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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

I want you to understand that stocks have MUCH MORE appreciation ahead of them, as a whole. What you’ll see below is that households STILL OWN about a fifth of their wealth IN BONDS!

In my mind, that’s a bubble! There is ZERO JUSTIFICATION to park 20% of society’s net worth in bonds that don’t generate a return, are exposed to inflationary erosion, and can’t be relied upon for the years to come. On top of that, having 15% in cash (now even more) creates a situation where investors have TOO LITTLE EXPOSURE to stocks.

There are trillions of dollars on the sidelines. I’m telling you that in 2018, equities BEGAN TO see outflows from stocks and inflows to bonds, a trend that HASN’T REVERSED until present day. That’s not a smart move to sell equities and own bonds instead.

My message isn’t that stocks are a REAL BARGAIN, but that if you see an opportunity to own a high-quality company at a reasonable price, the attitude of WAITING FOREVER until its price returns to some historical norms MIGHT COST YOU big-time since you’ll never get exposure. Stocks might not return to those P/E ratios of the past.


Instead, consider a TRIED AND TRUE strategy of splitting your purchases in increments, BEING METHODICAL about two elements:

  1. Total Position Size – Figure out PRECISELY HOW MUCH you’re going to invest into a given security, why you’ll SELL IT (for a good or bad reason), what the ideal entry price would be, and then execute a tactic of buying 10%-20% of the OVERALL SIZE.
  2. DROP-SIZE STEPS – Companies either experience INCREMENTAL REDUCTIONS in price or one-day BIG DROPS. The incremental ones are created because of collective views about the company or its industry, while DRAMATIC SELL-OFFS that occur instantly are reactions to news releases.

You need to be ready to capitalize on these INSTANT DROPS and one of the best ways is to set limit orders.


As you can see, the OVERWHELMING NUMBER of equities is owned by the top 10% of wealthy households and that’s A HUGE MISTAKE that the rest are making.

My one wish for families who have low-wage incomes is that they would save 5%-10% of their net income every month and buy equities. Even if their careers never take off, they’ll SAVE THE NEXT GENERATION from poverty!

Save, invest, REPEAT!

Escape poverty in 25 years or less and be the hero of your dynasty.


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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends.

There’s much that Americans CAN’T AGREE ON, but one thing is for sure: when it comes to spending money that ISN’T THEIRS by creating more currency out of THIN AIR, most fall in line and share the view that MORE SHOULD COME!


Do you understand that the markets are ACTUALLY RALLYING because things are bad?

Here’s the rationale: the economy is shrinking, unemployment rates are SKY-HIGH, the elections are coming, and politicians will treat EVERY DAY like it’s Christmas, so markets must go up.

In fact, August 2020 was the S&P 500’s BEST AUGUST in 26 years! The problem is that the Volatility Index is rising along with it in tandem. This ONLY OCCURS before big pullbacks.

This isn’t the only MARKET RARITY of August 2020. Along with the VIX rising with stocks, August saw the markets BEAT BONDS by the greatest amount in nine years!

Cash has simply been a POOR CHOICE for an investor since March; as you’ll see below, SILVER is the best-performing major asset in 2020:


Silver’s beating gold, and even the NASDAQ 100 composite in August and throughout 2020.

The gold/silver ratio is now the lowest it’s been since MARCH 2017!

You’ll remember that we called the bottom on it when it hit 120:1, and WE’VE BEEN SO RIGHT. With the index now at 69:1, I expect the gap to close EVEN MORE.

The main reason for this rally is that the U.S. dollar has gone from OVERBOUGHT in March to NOT OVERBOUGHT today, but anyone who tells you that the dollar is losing its supremacy or that the world is LOSING FAITH in it is being premature or disingenuous.

For lack of an alternative right now, the dollar is still the king of fiat currencies.

As you can see above, since peaking on the 5th of August, gold has traded down and THEN FLAT, yet real rates have resumed their downtrend. They’ve gone back to -1.09%, which CAUSED GOLD to reach its all-time high, so I’m BULLISH AGAIN!

In fact, I’m constructing a WELL-DIVERSIFIED gold, silver, and base metal stock portfolio, which I’ll publish NEXT WEEK.

In our company’s history, we’ve never done anything QUITE LIKE THIS.

The portfolio will be in the form of a special PDF report and the aim is to give you a POINT OF REFERENCE so you can conduct your own due diligence.

Courtesy:, (amazing charts)

As you can see, sitting at home and TRADING STOCKS ALL DAY seems to be the pastime of the millennial generation. They need to prepare themselves to GET WHACKED by the professionals, which won’t be able to resist selling since prices have just GONE PARABOLIC, with TSLA up 75% in August alone, for instance.

I know for a fact that the world’s top investors are DISGUSTED WITH this bubble and that they’re pursuing creative and alternative ways of buying value and generating returns.

Unless this recovery HAS LEGS in the real economy, these options traders are about to learn A VALUABLE LESSON; greed must be contained – OR ELSE!

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This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends. 

On Sunday, I wrote the first of two WARNING ALERTS about the stock market. Today, I am publishing the second one. My message boils down to this: as of right now, the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are EXPENSIVE.

The chief reason for this is the LACK OF VIABLE ALTERNATIVES for generating returns in a ZERO-RATE world.

This is factored in, but some people still SHAKE THEIR HEADS in disbelief regarding how much the markets have extended themselves, so here’s some perspective as to how much more expensive GOVERNMENT BONDS are than stocks:

  1. A 10-year U.S. Government Treasury bond is GUARANTEED to lose income since it yields 0.65%. As a whole, the G-10 governments offer less than 2%. On the flip-side, the S&P 500 has a P/E ratio of 27, which implies an earnings yield of 3.7% (100/27). Add the dividend yield of 1.7% and the “lack of judgment” on the part of investors becomes clear: STOCKS are better than BONDS. It’s not even a question. Given the choice, I’d buy an index fund over a bond any day of the week.


  1. The RISK FACTOR with bonds and stocks has changed. Bonds used to be looked at as ULTIMATE SAFE HAVENS, but fewer and fewer people ASCRIBE A PREMIUM to a government than to the world’s best businesses.

Can anyone really say that they are more concerned about the future prospect of a company like Google or Starbucks than with Washington? To me, the safety that some companies have in their brand’s loyalty is bulletproof.

Some businesses are bigger, better, and more resilient than most of the world’s treasury departments.


But, as much as I think that a basket of high-quality stocks are more attractive than bonds, I also have to say that GOLD STOCKS beat the traditional equities right now!

No matter how I spin it around, I love the resource sector’s health, strength, corporate behavior, and I MOST LOVE the fact that the product it sells is in HIGH DEMAND and its price is in a bull market.

Since June 2019, this newsletter has profiled more than TEN OPPORTUNITIES that have doubled in price or more. One company is up close to 400% and another is close to 300%, yet I feel that it isn’t the end of this.

In September, some of this EUPHORIA MODE with retail investors will die off.

No one knows how SEVERE IT will be, but any LOSS OF MOMENTUM would immediately shine a light on gold again.


As you know, Warren Buffett is buying stocks, so he clearly knows that he can’t KEEP WAITING for lower valuations like in the last few decades because we live in a DIFFERENT REALITY.

The point is that stocks do look more attractive than bonds, but the resource sector is the MOST UNDERVALUED within the major industrial sectors.

Any weakness exhibited by the S&P 500 will serve as a MIRROR OF CONTRAST to how good gold companies have managed their BALANCE SHEETS.

Don’t struggle with why stocks are so richly valued as an index:

  1. Either act as a STOCK PICKER, focusing solely on those that offer good value, OR
  2. Step outside of the general equities and look at the value in the resource sector!

When gold SURGES ABOVE $2,000/ounce again, this sector will ERUPT!

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

The three GREAT TRUTHS of these economic times are:

  1. Governments and central banks MUST GROW the currency supply or risk SOCIETAL COLLAPSE.
  2. ZERO interest rates can’t BE ALTERED.
  3. China is FAST BECOMING the world’s most formidable economic power.

Anything and everything you do, whether it is in your career or in your investment portfolio, MUST GIVE ROOM to these facts.

For instance, TRUTH #1 was evident in March and April, when we saw central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, GO ALL-IN.

We published WATCH LIST #1, experienced OUTSTANDING GAINS, then published WATCH LIST #2, which has also delivered HUGE RETURNS, but many assume that with indices at ALL-TIME HIGHS the big profits are behind us.

That’s NOT TRUE!


As you can see, owning the S&P 500 or just the BIG FIVE has been FAR BETTER than owning laggards. Within the ranks, there are SOME SOLDIERS who have yet to become generals, so we are publishing WATCH LIST #3, our newest one, to tackle this opportunity HEAD ON!

Understand that the decision to REFLATE at ALL COSTS, which is truth #1 on our list, has pushed STOCKS, BONDS AND GOLD into all-time highs, at the SAME TIME.

This past July marked this event, A TRIFECTA of new highs (stocks, bonds and gold), which has occurred LESS THAN ten times in the last THREE DECADES.

In each of the previous times, these trends continued for another TWELVE MONTHS at least, with stocks never being down after such an event.

It’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to bet on stocks after their best 100-day stretch in history, after the SHORTEST BEAR MARKET ever and news that SHORT POSITIONS are at their lowest since 2005. But the SECOND TRUTH of our times is that rates aren’t going higher, as you’d expect them to in times of ASSET BUBBLES.


As you can see, since the September 11th attack in 2001, there’s been a CLEAR DECOUPLING in America. While rates have been SLASHED BRUTALLY, creating a bonds and equities bubble, more Americans have been laid-off, driven out of participating in the labor force, WIDENING the wealth gap!

Truth #2 is that it is ACTUALLY the CORPORATIONS that are now addicted to zero rates, even more than governments are.

Governments can ABSORB HIGHER interest payments, but businesses and households really can’t.

December 2018 was when this truth was finally put to the test and markets showed the Federal Reserve that if it intends to raise rates above 2.25%, then stocks are worth at least 20% less than current prices.

If you knew that bonds would pay no yield for the NEXT DECADE, would you bid up stocks further? YOU BET, and that’s exactly what’s happening.


This brings us to our THIRD TRUTH, one that is clear to many, but some still REFUSE TO BELIEVE it.

Throughout human history, China’s economy has been responsible for between 20% and 25% of global GDP, with the only exception being the majority of the 20th century.

Don’t make the FATAL MISTAKE of eating with a spoon the falsehoods of Western reporting of the Chinese economic way of life; while the control that government exercises over the individual is OUTRAGEOUS, their financial engine works FOR THEM.

They’re growing like nothing the world has ever seen and we BEST ADAPT to it. China will have a dominant role in the 21st century, yet its chief objective isn’t to TOPPLE DOWN the West, but to find equilibrium.

What investors must realize is that TWO EMPIRES have never worked together for the benefit of mankind. If leadership on both sides finds the path to co-existence, prosperity AWAITS US ALL.

As part of embracing major NEW TRENDS, which the post-Covid-19 world is birthing, we’ve found a BOMBSHELL OPPORTUNITY, which we’ll be updating on this week. It’s a huge moment for investors, so be ready!

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

The Federal Reserve’s Chairman is actually thinking about THE NEXT CRISIS. Jerome Powell is waving the WHITE FLAG and he is basically admitting that the Federal Reserve doesn’t know how their interest rate policy will impact INFLATION NUMBERS, so it wants to find new tools to handle the next downturn since it won’t be able to RAISE RATES beforehand.

Put differently, the world’s leading central banker is ADMITTING DEFEAT, saying that the bank can’t hike rates, so it must use UNCONVENTIONAL tools when the next recession calls it into action.

The boom and bust cycle, which defined the past 100 years of central banking, IS OVER.

Please don’t take this lightly; sit for an hour and think about the fact that there will NEVER BE a normal cycle again.


The Treasury bond is never going to DELIVER POSITIVE YIELD ever again!

What is the FAIR PRICE of gold, silver, stocks and real estate, if bonds never again BEAT INFLATION in your lifetime?

Only three out of every one hundred bonds generate a 5% return in today’s world. Just three decades ago, three of four bonds did that!

Negative-yielding debt is again ON THE RISE; there’s a clear trend and I can hear the drums – that is, if cash and bonds never DELIVER YIELD to retirees again, and gold is worth at least 50% more. And if gold is worth $3,000, even at 60:1, silver is worth FIFTY BUCKS.


This is an amazing 23yr chart, which shows that the dollar had BROKEN THROUGH support and could see a 25% drop in the present business cycle (2020-2027).

Have you TRULY GRASPED this?

Cash will cost you a -20% RETURN, so imagine the rush into HARD ASSETS.

This is a very different crisis than in 2009 and we believe that most investors have still NOT COMPREHENDED this reality and applied it to their calculations – herein lies our opportunity.


Money-market accounts are currently LOADED WITH CASH.

There’s $5tn sitting in them – more than ever before – and Portfolio Wealth Global believes that smart money is figuring out that we’ve entered a new monetary phenomenon and that putting money into gold now is SUPER-SAVVY of them.

The dollar is the measuring stick for everything the global commerce machine buys or sells.

In 2009, when gold enjoyed reflation and rallied from $850 to $1,921, it was at the end of an 11yr BEAR MARKET for the dollar.

 This time around, reflation is happening with a dollar BEAR MARKET just getting started!

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global.

I’ve made my career living by this mantra: DON’T try to change the world, ADAPT to it. In the next two years, WHOEVER is willing to SEPARATE his personal DISGUST of how corrupt, useless and UNFAIR the financial system is from the OPPORTUNITY to capitalize on the INHERENT flaws that this very system can’t fix, will potentially make a GENERATIONAL FORTUNE in the coming transition.

You can shout from the rooftops, but this won’t change the REALITY we live in one bit.

I’ve seen the HOURS-LONG traffic jams that are forming in cities to receive FOOD ASSISTANCE from the government. Millions of people are THRILLED to receive the free stuff because they haven’t the SLIGHTEST CLUE how the system works or where the government gets its funding from; they don’t care about civil liberty, but only about security.

Don’t get frustrated with the collective ignorance of your fellow countrymen. You were not put on this planet to lecture others or to “fix” them. All you can really do – and for that matter, anyone else – is LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Some will resonate with your personality if it proves to be a WINNING ONE, while most won’t.

Only 3% of the population live INTENTIONAL LIVES, according to the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the subject. What I mean by intentional is that (1) they KNOW what they want, (2) BELIEVE they can achieve it, no matter what’s going on in the world, (3) they DEVISE a plan to pursue their goal, and (4) they EXECUTE with everything they’ve got.

Don’t look outside of yourself for the answer to your problem. Never in history has anyone achieved anything of lasting value by leeching off the government.

All great things were made by HARD WORK and careful planning.


NEVER should one let others dictate his trajectory in life – that’s SLAVERY.

This coronavirus is such a CONTROVERSIAL subject because it was initially a medical emergency, but in managing it, governments have made it so that in order to save the lives of the ones that the virus would otherwise defeat, the PLANET has been put on hold.

There’s no right or wrong here; it’s the decision that we collectively decided was appropriate.

We may call it BULLSHIT or say it is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED, but our opinion means nothing.

Successful people concern themselves with two things:

  1. What is my goal?
  2. What am I doing about it right now?

These two questions have NOTHING TO DO with a virus or anything else; it’s a DEEP psychological conviction that you CAN and SHOULD be on the escalator to new heights all the time.

Nearly 16 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past three weeks. I don’t like that at all. Too many of them will depend on government and that could place a heavier burden on America’s DEBT MONETIZATION out-of-thin-air schemes.



Silver is the ultimate asset for these times. Since INDUSTRY has basically been ground to a halt, traders have already PRICED no industrial demand. Then, Powell said that HIS LAST CONCERN is that his lending programs would generate inflation.

The Federal Reserve isn’t worried about inflation and it is BLANKETING THE ENTIRE bonds market with purchases.

All I can say is that now EVERYONE, including all of the world’s governments, understand that we are in the REAL endgame. It’s a RACE TO DEBASE!

In the face of this, the markets are RALLYING hard. The reason is that bonds are essentially worthless, so money is flowing only to STOCKS, if anywhere.

But, there’s literally no REASON to assume that they’ll continue going up. Earnings don’t justify that.

As bullish as I am on silver and gold, my BULLISH outlook is even stronger for copper, which is going to be the TRUE BENEFACTOR from the infrastructure SUPER-BOOM that’s coming shortly!

China has caused other nations to doubt it. America’s companies will start to move back and Washington (as well as Europe) will ramp-up projects on roads, bridges, and new construction.

Copper is the main metal in electric vehicles as well and all governments will ban gasoline cars pretty soon.

You watch as these new metals SOAR!

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$3,450 GOLD: This Could Happen Quick – SERIOUSLY!

This article was contributed by Lior Gantz at The Wealth Research Group.

Gold has been a SUPER-IMPORTANT asset to own in the 21st century. Since January 1st, 2000, its price has risen faster than most other BUY-AND-HOLD strategies and it has beaten general equities!

Throughout modern history (1812-2020), that type of prolonged outperformance is a rare feat. Stocks, which represent partial ownership of productive businesses, are BY DEFINITION a better investment than gold since their value grows with time, so this is a major surprise to most, who have never considered owning REAL MONEY, gold.

Despite these inherent shortcomings of being just an element of nature, without the ability to produce further value, gold has PROSPERED and has made investors, who hold a proportion of their net worth in it, RICHER than they would be in most other scenarios.

Compared to cash, gold has OUTPERFORMED by a wild factor. Think about the fact that the spot price just two decades ago was $250/ounce and it is now close to $1,650.

Between 1980 and 2000, the need to own a NON-PRODUCTIVE asset like gold, when both stocks and bonds were great wealth-generating vehicles, was minimal and gold CRASHED HARD.

The value-proposition of gold changed after the 9/11 attacks. Interest rates were SLASHED DRASTICALLY and for the first time under the fiat monetary system, both stocks and bonds were under pressure, CREATING ROOM for gold to be a safe haven.

Today, the entire planet is running MONSTROUS government deficits and in exchange, it nationalizes the government bonds markets, by having central banks monetize them. The fallacy and FRAGILITY of it is so noticeable that one doesn’t need to add a SINGLE IOTA to the argument.

Because a novel virus such as COVID-19 can’t be contained by any other PREDICTABLE measure, aside from social distancing, each country and its government have pursued the course of ENFORCED ECONOMIC RESET. This has been HEARTBREAKING to watch and is entering its worst phase when the toll on households, small businesses, and giant corporations is SCARY.

Look at the price we decided, collectively, as a society to pay, in order to contain the spread:

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

The initial panic in the markets was so GRAVE that the bear market took 16 days to occur. Think about that because it shows the most EXTREME CASE of distress that financial markets will probably undergo in our lifetimes.

Investors, the owners of stocks and real estate, have lost trillions in net worth and the average person has lost trillions in GDP productivity, which impacts his livelihood, his career, his quality of life and his cost of living.

The industries hit hardest will be CHANGED FOREVER.

The sole function of markets is to TRANSFER WEALTH from the uneducated to the educated, and they are pricing in a secondary shockwave.

They do not believe that all will be normal soon, as you can see in the rally of food stocks, compared with leisure-centered equities:


March was the month of SPECULATION as to the severity of international shutdowns, whereas April is the month of REALITIES.

One by one, the dominoes will start falling, since the RESULTS of quarantines will be visible to all in the data released by research firms.

Again, you have to also assume that many of these REALITIES were discounted in advance. Nearly all investors are sitting on HOARDS OF CASH, the likes of which the world has never seen.

These types of charts, such as the one Citi just produced, are NOT SHOCKING to either congress or to institutional money.

These sharp declines look APOCALYPTIC, but the measures taken to offset their true impact have been stupendous and there’s MORE TO COME.


The U.S. economy is based on consumerism. 70% of GDP is predicated on Americans going shopping and SPENDING. Wealth and innovation are created by finding ways of effectively SERVICING the population’s wants and needs.

Therefore, the machines must keep printing currency. Unlike 2008, the government STEPPED ON THE GAS quickly and implemented Helicopter Money, small business loans and thousands of grants.

Therefore, most investors are ABOUT TO dramatically increase their allocations towards gold. As opposed to 2008, we’re not just putting new currency units in the hands of banks and then regulating the hell out of them; we’re giving it to people, common folks, and they’re going to use it on who knows what.

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet will reach $10T, at which point gold can hit $5,000/ounce, but even if it UNDERSHOOTS, just realize that its fair value today is already $3,450, according to its most closely-followed correlation.


This is heaven for gold stocks investors, and it will BEGIN once the dollar truly reverses in a matter of weeks from now.

I plan to be heavily weighted in gold equities in 2020.

More specifics SOON!


bear markets Bitcoin Bonds buying spree central bankin central plannin collapse Coronavirus correlation Donald Trump economic crash everything bubble experts Federal Reserve Financial Crisis Forecasting global economy Great Depression Headline News History Intelwars layoffs Market Crash mayhem popping presidency Stocks The Fed trillions of dollars


This article was contributed by our good friends at Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Don’t, Just Don’t Get Duped

The last time that the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded in this way was in October of 1929. This, to history lovers, should SOUND THE BLOODY ALARM.

We all know that markets have transitioned from all-time highs to bear market in only SIXTEEN TRADING SESSIONS, a record that will be hard to beat in our lifetimes.

The combined losses of stocks and bonds have been monumental, 2008-like even.

Everyone’s on edge. Stores are completely EMPTY. I have never before encountered such panic and I’ve traveled to war zones, had missiles dropped near me, been to refugee camps and to 3rd world countries during tropical storms, but this TAKES THE CAKE.


A classic diversification into stocks and bonds simply wasn’t enough to CURTAIL this MAYHEM. It’s shocking to see how QUICKLY the sentiment changed, but it’s also important to keep in mind that stocks have only erased 2016-2019 gains. The big picture could still be much more FRIGHTENING if and when companies have to begin firing employees.

This will be the crucial week for Trump’s presidency. Every day, he and his team will have to inspire CONFIDENCE in their plan and to show the people of this country that the prospect of containment is racing towards them.

It will be a do-or-die week for the Federal Reserve as well.

They MUST appease the credit markets. The central bank, in all LIKELIHOOD, will announce a HUGE slash of 0.75%, after the emergency 0.50% did nothing to BLOCK the bear market from steamrolling trillions of dollars of equity.


As you can see, this can end TERRIBLY for everyone. The market is following in the footsteps of the most INFAMOUS depression in American history. No one wants to go through that again.

Judging by the fact that up until now only 50 people have died on U.S. soil, the panic has PROBABLY reached maximum levels. To me, if the areas of community spread don’t show spikes in new cases, the notion that this more acute version of the seasonal flu is not the Black Plague will sink in. Slowly, but surely, industry, commerce, and trade will resume normalcy.

Certainly, it is very ENCOURAGING to see how CEOs are coming in, using their personal funds, and buying shares in their own companies.

Historically speaking, they are bottom fishing, so it’s a sign that they have faith in the RECOVERY from this period of disaster and pandemic.


Throughout the passing week, I’ve been hit with INNUMERABLE questions about what the future holds. I’m extremely optimistic, overall. This, to me, was UNDUE panic and should have been dealt with in a way that doesn’t shuts-off the global economy.

We can all learn from this situation. Financially, markets were OVERBOUGHT (just as I said) and needed this sort of shakeout.

For eleven years, we’ve enjoyed tremendous gains. In this context, we’re just fine.

What I don’t like to see is the SUPER-BUBBLE in bonds or the weird correlation between stocks and bonds:


In the coming days and weeks, we either return to our way of living or this PANDORA’S BOX unleashes its full FURY and WRATH on everyone.

The Federal Reserve has already bombarded the credit banking system with sums of debt that could alleviate poverty in Africa, but it seems that nothing is SUFFICIENT.

Tomorrow, we will begin sensing how the reaction to Washington’s plans is accepted.

This will have a lot to do with whether or not this spirals into a PROLONGED nightmare or if we’re starting a new, wiser and stronger path.

Clearly, with Bitcoin losing 50% in two days and with general equities looking like they have a rough patch ahead, mining stocks look GREAT, in comparison.