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California: High school baseball team suspended because 8 seniors took a yearbook photo without masks

A varsity baseball team at a California high school was suspended after pictures of the team’s seniors were posted on social media. They were suspended because they were not wearing masks in the photo.

Eight senior baseball players at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California, took a picture in January as part of a nearly 20-year tradition for varsity seniors to take a group photo for the yearbook.

The photo was organized by the boys’ moms and was posted on social media.

According to KABC-TV, Burbank Unified School District officials saw the picture and decided to punish the students for violating COVID-19 safety protocols by not wearing masks and not social distancing.

The entire varsity baseball team was suspended from organized practice and conditioning drills, and all eight seniors on the team were suspended for two weeks.

One of the seniors on the team claims that the school board wanted to cancel the whole varsity season but received pushback from the school baseball coach.

“The district and board members decided, or they tried to cancel the whole varsity season as a result of the pictures,” senior Rory Freck said. “But our athletic director and coach fought for us, and they compromised on a two-week suspension instead.”

In an email to the Los Angeles Daily News , school district superintendent Matt Hill explained his decision: “We had a group of players and families dress up in uniform and take pictures on campus in violation of health orders (no masks, no social distancing, and mixing of families). They then posted the picture on a JBHS baseball social media site. No player or family from the team notified the coach, school, or district of this health order violation.”

He added, “I have decided to delay the return of athletic conditioning for the JBHS baseball team by one week so that the team can review health guidelines and safety protocols. I look forward to the team beginning conditioning on Monday, safely.”

Rory’s mother, who took the photos, said, “I’m very disappointed that our kids are being punished for something that the moms arranged. And I understand that there are COVID protocols, but the boys were just trying to make us happy.”

Other parents expressed outrage with the school district’s decision.

“”It’s an egregious abuse of power,” Brian Nichols, whose son was among those suspended from the team but was not involved with taking the picture, said.

Other players who spoke to KABC-TV said they just want to move past the controversy and play ball.

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Horowitz: A COVID ‘stimulus’ bill that Republicans should push?

What if I told you we could essentially cure the virus with dirt-cheap drugs, end all the destructive tyranny that doesn’t work, and build up small businesses and personal health rather than lock people down? That is the stimulus Republicans should be pushing, but almost none of them are even promoting such a message. They continue agreeing to the false premise that the way to treat COVID is with masks, contact tracing, massive dependency-inducing handouts, and shutdowns. They just don’t like some extraneous provisions in the bill.

Let’s not forget that Republicans already passed two massive “stimulus” bills that flushed trillions of dollars into a lockdown by enabling governors and mayors to destroy people’s lives without having to pay for it. Which is why, if you listen carefully to their objections to this third bill, they are extremely tangential and are only aimed at some of the extraneous earmarks for construction projects in some states.

Well, as a conservative, I will tell you, I’d take 100 Cuomo tunnel earmarks any day over spending trillions subsidizing the education cartel and blue states and the tracing and spying on Americans. Yet Republicans have spent all their time fighting against transit and bridge funding, but agreeing to the fundamental premise that we need trillions of dollars to treat COVID and that the way to do so is with these ritualistic and tyrannical mandates.

For example, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy railed against the “non-COVID waste in this bill.” But that waste, as insidious as it is, only represents a fraction of the price tag. It’s the “COVID” funding and the policies undergirding it that are the problem. Democrats are already agreeing to remove those minor expenditures anyway. Unfortunately, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the fact that Congress “passed five COVID-19 rescue packages” as “the largest peacetime fiscal expansion in American history … because both parties had shaped the bills together and they met Americans’ urgent needs.” He only cared about the fact that this bill is more partisan.

How about we end the shutdown and fund the cheap, efficacious protocols for prophylaxis and early treatment — and actually solve the problem? To that end, a GOP that actually believes in freedom, health, science, prosperity, and the Constitution would create the following opposing legislative package:

  • End all COVID mandates: Using Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, Congress should declare that all COVID restrictions violate the privileges and immunities of citizens and are hereby suspended. They have not worked and have only brought pain to the country. That is the ultimate stimulus. Anything short of that would ensure that yet another $2 trillion goes towards stimulating shutdown and misery rather than freedom and growth.
  • Make ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine available over the counter: It’s time to dispel the lie that there is no cure to this virus, absent expensive vaccines and ineffective drugs like Remdesivir. There are several proven protocols for both early stage use and prophylaxis, where a regimen of hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin mixed with other cheap supplementals completely cures the virus without hospitalization. India is doing this for $2.65 a person, rather than $1,500 checks being spent on nothingness. A World Health Organization meta-analysis found that ivermectin reduced fatalities by 75%. All 42 studies conducted on ivermectin use in COVID patients, half of which have been peer-reviewed, have found positive effects, including an 89% reduction in disease severity as a prophylaxis and even a 51% improvement in late stage treatment. The average of 214 studies on hydroxychloroquine show 65% improvement in early stage use. Despite the ironclad evidence behind their efficacy, people cannot get these medicines without a prescription, and many doctors will not prescribe them early on, nor will hospitals use them as part of an intermediate stage protocol. Anyone who opposes right to try is condemning many people to needless death by having the virus trigger super infections and cytokine storm, in which the options for treatment are very limited.
  • Mail out packets of supplementals to every family: Rather than spending trillions of dollars locking down people (and then subsidizing the fallout) who will get the virus anyway and then offer no treatment, why not build people up to take control over their own health and freedom? This virus has brought forth a wealth of research showing that vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin, and zinc work great against this and other viruses as prophylactics. A pair of randomized controlled trials in Spain found a reduction in ICU admission among patients receiving high doses of vitamin D by 96% and 80% respectively. A Spanish study of zinc in COVID patients also found a 130% higher death rate among those COVID patients hospitalized with low zinc levels. In addition, there is evidence behind the efficacy of melatonin and aspirin and several other cheap drugs being used at early stages. If everyone were given such a kit, we’d see a reduction in all sorts of viruses, again, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Cancel all taxation and major regulations on small businesses for five years: Government owes it to small businesses to rebuild them after the destruction they have wrought upon them. As many as 44% of all small businesses might close this year as a result of the fallout. Rather than throwing money at so many people who never lost a penny, why not target the relief to those businesses that the government forcibly shut down? The best way to do that is to zero out all taxation and major regulations for five years. But I’d only tailor it to small businesses, because big businesses benefited from the unconstitutional shutdowns at the expense of mom-and-pop shops.

Such a plan would build up the citizenry rather than lock them down. It would empower them to remain healthy and defeat this virus rather than make them victim to helplessness and a death trap of expensive and ineffective treatments out of their hands. It would save lives from lockdown and COVID. However, that would short-circuit both the tyrannical politicians and their crony allies in big business. With power to seize and money to make, who in Washington is interested in saving lives?

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Horowitz: The satanic, evidence-free masking of children

While forcible masking of adults is immoral and illogical, the masking of children is downright satanic. Even if, in some alternate universe, cheap Chinese face burkas worked against transmission of particles much smaller than their pores, the virus poses no statistically meaningful danger to children. Together with the hiatus of the flu, children are actually better off than they’ve ever been in terms of viruses. So why, as a free people, are we forcibly masking babies often younger than two years old with no regard for the evidence of masking’s efficacy or the physical and psychological damage of such demonic measures?

By now, most of us have seen the outrageous video of a family being thrown off a Frontier Airlines flight in Miami, when the child caught not wearing a mask was reportedly a baby younger than 2 years old. As outrageous as the story is, we have become desensitized to the fact that children across the country are being masked for seven hours a day every day. How can this be tolerated for another day, especially when our “leaders” plan on doing this indefinitely? Where are the lawsuits? Where are the numerous GOP-controlled legislatures banning this draconian form of child abuse?

Evidently, Italy values freedom more than we do. Last week, il Giornale, a daily newspaper in Milan, reported that an Italian court ruled in favor of a parent who sought an exemption from the mask mandate for their child who suffers from breathing issues. Although the court ruling applied only to that particular plaintiff, the judge found that the government “has not provided proof of the scientific validity, for the purpose of containing the spread of the COVID virus, of the use of masks during school hours” and that therefore “[masking] is suspended immediately.”

What is so absurd is that even if masks worked, children are not threatened by this virus, nor are they vectors of spread. Children are actually being abused at a time when respiratory viruses are a lower threat to them than ever, even according to Biden’s top coronavirus adviser, Dr. Michael Osterholm.

“We are seeing almost no viral respiratory pathogens today in our pediatric population,” said Osterholm on a talk show last week (beginning at 16:40 mark). “If you go look at our hospitalization rates for kids, it is dramatically below what we’ve seen in recent years.”

So why did the flu disappear? Because of the masks? Not a chance.

“Now, you can’t say it’s just because of mitigation, because frankly we haven’t done all that well with mitigation with COVID-19,” continued the famed University of Minnesota scientist. “Look at all the cases we’ve had. So, if, in fact, it were just that, you’d expect to see at least some activity with flu and with the other viral repository pathogens. So, I think there is something going on here that mother nature is doing and across a diverse area of the world that we just don’t understand.”

Indeed, when the politicians and the “scientists” were still predicting a “twindemic” of the flu and COVID back in the early fall, I proved, with the help of Kyle Lamb, that the flu had disappeared in areas and during times when people were not wearing masks or locked down.

The point is that masks played no role in mitigating any of this, and children are better off than ever before. So why are we continuing the abuse of endless masking?

It’s simply an article of faith – a modern-day version of Moloch, whereby we sacrifice the physical and mental health of a generation of children to the gods of virtue-signaling.

Just how absurd is mask-wearing? We know that 87% of particles with influenza viral RNA are smaller than 1 micrometer, with many particles as small as less than one-tenth of a micrometer. One study that examined a sample of over 11,000 particles found that over 90% of SARS-CoV-2 particles were smaller than 0.3 microns, which clearly means this virus is primarily an airborne transmission virus. Most people who are together indoors for long periods of time, who are responsible for most of the transmission, wear cloth masks. Studies have shown most cloth masks have pores between 80 to 500 micrometers and that they expand with each washing. It is simply ludicrous to suggest that they can have any degree of efficacy, any more than using a screen door on a submarine.

The reality is that if you are indoors with someone who is predisposed to spread and you are pre-disposed to getting the virus (both factors still unclear and likely out of our hands), you will get infected regardless of masks or the ritualistic six-foot distance. While relatively large droplets, 100 micrometers for example, fall to the ground within a few seconds (even larger spittle falls immediately) and rarely wind up in someone else’s mouth, the microscopic aerosols can remain suspended for days.

How can we permanently mask our children, beginning with toddlers, based on such anti-scientific insanity?

European officials seem to be fighting harder for liberty than Americans. Yesterday, the U.K. Express published comments from experts and school officials decrying recommendations in England that children be masked in schools.

“The use of masks in classrooms will undoubtedly be detrimental to learning particularly for any children with learning impairments or any special educational needs,” wrote Ross Jones, former consultant pediatrician, in the British Medical Journal.

Jones noted that even the WHO’s recommendation of masking schoolchildren states that it should be “accompanied by monitoring not only of any effect in reducing SARSCoV-2 transmission but also of any harms to either mental or physical health, but this has not been done.”

States with GOP majorities need to pass some version of North Dakota’s HB 1323, which bars all local officials from denying entry into schools or businesses based on masks. They should also pass Tennessee’s Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act (SB 0320/ HB 0794), which would apply anti-discrimination law to those without masks, at least to schoolchildren.

We must remember that as schools begin to reopen in critical numbers in the coming days, we will have just one shot at defining what that reopening looks like: Will it be the only normal of children interacting with each other, or will it be a satanic hell of shaming a human being for his or her own God-created face?

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Horowitz: Will state legislatures keep rolling over for tyrannical governors?

Even if one believes government has the legal right and the scientific backing to destroy our lives over a virus, shouldn’t such decisions be made by a legislative body? This is a simple proposition anyone who supports representative democracy should rally behind, yet 10 months into the greatest government display of control of our lives, we continue to have health departments making the most consequential decisions of all time without legislative input. Governors continue to tell legislatures to mind their own business, and the response from most GOP-dominated legislatures has been tepid at best.

There is no virus that can possibly prevent legislators from weighing in, at least not after a few days into the initial emergency. We should all agree that if the actions taken by the governors, mayors, and health departments are so compelling, then the legislature should easily be able to approve them — if not within hours or a day, certainly within a week. As such, any decision that is made against the life, liberty, or property of an American — from business and school closures to quarantining and masking — should only be made by an elected body within just a few days of the presumed emergency.

Are the 31 GOP-controlled legislatures passing these bills, even in the 19 states where they command veto-proof majorities? Very few of them are going far enough, although some are headed in the right direction. Idaho, Ohio, and North Dakota are examples of some states where one chamber has passed meaningful limitation on the governor’s orders. However, one to two months into the legislative sessions, not a single state has effectively checked the dictatorial powers yet with a categorical bill passed by both chambers.

Last week, the New Hampshire House passed a bill zeroing out all fines levied against businesses and individuals under emergency health orders. Shockingly, Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said, “We can’t claim to support law and order, then incentivize law-breaking and reward those who do not follow the rules.”

From following these efforts in numerous states, I get the sense that this is the belief held by nearly every governor in the nation. They believe they have the right to legislate against the most intimate parts of a citizen’s life, and in turn, the legislature has no businesses getting involved. Sununu believes that the legislature is being lawless by interfering with his private “laws.”

It’s not surprising that governors believe they should have as much power as possible. What is shocking, though, is that state legislatures are not more aggressively checking their power and appear content to allow governors to continue ruling as kings. For example, the GOP supermajorities in West Virginia failed to apply limitations to the current declared emergency. Indiana’s supermajorities refuse to fully check the power of the liberal RINO Gov. Eric Holcomb.

The scary thing is that the clock is ticking on state legislative schedules, and many of them will be out of session within a few weeks, which will enable governors to rule without any checks and balances for the next eight to nine months. At a minimum, states must pass bills forcing the governors to call the legislatures back into session as soon as governors declare an emergency or give the legislature itself the ability to call itself back in to session.

What I’m observing now in most state legislatures is an antiquated law designed to protect liberty being used to protect tyranny. Most states limit the legislature to just a few months of active lawmaking, and some states even limit the number of days during the session that legislators can introduce legislation. This was done to prevent the government from legislating away too many of our rights. However, what has happened in recent years is that most of the “legislation” is promulgated by the governor, the state agencies, or the courts. They have zero limitations on the time or scope of their “legislative” powers. Thus, limiting the ability of the legislature to convene actually prevents the people from using their only democratic avenue to redress their grievances against executive tyranny.

Take Utah, for example. There is an allegedly Republican governor, with the GOP controlling the House by 58-17 and the Senate by 23-6. Yet it as might as well be California when it comes to mask mandates. The state legislative session ends this coming Friday night, and legislators have yet to limit the power of the government or health department. With the legislature out of session until 2022, the health department extended the criminalization of human breathing without a Chinese face burka through March 25. Without any sort of legislation – and indeed, with the legislature slated to be out of session – these unelected bureaucrats are suggesting that the mandate will be in place until 1.6 million people have been vaccinated, and even then, citizens will be allowed to breathe freely only in “low transmission” counties. With masks already never having worked in Utah, the unelected bureaucrats have now set up a standard that will continue with no recourse for the citizenry until the legislature convenes next year.

James Madison, writing in Federalist #48, observed, “The legislative department is everywhere extending the sphere of its activity, and drawing all power into its impetuous vortex.” He further believed, “The legislative department derives a superiority in our governments from other circumstances.”

“Its constitutional powers being at once more extensive, and less susceptible of precise limits, it can, with the greater facility, mask, under complicated and indirect measures, the encroachments which it makes on the co-ordinate departments,” wrote Madison. “It is not unfrequently a question of real nicety in legislative bodies, whether the operation of a particular measure will, or will not, extend beyond the legislative sphere.”

It was in this vein that many state constitutions limited the powers of their legislative authorities. Little did their framers know that not only would the executive branch begin to legislate against fundamental rights all year round, but the legislature would be all too content to permanently cede that authority.

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Horowitz: Large Wisconsin study shows almost zero virus transmission from youth sports

Shutting down schools is not the only way our politicians are destroying the lives of children. They also continue to ban or limit youth sports in many states or make kids play with masks, which is a greater health threat to children than the coronavirus. The entire sports and leisure life of children has been destroyed for a generation, all for a virus that does not pose a statistically significant threat to them, more than the daily risk of living. Now a new study from Wisconsin lays waste to the entire premise of shutting down youth sports in the first place.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health published a preprint study of coronavirus transmission among 30,704 high school athletes who played sports in Wisconsin during the fall. Wisconsin children were luckier than others because the state Supreme Court reversed the categorical ban on youth sports last May, so most were able to play sports. However, the majority of students were, shockingly, forced to play wearing masks. So, did it make a difference?

Overall, the study found that the infection rate among players was exactly in line with the infection rate in the given county at the time. Despite 30,074 student-athletes that had participated in 16,898 practices and 4,378 games during the peak of Wisconsin’s fall spread, the rate of incidence among those students was actually lower (32.6 cases per 100,000 person-days) than the rate of incidence among the general population of 14-17-year-olds (38.1 cases per 100,000 person-days) during the time.

Here’s the money quote:

Of the cases with a reported known source, 115 (55%) were attributed to 163 household contact followed by community contact outside sport or school (85, 41%), school 164 contact (5, 2.4%), sport contact (1, 0.5%) and other (3, 1.4%).

You read that right. Just 1 individual of 30,000 players contracted the virus through what was suspected to be transmission from the sporting event. And I’d bet my bottom dollar that this was not the worst thing that child had contracted in his lifetime. In fact, with flu season on hiatus, children are getting sick less often and less severely than they do during a typical winter.

The researchers further found no statistically significant difference in reported COVID-19 incidence between contact versus non-contact sports or individual versus team sports. They did find a slightly higher rate for indoor vs. outdoor sports, which is to be expected, although the overall rates for that age group were low across the board.

What about masks?

“After adjusting for local county COVID-19 incidence and school instructional delivery, face mask use was not associated with a decreased COVID-19 incidence in football, girls’ volleyball, boys’ soccer or cross country.” If anything, there was a greater incidence of cases among those who wore masks relative to those who didn’t for the football groups, which had the most cases out of the four sport groups studied. Either way, because 84% were wearing masks, it was hard to get a significant sample size of non-mask-wearers, which will always be used as an excuse to avoid drawing conclusions from this study.

However, with no affirmative evidence that masks ever work, why are we making kids play in such a dangerous environment for a virus that is simply not a problem for them? In an informal survey of 2,270 Minnesota high school athletes, 74% of students reported experiencing at least one “clinically significant symptom” from wearing a mask while playing, including loss of consciousness, dizziness, and vomiting. Almost 80% of respondents said it was hard to breathe, 52% said they experienced “increased or excessive fatigue,” and 48 players reported going to urgent care, with 18 of them being taken to the ER.

The broad results of the Wisconsin study harmonize with a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which found “that the transmission risk during a rugby match is likely to be very low.” Well, if you’re not spreading it during rugby, then you’re likely not spreading it during any sport. Even if masks were to work in general, there is no reason children, who are not at risk in any meaningful way, should have to wear masks outdoors. The harm far outweighs even the contrived benefits of mask-wearing.

Incidentally, it was the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health that published a mental health survey among high school athletes last July that found that approximately 68 percent of the 3,243 student-athletes surveyed reported feelings of anxiety and depression at levels that would typically require medical intervention.

In October, that same department published a survey comparing those in Wisconsin who participated in sports to those who did not and found that 80% of those who participated felt zero anxiety in their lives compared to just 26.4% who did not play a sport in the fall. Just 6.6% of those who played felt moderate or severe anxiety compared to 44.1% who did not! Also, nearly twice as many students who played sports reported experiencing no or minimal depression as among those who did not participate in youth sports.

Remember that according to the CDC’s current unscientific guidance, youth sports and extracurricular activities would be banned in all the red areas.


What our government is doing to us is a crime against humanity. A 2019 study published in Nature Neuroscience observed that social interaction was so important even for lab rats that when offered the option between a drug infusion (they were previously injected with methamphetamine) and interaction with other rats, the rats chose their peers 90% of the time.

The question going forward is not only whether we will follow the science, but whether we will treat our children with as much humanity as rats.

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Horowitz: North Dakota House passes bill blocking localities, schools from mandating masks

Why did God give Republicans an 80-14 majority in the North Dakota House? Because with so many liberal Republicans, they need every last one just to get a majority behind the right to breathe freely without government criminalizing our breath with medieval superstitious rituals, such as mandated covering with a Chinese face burka.

The bad news is that 30 Republicans voted to allow localities to mandate mask-wearing. The good news is that Republicans still had a 50-44 majority to pass a new law barring local governments from criminalizing human breathing and appearance without a mask.

H.B. 1323, sponsored by Reps. Jeff Hoverson and Jeffrey Magrum, would prohibit a state or local elected official from forcing an individual to use a face covering or make such a covering a condition for entry, education, employment, or services. This bill would presumably bar local school boards from forcing children in school to wear masks.

This bill is very important, because even though 12 states currently don’t have a statewide mask mandate, many localities still require them, and it’s almost impossible to find a school district that doesn’t mandate them on children, despite the evidence against both the efficacy of masks and the threat of children spreading the virus.

The bill was given a “do not pass” recommendation by a 9-5 vote in the political subdivisions committee, but in North Dakota, every bill still gets a vote on the floor. It appears that some of those members understood that they were being watched. House Speaker Kim Koppelman, assistant majority leader Scott Louser, and caucus leader Glenn Bosch all voted for the bill.

The bill now moves on to the Senate, where it’s sponsored by Sen. Oley Larsen and will likely get a hearing next month. The chairman of the Senate Political Subdivisions Committee happens also to be the Senate president pro tempore, Randy Burckhard. Republicans have a 40-7 majority in that chamber, but many are known to be somewhat liberal, so conservatives will have to work this vote hard if they want it to pass it.

Gov. Doug Burgum has declined to comment on the mask bill. He implemented a mask mandate on Nov. 14, but allowed it to expire on Jan. 18. As in every other state, there was zero evidence of any efficacy of that mandate. North Dakota suffered from a sharp winter curve because the state had little prevalence of the virus and therefore weak immunity headed into the fall surge. The virus rose and fell with the collapse of the winter curve everywhere else, and the relaxation of the mandate has not stopped the decline.

Despite South Dakota never having a mask mandate and having fewer restrictions than North Dakota, South Dakota actually had slightly fewer cases.

The northern latitude states out West seemed to have the exact same curve, despite different responses and varying population densities.

Clearly, the mask-wearing is a charade and, as the FDA says on its website until this very day, does not work for airborne-transmitted viruses, only to “block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter,” which is not the primary transmission method of the virus. The FDA also says, “Surgical masks are not intended to be used more than once,” guidance rarely abided by as a result of the mask mandate.

Montana’s House of Representatives recently passed a similar bill, HB 257, which would block localities from implementing this inhumane mandate among other restrictions on businesses. That bill passed by a much larger margin, 66-34, because only one Republican voted against it.

Generally speaking, Republican legislators across the country have been shockingly tepid about repealing these mandates, despite the lack of evidence of their efficacy and the moving of the goal posts that are now threatening to continue this inhumane mandate indefinitely. Will the North Dakota bill serve as a turning point?

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Horowitz: Fauci flip: In 2014, Fauci opposed quarantine of Ebola health care workers

Of all Dr. Fauci’s insidious flip-flops, this is likely the most revealing of all. Before infectious diseases became a political weapon to destroy civilization and individual liberty, Fauci opposed mandatory quarantines even for a rare and deadly virus that, unlike COVID, is very quarantinable.

In many ways, Ebola is the antithesis of coronavirus. Given that it’s rare but deadly, it is the quintessential disease for which quarantine is both necessary and effective. The infection fatality rate is up to 50%, but it only transmits through bodily fluid, so during an initial outbreak, the case count will be measured in single digits, not in tens of thousands like a pandemic flu. The origin, scope, and duration of the quarantine are very limited but necessary. The exact opposite is true of coronavirus, which has a fatality rate of well under 1%, but is also bound to spread to the entire population until it reaches the herd immunity threshold.

Nonetheless, when America experienced an Ebola outbreak in 2014 from people traveling from West Africa, Fauci vehemently opposed state governors who were placing mandatory quarantines on the few and specific individuals who traveled directly from the source of the outbreak.

My former colleague, investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel, uncovered this gem from Dr. Fauci opposing policies by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie forcing health care workers who came in contact with Ebola patients to quarantine for 21 days.

“We appreciate the fears of the American people, but you don’t want to have policy that would have negative unintended consequences. … The scientific evidence is what needs to drive us,” Fauci said on ABC News in October 2014. “If you put everyone in one basket, even people who are clearly no threat, then we have the problem of the disincentive of people that we need,” he added, while also referring to his colleagues who went overseas to treat Ebola patients as “heroes” who are “protecting America.”

He added: “And we know that people who are without symptoms are not a threat to transmitting it. You don’t get Ebola unless you come into direct contact with body fluid. So there are things that we have got to be careful.”

Ebola is the exact sort of virus for which our laws allow quarantine. These were specific people who came directly into contact with a very deadly virus that, all things equal, was not destined to spread to the U.S. unless people brought it in from overseas. Yet Fauci spoke of the dignity of the human being and the need not to quarantine the individual without any evidence of symptoms.

Now, this same man is essentially telling us that for the rest of our lifetimes, we can lock down and forcibly mask all Americans within America who never traveled outside the country and who present no symptoms – all for a virus that is like a pandemic flu and is unavoidable. Even with roughly 35% of the country already having been infected, he still continues to forcibly mask every human being indefinitely, regardless of whether they have symptoms, already had the virus, or had a vaccine.

I often find myself using Ebola as the paradigm of what quarantine laws were designed for. Governors erroneously believe that the police power to quarantine applies to locking down the healthy with the sick. That is simply not true. It was designed for a very limited number of people, like those who have Ebola, which can be easily quarantined. Fauci didn’t believe that those without symptoms, even if they directly traveled from a source country and actually treated a patient, should be quarantined. How can he now believe that quarantine should apply to the entire nation indefinitely for a flu-like virus whose transmission is unavoidable?

As Justice Alito said in a speech at the Federalist Society last November, the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts opinion, which upheld the police powers of a state to combat an epidemic, was rooted in “a local measure that targeted a problem of limited scope.” That was essentially what occurred in 2014 when a handful of people traveling back from West Africa landed at a few airports and there were no more than 11 cases in the United States.

What is happening now is not quarantine but a blockade on our rights until the end of time. As Alito said of the Jacobson decision, “It did not involve sweeping restrictions imposed across the country for an extended period. And it does not mean that whenever there is an emergency, executive officials have unlimited, unreviewable discretion.”

Fauci opposed the effort to even temporarily suspend flights and travel from West Africa, noting that isolating those countries would cause “unrest.” Remember, there is no right for foreigners or even Americans to travel back and forth from a particular country. Yet, to this very day, Fauci believes Americans can be placed under curfew, masks, and every restriction under the sun within their own communities.

Fauci’s opinion in 2014 served the medical and “scientific” elite, just like his view today. In that sense, he is somewhat consistent, at least in his stubborn adherence to the two-tiered justice system of the elites.

Consider the physical, economic, emotional, psychological, and behavioral harms of lockdowns and mask-wearing in California for almost a full year. The governor did this to avoid the spread of a virus that the Los Angeles Times now admits is finally slowing down in L.A. because 35% of the people have likely gotten the virus.

Yet Fauci is still acting as if this is a quarantinable virus!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Fauci is never correct.

Coronavirus tyranny Covid-19 tyranny Eric holcomb Indiana Intelwars Mask mandate Mask mandates Masks

Horowitz: Hoosier hubris: Republican legislators keep crowning governors kings over humanity

Nearly every governor has set up a dictatorship crushing every aspect of our lives, including regulating our breathing. After eight to 10 months of silence, state legislatures are finally convening and dealing with the scope of executive emergency powers. But rather than holding hearings exposing all the lies about the efficacy of lockdowns and masks and publicizing the harms of those policies, most GOP-controlled legislatures are simply rearranging the deck chairs for future emergency declarations while tacitly agreeing with the premise of this tyranny. The American people need to wake up before these legislatures are out of session and the governors have another eight months of free reign.

It’s understandable to give governors emergency powers for a handful of days. But when they promulgate edicts that affect every aspect of our lives and properties, there is no reason why, within a week, a legislative body should not be in session holding hearings with expert witnesses on both sides of the debate to see whether those measures are constitutional, necessary, efficacious, or more harmful than helpful. Had this been done in state legislatures last March and April, they would have discovered that these unconstitutional policies are all pain and no gain.

Yet here we are, 10 months into “15 days to flatten the curve,” and most GOP-dominated legislatures are still not asking questions about the underlying premise of these policies, categorically banning their implementation, and properly reining in abuses of executive power.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Indiana. Gov. Eric Holcomb has accepted the entire false premise of the likes of Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo that lockdowns and masks mitigate a viral spread. As such, he has implemented unconstitutional infringements upon liberty almost to the degree of the hard-core blue states. He began categorically shutting down restaurants on March 16, the day after the legislature adjourned its 2020 session. Thanks to the weak leadership in these GOP supermajority-controlled chambers, there was no successful push to force the legislature to reconvene for almost an entire year. Now that legislators are back in session and 15 days of lockdown have turned into infinity, they are stripping him of all this power, right?

More like rearranging the deck chairs.

Last week, the Indiana House passed HB 1123, sponsored by House floor leader Rep. Matt Lehman. The bill was touted as limiting the governor’s power to issue an emergency order beyond 30 days, but in fact it does little to change current policy. Rather than categorically ending an emergency declaration after 30 days absent an affirmative vote by the legislature to extend it, this bill keeps the default position in place — that the governor can extend the order for as long as he wants unless the legislature passes a concurrent resolution to block it. It’s a seemingly slight nuance that makes all the difference.

Proponents of the bill might argue that under current policy, the legislature doesn’t even have the ability to convene in a special session to block the governor absent the governor’s permission, and this bill enables the legislature to convene in an emergency session. That is true, but this bill will not enable rank-and-file members to call for that session, only a “council” made up of leadership members — the same leaders who sat idly all last year while the governor tore up the Bill of Rights, the Hoosier economy, and education for a generation of children. It’s the same leadership that still agrees with the underlying premise of Holcomb, Biden, and Cuomo — that indefinite masking and quarantining of healthy people are legally sound and scientifically sane.

Rep. Jim Lucas (R) has a bill that would stop these orders dead in their tracks after 28 days, but leadership is opposing it. “We’re just moving things around and we’re not really doing anything to protect the individual against government overreach,” complained Lucas.

As the Center Square reports, “The great majority of Republicans also showed no interest Monday night in amendments that would have strengthened the Lehman bill, HB 1123, and restored to the legislature its sole lawmaking authority.”

Rep. Curt Nisly introduced amendments to categorically ban the governor from using emergencies to legislate and regulate the people directly rather than simply issuing guidance to executive officials. They were all voted down. Nisly aptly captured the sentiments among Republicans that I have noticed in most state legislatures across the country. “All summer a lot of Republicans bloviated about, you know, ‘We can’t do anything, because we’re not in session.’ And, now we are, and we’re doing about the same thing we did this summer, which was nothing.”

There is no desire whatsoever from these legislators to deal with the current abuse of power, which is the greatest in American history. No desire to use the wealth of evidence against lockdowns and masks to oppose the underlying premise of these particular orders in addition to properly reforming future emergency powers. We saw this in West Virginia, where the GOP leaders in the legislature only want to apply the limitations to future orders. The Senate bill in Indiana is even weaker and also only applies to orders issued after March 1.

It would be one thing if this is the best they can do with divided government. But Republicans enjoy a 71-29 majority in the House and a 39-11 majority in the Senate! What’s more, in Indiana, as in West Virginia, it only takes 51% of the legislative vote to override a governor’s veto, which means they could even afford to lose 13 RINOs in the Senate and 20 in the House and still override Holcomb’s veto. Sadly, there are more RINOs than that.

Just how radical is Eric Holcolmb? Last year, the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) stayed out of the gubernatorial election in deference to him. It’s the only time in recent memory the union declined to endorse the Democrat candidate.

In October, conservative Rep. Curt Nisly speculated that the reason was because the teachers’ union already had their Democrat man in the governor’s mansion, embodied in Holcomb. As the Center Square reported last year, Holcomb met with ISTA on July 14 (virtually, of course!). Just eight days later, Holcomb announced a statewide mask mandate, originally making all violators guilty of a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine, something we have not seen in most Republican-controlled states. He predicted mask-wearing would become “the fashion of the day.”

The same day, ISTA President Keith Gambill sent out a statement crediting the union’s meeting with Holcomb for securing the mask mandate. Four weeks later, ISTA announced the unprecedented move to remain neutral in the gubernatorial race between Holcomb and the official Democrat opponent, Woody Myers. In other words, Holcomb was such a leftist that he was indistinguishable, in the eyes of the teachers’ union, from a Democrat.

The legislature appears to be going along with this Republican in name only. Several weeks ago, House Speaker Todd Huston encouraged people to wear masks, claiming that “the vast, vast, vast majority of the scientific and medical community agree that wearing masks are important and I will stand by those.”

Well, Speaker Huston, show us any evidence that masks have worked. Missouri is the closest state that doesn’t have a mask mandate, and given that it is in the same NOAA climate zone, it had the exact same seasonal curve, as we have seen across the country and across the globe. In fact, Missouri seemed to do better.

The curves are so regional and seasonal in nature that Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri all had the same curves, despite Illinois having the earliest mandate and Missouri having no statewide mandate. Yet Missouri had the fewest cases of the three. In fact, even within Missouri, one suburban St. Louis County, Jefferson, which instituted its own local mask mandate, did worse than neighboring St. Charles County, which had no mandate, even though Jefferson County has a lower population density than St. Charles.

How much longer will we tolerate this in supermajority Republican states that Trump carried by a large margin? Why are we even focused on taking back Congress with a bunch of leftist Republicans when we can’t even secure basic liberties against the most radical and destructive Democrat policies in states with 3-1 GOP majorities in the legislature?

Well, until Republican legislators are forced to answer tough questions from their constituents, they will continue to skate by every primary without any competition. That’s why it’s time for conservatives to focus like laser beams on Republican-controlled legislatures.

There are several billboards on I-69 just south of the Michigan-Indiana border, essentially inviting Michiganders to flee lockdowns and live freely in Indiana. Unfortunately, things are not that much better in Indiana. Conservatives must work to make this red state red again so that it really can make things better for refugees from blue America.

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Horowitz: When Australia fined mask companies for misleading about their effectiveness against a virus

Once upon a time, sanity and science reigned supreme during responses to pandemics. There was a period of time between the Dark Ages and today when we actually followed logic, science, and learned experience and understood that masks do not stop viruses. You might be wrestled to the ground by police in Australia today for not wearing a mask, but 17 years ago it was the mask proponents who were on the hook for lying about mask efficacy in Australia.

We’ve all seen the warning labels from mask manufacturers that masks don’t work against viruses, which used to be common knowledge among all government agencies as well as laymen. But during the SARS outbreak of 2003, the Australian government warned companies not to mislead the public about their effectiveness in mitigating the spread of SARS 1.

In an article titled, “Farce mask: It’s safe for only 20 minutes,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported on April 27, 2003, “Retailers who cash in on community fears about SARS by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could face fines of up to $110,000.” Then-NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher threatened prosecution of those mask manufacturers who exaggerated the level of protection afforded by medical masks. “I’m sure everyone would agree that it is un-Australian to profiteer from people’s fears and anxieties,” Ms. Meagher said.

How times have changed!

The irony is that, if anything, the science against mask-wearing is even clearer today than in 2003. It has now become clear that SARS-like viruses spread through microscopic aerosols, not primarily via large droplets. Those virions are often 30 times smaller than the pores in surgical masks, let alone the larger pores of the cloth masks most commonly worn. Also, the loose seal around the face for the overwhelming majority of people who don’t properly clamp the mask is a source of all sorts of virion emissions. However, the Sidney Morning Herald noted at the time that masks were ineffective even against larger droplets.

“Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry,” said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

“As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets.”

Professor Cossart said that could take as little as 15 or 20 minutes, after which the mask would need to be changed. But those warnings haven’t stopped people snapping up the masks, with retailers reporting they are having trouble keeping up with demand.

Now consider the fact that people are wearing this mask (or even more ineffective cloth masks) for hours on end, often reusing them for multiple days! And yet, nobody in government is questioning the consequential assumptions they have made forcing young children, seniors, and people with disabilities to continue wearing these absurd cloths, despite 10 months of evidence showing that shockingly high levels of mask-wearing fail to alter the natural trajectory of the epidemiological curve.

This video is a good demonstration of how worthless masks are in stopping aerosols.

On April 3, already several weeks into the unprecedented lockdown over coronavirus, but before the big media push for universal masking, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued guidance for respiratory protection for workers exposed to people with the virus. It stated clearly what governments had said all along about other forms of airborne contamination, such as smoke inhalation — “Surgical masks and eye protection (e.g., face shields, goggles) were provided as an interim measure to protect against splashes and large droplets (note: surgical masks are not respirators and do not provide protection against aerosol-generating procedures).”

It wasn’t until October that the CDC finally admitted to the aerosol threat indoors, but even then declined to acknowledge that it was the primary method of transmission and that therefore masks are useless. This is a point that Biden’s top epidemiologist, Michael Osterholm, made last June. Now, Osterholm has joined a group of scientists criticizing the CDC for continuing to downplay aerosol transmission and not updating its indoor guidance based on this fact. But the irony is that Osterholm still won’t acknowledge that he was right to assert that surgical and cloth masks don’t work against the spread of this virus. Instead, they are now pushing for even tougher mandates to prevent indoor gathering or requiring N95 masks that are form-fitted.

It is unsustainable for large swaths of the public to wear masks that really cut off the aerosols for hours because, absent state-of-the-art oxygenation, wearing these devices for long periods of time will reduce oxygen flow. Moreover, their view on aerosols is an admission that this virus cannot be avoided in any realistic manner. Given that at least a third of the country has gotten the virus and many more vulnerable people have been vaccinated, it is simply insane to continue this charade.

What’s worse about the mask mandate is that it’s very likely that improper masking actually aerosolizes the droplets that would otherwise fall to the ground. As Megan Mansell, a PPE expert for OSHA and ADA compliance, writes at Rational Ground, “The worst part of all is the ability of commonly-used face coverings to aerosolize respiratory droplets that would otherwise have fallen in a predictable arc of approximately 6 feet.”

Instead, these aerosolized particulates remain aloft for extended periods after passing through the mask, responding to airflow patterns (like HVAC systems and breathing), effectively evading the 6-feet-over or 6-feet-under rhetoric, as the aerosol range is 18-20 feet.

Plosive force, which is caused by respiratory activities such as sneezing, blowing raspberries, coughing, screaming, and snorting, among others, pushes larger droplets forcefully through woven fibers like flour through a sieve, and droplets that would have otherwise just fallen in that neat, predictable arc are now sent aloft within respiratory range, where they can remain for hours, effectively increasing atmospheric viral load in contained spaces.

The “experts” are implicitly yielding this point by now, moving on to requiring double masking (a counterproductive absurdity in itself, which weakens the seal on the first mask) and by recognizing the thin evidence behind universal masking months into this sadistic and shameful ritual. Just this week, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control conceded that “there are still significant uncertainties about the size” of the effect of surgical masks and that the evidence in support of homemade cloth masks (which is what most people wear when indoors for long periods of time due to comfort) “is scarce and of very low certainty.” Yet they still double down on using them!

But 10 months into the failure of the masks to change the trajectory of the virus one iota, why do we continue to treat this as a harmless intervention, especially as it relates to children, who aren’t even in danger of the virus? Aside from the psychological or physical effects, has anyone considered the future damage to the speech and social development of children? A recent analysis in Scientific American showed that babies begin lip-reading at eight months and that obscuring their ability to mimic the facial expressions of adults impedes their language development. Of course, the author still declines to actually attack the mask mandate despite making the case for how harmful it is.

Criminalizing human breathing is the most officious, inhumane, unconstitutional, and immoral thing our government has ever done to us. Given the wealth of data and information that has come to light over the past 10 months, which incidentally, coincides with decades of research prior to this virus as well, it is shocking how few GOP-controlled legislatures have stood against this travesty. After all, before politics took over, even the Australians understood the fraud of masks.

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Horowitz: The Robinhood-GameStop scandal, lockdowns, and a two-tiered justice system

The internal effects of a mutable policy are still more calamitous. It poisons the blessing of liberty itself. It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?” ~James Madison, Federalist No. 62

If you are not a member of the ruling oligarchy, you can buy a stock only when it benefits the ruling oligarchy, but not when the oligarch shorted the stock and will lose money. In that case, you can only sell. They, the esteemed members of the system, on the other hand, can do what they want at any point to win the rigged game.

That was essentially the lesson the American people learned this week about our government-corporate manipulated economy when the oligarchs got together to block people from buying stocks like GameStop after the well-connected Wall Street hedge funds were slated to lose billions on their short-sale gamble. However, what happened this week was emblematic of a broader trend that has taken over our economy this past generation, but should have become patently obvious to the American people since the unconstitutional lockdowns began last March. The oligarchs in charge of our country have manipulated the entire economy in a way that arbitrarily weighs down individual risk-takers and business owners in order to benefit the ruling class, which includes large corporations like Walmart and Amazon.

In the ultimate unconstitutional market distortion, the government refashioned life itself with its draconian lockdowns in a way that forced entire chains of commerce only through narrow, well-connected giant companies while crushing small businesses. Just like the GameStop investors on Reddit who were shut down from making profit and could only take a loss in order to transfer wealth to the hedge funds, small businesses were shut down so that the consumer capital would flow to Zoom, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. Amazon’s stock price has nearly doubled since the lockdowns began last March.

The difference between who was shut down and who was given a waiver to open their business was so arbitrary in Pennsylvania that the auditor general wrote in a report, “The waiver process appeared to be a subjective process built on shifting sands of changing guidance, which led to significant confusion among business owners.” He observed, “Some owners of small businesses may not have had the knowledge to use the right ‘buzzwords’ in their justification for remaining open, or realized they could ask a legislator for help to navigate the process.”

It’s not only the fact that the government criminalized commerce through traditional means, forcing consumers into “high tech” commerce; it’s that they benefited from the trillions the Federal Reserve artificially injected into the economy. They had the economies of scale to borrow record amounts of cash at dirt-cheap interest rates.

So while small businesses owners are shedding tears and committing suicide at record rates, Wall Street and Silicon Valley are cashing out on the ultimate venture socialist scam of the government – in which politicians criminalize traditional commerce and property rights and then throw trillions of dollars of cheap money at the people who just benefited from the ultimate form of communism. Who made or lost money this past year, for the first time in history, had zero to do with smart investment, innovation, or even risk-taking, and everything to do with the luck of the government’s venture socialist draw.

Or perhaps it wasn’t luck at all. It was systemized and arranged based on who built up connections with the government over the years.

Unlike the left, which seeks to “rectify” this broken system it supported by throwing endless free money at people, we seek to reset the economy to what it’s supposed to be without any government intervention. That begins by ending all COVID restrictions and allowing all those businesses harmed by the illegal lockdowns to go five years without paying taxes or being subjected to costly regulations. It’s time to even the playing field that government distorted.

The way to end double standards is to return to constitutional governance, where there is a limit to what government can do to our lives. The wealthy masters of the universe can lobby all they want, but most subsidies, regulations, market distortions, and certainly restrictions are unconstitutional. Thus, if government can’t do it, the incestuous corruption of the oligarchy lobbying scam comes to an end. The only reason why government is able to rig society through reckless fiscal and monetary policy is because it has stepped outside the constitutional limits constraining the scope of its power.

Take stock for a moment of just a few of the appalling double standards we are witnessing in our economy, government, and society today:

  • The wall to protect Americans from illegal invaders is being dismantled, while a wall is being constructed between the politicians and the people around the Capitol complex.
  • Restaurants were shut down because of the COVID religion, but Walmart and Home Depot weren’t because they supposedly don’t spread virions.
  • Illegal aliens get court injunctions against deportations within hours of filing, even though they have no right to be here, while Americans have failed to secure an injunction against masking and lockdowns in nearly every state for 10 months.
  • Antifa and BLM have rioted nearly every day since last June, yet very few people have been prosecuted. But for one violent incident, the military is deployed even long after it was over, the entire intelligence and national security apparatus is being marshalled against Trump supporters, and the DOJ is now casting such a wide net in prosecutions that it is bordering on First Amendment violations.
  • BLM is such a religion that you can attend endless mass funerals for a career criminal like George Floyd, but not hold a 50-person funeral for your grandmother.
  • Hundreds of thousands of drug traffickers, gang members, and career violent criminals have been released from jail because they were considered “low-level,” while business owners are being threatened with jail time for exercising their property rights.
  • Millions of people who didn’t lose a penny during the lockdowns because of the nature of their jobs received thousands in “stimulus” checks, while small business owners often didn’t receive a penny, and worse, they were forced by a communist mandate not to evict derelict renters, but still had to pay property taxes.
  • The elites disregarded their own unconstitutional COVID restrictions, and then the minute Trump left office, they called for the reopening of schools and restaurants (albeit with the abuse of masks), using data that we were censored for posting online.
  • They bring in more refugees, foreign workers, and illegal aliens, while instituting curfews on Americans within the states. They place travel bans on American residents of other states while inviting illegal aliens to cross the border and use the very hospitals we are supposedly trying to protect with these restrictions.
  • The same courts that said states engaging in voter fraud and illegal election law changes mid-election were the business of the states blocked red states from requiring proof of citizenship to vote.

It all gets back to the fact that we are no longer a nation of laws with a fixed written law – whether it’s the Constitution or statutes – but a nation of men. The written law has been replaced with executive and judicial fiats that are based on the capricious whims of the corporate media that promotes corporate commerce and academia – all tied back to the politicians. They enrich themselves with pay-for-play schemes, but they also empower themselves by instituting these policies under the guise of helping “the little guy,” particular races or classes of people that are elevated by the culture at the expense of the whole of the people and the general common good, as required by the social compact.

In all these examples, it’s not that the ruling oligarchs inherently care more about black people, illegal aliens, foreign workers, the poor, or any other class about which it is easy to virtue-signal. It’s that they built a rigged system in which they are empowered by promoting or elevating the plight of those celebrated classes over the whole of the people. If they lost power by doing so – for example, if illegal aliens were conservative – we would see the opposite policies emanating from their citadels.

Article 7 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, which was written by John Adams, states: “Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men.”

What we witnessed this week in the stock market and what will only intensify in the coming weeks is the inevitable endgame of a system that arbitrarily picks winners and losers and uses the boot of government, culture, and economy to confront the “losers” with a checkmate, one-way street, and dead end at every turn. The losers will revolt. As it states in the next passage of the Massachusetts Bill of Rights: “Therefore the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it.”

Colleges Covid mask Covid-19 tests Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars penalties Threats

Colleges threaten students who disobey COVID-19 rules with lockouts from Wi-Fi, school services — and even dismissal

Some American colleges are threatening students with severe sanctions if they disobey rules concerning COVID-19, including lockouts from campus Wi-Fi and school services — and even dismissal, Campus Reform reported.

What are the details?

University of Illinois students who disobey the school’s recent “soft lockdown” are subject to loss of internet access and even dismissal, the Daily Illini reported.

“Please note that this semester, students who are out of compliance may also lose access to University Wi-Fi, Zoom, Compass and other technologies,” Chancellor Robert Jones wrote in a recent Massmail, which was bolded and underlined, the paper said.

Campus Reform said it obtained the Jan. 20 message from Jones to students, telling them “I need to be very clear that students who do not follow all COVID-related expectations face university disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.”

The outlet noted that Boston University students who fail to get mandatory coronavirus tests after a first warning of noncompliance will have their Student ID Cards and Wi-Fi disabled. Scofflaw students also will be “prohibited from participating in any classroom or academic activity, either in person or remote, including the ability to access your courses through Blackboard or other platforms, or complete quizzes, examinations, and other course assignments,” the school’s website (in bold) reads.

Punishments for students at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, depend on how many COVID-19 tests they miss, Campus Reform said.

“After two instances of failing to complete a weekly test, you will not be allowed to participate in University or student organization activities (All University SING, athletic events, student organization events, campus recreation sports, access to the Student Life Center for recreation, etc.). After missing three testing appointments, your WIFI access will be disabled for the remainder of the semester,” the school’s website says, according to the outlet. “After four instances of failing to complete a weekly test, you will be referred to Student Conduct Administration for disciplinary action.”

Baylor indicated that access to events and Wi-Fi are included in tuition, Campus Reform said — and outlet noted that the school didn’t respond to questions regarding if students are eligible for refunds if their access is revoked.

Campus Reform said it also reached out to the University of Illinois and Boston University but did not hear back from them in time for publication.

What did one student have to say?

Charlie Letts, a Baylor student, told Campus Reform his school’s punishments are “a little extreme.”

“Honestly, I find the punishments put in place by Baylor to be a little extreme,” he told the outlet. “The Wi-Fi is something students pay for, and they need in order to be successful as students. I realize that Baylor is trying to enforce the testing protocol, but taking something away that hinders being a productive student maybe isn’t the best option. Especially when everyone has different views about COVID, like how compliant to be with social distancing, mask wearing, etc.”

Coronavirus tyranny Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars State legislatures tyranny Wisconsin

Horowitz: Finally! State legislatures reclaiming power from dictatorial governors

“It is not OK or normal or inevitable or necessary to indefinitely suspend the lawmaking process,” Wisconsin state Sen. Duey Stroebel (R) said Tuesday. “There is no such thing as a perpetual emergency.”

These are the words spoken by a Wisconsin GOP state senator during debate over SJR3, a resolution to terminate Gov. Tony Evers’ emergency order, which includes a mandate that all human beings be forced to breathe only through a cloth. It is shocking that it has taken this long to establish the fact that civil rights matter and that governors cannot rule by executive fiat.

The fulcrum of the scam of COVID fascism is the premise of treating a pandemic flu that most of the population is inevitably going to get as if it’s a limited, quarantinable disease like Ebola. Yes, governors can declare health emergencies, but by definition, if quarantine works, it is limited in scope and time. If it is not limited, that means quarantine doesn’t work, just like you can’t quarantine a flu or a cold. Yet 10 months into this saga, executives are still acting as if the traditional quarantine powers can apply to all humans — whether they had the virus or not, whether they have antibodies or were vaccinated or not — and can destroy every aspect of their lives. Thankfully, the Wisconsin legislature is leading the way in stopping this dangerous nonsense.

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Senate passed a joint resolution canceling the governor’s emergency order, which includes a statewide mask mandate. The margin was 18-13, with two Republicans joining the Democrats in opposing it. The state Assembly will likely pass the resolution with overwhelming support on Thursday. In Wisconsin, a simple resolution, which does not require the signature of the governor, can cancel the emergency. In fact, Evers really needed the legislature to even continue the emergency declaration beyond 60 days. The resolution therefore declares his latest executive order “void from the date of its issuance.”

The next fight for conservatives will be to ensure that as many county governments as possible follow suit and keep their respective jurisdictions as constitutional sanctuaries. Roughly 80% of Wisconsin’s 72 counties went for Trump in the presidential election, which should mean that, despite a Democrat president and governor, most of the state should be a constitutional sanctuary.

In a parallel legislative effort, the state Assembly passed a COVID-19 relief bill on Tuesday to ensure that state health care programs cover COVID-related costs, unemployment benefits are dispensed without the one-week waiting period, and businesses and schools are absolved of liability if a worker contracts the virus. The governor requested those provisions; however, the Republican-dominated Assembly also added provisions that the governor opposes, including a ban on employers requiring their workers to get vaccinated and prohibiting the closure of churches during any future health emergency. The Senate previously passed a bill without those provisions. Conservatives should push for them to adopt the state Assembly’s bill and hold their ground against the governor.

What is going on in Wisconsin underscores the importance for patriots to focus their attention on state politics. With Republicans in control of 31 state legislatures, there is so much they can do to push back against the sickening tyranny that is consuming our lives. They can also push back against some of the Biden regime’s illegal executive orders, such as forcing women to accept men in their sports and private spaces. But that will require a pressure campaign against phony Republican governors and legislators.

There are some promising prospects elsewhere around the map, but not in nearly enough states. In Idaho, for example, the state House just passed a resolution terminating Gov. Brad Little’s ban on gatherings. Shockingly, despite Republicans fully controlling government with supermajorities, the state has an inhumane mask mandate and bans gatherings of more than 10 people! Conservatives in Idaho would be wise to push for more categorical legislation and long-term reforms of runaway executive power.

With control of 23 trifectas and 31 legislatures, as well as the overwhelming majority of counties, conservatives, if they only asserted their will on the elected officials, could easily create a liberty safe space in most of the country.

Even in states with Democrat or RINO governors who are pushing COVID fascism, strong majorities in the legislature should be able to strip them of ill-gotten powers. There are RINO governors in Alabama, West Virginia, and Indiana, as well as a Democrat governor in Kentucky. Yet Republicans have supermajorities in those four states, and incidentally, only need a simple majority to override the governor’s veto.

In Ohio, where Mike DeWine has shut down the state worse than in some blue states, Republicans only need a three-fifths majority to override his veto – a threshold they should easily meet with effective grassroots pressure. In Kansas, Republicans have more than the two-thirds majority needed to override the Democrat governor’s veto as well.

It’s time to stop promising and time to start doing. Biden and Democrats might be in charge of Washington, but in more than half the states, Republicans, if they really mean what they say, have the power to neutralize his presidency and protect our most sacred rights. Let’s stop talking about 2024 and use the power and influence conservatives already have in red states to bring relief now.

Coronavirus lockdown Covid-19 tyranny fines Intelwars Police Sledding Snowball fights UK

Cops threaten expensive fines — for snowball fighting, sledding — amid strict COVID-19 lockdown in UK

Police in the United Kingdom are threatening to hand out £200 fines (about $275) for those who dare venture outdoors to enjoy the recent snowfall that reached half a foot in some places, the Mirror reported.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

And sledding or snowball fighting? That’ll earn you a ticket from the sheriff of Nottingham, mate.

What are the details?

The paper said the snowfall attracted large outdoor crowds over the weekend, but police in London, Surrey, and Wiltshire warned winter revelers to not disobey COVID-19 lockdown rules even with members of their own households.

Cops in Swindon broke up a Sunday sledding soiree of 200 people at Coate Water Country Park, the Mirror said, and Surrey Police handed out £200 fines to two carloads of men “out looking at the snow.”

The paper said Home Secretary Priti Patel and police have vowed to “get tougher on people flouting rules aimed at curbing the spread of the disease and saving lives.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Government guidance says citizens can leave their residences for exercise but only once daily, the Mirror noted, adding that approved forms of exercise include but are not limited to running, cycling, walking, and swimming. When others are around, people must stay two meters apart from all those not in your household, the paper added.

Alarm bells ringing

“We are currently responding to reports of about 150 children and about 50 adults gathering in the Sevenfields area of Swindon and concerns have been raised that they are not abiding by the coronavirus guidelines,” Swindon Police wrote Sunday on Facebook, the Mirror said. “Please do not gather in large groups — you are reminded that Fixed Penalty Notices may be issued to those who do not abide by the regulations. We are in the midst of a pandemic and failing to socially distance and wear face masks could aid the spread of the virus.”

Wiltshire Police Inspector Louis McCoy on Sunday wrote, “I don’t want to be dealing with [sledders] and snowball fights. There’s still a lockdown on. Think about it; don’t be tempted,” the paper reported.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit said it fined two carloads of men who were out for a drive to and said they were “looking at the snow,” the Mirror said.

“We stopped two cars that were traveling in convoy with each other in Guildford,” the tweet read, according to the paper. “The cars contained four men, all from different households … Four £200 COVID fines issued.”

Surrey Police also tweeted: “We are currently receiving lots of calls and reports relating to snowballs being thrown and people outside [sledding]. Enjoy the snow today, but please don’t involve other people, particularly more vulnerable residents. Please stay safe and remember that COVID regulations do still apply,” the Mirror said.

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit said it handed out fines after a family’s car spun into a ditch, the paper reported, adding that “3 police cars, 2 ambulances, 1 doctor car, and 2 fire crews” were called, and that “tickets were issued.”

The Mirror said officers in Merton, south London, wrote: “Sorry to be ‘that grumpy relative,’ but with the snow coming down the way it is, please drive carefully. And if you’re going to have a snowball fight, please stick to your bubbles. Also do not eat yellow snow.”

Not everyone took it well

There was some pushback against police interfering in the fun — and some figured officers might have better things to to:

  • “Any chance you could use the time when you’re not stopping snowball fights and [sledding] to find my stolen car?” one person wrote back, the Mirror said.
  • Another asked, “So is taking the kids out sledging not exercise?” the paper noted.
  • “Do you think maybe it’s about time the police stopped disgracing themselves by enforcing laws that don’t actually exist?” another person asked, the Mirror reported.

UK enjoys blankets of snow ahead of wet weather returning

CDC COVID-19 Covid-19 tyranny Covid-19 vaccine Intelwars Natural immunity

Horowitz: Why does the CDC keep ignoring evidence of long-lasting immunity from natural infection?

How much longer will our government treat the massive numbers of the population who were already infected with the virus as if they never had it? This obdurate disregard of science has ramifications not only for giving people who are no longer in danger of spreading the virus their freedom back, but in prioritizing those who most need the vaccine.

Throughout this virus, the government-media-scientific complex has been adamantly assuming the worst of this virus, despite growing evidence that it behaves like most other pandemic flu-like viruses with its own quirks. Whether it’s the hypothesis of mass asymptomatic spread, masks and lockdowns working to stop the spread, children being in danger, or the denying of cheap, effective prophylactics and early intervention treatment, the medical establishment has placed a premium on panic when establishing vital premises leading to policy decisions. The more people feel helpless and controlled, the better.

Likewise, the medical establishment has bizarrely and dogmatically stuck to the position that somehow there is no natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 despite years of observations of robust T cell immunity from SARS-1 and cross reactivity with COVID-19 and nearly a year’s worth of observations that very few people even get asymptomatic cases of SARS-CoV-2 again after having already gotten it, despite its widespread circulation at present.

Two recent British studies of health care workers who were constantly exposed to the virus showed what appeared to be a higher rate of natural immunity from prior infection than what is likely conveyed from the vaccine. Now, a new preprint study from epidemiologists and scientists at Cornell University’s Qatari affiliate in Doha shows that out of 43,000 COVID-positive patients followed for seven months, natural infection confers “strong protection” against reinfection, “with an efficacy >90% for at least 7mos.”

“These findings are striking, as the epidemic in Qatar has been intense, with half of the population estimated to have acquired this infection at some point since its introduction into Qatar early in 2020,” concluded the study’s authors. “It is highly probable that a proportion of the population has been repeatedly exposed to SARS-CoV-2, but such re-exposures did not lead to more than a limited number of documentable reinfections.”

Also, even those few who were reinfected only suffered mild or asymptomatic cases, as is to be expected from most forms of natural immunity. “Reinfections were less severe than primary infections,” observed the authors. “Only one reinfection was severe, two were moderate, and none were critical or fatal. Most reinfections (66.7%) were diagnosed incidentally through random or routine testing, or through contact tracing.”

Why is there long-lasting immunity when studies have observed waning antibodies after a few months? A new study published in Science by the La Jolla Institute for Immunology studied blood samples of 188 convalescent COVID patients up to eight months after infection. While researchers did find a moderate decline in antibodies eight months later, as predicted, they found robust B cell and T cell immunity in the blood. In the case of B cells, they found they were “more abundant at 6 months than at 1 month post symptom onset,” which lends credence to the theory of long-term immunity picking up the slack after antibodies wane.

Most of those in the sample were only mildly infected with the virus, with just 7% of the patients hospitalized at some point. Thus, the notion that severely infected individuals will wind up contracting a serious case again is absurd. Treating every American like a carrier when at least one-third have already gotten the virus is as anti-science as it is anti-Constitution.

Ignoring the growing natural immunity also has ramifications for more effectively prioritizing vaccination. Even one who believes in eventually vaccinating those who have already gotten the virus must concede that they should not take spots of those more at risk. This is a point Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, made in a Washington Post op-ed last week. He notes how the CDC’s guidance of treating anyone who has gone 90 days since infection as if they have no immunity is “outdated and fails to take natural immunity seriously.”

“As a result of this flawed guidance,” warns Professor Makary, “Americans with natural immunity — including many who are low-risk — are inappropriately getting the vaccine instead of high-risk seniors.” He cites a slew of studies showing how even mild infections trigger long-term immunity and how almost all the rare exceptions of re-infection never result in serious clinical consequences.

“Many in the medical field have been playing down natural immunity. In the noble effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy, they argue that everyone should get the vaccine to reach herd immunity and reopen society,” observes Makary. “But we need to stick to the science.”

He adds that while the medical community, including himself, assume that the vaccine will convey longer-lasting immunity, “there is no clinical data to support that hypothesis, and expert predictions are not always correct.”

No kidding. When have the “experts” ever been wrong about this virus?

Makary even concedes that “a few of my Johns Hopkins colleagues have suggested that natural immunity due to prior infection could be better than vaccinated immunity,” given that 5% of infections that occurred during the vaccine trials were in people who received the vaccine. Natural immunity, on the other hand, seems to convey higher than a 95% guard against re-infection, at least thus far.

“Given that close to a third of all Americans and perhaps more have had COVID-19 infections, it’s possible that herd immunity is closer than we think,” wrote Makary.

Ironically, now that Trump is out of office and Democrats will have to own the malaise and anger caused by illogical and harmful policies, there is more openness to publishing the truth of the science. The more the truth comes out, the more it will be clear that natural immunity is the only thing that works alongside a vaccine and that we are going to achieve herd immunity anyway. Now it’s time to act on the science and, more importantly, the Constitution.

Coronavirus tyranny Covid-19 tyranny Illegal Immigration Intelwars Joe biden amnesty

Horowitz: Biden invites foreign criminals, while criminalizing Americans over masks

“It is the sense of the Congress that the mission statement of the Immigration and Naturalization Service should include a statement that it is the responsibility of the Service to detect, apprehend, and remove those aliens unlawfully present in the United States, particularly those aliens involved in drug trafficking or other criminal activity.” ~Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, Pub. L. 104-208

Where is our amnesty to walk out freely without covering our faces and those of our children, or to open small businesses? Well, under the new Biden regime, the only amnesty will be for illegal alien gang members and drunk drivers.

In addition to suspending construction of the border wall (while constructing one to keep Americans off of Capitol Hill), Biden signed an illegal executive order suspending deportations for 100 days. Never mind that Biden voted for the aforementioned law he is now abrogating requiring all illegal aliens to be removed. Never mind that he voted for the 2006 Secure Fence Act, which required the secretary of homeland security to “take all actions” necessary within 18 months of passage to “achieve and maintain operational control over the entire international land and maritime borders of the United States.” That is past history when the Constitution and our statutes used to govern our nation. Now we are a nation of ruling men, not laws.

Don’t expect the courts to step in, either. The same courts that required Trump to continue his predecessor’s policies over 70 times, often when Obama’s orders themselves were unlawful, will place zero roadblocks in front of Biden as he nullifies immigration laws on the books, along with any other law he finds inconvenient to his socialist agenda. 225(b)(2)(A) of the INA, which requires ICE agents to place all illegal aliens into removal proceedings, is just an aspirational document.

The only question now is whether illegal aliens caught not wearing masks will be deported.

Well, under Biden’s nullification order, the only people who will be deported are national security threats and aggravated felons currently serving time for crimes, such as murder or drug trafficking, after having been released from prison.

First, we know that the only national security threats the Biden regime perceives are from Trump supporters. So, nobody will be deported under that provision. As for criminals, they cleverly required them to have been convicted. What about if you are arrested for murder, child molestation, drunk driving, or any other crime? That is not good enough. As anyone who studies our criminal justice system understands, so many of these criminals never wind up being convicted. If you are an American, you go free. But if you are here illegally anyway, you should be removed. Foreign nationals who have no right to be here in the first place don’t have a right to remain, whether they committed the crime or not.

Consider how many foreign criminals will be allowed to remain. Just in fiscal year 2019, among those who were subject to detainers in FY 2019, the illegal aliens had a cumulative history of 1,923 murder charges, 56,000 assaults, 14,500 sex crimes, 5,000 robberies, and 2,500 kidnappings, and 74,500 DUIs.

In New Yok City alone, that same year, criminals against whom these detainers were lodged accounted for 200 homicides, over 500 robberies, over 1,000 sexual offenses, over 1,000 weapons offenses, over 3,500 assaults, and over 1,500 DUIs.

It is mind-boggling and scary to contemplate how, at a time of record domestic crime, thousands of foreign criminals will be allowed to remain in the country indefinitely. The memo claims that anyone who came after November 1, 2020, will not be eligible for the amnesty, but anyone can just come tomorrow and if they are caught in some city, they will claim they were here before and ICE will have to let them go.

Concurrently, Biden issued an order requiring people to wear masks as they cross state lines through airplanes, trains, and buses. Think about that for a moment: A previously deported sex offender could cross our international border and get amnesty, but an American crossing a state border without a mask can get punished. Perhaps all these business owners losing their licenses for opening their restaurants should tell the judges they have illegal aliens working there so the authorities will leave them alone.

What’s the solution, with Washington under control of the regime? As America becomes a sanctuary for foreign criminals, allegedly Republican governors have a moral responsibility to make their states sanctuaries for law-abiding Americans and to actually enforce the immigration laws on the books. It’s time we make executive powers and the rule of law a two-way street again.

Child abuse Coronavirus tyranny Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars School reopening

Horowitz: Red state Alaska? Children will be forced to kneel for hours in school with masks and no recess

What if I told you a day would come when Democrats take over the government and children will be treated worse than caged animals in schools, all for a virus that doesn’t really affect them? That they will be forced to kneel on the floor without a chair or normal desk, without recess, and with a dirty mask covering their most sensitive body parts for hours on end? In other words, a more dystopian version of North Korea. Well, this is happening in the red state of Alaska with a Republican governor. is reporting that one school in the Anchorage school district is forcing children to kneel on pads on the floor instead of sitting in chairs, while using their chairs as desks. Somehow there is “science” behind this child abuse, alongside wearing a mask for six hours a day. These preschool and lower school children at the Whaley School will also bring a five-gallon utility bucket to hold their lunch, jackets, and supplies in lieu of a locker. Disgruntled parents sent pictures of the classroom that looks like a setup the courts would deem cruel and unusual punishment for terrorists.

Schools in Anchorage have been closed since last March, and only younger children are returning for steady in-person classes. However, if this is what in-person schooling looks like, perhaps it is better the children stay home with their parents and live a normal life.

It is truly hard to overstate the developmental and psychological damage that will befall a generation of young children who will now think this is normal. There is zero benefit to this in terms of the virus, only child abuse-level destruction and collateral damage.

Remember, despite sharp disagreements about the virus, it is now clear that children are not in danger and they are not vectors of spread, even if masks and these voodoo measures worked, which is hard to suggest after seeing the spread in California nine months into a mask mandate.

But what is further shocking is that Alaska is not California. How can Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy allow the school shutdowns, and the child abuse among those schools that are open, to persist for a single day? Everyone will focus on Biden’s new national mask and lockdown policies, but the truth be told, all of this has already been going on under the stewardship of most GOP governors.

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful 9-month-old girl. Is there nowhere in America I can live for this child to grow up showing her face, made in the image of God’s face, where she will not be criminalized for not suffocating her lungs in just 15 months from now? Is that too much to ask from GOP governors? Is that too “right wing”?

Moreover, when the Constitution is violated, it’s not surprising that liberals suddenly shun the federal laws they claim to champion. Sections 300.14-300.18 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) stipulates that children with exceptionalities be educated in the least restrictive educational environment. Liberals use this to create expensive mandates, but somehow ignore the commonsense application when it comes to children with disabilities. According to Must Read Alaska, Pre-K–2 and K–6 self-contained special needs programs in Anchorage will be opening up in this oppressive environment.

Aside from the GOP perfidy in many states, now that Trump is out of office, watch for Democrats to universally endorse in-person schooling again. But they will not endorse science, the Constitution, and humane treatment of children in school. This school in Anchorage is the model of what “reopening” will look like, which will render in-person schooling even worse than online classes, in the long-term damage inflicted upon the bodies, minds, and emotions of children.

Even starting at the ludicrous premise of masks being effective in stopping the spread, we already know that fewer children have actually died in 2020 despite the pandemic. Data from the Human Mortality Database shows that not only were there no excess deaths among children in the U.S. and elsewhere, there was actually a drop in all-cause mortality. Some of the drop could be the result of children being sheltered more at home and less prone to accidents, but how many will die in the long term from the irreparable damage of lockdowns – all for a virus that is clearly not an epidemic for them?

Last year, researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California published a study in JAMA estimating a cumulative loss of 5.53 million life years from this generation of children due to lost educational attainment. Opening schools in such a disruptive way won’t close that gap much, not to mention the emotional, psychological, and behavior damage it will inflict upon the children.

There are 27 GOP governors, and Trump won 83% of the counties. This is the question conservatives need to ask every Republican school board member, county commissioner, legislator, and governor: If MS-13 and illegal alien sex offenders were able to find sanctuary in blue states during Trump’s presidency, aren’t American schoolchildren entitled to a sanctuary against child abuse in red states under Biden?

Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars New Mexico Sheriff

Horowitz: NM sheriff issues cease-and-desist order to governor who is trying to close businesses

Every one of the more than 3,000 sheriffs in this country swears an oath to the federal Constitution in addition to the state constitution. One sheriff, Michael Wood of Lincoln County, New Mexico, appears to take that oath very seriously and is therefore willing to directly challenge the governor’s unconstitutional COVID orders. In doing so, he has provided a blueprint for the constitutional sanctuary movement across the country.

American business owners have been receiving cease-and-desist orders across the country. Their crime? Trying to earn a living. Throughout the past nine months, Americans have been made out to be criminals by lawless tyrants in executive offices across cities and states. Some have even gone to jail. Now, Sheriff Michael Wood is turning the tables and putting the governor on notice for the criminal act of violating the most sacred provisions of the supreme law of the land.

Last Wednesday, Sheriff Wood posted a letter on the department’s Facebook page ordering New Mexico Gov. Michele Lujan-Grisham to cease and desist from harassing businesses in Lincoln County. It’s truly shocking how county governments that are in deep red territory have tolerated this fascism for months on end. Well, at just 13 days in office, Wood sent out a letter inquiring about the governor’s orders.

“It has been brought to my attention that under your authority, government officials have been acting under color of law within the confines of Lincoln County, N.M., pursuant to a public health order,” wrote the sheriff. “It has been reported to me that local businesses have been interrupted and business owners have been threatened with unreasonable fines and threats of imprisonment, without having committed any criminal offense.”

He then ordered her to stop these activities until he is consulted and then requested a meeting with her.

Plain and simple. He didn’t get into the specifics, the math, the science. Governors have no power to suspend democracy and shred the Bill of Rights. This should be the message of every sheriff, prosecutor, and county commissioner in the 83% of counties Trump carried and really in all the Republican state legislatures.

It’s time to stop groveling, begging, complaining, or debating. The plain meaning of the Bill of Rights is not up for discussion. Half the states and the overwhelming majority of counties in this country, just based on the voting patterns, should easily serve as sanctuaries for business owners, schoolchildren, and for First Amendment rights now under assault by the federal government and certain governors.

Trump carried Lincoln County by a 36-point margin in November. There are hundreds of counties that are this red or redder, and sheriffs like Wood can serve as beacons of constitutional freedom during this dark time. James Madison, when explaining his theory on a large multi-layered republic in Federalist #10, predicted that having multiple layers of government would ensure that no single faction could spread tyranny everywhere and that inevitably some officials would push back and represent the persecuted minority.

“To refine and enlarge the public views, by passing them through the medium of a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country, and whose patriotism and love of justice will be least likely to sacrifice it to temporary or partial considerations,” wrote Madison of the divided power structure in a large country.

Madison continued:

The smaller the society, the fewer probably will be the distinct parties and interests composing it; the fewer the distinct parties and interests, the more frequently will a majority be found of the same party; and the smaller the number of individuals composing a majority, and the smaller the compass within which they are placed, the more easily will they concert and execute their plans of oppression. Extend the sphere, and you take in a greater variety of parties and interests; you make it less probable that a majority of the whole will have a common motive to invade the rights of other citizens; or if such a common motive exists, it will be more difficult for all who feel it to discover their own strength, and to act in unison with each other. Besides other impediments, it may be remarked that, where there is a consciousness of unjust or dishonorable purposes, communication is always checked by distrust in proportion to the number whose concurrence is necessary.

This literally speaks to the time we live in. As the left wants to use COVID and the claim of right-wing terrorism to suspend the entire Bill of Rights, all is not lost just because the left controls the federal government. If conservatives actually pressured and reformed the GOP or created an alternative, they should be able to thwart this tyranny through state legislatures, governors, county executives, sheriffs, local prosecutors, and school boards across a large swath of the land. If tyranny is able to take root in red counties and red states, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Atilis gym Covid-19 tyranny fines Gov. phil murphy Intelwars Leftist Lockdown defiance New Jersey watch

Atilis Gym says NJ ’emptied out every single dollar that we have’ from bank account amid COVID-19 lockdown battle with state

The co-owner of lockdown-defying Atilis Gym said the state of New Jersey “emptied out every single dollar that we have” from gym’s bank account amid a legal battle with the state over fines for breaking coronavirus-related rules for businesses.

What are the details?

Ian Smith appeared Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and told the host that he and business partner Frank Trumbetti checked their bank statement Wednesday morning “and we had no money in our bank account. The state emptied out every single dollar that we have.”

Smith on Wednesday tweeted that far-left New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) “and his cronies seized 100%” of the Bellmawr gym’s “legal defense money” to the tune of $173,613.60. Smith added, “If you think that’s gonna make us stand down, you’re delusional.” In a video tweet Thursday, Smith cited an amount of $165,000. The gym on Friday didn’t immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for clarification on the dollar amount.

“This is in the middle of an appeals process and ongoing litigation in the matter of the fines and several other matters regarding the state, including a lawsuit against Governor Murphy and [State Health Commissioner] Judith Persichilli,” Smith told Carlson, adding that “this is an interference with our right to counsel.”

He added to the host that the money didn’t come from memberships since Atilis hasn’t charged members since April 1, 2020; rather it came from donations and T-shirt sales, which the owners used “to pay our bills and fight our legal battles.”

Smith noted that the money seizure is a “blatant violation of our constitutional rights and our ability to defend ourselves in the court of law.”

What did the state have to say?

A spokesman for the New Jersey attorney general’s office told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the information Smith shared “is not accurate” and that “the state has not seized their bank account funds.”

Instead, the spokesman said “the state has obtained judgments against the owners, and intends to collect on them. The total due and owing as a result of court-entered judgments to date is $134,463.08.”

“Apparently the funds you reference were frozen as a result of a bank levy having been issued due to the state’s collection efforts, which is part of the enforcement of a judicial order,” the state is quoted to have said to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Now what?

When Carlson asked Smith what he and Trumbetti will do now that there’s no money in their bank account, Smith said they will switch to a cash system.

“We will continue to fight this no matter what,” he added to the host.

Carlson noted how ironic it is that the gym owners are “being punished for trying to keep people healthy and trim in the middle of a pandemic that kills people who are overweight and out of shape.”

“You are doing more than [Gov. Murphy] has to save people’s lives,” the host added, “and, of course, you are being destroyed for it.”

Smith in his Thursday video tweet said the state also is leveling a $15,497.76 daily fine for each day the gym stays open.

Gym owner who defied lockdowns claims state emptied entire bank account

Anything else?

Atilis Gym has gained national attention amid its battle with New Jersey bureaucrats.

Coronavirus data Coronavirus tyranny COVID-19 Covid-19 tyranny Florida hospitalizations Intelwars

Horowitz: With no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida has roughly same hospitalization level as 2018 flu season

We are being told that our liberties must be suspended in order to keep hospitals from reaching apocalyptic levels. But what if those levels are just above normal and not anywhere near apocalyptic levels? And what if these lockdown measures do nothing to keep the levels down anyway?

Well, if there is anywhere we can cross-check this hypothesis, it would be in Florida, where there is no lockdown or mask mandate. In fact, people are flocking there from out of state to enjoy vacations and host conferences and even to live. Naturally, we’d expect hospital levels to be bursting at the seams if they rise and fall with lockdowns and masks, right?

Well, actually, you can barely see an increase in the hospitalization level in the Sunshine State from previous years, and the current level appears to be on par with the 2018 flu season, which was more of a pandemic flu than other flus in recent years. And in 2018, we did nothing as a nation to suspend liberties.

There is much debate over how to count a COVID hospitalization given the rampant and unprecedented testing of people relative to past flus. But one easy way to observe an apples-to-apples comparison to past flu seasons is to compare the overall average daily census of hospitalizations now to previous years and adjust those numbers per capita to existing population. In other words, if all of the COVID patients are legitimately there because of COVID, we would see an enormous excess in the total number of people in the hospital at any given moment for any ailment. Florida is simply not seeing a gigantic increase.

Here is how the math works: HHS tracks total daily hospital levels in all the states dating back to Jan. 1, 2020. If you take the average daily total hospitalization levels in Florida for the fourth quarter of 2020, you will find an average (some days are more, some are less) of 43,150.

Naturally, I wondered what the levels were in previous years, because the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration publishes quarterly data of hospital censuses for several recent years. I started with the first quarter of 2018, which included the harshest flu season we had in a decade. If you average the total hospital census over the 90 days from Jan. 1 to March 31, it works out to 41,094 people in the hospital on an average day. Adjusting for the population at the time, that would be 1,972 hospitalizations per 1 million people. That is compared to 1,998 per 1 million for this past quarter of 2020 with COVID as the predominant illness.

As you can see, although the hospital numbers for the fourth quarter of 2020 were about 6%-8% higher than in the fourth quarter of the previous two years, it was barely higher than the first quarters of every year. The reason it is fair to compare to the worst months of previous years is because it has become clear that the flu is gone for this year and that COVID-19 is this year’s version of the flu. Thus, with flu cases down 98.8%, it is reasonable to assume that the January census will not grow as it typically does during peak flu season.

In other states, lockdown proponents can theoretically suggest that the reason the hospital numbers aren’t worse is because of the measures they are taking. However, Florida serves as the perfect control group, given that there is no lockdown and there have been no statewide restrictions in place for several months.

It’s also important to remember that as a nation we have thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at hospitals to treat this virus as compared to past flu seasons. So, the level of hospitalization we are equipped to deal with is much higher than in the past.

Off the bat, the numbers for this past quarter are inflated because on Oct. 6, HHS updated its guidance requiring hospitals to include those in “observations beds” as part of the census. Any data from past years did not include observations beds, only inpatient beds where people stayed for over 24 hours.

Also, because the nation is panicked over this virus, unlike during the 2018 flu season, the threshold for people going to the hospital is likely much lower than in past flu seasons. While there are definitely some people who are gravely ill with this virus, we have decided to treat this virus in the hospital much more liberally than any other virus. Hospitals receive higher reimbursement rates for treating COVID-19 patients. However, many of the cases are not necessarily clinical level.

As I noted in November, hospitalization is required in order to treat someone with Remdesivir, the only FDA-approved drug, which was approved on Oct. 22. It’s very likely that a certain percentage of those people are not sicker than a typical flu patient who would be treated outpatient, but the Remdesivir necessitates admission to the hospital.

Taking all these factors in totality, especially in a state like Florida with no lockdown, it has become clear that the entire pretext for shutting down our liberties is built upon misinformation and lack of context. In other words, those 900,000 projected excess deaths due to unemployment from lockdowns are all for nothing.

Coronavirus fascism Coronavirus lockdown Coronavirus tyranny COVID-19 Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars unconstitutional

Horowitz: Minnesota AG Keith Ellison threatens black business owner with farm labor for opening restaurant

Joe Biden once said that Republicans want to put black people “back in chains,” but it appears that it is the leftist “Branch Covidian” cultists who are actually threatening to place a black single mom business owner back in chains for the “crime” of earning a living.

During the greatest crime wave in a generation, Larvita McFarquhar is the worst type of criminal in the estimation of the socialists. A single mom, rather than going on welfare, McFarquhar opened Havens Garden, in Lynd, Minnesota, a family-oriented restaurant with an attached gymnasium for kids to have a good time. She had the audacity to keep her business opened after the governor unconstitutionally declared property rights dead in the state.

Rather than offering to compensate her for the lost business, on Dec. 18, Ramsey County District Court Judge Sara Grewing found her guilty of civil contempt and fined McFarquhar $250 per day her establishment remains opened.

Evidently, Judge Grewing is a big stickler for the “law” — but only when it comes in the form of arbitrary executive edicts against business owners. Last year, Judge Grewing gave a serial sex predator who raped an unconscious woman just two and a half years in prison. On Aug. 3, she single-handedly nullified state election law by ruling that Minnesota’s absentee ballots no longer require the signature of a witness who is a registered voter or a notary public and requiring the board of elections to accept mail-ins that come in after Election Day. And as she threatens business owners with prison time because of COVID, she has also demanded that the Department of Corrections officials show her a plan for protecting prisoners from COVID.

Are you starting to get a sense of which “laws” and which “criminals” she is concerned with?

Well, now that Attorney General Keith Ellison sees Larvita has a spine of steel and is willing to stand for God-given rights, he is upping the ante. Last week, Ellison’s office filed a motion for further contempt sanctions with the Second Circuit court to propose jail time for her. Was she burning buildings or lynching motorists like BLM rioters? Nope. Her crime? “Defendant has continued to offer on-premises consumption of food or beverages to the public since receiving the Court’s Civil Contempt Order on December 18, 2020.”

What is the punishment they are pushing for? Take a look at the motion:

So now, in this country, you are not allowed to earn a living, and your punishment for doing so is slave labor. With China now celebrating the New Year with packed crowds, there is more freedom in China than in Minnesota. We have become a wealthier version of North Korea with a printing press of cash, except that cash just goes to big business or to households that didn’t lose a penny from the shutdown. McFarquar didn’t receive a penny of compensation.

Ellison’s motion also threatens to confiscate the money she raised from her crowdsourcing page to pay for her lawyer’s fees. Larvita gave an emotional response on a Facebook live filmed inside her establishment noting that she was “at a loss of words” as to how this can happen in America.

What few people have noticed is that, even if with some convoluted rationale the government had the power to categorically shut down businesses, at worst, it would be covered by the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause, which would mean she is entitled to “just compensation.” Instead, in the new America, she has to pay to put herself out of business.

These government workers from the health department are able to earn their paychecks by denying other people their paychecks. We were all supposed to be “in this together,” yet so many government workers and white-collar jobs can be done online while brick and mortar businesses get crushed. Again, even if the government was justified, this is exactly what the just compensation requirement expressed in the Fifth Amendment was written to address. As the Supreme Court said in Armstrong v. United States (1960), “The Fifth Amendment’s [Takings Clause] . . . was designed to bar Government from forcing some people alone to bear public burdens which, in all fairness and justice, should be borne by the public as a whole.”

The Democrat Party was always the party of the plantation. Unfortunately for us, outside Florida and South Dakota, we don’t have a party today that stands as strongly against slavery and tyranny as Lincoln did when he founded the GOP. Are we going to allow Biden and his mini-mes in the states to place us all back in chains?

Coronavirus tyranny COVID-19 Covid-19 deaths Covid-19 tyranny Inflated coronavirus deaths Intelwars

Horowitz: Colorado coroner accuses state of classifying gun deaths as COVID deaths

Many parts of the country are suffering from record homicides this year. How many of them are being classified as COVID-19 deaths?

This might sound like a frivolous question, but based on concerns raised by one Colorado coroner, along with other trends we are seeing in the data, one has to wonder how far the net of COVID-19 death counting sweeps.

Earlier this week, Grand County coroner Brenda Bock called out the Colorado Department of Health for listing two of the county’s five recent deaths as deaths among those with COVID-19, even though they died of gunshot wounds.

Earlier this year, the state got a lot of blowback from other coroners after young people who died of alcohol poisoning were found to be listed in the coronavirus death count. Colorado cleaned up its act better than most states by distinguishing between “deaths due to COVID-19” and “deaths among COVID-19 cases.”

However, Bock seems to be concerned that there is still a needless stigma attached to the county if it has a higher tally of deaths “among” COVID cases. One would still expect COVID to have had some contribution to death in order to be listed in this latter category, even if it’s not the primary cause of death on the death certificate. But to include gunshot victims is a sham. We have never recorded death data like this in any form.

“It’s absurd that they would even put that on there,” Bock told county commissioners, according to KCNC-TV Denver. “Would you want to go to a county that has really high death numbers? Would you want to go visit that county because they are contagious. You know I might get it, and I could die if all of a sudden one county has a high death count. We don’t have it, and we don’t need those numbers inflated.”

The state told Bock that anyone who dies within 30 days of testing positive must be included in one of the categories of COVID deaths. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, with 2 million tests conducted a day and with roughly 60,000 people dying naturally every week, there is a lot of bogus counting that overlaps with natural death or other causes of early death.

The two deaths under discussion are believed to have been a murder-suicide case in Frasier, Colorado, where the husband is suspected of shooting his wife before taking his own life. While this situation was unique, one has to wonder how many of the growing street homicides are also included in the tally. In May, the Freedom Foundation confirmed from Washington state officials that gunshot victims are indeed included in the death tally if they tested positive for COVID-19 prior to being shot.

This is not the first time coroners have disputed death claims. In May, Pueblo County Coroner Brian Cotter accused the state of inflating the numbers and noted that none of the 14 recorded deaths in the county at the time were directly caused by the virus. The Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, coroner also accused Pennsylvania’s department of health of putting out “misleading statistics” on death numbers in his county.

If states are so liberal in including younger people who died untimely deaths due to drugs, alcohol, or motorcycle accidents, then we can only imagine how many deaths of elderly people who were within a few months of dying have not been verified to have been caused directly by COVID.

Recent data from Sweden sheds light on the fact that the majority of deaths are not just regular seniors but those who are dying of other ailments in the final months of their lives. The Swedish study of 122 people who were recorded as dying outside the hospital of the virus in the Östergötland region (51% of all reported deaths) found that “111 of the deceased outside the hospital had extensive comorbidity.” (Translated by Google.) Additionally, half of them were over 88 years old. The review found that COVID-19 was the “direct cause of death” in just 15% of cases and that “very many of those who died with covid-19 outside the hospital had expected short survival.”

There’s no reason to believe we are not experiencing a similar dynamic here in the United States.

Another overlooked factor in the method of counting deaths is that, ironically, the lockdowns themselves have caused an enormous number of excess deaths among younger people, mainly through record suicides and drug overdoses. The CDC estimates that a record 81,000 people died of drug overdoses for the 12-month period ending this past May, shattering the previous record set in 2017 before the numbers started coming down. Those numbers likely accelerated since May. Remember, at any given moment, 10% of the population could easily test positive for the virus when it is spreading, even if they are asymptomatic. What percentage of those lockdown-induced drug deaths were also counted as COVID-19 deaths?

It doesn’t mean this virus hasn’t induced any early death or tragic untimely deaths, but why do the media and political class have a motivation to obsessively count everything in the most absurd way in order to produce the most morbid news headlines? Well, when the vaccine becomes widely available and the utter fascism still continues, you will know the answer.

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Horowitz: Baltimore criminalizes restaurant owners while releasing murderers

What do you call a place that uses a virus to criminalize the opening of schools and restaurants while using the same pretext to release violent criminals? What do you call a place that shuts down dining but leaves open drug markets? We used to call it Sodom and Gomorrah. Today, it’s better known as Baltimore.

Welcome to what was formerly Charm City, a place where food is now treated like dangerous drugs and drugs are treated like food. As of Friday evening, Baltimore will be closing all restaurants to indoor and outdoor dining. Churches have already been severely limited in capacity. As if government can control private life and infringe upon constitutional rights. Schools have never reopened in this city full of beleaguered youth, and it has had a mask mandate in place forever.

But there is one activity the city government will not control because it is extremely essential — drug trafficking. Everywhere I walk when I unfortunately have to venture across the city line from my home, I can catch the pungent smell of drugs. The open-air drug markets that are rampant in this dying city are de facto exempt from the royal edicts.

“That hookah bar can wait. That brunch can wait,” Mayor Brandon Scott said. “We have to keep our family and the people we love alive.”

They just love protecting the sanctity of life … except for victims of drugs and dangerous criminals.

While the mayor is sternly warning business owners that they will be criminalized for living and earning a living — in order to save lives, of course — city officials are using the virus as an excuse to release some of the worst criminals. Recently, there has been a rash of armed carjackings fairly close to my side of Baltimore County. The police, ever careworn and unappreciated, did their job and caught 14 of the perpetrators, most of whom had prior criminal charges that never resulted in jail time. Well, most of them were released immediately because, you know, COVID. It’s all in the science.

Now the city’s Orwellian prosecutor is studying new “science” that suggests even murderers need to be released. In the ultimate case of the fox guarding the henhouse, Marylin Mosby, the city’s prosecutor, hired a public defender on the taxpayer dime to set free some of the people serving the longest sentences in city jails. “Mosby announced Monday that her office would review the cases of men and women older than 60 who served 25 years in prison or more on a life sentence, or those who served 25 years or more for a crime committed before the age of 18,” reported the Baltimore Sun. The excuse? They might have medical conditions that make them vulnerable to coronavirus.

Anyone who lives in this city knows that it is nearly impossible to get locked up for a juvenile crime, no matter how violent. If a criminal is serving a life sentence in Baltimore, he is obviously the worst of the worst. So you can take comfort as a Baltimore resident knowing that while Mosby will prosecute you for opening a business, and police for doing their jobs, murderers will be released and drug traffickers will be treated as a protected class. All because … COVID.

According to the Maryland Public Policy Institute, from 2016 to 2018, Mosby dropped 36% of cases for felony possession of a gun, and only 27% of felony possession cases resulted in a conviction. If you were a betting man, would you put money on Mosby prosecuting “violators” of the COVID religion at a higher rate?

All over the country, we are seeing the criminalizing of life itself in the very cities that are concurrently mainstreaming criminal life. In San Francisco, there is almost nothing you cannot do on the street and get away with it, as drugs, crime, vagrancy, and homelessness skyrocket. Yet what are authorities focused on? They finally reopened playgrounds, but they are forcing 2-year-olds, some of whom are still in diapers, to wear face diapers while they are running around outdoors. They can only play for 30 minutes, they cannot eat, and crying children are to be whisked away. They are essentially criminalizing behavior of children playing outdoors at no risk for a virus that poses no danger to them. I’m sure if they wanted to make a drug deal at the playground, they’d give the local youth more than 30 minutes to complete the transaction or to shoot up.

I’ve been telling friends over the past few months that while this virus started in China, it has turned this country into China. But that analogy is not fully accurate. At least the Chinese are equal-opportunity authoritarians. Yes, they suppress their people, but at the same time, they don’t tolerate violent criminals either. America’s major cities, on the other hand, have become a haven for violent criminals, including other countries’ violent criminal aliens, and a living hell for law-abiding small business owners.

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Horowitz: A lost generation of children — thanks to adults acting like children

My kids are absolutely convinced that there are monsters in our basement and will never go into it alone. Irrational fear is a very normal feeling for young kids, but it’s part of the growing process. They grow out of it because rational adults guide them through those fears. But what happens when adults impose upon kids their own irrational fears, to the point where they demonstrate to them that breathing without a mask and being around people are categorical threats to their lives? We are only beginning to recognize this generational and civilizational killer.

Michael Myronuk Jr. was a 14-year-old freshman at Dulaney High School, just a few miles from where I live in Baltimore County. At a time when so many parents struggle with mental and emotional health concerns among their adolescent kids, Michael was a gifted and talented student who appeared to have a bright future ahead of him. Until the March shutdown of schools under the false notion that this virus poses a meaningful risk to children.

On Oct. 20, Michael took his own life, and as WBFF reports, his parents believe it was from the social isolation and closure of in-person schooling. Heathyr Sidle, the boy’s mother, told WBFF that Michael had spiraled into depression in the ensuing months after the lockdown. “He didn’t have any hope. He just gave up.”

This is not a unique story. According to a CDC survey in late June, symptoms of anxiety and depression had already tripled since March and an unfathomable 26% of people 18 to 24 had considered suicide in the past month prior to the survey.

In November, the CDC released an analysis showing a 31% increase in mental health-related ER visits among children ages 12-17 since the lockdowns in March and even a 24% increase in ER visits for children as young as 5-11. They cited “abrupt disruptions to daily life associated with mitigation efforts, including anxiety about illness, social isolation, and interrupted connectedness to school” as a likely cause.

Why is there no dashboard counting the suicides, overdose deaths, and increase in diagnosis of mental health problems? And unlike with the virus deaths, where there is no proven policy to prevent those fatalities, every one of these deaths is absolutely preventable because they are unnatural and man-made.

The liberal Republican governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, recently repeated the mantra of “if it only helps one person,” these attempted mitigation efforts are worthwhile. But at what cost and with what evidence of efficacy after eight months of implied self-acknowledged failure of these policies? He questioned the harm of wearing masks. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that masks are the most dramatic and ubiquitous reminder of living in fear and anxiety. When you make children run around wearing them on the playground and in school for up to seven hours, that definitely takes a mental health toll, even while we are still discovering the potential long-term physical health concerns of covering one’s breathing with contaminated, shedding cloths indefinitely.

The question none of these people will answer, though, is why we should upend the lives of children for a virus that does not pose a greater risk to them than the flu, especially after all these draconian measures have failed to stop the autumn surge, which has been the largest, most widespread transmission of cases throughout the country?

The propagation of irrational fear, universal masking, and social isolation is particularly harmful for younger children who haven’t lived long under “the old normal” to experience life properly. Suicides are up 30% among the youth in the Seattle area over last year, but a large increase comes from younger adolescents. According to public disclosure data obtained by the Post Millennial, “The age groups of 11, 14 and 15 did not have any recorded suicides in the county in 2019, but in 2020 accounted for 7.69 percent, 38.46 percent and 15.38 percent respectively.”

What will happen to the new generation of infants and toddlers who have never experienced normal human interaction? While I worry a lot about my three older boys, I’m particularly worried about my 7-month-old daughter, who rarely sees people, and the few people she does see look like mummies.

Even putting aside the obvious loss of life from depression, suicide, and drugs, recent research projects a loss of 5.53 million life years just from children missing out on educational attainment. Last month, researchers at University of Washington and University of California published a study at JAMA Network showing a total of 24.2 million children aged 5 to 11 years lost a median of 58 days of instruction in the spring. Based on the educational attainment lost, and its chain reaction of better health, wealth, and upward mobility that come along with a better education, they estimate a cumulative loss of 5.53 million life years from this generation of children. And those numbers increase every day schools continue to remain closed.

Also, they only studied children in primary school, not those in high school. “Nevertheless, we believe it highly probable that school closures in early 2020 will also ultimately depress high school graduation rates (and therefore may influence lifespan) for older children as well,” concluded the authors.

What is so tragic is that by the time this damage is evident, these politicians and media purveyors of panic will be long gone.

“These potential associations of school closure with child health remain hidden at present, as the shortening of lifespans that today’s primary school children could experience would not manifest until long after the pandemic is over,” observed the authors. “The public discourse on reopening has focused on lives saved in the present and largely neglected the years of life that may be lost in the future because of decisions made today.”

The 5.53 million life years lost from today’s children just from the education gap alone dwarf the years of life lost to the virus itself, a tragic loss among those in their final months or years for which, absent a vaccine, there have been no proven ways to avoid.

Then there are the ancillary harms the panic policies impose upon the kids that range from increased poverty, skyrocketing divorce rates, and the weakening of the very immune system God gave them that has made them so resilient to this virus.

Do we even have as much mercy on our children as we would on rats?

Why do I bring up rats? In 2019, researchers published a fascinating study in “Nature Neuroscience” showing that when rats already hooked on methamphetamine in a lab setting were given a choice between more interaction with other rats or refills of drugs, they chose social interaction. Rats are evidently very sociable creatures.

Do you know who else craves social interaction? Our children. And do you know who else resorts to drugs when despair and depression set in from social isolation? Our youth.

The twisted irony is that all these policies have caused our government to go trillions into debt in order to fund the fallout from the lockdown and business closures and shield the governors from making more balanced and rational choices without the federal printing presses bailing them out. Who will bear the entire burden of that debt? You guessed it: the same generation that is bearing the burden of those very lockdown policies.