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“Choose Your Liar” Democracy

This article was originally published by James Bovard at The American Institute for Economic Research. 

The final weeks of a presidential campaign are aome of the best opportunities to view political perfidy in spectacular colors. While the media lectures Americans about their civic duty to vote to save the nation, the candidates continue conniving nonstop with no respect for the facts or decency.

After the election is settled, the media and the political establishment will announce “the system worked” and Americans must again respect and obey their rulers (unless Trump is re-elected, of course).

Politicians have mandated warning labels for almost everything except voting booths. Federal agencies require full disclosure of risks for everything from mortgages to volunteering for medical experiments. People are entitled to far more information when testing baldness cures than when casting votes that could lead to war.

Hopefully, Americans will not be as gullible after the election as many are before casting their ballot. Dishonesty is the distinguishing trait of the political class, going all the way back to ancient Athens and the satirical plays of Aristophanes. In 1799, Thomas Jefferson observed, “Whenever a man casts a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.”

A successful politician is often merely someone who bamboozled more voters than the other liar running for office. Political campaigns rely on deception because, as economist John Burnheim explained, “Overwhelming pressures to lie, to pretend, to conceal… are always present when the object to be sold is intangible and its properties unverifiable until long after the time when the decision to buy can be reversed.”

Lying has long been part of presidents’ job description: the names of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon practically became synonyms for deceit. Former President George W. Bush is being rehabilitated by the media nowadays. But Bush made “232 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and another 28 false statements about Iraq’s links to Al Qaeda,” as the Center for Public Integrity reported. Bush’s determination to dishonestly drag America into another Middle East war led to the deaths of more than 4,000 American troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

President Barack Obama received sainthood even before his election and he retained his halo even though he falsely promised dozens of times that people could keep their doctor after Obamacare’s decrees took effect. Obama campaigned in 2008 on a peace platform and then bombed seven nations. Obama promised “no more illegal wiretapping” but he unleashed the National Security Administration to target any American “searching the web for suspicious stuff.”

The 2016 presidential race was a landmark: never before had American voters been obliged to choose between two such widely despised candidates. Routine deceit by both candidates helped make “post-truth” the 2016 word of the year according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

The 2020 race is also deluging voters with near-record levels of malarkey. Joe Biden denied referring to American soldiers as “stupid bastards” (despite a video of his spiel), denies that his son Hunter has done anything wrong (despite the pesky laptop emails), and exaggerated the Covid death toll a hundredfold. Trump has ludicrously portrayed his pandemic response as faultless, wildly exaggerates the economic achievements of his administration, and perennially denies the damage inflicted here by his trade wars. The one certainty is that the 2020 election will not be won by an honest man.

If a new president is elected next month, the media will insist that “this time is different” and that Americans can safely trust the White House again. In reality, Election Day merely marks a brief intermission between campaigning lies and governing lies. Yet, if Biden wins, Americans will be encouraged to pretend that election victories expunge the sins – or at least the character defects – of triumphant politicians. Winners supposedly deserve a “honeymoon” where people pretend they are trustworthy enough to enact new laws and launch ruinous new federal programs.

But nothing happens after Election Day to make politicians less venal. Presidents and members of Congress take oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution. But, as former U.S. senator Bob Kerrey explained in 2013, “The problem is, the second your hand comes off the Bible, you become an asshole.” When elected officials scorn the Constitution, politics becomes little more than promising and pilfering.

America is increasingly a “Garbage In, Garbage Out” democracy. Politicians dupe citizens and then invoke deluded votes to sanctify and stretch their power. In the post-9/11 era, politicians treat Americans like medical orderlies treat Alzheimer’s patients, telling them anything that will keep them subdued. It doesn’t matter what untruths the people are fed because they will surely forget them.

Lies subvert democracy by crippling citizens’ ability to rein in government. As Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco and mentor for Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, said, “In politics, a lie unanswered becomes truth within 24 hours.” Any lie accepted by a sufficient number of ignorant voters becomes a political truth.

Disregarding political lies paves the way for official crimes. As former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg declared, “When we tolerate dishonesty, we get criminality.” If elected politicians can lie and cover up their actions, then how can any reasonable person not expect to be oppressed?

Politicians assure that voters’ apparent consent is irrevocable regardless of how many lies permeated election campaigns. But there is no such thing as retroactive self-government. Belatedly exposing political lies does nothing to resurrect lost freedoms.

Deceiving voters is as much a violation of their rights as barring them from the polling booth. Only if we assume that people consent to be lied to can pervasive political lies be reconciled with democracy. And if people consent to deceit, elections become little more than patients choosing who will inject their sedatives.

President Obama, in his January 2017 farewell address, criticized Americans who “blame the leaders we elect without examining our own role in electing them.” By Obama’s standard, the perpetual perfidy of the political class would justify condemning voters almost regardless of how they cast their ballots. Obama also condemned people who did not vote. Obama thereby created a no-win situation – except for politicians.

Obama, in his 2016 speech to the Democratic National Convention, also declared, “We do not look to be ruled.” Regardless of the irony of a heavy-handed ruler tossing out that line, it rings true for tens of millions of Americans who make their own liberty their supreme political value.

In the short run, the political game is rigged so that winners capture far more power than many, if not most, Americans would willingly cede to them and vastly more than the Constitution permits. But citizens can reduce the hazards they face by remembering that winning votes never redeemed a rascal. The winner of next month’s presidential election will be a clear and present danger to Americans’ rights and liberties regardless of his margin of victory.


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The 2020 Election Bamboozle: We Are All Victims of the Deep State’s Con Game

This article was oriinally published by John W. Whitehead at The Rutherford Institute.

“We’re run by the Pentagon, we’re run by Madison Avenue, we’re run by television, and as long as we accept those things and don’t revolt we’ll have to go along with the stream to the eventual avalanche… As long as we go out and buy stuff, we’re at their mercy… We all live in a little Village. Your Village may be different from other people’s Villages, but we are all prisoners.”— Patrick McGoohan

This is not an election. This is a con game, a scam, a grift, a hustle, a bunko, a swindle, a flimflam, a gaffle, and a bamboozle.

In this carefully choreographed scheme to strip the American citizenry of our power and our rights, “we the people” are nothing more than marks, suckers, stooges, mugs, rubes, or gulls.

We are victims of the Deep State’s confidence game.

Every confidence game has six essential stages: 1) the foundation to lay the groundwork for the illusion; 2) the approach whereby the victim is contacted; 3) the build-up to make the victim feel like they’ve got a vested interest in the outcome; 4) the corroboration (aided by third-party conspirators) to legitimize that the scammers are, in fact, on the up-and-up; 5) the pay-off, in which the victim gets to experience some small early “wins”; and 6) the “hurrah”— a sudden manufactured crisis or change of events that creates a sense of urgency.

In this particular con game, every candidate dangled before us as some form of a political savior—including Donald Trump and Joe Biden—is part of a long-running, elaborate scam intended to persuade us that, despite all appearances to the contrary, we live in a constitutional republic.

In this way, the voters are the dupes, the candidates are the shills, and as usual, it’s the Deep State rigging the outcome.

Terrorist attacks, pandemics, civil unrest: these are all manipulated crises that add to the sense of urgency and help us feel invested in the outcome of the various elections, but it doesn’t change much in the long term.

No matter who wins this election, we’ll all still be prisoners of the Deep State.

We just haven’t learned to recognize our prison walls as such.

It’s like that old British television series The Prisoner, which takes place in a mysterious, self-contained, cosmopolitan, seemingly idyllic retirement community known only as The Village.

Perhaps the best visual debate ever on individuality and freedom, The Prisoner (17 episodes in all) centers around a British secret agent who abruptly resigns only to find himself imprisoned, monitored by militarized drones, and interrogated in The Village, a beautiful resort with parks and green fields, recreational activities and even a butler.

While luxurious, the Village is a virtual prison disguised as a seaside paradise: its inhabitants have no true freedom, they cannot leave the Village, they are under constant surveillance, all of their movements tracked. Residents of the Village are stripped of their individuality and identified only by numbers.

First broadcast in Great Britain 50-some years ago, The Prisoner dystopian television series —described as “James Bond meets George Orwell filtered through Franz Kafka”—confronted societal themes that are still relevant today: the rise of a police state, the loss of freedom, round-the-clock surveillance, the corruption of government, totalitarianism, weaponization, groupthink, mass marketing, and the tendency of human beings to meekly accept their lot in life as prisoners in a prison of their own making.

The series’ protagonist, played by Patrick McGoohan is Number Six.

Number Two, the Village administrator, acts as an agent for the unseen and all-powerful Number One, whose identity is not revealed until the final episode.

“I am not a number. I am a free man,” was the mantra chanted on each episode of The Prisoner, which was largely written and directed by Patrick McGoohan, who also played the title role.

In the opening episode (“The Arrival”), Number Six meets Number Two, who explains to him that he is in The Village because information stored “inside” his head has made him too valuable to be allowed to roam free “outside.”

Throughout the series, Number Six is subjected to interrogation tactics, torture, hallucinogenic drugs, identity theft, mind control, dream manipulation, and various forms of social indoctrination and physical coercion in order to “persuade” him to comply, give up, give in and subjugate himself to the will of the powers-that-be.

Number Six refuses to comply.

In every episode, Number Six resists the Village’s indoctrination methods, struggles to maintain his own identity, and attempts to escape his captors. “I will not make any deals with you,” he pointedly remarks to Number Two. “I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own.”

Yet no matter how far Number Six manages to get in his efforts to escape, it’s never far enough.

Watched by surveillance cameras and other devices, Number Six’s attempts to escape are continuously thwarted by ominous white balloon-like spheres known as “rovers.” Still, he refuses to give up. “Unlike me,” he says to his fellow prisoners, “many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, and will die here like rotten cabbages.”

Number Six’s escapes become a surreal exercise in futility, each episode an unfunny, unsettling Groundhog’s Day that builds to the same frustrating denouement: there is no escape.

As journalist Scott Thill concludes for Wired, “Rebellion always comes at a price. During the acclaimed run of The Prisoner, Number Six is tortured, battered, and even body-snatched: In the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ his mind is transplanted to another man’s body. Number Six repeatedly escapes The Village only to be returned to it in the end, trapped like an animal, overcome by a restless energy he cannot expend, and betrayed by nearly everyone around him.”

The series is a chilling lesson about how difficult it is to gain one’s freedom in a society in which prison walls are disguised within the seemingly benevolent trappings of technological and scientific progress, national security and the need to guard against terrorists, pandemics, civil unrest, etc.

As Thill noted, “The Prisoner was an allegory of the individual, aiming to find peace and freedom in a dystopia masquerading as a utopia.”

The Prisoner’s Village is also an apt allegory for the American Police State: it gives the illusion of freedom while functioning all the while like a prison: controlled, watchful, inflexible, punitive, deadly, and inescapable.

The American Police State, much like The Prisoner’s Village, is a metaphorical panopticon, a circular prison in which the inmates are monitored by a single watchman situated in a central tower. Because the inmates cannot see the watchman, they are unable to tell whether or not they are being watched at any given time and must proceed under the assumption that they are always being watched.

Eighteenth-century social theorist Jeremy Bentham envisioned the panopticon prison to be a cheaper and more effective means of “obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.”

Bentham’s panopticon, in which the prisoners are used as a source of cheap, menial labor, has become a model for the modern surveillance state in which the populace is constantly being watched, controlled, and managed by the powers-that-be while funding its existence.

Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide: this is the new mantra of the architects of the Deep State and their corporate collaborators (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Instagram, etc.).

Government eyes are watching you.

They see your every move: what you read, how much you spend, where you go, with whom you interact when you wake up in the morning, what you’re watching on television and reading on the internet.

Every move you make is being monitored, mined for data, crunched, and tabulated in order to amass a profile of who you are, what makes you tick, and how best to control you when and if it becomes necessary to bring you in line.

When the government sees all and knows all and has an abundance of laws to render even the most seemingly upstanding citizen a criminal and lawbreaker, then the old adage that you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve got nothing to hide no longer applies.

Apart from the obvious dangers posed by a government that feels justified and empowered to spy on its people and use its ever-expanding arsenal of weapons and technology to monitor and control them, we’re approaching a time in which we will be forced to choose between obeying the dictates of the government—i.e., the law, or whatever a government official deems the law to be—and maintaining our individuality, integrity, and independence.

When people talk about privacy, they mistakenly assume it protects only that which is hidden behind a wall or under one’s clothing. The courts have fostered this misunderstanding with their constantly shifting delineation of what constitutes an “expectation of privacy.” And technology has furthered muddied the waters.

However, privacy is so much more than what you do or say behind locked doors. It is a way of living one’s life firm in the belief that you are the master of your life and barring any immediate danger to another person (which is far different from the carefully crafted threats to national security the government uses to justify its actions), it’s no one’s business what you read, what you say, where you go, whom you spend your time with, and how you spend your money.

Unfortunately, George Orwell’s 1984—where “you had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized”—has now become our reality.

We now find ourselves in the unenviable position of being monitored, managed, corralled, and controlled by technologies that answer to the government and corporate rulers.

Consider that on any given day, the average American going about his daily business will be monitored, surveilled, spied on, and tracked in more than 20 different ways, by both government and corporate eyes and ears.

A byproduct of this new age in which we live, whether you’re walking through a store, driving your car, checking email, or talking to friends and family on the phone, you can be sure that some government agency, whether the NSA or some other entity, is listening in and tracking your behavior.

This doesn’t even begin to touch on the corporate trackers that monitor your purchases, web browsing, Facebook posts, and other activities taking place in the cybersphere.

Stingray devices mounted on police cars to warrantlessly track cell phones, Doppler radar devices that can detect human breathing and movement within in a home, license plate readers that can record up to 1800 license plates per minutesidewalk and “public space” cameras coupled with facial recognition and behavior-sensing technology that lay the groundwork for police “pre-crime” programspolice body cameras that turn police officers into roving surveillance cameras, the internet of things: all of these technologies (and more) add up to a society in which there’s little room for indiscretions, imperfections, or acts of independence—especially not when the government can listen in on your phone calls, read your emails, monitor your driving habits, track your movements, scrutinize your purchases and peer through the walls of your home.

As French philosopher, Michel Foucault concluded in his 1975 book Discipline and Punish, “Visibility is a trap.”

This is the electronic concentration camp—the panopticon prison—the Village—in which we are now caged.

It is a prison from which there will be no escape. Certainly not if the government and its corporate allies have anything to say about it.

As Glenn Greenwald notes:

“The way things are supposed to work is that we’re supposed to know virtually everything about what [government officials] do: that’s why they’re called public servants. They’re supposed to know virtually nothing about what we do: that’s why we’re called private individuals. This dynamic – the hallmark of a healthy and free society – has been radically reversed. Now, they know everything about what we do, and are constantly building systems to know more. Meanwhile, we know less and less about what they do, as they build walls of secrecy behind which they function. That’s the imbalance that needs to come to an end. No democracy can be healthy and functional if the most consequential acts of those who wield political power are completely unknown to those to whom they are supposed to be accountable.”

None of this will change, no matter who wins this upcoming presidential election.

And that’s the hustle, you see: because despite all of the work being done to help us buy into the fantasy that things will change if we just elect the right candidate, the day after a new president is sworn in, we’ll still find ourselves prisoners of the Village.

This should come as no surprise to those who haven’t been taking the escapist blue pill, who haven’t fallen for the Deep State’s phony rhetoric, who haven’t been lured in by the promise of a political savior: we never stopped being prisoners.

So how do you escape? For starters, resist the urge to conform to a group mind and the tyranny of mob-think as controlled by the Deep State.

Think for yourself. Be an individual. As McGoohan commented in 1968, “At this moment individuals are being drained of their personalities and being brainwashed into slaves… As long as people feel something, that’s the great thing. It’s when they are walking around not thinking and not feeling, that’s tough. When you get a mob like that, you can turn them into the sort of gang that Hitler had.”

You want to be free? Remove the blindfold that blinds you to the Deep State’s con game, stop doping yourself with government propaganda, and break free of the political chokehold that has got you marching in lockstep with tyrants and dictators.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, until you come to terms with the fact that the government is the problem (no matter which party dominates), you’ll never be free.

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absentee ballot Ballot errors Election 2020 elections Intelwars Mail voting Ohio

Ohio elections board identifies nearly 50,000 incorrect absentee ballots

An Ohio county board of elections found that nearly 50,000 voters received incorrect absentee ballots this week, accounting for nearly 21% of the ballots mailed out.

“We can now confirm that 49,669 voters received an incorrect ballot,” the Franklin County Board of Elections said Friday. According to a press release statement from the board, the incorrect ballots were mailed as part of 237,498 ballots mailed through the U.S. postal service.

The election board has begun printing and mailing replacement ballots to every voter who received an erroneous ballot. They expect the ballots to be sent to the postal service within 72 hours for delivery.

There is also a plan to mail informational postcards to all impacted voters alerting them of the problem and instructing them on how to submit a corrected ballot.

“We want to make clear that every voter who received an inaccurate ballot will receive a corrected ballot,” the board said. “Stringent tracking measures are in place to guarantee that a voter can only cast one vote.

Steps taken to ensure that each voter only votes once include “sorting systems” that will “drop out and not accept any replacement ballots that are submitted if a voter has already voted in person.” Additionally, voters who have an active absentee ballot but show up to vote in person on Election Day “MUST vote provisionally.” Provisional ballots are not counted until the eligibility of a voter to cast that ballot is verified.

On Tuesday, as early voting began in Ohio, several residents of Franklin County began reporting that their envelopes and ballots contained incorrect information, such as the wrong precinct or congressional race, WOSU reports.

Election officials say a malfunction with one of their high-speed scanners used to process ballots caused the error.

“On October 3 at 2:24 p.m., a function of one of those scanners was disabled,” election board director Ed Leonard said Thursday. “This was determined to be the root cause of the system error that led to voters receiving an incorrect ballot.”

The board now says the scanner is repaired and an investigation has been started into BlueCrest, the vendor of the scanners.

WOSU reports that Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has instructed the state elections board to hold onto incorrect ballots received until a correct replacement ballot is submitted. If a replacement ballot is never submitted, the original must be “processed, remade, and scanned on or after the 11th day after the election.”

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz at The Wealth Research Group. 

In one month, approximately ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY Million Americans will vote, if past is prologue. They can either elect the sitting president, Mr. Donald Trump, or his adversary, Mr. Joe Biden. As we speak, Trump has tested positive for coronavirus, has been whisked to the hospital, and is SUFFERING MILDLY and working through the disease.

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Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

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  1. CIRCUIT BREAKER Week – HERE’S the full list. You’ll notice these are companies with a long history of success, which one could have placed 3%-4% of his portfolio in.

* American Express: Entry Date: 13th of May, Price: $78.03, High Since: $113.67, Today’s Price: $101.61, GAIN: 30.22%, S&P 500 during same period: 19.89%, ALPHA GENERATED: 51.9%

* V.F. Corporation: Entry Date: 15th of May, Price: $51.30, High Since: $76.44, Today’s Price: $72.53, GAIN: 29.11%, S&P 500 during same period: 18.52%, ALPHA GENERATED: 57.1%

* Leggett & Platt: Entry Date: 14th of May, Price: $24.62, High Since: $44.93, Today’s Price: $42.66, GAIN: 57.82%, S&P 500 during same period: 17.39%, ALPHA GENERATED: 232.4%

* Hershey’s: Entry Date: 26th of June, Price: $125.85, High Since: $149.59, Today’s Price: $142.92, GAIN: 18.52%, S&P 500 during same period: 9.85%, ALPHA GENERATED: 88%

* Stanley, Black & Decker: Entry Date: 13th of May, Price: $102, High Since: $166.25, Today’s Price: $164.81, GAIN: 61.57%, S&P 500 during same period: 19.89%, ALPHA GENERATED: 209.55%

  1. Right After the June 8th MANIA PEAK – HERE’S the full list. You’ll notice these are companies with a long history of success, which one could have placed 3%-4% of his portfolio in.

* Sysco: Entry Date: 9th of July, Price: $51, High Since: $68.40, Today’s Price: $63.17, GAIN: 23.86%, S&P 500 during same period: 6.23%, ALPHA GENERATED: 283%

* Cincinnati Financial: Entry Date: 11th of June, Price: $58.66, High Since: $83.44, Today’s Price: $77.78, GAIN: 32.59%, S&P 500 during same period: 10.1%, ALPHA GENERATED: 122.6%

* Axis Capital: Entry Date: 9th of July, Price: $37.00, High Since: $49.13, Today’s Price: $44.23, GAIN: 19.54%, S&P 500 during same period: 6.23%, ALPHA GENERATED: 213.6%

* Trane Technologies: Entry Date: 26th of June, Price: $84, High Since: $124.87, Today’s Price: $123.86, GAIN: 47.4%, S&P 500 during same period: 11.1%, ALPHA GENERATED: 327%

* Booz, Allen Hamilton: Entry Date: 16th of July, Price: $71.1, High Since: $88.64, Today’s Price: $82.85, GAIN: 16.52%, S&P 500 during same period: 4.1%, ALPHA GENERATED: 302.9%

  1. Summer Report – HERE’S the full list. You’ll notice these are companies with a long history of success, which one could have placed 3%-4% of his portfolio in.

* Enstar Group: Entry Date: 17th of September, Price: $153.74, High Since: $164.37, Today’s Price: $164.37, GAIN: 6.9%, S&P 500 during same period: -0.3%, ALPHA GENERATED: Made money, instead of losing.

  1. NASDAQ September Correction – HERE’S the full list. You’ll notice these are companies with a long history of success, which one could have placed 3%-4% of his portfolio in.

* DocuSign: Entry Date: 18th of September, Price: $194.86, High Since: $222.26, Today’s Price: $218.27, GAIN: 14%, NASDAQ 100 during same period: 2.9%, ALPHA GENERATED: 382.7%.

Millions of people got shaken out, since they had no one to bounce their ideas off of, but we hope that our conviction saved you 5, 6 and even 7 figures in your portfolio and retirement, while hedge fund clients were GREATLY DAMAGED by the mistaken thought that they’ll get to see a retest of the MARCH LOWS, thus parking in cash.

I plan to CAREFULLY REVIEW my guiding principles in life again today and spend the day expressing gratitude for living in 2020, surrounded by family, friends and the comforts that we take for granted at times. ACCESS them HERE, if you’d like.

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buying and selling coercion elections Food goal Government Headline News Hoax Intelwars left vs right paradigm LIES mandatory military officials Monitored New World Order Operation warp speed pandemic plandemic political parasites propaganda refuse Scam scamdemic traced tracked Vaccine war on people

Military Personnel OUTNUMBER Civilian Scientists In U.S. Vaccine Program

Military personnel outnumber civilian scientists in the United States government’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine program. With the military so heavily involved in the distribution of this vaccine, is it any surprise that most Americans don’t want anything to do with it?

An organizational chart obtained by Stat shows, raising concerns about whether military officials are qualified to lead the massive public health campaign. The military is used for war. Rolling it out to distribute a rushed vaccine signals one thing to the public if you’re brave enough to admit it: this vaccine distribution is a war on the public perpetrated by the government. Wake up.

Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

This vaccine won’t be voluntary by any sense of the word.  You don’t have to take it, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to eat, buy food, pay rent, or leave your house that will be taken from you if you cannot pay the mortgage because you refuse the vaccine. That doesn’t sound like anyone will have much of a choice.

This vaccine could be ready before the election, however, it may not be. Political chaos surrounding the elections is all a part of this vaccine agenda.  The goal is to have everyone tracked, traced, monitored, and under authoritarian control. The goal is the New World Order.

The Health and Human Service’s $300 million “pandemic-related” ad campaign (propaganda rollout) touched off an outcry, and rightfully so, after Politico reported leaked details. Among the concerns were its funding sources: Food and Drug Administration contributed $15 million for pre-campaign work, while most of the program’s $300 million budget was requisitioned from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention funds appropriated by Congress, Politico revealed.

Additionally, the Ohio national guard has been called upon to help provide “security” for the presidential debates. Around 300 members will be sent to the city to “ensure a safe and secure environment for those attending Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland.”

The military will be increasingly used in the coming months and it’s rollout will be seen as a way to provide peace and safety. Please remain vigilant and prepared. Stay alert and know all the possibilities of what could be coming, as it’ll give you an idea of the additional preps that will be needed. As of right now, refuse to live in fear, and make sure you can defend yourself and your family, especially if you intend to deny the vaccine.

Changes are coming, so prepare and stay alert.

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Americans authority Central Banks centralized power Coronavirus CORRUPTION Dow Jones Economy elections Emergency Preparedness EMPIRE experts fall of the USSA Federal Reserve Forecasting Headline News Intelwars labor LIES mortgage bonds numbers plandemic propaganda recovery scamdemic Stock Market United States

If You Feel Like Something Really, Really Bad Is About To Happen, You Are Definitely Not Alone

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

If this is “the recovery”, what are things going to look like once economic conditions start to deteriorate again?  As you will see below, more than half of all households in some of our largest cities “are facing serious financial problems”, and Americans continue to file for unemployment benefits at a rate that the United States had never seen before prior to 2020.

When 695,000 workers filed for unemployment benefits during a single week in 1982, it established a record which stood for nearly 38 years.  But now we have been way above that old record for 25 weeks in a row.  On Thursday, we learned that another 884,000 Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week…

Weekly jobless claims were worse than expected last week amid a plodding climb for the U.S. labor market from the damage inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Labor Department on Thursday reported 884,000 first-time filings for unemployment insurance, compared with 850,000 expected by economists surveyed by Dow Jones. The total was unchanged from the previous week.

Of course, it is always important to look at the non-adjusted numbers, and according to those numbers, we actually saw an increase over the previous week

The Labor Department changed its methodology in how it seasonally adjusts the numbers, so the past two weeks’ totals are not directly comparable to the reports from earlier in the pandemic. Claims not adjusted for seasonal factors totaled 857,148, an increase of 20,140 from the previous week.

This is the second week in a row that the non-seasonally adjusted initial claims have risen.

That definitely wasn’t supposed to happen.

We are supposedly in a “recovery” right now, and things are supposed to be getting better.

But instead, they appear to be getting worse.  According to Wolf Richter, continuing claims under all state and federal programs were way up last week…

Total continued claims for unemployment insurance (UI) under all state and federal programs rose by 380,000, to 29.6 million people (not seasonally adjusted), the highest since August 1, according to the Department of Labor this morning. This was the second weekly increase in a row, after the 2.2-million jump last week.

At any other time in American history, the numbers that were just reported would be considered “catastrophic”, but we have been getting these sorts of catastrophic numbers for so long that we have become desensitized to them.

But at least the unemployment numbers are not as bad as they were earlier this year, and other economic figures seem to have hit a bit of a plateau as well.

So for the moment, there is relative calm, but it won’t last for very long.

If you feel like something really, really bad is about to happen, you are definitely not alone.  There are countless others that are also waiting for “the other shoe to drop”, and I believe that it could literally happen at any time.

But for now, we wait.

I would encourage you to enjoy these remaining days of summer while you still can.  This weekend, put some burgers on the grill and enjoy some time with your family.  Unfortunately, there are many Americans that are under such financial stress that it is hard to enjoy much of anything right now.  In fact, one recent survey found that 50 percent or more of the households in some of our largest cities are currently facing “serious financial problems”

There’s no question the coronavirus pandemic has forced many Americans into financial hardship, but a new NPR/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey provided a clearer picture of the extent of the struggles in the United States’ four largest cities.

At least half of all households in those cities — 53 percent in New York City, 56 percent in Los Angeles, 50 percent in Chicago, and 63 percent in Houston — reported facing serious financial problems, including depleted savings, problems paying credit card bills, and affording medical bills.

How can that be possible if we are in the midst of a tremendous “recovery”?

Of course, the truth is that we aren’t in any sort of a recovery, but at least things are a whole lot better than they will be after the upcoming election.

I had such an ominous feeling coming into 2020, and I shared this repeatedly with my readers, and now I have such an ominous feeling about the rest of 2020 and beyond.

In particular, I am extremely concerned about what will happen in November.  No matter who is ultimately declared the winner, the other side is going to be convinced that the election was stolen from them and that is likely to throw our nation into a state of chaos.

And we are already being told that we probably will not know the winner until long after election day.  That period of uncertainty is almost certainly going to spark more civil unrest, and I believe that faith in the integrity of our elections will be greatly shaken.

Before I end this article, there is one more thing that I wanted to mention that I found to be extremely interesting.  This year the Federal Reserve has been buying up mortgage bonds worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and according to Mish Shedlock the Fed now owns nearly a third of that entire market…

  • The Fed has snapped up $1 trillion of mortgage bonds since March. It bought around $300 billion of the bonds in each of March and April, and since then has been buying about $100 billion a month.
  • The Fed now owns almost a third of bonds backed by home loans in the U.S.
  • Buying the securities has pushed mortgage rates lower, with the average 30-year rate falling to 2.91% as of last week from 3.3% in early February.
  • Morgan Stanley analysts pointed out in late March that the buying was running at eight times the pace seen in prior episodes of Fed purchasing under programs known as quantitative easing.

No matter who wins the election, the direction of the Fed is not going to change.  They are going to continue to engage in exceedingly reckless manipulation of the markets, and that is going to have very serious long-term implications.

All around us, we can see our society being thrown into convulsions as all of our systems begin to fail.

I know that so many of you out there are feeling the exact same way that I am.

A sense of anticipation hangs in the air, and millions of people are waiting for the next big crisis to erupt.

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Between now and elections, I’d like to request that you remain on HIGH ALERT. The United States isn’t the fairytale land of opportunity that Hollywood films of the 1990s sold the world on; it’s a VERY COMPLEX country, with many ulterior motives going on behind the scenes.

One can really get caught IN THE CROSSFIRE and end up becoming a pawn in SOMEONE ELSE’S game. Right now, that theatre is the elections and it’s played on the GRANDEST of SCALES.

The soul of this country is what’s AT STAKE and that’s a fight that NEITHER SIDE is willing to lose without taking the ship down WITH IT.

You’ll see trash dug up about Biden’s and Trump’s pasts; any SKELETONS they have will be exhumed. It’s going to get STREET-UGLY!


The reason that markets ARE CHEERING ON blindly to these insane valuations is because, FUNNY ENOUGH, the economy isn’t recovering quickly, so more stimulus IS EXPECTED.

The Federal Reserve has essentially formed a partnership with investors and it’s acting in a way THAT ENCOURAGES risky behavior.

It’s a fair assessment of the situation to realize that this generation of new investors, which are at present TRADING LIKE MANIACS, do not yet realize what risk/reward is in a FREE MARKET, where the central bank is not manipulating prices.

Since the MARCH CRASH, what has been their experience, after all?

  1. The dollar has gone down for FIVE MONTHS in a row, so that confirms their notion that printing is debasement of currency. 
  2. Silver was the top-performer for the 2nd month in a row, up 15.4%. In 2020, silver is up JUST OVER +55% and gold hit an all-time high in early August, so that’s FURTHER CONFIRMATION that central banks are creating too much liquidity.
  3. Apple Inc.’s market cap is now BIGGER THAN all of the Russell 2000 index:


They keep chanting that STOCKS ONLY GO UP, and are actually seeing the so-called evidence of this in REAL LIFE, so you can readily understand the type of THINKING BUBBLE these traders are in. In their minds, this market is heaven and they’re there to enjoy the fruits.

In contrast with this stock market mania, gold stocks FOLLOWED CLOSELY in the footsteps of gold and have not yet recovered from the August 5th all-time high for spot gold prices. That day, the gold stock group of companies ALSO TOPPED.

The way we see it, this UPCOMING EARNINGS SEASON will highlight just how robust this industry has become and next week could be one of the best POSITIONING OPPORTUNITIES we get in 2020.

In light of this, we’ve been finalizing an INCREDIBLE PROJECT; it is our FIRST-EVER fully-diversified portfolio of natural resource companies:

  1. It includes a silver company, which is still 50% below its 2016 HIGH!
  2. A gold miner, which is in a league of its own.
  3. A NEW gold producer!
  4. A company that we’ve profiled in the past which is up AS MUCH AS 900% in 2020!

This upcoming Sunday and Monday, we’ll be publishing THE FULL REPORT!


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CDC & Fauci CONFIRM: COVID-19 Scamdemic Was A HOAX!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted on their website that the entire coronavirus scamdemic was a huge lie and massive mainstream media hoax. Only 6% of COVID-19 deaths reported were actually from the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci also had some interesting remarks about asymptomatic carriers too.

Fauci said asymptomatic carriers aren’t the problem either, and that has never been the case EVER in any epidemic. (Notice how no one is calling this a pandemic anymore.)

“In all of the history of respiratory born viruses of any type, asymptomatic tbeen the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is ALWAYS a symptomatic person. Even IF there’s a RARE asymptomatic person that might transmitan epidemic is NOT driven by asymptomatic carriers.” –Dr. Anthony Fauci, authoritarian leading the coronavirus task force

So why all the fear of normal healthy people? We are living through a totalitarian nightmare. In Hawaii, all motorist ar now being forced to submit to coronvirus tested if you are on a certain highway. This is tyranny, folks. Wak up. If you have no control what does into your body (vaccine, nose swab, etc.) than you are not free, so stop pretending you are.

How much is 6%? Not much in a nation with a population of well over 300 million. The mainstream media has already started working in overdrive to say these statistics don’t mean you shouldn’t be living a life full of fear glued to your TV for the latest fear porn numbers. The coronavirus that governments shut down the entire globe for was responsible for a mere 9,000 deaths in the United Staes.

All other cases had other comorbidities and contributing causes (such as car accidents):

Truth is treason in the empire of lies. But don’t worry.  Trump has the military ready to deliver a vaccine in a “powerful way” to all Americans, even though this was all a gigantic lie based on their own numbers. So the real question is why is Trump pushing this vaccine so hard, so fast, with force from the military, and what the hell is in it?

This was a scam from the very beginning and unfortunately, far too many Americans fell for it. Just because this information is out there now, doesn’t mean the the New World Order will stop. Wait for something worse.  Brace yourself, because those in power will not be relinuishing it easily so we can have our lives and freedom back. The rest of this year could get rather intense, especially since we’ve been promised a horrific election and a “dark winter.”

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Think It’s Bad Now? “It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins, The Dollar Is Going To Be DESTROYED!”

In an interview with SGT Report, Doug Casey explains that we’re in the midst of the “greater depression” and the real chaos, both societal and economic, is dead ahead.  If we think things are bad now, just wait until after the election, because “it doesn’t matter who wins, the dollar is going to be destroyed!”

Most of our readers already understand the dollar is being destroyed and it’s being done on purpose by the Federal Reserve to bring on their new fully centralized, unbacked, digital dollar, which will be a system of complete control and enslavement. When the dollar finally falls for good, things will get so chaotic, it’ll be unimaginable. Casey says we’ll see financial chaos, economic chaos, and societal chaos.

This is not a matter of if the dollar will crash, but a matter of when, it won’t make any difference who is chosen to be the next banker puppet (president) when that finally happens.

Casey says that gold is still one of the best ways to protect your wealth.  Preparedness will help you get through the chaos of a destroyed dollar.  Most people won’t know what’s coming, but those who have precious metals will have a better chance of getting through.  Silver is a “high tech industrial element” and could end up being in high demand.  Casey predicts silver will of over $50 per ounce.

These next few years are going to be chaotic.  But you can try to become as wealthy as you can to insulate yourself from the chaos. Casey says old and silver are the best way to do that.

SGT Report asks Casey about the democrats destroying the dollar and Donald Trump swooping in as a savior and returning us to sound money. Casey says: “Well, I wouldn’t plan my life around Trump doing anything that’s terribly intelligent economically, although I very much appreciate his efforts to deregulate the economy and fighting against the deep state.”  Casey then says he doesn’t necessarily think Trump will win.

As we’ve stated before, presidents are chosen, and if Trump can give the Federal Reserve what they want, and as long as he won’t stand in the way of their destruction of the current system as we know it,  he will be reelected. The economy is going to get much worse by the time the election comes, and that will weih heavily on voters.

Both sides will be cheating, and “I’d gear up for stormy weather,” says Casey of these times leading up to election.

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Should you care who wins THE COMING ELECTIONS? The answer is YES, more than ever before.

What is SO SPECIAL about this November vote? The answer is that unlike the majority of American history, today’s government plays such a huge role in the life of the average person that he MUST VOTE.

In ancient times and even just a few decades ago, the role of president was important, but it didn’t matter as much as it does today.

The government is PRO-ACTIVE in the life of the average voter in 2020 in the western world in ways and ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE unlike any other time in the past 80 years.

The next president will decide on tax reforms, foreign policy with China, and the fate of industry, commerce, and federal incentives.

The incoming administration will intervene in your local state, city, and municipality, with either MORE REGULATION or less of it, with stricter rules on education or with flexible ones. The agenda will either include open borders or enforcement of immigration laws; most of all, the administration will either STRIVE TO INCLUDE more people in the booms or keep it all to themselves.

More than anything, the next elections will either be, for the first time in American history, EXTREMELY GOOD or really bad for you, depending on your views – no in between.

Having said all that, the next president CAN’T MAKE you rich, unless you’re already tight with the key people in the administration, since the wealthy are the ones who care about elections the most.

If you want to become wealthy, you’ll have to DEVELOP SKILLS, not connections within the government.

Being around politicians is certainly a MAJOR ADVANTAGE in business, but it is reserved for the few in each city.

Having financial security in your own life will depend upon BUILDING STRONG TIES with successful people, be they your hotshot boss (if he/she isn’t, consider LEAVING THEM the first chance you get), a loyal and capable partner or a few CORE CLIENTS, whom you’ll need to make sure NEVER LEAVE YOU.

In the 21st century, riches are about BEING EXCEPTIONAL in a profession or FLAWLESS IN RELATIONSHIPS and judgement.

You’re either going to be paid a ton to make a few CRITICALLY IMPORTANT decisions every week and connect with people, so they’ll want to follow and do business with you; OR, you’re the one EXECUTING ORDERS, but in a way that few can.

If you’re neither, know that Biden and Trump can’t help you. The way you get out of this mess is by CRAWLING OUT of it.

Know that there are AMAZINGLY TALENTED people working their asses off to become the next CEOs of America’s biggest companies or the proud owners of a small business; they’re your direct competitors. Escape mediocrity, refuse to accept any of it, and STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE.

Can you and WILL YOU give it your all? Can you put the stories behind you and BLOW PAST the competition, by knowing no limits to your craft?

The world is YOUR OYSTER then, no matter where you’re reading this and what the balance of your bank account is currently showing.



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Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed

We often hear that America is a republic, not a democracy. But what really is the difference, and are they even right?

Voting in America has changed considerably since the days of our founding. Back then, the government didn’t even print official ballots. Instead, you got ballots from the candidate who wanted your support. Sometimes voting took place in public, so everyone knew who you voted for. And, of course, the franchise was largely restricted to white, male property owners.

Now, anyone who turns 18 can vote. And the Democratic Party wants to increase ballot access by automatically registering anyone who gets a driver’s license. Democrats even pushed for mail-in ballots for the 2020 election to make voting even easier – and more open to voter fraud. But is any of this a good thing?

Indeed, it is worth considering the transformation of the United States from a Constitutional Republic, ruled by law with the input of the people, to a total democracy, where the will of the people dominates all other discussions.

A Brief History of the Franchise in America

Open up your pocket Constitution and find the part where it says who can vote and who can’t. You’ll come up short. That’s because the Constitution delegates this right to the states. And while there are some amendments that, for example, say states can’t restrict the franchise on the basis of race, gender or being over the age of 18, otherwise there is broad leeway given in terms of who can vote and who can’t.

Before the United States existed, people were still voting and there were oftentimes even more restrictions in place. Property qualifications were most common, but there was often also a religious test involved. For example, Plymouth Colony required that voters be “orthodox in the fundamentals of religion,” which would have likely excluded even Catholics from voting. Indeed, Catholics, Quakers and Baptists were frequently forbidden from voting in early colonial elections. (Jews were forbidden from state office in Maryland until 1828, because of a state law requiring affirmation of belief in an afterlife.)

One of the first laws drafted by the new nation was a process for people to become citizens and thus be able to vote in places where citizenship was a requirement to do so – and indeed, citizenship was not a requirement in many states or colonies in the early days of America. While only “natural born” citizens can become president, naturalized citizens enjoy the full benefits of the franchise. There is still much debate as to what qualifies as a “natural born” citizen, and it’s worth noting that several recent major party presidential candidates were not born in the United States – most recently Tulsi Gabbard (who was born in American Samoa) and Ted Cruz (who was born in Canada). The Republican nominee in 2008, John McCain, was born in the Panama Canal Zone. The last of these was the most problematic, as Downes v. Bidwell ruled that unincorporated territories were explicitly not the United States.

While it is easy to ascribe this to petty religious bigotry, the reason is actually somewhat more profound: The colonists and the colonial governments that they formed considered it important to only allow the franchise to people who shared their values. Thus, those with heterodox religious beliefs were not allowed to vote on the grounds that doing so would undermine both the values and the liberty of the colony.

Similarly, property holders were meant to be the main voters for the simple reason of having skin in the game. The early colonists did not want, for example, the merchant class to have an outsized say in politics because they were not tied to the land and thus not as subject to bad decisions. A shopkeeper or importer can simply sell their stock and move on to the next colony. A freeholder, working the land with his family, has far less flexibility and, the theory goes anyway, would be making more long-term decisions about what is best for the polity.

What this meant, also, is that, in places like New Jersey, women were allowed to vote until 1807, provided that they could meet the property requirement. What changed in the early 19th century, under the expansion of the franchise under Jacksonian Democracy, was that race and gender were prized more than property rights. But free blacks still had the right to vote in some Northern states until 1838.

This too was not an arbitrary distinction. Men who had been veterans of the War of 1812, or at the very least, defended their community against Indian raids, believed that they were entitled to the franchise on the basis of that service. By 1856, free white men were allowed to vote without meeting any property requirements, but five of the states still kept tax requirements (frequently a poll tax) in place. Again, this makes sense: The force of government is largely about the spending of taxes and the use of the military.

By 1856, all property requirements had been lifted, but tax requirements remained in place in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, until the 20th century. Rhode Island had what was basically a brief, low-level civil war over the question of property requirements known as the Dorr War. Indeed, anytime that post-Civil War disenfranchisement is discussed, it must include a discussion of the disenfranchisement of poor whites as well. The Battle of Athens is a fascinating tale of World War II veterans returning from battle and refusing to be shafted at the ballot box anymore.

Of the 15 Constitutional Amendments passed since the Civil War, four involve the franchise. The 15th Amendment bars states from restricting the franchise on the basis of race, the 19th from restrictions on the basis of gender, the 24th bars any tax requirements, and the 26th bars any age restrictions against those over the age of 18. Another Amendment, the 17th, allows for the direct election of senators, rather than having them elected by the respective state legislature – another expansion of pure democracy in America, though not an expansion of suffrage per se.

The previous method of electing senators, having them appointed by the respective state legislatures, was not an oversight on the part of the Founders. Rather, this was to give a voice to the state governments in the federal government. This was seen as an important safeguard against the overreach of federal power. Among other things, the Senate was a check on a power-hungry federal government seeking to put its tentacles into anything it could. It was a form of distributed power that was yet another attempt by the Founders to prevent consolidation and centralization of government.

It’s worth noting that Western states, starting with Wyoming in 1869, were granting women the right to vote, largely as an enticement to get them to move to the region, which was seriously devoid of women.

The concept of “one man, one vote” is the cornerstone of a more pure democracy. There were three decisions of the Earl Warren Supreme Court that definitively transformed the landscape of America into a democracy:

  • Baker v. Carr found that federal courts had jurisdiction over state redistricting efforts.
  • Wesberry v. Sanders found that U.S. House of Representatives districts – whose borders are determined by state governments – must be roughly equal in population.
  • Reynolds v. Sims found that state legislative districts must be roughly equal in population, regardless of chamber. This effectively means that states are not allowed to have institutions like the Senate – for example, a state government cannot give each county two seats in the state legislature if the counties do not have roughly the same population size.

Residency requirements are mostly illegal in the United States, with one-year requirements struck down in Dunn v. BlumsteinThe longest residency requirement that states are allowed to have now is 50 days.

What’s Wrong With Democracy?

All of this raises the question of what is wrong with democracy, as opposed to a constitutional republic? It’s a cliche that democracy is the right of 51 percent of the population to take away the toothbrushes of the other 49. The Constitution provides protection against the tyranny of the majority and one of those protections is against pure democracy.

Indeed, the Senate and Electoral College, two of the last vestiges of the anti-democratic mood that penetrated the country during Revolutionary times, provide protections to rural states to this day. Without either of these, or with a Senate converted into a proportional representation body, as some have suggested, rural states are effectively political serfs for the larger urban centers.

The counter-argument presented to this is that “land doesn’t vote,” which is fair enough, but again: America was not conceived as a pure democracy where everyone had an equal say in everything. There are many layers to the onion, many tiers that prevent one group of the population from having too much say over the others. The Electoral College and the Senate allow rural states to have a voice in how the country is run, rather than being totally ruled over by people in urban centers who don’t own guns, can’t grow food, and have never met their neighbors.

The abolition of the Electoral College would allow for sweeping changes in American public policy. Do you want to live in a country where, for example, the voters of smaller states like Nevada, New Hampshire and Montana are drowned out by a handful of cities on the coasts? What of medium-sized states with a number of post-industrial cities with their own concerns, just as valid as those of rural America, but entirely separate from the centers of financial, cultural and academic power?

There’s also the small matter of the role that the media plays in shaping public opinion, as well as the role that public works projects and other government spending play in essentially buying votes. Ostensibly “undemocratic” institutions act as brakes on the manipulation of public opinion. Indeed, the Senate was specifically designed as a deliberative body that would “cool the passions” of the masses represented in the lower house, the House of Representatives.

The Primary System as a Laboratory of Democracy

The primary process for nominating presidential candidates represents an excellent example of how pure democracy has produced poorer results than a more managed and directed one.

Most Americans, particularly younger ones, don’t know that prior to the 1970s, the primary contests didn’t mean much. Rather, it was the state party conventions that held greater weight and these were largely managed by party bosses rather than directly influenced by voters. It’s not that this system of backroom wheeling and dealing never produced a total dud or stifled genuine needs for reform – of course, it did. However, looking at the roster of candidates produced by this process (i.e., two Roosevelts, a Coolidge, an Eisenhower and a Kennedy), it’s hard to argue with the results.

What was entirely lacking was the current primary process that we have in the United States, which still boasts a very low overall turnout and lasts from approximately the fourth quarter of the year before the election sometimes all the way up until the convention. All told, the Democratic Primary cycle of 2020 had 12 debates planned, with 11 completed and the 12th not happening simply because Joe Biden said he wasn’t going to show up.

The primaries are dominated by highly motivated and often highly ideological voters. This means that a number of highly polarizing figures have made it through the modern primary process, including Barry Goldwater (1964, so a little early) and George McGovern, but also a ton of people who the party in question loved but Americans just plain didn’t like (examples of this being Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and Mitt Romney). This is because party bosses were much more concerned about someone who could win – and all the patronage that flowed from that – rather than someone who shared their ideological picadillos.

President Eisenhower is perhaps the gold standard of a president anointed by party bosses. Senator Robert Taft, the leading light of the ideologically conservative faction of the party, lost to the choice of the party bosses, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. While historical counterfactuals are hard to tease out, there’s little reason to believe that Senator Taft could have won a general election against President Truman or eventual nominee Senator Adlai Stevenson. This is because, while there was a big thirst to roll back the whole of the New Deal among the hardcore Republican base, there was virtually no taste for it in the American mainstream, which either liked the programs or had learned to live with them. Indeed, it is largely believed that the delegates themselves might have preferred Taft to Eisenhower – but they preferred Eisenhower to losing.

It’s worth noting that in the last two Democratic primaries, party bosses have leaned heavily on the scale against insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders in favor of, respectively, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. In contrast, Donald Trump was able to coast to the nomination in 2016 without any significant organized chicanery on the part of the party bosses.

But it’s not just political parties who lose when American presidential candidates are the result of a process catering to a very small niche of the electorate. America loses also, because we are incapable of having substantive, issue-driven debates that address real problems of the American people. Instead, we end up focusing much more on the personalities and cultural differences that divide the two parties – to the detriment of the entire nation.

Election Fraud in the United States

There is dispute as to whether or not there is widespread election fraud in the United States. However, there are three presidential elections that merit a brief discussion in our exploration of the franchise in America.

The 1876 Election

The election of 1876 was so controversial and potentially fraud-ridden that it was the subject of a Congressional Electoral Commission in response to a major Constitutional crisis. There were 20 electoral votes outstanding, with the Democratic candidate one shy of winning, with the 20 outstanding electoral votes all coming from states with potentially massive voter fraud. The Commission was convened by the Democratic House and the Republican Senate, with five members from each body and five from the Supreme Court of the United States.

One of the tricks in question is actually an exploit of pure democracy: In those days, there were no official ballots. Ballots or “tickets” were generally printed up by political parties or their partisans and distributed to the voters. Southern Democrats used ballots with Abraham Lincoln on them in an attempt to fool illiterate voters into voting for their slate.

“Tilden or Blood!” was a slogan at the time and Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden’s supporters declared that they had 100,000 men ready to march on the capital and install him as president if need be. A party-line vote of the Electoral Commission gave all the votes to Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, making him president. However, as a concession, the South got the end of Reconstruction and the withdrawal of all remaining federal troops.

Democrats remained unsatisfied, with the House of Representatives going as far to pass a non-binding resolution declaring Tilden the winner. The Electoral Count Act of 1887 made the state legislature the definitive arbiter of who counted as an elector, which was the subject of Bush v. Gore, another controversial election over 100 years later.

The 1960 Election

The 1960 election was disputed as well, but not formally and officially like in 1876. The claim is this: That the Democratic Party used friendly city machines in Dallas and Illinois to win states for John F. Kennedy that he otherwise would not have won – and that would have delivered the presidency to Republican Richard Nixon.

This is not a marginal theory. Senators such as Everett Dirksen and Barry Goldwater have stated that they believe there was fraud in the election. All told, Republicans in 11 states sought to have the vote overturned, including in Illinois and Texas. A special prosecutor charged 650 people with voter fraud, but there were no convictions.

It is unknown to what degree Nixon felt he had been cheated, but he never seriously pursued it, believing it would divide the nation and tarnish the office of the presidency.

The 2000 Election

Finally, there is the 2000 election, where chicanery is alleged to have taken place not at the ballot box, but at the Supreme Court. It was the Supreme Court who stopped the recount under the Equal Protection Clause because they did not approve of how the recount was being carried out. Further, a new standard could not be agreed upon because of the time frame – electors had to be selected by December 12.

This allowed a previous vote count certified by Secretary of State Katherine Harris (a Republican and Bush family ally) to stand.

Here the question was not about whether or not someone was ballot-box stuffing. No one has seriously or credibly proposed this. What was in question is how the votes were counted. This calls to mind an apocryphal quote often attributed to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin:

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Several have written that if a statewide recount were done, rather than a county-based one, that it was Vice President Al Gore who would have won. But the question here is what was the best way to count the votes. And unsurprisingly, partisans of both parties prefer the method resulting in their candidate winning.

Beyond the Theory: Why Pure Democracy Is Bad In Its Execution

Once the notion of a universal franchise enters the public vernacular, there is then no limit on who should be included. Andrew Yang became the first major-party presidential candidate to endorse lowering the voting age to 16, but others have endorsed removing age requirements for voting entirely. Indeed, there is an entire current of thought that says that citizenship shouldn’t be a requirement (it isn’t in some municipal elections) or even that the entire world should be allowed a say in who becomes the President of the United States.

While these might all sound like ridiculous proposals – and we agree that they are – they are the thin edge of the wedge, the tip of the spear that will eventually introduce this kind of discourse into the political mainstream and perhaps much sooner than anyone thinks. If the only criteria for who gets to vote is that you are “affected by government policy” or some such and thus entitled to a say, why not let the entire populations of France and Bangladesh and China have a vote? There is a logic to universal suffrage that does not end with America’s adult population or even at its borders.

Consider the fight against voter ID laws in the United States. When one accepts that voting is a universal right, it makes perfect sense that having or not having an ID shouldn’t be an impediment to exercising that right. A lack of voter ID laws has been tied to voter fraud. But perhaps more disturbing is the growing practice of ballot harvesting.

Ballot Harvesting

Put simply, this is when paper ballots are collected by intermediaries between the state and the voter, then delivered en masse. If this sounds like it’s a ripe place for voter fraud to happen, that’s because it is. Ballot harvesting played a role in the do-over of the 2019 North Carolina election, where Democrats were, perhaps for the first time ever, deeply concerned with the specter of voter fraud.

Orange County, California, was home to a whopping quarter million ballots delivered on Election Day alone. In practice, ballot harvesters go around collecting ballots for people who vote for the candidate they want to win. In the case of North Carolina, there were allegations that ballots had been discarded because people voted for the “wrong” candidate.

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a push to offer mail-in ballots. These are different from absentee ballots, which are sent out to specific voters on a by-request basis. Compare this with the push for mass mail-in voting: This is just printing up a ton of ballots, sending them out and letting everyone mail them in. There are few, if any, protections in place for preventing people from voting twice, or preventing non-registered voters from voting. For every person who votes that shouldn’t, a legal voter has their vote canceled out or nullified.

There’s not much of a way to verify and track this process to ensure that everyone who votes is having their vote counted. But again, it is very much in keeping with the logic of “one man, one vote.” Those who espouse the ideology of a pure democracy are always looking for ways to make it easier for people to vote.

Perhaps, not coincidentally, making it easier for people to vote also opens up the door to electoral fraud.

And this is really the crux of the matter when it comes down to pure democracy: The transition to a purer democracy has coincided with greater influence among unofficial kingmakers who control the process while also consolidating greater power in Washington, D.C. In practice, this has meant favoring a bureaucratic elite who effectively act as unelected legislators. Most of the regulations put in place by the alphabet soup of federal agencies aren’t there by statute, but are in fact part of powers delegated to them by the legislature who have abdicated their legislative authority.

What’s more, these unofficial kingmakers are often shadowy figures whose names (to say nothing of their intentions) are mostly unknown. These are not the traditional party bosses who were, in a sense, beholden to their people in the form of having to provide patronage and pork and other tangible results. Rather the new kingmakers of our pure democracy are the mass media, party activists and others with no skin in the game and little in the way of public accountability. Their angle is one entirely of self-interest and not to the broader body politic, to say nothing of future generations.

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed originally appeared in The Resistance Library at

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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

Going into 2020, Donald Trump was the LEADING CANDIDATE. He was a champion of finance, a wizard in terms of stock market returns, fighting for Americans against the rising power of China, in charge of overseeing the lowest unemployment in U.S. history, and winner of the impeachment hoax and various other legal and congressional battles. On January 15th, he even signed the Phase 1 trade deal.

For a man with ZERO POLITICS in his background before getting sworn in TO OFFICE, he was doing pretty well. During his term, two of the Middle East’s chief terror architects were killed, a wall was constructed to stop illegal immigration from Mexico, and globalist-focused trade agreements became null and void.

Americans from rich to poor were pretty happy, even if they didn’t like Donald’s bullying of the media or his overall attitude, which many don’t connect with.

His Twitter victory laps about the greatest economy ever, record stock market returns, low unemployment, and his feud with the Federal Reserve over zeroing-out interest rates made him popular with his base.

I loved his achievements, personally.

COVID-19 is Trump’s Achilles’ heel. In private conversations inside the White House during March and April, he was often quoted asking, “Why is this happening to me?” This shows his mindset was not on solving this pandemic, but on remaining popular and on top.


We can easily see the change in sentiment with businesses and individual voters since
COVID-19 engulfed our lives.

He is just not himself. To me, at least, having been a close student of his presidency, it seems that Donald feels like his work ended the day COVID-19 began.

In his mind, what he set out to do in 2016 worked fantastically and a once-in-a-century GLOBAL PANDEMIC can’t be the thing that defines his period in the White House.

It almost seems as if he is torn between not wanting the job anymore and wanting to win an election again just for the sake of it.


The United States is so large and so varied that the different states are going through COVID-19 at separate times. One state could flatten its curve while an outbreak occurs at another.

This is why a “V”-shaped recovery is impossible, even though it is beyond any shadow of a doubt that this disease is not the DREADED MONSTER the media hyped it up to be in the Italian case.

Trump’s mentality, always geared towards celebrating personal achievements, just can’t make the leap and switch to CRISIS MANAGEMENT.

This isn’t the time to divide and conquer, but rather bring the country together.

His ace up the sleeve is his SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN DOMINANCE.

On Facebook, the Trump campaign spent roughly $33M just in the month of April, which is more than double what Biden had.

The way both candidates use Facebook ads is completely different. Biden tries to raise funds while Trump is virtually and digitally targeting the actual individuals that will end up CALLING THE ELECTIONS.

Inside the swing state, within the swing county, penetrating almost to the individual swing voter, like having him knocking on your door… that’s how targeted it gets.

In 2016, Trump was a clear underdog and he pulled off the greatest upset in democratic election history.

In 2020, it’s hard to call him the underdog, but he is probably behind Biden as of now.

Can Facebook and social media deliver another prestigious win for him?

between now and November break free COVID-19 downsizing elections faked false Fear Federal Reserve free your mind Headline News Hoax Intelwars jobs market Lay-off LIES low unemployment Mainstream media Profits propaganda public scaring everyone Second wave Silver Stocks The Matrix the system. gold trace Track turbulent Vaccine victims Wall Street


This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Get ready for the MOST TURBULENT period of your life. Between now and the November elections, you will be subjected to BLATANT LIES and to WORLD-CLASS BULLSHIT from every which way.

The office of president has never been so TARNISHED by the interests of the shadow government than it is today.

You are not going to believe how VICIOUS AND CRUEL the media will get in their attempt to influence the result.

Courtesy:, Deutsche Bank

The agenda should be VERY CLEAR to you: quarantine Main Street, vaccinate the populous, track with GPS more and more regular citizens (“for their own protection”), prop up Wall Street and get back to globalizing the workforce, weakening the American middle class, which is the wealthiest generation of non-elites to ever exist.

When America’s millionaires and billionaires own the equities, the reasoning behind many of the Federal Reserve’s programs becomes VERY CLEAR.

The next stage is SCARING EVERYONE that the 2nd wave is here. The way they’re attempting to do this is by RAMPING UP testing, which will reveal that tens of millions are infected and then use that as the excuse to close down again.

Notice who profits from shutdowns; the low-wage earners are the BIGGEST VICTIMS, while the Trump administration, which up until February could have bragged about the lowest unemployment rate ever, lost all grip on the jobs market, especially of minorities.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

Obviously, with this as the BEST QUARTER in 22 years, you understand that there’s a PRIORITY PROBLEM in this country.

Companies are laying off employees, an act that has now been coined under a new term, “Right-Sizing,” which is a codeword for giving one person the workload of five – and shareholders are celebrating.

In the next few days, if states aren’t SERIOUSLY REALIZING how much hardship closing businesses back down will be for countless households, we will see BACKLASH AND REVOLT.

There is NO NEED for life to stop because of Covid-19. We can both continue functioning normally and protect the segments most at risk.

Don’t be pressured into thinking that you are the WEIRD ONE for wanting to get your life on track, while the virus keeps on spreading.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

While the retail public and the pension funds GO BACK into buying the most expensive stock market in American history, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Ray Dalio, Paul Singer and central banks themselves, are BUYING GOLD and predicting that 12 months from now the price will be north of $2,500/ounce.

They’re hedging this unsustainable bubble.

Closing down bars, restaurants, and gyms, on top of other recreational areas, DOES NOT only depress the mindset of the country, but leads to riots, looting, militias forming, and FURTHER DIVISION.

We are entering a DARK PERIOD in which you’ll be tested as a person.

Don’t lower yourself to their level; STAND FOR what you believe in, even as personal liberty, free markets, and privacy laws will be portrayed as unpopular.

The media is SPINNING HISTORY, American heritage, and anything they can think of in their favor. It’s shameful and you need to RESIST IT.

We have no time for propaganda; we search for truth and facts.

Bank of Japan central banking China COVID-19 economics elections elitists experts Federal Reserve Forecasting Headline News Intelwars Jerome Powell lunatics Manipulation Politicians real economy. problems Second wave system the ed Wall Street yield curve control


This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends. 

The Federal Reserve is becoming the MOST CONTROVERSIAL player in the global stock markets. In the last few days, Jerome Powell’s comments on CONTEMPLATING YCC (Yield Curve Control), which is OPEN MANIPULATION of interest rates, has already managed upset some congressmen even before KICKING OFF THE GROUND, since it’s so un-American.

Jerome Powell has already came up with excuses for using it, such as that it HAS BEEN DONE by the Bank of Japan and the central bank in Australia.

For one, is that even a GOOD PRETENSE? Do we want to be like Japan or Australia? Secondly, where is the point where the FED begins
to simplify economics instead of ENTANGLING THE NATION in more monetary experiments?



Judging by the market’s action, though, the recovery is clearly in motion. The pricing is much more FORWARD-LOOKING than the real economy, as markets always are, but in this case, it looks like buyers and sellers are agreeing that paying 2023 prices is fair.

In our opinion, the reason why they’re doing that is because investors don’t see other avenues of investment that are as STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT to the Federal Reserve as the public stock market.

The Federal Reserve rarely intervenes in real estate, as was witnessed during the worst housing meltdown the world has ever known. It didn’t care about the millions of bankruptcies back then – it only worried about SAVING BANKS. If the FED isn’t there to prop it up, it seems investors aren’t that excited about it.

Who says that the economic benefit of bailing out these institutions will bring more prosperity than keeping homeowners from defaulting?

It seems to us that
racism is being weaponized as a political tool because this is AN ELECTION YEAR.

I really hope it isn’t, but politicians are made up of some of the most WARPED MINDS in this country and countless LUNATICS IN WASHINGTON will use this genuine struggle to play upon the heightened emotions and swing votes their way.

The fact of the matter is that COVID-19, China, and racism that’s indirectly tied to income/wealth inequality will be the MAIN TOPICS of this presidential campaign.



As you can see, Wall Street fund managers can’t CONNECT WITH the notion that valuations will continue to be high as long as the central bank, the STRONGEST ONE on the planet,
is inflating prices.

Before we discount and marginalize Warren Buffett, we SHOULD REMEMBER his warning that investors can’t build a portfolio predicated on the premise that ALL FED CHAIRMEN in the future will act like Jerome Powell does.

The point is that when stocks are valued at 20x or 25x earnings, YOU’RE SETTLING FOR very low returns.

Maintaining high levels of cash on the side could prove wiser than you think. I am SHOCKED THAT Berkshire Hathaway wasn’t buying during the MARCH LOWS since there really were attractive companies out there, but my feeling is that as the dust settles and the nation grapples with lingering high unemployment for the next 1-4 years, the excitement towards the stock market will wane and VALUATIONS will TRADE IN A RANGE.



As you can see, there are only two choices: either rates are GOING HIGHER, which the Federal Reserve has already said it WON’T ALLOW by controlling the curve, thus creating inflation, OR stocks are already too expensive and would drop by 10%-15%, as a group.

Since the FED is all about making sure stocks remain elevated, they will be suppressing rates, and we believe that will be the TRIGGER THAT SENDS gold over $2,000/ounce.

Don’t get sidetracked with COVID-19 and its FICTITIOUS second wave; the elections are the most important event to ZERO IN on.

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DEN OF THIEVES: MSM Death Case Propoganda – GOLD SPIKES!

This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

The media has been running what could ONLY BE CALLED a giant psychological experiment on the American public in the last few days, INCITING FEARS of a 2nd wave of the coronavirus. For a while, the public bought into it, investors were STRESS EATING over it, and gold GOT DUMPED because of it!

But it looks like Wall Street isn’t too quick to rush to conclusions like mainstream media would like it to.

I find that it can’t JUST BE A COINCIDENCE that on the day President Trump announces that he wants to bring back election rallies, the overflow of news about a 2nd wave arrives out of nowhere, even while death cases are DROPPING FAST.

The media in this country will become even MORE POLITICAL as we approach elections.

I expect this to be the most BLATANTLY CORRUPT coverage of a presidential election in this country’s history. The real battleground will be on social media platforms, as well as on alternative media.

The Democrats will not repeat the mistakes of old, and I expect Joe Biden to appear on shows that Hillary Clinton passed on, thinking that they’re not THE BEST USE of her time.

With less than five months to go, we will begin to highlight what the DATA is revealing from the ground level, but I can tell you that markets are STILL BETTING on a Republican win since there’s been no discounting yet for AN UPSET.

China’s battle for supremacy with the U.S. will not stop with either Trump or Biden. Instead, it’s the story of the 21st century.

The two cultures are so GREATLY DISTANCED that two blocks are forming right now.

Portfolio Wealth Global anticipates that in the next 2-4 years, the Chinese will feel CONFIDENT ENOUGH to challenge the monopoly that the dollar enjoys in its reserve currency status.

There’s a viable probability that CURRENCY BASKETS will emerge – one for U.S.-influenced regions and another for Chinese-led ones.

There’s no doubt that America works. America is an economic superpower, but we can’t deny that China’s economy is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, going to be bigger than America’s in 5-7 years from now.

Denying this will not solve this TECTONIC COLLISION of plates.

The U.S. has been able to police the planet since WW2, but its role as the only military superpower is putting it AT ODDS with China’s goals of greatness.

We’re not predicting conflict and STRONGLY BELIEVE that wars between empires are largely a thing of the past. The weapons at the disposal of these countries are so strong that just knowing the other side has them is THREATENING ENOUGH.

It’s a weird type of peace, but it works. Each side knows that a lot of damage can be inflicted by the other party, so they DO ANYTHING THEY CAN to avoid that kind of scenario.

The topic of China will be the main one in the coming elections, as we see it, along with the subject of getting back to normal.

Personally, we believe this election will be decided DEEP IN THE GAME and it will be tighter than the 2016 election was. Every vote will count and both candidates will FOCUS ON WAYS to get non-voters to turn up.

China will be closely watching…

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The Truth: “Governments Are The Biggest Criminals In The World, And They Don’t Want Competition”

In a recent video posted by Richie From Boston, he connects the dots the governments of the world don’t want you connecting. “Governments are the biggest criminals in the world,” says Richie. “And they don’t want competition.”

This video is likely to upset people still stuck in the left/right paradigm who believe that they have some sort of a voice during the (s)elections. This is meant to wake you up, and the angry responses in the comments of this video just go to show that people are still brainwashed by the mainstream media and falling for the political divide and conquer.

Manipulating The Masses: Edward Bernays & Why The System Needs Your Compliance

“Remember one day when it was the election or the selection period in America? And Americans were presented with two choices because it’s a free country. Choice A was a murdering, psychopathic, scumbag, evil, man-hating, witch named Hillary Clinton..the other choice was a multi-billionaire, who was a billionaire twice in America, who is also an actor on a show called ‘The Apprentice.’ ‘You’re fired.’ Now, in the religion of freemasonry, when you’re trying to transform someone, something, a country, a continent, a world; that ritual is considered ‘The Apprentice’…Donald J. Trump, who is a Israel first, zionist, capitalistic, maybe father-in-law of the anti-Christ, who knows…they used him to get to the disgruntled white American.” –Richie From Boston

And Americans, like the predictable sheep they are, fell for it.

“Many of us said long ago, that because of what things like The Economist magazineand many other hints the elites throw out there in publications, that Donald Trump was going to be the last president selected in the corporation of the United States of America.” –Richie From Boston

I agree with this one.  Trump will be the last president. It’s up to us how to proceed.  We either realize we don’t need any other human beings to have any amount of power or control over us and become the free sovereign humans we were always meant to be, or we become slaves to the New World Order.  There is no gray area. History has shown there’s no gray area. Power corrupts. Period. Those are the only two options.

Love him or hate him, Richie From Boston does not mince words. He is trying to break through that cognitive dissonance most Americans have that will ensure we are all slaves to the New World Order.  The only hope we have is for more people to wake up and realize what’s been done to them, and how they can break free.  If no one takes the NWO’s one world currency, it will not exist for long. Wake up! Humanity depends on it.

Everything is one huge psychological operation. “They’re doing this to piss off the same people who thought Donald Trump was gonna fix, ‘Make America Great Again.’ They’re gonna keep pushing this til we have all-out civil war.” They are using your loyalty to politicians and the ruling class (government) against you.

The fact that people haven’t figured this out yet is just more evidence that the television programming and the school indoctrination to obey the government at all costs has really worked.  Humans are easily manipulated and controlled are hating those who are trying to awaken them before it’s too late.

“The elites can’t have you ignoring [the psyops]…if white Americans continue to see Black Lives Matter all over everywhere like they will, there will be another ‘event.’ Even if they have to manufacture one. They do it all the time! The government is the criminals!”

Not all of them are criminals, says Richie. But the vast majority, because over the decades, they have weeded out anyone who would stand up against the crimes they are committing against humanity.  The United States government is helping the elitist usher in the New World Order. “They did all this so the government can consolidate power and buy more of the Earth.”

“We’re all being played!”


cash Coronavirus COVID-19 death toll Disaster Donald Trump economy crashing elections emergency Emergency Preparedness experts Federal Reserve Financial Crisis Forecasting global economy Headline News Humanity Intelwars market closure pandemic physical gold public fear quarantine social distancing The Fed zero interest rates


This article was contributed by Lior Gantz at The Wealth Research Group. 

Coronavirus is now, QUITE HONESTLY, one of the worst disasters to come upon the human race since WW2. The quantity of casualties worldwide is about 7,000 – which, compared with the 50,000 deaths a day caused by malnutrition, the 400,000 deaths a year caused by smoking, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths every year caused by car accidents and alcoholism, is NOTHING, but the prevention of further spread comes at an unbearable cost to economies.

The real ISSUE in this matter is not that the virus has brought about untold tragedies, but that the LACK OF proper ways of containing the virus do not exist, without MASS-SCALE quarantines and OUTLAWING INTERACTIONS.

The trade-off to eradicating the virus and of limiting the death toll, when it comes to the price paid by the global economy, is that all of our major industries have FLICKED THEIR SWITCHES OFF.

Collectively, as societies, we are SUBJECTING OURSELVES to this crisis, in a financial sense, in order to potentially save many lives. The combination of public fear and of the medical professionals, who DO NOT wish to UNDERSTATE the lethality of Covid-19, has painted us into a corner, along with governors, U.S.-bound, and heads of state, globally, who just WILL NOT risk taking responsibility for this contagious outbreak happening under their watch.

As a global society, we have decided that in the field of pandemics, we hold authorities accountable for coming up with SOLUTIONS and the eyes of the world are on WASHINGTON.


The U.S. economy is, without a doubt, ENTERING an earnings recession with each passing hour. What the Federal Reserve has done, by cutting interest rates to ZERO in a full-on EMERGENCY manner, is to allow credit markets to FUNCTION, since they were PUSHING THE ENVELOPE.

Literally, had the central bank not done this, yesterday we would have seen dollar shortages worldwide. We could have experienced market closures, a bank holiday, lines at the ATMs and curfews, with police patrolling the streets.

The Federal Reserve threw itself on a live grenade to save credit facilitation and bond liquidity but TOOK ITSELF out of the game completely.

They will now be buying bonds and Mortgage-Backed-Securities, an OFFICIAL QE5 program launch, but they will not INTRODUCE negative rates.


Before the FED intervention, the bond markets were close to SHOUTING MAYDAY. The entire planet wanted dollars and there weren’t enough to go around.

The same goes for physical gold. While the price of paper ETFs is falling, in a couple of days, you will not be able to EASILY get your hands on the real thing. Due to OUTRAGEOUSLY high demand and supply chain constraints, both gold and silver, which have dropped like a rock to the bottom of the ocean on the TOTALLY MANIPULATED paper exchanges, are UNATTAINABLE in material form.

Because the Federal Reserve is wounded and left on the sidelines, I expect the MOTHER OF ALL BAILOUTS to start being deployed by the government and by international organization, which are U.S.-centric, such as the IMF and the World Bank.

This is a global pandemic and, as many have feared, the response will be globally-coordinated, opening the DANGEROUS doors to a one-world currency and global governance STRUCTURE.

Don’t think for a second that power-starved globalist key players aren’t looking to FULLY capitalize on the suffering of others and become their heroes in this time of crisis.

Make no mistake about it: the levels of FEAR on the street are HUMUNGOUS. I surveyed several mentors of mine, who were so bearish that I nearly used it as a CONTRARIAN indicator that the worst is behind us.

What you want to see before making a large allocation is the indication of higher highs. For now, we’ve broken below the December 2018 lows, so the floor is that 1,800-2,200 for the S&P 500, the level it traded when Donald Trump made an upset and won the 2016 presidential elections.


At this point, as you can see, the fear of the public, especially with the PROSPECT of a lawful house curfew, mandated by the federal authorities, is SIGNALING DISTRESS.

Obviously, ZERO interest rates and QE programs are not enough to make investors BELIEVE the crisis has been contained.

In a few days, companies will begin releasing their emergency measures, mostly in the fields of manpower, coupled with the publication of FRESH unemployment numbers and we will need a BILL, signed by the SENATE, which assists the misfortunate.

Nothing else will suffice.

The markets are UTTERLY CONCERNED that after nearly one full term of VERBAL VIOLENCE between the Democrats and the Republicans, they will drag their feet, rather than be one step ahead of the economy, IN UNISON.

By this Friday, we will have an ADEQUATE amount of data and we could, with higher certainty, form a decision on BUYING THE DIP or staying in cash even longer.

Censorship Climate elections Intelwars vaccines Videos

Ban Anti-vaxx, Ban Climate, Ban Foreign Interference – New World Next Week

This week on the New World Next Week: The UK government mulls banning vaccine truth; UNESCO argues for banning climate truth; and the CIA/WaPo want to ban foreign interference in the bogus 2020 selection.

Climate Change elections Intelwars Interviews vaccines

Interview 1517 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

This week on the New World Next Week: The UK government mulls banning vaccine truth; UNESCO argues for banning climate truth; and the CIA/WaPo want to ban foreign interference in the bogus 2020 selection.
Bernie Sanders Communists Donald Trump economy. Elizabeth Warren elections Headline News Intelwars Joe Biden Opinions Oval Office Pete buttigieg Politicians Polls Race reelection survey voters Voting winning

Nearly 2/3 of Voters Think Trump Will Win Reelection Later This Year

A whopping 2/3 of American voters believe President Donald Trump will get a second term. This latest poll, released by CBS News on Sunday found that most voters think the race will be tight, but Trump will still win in November.

The survey found that Trump will face a tight race with any of the likely Democratic nominees. Thirty-one percent of registered voters said the president will definitely win a second term, and 34% said he probably will, for a total of 65% expecting him to be reelected. A total of 35% disagreed; 23% said he “probably will not” win, and 12% said he would “definitely not” win.

While polls can be deceiving (everyone remembers Hillary Clinton was expected to beat Trump in a landslide back in 2016), it could show that democrats have given up some hope that their party has an answer to the “booming” economy. Regardless of the economy being fake and highly manipulated, low information voters tend to attribute how well they are doing financially to the guy sitting in the Oval Office.

Republicans were overwhelmingly certain of Trump’s victory: 9 in 10 predicted his reelection. But still, more than a third of Democrats agreed he would likely win. According to USA Today, opinions on the race appear to be firmly set for most voters. Sixty-three percent said their minds are made up no matter who the Democratic nominee ends up being, and 61% said they wouldn’t change their position no matter what Trump does in the next year.

In the battle for the nomination to take on Trump, Sanders – who won decisively in Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday – was the top choice of 28% of likely Democratic voters. Next was Warren at 19%, followed by Biden at 17%, Bloomberg at 13%, Buttigieg at 10% and Klobuchar at 5%. Only 12% of those voters said it was likely they would change their minds before casting their ballot, though 46% said it was a possibility. –USA Today

The Polls Are Skewed, the Vote Is Rigged: “Clinton Has 95% Chance of Winning”

anarchy elections Intelwars Newsletter voluntaryism voting fraud

5 Important Lessons Absolutely No One Will Learn From Iowa

CURRENT EVENTS elections Intelwars

The Road to Hell: Good Intentions in Politics

Election season is here, and with it comes bold talk from new politicians aspiring to hold office and incumbents looking to retain their seats. Both groups have one thing in common: They may talk a good game, but once campaign season is over their tunes will change. Promises made will be broken. Priorities will give way to reality, and when it comes time to make hard choices on critical issues, most lawmakers will fold.

This comes as a surprise to no one. People expect very little from their elected representatives. Making excuses for disappointing politicians has virtually become a national pastime. Most people have a low opinion of Congress and their state’s general assembly.

But ask them what they think of their own representatives, and you’ll hear something very different. Often, they’ll be quick to defend their hometown heroes, even if the reality of their performance doesn’t live up to what was promised during their campaigns.

It’s easy to make excuses for people you supported — who told you they’d be in your corner. They may have voted the wrong way, you tell yourself, but they were just being pragmatic. Those bad votes weren’t because they lacked integrity, but because reality simply forced them to stray from their ideals. They didn’t mean to lie to you. They had good intentions.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Whoever said that obviously never worked in government. The road to hell is paved by well-connected government contractors, atop land seized with eminent domain, and outfitted with unconstitutional red-light cameras and sobriety checkpoints. Good intentions might have inspired the situation we find ourselves in, but government did the legwork while voters looked the other way.

There’s a running joke among those of us who wish to shrink the size and role of government: If you talk about such principles long enough, sooner or later someone will ask the question “but without government, who will build the roads?”

This objection is comical because it misses the point. The choice isn’t between having a limited government and having roads. The choice is whether we demand a government that stands for liberty, or one that does not. Do we hold our representatives accountable for their actions, or make excuses for them based on their “good intentions?”

Of course, voters are presented with false choices regularly. They’re told that even though a politician doesn’t stand up for their rights, they should support them anyway as the “lesser of two evils.” While game theory might suggest such support in a specific election, this same tired argument arises year after year. In a desperate attempt to avoid a terrible outcome, voters often endorse one that isn’t much better.

It’s time to hold our elected officials accountable at every level, regardless of political affiliation. It’s easy to go into an election wearing partisan blinders, convincing yourself that only those on the opposing team have lost their way. Do not fall victim to such preconceptions. Despite the enthusiastic cries of those seeking your vote, this isn’t about Republican vs Democrat, rich vs poor, or majority vs minority.

The ultimate battleground in the fight to preserve liberty has always been the government versus the individual. It’s been said that when the boot of government is on your throat, you won’t care if it’s the right boot or the left one. My guess is that you won’t care about “good intentions” either.

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Did Founder James Wilson oppose the Electoral College and favor “National Popular Vote?”

James Wilson of Pennsylvania (1742-98) was one of the most influential of the Constitution’s framers. Some scholars rank him as second only to James Madison.  Wilson was a distinguished lawyer who eventually served on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Advocates of direct popular election of the president have long claimed James Wilson as one of their own. And a casual glance at Madison’s notes of the Constitutional Convention seem to show Wilson arguing for direct popular election.

But a fuller understanding of the historical record shows that while Wilson flirted with the idea of direct election, he never strongly advocated it. In the end he firmly supported the Constitution’s plan for indirect election through the Electoral College.

Here is the story:

Soon after the Constitutional Convention met in May, 1787, it became obvious that choosing a presidential election procedure would be a tough job.  Wilson later called it “the most difficult of all on which we have had to decide.”

When the delegates embarked on that task, Wilson had main two priorities: (1) assure the president could act independently of Congress and of the states, and (2) assure the president enjoyed popular support.

So Wilson rejected a proposal to have Congress choose the president. He also rejected a proposal for state governors to make the choice. But Wilson was uncertain what the alternative should be. Later in the convention he confessed that “He had never made up an opinion on it entirely to his own satisfaction.”

That uncertainty was clear when, on June 1 Wilson ventured that “At least . . . in theory he was for an election by the people.” After Wilson sat down, George Mason of Virginia responded that direct election was impractical, but he invited Wilson to encapsulate his ideas in a specific proposal.

Wilson offered his proposal the following day. It did NOT call for direct election. It called for the voters in fixed districts to choose electors, who then would choose the president.

Was Wilson being inconsistent? Why would he advocate “election by the people” but propose indirect election instead?

No, he was not being inconsistent. Wilson considered both direct and indirect election as forms of “election by the people.” As he phrased it in remarks on July 19, “he perceived with pleasure that the idea was gaining ground, of an election mediately [indirectly] or immediately [directly] by the people.”

Many writers have missed this point because they don’t know the significance of Wilson’s background. He was born, raised, and educated in Scotland. In England qualified voters chose members of the British House of Commons directly. But Scotland employed a system of indirect election: voters and popularly-elected local councils chose electors (called “commissioners”) who in turn designated their representatives in Parliament. To the Scottish way of thinking, this was a form of “election by the people.”

At the time, Maryland also was using an indirect election procedure for choosing state senators. Many of the convention delegates admired the Maryland system.

After months of debate, the Convention send the presidential election issue to a committee of eleven of the most distinguished delegates. That committee recommended that the president be elected by presidential electors chosen in the states. If no presidential candidate received a majority of electors, then there would be a runoff in the Senate.

This was clearly not direct election, but on September 4 Wilson delivered a speech to the convention supporting it. However, he suggested that runoffs be transferred away from the Senate (which he considered too aristocratic) to Congress as a whole. The convention partly agreed: It moved the runoff election to the House of Representatives.

After the convention adjourned on September 17, 1787 Wilson continued to praise the Constitution’s presidential election system. At the Pennsylvania ratifying convention late in the year, he said the president “will be chosen in such a manner that he may be justly styled the man of the people.” Although he acknowledged that direct election might be a good method also, it was only his second favorite: “next after the one prescribed in this Constitution.”

He also acknowledged that “it was the opinion of a great majority in Convention, that [direct election] was impracticable,” and that “The choice of [the president] is brought as nearly home to the people as is practicable. With the approbation of the state legislatures, the people may elect with only one remove”—in other words, with state legislative approval (now granted in every state) the people themselves may select those who elect the president.

Wilson’s views were unchanged four years later, when he praised the Constitution’s presidential election system lavishly in his famous Lectures on Law.

Thus, the historical record shows that those who claim Wilson supported “national popular vote” are mistaken. Although Wilson toyed with the idea of direct election, when all was said and done he preferred the presidential system featured in our Constitution.

This article originally appeared in the Epoch Times, Oct. 11, 2019