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This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends. 

Momentum is FULLY RESTORED in the stock market. It’s QUITE EVIDENT that this isn’t a BEAR MARKET BOUNCE and we probably won’t retest the lows of March 2020, contrary to what many forecasters had been predicting. Instead, we’re at the GROUND FLOOR of what could only be described as the last GREAT CYCLE of American dominance before the dollar goes under the guillotine.  

When the MARCH PANIC occurred, we were on the other side of that trade and we DID WELL. Once the FED slashed rates TO ZERO, we made and published this WATCH LIST, and it has resulted in SEVEN potentially filled orders, all delivering +25% gains. The following dipped to their mentioned LIMIT PRICES and have rallied with the indices: AXP, VFC, UGI, LEG, HSY, SWK, and TRV. You’ll notice that these are all WORLD-CLASS companies, from credit cards to apparel, from utilities to furniture, from chocolate to work tools and even insurance.

Nothing MOVES UP in a straight line so we HEDGED OUR BETS and released a second WATCH LIST in case markets cooled off (and they did in early June), offering a SECOND CHANCE. Even the five companies that dipped below their mentioned LIMIT PRICES are up in a major way. Among them, Trane Technologies (TT) is up 38.8% and Axis Capital (AXS) is up 24.3%. CINF is up 34.4% and MMM and SYY are the two remaining winners.

The limit order prices on these watch lists still stand but most of these have LEFT THE STATION already so we’re publishing our THIRD WATCH LIST today, comprised of fewer companies (since there are fewer bargains), but we’ve CAREFULLY SELECTED them.


This spike in the M2 MONEY SUPPLY, which is unprecedented, can’t be bottled back up.

For many years, while the ECB and BOJ (European Central Bank and Bank of Japan) were going around with slogans saying they’ll print as much as needed and keep rates at zero or negative for as long as needed and will do anything to avoid deflation, the Federal Reserve wasn’t promising the world to investors.

It kept the hope alive that the GENERAL PLAN is actually to go back to normal rates.

The coronavirus has made this impossible. It means that money will not FLOOD INTO the American enterprise system with the same enthusiasm it did in the 2010s.

That is expressed in the chart below, where we can see the dollar IS WEAKENING, but I want to see it dipping below the support of late 2017 levels in order TO BE CERTAIN.

Courtesy: believes that in September and October, while the president is busy with the November elections and Congress is AT A DEADLOCK, markets might slow and retrace some of the gains made.

We expect “reality” to enter into the minds of the day-trading mania and we anticipate the CRAZY EXCITEMENT that investors are feeling to wane.

Fund managers SHARE THIS VIEW, with many more of them believing this is a “W”-shaped recovery.

There’s no doubt that many issues have remained unsolved and the stimulus money in most countries is DRYING UP.


We don’t believe in a DEEP “W,” though.

Instead, we anticipate a quick downturn, almost unfelt.

The amount of LIQUIDITY EXPANSION that central banks and governments have provided will overwhelm any slowdown, but the price we’ll have to pay as a society is that the global reset will be HASTENED and will COME SOONER than most think.

This is the LAST BOOM before the world switches away from the dollar in this decade.

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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends.

Intuitively, you understand it. Your gut is telling you that silver HAS HAD a great run. You’re just looking for ANY CONFIRMATION that this rally might last JUST A BIT LONGER so you don’t miss out on gains. You’re looking at data and you understand HOW HISTORIC the month of July and the first week of August trading have been, but YOU STILL WANT MORE.

July has been UNPRECEDENTED. We may never see anything QUITE LIKE IT.

Silver might give back some of these gains, but I’m NOT SELLING ANY yet. As remarkable as July and August have been, silver DOESN’T STOP these types of bull markets in this fashion – nothing is over yet.

Take a look:


When silver moves, IT REALLY MOVES, and we’re in one of those time vortexes where it is making headway in warped speed – it can still DOUBLE from here.

Before it does, though, it can consolidate until the end the year between the $25 and $30 range, barring any PRESIDENTIAL UPSET in November or an unanticipated COVID-19 panic.

After that, it will gain MORE STEAM and will push upwards with SHEER FORCE towards $45/ounce. It’s QUITE IMPOSSIBLE to time these since market madness is illogical. In my career, I’ve made FAR MORE MONEY by simply getting the BIG PICTURE right, sitting on MY ASS and letting the cycle play out than by trying to be the genius that times the day-to-day activity.

Look at the chart of silver above, which is 20 years long and dates back to the year 2000. You’ll notice that when silver had its FIRST BIG MOVE in 2003, it gained 170% in just short of three years.

The price doubled between 2009 and 2011 and then rose by 60% and then by another 60%, TOTALING a move from $9/ounce to $49 in LESS THAN TWO YEARS – when it moves, IT REALLY MOVES.


About a week ago, I said that when the GOLD/SILVER ratio closes in on its December 2015 level of 65:1, we’ll have confirmation that the precious metal bull market HAS MATURED.

We’re not there yet, and it looks like CROSSING IT will be a struggle, as it should be.

In war, some battles are more important than others. Some overlooking hills give the enemy such AN ADVANTAGE that we’ll DO ANYTHING to conquer them. Some snipers are so well-hidden and they cause so much damage that a whole platoon is sent to take down JUST ONE PERSON.

The lesson here is that the more time it takes to CHEW THROUGH all the sellers that will appear in the coming weeks and months, the sweeter the victory will be WHEN THEY SURRENDER.

Therefore, I say it UNEQUIVOCALLY: I’m not selling my mining shares or physical metals since ANY EFFORT and every bit of energy spent in attempting to time this trade is A WASTE when my focus should be on how to earn more money in my businesses, so I can put it towards BUYING the DIPS.


If you’re BETTING HEAVILY on higher precious metal prices, this is the one chart that matters. If you FLIP IT upside down, it will look exactly like the gold chart.

I’m going to SHOCK YOU to the core with two new ideas on how to POSITION FOR MASSIVE PROFITS!

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