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Horowitz: Plague of violence: Career criminals wreaking havoc on our country

Whether it’s a devastating arson in Oregon, a heinous physical attack caught on camera in New York City, or an ambush of cops throughout the country, you can bet the farm that it was committed by a career criminal who spent barely any time behind bars.

Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix, a Marine veteran and father of two, was responding to a break-in complaint early in the morning last Thursday. According to Sheriff Lowell Griffin, the suspect, Robert Ray Doss Jr., was found in his car at the scene and initially appeared to comply with the order to show his hands. “But in one rapid movement, he retrieved the gun, firing one round, striking [Hendrix] in the face and critically wounding him,” the North Carolina sheriff at a press conference said.

The other two deputies returned fire and killed Doss, while Hendrix died of his wound.

This is how cops are confronted with deadly career criminals every day, and one second of hesitancy on their part can result in their deaths. As a nation, we count every cop shooting of a suspect when cops pull the trigger out of fear — justifiably or unjustifiably — but we have no tally of the number of cops who die every week from stifling the initial instinct to use force immediately.

Remember, for the most part, if cops are called down to the scene of a robbery or break-in, they are usually dealing with violent, repeat offenders, not choirboys. They have every reason to believe the suspect will react with deadly force when confronted by police. In this case, Doss had a record of offenses for drugs, multiple arson crimes, and felony thefts “with arrests in Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia,” according to the sheriff. Arson is a very serious crime, as we saw with the devastation in Oregon this week, yet few arsonists serve time.

Liberals in both parties accuse our criminal justice system of being too punitive, but if that were true (if only), Hendrix would still be alive.

Then there is the case of the Oregon wildfires. We’ve all seen the devastation that looks eerily similar to the aftermath of the riots. Yet, sadly, they are actually both the result of career criminals going unincarcerated. While liberals were quick to blame the fires on global warming (because, you know, we never used to have wildfires), it turns out some were a man-made problem of jailbreak.

Michael Jarrod Bakkela was arrested on suspicion of setting the devastating fire in Phoenix, Oregon. According to KDRV, “Bakkela has an extensive criminal history in Jackson County alone — including a mix of misdemeanor drug charges and more serious felonies.” Court records show he has criminal arrests dating back to 1998 and has never served more than short periods of time behind bars.

Another man, Domingo Lopez, Jr., was arrested in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday for using a Molotov cocktail to start a fire, then was released, then arrested again and charged with starting six more fires!

Then of course there is Ricardo Miguel Munoz, 25, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, man police were forced to shoot when he charged at them with a knife while he was suspected in a domestic violence case. He was charged with stabbing four people last year and had an extensive record. Why wasn’t he locked up?

Then, even if they wind up being locked up, these criminals always seem to receive parole. This week, New York prosecutors announced that Charles Hernandez was charged with a third homicide in relation to a July shooting spree for which he was already charged with two murders. The New York Post revealed that he was released on parole in 2018.

Chicago is perhaps the worst repeat offender of releasing repeat offenders. On Saturday, Timmy Jordan was arrested for killing two and wounding three others. Despite seven felonies, including a weapons charge from just last year, he was out of jail on electronic monitoring. These devices are a complete joke.

Yet both parties continue to push for more jailbreak, more parole, and more leniencies. Kamala Harris is promising to end cash bail. Houston’s government is already working on a “cite-and-release” policy, which would end arrests for certain crimes, thereby allowing career criminals to build up criminal records but stay free.

What is becoming abundantly clear is that we need to toughen mandatory minimums for repeat offenders, tighten — not loosen — bail laws, and create a much stronger three-strikes-and-you’re-out law than we did in the 1990s.

The reality is that most violent criminals don’t come out of nowhere. They are known wolves. One study in Sweden in 2014 found that 1% of the criminals were responsible for 63% of all violent crime convictions. Researchers found that if all violent criminals were locked up after a third conviction, “more than 50% of all convictions for violent crime in the total population would be prevented.”

Yesterday, President Trump hosted a historic peace accord between Israel and two Arab neighbors. Peace in the Middle East is great, but now he must work toward peace in Middle America amid the wave of crime and anarchy. According to a new poll, 65% of Americans are concerned about law and order here at home. That needs to be Trump’s primary concern headed into the election. And it begins by calling for measures that lock up the destructive force of career criminals.

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Horowitz: Justice for 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant means locking up violent criminals

The fact that George Floyd has become a household name but almost nobody will ever hear of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant is what’s wrong with America in a nutshell.

In the new America that is driven by racial politics rather than justice, what do you think would happen if a white man killed a 5-year-old black boy on his bike execution-style, regardless of racial motivations? Well, based on the reaction to the death of George Floyd, which still remains unclear as to the exact cause of death despite what appears to be police wrongdoing, rioting would probably be the mildest reaction.

This happened in Wilson, North Carolina, except it was a black man and a white boy. Now there are crickets from the political class. No kneeling, foot-washing, renaming of American symbols, endless legislation to lock up career criminals like this alleged perpetrator, or frantic press releases from every organization known to man to mourn the loss of life. And most certainly, there seems to be no expectation of rioting. Why not?

On Tuesday, WRAL broke the story that Darius N. Sessoms, 25, allegedly shot 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant Sunday afternoon while he was on his bike in front of the suspect’s house in Wilson, North Carolina. According to witnesses, Sessoms pointed a gun right at the boy’s head and killed him execution-style right in front of his two older sisters. The motive is still unclear other than a theory that the boy rode his bike into the suspect’s yard.

A quick Google news search reveals that outside the New York Post and local news outlets, Cannon Hinnant never existed.

In a sane America, race should never matter. We would deter all violent criminals with serious punishment the first time they act violently, which would have the effect of preventing most murders in the country. Most murderers are repeat offenders. However, the Left wants to concoct a narrative that somehow there is systemic white-on-black crime, which justifies their pushing to weaken our system even more.

In reality, most of the victims of the war on law and order are black. Black-on-white murder is rare but still more common than the other way around. According to the FBI, in cases where the race of the homicide victim and suspect were known, 15.5% of white homicide victims in 2018 were killed by black perpetrators, while 8% of black homicide victims were killed by white perpetrators.

This split is even more pronounced in the broader category of violent crimes. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey published by the Bureau of Justice Statics, out of the 593,598 interracial violent victimization crimes between black people and white people reported in 2018, 90 percent were black against white, and 9.5 percent were white against black. That is simply astounding given that black people compose just 12 percent of the general population and white people compose 62 percent.

So, if we want to start treating every individual crime as a broad systemic racial problem, it should justify rioting and social transformation every time something like this happens. However, for those of us who truly believe in blind justice, there is a more important point.

Sessoms had multiple felony drug charges, multiple felony probation violations, and charges on his record for possessing stolen firearms, according to local media. He doesn’t appear to have served much time in jail.

This is the story of our justice system. Just how much murder is committed by repeat offenders who are given leniencies? Just last week, the Texan reported, according to Andy Kahan of Crime Stoppers Houston, 57 victims have been murdered in Harris County over the past two years by defendants who had been released on multiple felony bonds and personal recognizance bonds. That doesn’t account for all those who served light prison sentences or were let out of prison early and went on to murder. And the momentum toward more and more leniency is getting stronger in the system with each passing day.

Why aren’t Republican senators in North Carolina pushing endless legislation to toughen sentencing on gun and drug felons and parole violators who are almost always the sort of people who wind up committing these heinous acts? Instead, both parties are obsessing about weakening our system even more under the guise of a racial inequality that is actually the other way around.

If you call your senators or state representatives and ask them for toughening sentences on repeat violent offenders in the name of justice for Cannon Hinnant, they will ask you, “Who is that?”

Clearly, some lives matter more than others.

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LA Mayor Threatens To Cut Power & Water To Homes That Host “Large Gatherings”

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has warned that residents hosting large home gatherings can expect their water and power to be turned off. This thin-skinned mayor is losing his power grip on the people and will stop at nothing to show just how low he’ll go to get people to obey his every command.

If nothing else, this at the very least shows that the public is no longer willing to be controlled or dictated to. Garcetti’s temper tantrum is being thrown because he was able to shut down bars, but cannot get people to stop being social with each other. “You’re breaking the law. Just as we can shut down bars breaking alcohol laws, in places that are in criminal violation, we can shut them down,” said Garcetti, who is an actual criminal and political parasite.

According to a report by RT, starting on Friday, Garcetti said that the city’s Department of Water and Power (DWP) would shut off service to properties where there are “egregious” violations of local health orders, pointing to house parties in the Hollywood Hills and Calabasas in recent weeks, which he said were held in “flagrant” defiance of the law.

While we have already closed all bars and nightclubs, these large house parties have essentially become nightclubs, the mayor said on Wednesday, vowing to treat residential homes the same as businesses that skirt health guidelines. In other words, the mayor will dictate what people can and cannot do, meaning the slaves have an obligation to obey or be punished. In case anyone has failed to notice, that isn’t freedom.

Politicians have been getting made fun of for their power grab and inability to control people.  Most simply want to live their lives freely and without bein bothered so long as they afford others that same courtesy. Politicians, on the other hand, want only power and control.  Remember Bill de Blasio’s snitch line?

Commie De Blasio’s Snitch Hotline FLOODED With Obscenities

The bottom line is that people are finally awakening to what the government has become: puppets of the bankers. Once enough figure it out, the disobedience will spread like wildfire.

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group.

Oh, Bernanke, I hope you are READING THESE WORDS: You Lost!

Bernanke, if you’re home watching gold BREAKING RECORDS, just know that I remember when you told Congress that “I don’t quite understand the movement of gold.”

Well, Ben, in case one of your cronies is reading this, let me explain “gold’s movements” to you: Gold goes UP, UP and UP; is that CLEAR ENOUGH?

Since 1971, when your so-called genius friends decided that the dollar was somehow superior to the ULTIMATE MONEY of the universe, gold, its price has gone up 6,000%!

You lost!

Jerome, if one of your employees is FORWARDING THIS letter to you today, then I would like to SAY THANKS for making it clear to more than EIGHT BILLION SOULS that fiat currencies suck!


Many years ago – one hundred and eight TO BE EXACT – a certain J.P. Morgan (the actual man), in his final year on Earth, went in front of Congress and said the TRUEST WORDS ever uttered by any human being since the DAWN OF TIME.

What he said was this: “Gold and silver are MONEY. Everything else is credit.”

Credit, not money, meaning that while you believe you own it, it is actually SOMEONE ELSE’S liability.

In 1944, the United States was so mighty that it DICTATED TERMS to the losing nations of WW2 – the bankrupt countries of Europe and Asia – and a major one was that the ALMIGHTY BUCK would call the shots.

Jerome, if you haven’t realized it yet, WE’RE IN 2020, not 1944.

Let me put this debate TO REST: we’re in a massive bull market!

It would be the HEIGHT OF FOLLY to label this price action as a bubble.

I’m not going to even ACKNOWLEDGE THAT DEBATE; the bubble is elsewhere – THIS IS REAL.

Gold is money; silver is money.

The gains are epic – let’s BRING DOWN THE HOUSE!

There are UNIVERSAL LAWS, which are immutable and ENGRAINED in the cosmos!

One of them is that silver WILL BEAT the manipulating bankers and we are SEEING IT unfolding right now!

The SHORT SQUEEZE that’s going to occur, now that silver has BROKEN ABOVE its 2016 high, could break the backs of the amateurs.

You just watch what’s going to happen, now that the dollar is a SINKING SHIP!

So many speculators, who in RECENT MONTHS decided it’s a good idea to own companies at P/E ratios of 50:1 and higher, will not believe the TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY in the mining sector, as these companies are not even trading above 2016 highs!

Silver is now the HOTTEST PLAY on the planet and gold is TAGGING ALONG beautifully!

The Federal Reserve might be printing dollars, but we’re LITERALLY PRINTING MONEY into the brokerage accounts!

Things are going nuts; a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY is coming next week as well — I’VE NEVER seen anything like it in the mining sector in over 14 years.

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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

Everybody knows it will not be a straight line going up so we have no reason to GET DISCOURAGED, but it’s just so easy to recognize when the manipulation criminals in London and New York City are at work since gold dumps FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON on insane volume.

We can strike back by making sure investors understand the LONG-TERM game of accumulating the metal.


The gold/silver ratio going back below 100 is proving that there’s a STRONG TREND in place. This is no longer just gold decoupling from silver, but a TANDEM MOVE.

I want to spend the rest of today’s letter as we approach the 4th of July holiday recapping some of my takeaways from 2020 as the entire globe went through the first-ever TELEVISED PANDEMIC:

  1. General Interest vs. Specialization: The pandemic has forced millions of people to tackle topics they know NOTHING ABOUT and to assume the experts that appear in media outlets are the ultimate authority on matters.

What I’ve realized is that I can’t be an EXPERT on more than a few unique topics, which I’m better served at knowing on a world-class level rather than be a person who FALSELY CONSIDERS himself educated on matters after reading about them.

It’s much more social and humbling to suppose that there are MANY UNKNOWNS and to be a questioner when coming into a discussion or meeting than to appear to be WELL-VERSED.

In this age of abundant content, any topic has hundreds of bloggers covering it from all angles, therefore the REAL SKILL is in developing a system of reaching the truth QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY.

Think of the way you treat information, question it, and dissect it.

  1. Tolerance and Debating: Because there’s such a glut of content providers out there, there’s a PANDEMIC of CLOSED-MINDEDNESS. People find their favorite commentator and assume that they’re a sage or prophet. They become INCAPABLE of rejecting information from that source instead of debating it.

Don’t shy away from listening to both sides of an argument and AVOID GENERALIZATIONS at all costs.

There are very few BLACK AND WHITE issues.

Becoming a great judge of the profit motive behind people’s commentary is the RARE TRAIT you want to master. The art of GETTING INTO the other person’s mind and thinking about matters from their point of view is TRUE GENIUS.

  1. Plasticity of Mind: This is one the world is severely lacking. Most people TAKE THEIR OPINIONS to the grave and refuse to CELEBRATE ERROR.

This is all wrong; we grow by letting go of unproductive habits, beliefs, and opinions.

Learning that an idea you had is incorrect is a cause for delight – it is not part of your identity to know everything, but to MOVE FORWARD.

We evolve by learning new things and we can only do that by ADMITTING FAILURE.

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NWO: The World’s Ruling Class Puppets Start Pushing “The Great Reset”

The New World Order is on a roll.  The world’s ruling classes are now publically pushing the “Great Reset” on us.  The people who got extremely wealthy following by selling out humanity to the international banking cartel are here to convince you that everything needs to reset under a NWO.

The crazy part is that some people seem pretty excited about it.  They actually believe that the same criminals who have been robbing them blind while creating money out of thin air for themselves and the government are going to wipe away their debts and “allow” them to live peacefully in a home that they won’t have to pay off and those same bankers will expect nothing in return. Wake up. Central banks are the problem and the owners of them are the Zionist International Banking Cartel that is the NWO.

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

At a virtual meeting earlier in June hosted by the World Economic Forum, some of the planet’s most powerful business leaders, government officials, and activists announced a proposal to “reset” the global economy. Instead of traditional capitalism, the high-profile group said the world should adopt more socialist policies, such as wealth taxes, additional regulations and massive Green New Deal-like government programs.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” wrote Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in an article published on WEF’s website. “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”  –The Hill

Except capitalism doesn’t exist anywhere anymore legally. So what they are really asking for, is your enslavement to them. Politicians are simply their puppets and we are the tax cattle.  Those at the very top will “allow” us to share the earth with them, so long as we pay and enrich them along the way.

Joining Schwab at the WEF event was Prince Charles, one of the primary proponents of the Great Reset; Gina Gopinath, the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund; António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations; and CEOs and presidents of major international corporations, such as Microsoft and BP. Activists from groups such as Greenpeace International and a variety of academics also attended the event or have expressed their support for the Great Reset.

The rulers, politicians, and sociopaths that think they own everyone do not care about us.  They do not have our best interests in mind. They want us to comply or no longer inhabit a planet they believe they own.  We have to stop acquiescing and we must not allow this Great Reset to go forward.  It will not be in your best interest.  Those at the top need others for only one thing, to comply so they can get richer. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact.

Specific totalitarian details about the Great Reset won’t be rolled out until the World Economic Forum meets in Davos in January 2021, the general principles of the plan are clear: world domination by the few who will allow those compliant to their orders to live on the Earth.

There will be more crises after people stop panicking over the “second wave” which is getting even more pushback than the first round of lockdowns.  It’s hard to say what these psychopaths will try next, but we can almost be certain it’ll be a scam just like the coronavirus. As I keep suggesting, keep your eyes wide open, do your research, and keep prepping but do not live in fear or lose sleep over this.  These power-hungry sociopaths WANT you to fear them. They feed off it, and that’s obvious if you spend a mere 30 seconds watching any mainstream media channel on TV. Stay alert, practice situational awareness, and live freely without fear.  That’s honestly the best hope we’ve got right now until more wake up.

Max Igan: “Most People Have NO IDEA” What’s Happening Right Now, The Solution Is Simple


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The Truth: “Governments Are The Biggest Criminals In The World, And They Don’t Want Competition”

In a recent video posted by Richie From Boston, he connects the dots the governments of the world don’t want you connecting. “Governments are the biggest criminals in the world,” says Richie. “And they don’t want competition.”

This video is likely to upset people still stuck in the left/right paradigm who believe that they have some sort of a voice during the (s)elections. This is meant to wake you up, and the angry responses in the comments of this video just go to show that people are still brainwashed by the mainstream media and falling for the political divide and conquer.

Manipulating The Masses: Edward Bernays & Why The System Needs Your Compliance

“Remember one day when it was the election or the selection period in America? And Americans were presented with two choices because it’s a free country. Choice A was a murdering, psychopathic, scumbag, evil, man-hating, witch named Hillary Clinton..the other choice was a multi-billionaire, who was a billionaire twice in America, who is also an actor on a show called ‘The Apprentice.’ ‘You’re fired.’ Now, in the religion of freemasonry, when you’re trying to transform someone, something, a country, a continent, a world; that ritual is considered ‘The Apprentice’…Donald J. Trump, who is a Israel first, zionist, capitalistic, maybe father-in-law of the anti-Christ, who knows…they used him to get to the disgruntled white American.” –Richie From Boston

And Americans, like the predictable sheep they are, fell for it.

“Many of us said long ago, that because of what things like The Economist magazineand many other hints the elites throw out there in publications, that Donald Trump was going to be the last president selected in the corporation of the United States of America.” –Richie From Boston

I agree with this one.  Trump will be the last president. It’s up to us how to proceed.  We either realize we don’t need any other human beings to have any amount of power or control over us and become the free sovereign humans we were always meant to be, or we become slaves to the New World Order.  There is no gray area. History has shown there’s no gray area. Power corrupts. Period. Those are the only two options.

Love him or hate him, Richie From Boston does not mince words. He is trying to break through that cognitive dissonance most Americans have that will ensure we are all slaves to the New World Order.  The only hope we have is for more people to wake up and realize what’s been done to them, and how they can break free.  If no one takes the NWO’s one world currency, it will not exist for long. Wake up! Humanity depends on it.

Everything is one huge psychological operation. “They’re doing this to piss off the same people who thought Donald Trump was gonna fix, ‘Make America Great Again.’ They’re gonna keep pushing this til we have all-out civil war.” They are using your loyalty to politicians and the ruling class (government) against you.

The fact that people haven’t figured this out yet is just more evidence that the television programming and the school indoctrination to obey the government at all costs has really worked.  Humans are easily manipulated and controlled are hating those who are trying to awaken them before it’s too late.

“The elites can’t have you ignoring [the psyops]…if white Americans continue to see Black Lives Matter all over everywhere like they will, there will be another ‘event.’ Even if they have to manufacture one. They do it all the time! The government is the criminals!”

Not all of them are criminals, says Richie. But the vast majority, because over the decades, they have weeded out anyone who would stand up against the crimes they are committing against humanity.  The United States government is helping the elitist usher in the New World Order. “They did all this so the government can consolidate power and buy more of the Earth.”

“We’re all being played!”


Bill de Blasio Can't believe Coronavirus Coronavirus america Coronavirus us Crime Criminals De blasio Intelwars New York New York City Nyc inmates Nyc mayor prison break released Shocked Unconscionable

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is shocked that released criminals are committing more crimes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday it is “unconscionable” that criminals released early from prison over coronavirus fears would commit new crimes.

“I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done,” de Blasio told reporters during a briefing Monday, according to the New York Post.

The mayor elected to release more than 1,400 city inmates as part of the state’s prison break over concerns that the virus would ravage prisons and further the spread of the infectious disease.

De Blasio’s comments follow news from over the weekend that at least 50 inmates who were released early have reoffended and landed back in jail — with some already being readmitted into society again.

“We do see some recidivism. I have not seen a huge amount, but any amount is obviously troubling,” he said. “We’re going to just keep buckling down on it, making sure there’s close monitoring and supervision to the maximum step possible. And the NYPD is going to keep doing what they’re doing.”

Responding to the story on Twitter, conservative political analyst Ben Shapiro wrote: “De Blasio being surprised that criminals commit crimes is just pure 100% uncut De Blasio.”

The Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher added: “It’s almost like we had them in prison for a reason!”

The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York, which represents over 50,000 active duty and retired police officers, also joined the chorus of those slamming the mayor.

“Unconscionable? What did you think would happen @NYCMayor? Didn’t your office review and sign off on the release of hundreds of these inmates?” the organization wrote.

According to the Post, city officials said last week that more than 300 inmates and 500 correction department employees have tested positive for COVID-19, and at least two inmates died.

Coronavirus Coronavirus america Coronavirus quarantine Coronavirus us Crime Criminals Houston Houston mayor sylvester turner Intelwars Texas

Houston’s Democratic mayor tells criminals to ‘chill’ and wait until coronavirus is over to commit crimes

Houston’s Democratic mayor announced to the crooks and the criminals that they needed to “chill” and wait until the coronavirus pandemic was over to commit crimes.

Mayor Sylvester Turner made the plea to criminals during a media briefing on the coronavirus response in Houston on Monday.

“Let me just make my plea. Until the coronavirus is resolved, criminals take a break, OK!” said Turner.

“Stay home, OK? Stay home. And don’t commit any crimes!” he added.

“And that way, they’ll stay safe and out of jail, and police officers can stay safe and go home to their families, OK?” Turner concluded. “So everybody chill! Crooks, criminals, you chill! Wait until the coronavirus is over! OK, and then we’ll all be OK!”

Turner’s suggestion to the criminals of Houston drew sharp criticism on social media.

The Houston Health Department reported that the city had 309 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with three deaths.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo also spoke at the briefing and indicated that the violent crime rate had dropped in the city, except for domestic violence cases.

Here’s more of the mayor’s statement:

LIVE: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner gives an update on the city’s coronavirus response

black Chelsea Handler clemency Criminals Intelwars trump

Chelsea Handler gets a dose of truth after trying to dunk on President Trump for the ‘color’ of the ‘criminals’ he granted clemency

Far-left activist and comedian Chelsea Handler made a bold assumption after President Donald Trump granted clemency to eleven people on Tuesday, suggesting her social media followers “notice what color” all of the “criminals” are.

But Handler herself appears to not have read past the headlines, and the Twittersphere was happy to enlighten her as to the fact that there was quite a bit of diversity in the group of people who received either a pardon or a commutation of their sentence from the president earlier in the day.

What are the details?

President Trump issued pardons to seven individuals and commuted the sentences of four others on Tuesday, and several of them were high-profile — even controversial. The media, in turn, highlighted the release of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and the pardons of former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, financier Michael Milken, and former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

While the notable names dominated the presses, one critic accused President Trump of granting favor to ”
crooks” with his executive actions. CNN’s Chris Cuomo tweeted that President Trump “just pardoned only elites.”

But several
outlets took the time to reveal all eleven people who were soon to either reunite with their families or have their records wiped clean thanks to the president. Evidently, Ms. Handler did not read any such coverage.

“While our president exonerates criminals and releases them from jail, notice what color they all are,” Handler tweeted, apparently ignorant of the fact that a number of women of color were pardoned or freed thanks to President Trump’s actions on Tuesday.

“I’ve noticed a lot of them are black! What are you trying to say, Chelsea?” replied conservative writer and media analyst Mark Dice.

Director and producer Robby Starbuck took the time to educate Handler further, tweeting pictures of three of the women impacted with the message, “Chelsea, This is @theangiestanton, Tynice Hall & Crystal Munoz. All were granted commuted sentences or a full pardon. He did 11 commutations or pardons today. Out of 11, 7 looked white (63%). White (including white Hispanics) account for 77% of the population. You’re ignorant.”

One of the non-violent offenders pardoned by President Trump, Angela Stanton-King, even weighed in, telling Handler, “I’m BLACK.”