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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends.

Precious metals are having a BREAKOUT YEAR; silver is already closing in on $28/ounce, which means that it has already PIERCED ABOVE our $26/ounce target, which was its EPIC RESISTANCE.

The mining sector will undoubtedly become the most profitable industry of 2020 with this legendary tailwind at its back.

I am pinching myself over this; it’s like the MANIFESTATION of the CULMINATION of years of stressing in our newsletters the idea of just how unsustainable the monetary path that
we’ve embarked on is.

Without getting political or taking sides, my message is that the Obama administration MISSED ITS CUE when it came to taking the button from the central bank. Obama’s administration HARDLY DID ANYTHING on the fiscal end, so it tasked the central bank with the IMPOSSIBLE MISSION of improving the economy without ever having a chance to succeed at it since all they do is lower and raise interest rates and maintain stability in the financial system.

Bernanke and Yellen couldn’t have helped the patient since he needed surgery and all they could offer was PAINKILLERS.

The central bank doesn’t really intervene or reform the real economy; it’s mostly in charge of creating SUFFICIENT LIQUIDITY.


The gold/silver ratio is NEARING 74:1, which is a critical
resistance line for it.

Silver has DONE WONDERS since the March lows, yet my analysis points towards MUCH HIGHER prices for it, perhaps even as high as $31/ounce by the end of the year.

The most obvious driver of this REPRICING of precious metals is the loss of
REAL-WORLD bond yields.

There is no way of getting a return on savings, plus the dollar is GETTING CLOBBERED.

Money managers are truly DE-DOLLARIZING in earnest.


We haven’t seen this type of RUSH TO THE EXITS away from the dollar in over 18 years!

If this is a LASTING TREND, silver can definitely aspire to reach $50/ounce and higher.

I’m having a good time just sitting with a cup of coffee and watching the screens turn GREENER AND GREENER like a beautiful national park in the spring.

Let’s recap this ASTONISHING 6-WEEK period:

  1. Precious metals are in the process of REGAINING FOOTING in the mainstream collective mindset as an inflation hedge and a safe haven.
  2. Many are finally coming to understand that both gold and silver (at times) have room in their portfolios.
  3. The mining shares are JUST BEGINNING to show their real faces!
  4. The American dollar has turned a corner FOR THE WORST.


Gold is currently TREMENDOUSLY OVERBOUGHT, but the last two times it occurred, instead of entering a correction like most expected, being a contrarian and actually capitalizing on this as a BUY SIGNAL worked best, as you can see in the circled area above!

We’ve been waiting for this moment since 1971; this is the END-GAME.

Gold at $3,000 is now an option that you must begin to SERIOUSLY ENTERTAIN in your mind!

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group.

Oh, Bernanke, I hope you are READING THESE WORDS: You Lost!

Bernanke, if you’re home watching gold BREAKING RECORDS, just know that I remember when you told Congress that “I don’t quite understand the movement of gold.”

Well, Ben, in case one of your cronies is reading this, let me explain “gold’s movements” to you: Gold goes UP, UP and UP; is that CLEAR ENOUGH?

Since 1971, when your so-called genius friends decided that the dollar was somehow superior to the ULTIMATE MONEY of the universe, gold, its price has gone up 6,000%!

You lost!

Jerome, if one of your employees is FORWARDING THIS letter to you today, then I would like to SAY THANKS for making it clear to more than EIGHT BILLION SOULS that fiat currencies suck!


Many years ago – one hundred and eight TO BE EXACT – a certain J.P. Morgan (the actual man), in his final year on Earth, went in front of Congress and said the TRUEST WORDS ever uttered by any human being since the DAWN OF TIME.

What he said was this: “Gold and silver are MONEY. Everything else is credit.”

Credit, not money, meaning that while you believe you own it, it is actually SOMEONE ELSE’S liability.

In 1944, the United States was so mighty that it DICTATED TERMS to the losing nations of WW2 – the bankrupt countries of Europe and Asia – and a major one was that the ALMIGHTY BUCK would call the shots.

Jerome, if you haven’t realized it yet, WE’RE IN 2020, not 1944.

Let me put this debate TO REST: we’re in a massive bull market!

It would be the HEIGHT OF FOLLY to label this price action as a bubble.

I’m not going to even ACKNOWLEDGE THAT DEBATE; the bubble is elsewhere – THIS IS REAL.

Gold is money; silver is money.

The gains are epic – let’s BRING DOWN THE HOUSE!

There are UNIVERSAL LAWS, which are immutable and ENGRAINED in the cosmos!

One of them is that silver WILL BEAT the manipulating bankers and we are SEEING IT unfolding right now!

The SHORT SQUEEZE that’s going to occur, now that silver has BROKEN ABOVE its 2016 high, could break the backs of the amateurs.

You just watch what’s going to happen, now that the dollar is a SINKING SHIP!

So many speculators, who in RECENT MONTHS decided it’s a good idea to own companies at P/E ratios of 50:1 and higher, will not believe the TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY in the mining sector, as these companies are not even trading above 2016 highs!

Silver is now the HOTTEST PLAY on the planet and gold is TAGGING ALONG beautifully!

The Federal Reserve might be printing dollars, but we’re LITERALLY PRINTING MONEY into the brokerage accounts!

Things are going nuts; a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY is coming next week as well — I’VE NEVER seen anything like it in the mining sector in over 14 years.

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Trump Can’t Save The Crashing Economy & His Reelection Chances Get Slimmer

President Donald Trump’s one shining moment during his time in office was the economy.  With that crashing and burning, his reelection chances are also going up in flames.

Trump has a last-ditch effort, however.  He and the Federal Reserve chairman may even agree on something: tax cuts.  But to make any effect on his reelection, he’d have to do this swiftly and noticeably: not like last time.  And the tax cuts would be paid for with “helicopter money.”

Veteran Wall Street strategist Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research has also proposed this a very controversial option.  “Former Fed chair Ben Bernanke many years ago suggested that if things really get bad, there’s always helicopter money,” Yardeni said on Thursday on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round on Thursday. “Helicopter money would be actually something that both [president] Trump and [Fed chairman] Powell… could agree on. Because the president wants tax cuts. And if the tax cuts are paid for with ultra-easy monetary policy, guess what? That’s helicopter money.”

Trump needs major tax cuts, however.  These should be so deep that almost everyone immediately feels relief from their tax burden.  Anything less will be as well-received as his last round of tax cuts that were said to only help the rich by his opponents.  Deep middle-class tax cuts could have a bigger effect on the economy than any amount of promises and money-printing schemes could ever hope.  People will notice there’s more money in their wallets.

If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy In Order To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?

“Helicopter money” was first coined by economist Milton Friedman in 1969 as a thought experiment where a helicopter drops cash over a community. In theory, people may assume it’s just a one-off event, and they may find themselves just spending it. Economic activity would spike suddenly.Yahoo

Former Fed chair Bernanke later referenced this concept in a 2002 speech. Then a Fed governor, Bernanke (a Keynesian economist) discussed using an ultra-loose monetary policy (via money printing) to finance stimulative fiscal policy, which could come in the forms of tax cuts or government spending. From his speech:

A broad-based tax cut, for example, accommodated by a program of open-market purchases to alleviate any tendency for interest rates to increase, would almost certainly be an effective stimulant to consumption and hence to prices. Even if households decided not to increase consumption but instead re-balanced their portfolios by using their extra cash to acquire real and financial assets, the resulting increase in asset values would lower the cost of capital and improve the balance sheet positions of potential borrowers. A money-financed tax cut is essentially equivalent to Milton Friedman’s famous “helicopter drop” of money.Ben Bernanke, 2002

But too little of a tax cut could be a huge problem. If Trump doesn’t make this tax cut one for history, people won’t notice and all they will focus on is the falling stock market.  Yardeni says this is such a crisis because the central banks cannot do anything about a global health crisis, such as an outbreak or pandemic.

“I’ve been keeping a diary of the selloffs in this bull market, and there’ve been seven corrections, including this one,” Yardeni said to Yahoo Finance. “Altogether, I’ve counted what I called 66 panic attacks. This one really is the worst of them, because in the past, we can always count on monetary policy to save the day.”

“This one, it’s very obvious that there’s nothing central bankers can do about the global health care crisis,” he added.

Trump has often taken credit for the economy, tying it to himself. Because of this, he’ll also take the blame when/if it crashes (which it’s been doing.) A suggestion for Trump: stop pushing for lower interest rates. They are low enough. Cut taxes. Cut them deeply and cut them swiftly. Make sure as many people as possible feel that financial relief and then there’s a chance a reelection still and the economy may recover.

Milton Freidman’s book Capitalism and Freedom: Fortieth Anniversary Edition, explains how economic freedom (lower taxation, fewer regulations, etc.) translates into general freedom. How can we benefit from the promise of government while avoiding the threat it poses to individual freedom? In this classic book, Milton Friedman provides the definitive statement of his immensely influential economic philosophy—one in which competitive capitalism serves as both a device for achieving economic freedom and a necessary condition for political freedom. The result is an accessible text that has sold well over half a million copies in English, has been translated into eighteen languages, and shows every sign of becoming more and more influential as time goes on.

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Central Banking Failure: The DOW Plunges 700 Point Despite Rate Cuts

Central planners are really hoping no one notices that their manipulation of the markets isn’t working. In spite of a rate cut, the DOW dropped 700 points.

The Federal Reserve’s “surprise”(it’s a surprise to the mainstream media and those who aren’t paying close attention) interest rate cut did nothing to stop the market from plunging. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Donald Trump has been all but demanding zero or negative interest rates (which would wipe out your savings) to keep the economy in tip-top shape.

But other analysts have argued that if you need rates that low, the economy is not really in good shape, to begin with; its manipulated to look that way.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 785.91 points lower, or nearly 3%, to 25,917.41; it rose more than 300 points earlier in the day. The 30-stock average gyrated between sharp gains and solid losses after the decision was announced. The S&P 500 fell 2.8% to 3,003.37 while the Nasdaq Composite pulled back 3% to 8,684.09.

Investors, in turn, loaded up on U.S. Treasurys, pushing the benchmark 10-year yield below 1% for the first time ever. Gold, meanwhile, jumped 2.9% to settle at $1,644.40 per ounce. –CNBC

LP(L) /gold

LP(L) – Gold

The mainstream media has put all their faith and is asking you to do the same, in the central bankers.  “It’s great that the Federal Reserve recognizes that there’s going to be a weakness, but it makes me feel, wow, the weakness must be much more than I thought,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street” right after the sudden cut. “I’m now nervous. I’m more nervous than I was before,” Cramer added.

Bank stocks were the ones that noticeably dropped dramatically. “The market is still trying to find its footing,” said Adam Crisafulli, founder of Vital Knowledge, in a note. “The panicked collapse of the last week isn’t something that will be quickly forgotten, and it will take a couple of weeks (at least) before stocks are on firmer ground.”

The rate cut was done to mitigate the economic impact of the rapidly spreading coronavirus. It’s become clear that some people are panicking while others are preparing.

Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?

To better understand how central bankers are manipulating the world we live in, read Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World. In this book, former Wall Street insider Nomi Prins shows how the 2007-2008 financial crisis turbo-boosted the influence of central bankers and triggered a massive shift in the world order.

Central banks and international institutions like the IMF have overstepped their traditional mandates by directing the flow of epic sums of fabricated money without any checks or balances. Meanwhile, the open door between private and central banking has ensured endless opportunities for market manipulation and asset bubbles – with government support.

Packed with tantalizing details about the elite players orchestrating the world economy – from Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi to Ben Bernanke and Christine Lagarde – Collusion takes the listener inside the most discreet conversations at exclusive retreats like Jackson Hole and Davos. A work of meticulous reporting and bracing analysis, Collusion will change the way we understand the new world of international finance.