For First Time Since The Great Depression, Americans Must Wait In Line For The Most Basic Essential Items – States Are Now Wrestling With The Biggest Budget Crisis They Have Faced In All Of U.S. History – Major Tax Increases Are About To Slam America As Cities & States Want You To Pay For COVID Fallout – Trump: Something Big Will Happen With Venezuela & “We’ll Be Very Much Involved” – Seattle Officials Back Defunding Police By 50%, Mull 911 Overhaul – Cops Raid Mansion Of St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home From Protesters, Confiscate AR-15 (Defend your home in St. Louis, get disarmed) – Black Lives Matter Leader Demands Police ‘Completely Abolished’ Within 5 Years – How US schools are teaching self-hatred and racism against white kids and calling it ‘anti-racism’ (Where are the parents???) – “Liberal” NYC Cafe Owner Terrorized By Yuppie Neighbors After Claiming He Voted For Trump – Watch US Armored Convoy Retreat As Syrian Army Threatens Fire In Tense Standoff – Curcumin Inhibits Virus-Induced Cytokine Storm – Trump To Sign Executive Order Giving DACA Recipients ‘Road To Citizenship’ – YouTube Removes Video Of Popular EV Owner Explaining Why He Traded His Tesla For A Gas-Powered Car – Here’s What 75 Preppers Learned During The Lockdown – Matt Taibbi: “It Was Like Watching Bruce Springsteen And Dionne Warwick Be Pelted With Dogshit For Singing We Are the World” – Swiss Mountain Vault Offers Wealthy Elites $500,000 Plots For Storing Valuables – The Great American Shale Oil & Gas Massacre: Bankruptcies, Defaulted Debts, Worthless Shares, Collapsed Prices of Oil & Gas

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Operation Warp Speed Awards Novavax $1.6 Billion For COVID Vaccine (“What this Warp Speed award does is it pays for production of 100 million doses”) – Bill Gates: ‘Certificates For The Vaccinated Will Be Created To Help Facilitate Global Travel’ – Robert Kennedy Jr.: “Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Now The 3rd Leading Cause of DEATH” In US – Iran Sees 6th Deadly ‘Mystery’ Explosion In Weeks At Industrial Zone Near Tehran – Deutsche Bank “Inexcusably Failed” To Monitor Jeffery Epstein’s Accounts, Fined $150 Million (Epstein’s “periodic suspicious cash withdrawals… in total, more than $800,000 over approximately four years”) – Gold Spikes To 9-Year High, Bonds Bid As Stocks Skid – NOT The Onion: BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only Equals 4 Because Of “Western Imperialism” – Facebook Folds: Will Now Police Speech After Advertiser Exodus – California Faculty Demands “Free Tuition For All Black, Native, & Indigenous Students” – 153 “Left-Leaning” Economists Say US Should Continue To Hand Out Free Money Indefinitely – 3.9 Unemployed Workers For Every Job Opening Despite Record Hiring Surge: JOLTS – American Judge Says He Is “Tentatively Inclined” To Reject Bayer’s Monsanto Settlement – BIS Innovation Hub: The Gradual March To Central Bank Digital Currency Continues To Advance – Slavery Rampant In Africa, Middle East; The West Wrongly Accuses Itself – Ohio Town Proclaims Itself A “Statuary Sanctuary City” For Outcast Historical Figures – Gary Shilling Sees 1930s-Style Decline In Stock Market

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Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire – Judge Orders Jeffrey Epstein Accuser To Destroy Files (“Improperly obtained”) – UMass Nursing Dean Fired For Saying “Everyone’s Life Matters” – British Court Refuses To Release Venezuelan Gold To Maduro – Law Prof Wants To Scrap US Constitution’s “Racist” And “Gendered” Language – Boris Johnson Admits Many Pre-Lockdown Jobs Are “Not Coming Back” As Furlough Lifts – “Great Job Numbers” Trump Booms As Payrolls Soar By Record 4.8 Million, Crushing Expectations – Stunning Surge In New CMBS Delinquencies Heralds Commercial Real Estate Disaster – Jobs Data Officially Broken? More People Getting Unemployment Benefits Than There Are Unemployed Workers – See why potato farmers are destroying millions of potatoes (Business Insider Video) – “ALT STEAK”: 3-D printed “Clean Meat” straight from Lord Birkenhead’s “cell cultured” dreams – “FarmTogether” seeks to “democratize” the process of investing in farmland. And by “democratize” the FT means… – The Pentagon Will Use AI to Predict Panic Buying, COVID-19 Hotspots – Hundreds of elephants dead in mysterious mass die-off in Botswana – When a black man calling for equality for all races is branded an ‘enemy of the people’ you know the Woke world has gone full-blown insane – JPMorgan Spots A Big Problem For Stocks – “This Might Be The Craziest Thing I’ve Seen In My Stock Market Career”; “…unprecedented!” – USDA Crop Report Shocker Sends Corn Futures Surging – Israeli Leaders Say West Bank Annexation Must Wait Due To COVID-19… In reality Washington has not yet fully approved the controversial move sure to trigger bloodshed – Florida Sheriff To Deputize Gun Owners If Cops Can’t Handle Protesters – House Unanimously Passes China Sanctions Bill In Response To Hong Kong Law – Firearms Background Checks Hit All Time High In June – If You Don’t Wear A Mask, You Might Be A Psychopath, Survey Finds

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FREAKIN’ HIGH: Markets Ignore Data – BAMBOOZLED!

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THIS YEAR’S COLD & WET SPRING SINKS US WHEAT ACREAGE TO ITS LOWEST LEVELS SINCE USDA RECORDS BEGAN IN 1919 – Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters Threaten Mayor’s $7 Million House – President For Life? Russian Voters Grant Putin Ability To Rule Until 2036 – “A Single-Handed Symbol Of White Supremacy”: Wisconsin Students Demand Removal Of Abraham Lincoln Statue – Is The Nationwide Coin Shortage Being Used To Push Us Toward A Cashless Society? – Meijer Stops Accepting Cash As Nationwide Coin Shortage Erupts – China Caught Smuggling 10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Into Louisville By US Customs – Bill Clinton’s Serbian War Atrocities Exposed In New Indictment (Clinton’s favorite freedom fighter just got indicted for mass murder, torture, kidnapping, and other crimes against humanity) – WaPo Does Damage Control After “Far More Damaging” Biden-Ukraine Tapes Disclosed – Under This New Law, Cryptocurrency Could Become Illegal – “White Lives Don’t Matter” Academic: “I Resist Urges To Kneecap White Men” (More hateful tweets surface as Cambridge University continues to back Priyamvada Gopal) – General Flynn To The ‘Silent Majority’: “Wake Up! America’s At Risk Of Being Lost” – India Sends Tanks Along Border To Prevent China “Redefining” Line Of Actual Control – New HK Law Includes Penalties Of Life In Prison & ‘Closed’ Trials To Protect “State Secrets” – York Minster’s statue of Roman emperor Constantine could be torn down after complaints that he supported slavery – “F*ck That Driving Shit”: Amazon Driver Quits, Tweets Location Of Abandoned Delivery Van – Tesla Surpasses Toyota, Becomes World’s Most Valuable Automaker – After Massive Upward Revision, ADP Employment Data Shows Job Rebound Slowing In June – Precious Metals Pummeled; Who Needs Safe-Havens When We Have A ‘Vaccine’? – 200 Arrested As Thousands Of Hong Kongers Protest New ‘National Security’ Law – Trump Slams De Blasio’s Call To Paint “Symbol Of Hate” BLM Sign On NYC’s 5th Avenue

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