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Activists demand boycott of Home Depot because company didn’t strongly denounce Georgia voting law

Activists in Georgia are demanding a new boycott of Home Depot, not over something the company said or did, but precisely because they believe the home improvement retail store did not disavow Georgia new election law with strong enough language.

What is the background?

Critics of Georgia’s voting law — which has been the subject of rampant misinformation — claim the law makes voting more difficult. Supporters of the law, however, say the law was necessary to improve election integrity and have noted that many other states have enacted similar provisions.

With building pressure from activists, and such claims from President Joe Biden that the law is “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” many major corporations spoke out against the law, and Major League Baseball even moved its All-Star game from Georgia over growing pressure to address the law.

The Coca-Cola Company and Delta Air Lines — two companies whose headquarters are located in Atlanta — denounced the bill. Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said his company “does not support this legislation,” citing claims that it makes voting more difficult, while Delta CEO Ed Bastian called the law “unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.”

Home Depot also addressed the law, saying, “We believe that all elections should be accessible, fair and secure and support broad voter participation. We’ll continue to work to ensure our associates, both in Georgia and across the country, have the information and resources to vote.”

What are activists saying?

According to the New York Times, a coalition of black faith leaders are demanding a boycott of Home Depot because they believe the company “abdicated its responsibility as a good corporate citizen by not pushing back on the state’s new voting law.”

Bishop Reginald Jackson, who leads all 534 African Methodist Episcopal churches in the Peach State, claimed Home Depot “demonstrated an indifference, a lack of response to the call, not only from clergy, but a call from other groups to speak out in opposition to this legislation.”

“We don’t believe this is simply a political matter,” Jackson told the Times. “This is a matter that deals with securing the future of this democracy, and the greatest right in this democracy is the right to vote.”

Rev. Timothy McDonald III, a pastor in Atlanta, added, “This is not just a Georgia issue; we’re talking about democracy in America that is under threat. We’ve got to use whatever leverage and power, spiritual fortitude that we have, including our dollars, to help people to understand that this is a national campaign.”

However, other activists who spoke with the Times said they could not support a boycott because such efforts impact working-class people.

Still, others suggested any impact to workers is acceptable collateral damage.

“It is unfortunate for those who will be impacted by this, but how many more million will be impacted if they don’t have the right to vote?” said Jamal Bryant, the senior pastor of a church in Lithonia. “And so in weighing it out, we understand, tongue in cheek, that this is a necessary evil. But it has to happen in order for the good to happen.”

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China warns US against boycotting Winter Olympics in Beijing. Jen Psaki says there’s no talk of that.

China warned Wednesday of a “robust” response from the communist nation if the U.S. dares to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, but White House press secretary Jen Psaki said there were no discussions about doing such a thing — while acknowledging China’s ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs.

What are the details?

The Associated Press noted Wednesday that “human rights groups are protesting China’s hosting of the games” and “have urged a boycott or other measures to call attention to accusations of Chinese abuses against Uyghurs, Tibetans and residents of Hong Kong.”

According to The Daily Wire, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday that “part of those Olympics and our thinking will involve close consultations with partners and allies around the world,” in an apparent suggestion that a boycott could be on the table.

In reaction, a representative for the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry warned the Biden administration of a “robust Chinese response” at the prospect of boycotting the Beijing Games, the AP reported.

“The politicization of sports will damage the spirit of the Olympic Charter and the interests of athletes from all countries,” the spokesperson said. “The international community including the U.S. Olympic Committee will not accept it.”

Psaki was asked during a news conference about the situation, and she assured the American people that the Biden administration has “not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott with allies and partners” regarding the Olympics in Beijing.

In a follow-up, a reporter told Psaki, “Understanding what you said, the U.S. position, however, is that China has committed genocide.”

“Yes,” the press secretary replied.

The reporter then asked, “Doesn’t that demand some sort of response or action from the U.S., and what will the U.S. need to see before it fully participates in the Olympics?”

Psaki reiterated that the administration is working with allies “about a range of concerns we have with China’s behavior and their actions, including the genocide of Uyghur Muslims.”

What was the reaction?

Some conservatives reacted with fury over the White House response.

Newsmax reporter Benny Johnson tweeted a video of the exchange with the message, “Biden encouraged the MLB to move the All Star Game out of Atlanta without hesitation but has no problem with the U.S. participating in the Olympics in Beijing. So is it the position of the Biden Administration that the Georgia Voting Law is worse than Genocide?”

Anything else?

Also on Wednesday, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former national security adviser Robert O’Brien, both of the Trump administration, called on the U.S. to boycott what they called the “Genocide Olympics” in China, The Washington Examiner reported.

The Winter Olympics are slated to start in February 2022.

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Goya CEO tells CPAC Trump is ‘the real, the legitimate, and still the actual president.’ Now his company faces renewed calls for boycott.

Goya Foods’ pro-Trump CEO, Robert Unanue, is no stranger to controversy over his political views.

In January, the board of the Hispanic foods company voted to censure Unanue, a longtime, vocal advocate for former President Donald Trump, over controversial remarks he made following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, including questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.

Last summer, Goya faced calls for a boycott after Unanue praised Trump during a Rose Garden roundtable discussion among Hispanic leaders.

So it likely came as no surprise that, as the Washington Post reported, anti-Trump forces are again calling for a Goya boycott following Unanue’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend.

What did Unanue say now?

The businessman took the CPAC stage Sunday to again align himself with President Trump’s and his supporters’ ongoing allegations that the 2020 election was stolen through massive voter fraud.

Shortly after being introduced, Unanue thanked the crowd and told the audience it was an honor just to be on the same stage the former president would be using later that day for a massive keynote speech, calling the Trump the “real” and “legitimate” president.

“It’s just an honor to be here. But my biggest honor today is gonna be that ? I think we’re gonna be on the same stage ? as, in my opinion, the real, the legitimate, and the still-actual president of the United States, Donald J. Trump,” Unanue said to the CPAC crowd that responded with a roar of applause.

Knowing the blowback he would receive for such a statement, Unanue immediately followed that with a dig at the Twitterverse, which was bound to attack him for his statement, considering what critics on social media did in January when they pressured Goya’s board to punish him for his political views.

“Sorry, Twitter. I’ve already been canceled,” he said. “You can’t do it again.”

Unanue went on to say that conservatives “still have faith that the majority of the people of the United States voted for” Trump and followed that with accusations that the Senate runoff elections in Georgia were “not legitimate.”

? President Donald Trump LIVE at CPAC 2021 Final Day COMPLETE LIVE Coverage from Orlando

The CEO’s statements, of course, riled up the left, reigniting their zeal to boycott Goya over his allegations.

For example, the Post noted, “The View” cohost Joy Behar tweeted, “No more chick peas from Goya for me,” in response to a story on Unanue’s speech.

Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien said, “Folks at Goya should be embarrassed by their CEO.”

Both Newsweek and the Huffington Post reported that they pressed Goya for a response on Unanue’s remarks and whether he had been given permission to speak. Goya Foods did not respond.

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People threaten to boycott Publix after grocery chain’s heiress donated $300K to ‘Stop the Steal’ rally

People across America are reportedly threatening to boycott Publix Super Markets in response to a member of the company’s founding family fundraising for former President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C., last month.

After it was revealed by the Wall Street Journal that Julie Jenkins Fancelli, a prominent Trump donor and the heiress of the billion-dollar grocery chain, contributed a hefty $300,000 to the rally — the lion’s share of the money needed to fund the rally — a movement to boycott the company quickly launched.

The Guardian reported Monday that for many, “the decades-long love affair” with the Florida-based grocery chain was “over.” Disgruntled former patrons already upset at the company over its support for Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis accused the grocery chain of willingly funding violence.

“It was the last straw,” one customer said. “Insurrection at the Capitol, images of the police officer with his head being crushed, individuals dressed as Vikings on the floor of the Senate. … We’re not going to call this normal. They are a private company and it is their business how they want to contribute their money, but it’s also my right to decide where I want to spend my dollars.”

As the news broke, Publix issued a statement distancing itself from Fancelli, saying, “Ms. Fancelli is not an employee of Publix Super Markets, and is neither involved in our business operations, nor does she represent the company in any way.

“The violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was a national tragedy. The deplorable actions that occurred that day do not represent the values, work or opinions of Publix Super Markets,” the company added.

But by then the hashtag #BoycottPublix was already trending on Twitter. Scores of commenters on the platform announced they would no longer be giving their money to the grocery chain and called on others to join them in shopping elsewhere for their groceries.

“Whole Foods here I come!” one boycotter wrote.

Another said, “Last week, I spent >$250 in Publix. This week, Fresh Market.”

Another boycotter proclaimed, “I stopped going to Publix the minute this story came out! They will not be getting one cent from me so they can turn around and donate to the likes of Trump.”

Still, several others mocked the boycott and pledged to continue shopping at their beloved grocer, which operates some 1,200 stores across seven southeastern states and is known for its exceptional customer service, buy-one-get-one-free sales, and delicious subs.

Many predicted that this boycott — like the one attempted last year against Goya Foods — would ultimately backfire. Only time will tell.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez BOYCOTT Employee Goya Intelwars Month

AOC named Goya Foods ’employee of the month’ after her call for a boycott caused huge spike in sales

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue has revealed that democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) call for Democrats to boycott his company’s products over his praise of President Donald Trump actually led to skyrocketing sales so monumental that he named the congresswoman “employee of the month.”

What are the details?

Over the summer, Unanue took part in a business roundtable at the White House, after which he said during a speech in the Rose Garden, “We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.”

In reaction, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Oh look, it’s the sound of me Googling ‘how to make your own Adobo,” joining other Democrats in rallying behind an attempted boycott of the Hispanic-owned company.

Apparently, the attempted boycott had just the opposite effect that was intended.

The Daily Wire reported that Unanue told “The Michael Berry Show”:

“You know, communism works until you run out of other people’s money to spend. We’re not going to be able to do that. It’s interesting that AOC was one of the first people to step in line to boycott Goya; go against her own people, as supposedly a Puerto Rican woman, to go against people of her own Latin culture. She’s naïve. To some extent I can understand AOC; she’s young; she’s naïve; she doesn’t get it. But you’ve got someone like (Bernie) Sanders, who’s older than us, older than me, and he still doesn’t get it.”

The CEO then divulged:

“We still have to chat with AOC; I love her. She was actually our Employee of the Month; I don’t know if you know about this, but when she boycotted us, our sales actually increased 1,000%. So we gave her an honorary — we never were able to hand it to her but she got Employee of the Month for bringing attention to GOYA and our adobo. Actually our sales of adobo did very well after she said ‘Make your own Adobo.'”

Unanue has worked with both Democrats and Republicans, and stood his ground in defending his praise of Trump despite immediate calls by Democrats to boycott his business in July.

The CEO told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” at the time that he was disappointed by the double standard shown.

“You’re allowed to talk good or to praise one president, but you’re not allowed — when I was called to be part of this commission to aid in economic and educational prosperity and you make positive comment, all of the sudden that’s not acceptable,” Unanue said.

“I’m not apologizing for saying — and especially when you’re called by the president of the United States, you’re gonna say, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m busy. No, thank you,'” he insisted. “I didn’t say that to the Obamas and I didn’t say that to President Trump.”

Bernie marcus Bernie marcus net worth BOYCOTT Boycott home depot Boycotthomedepot Home Depot Home depot boycott Intelwars

Home Depot co-founder writes op-ed explaining why he’s endorsing Trump, Democrats launch boycott campaign

Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, endorsed President Donald Trump in the 2020 election and called him “Ronald Reagan’s heir,” which was immediately met with uproar by Democrats online.

Marcus wrote an opinion piece on Fox News titled “Trump deserves a second term and has my vote. Here’s why.” The 91-year-old billionaire is hopeful that the U.S. economy is rebounding from the coronavirus pandemic, as seen with the record-setting 33.1% GDP growth in the third quarter.

Marcus applauded Trump for instituting a China travel ban on Jan. 31, which Joe Biden opposed. Marcus is impressed by Operation Warp Speed, which he said, “reduced burdensome regulations to develop a vaccine in record time.”

“Trump’s pro-growth policies, including tax cuts and deregulation, have given entrepreneurs the opportunity and capital to hire, expand, and raise wages,” Marcus wrote in the op-ed. “This has created a roaring and resilient small business economy that can quickly bounce back from the pandemic shock.”

The Home Depot co-founder noted that before the COVID-19 pandemic, “the unemployment rate fell to historic lows, including record levels for Hispanic and Black workers.”

“In 2019, middle-class incomes grew at the record rate of 6.8 percent – almost 50 percent more than during the entire eight-year Obama-Biden administration,” he added. “And the poverty rate fell to its lowest level in 60 years.”

Marcus said he is voting for Trump because he believes that with a second term the president “can improve the small business climate even further, facilitating entrepreneurship, which accelerates economic growth and provides careers to those who need them most.”

Angry Democrats saw the Home Depot co-founder supporting Trump and launched the #BoycottHomeDepot campaign, despite Marcus retiring from the company in 2002.

“The co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, thinks Trump deserves a second term,” talk show host and Democratic strategist Chip Franklin wrote on Twitter. “Who else is ready to boycott Home Depot? #BoycottHomeDepot”

“Would you do me a quick favor and please comment with #BoycottHomeDepot to get this trending? I want to make sure the co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, pays for saying that Trump deserves a second term,” Franklin added.

“If you plan on buying a hammer, wood, or ANY home improvement items from Home Depot, you may as well send donations DIRECTLY to trump’s 2020 campaign,” one person tweeted.

One individual implied that the support of Trump equated to supporting Nazis.

However, there was a counter-movement of Americans saying that they would shop more at Home Depot after learning about Marcus endorsing Trump.

Conservative talk show radio host Jason Rantz said, “Support your local Home Depot and the workers tolerant progressives will lay off during a pandemic because the founder supports @realDonaldTrump.”

“If the morons on the left are tweeting #BoycottHomeDepot I am immediately doing all my shopping at Home Depot,” a Twitter user said. “I hope they start selling meat, fruits, and vegetables!”

“WE SUPPORT @HomeDepot because they SUPPORT AMERICA,” another person stated.

Conservative commentator Melissa Tate responded by saying, “The betas saying they are going to #BoycottHomeDepot don’t even know how to change a light bulb let alone swing a hammer. Trust me, these are not Home Depot shoppers.”

This isn’t the first time that Democrats attempted to organize a boycott against Home Depot. In July of 2019, Marcus showed support of Trump, and leftists launched an online campaign to attempt to cancel the hardware retailer.

At the time, Home Depot spokeswoman Margaret Smith released a statement noting that Marcus retired more than a decade ago and does not speak on behalf of the company. “In fact, as a standard practice, the company does not endorse Presidential candidates,” Smith told NPR last year.

Bernie Marcus has a net worth of $7.4 billion, according to Forbes. Last July, Marcus told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he plans to donate “80 to 90% of whatever is left of his wealth will go to his foundation, which in turn will give to philanthropic causes” after he dies.

Amy coney barrett BOYCOTT Intelwars Senate Judiciary Committee Vote

Senate Democrats announce they will boycott Amy Coney Barrett’s committee vote

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee announced they will boycott Thursday’s markup of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, in protest of Republicans’ decision to move forward with President Donald Trump’s high court pick so close to Election Day.

What are the details?

“This has been a sham process from the beginning,” reads the statement release by Schumer and fellow Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Patrick Leahy (Vt.), Dick Durbin (Ill.), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), Chris Coons (Del.), Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Cory Booker (N.J.) and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris (Calif.).

The Democrats complain:

“Republicans broke the promises they made and rules they created when they blocked Merrick Garland’s nomination for eight months under President Obama. Then, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that ‘the American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice.’ Now, Republicans have moved at breakneck speed to jam through this nominee, ignoring her troubling record and unprecedented evasions, and breaking longstanding committee rules to set tomorrow’s vote.”

“Throughout the hearings last week, committee Democrats demonstrated the damage a Justice Barrett would do — to health care, reproductive freedoms, the ability to vote, and other core rights that Americans cherish,” the statement continues, concluding, “We will not grant this process any further legitimacy by participating in a committee markup of this nomination just twelve days before the culmination of an election that is already underway.”

NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur noted on Twitter that use of the words “‘further legitimacy’ is the tell here.” He asked rhetorically, “If Democrats see this process as a sham, why legitimize the hearings but not the vote? The boycott comes after blowback for their ranking member lavishing praise on Lindsey Graham and his leadership in the ACB hearings.”

Senate Judiciary Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein has faced calls from Democratic operatives and far-left groups to have her ousted from leadership on the committee ever since she thanked Graham, the committee chairman, for conducting what she called “the best set of hearings that I’ve participated in.”

In reaction to questions about whether the 87-year-old senator from California will remain in her leadership position on the panel, Schumer told the press Tuesday, “I’ve had a long talk with Senator Feinstein. That’s all I’m going to say about it right now.”

Anything else?

Prior to the Democrats’ official announcement of their boycott, the HuffPost reported that the plan had not yet been finalized according to one aide, but that “Democrats are preparing to fill their empty seats with poster-sized photos of people who would be hurt by Barrett potentially casting a deciding vote against the Affordable Care Act.”

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Thousands Of Mathematicians Call For Boycotting Predictive Crime A.I. From Police

This article was originally published by Aaron Kesel at Activist Post

After a flurry of police brutality cases this year and protests swarming the U.S. streets, thousands of mathematicians have joined scientists and engineers in calling for boycotting artificial intelligence from being used by law enforcement.

Over 2,000 mathematicians have signed a letter calling to boycott all collaboration with police and telling their colleagues to do the same in a future publication of the American Mathematical Society, Shadowproof reported.

The call to action for the mathematicians was the police killings of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and many more just this year.

“At some point, we all reach a breaking point, where what is right in front of our eyes becomes more obvious,” says Jayadev Athreya, a participant in the boycott and Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Washington. “Fundamentally, it’s a matter of justice.”

The mathematicians wrote an open letter, collecting thousands of signatures for a widespread boycott of police using algorithms for policing. Every mathematician within the group’s network pledges to refuse any and all collaboration with law enforcement.

The group is organizing a wide base of mathematicians in the hopes of cutting off police from using such technologies. The letter’s authors cite “deep concerns over the use of machine learning, AI, and facial recognition technologies to justify and perpetuate oppression.”

Predictive policing is one key area where some mathematicians and scientists have enabled the racist algorithms, which tell cops to treat specific areas as “hotspots” for potential crime. Activists and organizations have long criticized the bias in these practices. Algorithms trained on data produced by racist policing will reproduce that prejudice to “predict” where crime will be committed and who is potentially a criminal.

“The data does not speak for itself, it’s not neutral,” explains Brendan McQuade, author of Pacifying the Homeland: Intelligence Fusion and Mass Supervision. Police data is “dirty data,” because it does not represent crime, but policing and arrests.

“So what are its predictions going to find? That police should deploy their resources in the same place police have traditionally deployed their resources.”

Several, if not all, U.S. states and major cities are thought to use some type of predictive policing or pre-crime software with known users including — Chicago, Atlanta, Tacoma, New York, and LA, though not without protesting its use. As Activist Post previously reported, many of these states are using Palantir software for their predictive crime algorithms and have been exposed for doing so, like Florida, whose police terrorized and monitored residents of Pasco County.

These police organizations across the U.S. have been using what is known as “heat lists” or pre-crime databases for years. What is a “heat list,” you may ask?

Well, “heat lists” are basically databases compiled by algorithms of people that police suspect may commit a crime. Yes, you read that right — a person who might commit a crime. How these lists are generated and what factors determine an individual “may commit a crime” is unknown.

Activists and journalists sued the Chicago Police Department in 2017 for failing to disclose how these programs operate, as Activist Post reported.

Chicago wasn’t the only major police department exposed using predictive crime algorithms. The Los Angeles Police Department was also caught one year later in 2018 by activists from the Stop LA Spying Coalition, as Activist Post reported.

This heat list idea in local law enforcement actually originated in Miami then was rolled out in Chicago in 2013. However, Activist Post may have missed other cities that gained less media attention; and as this writer will discuss shortly, the idea comes from a federal database.

A paper released last year by MIT entitled “Technical Flaws of Pretrial Risk Assessments Raise Grave Concerns” has been signed by some of the highest level university experts in the field of A.I. and law who warn about the “technical flaws” of these pre-crime based systems, Activist Post reported.

Fortunately for us, as Nicholas West noted, the pushback has already started in several cities, and a few police departments have dropped their programs after becoming aware of the inaccuracies. In 2018, for example, New Orleans suspended its 6-year running pre-crime program after its secret predictive policing software was exposed.

The scariest part of all this is that the New Orleans and LA police departments were actually both linked to Palantir Technologies, which directly works with the CIA and is suspected of being the current fork of PROMIS Main Core software. PROMIS pre-dates all of these local police heat lists, with algorithms that put suspected “domestic terrorists” into their own round-up lists and highly scrutinized tracked purchases, created at first by Oliver North for President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush under FEMA’s Readiness Exercise — 1984 (REX-1984.)

The use of Palantir’s pre-crime algorithm software posits that other police departments may be utilizing the same software for their own pre-crime programs. Palantir is also the same company working with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency on its own lists to catch illegal immigrants, as Activist Post and investigative journalist Barrett Brown originally reported.

You may remember Palantir from journalist Barrett Brown, Anonymous’ hack of HBGary, or accusations that the company provided the technology that enables NSA’s mass surveillance PRISM which is the successor to PROMIS. Palantir’s software in many ways is similar to the Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS) stolen software Main Core and maybe the next evolution in that code, which allegedly predated PRISM. In 2008, published details about a top-secret government database that might have been at the heart of the Bush administration’s domestic spying operations. The database known as “Main Core” reportedly collected and stored vast amounts of personal and financial data about millions of Americans in the event of an emergency like Martial Law.

PROMIS was forked into many reported use-cases for the U.S. government, including an intelligence application onboard nuclear submarines of the United States and Great Britain, and the use by both the U.S. government and certain allied governments for inventory tracking of nuclear materials and long-range ballistic missiles. But the most bizarre and frightening use was to keep track of dissident Americans under Main Core.

The Main Core database isn’t just a rumor or conspiracy theory; PROMIS software was used by Iran-Contra fall guy then-National Security Council, Lt. Col. Oliver North to create the dissidents list for Rex-84 that would later evolve to Main Core. North used PROMIS software in 1982 in the Department of Justice, and at the White House, to compile a list of American dissidents to invoke if the government ever needed to do so under Ronald Reagan’s Continuity of Government (COG) program as a liaison to FEMA.

In 1993, Wired described North’s use of PROMIS in compiling the Main Core database:

Using PROMIS, sources point out, North could have drawn up lists of anyone ever arrested for a political protest, for example, or anyone who had ever refused to pay their taxes. Compared to PROMIS, Richard Nixon’s enemies list or Sen. Joe McCarthy’s blacklist look downright crude.

This Main Core database of individuals was given to a handful of individuals, meaning most government officials had no knowledge of the program ever existing. The database was passed off from administration to administration through National Security channels, according to sources.

This writer wrote extensively on Main Core and PROMIS in an investigation on the cover-up of stolen Inslaw software and murders of journalists Danny Casolaro and Anson NG Yonc, CIA intelligence operative Ian Spiro and NSA employee Alan Standorf. See: “Octopus PROMIS: The Conspiracy Against INSLAW Software, And The Murders To Cover Up A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate.”

Palantir was founded with early investment from the CIA and heavily used by the military, and Palantir is a subcontracting company in its own right. The company has even been featured in the Senate’s grilling of Facebook, when Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell asked CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “Do you know who Palantir is?” due to Peter Thiel sitting on Facebook’s board.

Palantir’s Gotham software allows Fusion Center police to track citizens beyond social media and online web accounts with people record searches, vehicle record searches, a Histogram tool, a Map tool, and an Object Explorer tool.

According to DHS, “Fusion centers operate as state and major urban area focal points for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between federal; state, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT); and private sector partners” like Palantir. Further, Fusion Centers are locally owned and operated, arms of the “intelligence community,” i.e. the 17 intelligence agencies coordinated by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). However, sometimes the buildings are staffed by trained NSA personnel like what happened in Mexico City, according to a 2010 Defense Department (DOD) memorandum.

Tarik Aougab, an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Haverford College, one of the many mathematicians who saw recent protests against police as a an opportunity to take action against these practices said. “If there is already disproportionately large amounts of time and energy being spent criminalizing Black and brown people,” Aougab continues, “the predictions the algorithm puts forth are just going to reflect that. It’s a way to perpetuate that over-criminalization.”

The mathematicians question if predictive policing is just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“There’s a big question here: is predictive policing really getting ahead of events, or is it just a self-fulfilling prophecy?” McQuade explains that “crime statistics” are more accurately referred to as “arrest statistics.” They measure police behavior, which is not directly correlated with crime and violence. These arrests justify and perpetuate more arrests.

Athreya explains the boycotters will accomplish their goals by collaborating with criminal justice organizations.

We want to work through issues of how various algorithms are used in the criminal justice system, for things from facial recognition to DNA matching algorithms, where community groups and mathematicians can have a say.

In fact, one study conducted by the AI Institute last year investigated predictive policing systems and determined “in numerous jurisdictions, these systems are built on data produced during documented periods of flawed, racially-biased, and sometimes unlawful practices and policies.”

Another subsequent 2019 audit on predictive A.I. use in Los Angeles found a serious lack of oversight or procedures around the tools, rendering them utterly useless. Researchers have also noticed police tend to pursue their own “hotspots” rather than follow the technology making the tech become an enabler to police labeling and categorizing individuals without reason, Science Mag reported.

This is only the beginning of the fight, and it’s going to be a drawn-out battle to prevent the use of this technology, not just here in the U.S. but worldwide as well. There’s no telling how long these projects have been active, and trusting the police to honestly tell us is like trusting the wolf guarding the henhouse. However, with mathematicians as well as scientists and engineers on our side we have a fighting chance.

The post Thousands Of Mathematicians Call For Boycotting Predictive Crime A.I. From Police first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

Black Lives Matter BOYCOTT Boycott kentucky derby Greg harbut Intelwars Kentucky Derby Protests

BLM activists demand African-American horse owner boycott Kentucky Derby — but he says no way

Black Lives Matter activists are calling for African-American horse owner Greg Harbut to pull out of the Kentucky Derby, CNN reports — but Harbut refuses.

Activists insist Harbut boycott the annual event in order to protest the police killing of Louisville, Kentucky, resident Breonna Taylor.

What are the details?

Harbut, 35, says he will not pull out of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby because of the very fact that he is an African-American.

“I stand with Black Lives Matter, and I stand for justice for Breonna Taylor,” he told the network. “But as an African-American man involved in an industry that’s not very inclusive to people who look like me, there’s no way that I could sit out on one of the largest race days in the U.S. and not bring awareness to the contributions that African-Americans have given to horse racing.”

Harbut — who owns horse Necker Island — explained that his presence in the event is a continuation of important contributions to the history of African-Americans participating in the Kentucky Derby.

“The history of the Kentucky Derby started with African-Americans,” he said. “The first horse, Aristides, was trained by an African-American named Ansel Williamson and ridden by an African-American jockey named Oliver Lewis.”

He continued, “[W]e are the only black representation in the Kentucky Derby this year. There hasn’t been any representation for us for the past 13 years.”

Harbut added that he has high hopes to “strategically bring other African-Americans into this industry and onto the national stage.”

What else?

In the weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby, several activist groups and coalitions have demanded the derby be cancelled amid the ongoing police brutality protests.

One such group, the Justice and Freedom Coalition, said that a boycott of the annual event was necessary in order to “put much-needed pressure on the state to not only complete a thorough investigation of Ms. Taylor’s case, but to send a clear message that we will not allow these injustices to continue.”

Churchill Downs, which hosts the Kentucky Derby, in a Thursday statement promised that the race would go on.

“We know there are some who disagree with our decision to run the Kentucky Derby this year,” the statement read. “We respect that point of view but made our decision in the belief that traditions can remind us of what binds us together as Americans, even as we seek to acknowledge and repair the terrible pain that rends us apart.”

Black Owner of Horse Pressured to Boycott Kentucky Derby

Alexandria ocasio-cortez BOYCOTT Food Goya hispanic Intelwars

Dems call for boycott of Hispanic-owned food company Goya after CEO praises President Trump

Democratic politicians and leftists on Twitter are rallying to boycott Hispanic-owned food-maker Goya, after the company’s CEO heaped praise on President Donald Trump.

What are the details?

During a speech in the White House Rose Garden following a roundtable for Hispanic businesses and leaders on Thursday, Goya CEO Robert Unanue said, “We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.”

He added, “We have an incredible builder. And we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country — that we will continue to prosper and grow.”

NPR reported that “Unanue, a third-generation Spanish American, enraged many with his remarks, including some high-profile Democrats, who also signaled that they would no longer support Goya’s products.”

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) declared on Twitter, “Oh look, it’s the sound of me Googling ‘how to make your own Adobo.”

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro tweeted, “@GoyaFoods has been a staple of so many Latino households for generations. Now their CEO, Bob Unanue, is praising a president who villainizes and maliciously attacks Latinos for political gain. Americans should think twice before buying their products. #Goyaway”

Immigrant youth organization United We Dream put out a statement saying, “We don’t support companies who endorse and comply with a White Supremacist regime. Under capitalism, know the power of the dollar in their eyes. We’re using it to make a statement. Pledge your commitment to boycotting Goya Foods today.”

By evening, “Goya” was the top trending word on Twitter, along with the hashtags #BoycottGoya and #Goyaway.

According to Goya Foods‘ website, the company was founded by Spanish immigrants Don and Carolina Prudencio Unanue in 1936, and is currently “the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States.”

Anti-democrat businesses BOYCOTT COVID-19 Intelwars Lackawanna county rep. marty flynn

Dem. lawmaker sorry after getting ripped for threatening anti-Democrat businesses: ‘Bet I could kick your fat ass’

A Pennsylvania state representative from Lackawanna County is under fire after appearing to threaten a boycott of local anti-Democrat businesses.

He also allegedly threatened a local resident with violence.

What are the details?

In a Facebook post on his personal page, Lackawanna County Rep. Marty Flynn (D) wrote, “Keep talking about how bad we Democrats are and WE will STOP supporting YOUR businesses! You want to make it PERSONAL and we WILL!”

The post, which has since been deleted, caught the attention of Scranton, Pennsylvania, locals, sparking a backlash against the lawmaker.

In response, Friends of the Scranton Police Department called for Flynn’s resignation.

According to one screenshot shared by the group, Flynn reportedly threatened at least one commenter, writing, “[M]aybe you can buy me 5times [sic] over but I bet I could kick your fat ass up and Down the street until you shut your fat mouth!!!!”

A post from the group read, “Threatening to assault your constituents, the same people that put you in office. Shame on you Mr. Flynn! ALL respect for you has been lost! You should resign immediately!”

What else?

According to Go Lackawanna, William Kresge — who is seeking the Republican nomination for Flynn’s district — added, “Threatening business owners is not only unbecoming of an elected official but truly hypocritical of one who is tasked with the recovery of our economy here in Northeast Pennsylvania.”

“In times of crisis, we need strong and ethical leadership from our elected officials. We entrust them to do the right thing for all constituents and not just those they agree with,” Kresge continued. “During these difficult times, we need someone in office who is a unifier, not a divider[.] We must work to protect lives and livelihoods so we can emerge from this pandemic stronger and more unified.”

What did Flynn say next?

In a Facebook post, the county lawmaker wrote, “Earlier tonight I posted on my personal page a reaction to three business owners that basically shared the same meme about how Democrats are ‘evil’ to which I responded negatively, implying that we shouldn’t support (patronize) them. This was juvenile taking anyone’s political criticism, no matter how low, personal.”

“Even though I was venting about three people and my result of offending more people is well deserved. I’m SORRY and I should have been more thoughtful,” he concluded.

TheBlaze has reached out to Flynn for further comment.

Australia BOYCOTT China Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars

China threatens to cut off imports from Australia if Australia continues to push for independent investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 outbreak

The Chinese ambassador to Australia has threatened that China may boycott Australian imports if the Australian government continues to push for an independent inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made news last week by asking for international support for an independent international investigation into the outbreak, which would presumably include an investigation into the Chinese government’s handling of the crisis. Morrison reportedly even brought the issue up during the course of telephone calls with leaders from Germany, France, and the United States.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, relations between China and Australia were already at a breaking point after Australian authorities uncovered a plot late last year in which the Chinese government reportedly attempted to plant a spy in the Australian parliament. Further recent allegations of spying rankled Australians when Australian media reported that the Chinese government may have spied on Chinese scientists who were studying live bats in Australia in order to determine the origins of the coronavirus.

Morrison’s call for an independent investigation appears to have rankled the Chinese government to the point that China’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, threatened a Chinese boycott of Australian goods like beef and wine. Jingye claimed, for the benefit of any extremely naive people, that the threat was merely meant to indicate that average Chinese consumers would stop buying Australian products.

The Australian government, which is not naive, fired back at the Chinese response Monday. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said, “We reject any suggestion that economic coercion is an appropriate response to a call for such an assessment, when what we need is global cooperation.”

Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham also condemned the Chinese threats.

“Australia’s position is very clear that we believe it is entirely reasonable … for there to be a genuine inquiry and investigation into the cause of the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of people around the world,” he said. “We won’t be changing our public policy position, on the face of such a serious public health matter, in the face of any threats of coercion from any other nation.”

China is currently Australia’s largest export market for beef and wine. Around a quarter of all Australian exports are currently sold in China.

BOYCOTT Conservative member of parliament Conservatives Intelwars Leftist intolerance Leftists UK Yorkshire tea

Conservative UK official tweets photo of himself with container of tea. Of course, woke leftist mob freaks out with threats to boycott brand.

The crazy train of the woke left apparently is continuing its runaway pace down the tracks.

What, pray tell, is it this time?

Rishi Sunak — the United Kingdom’s chancellor of the exchequer and a Conservative member of parliament — tweeted a photo of himself with Yorkshire Tea a few days ago. The caption read, “Quick Budget prep break making tea for the team. Nothing like a good Yorkshire brew.”

Well, that sent the woke leftist mob over the edge.

Yorkshire Tea received a mountain of online abuse over the photo, including a weekend full of calls to boycott the brand, the
Guardian reported — despite the inconvenient fact that Yorkshire Tea had nothing to do with the photo.

“Nothing to do with us — people of all political stripes like our brew,” the brand tweeted at one point.

What were some of the nutty Twitter messages the tea brand received?

  • “I’ve stopped using Yorkshire Tea since then as I don’t want to use a product that received publicity from an xenophobic fascist racist political party. I got rid of Yorkshire Tea from all three of my offices and from home. All staff and other family and friends feel same.”
  • “If I was Yorkshire Tea, I’d be very worried about my supporters being racist Brexiteers.”
  • “Looks like buying Tetley is back on. Shame on you Yorkshire Tea.”
  • “You can tell a lot about a company by the people that endorse it. Parasitic hedge funds.”
  • “No longer buying your products.”
  • “Goodbye from me to Yorkshire Tea.”
  • “Never buying Yorkshire Tea again.”
  • “Being endorsed by the @Conservatives is not a good look. Thankfully, other teas are available. #AvoidYorkshireTea #BoycottYorkshireTea.”
  • “You may not endorse racist and bigoted MPs, particularly those without scruples, but you could publicly object to this unauthorized endorsement.”

What did Yorkshire Tea say next?

On Monday, posts from the company’s Twitter account said the tea brand endured a weekend’s worth of cyber dragging:

But Yorkshire Tea also thanked those who stood up for the brand:

“Speaking directly now, as the person who’s been answering these tweets, I know it could have been much worse. It’s easier to be on the receiving end of this as a brand than as an individual,” the curator of the thread also noted. “There’s more emotional distance, and I’ve had a team to support me when it got a bit much. But for anyone about to vent their rage online, even to a company — please remember there’s a human on the other end of it, and try to be kind.”

Silver lining

Amid the nasty comments, it appeared a good bit more comments not only supported Yorkshire Tea but also decided to buy some and even switch tea brands to spite the leftists:

  • “Personally, I’m going to make sure no other brand comes in the house now.”
  • “Heading out to buy some Yorkshire Tea — great firm who deserve support.”
  • “The lefties have given you brilliant advertising.”
  • “So sorry that people who are supposed to be ‘tolerant’ can’t treat others as fellow human beings. Off to buy some Yorkshire Tea!!!”
  • “Will be buying more!!!!”
  • “Please don’t let negative nasty people get to you. You are doing a great job. I love Yorkshire Teas by the way. I wish people would understand they are dealing with fellow human beings. God bless and hope your day is better.”