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Elderly Asian woman sends thug away on stretcher after he allegedly punched her in unprovoked attack

Attacks against Asian Americans have been on the rise in the U.S. according to reports, but one elderly woman in San Francisco fought back — and apparently won — after a man allegedly sucker punched her in an unprovoked attack Wednesday morning.

The 79-year-old victim pummeled the perpetrator with a board, leaving him on a stretcher and a trip to the hospital. In the end, one witness says, “the police were holding her back.”

What are the details?

KPIX-TV Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell stumbled upon the aftermath and took footage of the scene, which showed the woman (whose name has not been publicly released) with visible injuries to her face.

She repeatedly points to a bloodied male on a stretcher — who was being tended to by paramedics — then raises the board and sobs as officers talk her down and ask her to lower it.

“The woman said that she was hit. She attacked back,” O’Donnell said. “From what I could see, she wanted more of the guy on the stretcher and the police were holding her back.”

“You bum, why did you hit me?” the woman said in Chinese to the man on the stretcher, according to KPIX. “The woman then turned to the crowd of people who had gathered, saying, ‘This bum, he hit me,’ as she raised the stick she held and sobbed. ‘He hit me, this bum.'”

That “bum” is also accused of attacking another elderly Asian victim the same morning.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The attacker, who was said to be 39 years old, was arrested after he assaulted an 83-year-old Asian male and fled on foot, the San Francisco Police Department told the Washington Examiner in an email. He struck the 79-year-old woman while fleeing a security guard who witnessed the first attack and was later detained, SFPD added.

Police did not disclose a motive for the attack, KPIX reported, and it was not clear whether the victim’s race had anything to do with the assault.

What else?

KPIX noted:

Hate crimes against Asian Americans rose 150% in 2020, even as hate crimes overall declined. In January, a 91-year-old man was shoved to the ground in Oakland’s Chinatown. An assault in San Francisco killed 94-year-old Vichar Ratanapakdee, while another assault left 75-year-old Pak Ho dead in Oakland last week.

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Vaccine Push Moves Forward As Tyranny Advances In America

The push to get people injected with the newly approved COVID-19 vaccines is gaining speed once again.  The ruling class is not content with how many shots have been given yet, and until we are all vaccinated, they probably won’t be.

In order to push this vaccine on as many people as possible, Operation Warp Speed chiefs said states should expand access to Covid-19 vaccines to everyone 65 and older. They should also give them to any adult with an underlying health condition that might raise the risk for complications of Covid-19.

The guidelines are intended to prompt faster distribution of the vaccines by making more people immediately eligible for vaccination, as well as expanding the potential locations where people can receive it. Of the more than 25 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine that have been delivered nationwide, just under 9 million shots had been put into Americans’ arms as of Tuesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. –NBC News

“Every vaccine dose that is sitting in a warehouse rather than going into an arm could mean one more life lost,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said during a media briefing Tuesday, where he and other administration officials announced the recommendations. Say what?

Portuguese Nurse Dies Suddenly After Receiving COVID Vaccine

Last week, Joe Biden announced his administration is planning to release all available doses of coronavirus vaccines to the states for distribution immediately. Additionally, according to a report by NBC News, Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and former health commissioner for Baltimore, praised the new efforts. “These are exactly the right steps that we need at this point to better align supply and demand,” Wen said.

the momentary distraction of last week’s Capitol hill riot didn’t slow the rollout of this vaccine, it only stalled the media’s reporting on it. There is a desperate push by the ruling class and the mainstream media to get people to willingly submit to having this thing injected into their bodies. Use your discernment. Things will only get more chaotic as these agendas advance.

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COVID-19 elderly Intelwars Priority Ron DeSantis Vaccine

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’ll wait on getting COVID-19 vaccine until elderly receive it

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said Wednesday that while he is willing to take one of the newly-developed vaccines for COVID-19, he believes seniors should take priority over healthy younger people — including leaders like himself.

What are the details?

WPTV-TV reported that DeSantis made remarks during a visit to watch three senior citizens receive the Moderna vaccine at the Kings Point community in Delray Beach.

On his way out of the press conference, DeSantis was asked about whether he had been vaccinated for the coronavirus yet, to which he replied: “What I’ve said is I’m willing to take it, but I’m not the priority.” Pointing across the room, the governor said, “They’re the priority.”

“I’m under 45,” he explained. “People under 45 are not going to be first in line for this, so when it’s my turn I will take it, but this is who I want to be vaccinated. I want my parents, our grandparents to be able to get it.”

said during the presser, “You talk about a place like Kings Point, you have people from the Greatest Generation, people who fought in World War II, survived the Holocaust – these are people that we’ve got to stand with and prioritize.”

The recent FDA emergency approvals of two COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. have sparked debate over who should be first to receive the inoculations for the virus that has proven to be more fatal in elderly populations.

Under the federal government’s distribution, several
younger members of Congress have faced criticism from colleagues for taking the jab ahead of citizens who are statistically more vulnerable to the disease. But a number of House members have held off on receiving the vaccine, voicing the same reasoning DeSantis echoed.

On one side of the debate are folks who believe elected officials should take the vaccine publicly to build the public’s trust in the safety of the shots, while others say those politicians are jumping the line in front of those who need the vaccine most.

Acknowledging the topic, DeSantis quipped, “Granted I’m an elected official but whoop dee doo. At the end of the day, let’s focus on where the risk is.”

Anything else?

Fox News reported that Florida is currently experiencing long wait times for seniors who are lining up to take the vaccines that the governor’s executive order from last week makes available to health care workers, nursing home residents, and anyone in the state age 65 and over.

“Supply is limited,” DeSantis told his audience on Wednesday. He acknowledged, “We don’t have enough vaccines for all four million plus senior citizens in Florida,” but said more doses are expected to continue to flow in.

bureaucrats CDC elderly Intelwars Tulsi Gabbard Vaccine

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard passes on COVID-19 vaccine, says elderly Americans should take priority

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) has decided to hold off on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine currently being administered to many of her fellow members in Congress, instead vowing to refuse it until elderly Americans are able to receive the shot.

The 39-year-old former Democratic presidential candidate — known for often defying her party — also ripped the Centers for Disease Control for prioritizing healthy “essential workers” over the more vulnerable older population.

What are the details?

“Heartless, arrogant, unelected CDC bureaucrats have decided that the lives of elderly Americans don’t count,” Gabbard tweeted Monday. “They’re recommending 100 million ‘essential workers’ (i.e. healthy people working at liquor stores or phone companies) can get the vaccine before our grandparents.”

“This is immoral and bad health policy,” she said, declaring, “I had planned to get the vaccine but will now stand in solidarity with our seniors by not doing so until THEY can. I urge my colleagues who are under 65 and healthy to join me.”

The Hill reported that “Gabbard’s tweet conflated essential workers — those who were allowed to continue reporting to work during stay-at-home orders — with first responders. The CDC put first responders alongside ‘high-risk health workers’ for early access to the vaccine.”

In recent days, many leaders in Washington, D.C., have received the newly approved vaccines as part of a “continuity of governance” plan, the New York Post reported. Several members of Congress, the Trump administration, and President-elect Joe Biden have taken the shots in public in an effort to build public confidence in the shots.

What else?

But Gabbard is not alone in her views that members of Congress should not be among the first in line. Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz replied on Twitter, “I’m with you Tulsi!”

The youngest member of Congress, 31-year-old Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), received her jab over the weekend and publicized it on social media, while one of the far-left representative’s closest allies, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) — whose father died from COVID-19 — condemned the decision for D.C. politicians to receive the shots ahead of other Americans.

Omar tweeted that it would “make sense” if the vaccine was administered prioritizing people by age, but that “unfortunately it’s of importance and its (sic) shameful.”

“We are not more important then (sic) frontline workers, teachers etc. who are making sacrifices everyday,” she continued. “Which is why I won’t take it. People who need it most, should get it. Full stop.”

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V-Day Arrives In UK: First COVID Shot Given

The first “high-risk” person has been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine in the United Kingdom.  The elderly woman says if she can do it, “so can you.”

It’s here. Time’s up.

Meanwhile, in the US, the FDA published a report Tuesday morning from the panel that convened yesterday to start examining the data from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine trials. They happily declared that there’s “no reason” to delay the emergency-approval of Pfizer’s vaccine. The agency is expected to release two reports analyzing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine ahead of Thursday’s meeting, with data expected to break down the vaccine’s efficacy with various age, ethnic, and other demographic groups. The agency’s own scientists have prepared one report. The other report has been prepared by scientists with Pfizer and its German partner.

On Thursday, the FDA’s vaccine advisory panel will discuss these materials in advance of a vote on whether to recommend authorization. They will authorize this vaccine. They have already said there’s no reason not to. All countries are moving toward getting the entire global population vaccinated.

India’s federal health secretary Rajesh Bhushan says the government’s regulator could grant a license to some developers of COVID-19 vaccines in the next few weeks. Six vaccines, including Astra Zeneca’s Covidshield, and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, are in trial stages, Bhushan says.

Across the US, states are continuing to tighten restrictions as more than 30 million Americans are now under lockdown in and around the Los Angeles area as new “stay at home orders” and bans on walking are handed down by the tyrants who seek to own people and control their every move in the Golden State.

As these vaccines roll out, be aware of what’s going on in your area. This is not a normal vaccine and most people are well aware of that. Make your own decisions.  The best advice is to turn off the TV.  It’s going to be full (even more so than now) with Covid vaccine propaganda and commercials, much like earlier in the spring when the government blared their commands to stay home during popular television shows.

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COLD SWEAT: Millennials Eating S**t – STOCKS SMASHED!

This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

I’m currently in Tel Aviv, where the government has just approved a SECOND LOCKDOWN, more flexible than the one in March/April but still EXTREMELY PAINFUL for businesses (which are forced to shut down again), families (which are now tasked with parenting their children 24/7), the NATIONAL DEBT, which is reaching new highs not seen in decades, and for morale and spirit of individuals, who have seen the COVID-19 virus impact A TINY NUMBER of people compared with the comprehensive response the government is imposing — this is the REAL ISSUE here — the tradeoff between not overwhelming hospitals (which are short of staff and on beds) and halting the lives of the millions, who will not impact statistics, since they’re not at risk.

September is not March or April when the initial shock JUSTIFIED or WAS MORE IN LINE with the quarantines that were enacted around the globe in the eyes of many.

Today, we know MUCH MORE about this disease: it is highly contagious, but not nearly as lethal as previous coronaviruses, such as MERS, Ebola, and SARS.

Because of this, herd immunity is TOTALLY DOABLE while the weakened populations (elderly, diabetic, and obese, for example) remain under PROTECTIVE MEASURES if they elect to.

The fact that CORRUPT POLITICS is paving the way to solutions in many countries is problematic and UNCALLED FOR.

This amazing chart shows SO VIVIDLY the magnitude of the MARCH PANIC.

The world utterly froze and central banks did what no other institution on the planet can do, and that is to use their MAGIC WAND to create endless liquidity and restore needed confidence.

It worked; the global economic machine realized the END of the WORLD isn’t coming.

No one can TAKE AWAY what they accomplished in March, but their actions have second- and third-level consequences that are UNINTENDED but end up being even more meaningful than the response itself.

For example, their liquidity buffer created the Robinhood app bubble phenomenon.

Look at the chart ABOVE again and you’ll see the amount of cash that is returning to equities is still FAR SMALLER than what exited in March.

We believe this SEPTEMBER CORRECTION we’re going through is really good because it points long-term investors to the support levels for stocks, now that millennials understand that there are TWO SIDES to the market coin.


The dollar is clearly weakening, but it has found support at these levels. It could even strengthen a bit, but we believe there’s still a 5%-10% DOWNWARD SPIRAL coming in the 3-6 months ahead of us.

Gold could really jump above $2,000/ounce by the end of the year, along with silver hitting $30.

Right now, though, one has a chance of BUYING TECH at a discount compared with the last two months.

We’ve worked LONG AND HARD on the new TECH WATCH LIST, which you can access HERE.

Many investors have HATED TECH for years, thinking it was a bubble, but that’s not the case.

The world’s fastest-growing businesses are in the fields that include high-tech.


Because real interest rates are STILL NEGATIVE, stocks and precious metals, along with real estate, have a real catalyst to keep GOING UP.

The NASDAQ is down -12% in September.

We’re not in the habit of STAYING INDIFFERENT to discounts.

Think TECH, think gold, think negative rates, and election madness!

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Antifa Bullying elderly Intelwars Physical attack Police precinct Portland rioters watch

Rioters splash paint on elderly woman, get in her face when she stands up to their police precinct attack: ‘This isn’t your world anymore!’

On the 70th night of left-wing protests in Portland, Oregon, rioters decked out in dark clothing and helmets as they attacked the city’s East Precinct were met with opposition Thursday that one might think would give them some pause: A pair of elderly women.

But then again, this is the left-wing of the year 2020 we’re talking about, and they take no prisoners — not even if they could be their grandmothers.

What are the details?

Amid the rioting and vandalism at the precinct,
KOIN-TV reported that officers were hit with projectiles that included glass bottles and rocks — and cops said one officer was severely injured after taking a large rock to the shoulder.

In the middle of all that, the station said an elderly woman who said she lives in the neighborhood pleaded with the group to stop the vandalism and stood in the way of those who were splashing paint on the plywood outside the building.

But they splashed paint on her too, KOIN noted.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Rather than realizing how far out of hand they’ve gotten, the violent left-wingers started yelling at the elderly woman: “This isn’t your world anymore!”

When she began yelling back at the rioters, one of them walked over with yellow crime-scene tape and placed it on her before wrapping it around her head:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

After the elderly woman hollered at the crowd that “we died for you!” the same leftist who wrapped the crime-scene tape around her head — and towers over her by a foot — rushed back and got in her face, leaned down, and yelled at her.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

It’s not clear exactly what either of them said, but the elderly woman appeared to tell the rioter that she took part in marching.

A female rioter was heard yelling at the elderly woman, “Put your mask on, bitch! Put your mask on!”

Here’s another angle of Antifa taking care of the threat to their operation:

But rioters weren’t done bullying elderly women

The rioters doubled down on their tactics against elderly women at the precinct after noticing one — using a walker, no less — was in the process of trying to extinguish a fire in a trash can.

But Antifa is nothing if not thorough. KOIN noted that the woman “was blocked by a person dressed in all black.”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Comrades of the courageous leftist blocking the woman were heard off camera laughing at and mocking her with one finally saying, “Just let her do it! Let her do it. It’s the highlight of her life! C’mon, we wanna see it!”

The rioter ended up moving left and right in front of the woman as she tried to extinguish the fire. As a chant of “all cops are bastards!” in the background, the elderly woman with the walker got a shot into the can and put out the fire.

Anything else?

The previous night Portland police declared a riot after insurgents tried to burn down the precinct and tried to run over officers with a truck.

On Tuesday night rioters converged on Portland neighborhoods chanting, “Every city, every town. Burn the precincts to the ground.” In one video an unidentified woman in an American flag cape tried to put out at least one street fire. She isn’t the woman who was spray-painted or the woman who tried extinguish the trash can fire Thursday night.

Assault attacks Crimestoppers elderly Houston Police Department Intelwars

Graphic video captures the moment on-the-loose assault suspect plows through elderly man while stealing the victim’s car

Houston police are seeking a suspect who is accused of viciously assaulting an 83-year-old man and stealing his vehicle.

While making off with the elderly man’s car, the suspect also ran him over in his quest to flee a local gas station parking lot.

What are the details?

According to a Thursday KHOU-TV report, the incident took place on June 28.

The Houston Police Department announced that the suspect reportedly approached the elderly man, who was standing in the parking lot of a Valero gas station and smoking a cigarette.

The suspect then reportedly punched the man in the face, knocking him to the ground.

It is unknown whether the suspect exchanged words with the elderly man before striking him in the face.

While the elderly man struggled to get on his feet, the suspect then reportedly entered the man’s vehicle — a Toyota Camry — which was left running in the lot.

The elderly man was able to get up, and attempted to stop the suspect from stealing his vehicle. The suspect was able to get away, however, and struck the elderly man with his own car before fleeing the parking lot.

The elderly man — who remains unnamed at the time of this writing — said he did not know the suspect, and insisted that the attack was unprovoked.

What else?

Police said that the elderly man’s car was found abandoned on July 1.

Authorities are still seeking the suspect, who is wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He is described as a black male, 20 to 30 years old, about 6 feet tall, and weighing 180 to 200 pounds.

The suspect wore a black shirt, gray pants, and had a red bandanna tied on his head during the incident.