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Robert Kennedy Jr.: “Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Now The 3rd Leading Cause of DEATH” In US

In an interview with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed the major problems facing the United States today when it comes to health. This is a MUST WATCH interview before you line up for the COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine for that matter!

This is an interview you’ll want to watch, as Kennedy talks about vaccine safety and efficacy, as well as how Big Pharma has taken over the government to dictate health policy. Their only concern was that YouTube would censor it or ban them altogether, so an exclusive portion of it, deemed too controversial for YouTube, since it involves the elite cabal, can only be accessed HERE!

Now that Big Pharma is in control, “pharmaceutical drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer”, says Kennedy.  That’s huge, but it’s all by design.  Those in power, simply don’t care about us, and nothing is about health, it’s about profit.

“Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer,” says Kennedy. “And Merck sponsors Lester Holt.” Some of the biggest propagandists have a vested interest in making sure the public gets vaccinated, whether it’s safe and effective or not. They also get paid to push pharmaceutical drugs on the population using propaganda.

Because of the rampant pushing of these drugs, “pharmaceutical drugs are now the third leading cause of death in our country after cancer and heart disease,” Kennedy says.  Those numbers dwarf the coronavirus deaths (which are heavily manipulated.) Medical journals have become propaganda for big pharma.

All of this has cost Americans dearly.  We are paying for the propaganda with our health. Parents are being pressured to vaccinate their children even though it’s common knowledge those vaccines are not safe nor are they effective enough to warrant the potential outcomes.  Once a kid gets sick from a vaccine, big pharma has a customer for life. It’s a truly disturbing cycle.

For one example of the hypocrisy, Kennedy says he asked some health officials “how can you be recommending women don’t eat fish during pregnancy, and yet you’re giveng them vaccines during pregnancy that contain hundreds of times the aluminum that fish contains.”

Kennedy also talks about how Dr. Anthony Fauci got so much power and has squashed scientific research while pushing other studies in order to move his agenda forward.  Fauci has billions of dollars of funding at this disposal and can force scientists to comply with his commands and even manipulate the outcome of studies. has a long history of confronting crucial topics head-on, most recent of which is their call for gold $2,184/ounce, as a response of the irresponsible money printing (counterfeiting operation), led by The Federal Reserve System.

Later in the interview, Kennedy discusses how vaccines are created with in-depth detail as to why they cannot be made safe for everyone and efficacy is always low. He also details how the CDC knows that vaccines have caused the autism epidemic, but we are being lied to in order to prop up big pharma.

If you have the time, this interview is eye-opening and could help give you some information you may not have been privy to before. Consider watching the whole thing. It’s truly mind-blowing how low some people will go to make sure we sacrifice our health and pay for it with our money they’ve already taxed.

Make sure you check out’s MOST-RECENT bombshell report on Bill Gates’ involvement in the vaccine monopoly HERE!

ACCESS both the interview and the EXCLUSIVE CENSORED transcript HERE: 
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Kerri Rivera Interviewed About Chlorine Dioxide vs. Autism (Video) – #MMS #CDS #Autism #Coronavirus #Malaria #Lyme #Vaxxed #NWO #Depopulation

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Autism Dog show Intelwars Judge little girl

A little girl with autism brought her stuffed puppy to a dog show. Watch what this judge did to make her day.

An American Kennel Society judge is earning accolades across the internet after being caught on video taking the time to make the day of one adorable spectator.

According to the folks at Goodable, the judge noticed a little girl “watching from the sidelines” at a show, so he approached the child and found that she had brought her own prized pooch: a stuffed puppy.

With that, he asked the girl if she would like to show her dog. The child, who has autism, agreed, and her reaction afterward will melt your heart.

The clip has hit multiple platforms including Twitter and Reddit, racking up nearly one million views on Goodable alone as of this writing. Former NBA player Rex Chapman shared the video with his 528,000+ followers, whose reactions echoed those on other posts.

Several parents of autistic children expressed how they were touched by the video, with one noting the “pure joy” on the little girl’s face. Many followers said the judge’s actions brought them to tears, and a number concluded that there must be something special about a man who can rock a salmon-colored suit.

The consensus was clear: this judge won best in show.

Abortion Autism Disability disabled Down Syndrome Intelwars life March for life pro choice pro-abortion Pro-Life Progressivism the daily caller Virginia

VIDEO: Autistic pro-lifer makes impassioned case for not killing unborn babies with disabilities

A man with autism at the Virginia March for Life made an impassioned plea for not aborting unborn babies just because they have disabilities.

The man noted that though “we are getting better at detecting disabilities” before children are born that should not be a reason to end someone’s life before it begins.

“Basically, I’m trying to encourage people to not abort children with disabilities,” he told the Daily Caller while marching.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, they’ll have disabilities, their life is going to suck, and it will be terrible,’ … [but] you really should not have that viewpoint — I am learning, it is possible to have a happy life as a person with disabilities,” he argued.

“You know people with disabilities are often portrayed as freaks, loners, and losers who have no friends. But that’s not what has happened to me at all,” he added.

Aborting unborn babies with disabilities has become a recent talking point for some on the left, who argue that terminating the life of a disabled child before birth could be seen as compassionate.

Some progressive countries have even put their so-called compassion into practice. In 2017, CBS News reported that Iceland was on pace to “virtually eliminate” Down syndrome in the country — by aborting all the unborn babies who had it.

Discussing pushback against a 2019 law in Indiana that would prohibit abortions based on disability, Glenn Beck illustrated how the strategy is about as compassionate as Nazi-style population control.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)