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The Collapse Of The United States Is Going To Be Messy

The United States, and several other countries, are on the verge of an epic collapse.  Not just a collapse of the central banking system, but the control system that’s been in place for over a century.  Most people on this planet don’t even realize what true freedom is thanks to the indoctrination and mental prison they’ve been put in.

If you haven’t noticed, the cities of the U.S. are burning and people are angry. Many are finally realizing the prison they’ve been put in their entire lives has all been fabricated by the handful of “elitists” and those in the ruling class, so they can be used as tax cattle and fodder in the bloody wars concocted by the .01%.  It sure looks like people get upset when they realize they have been lied to for their entire lives.

ROBERT KIYOSAKI: “It’s Not A Free Country Anymore! Pray For The Best-Prepare For The Worst”

The collapse is coming, and it’s going to get worse. Those in power will not loosen their grip willingly. In fact, they are doubling down in an effort to control us all.  Human beings were actually fired upon by their own government in the U.S.S.A. after agents of the state said:”light ’em up!”  These people were committing the crime of being on their own porch.

Instead of quitting, and taking off their uniforms, cops and the military are becoming increasingly violent against their fellow Americans on American soil.  Maybe all that war in foreign countries was practice so they could cram the globalists’ agenda down our throats.

Military and law enforcement are following the orders of the ruling class to destroy your freedom. The real question is, when is it enough? It appears that that time has finally come. People all over are realizing they don’t have to live their lives enslaved to anyone. “The system is in collapse. Your own government is going to be your biggest enemy,” says Jeff Berwick at the beginning of the video linked below:

“This is mostly all orchestrated,” says Berwick.

SHTFPlan also warned that the real problem will be the rioting and looting, and general social unrest caused by the collapse of the central banking’s debt-based monetary system. COVID-19 was most likely a cover for the collapse of the central bank they (the ruling class and elitists) already knew was coming.

The Worst Part About The Pandemic Isn’t The Virus, It’s The Mass Panic Which Will Cause An Economic Collapse

Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

Although, we thought it would be due to the unemployment and extreme poverty and overly exaggerated levels of fear caused by the government’s reaction to the coronavirus plandemic.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of the mainstream media. Nonetheless, the collapse is here.

The next step will be to bring in United Nations troops to make sure you’re effectively enslaved. All of the agendas are being attempted right now. There are only two options. One, complete enslavement for all of mankind for the rest of humanity’s existence. Or two, the complete abolishment of all slavery (all power structures), meaning absolute freedom. Figure out which side you’re on because ultimately, it will end in one of those two scenarios. Our hope is that it’s the latter.

The Great Awakening: Our Future Will Be One of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace

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More People Died Of Suicide Last Week In Tennessee Than COVID-19

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As we previously warned, this pandemic will bankrupt and kill more people from suicide than the virus will. When you sacrifice people’s livelihoods, you create a difficult situation of desperation for many who will see no other way out.

TRUMP: Suicides From The Coming Economic Depression Will FAR SURPASS Those From The Virus

Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

We are about to have a mental health crisis during an economic depression that will be tough to live through.  The virus is no longer the problem.  The government’s reaction has been the problem and even some politicians have figured it out. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs revealed in a weekly update that our solution to this pandemic has not been a good one. “Thus far, our reaction to COVID-19 has been to sacrifice the global economy,” said Jacobs. “The truth is: a sick economy produces sick people.”

Most people don’t want to hear the truth, unfortunately, and the longer state governments insist on businesses being closed and an economy shut down to combat what’s looking like a fairly insignificant virus for most of the population, the aftermath will worsen.  Each day that drags on will make the next few years more difficult.

“Last year, our medical examiner performed autopsies for 199 confirmed or suspected suicides from across the region, with 83 of those coming from Knox County. Over the past 48 hours, that office has now examined nine suspected suicides, eight of which are from Knox County alone. For Knox County, that’s almost ten percent of last year’s total number in the past two days alone,” Jacobs added.

We’ve said it before and it needs to be said again, we should no longer be preparing for a pandemic, but social unrest, violence, and economic depression. he longer the economy is shut down, the more horrific the future social unrest will be. Jacobs is questioning the tyrannical measures and authoritarian power grabs by politicians.

Jacobs called the suicide numbers “utterly shocking” and said he is questioning if the government is taking the right approach in responding to COVID-19. “Is what we are doing now really the best approach? How can we respond to COVID-19 in a way that keeps our economy intact, keeps people employed, and empowers our people with a feeling of hope and optimism, not desperation and despair?” he said.

“That’s startling and disturbing and really, really challenging to think about how some of the things we have to do as a community right now could be contributing to these things,” she said. “The more important message today that I want to deliver is that now more than ever we need to be kinder and gentler with ourselves and with each other. If there’s anybody out there who’s struggling, I encourage you to reach out.”

We want to thank Jacobs for standing up against all the other tyrants out there using this virus as an excuse to commit economic suicide and impoverish millions of people. Now let’s face reality: it’s time to reopen the economy and salvage what’s left if we can.  The longer this drags on, the direr our situation becomes.

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Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 100 in the U.S.

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This is far from the pictures painted in China, which was full of mobile incinerators and overflowing morgues. But the death toll has reached 100 within the United States, and it’s sure to be a huge concern for the government and the panicked masses.

This virus is very rarely deadly unless you are over the age of 60 or have compromised health already (autoimmune disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.) Those statistics are holding factual in the Amerian death rate. The deadliest cluster of this outbreak so far has been linked to a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington, according to a report by CNN. More than 20 people who lived there and someone who visited the facility have died. People who lived in other long-term care facilities in Washington, Florida, and Kansas contracted the virus and died.

Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

Even though some claim the virus isn’t being tested for enough, when simple logic is applied to that, the deadliness of COVID-19 will decrease.  If 100,000 have it and only 100 have died, that’s less deadly than the flu. Because we know, if someone dies of COVID-19 the media and government will make sure it’s used to strike fear into the minds of the masses. Maybe we should be testing more people just to get the public to calm down and stop buying out the toilet paper.

As one doctor said: “Stay alert, not anxious.”

Many people (myself included) have been avoiding public places, not out of fear of getting COVID-19, but because they simply don’t want to be around other people who are losing their minds right now.

Last Minute Quarantine Preps You Can Buy From Home

Truthstream Media‘s Melissa Dykes has a great video about the recent panic titled “Fear is the Mind Killer.”

Please remember, Dykes and others are not saying you shouldn’t be prepared.  We are saying that most people and the media and the government is overreacting. Living a life in fear is not a good way to live, but being prepared and ready for others who panic at media reports should be a lesson we’ve now all learned. You have more to fear about the government’s response to this outbreak and humanity’s panic than you do the actual virus, and that’s all evidenced by the statistics.

Do your part, however, and if you know someone who is older, avoid spreading the virus to them.  Help your elderly neighbors. Clean up their yard or go get groceries for them. Help them order groceries online if you don’t want to go into public. We can all help by voluntarily NOT spreading this around, which will alleviate a lot of fear and make our world a better place.

Exercise precaution and prevent from getting infected if you can. Boost your immune system and stay informed and take the time to enhance your other prepping supplies. Get them in order and start a list of what you’ll need in the coming months to get through a stock market crash.

Preppers don’t have to be negative doomsayers all the time.  The reason we are is that, as we’ve seen, fear is a powerful motivator.  Nothing else has yet worked to get the masses prepping.

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Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

The real crisis of the coronavirus is that it’s going to bankrupt more people than it kills, especially in the United States. Household debt has skyrocketed in the years following the Great Recession, putting many at risk for a financial disaster.

Businesses are shutting doors and closing shop to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  But this in itself is a disaster for many who live paycheck to paycheck, which is almost 80% of Americans. Not to mention household debt in the U.S. reached a record of $14 trillion in February during the coronavirus’ spread around the globe.

COVID-19’s economic danger is exponentially greater than its health risks to the public. If the virus does directly affect your life, it is most likely to be through stopping you from going to work, forcing your employer to make you redundant, or bankrupting your business. According to the Independent, that’s the main concern.

It is difficult to imagine Italy not entering a recession (the world’s ninth-largest economy is now on lockdown). It is also difficult to imagine that failing to affect Europe and its largest trading partner, the United States. And it is impossible to see how any of this will not add up to a global downturn unless governments step in faster and harder than they did 12 years ago during the last financial crisis –The Independent

The U.S. already dropped interest rates, and that hasn’t stemmed the bleeding. But lowering interest rates hasn’t caused people to spend more money. It usually spikes mortgage refinances, however. The Trump administration has floated the idea of cutting taxes, which would help.  But only if that is swift and deep.  Any tax cut that’s too small to make a noticeable difference right away won’t save the economy either.

NBC News reported that Trump’s proposal was, in fact, ok, but not great, for anyone working. His plan would eliminate the payroll tax for the remainder of the year. That means you’d get to keep a mere 6.2% more of your own money for the rest of 2020. Payroll taxes, which are distinct from income taxes, are paid by both employers and employees, with workers paying 6.2 percent of their salaries up to $137,000 to fund Social Security and employers matching that amount. The cut applies only to those who get paychecks, so it would provide little relief to people who are laid off as a result of an economic downturn.

Small businesses, in particular, are struggling as supply chains dry up, leaving them without products or essential materials. Factory closures in China have led to a record low in the country’s Purchasing Manager’s Index which measures manufacturing output. China is the world’s largest exporter and is responsible for a third of global manufacturing, so China’s problem is everyone’s problem — even in the midst of a trade war between the White House and Beijing.  The Independent

What Trump really needs to do is eliminate the Federal income tax.  Again, small cuts won’t help the average person at this point and won’t be noticeable to give the economy a boost.  Any money that is yours that you get to keep and isn’t stolen from you is at least some help, however.  Americans are overtaxed anyway.

The economic problems may be only beginning and the coronavirus may finally be the event to pop the everything bubble.