. “It would be a miracle if you lived in vegetative state — a miracle.”

Listen to Bernard discuss his miraculous recovery:

Bernard had what medical experts call a GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) of 3 with dilated and fixed pupils, which generally yields a grim prognosis.

“The doctor … told [my family], ‘I can’t tell you what’s going to happen with him. You just need to get here right away,'” Bernard recalled, noting that it was clear he might not survive.

Despite facing the unthinkable, Bernard’s family refused to give up, turning with fervency to faith and prayer.

“Basically, they did the best thing they could for me … and the only thing they could have done was — they prayed,” he said. “They read scriptures, they sang praise … at my bedside again and again and again.”

The grieving parents firmly believed God would heal their son, and they decided to combat the negative possibilities by intensely appealing to hope.

“[My dad’s] mindset was, ‘This is a fight — I’m in a fight right now for my son’s life and Satan’s trying to take my son and I’m not going to let it happen,'” he said, noting that their prayers weren’t just for survival, but also for “complete healing.”

And the Bernard family got their wish. Against all odds, he fully recovered, and they now attribute it all to God.

“It’s just remarkable with God’s grace and mercy, with his healing power over me,” he said.

And that was only part of the story, as Bernard, who was an actor prior to his accident, later ended up writing and performing in “The Favorite,” a touching new film about two rival brothers who face tragedy — a traumatic event that mirrors what happened to Bernard in real life.

The idea and plot line for “The Favorite” came to Bernard as he was recovering from his accident.

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“One night I fell into this deep sleep and I had this very vivid dream … a dream that you feel like you’re really there,” he recalled.

Bernard said he saw two brothers in that dream who had a car accident, with one of the men facing the same injuries, recovery, and healing that Bernard faced. The dream was so stirring that Bernard started writing what he saw, turning it into a script, and the rest is cinematic history.

Listen to this phenomenal story in its entirely on “The Pure Flix Podcast,” and be sure to watch Bernard in “The Favorite.” Check out the trailer for the movie below.


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VIDEO: Vandal rips down, smashes statue of Virgin Mary at NYC church in broad daylight

Statue smashing has become all the rage in the country today. And in New York the movement to attack monuments has claimed another treasured icon.

Destroying statues of the Founding Fathers, Christopher Columbus, and Jesus wasn’t enough. Now someone decided to pick on a lady.

Brooklyn cops are looking for a man caught on camera tearing down a statue of the Virgin Mary a week ago just outside Shrine Church of Our Lady of Solace in Coney Island, WCBS-TV reported Friday.

What happened?

Security footage shows a man climbing a fence outside the church on Sept. 11 and crawling up the house of worship’s outdoor religious shrine.

Image source: WCBS-TV video screenshot

The vandal can be seen rocking the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe back and forth until he is able to dislodge from its perch.

He then tosses the statue over the fence and onto the public sidewalk.

Image source: WCBS-TV video screenshot

All of this was done in broad morning daylight as people looked on.

The hoodlum’s actions mashed the face of the statue, destroyed the base, and broke off the hands of the Blessed Mother.

The church told WCBS that the statue is worth $4,000 and now it must buy a new one.

One witness, Sara Marerro, a Coney Island resident, told the outlet, “Who knows mentally what’s going on with that person in that moment, but you don’t do stuff like that.”

Another unnamed witness, whose face is blurred out in the video, reportedly got into a fight with the vandal after the statute was toppled and tried to fix it, but to no avail, Marerro said.

Image source: WCBS-TV video screenshot

The Diocese of Brooklyn is, naturally, upset.

John Quaglione, who is with the diocese, called the vandalism a “direct assault” on the faith of people who might have wanted to have a moment of prayer.

“To attack the Blessed Mother on the day of 9/11 in the morning in broad daylight is not only brazen, but it is a direct assault on the faith of the people that were walking by that day wanted to have a moment of prayer to themselves, wanted to remember someone they may have lost,” Quaglione said.

Asked what she felt led to the statue being torn down, Marerro said, “They were drunk.”

Christianity Demons Exorcism Faith Intelwars Religion

Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with woman who was in and out of mental hospitals. Then a stranger performed an exorcism: ‘I could see the demons’

An Arkansas woman with no history of mental illness said she suddenly found herself in deep emotional turmoil in 2006, with doctors unable to diagnose her rapidly deteriorating condition.

Within months, overtaken by suicidal thoughts, Amy plunged from a second-story window, was paralyzed and nearly died.

Now, she’s speaking out, explaining that she believes she experienced a dramatic demonic possession — and healing. Her experience is told in detail in the new book, “Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts.”

“I’ve never had any kind of mental problems, never been on medication for anything like that,” Amy said in a recent interview, noting that, within days of her affliction, she went from a successful nurse to a person who couldn’t think clearly.

Listen to Amy share her story on “The Edifi Podcast With Billy Hallowell” at the 42-minute mark:

Amy’s personal drama unfolded one day while she was working at a hospital and dealing with a burn patient who had survived an explosion.

“While I was in the ER giving [a] report, something wasn’t right with me,” she recalled. “I went upstairs to do my chart and it’s like my mind went out the window.”

Amy wondered what was unfolding; the mental duress continued to afflict her when she later went for a run and was unable to jog in a straight line.

“I told my husband, ‘I think I’m having a nervous breakdown. My mind is not right,'” she said.

As “Playing With Fire” explains, doctors put Amy on antidepressants, but she said the drugs did nothing to curb her problems — and the situation further devolved.

“They ended up putting me in a psychiatric hospital,” she said, “And the psychiatrist said, ‘We don’t know what we’re dealing with. We’ve never seen anything like this.'”

As time went on, Amy was in and out of hospitals, with suicidal thoughts suddenly overtaking her mind and heart.

“Nobody knew what was going on. And this happened in April and through the summer,” she said. “I was so messed up. I wanted to kill myself and I just could not think how to do it.”

One day Amy found herself sitting in a second-floor window sill at her home, as thoughts of death once again flooded her mind.

“I was sitting in the window and I thought to myself, ‘If I fall out of this window, I bet I’ll die, because it’s so far down and it’s a brick patio,'” she said. “So, I fell out of the window.”

Amy said she doesn’t remember much of what unfolded next, as she landed on her head on the hard patio two stories below.

“Any person in their right mind — if you’re falling you’re going to brace yourself … that’s a normal reflex,” she said. “My legs and arms were not broken. I did not brace myself.”

The impact of the fall was sweeping, with Amy breaking the majority of her ribs, puncturing her lungs and breaking her back in three places; 14 years later, she is still paralyzed.

“They didn’t think I was going to survive,” she said.

But while Amy lay in her hospital bed recovering, a stranger named Cindy felt compelled to visit. While there, Cindy performed what some Christians call a “deliverance” (similar to an exorcism).

“She felt really led to come see me,” Amy said. “[She] said when they got there I looked at her and I had a male voice come out of my mouth saying, ‘What are you doing here?'”

Amy believes Cindy cast a demon out, and that her life was transformed as a result.

For her part, Cindy has also openly spoken about the experience.

“I could see the demons,” she told KATV-TV last year, noting that she uttered a simple command in that hospital room: “Lord, in the name of Jesus, I command that these demons release her and come out of her and that she comes to her right mind, in Jesus’ name.”

In the end, Amy believes she was healed.

“My family saw a difference and they were thinking, ‘Something’s better,'” she said, noting, though, that there are still mysteries surrounding her story.

Mainly: Amy, who was a churchgoer before the incident, isn’t sure why she was afflicted. Regardless, she is now much closer to God, and is encouraging others to cling to their faith.

“It’s brought me so much closer to God and to know that his love for me. It wasn’t him that did that — of course, it was the enemy,” she said. “God’s love is amazing. Seek the Lord with all of your heart.”

For more stories like Amy’s be sure to read “Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts,” a book that dives deep — through a journalistic and Christian lens — into the cultural discussion about spiritual warfare, demons, exorcism in the Bible and other related topics.

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Nearly 1,000 people flock to California beach to get baptized Saturday

A California church is making headlines after nearly 1,000 people showed up to be baptized on Saturday at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach, California.

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Gina Gleason, church director at Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills, told CBN News that the event, which was a record showing of baptisms for the church, was absolutely “remarkable.”

“California may be experiencing a spiritual revival,” Gleason said. “It’s remarkable and a significant number.”

Normally, the church — which is led by Pastor Jack Hibbs — sees 300 people show up for baptisms, but Saturday was unique in that nearly 1,000 people sought to express their public profession of faith, CBN noted.

Image source: Instagram/CalvaryChapelChinoHills video screenshot

Images and video from the baptisms are absolutely incredible, with Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills taking to social media afterward to ask for people’s stories.

Image source: Instagram/CalvaryChapelChinoHills video screenshot

Image source: Instagram/CalvaryChapelChinoHills video screenshot

Image source: Instagram/CalvaryChapelChinoHills video screenshot

“I was baptized together with my wife, and the heartfelt blessing that Pastor Jack gave us is one that I will carry with my throughout my life,” one man wrote on Instagram. “Such a wonderful day. Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus.”

Image source: Instagram/CalvaryChapelChinoHills video screenshot

Another woman added, “A day full of memories I will always cherish. My two older boys getting baptized!”

(Read also: 3 Lessons From Jesus’ Baptism)

Countless additional comments express people’s joy over the mass baptism.

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Atheists demand GOP senator stop posting Bible verses on Twitter. Senator responds: ‘Their request is denied.’

An atheist group is going after a Republican senator over his repeated posting of Bible verses on social media and demanding that he stop with his “sermonizing.”

The undeterred lawmaker sent a message to the group this week: get bent.

What’s all this now?

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) has tradition of posting scripture to Twitter and Facebook on weekends. Here are his verses from the last three weekends in August:

Naturally, this upset the radical Freedom From Religion Foundation activist atheist organization.

The group claimed that a “concerned Louisiana resident contacted FFRF” to report the senator’s regular offense of posting verses to social media. FFRF posted on item on its website, accusing Cassidy of violating “the spirit of the First Amendment” with his actions and insisting that he “cease sermonizing” on social media:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking a U.S. senator to cease sermonizing on his official social media accounts.

A concerned Louisiana resident contacted FFRF to report that every Sunday, bible verses are posted to Sen. Bill Cassidy’s official government Facebook page.

When a government official uses his elected office, including governmental platforms such as an official Facebook page, to promote his personal religious beliefs, he violates the spirit of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution[.]

In an August letter to the senator, FFRF’s co-presidents, Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, told Cassidy that he needed to “refrain from posting messages that proselytize or endorse religion on [his] official government social media accounts” because such postings, they said, are a violation of the separation of church and state.

According to Gaylor and Barker, Cassidy’s actions “needlessly alienate” his constituency and a third of Americans:

As a senator, you represent a diverse population that consists of not only Christians, but also minority religious and nonreligious citizens. Religious endorsements made in your official capacity send a message that excludes the 35 percent of Americans who are not Christian, which includes the 26 percent who identify as nonreligious. These messages needlessly alienate the 1 non-Christian and nonreligious citizens you represent, turning them into political outsiders in their own community.

It would be entirely possible, of course, for you to send uplifting and motivational messages to your constituents without ostracizing a significant portion of those you represent. By couching your sentiments in exclusively religious terms, and by quoting exclusively from one religion’s holy book, you unnecessarily exclude a significant portion of the community. Regardless of your intent, this social media post sends the message to your minority religious and nonreligious constituents that their participation in the political process is less valued than that of their Christian counterparts.

The duo closed their letter requesting that Cassidy remove all of his religious posts from his government social media accounts and to “avoid making similar posts in the future.”

How did Cassidy respond?

Sen. Cassidy offered his response to FFRF’s demands in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.

“The Freedom From Religion Foundation has demanded that I stop sharing Bible verses with you,” he wrote. “The left won’t bully me into canceling Christianity.”

“Their request is denied,” he concluded.

FFRF responded Wednesday by advising Cassidy to “cool it on all the religion” and calling him “unconstitutionally stubborn” while labeling his response to their demands as “obstinacy.”

Gaylor said the senator “is willfully misunderstanding the issue,” but she did not indicate whether her organization planned to take any future steps to stop the senator’s sharing of scripture.

(H/T: Pure Flix)

Abby johnson Abortion Faith Intelwars RNC Rnc 2020 Rnc convention Rnc speakers

‘It’s … graphic’: Abby Johnson unveils preview of ‘provocative’ RNC abortion speech

Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson offered up a preview of her upcoming Republican National Convention speech during a recent interview with “The Church Boys Podcast,” explaining that she’s hoping her five-minute address will be stirring, memorable — and convicting.

“I felt a lot of pressure to make the most provocative, impassioned, memorable pro-life … speech ever made,” she told hosts Chris Field, Lucas Miles, and Billy Hallowell.

(Read also: Ex-Abortion Workers Reveal Why They Became Pro-Life)

Johnson, whose personal story of converting from a Planned Parenthood clinic director to one of America’s most famous pro-life activists was told through the movie “Unplanned,” didn’t go into detail about the specific contents of her speech, which she will deliver Tuesday. But she did note that “it’s pretty graphic.”

Listen to Johnson preview her RNC speech at the 9-minute mark (and unveil details about her new podcast, “Politely Rude”):

“I was talking to my husband and I said, ‘They could have asked a lot of people. There are a lot of great pro-life speakers out there and they asked me,'” Johnson said, noting that her “lived experience” is what differentiates her from many others in the pro-life speaker circuit.

She has been a “part of abortion” in the past and has seen it first-hand — something those who saw “Unplanned” know all too well.

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Now, Johnson is hoping to make a profound impact through her speech, leaving the audience with a deeply stirring message about the true nature and impact of abortion.

“I feel like people are going to listen to this 5-minute speech and they’re going to walk away,” she said. “And they’re not going to ever be able to say, ‘Wow, we had no idea that those things happen during abortion.’ They’re going to know.”

Johnson added that she likes “shocking people out of their apathy and into action.”

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