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Arizona Senate Orders AUDIT Of Dominion Voting Machines in Arizona

The Arizona Senate has ordered an audit of the Dominion voting machines that were “designed for fraud.” The election battle is not over yet.

The board of supervisors must respond to the audit orders by December 18. A spokesperson for the Maricopa Board of Directors told the Washington Examiner that the board is consulting with legal advisers about the subpoenas. Maricopa County officials said they were already planning to carry out a forensic audit of voting machines, as well as a hand recount of all 2.1 million ballots cast, but were prevented from doing so due to ongoing litigation involving challenges to the election results.

The subpoenas coincide with the release of a preliminary audit report, ordered by a Michigan judge, which claimed that Dominion systems are “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Court-Ordered Audit: Dominion Voting Machines Were DESIGNED For FRAUD

The ruling class and mainstream media are still alleging that there was no voter fraud, even though the evidence is becoming abundantly clear that that is not nor has it ever been the case.

Eddie Farnsworth, the Republican chairman of the State Senate’s Judiciary Committee who issued the sobpeona, held a six-hour-long hearing on Monday to probe allegations of irregularities surrounding the presidential contest. He announced afterward that he intended to issue subpoenas to inspect and audit voting machines in Maricopa County, claiming that “there is evidence of tampering, there is evidence of fraud,” local media reported.

However, officials who testified before his committee insisted that there were no indicators that Democrat Joe Biden’s narrow victory in the state was illegitimate. Farnsworth argued that the subpoenas would “ensure that at least the legislature has a process in place” to vet the “veracity” of the electoral contest. –RT

These findings back up Donald Trump’s allegations that this election was wrought with fraud.

Even though the fraud is obvious, Biden was certified as president-elect by the Electoral College on Monday, leading some Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to formally recognize the Democrats’ victory. Trump has insisted that it’s “too early” to give up and has urged the Republican Party to “learn to fight.”


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