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Passenger in rapper’s vehicle accused of pointing gun at person amid pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills — and is arrested on weapon charges

A passenger in a rapper’s vehicle was arrested Saturday on weapon charges after being accused of pointing a gun at a person amid a rally supporting President Donald Trump in Beverly Hills, California.

What are the details?

Beverly Hills police said they received a report just after 5 p.m. of an individual saying someone in a vehicle pointed a gun at him near South Santa Monica Boulevard and North Beverly Drive — and that he took note of the license plate. A vehicle with a matching plate was stopped after driving past the pro-Trump rally, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The vehicle’s driver was rapper Offset, the Times said. Offset is the husband of famed singer Cardi B, known far and wide for the sexually charged song “WAP,” which glorifies woman as prostitutes.

Offset recorded part of the interaction with police on Instagram Live.

“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag!” Offset tells an officer who repeatedly asks him to shut off the vehicle. But Offset insists on keeping his hands on the steering wheel and threatens to sue cops.

“Y’all know who I am?” he asks police.

Soon officers unlock the driver-side door and pull Offset out. Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

What happened next?

Offset was released after questioning, the Times said. But passenger Marcelo Almanzar, 20, was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public, police said. Almanzar remained behind bars in lieu of $35,000 bail, the paper said, citing jail records.

There were multiple reports that Offset was arrested, but police denied those accusations.

Almanzar is reportedly a cousin of Cardi B, who also arrived at the scene at one point, the Times said, citing videos posted to social media.

The individual who told police a gun was pointed at him declined to press charges for that, police said.

‘Aggressive Trump supporters’

An Offset publicist, Derrian Perry, told the paper in a statement that the rapper was detained “following an attack by aggressive Trump supporters.”

BET, citing videos posted to Twitter, said just prior to the police stop, Offset and Cardi B. were seen making their way through a crowd where several people were waving Trump flags.

“Offset thanks his fans for their support and wishes everyone peace and safety during these trying times,” the statement added, according to the Times. “He encourages everyone to get out and vote because nothing changes if nothing changes.”

The paper also reported that Offset’s representatives emphasized he was not the aggressor and that he complied despite having guns drawn on him and receiving conflicting directions from police.

“Offset’s current focus is encouraging younger voters to get to the polls in order to keep incidents like this from continuously happening,” a representative said, according to the Times.

Police estimated that more than 2,500 people attended the pro-Trump rally.

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Does The Coronavirus Make Our Constitutional Freedom Of Assembly Obsolete?

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

Over the past couple of weeks, a trend has become apparent in the state of Idaho, specifically in Moscow, Idaho in Latah County. The city council of Moscow has issued a mandatory mask order, and they are using police to enforce it. Bizarrely, the city had ZERO deaths from Covid at the time the mask order was instituted, meaning their action was in response to…nothing.

Idaho has had a total of 500 deaths from Covid since the beginning of the outbreak. To put this in perspective, the state also has around 400 deaths from diabetes every year, and 250 deaths from the flu/pneumonia according to the CDC. Perhaps they should ban sugar, and make masks mandatory for the flu as well, just to be safe…

The residents of Moscow are not too happy with the city council’s attempt to unilaterally enforce such mandates. Church congregations in particular are fighting back by holding outdoor services without masks. The city has responded by ARRESTING the pastors of any church that dare to defy mask laws.

I bring up this specific instance of coronavirus enforcement because the circumstances surrounding it are disturbing…

First, it is not surprising that Latah County is one of the ONLY counties in Idaho that leans to the far-left politically, and the majority of the city council of Moscow is made up of leftists. Moscow is also the home of the University of Idaho. It seems wherever the political left sets up shop, constitution violating mandates on the coronavirus is prevalent. Even if a state government is predominantly more conservative and less antagonistic on lockdowns, left-leaning city and county officials have decided they are going to enforce their own restrictions anyway.

Second, the mask rules are being used against people who held meetings outdoors, and this is something I am seeing all over the world right now. Why is the science of virus behavior in outdoor open-air environments not being discussed AT ALL in the mainstream? Why is no one talking about the fact that open air and UV rays from sunlight KILL microorganisms? The chance of contracting the coronavirus outdoors is next to zero, yet mask rules are being strictly instituted from Melbourne, Australia to New York, New York to Moscow, Idaho.

Government officials must surely be aware that the science contradicts these orders. And if this is the case, then this only confirms that such restrictions are not about saving lives; they are about control.

Third, the use of targeted arrests against organizers of group events is clearly an attempt to frighten the public into compliance without confronting their concerns directly. The goal is to encourage self-censorship and to manipulate citizens to avoid public assembly without coming out openly and saying “We are banning public assembly”. It’s an end-run around the constitution, and these actions are increasing in the US.

As I have noted in past articles, I have been watching the draconian coronavirus measures in Australia and New Zealand very closely. My concerns rest on the other side of the world because what I see happening there is perhaps a beta-test for high-intensity lockdown restrictions in other western nations including America.

Restrictions in these countries are rooted in what they are calling “Level 4 lockdowns”, and include mandatory mask orders (even outside), mandatory social distancing, bans on public assembly, church closures, citizens are not allowed to travel more than 3 miles from home (essentially people are under house arrest, with only one hour per day outside to exercise), people who contract the virus or are suspected of being infected can be locked up in Covid camps for as long as government officials deem it necessary, and in New Zealand, these camps are managed by the military.

People speaking out against the lockdowns online are being arrested for “incitement”. Free speech in Australia is nearly dead.

I believe the establishment of medical tyranny is moving so quickly in Australia because the vast majority of the population has been disarmed and they have limited means to fight back. It’s an easy place to test out control measures. Protests are taking place, but without a means of self-defense the citizenry is at the mercy of government and law enforcement. If the government wants to crack down violently on anti-lockdown groups, there will be little the public can do to stop them.

What I see happening in places like Moscow, Idaho is the initial stages of medical tyranny similar to what is happening in Australia. What I see is an incremental form of totalitarianism, and it simply cannot be tolerated.

We have heard it often during this pandemic event that we are “all in this together” and the lockdowns are “serving the greater good”, but this is nonsense. The constitutional rights of public assembly and freedom of religion in particular are being stifled, and these rights ARE the greater good. They are far more important than the lives of the select few people who are susceptible to the virus.

Beyond that, why are we not talking about the number of people that are losing their jobs due to the lockdowns? How about the number of people that will die over time from poverty or depression or economic collapse because of the lockdowns? Is it not a matter of the “greater good” that we end the restrictions rather than increase them?

No virus is worth this. It would not matter if we were talking about the Black Plague. Ultimately, though, Covid affects a very small portion of the US population. The real solution to the pandemic is simple:

The people who are most susceptible should voluntarily stay home and quarantine, and the rest of us should get on with our lives with an open economy and normal constitutional rights. Why is this option not being presented?

Mask laws in particular are truly bizarre. There is little evidence that cloth masks are effective in the slightest, but the idea that “everyone must wear a mask” in order for the masks to work reveals the true nature of the restrictions.

If your mask is useless unless I also wear a mask, then the masks we are wearing are not offering much protection and their enforcement should be questioned. The fact that numerous states and counties across the US have had infection spikes even with strict mask mandates suggests to me that the masks are pointless. Even the CDC questions the effectiveness of cloth masks and recommends N95 masks for healthcare workers until there is some evidence that cloth masks function.

If the CDC doesn’t believe they work very well, then why are people even wearing them, and why are people being arrested for refusing to use them? Again, the science does not support the mandates, so they must be about control rather than saving lives. If you can get a population acclimated to having the government involved in the smallest intricacies of their lives on a daily basis then freedom goes out the window and the establishment enjoys total power to do whatever they please.

Don’t get me wrong, if a person WANTS to wear a mask, or take other precautions no matter how dubious, then I have nothing bad to say about them. That is their decision. If a business wants to require masks before entering, then that is also their right as property owners. I can choose to not shop there if I don’t like it. But it is not anyone’s right to attempt to force others to comply with their baseless rules just so they can personally feel safer. If I’m not wearing a mask and you don’t like it, then don’t come near me; it’s very easy.  As leftists like to say:  My body my choice.

Take note of how many instances we have seen so far of Mask Nazis physically attacking people not wearing masks. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what they have been preaching?  Also, take note that Mask Nazis tend to be avid supporters of BLM and Antifa mobs that ignore pandemic restrictions.  Again, they don’t care about health issues, they are angry because you are not submitting to their control.

Another terrifying development during the pandemic is the use of executive orders and executive authority to initiate restrictions without public oversight. Here is the bottom line: No government, whether it be federal, state, or local, has the power to violate your constitutional rights. Period. If a law or executive order tramples on the Bill of Rights, then it is automatically null and void and should be defied. National emergencies do no supplant the constitution, regardless of what statists might claim.

Executive orders in particular are based on nothing other than the color of law. In most cases, they do not legally apply to the citizenry, only to government employees. Real laws are passed by the legislature and are often added to a ballot to be voted on by the public. No governor, mayor, city council, or president has the authority to assert new laws without oversight like a dictator.

The political left has been quick to point out these facts whenever Donald Trump issues executive orders, yet they are also quick to defend those orders issued by states and cities to enforce unconstitutional and illegal lockdowns.

In the end, whether you respect the Bill of Rights or not, laws are meaningless unless they are backed by principles. A law that is immoral and unjust should not be followed. Government representatives that abuse their positions to assert powers that are not granted them by the constitution should be unseated. The coronavirus changes nothing – Not a thing.

I would suggest that anyone who lives in a place that is trying to enforce restrictions that are contrary to the Bill of Rights act now to disrupt what is likely an incremental march towards medical tyranny. If you don’t stand in opposition to these actions now, they will only grow over time until a majority of people become conditioned to accept them.

The post Does The Coronavirus Make Our Constitutional Freedom Of Assembly Obsolete? first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

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Motorist pulls gun on Black Lives Matter protesters attacking his truck. They were blocking road, and he tossed smoke grenade at them, cops say.

A motorist who was caught on video pulling a gun on protesters in downtown Savannah, Georgia, over the weekend was charged with aggravated assault, WSAV-TV reported.

What are the details?

Police told the station a few dozen protesters angry about the Breonna Taylor case were lying down in an intersection and blocking traffic around 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Newsweek described them as “Black Lives Matter protesters” engaged in a “peaceful demonstration.”

Video shows a dark pickup truck appearing to begin driving around the protesters — and then police told WSAV the driver tossed a smoke grenade at the group.

Image source: WSAV-TV video screenshot

The protesters immediately got up and began to scatter — but seconds later a few of them began kicking and throwing objects at the truck.

Image source: WSAV-TV video screenshot

At that point, police told the station that 34-year-old Frederick James opened the driver’s side door armed with a gun and pointed it at the protesters. All of the remaining protesters except for one ran away.

Image source: WSAV-TV video screenshot

Here’s the cellphone video of the incident recorded from what appears to be a resident on the street. After the protesters ran off, the motorist appeared to argue with observers on the sidewalk. A woman in the passenger seat opened her door and appeared to ask the driver to get back in the truck. Eventually he did and drove the truck away from the scene.

What happened to the motorist?

James was charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct, WSAV reported.

Image source: Chatham County Detention Center

According to WTGS-TV, James is from Decatur.

Anything else?

District 4 Alderman Nick Palumbo told WSAV the city is working with police to identify protest organizers. Palumbo added to the station that there was not a police presence during the demonstration since city officials didn’t know about the protest.

On Sunday, protest organizer Kate Bender told WTOC-TV that she and a fellow organizer led a march after which about 15 people laid down in the intersection with the intention of doing so for eight minutes and 42 seconds, representing how how long former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck.

Ambush arrest Attempted Murder Deputies Intelwars Los Angeles Police

Man arrested, charged with attempted murder in ambush of LA County deputies

A man has been arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder for allegedly shooting two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies while they were sitting in their patrol vehicle in Compton earlier this month.

What are the details?

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva held a news conference Monday morning announcing the arrest of Deonte Lee Murray, 36, who is accused of carrying out the high-profile ambush attack on Sept. 12 that put both officers in the hospital with serious multiple gunshot wounds.

One wounded officer was identified as Claudia Apolinar, 31 — a former librarian and the mother of a 6-year-old boy — who has been hailed a hero for applying a tourniquet to her injured 24-year-old partner in the aftermath of the ambush despite herself sustaining several gunshot wounds including to her face and torso. The officers have been released from the hospital.

The shooting was caught on surveillance video, which was widely circulated online. The reward for information leading to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator grew to more than $640,000 between offers from the LACSD and private donors. Capt. Kent Wegener said that they “have received a great deal of information from people who will likely have some claim to that reward.”

During the news conference, Wegener also explained how Murray was nabbed.

NBC News reported:

Wegener said that through surveillance video and witness statements, investigators learned that the suspect fled the scene of the shooting in a black Mercedes-Benz sedan. The investigators later learned that a matching vehicle had been stolen during a carjacking on Sept. 1.

According to The Daily Mail, Murray has been in police custody since Sept. 15 following “a huge armed standoff in Lynwood over an alleged carjacking on September 1 where a 51-year-old man was shot in the leg.”

Wegener said that a handgun discarded by Murray during that run-in with law enforcement two weeks ago was the same one used in the unprovoked attack on the two deputies, given that it “matched both ballistically and forensically.”

What was the motive?

No motive was given for Murray’s alleged shooting, “other than the fact that he obviously hates policemen and he wants them dead,” Wegener told the media.

In addition to the attempted murder charges, the suspect is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. If convicted on all counts, he faces the prospect of life imprisonment.

Murray appeared in court Wednesday for his arraignment and pleaded not guilty to all charges. His bail was set at $6.1 million.

Compton man arrested, charged with attempted murder in ambush shooting of 2 deputies

arrest Black lives matter protests demonstration Hit and Run Intelwars Motorist Road Tennessee watch

Motorist runs over Black Lives Matter supporter who refuses to get out of SUV’s path — and cops charge suspect

A motorist in Johnson City, Tennessee, was caught on cellphone video running over a Black Lives Matter supporter who refused to get out of the SUV’s path during a demonstration over the weekend — and now police have arrested and charged a suspect.

What are the details?

Video posted to social media showed a white Ford Expedition accelerating into two people who stood in front of the vehicle in a crosswalk near the intersection of West State of Franklin Road and Spring Street, the Johnson City Press said, adding that protesters and police said the vehicle left the scene.

The victim, a 31-year-old Johnson City man, was taken to a hospital for treatment, the paper said, adding that a 26-year-old Johnson City woman who also was struck by the SUV didn’t have injuries requiring treatment.

Brent Chaffin — a protest organizer who witnessed the incident — told the Press that demonstrators were marching from the Johnson City Police Department when they stopped to protest on either side of a crosswalk near the intersection.

Chaffin said the driver began inching forward, trying to get past the demonstrators, the paper reported. Video shows the driver appearing to run over at least one of the two protesters standing in front of the SUV, the Press said.

What did the victim have to say?

The victim was interviewed at the hospital, according to a court document obtained late Monday, the paper said, adding that he told police he was walking his dog and taking photos when he joined the Black Lives Matter protesters.

As the group crossed the street, some drivers grew impatient and honked their horns, the Press reported, adding that someone in a black vehicle gave the finger to demonstrators while maneuvering around the group.

The victim told police the driver of a white SUV honked, kept inching forward at about two miles per hour, and then bumped him before knocking him down and running over his legs, the paper said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The motorist drove away without attempting to assist or check on the welfare of the victims, the Press said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In the video, several people could be heard yelling that the vehicle had North Carolina tags, and a plate number was reportedly given to police, the paper said, adding that authorities said they got video from other witnesses, neighboring businesses, and a traffic camera.

On Sunday police said they identified a person of interest and were coordinating with North Carolina authorities to locate the vehicle involved, the Press reported.

While the suspect wasn’t found at his residence, the paper — citing a court document — reported that a Johnson City police investigator got a phone call from a North Carolina attorney who said the suspect was in the process of hiring a Tennessee lawyer and planned to turn himself in Monday, which he did.

Who is the suspect?

Police said Jared Benjamin Lafer — a 27-year-old from Bakersville, North Carolina — was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the incident and released on $20,000 bond, the Press said, adding that Lafer was set for arraignment at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Image source: Washington County Detention Center

What did Black Lives Matter have to say?

The day after the incident, demonstrators took to the streets again, with several dozen stopping at the same crosswalk and protesting on both sides, occasionally moving back and forth, the paper said.

Alyjah Gilmer — an incident witness and founding member of the New Panther Initiative, a Johnson City-based Black Lives Matter group — had a few other things to say at Sunday’s demonstration, the Press reported.

“We don’t stand for that,” Gilmer noted to the paper. “It’s definitely uncalled for, so we’re going to do everything we can to show [the man who was run over] we are behind him, that we are against anybody showing out in such a manner. We are going to stand 10 toes behind our people 100% no matter what. We’re out here to make a statement, but a positive statement.”

Police: Protester hit by car in Johnson City

arrest Fires Intelwars man molotov cocktail oregon portland

Man arrested in Portland for starting fire with Molotov cocktail — allegedly sets 6 more upon release

Police in Portland, Oregon, say they arrested a man Sunday who admitted to lighting a brush fire using a Molotov cocktail, and arrested the same suspect hours later following his release from custody after he allegedly set six more fires.

What are the details?

The Portland Police Bureau issued a news release stating that officers arrested Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, on Sunday afternoon after a witness pointed to him as the person who used a Molotov cocktail to set a fire along Interstate-205 freeway that officers had just helped fire officials extinguish. Lopez “confirmed he lit the fire with the device,” according to police.

Officers recovered a plastic bottle with a wick and seized it as evidence, posting a photo of it in their report.

Lopez was charged with reckless burning and disorderly conduct in the second degree for his Sunday arrest, and arson investigators are probing to determine whether further charges may be brought in that incident.

At 3:37 a.m. the next day, officers and Portland Fire and Rescue were dispatched again “to a report of multiple fires burning along the west side of the I-205 freeway.”

Police reported in a second news release:

Portland Fire and Rescue extinguished three of them while passing community members put out the other three. All were caught early. No one was injured and no structures were burnt. Officers located Domingo Lopez, Junior walking along the shoulder and arrested him. They seized a lighter as evidence.

Lopez was charged with six additional counts of reckless burning in connection to his Monday arrest.

Fox News noted that “wildfires, of course, have been burning more than one million acres in Oregon.”

Portland police arrest man for starting small brush fire

The Oregonian reported that as of Saturday, seven people had been confirmed dead from wildfires in the state and dozens more were missing in a catastrophe that officials warn could be a “mass fatality incident.”

Anything else?

In a separate report Monday, The Oregonian noted:

Law enforcement, including Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts, have tried to bat down unfounded rumors of coordinated arson plans and widespread looting in evacuated areas, saying there was no evidence to back them up. Sheriff’s offices across the state, along with the FBI, have roundly debunked the claims.

Roberts said during a news conference Sunday, “There’s just a lot of misinformation about folks trying to set fires. I want to reassure everybody that we are on this and if you see anything suspicious, I encourage you to call us.”

arrest Intelwars leftist violence Physical attack Portland riots watch

Leftist thug suspected of brutal assault is arrested, jailed; victim was repeatedly punched then kicked in head from behind on Portland street

suspect wanted in connection to a brutal assault on a Portland street over the weekend has been arrested, KPTV-TV reported.

Marquise Lee Love, 25, was
booked Friday morning into Multnomah County Jail on charges of riot, coercion, and second-degree assault. His total bail is set at $260,000, jail records indicate.

Image source: Multnomah County Jail

The station said information surrounding Love’s arrest hasn’t been released. TheBlaze on Friday afternoon didn’t immediately hear back from Portland police regarding the newly reported developments.

What are the details?

Portland police earlier this week identified Love as the suspect seen in cellphone videos repeatedly punching a man who was forced by a mob to sit in the street after which the suspect kicked the victim in the head from behind and apparently knocked him out.

Here’s the clip of the head kick. (Content warning: Language):

Officers found the injured, unconscious adult male after the Sunday night attack and took him to a hospital, police said.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

He was released and is recovering from injuries that aren’t life-threatening.

Image source: KPTV -TV video screenshot

The victim, identified as Adam Haner, earlier was helping a woman who had some of her things stolen, KPTV said.

Haner’s girlfriend, Tammie Martin, exited Haner’s truck and was tackled to the ground, the station added.

Witnesses told police that a white Ford truck crashed at a nearby intersection, KPTV reported. (Content warning: Language):

Police said protesters dragged the driver out of the vehicle. Another witness called before officers arrived and reported that nine to 10 people were “beating the guy,” police said. The following clip shows the suspect punching the victim in the head at least eight times before running at him from behind and kicking him in the head. (Content warning: Language):

Drew Hernandez said he witnessed how it all unfolded and provided video that appeared to mirror what police said about the victim earlier trying to help someone who had things stolen. (Content warning: Language):

After the victim crashed his truck, the mob descended upon the man outside his truck, and they took turns beating him and forcing him to sit in the street. (Content warning: Language):

Here’s another clip of the head-kicking thug — who was wearing a “security” vest — showing him repeatedly punching the victim in the head. (Content warning: Language):

Haner, recounting the incident to KPTV, said he was yanked out his vehicle, hit the ground, after which the mob “wouldn’t let me get up” — and then the beating began.

“I was just standing for myself as a citizen,” he told the station, “and if you can’t do that on a street, then what can you do?”

Victim of violent assault caught on camera speaks to FOX 12 about the ordeal

Alexandria ocasio-cortez arrest Bill de Blasio Chris Hayes Intelwars New York City NYPD Protesters watch

AOC, Chris Hayes screech over video of cops wrestling person into unmarked van — but it was an official NYPD operation

Life apparently came to an end Tuesday when an individual was tackled to a New York City street and pulled into an unmarked van as NYPD officers appeared and kept outraged protesters away from the scene.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called it a “kidnapping”:

Outspoken Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was wringing her hands about it, too, tweeting that “our civil liberties are on the brink,” and that it’s “our responsibility to resist authoritarianism”:

What actually went down?

Thing is, the individual was taken into custody for allegedly damaging police cameras during five separate incidents in and around City Hall Park, NYPD officials
told WPIX-TV. Police told the station that arresting officers were assaulted with rocks and bottles, too.

Police charged Nicholas Stone with criminal mischief, WPIX said, but friends said the 18-year-old — a transgender woman — goes by Nikki. Cops added to the station that Stone was released with a desk appearance ticket.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

As it happens, NBC News correspondent Tom Winter — whose specialty is police and counter-terrorism — gave colleague Hayes a bit of a wake-up call regarding the street scoop:

“It could also be undercover detectives from a warrant squad making an arrest with probable cause for someone wanted for 5 specific crimes wearing visible weapons and vests in a car immediately surrounded by uniformed police officers with NYPD written on the back,” Winter wrote.

And Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison tweeted video Wednesday morning purportedly showing the suspect damaging NYPD cameras on at least three separate occasions, WPIX said.

“The #NYPD welcomes peaceful protests,” Harrison tweeted. “However, damage to NYPD technology that helps keep this city safe will never be tolerated. These cameras are vital resources which help prevent and solve crimes throughout the city.”

Ed Morrissey of
HotAir offered the following take:

The tactics used in making this arrest are not all that unusual — and to the extent they are, those are forced on the NYPD in the circumstances of the unrest. People with warrants out who aren’t inclined to turn themselves in watch for uniformed police to avoid arrest. Some police departments use warrant squads in plainclothes and unmarked cars in order to execute warrants more successfully. They go to residences, places of work, and at times to places where suspects are known to hang out in order to serve the warrants and arrest the suspects.

The fact that this woman was apparently known to be in protest crowds required a different set of tactics. To keep the officers safe, they had to arrest her quickly and get her into the vehicle before other protesters could assault them. To walk up and announce themselves and try to make an arrest would invite mob action and prevent the arrest — and in this case, mob action nearly succeeded anyway. That is why they had uniformed backup, and that turned out to be a very wise choice.

Still, WPIX said critics compared it to arrests in Portland, where federal agents were caught on video putting demonstrators in unmarked vehicles and driving off.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told the station that no federal agents were involved, but that it was “the wrong time and the wrong place to effectuate that arrest.”

“I’ll talk to the commissioner more about this today, but I think there’s a better way to get that done,” he added, according to WPIX.

NYPD pull woman into unmarked van at protest in Manhattan

arrest Celebrities denied bail distraction escalation Federal judge Ghislaine Maxwell Headline News Intelwars Jeffrey Epstein murdered New Hampshire no trial Politicians Prepare psyop Suicide talking Trial trials

Ghislaine Maxwell Fears She’ll Meet The Same Fate As Epstein & Be Murdered

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Cipriani Wall Street on March 15, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, not does she think she’ll be around to “name names” in the global pedophilia and sex trafficking ring both were a part of. No one will be “allowed” to use the system that was set up to protect the people who set up the system.

Courts, politics, and laws were created to keep the public in line, not to be used against those who set it up to control us.  It’s become absurd that anyone still believes lawsuits against the government (using the government to sue the government) will get them anywhere. If anything, we’ve seen Trump’s inability to do just that over the past three and a half years. This is all by design. Maxwell understands this and is fearful of meeting the same fate as her ex-lover.

“Everyone’s view including Ghislaine’s is Epstein was murdered. She received death threats before she was arrested,” an unnamed friend told The Sun. The friend, who is described as “in regular contact with Maxwell at her secret New Hampshire hideaway,” said the death threats spurred the British socialite to hire security guards, and led her to believe she may not live to see her trial.

A federal judge denied Maxwell bail on Tuesday and ordered the 58-year-old to spend the next year awaiting trial at the Brooklyn Detention Center, where she has been held since shortly after her July 2 arrest in New Hampshire. All of this ensures she’ll be in a location that’s known by those who have a vested interest in her not seeing the inside of a courtroom.

Maxwell, like Epstein, is expected to expose celebrities and politicians if she ever stands trial, which is precisely why she understands she will not.  People need to wake up and realize this. Putting your hopes and faith in a politician or person who is connected at the highest levels of this disturbing cult is worrisome.

This whole situation is starting to look like another psyop. People want to believe the system will somehow deliver justice to those who are the architects of the system.

Lawyer: The MSM Will Report On Ghislaine Maxwell’s Death In Jail

This is all a part of the agenda, and it could very well be a distraction.  There won’t be much that comes out of it as far as using the government to “takedown” these elitists. That should be obvious by now.

Prepare and become more self-sufficient. Things will continue to escalate over the next few months, and having a few extra days worth of food and water wouldn’t hurt.  If you haven’t started preparing yet, it is getting close to being too late. Shelves are emptying and food costs are skyrocketing.  Don’t hang your hopes on Maxwell talking. Prepare and be ready for anything.


arrest authority Brooks County comply cops Coronavirus David Garcia disobey face masks Headline News Human Cattle Intelwars LIES mandatory face masks Masks McAllen muzzle New World Order Police Policy propaganda slaves slaves falling in line tests are inaccurate Texas totalitarian control tyranny

Tyranny Alert: Americans To Be ARRESTED For Not Quarantining For COVID-19

In Brooks County, south Texas, people are going to be arrested if they test positive for COVID-19 and refuse to quarantine. Remember, the tests are highly inaccurate, and asymptomatic people don’t spread the coronavirus, according to the WHO. Plus, masks work, right?

Like I’ve said from the beginning, this is not about health or infections or deaths or safety.  This about straight-up totalitarian control and a complete takeover and enslavement of humanity. Brooks County, located north of McAllen in South Texas, will begin arresting people who test positive for COVID-19 and do not self-quarantine, according to a report by CBS Austin

Obviously, this article by CBS and the order to arrest people for not quarantining is done to panic people and keep them in a state of fear-backed compliance with whatever edict the government decides.  Apply critical thinking and logic: who is going to arrest these people for not quarantining, especially if they are not sick? Probably the police right? Will the police have masks? The answer is yes because Texas already has a mandatory mask policy courtesy of the tyrannical governor there. If so, and masks are so effective, why bother quarantining?

None of the rules, laws, regulations, and enslavement of humans has been warranted from the get-go.  But politicians at all levels disagree.  They are the masters, and we are the slaves.  There’s no voting our way out of this mess. Look at what this tyrannical judge is using as his excuse to enslave the people of Brooks County:

KVII reports that Brooks County attorney David Garcia made the announcement after community members notified his office of seeing people who tested positive for the coronavirus at grocery stores and businesses.

“If you’re going to go out and endanger other people, and we find out about it, we will prosecute you,” Garcia told KVII. “People have not really embraced the dangers of COVID-19. It’s dangerous. It’s killing people, and it’s making people very sick. So either do it because you’re concerned about others or do it because you’re going to be punished if you don’t.” CBS Austin

No, people haven’t “embraced the dangers of COVID-19” because the majority of us know it’s a scam. It’s a hoax. It’s being done to control the public, and when the tests are wrong half the time, it’s hard to put any faith in the case numbers.  We know the death toll is being amped up to make it look worse than it is.  Still, even then, by the government’s own inflated and fabricated numbers, there is no more of a danger with COIVD-19 than there is with a bad flu season. 

Lockdowns Were a SCAM! Asymptomatic Carriers Don’t Spread COVID-19

Garcia is using the threat of violence to keep everyone from disobeying, this tyranny is the very reason so many people have already been killed in history.  Appeal to cops and the military as much as you can to get them to see exactly what they are enforcing. If you cannot, they should know they will go down in history in the same manner as the Nazis.  Hitler could not have killed as many people as he did without people willing to follow his orders.

If no one obeys, there are no orders.  There are no masters, and there are no slaves. Wake up. This is a full-blown dictatorship and they were able to pull it off in a matter of months.

arrest Coronavirus lockdown Gov. phil murphy Gym Intelwars New Jersey reopen economy

‘That’s bulls**t!’: Onlookers furious at five police officers during arrest of one person leaving NJ gym

At least one person was arrested Tuesday after leaving Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, which has been in violation of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s coronavirus shutdown executive order since it reopened Monday, reported.

The outlet said the gym patron was arrested after refusing to give his name. Those gathered around at least five cops on hand for the arrest didn’t sound very pleased with the officers.

“That’s bulls**t! And you’re disobeying the oath!” one person yelled while another hollered, “This ain’t China!”

“This is not right! Let him go!” another gym supporter shouted as several others yelled for police to “release him!”

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Police warned supporters gathered outside to leave or they could face summonses, reported.

“This gathering is a violation of the governor’s order,” Bellmawr Lt. Mike Draham said, according to the outlet. “You are directed to immediately and peaceably disperse. If you do not disperse you can be charged. You can protest from your vehicle…That’s all we have right now.”

The crowd jeered police as Draham read a statement to gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti in front of the gym’s door shortly after 10 a.m., said, and for the second day in a row the pair were charged for violating Murphy’s stay-at-home order.

Indeed Murphy on Monday issued a warning to the gym and all those who enter it, KYW-TV said: “If you show up at that gym again tomorrow, there’s going to be a different reality than showing today. … These just aren’t words, we’ve got to enforce this, but I also don’t want to start World War III.”

What a difference a day makes

Tuesday’s tone was a far cry from the day before when a police officer told the crowd and the owners, “Formally, you are all in violation of the executive order.” Then came the officer’s surprising follow-up statement: “On that note, have a good day. Everybody be safe.”

As police turned and walked away, the crowd immediately erupted in cheers:

Nevertheless, Bellmawr police later Monday did issue disorderly persons citations to the gym’s owners for violating the governor’s executive order, KYW-TV said, adding that a disorderly persons charge carries a fine of up to $1,000 or up to six months in jail.

Image source: KYW-TV video screenshot

But if fines are all the owners are handed, the financial burden may be eased a bit as a GoFundMe page for the owners’ legal expenses has generated over $24,000 in less than 24 hours.

What’s the background?

The gym made big headlines when it opened Monday morning before the governor allowed it. Outside the gym a crowd of several hundred — which began forming hours before the doors opened at 8 a.m. — carried American and Trump 2020 flags and chanted “USA! USA! USA!” and “Let’s get back to work!”

Still Trumbetti told KYW Tuesday morning he’s concerned about consequences that may be awaiting him.

“People keep asking me, am I afraid. Absolutely,” he told the station. “But I’m more afraid that my kids aren’t going to have rights … somebody’s gotta stand up to it.”

Image source: KYW-TV video screenshot

And while Trumbetti encouraged members to come back to the gym Tuesday, he said there may be repercussions.

“Know that if you walk into Atilis Gym to get your workout in and feel like a normal human being, you’re probably gonna be potentially arrested,” he told KYW.

arrest California Elon Musk Intelwars Reopen Tesla

Elon Musk restarts Tesla plant in defiance of lockdown, says he’ll ‘be on the line with everyone else’

Billionaire Elon Musk announced Monday that Tesla would resume production in Alameda County, California, in defiance of local orders dictating a continued lockdown on manufacturing over coronavirus concerns.

The entrepreneur, who has been in a feud with officials for trying to keep Tesla shut down, said he would be joining the production line himself and told authorities, “If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.”

What are the details?

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted some restrictions of his statewide lockdown to allow for retail and manufacturing to resume on Friday. But Alameda County, where Tesla’s headquarters is located, continued its lockdown and its health officer reportedly told Tesla it could not reopen on Friday as Musk had planned.

Musk fired back over the decision, filing a lawsuit against the county and vowing to move Tesla’s headquarters out of California to “Texas/Nevada immediately.”

On Monday, Musk declared on Twitter, “Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.”

Musk noted that the state had already given the green light for manufacturing to resume, “but an unelected official illegally overrode.” He added, “All other auto companies in US are approved to resume. Only Tesla has been singled out. This is super messed up!”

According to KPIX-TV, Tesla employees were seen filing in and out of the company’s Alameda County plant before dawn on Monday, during a shift change. The outlet noted that “Tesla employs at least 14,000 workers in the region.”

arrest Assault Coronavirus Coronavirus america face masks Intelwars Michigan Police watch

Dollar Tree clerk tells man to wear mask in store, so he wipes his nose and face on clerk’s shirt: ‘Here, I will use this as a mask’

A man was caught on surveillance video wiping his nose and face on a Dollar Tree clerk’s shirt after she told him he must wear a mask while inside the store in Holly, Michigan, on Saturday afternoon, police said.

What are the details?

The clerk also referred the man to signs posted on the store’s entry doors instructing customers to wear masks before entering, police said, which has become standard operating procedure in most stores around the United States in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

But instead police said the man walked over to the clerk and wiped his nose and face on her shirt while stating, “Here, I will use this as a mask.”

Police said the man continued to be loud and disruptive inside the store before leaving in a white van.

Image source: Holly Police Department

Holly is about an hour northwest of Detroit.

Arrest made

But after their initial Facebook post about the assault, police said someone offered a tip about the culprit’s identity, after which police arrested the suspect.

Police didn’t identity the suspect but said more details will be released after an arraignment has concluded.

arrest Captive Check Indiana Intelwars stimulus

4 men held woman captive in her home to steal her stimulus money, police say

Four men have been arrested for allegedly holding a woman captive at gunpoint in her Lake Station, Indiana, home for hours over the weekend while demanding cash after learning that the victim had received her government stimulus funds.

What are the details?

Suspects Paul Blankenship, Phillip Guzman, Christopher Henderson, and Jacob Baughman are accused of using a stolen spare house key to enter the home of the unnamed victim, whom they all knew.

Once inside, the woman says, the men woke her up at around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, took her phone so that she could not call for help, and demanded cash. The woman said the men knew she had recently received federal funds from the coronavirus stimulus package.

The victim says she was held against her will by the suspects for four hours, and during that time, they threatened her with a loaded gun.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Henderson “allegedly pointed a gun at her face and released its clip to show her it was loaded” and told the woman, “these are for you,” referring to the bullets.

Guzman is accused of assaulting the woman after becoming frustrated over being unable to find the money, and the suspects finally left empty-handed at around 6:00 a.m.

The men threatened the victim and told her to stay put until they returned, but she drove to the police station after she was sure they were gone.

The suspects were arrested later that day and have each been “charged with burglary with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon and burglary of a dwelling and residential break and enter,” NBC News reported.

arrest Coronavirus Idaho Intelwars Meridian mother playground protest

Arrest of Idaho mother at closed  playground with her children sparks protest

A mother-of-two was arrested by police in Meridian, Idaho, on Tuesday, after she violated the city’s ban against using playground equipment at a local park when she and other families allowed their children to play in a closed-off area.

Within hours of her interaction with law enforcement — part of which was caught on video — demonstrators congregated in front of Meridian City Hall to protest the actions of their local government.

What are the details?

Sara Brady, 40, was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing, the Meridian Police Department announced in a press release, after officers responded to Kleiner Park following “several calls to Ada County Dispatch.”

The memo noted that “officers saw that metal signage and caution tape announcing the playground closure due to COVID-19 was removed,” and that they “observed numerous individuals gathered on the closed playground area.”

Brady, they said, had been “told to leave the playground multiple times.”

At least two videos of Brady’s interaction with police began circulating across the internet.

One shows the mother arguing to police that she and others were not trespassing, and asking the officers if they were “going to arrest everyone for not social distancing over there,” while pointing to people off camera.

After counting to five, an officer handcuffs Brady, and as she is walked off, another woman from behind the camera can be heard yelling, “Her kids are here! Her kids are here? What is going to happen? Who’s got her kids?”

Meridian Mom Arrested at Kleiner Park

In a second video, two officers are seen walking Brady through a gathering of other mothers holding young children as they walk her off the premises in handcuffs. A woman can be heard asking an officer as Brady is carted off, “As a person, does this make sense to you? As a person—not as a police officer, as a person—does this make sense to YOU?”

A crowd appeared to congregate in front of the police vehicle before the video ends.

Mother arrested in Meridian, Idaho for letting kids play in park

According to department, “Meridian officers made several attempts to help Brady adhere to the rules. She was non-compliant and forced officers to place her under arrest to resolve the issue.”

Police responded to the park at around 3:50 p.m., and in short order, a crowd gathered outside city hall to protest Brady’s arrest. A link showing the demonstration was posted to Facebook and reported on by KBOI-TV.

arrest Back to work Coronavirus america God bless america Intelwars Non-essential North Carolina Protesters RALEIGH Rally reopen economy Shutdown watch

Police declare ‘protesting is a non-essential activity’ as woman is arrested for failing to disperse at rally to reopen NC economy

Amid a rally that drew more than 100 protesters to downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, on Tuesday demanding the reopening of the state’s economy, a
tweet about the demonstration from the city’s police department was clear: “Protesting is a non-essential activity.”

Image source: Twitter

The tweet came after cops earlier declared “protestors are in violation” of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home executive order to stop the spread of the coronavirus “and have been asked to leave.”

Image source: Twitter

Protesters said Cooper’s order is an unconstitutional overreach that threatens to destroy small businesses, and that the coronavirus isn’t as deadly as officials are claiming, testing is inaccurate, and causes of death are suspicious, the News & Observer reported.

‘God bless America!’

The paper said at least one protester was arrested for failing to disperse, as her wrists were zip tied.

“I have a right to peacefully assemble,” she told police, the News & Observer reported.

As officers led her away, the woman shouted, “God bless America!”

Raleigh police said state capitol police made the arrest.

Here’s the clip:

Protestor arrested during ReOpenNC rally in Raleigh, NC

What else happened?

Every 15 minutes about 50 cars honked their horns in unison, the paper said, adding that as an officer asked several protesters to keep six feet apart, the noise drowned out his voice.

“We are in violation of Comrade Cooper’s order,” Leonard Harrison said, according the the paper. “If I get locked up today, I’m OK with that. As North Carolinians, we need to get back to work.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” one protester told police, the paper said, while another protester asked them, “Are you goons of Cooper or servants of the people?”

More from the News & Observer:

The protest was organized by ReopenNC, a private Facebook group organized last week that wants people to make their own stay-at-home decisions to avoid exposure to COVID-19 as the worldwide pandemic continues. The group surpassed 26,000 members on Tuesday morning.

Cooper said at a Monday afternoon news conference that anyone wanting the restrictions to end abruptly is inviting danger.

“Some people want to completely obliterate these restrictions,” Cooper said, according to the paper. “It would be a catastrophe. The numbers are very clear that the interventions that we’ve entered into — social gatherings, limitations on bars and restaurants, the stay at home order — those kinds of things are working.”

North Carolina has had at least 5,024 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and only 108 deaths from the virus.

arrest Coronavirus Intelwars Pastor quarantine Rodney howard-browne

Florida pastor arrested for holding Sunday services in violation of stay-at-home order

Florida Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who co-founded the River at Tampa Bay Church, has been arrested after holding two services at his church on Sunday in violation of a county stay-at-home order aimed at fighting the spread of coronavirus.

What are the details?

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Howard-Borne turned himself in on Monday afternoon, was booked, held for 40 minutes, and released after posting $500 bail on misdemeanor “charges of unlawful assembly and violating quarantine orders during a public health emergency.”

Earlier in the day, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister held a press conference announcing he had a warrant for the pastor’s arrest.

“His reckless disregard for human life put hundreds of people in his congregation at risk, and thousands of residents who may interact with them this week, in danger,” the sheriff said of Howard-Borne, while arguing that the church could have livestreamed their services.

Chronister added, “I believe there’s nothing more important than faith during a time like this, and as a sheriff’s office we would never impede someone’s ability to lean on their religious beliefs as a means of comfort. But practicing those beliefs has to be done safely.”

According to The Daily Beast, the sheriff’s office had warned the pastor that his crowded services violated the county’s “Safer-at Home Order” that went into effect on Friday, and authorities urged Pastor Howard-Borne to close his church. Deputies reportedly even “set up an electronic sign outside the church on Sunday urging parishioners to stay six feet apart from each other.”

The Times noted that Howard-Borne nonetheless held two services at his church on Sunday, and even offered to bus people to the church.

During the start of his Sunday sermon, Howard-Borne told his congregation, “I know that they’re trying to beat me up, you know, having the church operational, but we are not a non-essential service.” He went on to say that churchgoers have “not only the right of free speech but the right to peaceful assembly and to practice what we believe.”

“Suddenly we are demonized because we believe God heals, that the Lord sets people free,” the pastor continued, “and they make us out to be some sort of kooks.”

arrest Coronavirus denver Intelwars Jail Philadelphia Police

Denver police arresting fewer suspects in effort to keep COVID-19 out of jails

The Denver Police Department has implemented a new policy of issuing summonses to some non-violent suspects who would ordinarily be arrested and sent to the slammer, in an effort to prevent COVID-19 from spreading to jails.

Jurisdictions across the country have implemented similar measures amid the coronavirus outbreak not only to protect incarcerated individuals and jail personnel, but the law enforcement officers who continue to serve the public.

What are the details?

The Denver Post reported that that DPD and nearby Boulder County have enacted guidelines for officers to “default to issuing summons instead of arresting people suspected of low-level, non-violent property and drug crimes,” noting that “those given a summons could still face charges, but they won’t be taken into custody.”

DPD Chief Paul Pazen told the newspaper Monday, “We don’t want to unnecessarily introduce infection in the (Downtown Detention Center) or the county jail for a low-level crime. We want to use good judgment to reduce risk and reduce exposure.”

The Colorado counties are not alone.

On Tuesday, the City of Philadelphia implemented a policy delaying the arrests of suspects for an array of “nonviolent” crimes after courts were ordered to close until April 1, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw issued an internal memo announcing that:

“Effective today (March 17, 2020), during the 4pm x 12am tour, arrests for the following offenses will be effectuated via Arrest Warrant:

  • All Narcotics Offenses
  • Theft from persons
  • Retail theft
  • Theft from auto
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • All Bench warrants
  • Stolen auto
  • Economic crimes (bad checks, fraud)
  • Prostitution”
The directive included a highlighted paragraph clarifying: “If an officer believes that releasing the offender would pose a threat to public safety, the officer will notify a supervisor, who will review the totality of the circumstances and utilize discretion, in the interest of public safety, in determining the appropriate course of action.”

A KYW-TV reporter confirmed on Twitter that while Philadelphia police will arrest and release individuals for certain non violent crimes, “those arrested will be re-arrested at a later date.” He added, “It will be case by case meant to avoid overcrowding/close contact by prisoners during #CoronavirusOutbreak.”

AR-15 arrest Campus College student felony First Amendment free speech Gerhard Intelwars Lake superior state university Lssu Lucas gerhard Michigan Police Second Amendment Snapchat Student arrested Terrorism

College student faces felony terrorism charges after he took a  photo with an AR-15 and joked about melting ‘snowflakes’

A college student from Michigan is facing felony terrorist charges after sending a photo of an AR-15 to friends, and joking about how the gun would “make the snowflakes melt.”

What are the details?

Lucas Gerhard, 20, shared the image of him touting the firearm with a private group of friends on Snapchat on Aug. 22, the night before he was scheduled to return to Lake Superior State University for the fall semester, according to the College Fix.

“Takin this bad boy up, this outta make the snowflakes melt, aye? And I mean snowflakes as in snow,” a caption for the image read.

He was planning to bring his new gun to school because LSSU allows student to bring guns onto the campus. Students can store them in a guarded armory while they attend classes during the semester.

But when a young woman outside of the Snapchat group was shown the image, she perceived it as threatening. She took a screenshot of the image and reported it to school authorities, who in turn alerted local law enforcement.

When Gerhard arrived on campus for the fall semester, he was arrested on a felony charge of terrorism and his bond bail set for $250,000. He ended up spending 83 days in jail before he could be bailed out in mid-November.

Now, Gerhard is under house arrest at his father’s home and awaits a potential jury trial in April where he faces up to 20 years in prison.

‘Extreme political views’

In a copy of the search warrant used by police during Gerhard’s arrest, obtained by the College Fix, the probable cause for the warrant cites one student’s testimony of Gerhard’s “extreme political views,” but did not go into any further detail. Gerhard reportedly holds conservative political beliefs.

According to the Associated Press, Gerhard told an officer that the term “snowflake” referred to people whose political ideology is liberal and that making the snowflakes “melt” referred to their emotional reaction at his bringing an AR-15 to school. He insisted that he did not intend to harm anyone and was studying to become a police officer himself.

He was arrested anyway, despite his explanation.

The AP reported that public safety officers at the school said “they had numerous prior incidents and contacts with Gerhard, including when an anonymous tip was made to downstate law enforcement warning that he was a potential school shooter,” but no more information was given.

The young woman who saw the image and reported Gerhard allegedly had “political arguments” with him before. Gerhard’s father, Mark Gerhard, confirmed that his son is a conservative at a liberal school and is outspoken about his beliefs, but said that he is “never vindictive about anything, never antagonistic.”

Gerhard’s father added that he was “in disbelief” over the incident. “I couldn’t believe the prosecutor had actually decided to press charges,” he said.

Oddly enough, Gerhard’s father noted in conversation with the College Fix, “There was no contact by law enforcement until approximately 4-5 hours after his arrival on campus. This is well after he checked in his rifle and ammunition, received his room key and a building pass that opened virtually every door on campus.”

He argued that if school officials really believed his son to be a threat, they would have asked police to arrest him much earlier.

Michigan lawmakers come to his defense

After news of the incident broke, Michigan lawmakers moved to redefine the state’s terrorism law.

Republican state Rep. John Reilly blasted the arrest and the leniency of the law that allowed officers to detain Gerhard.

“I never thought our society was so fragile that someone’s life could be ruined for telling a joke among friends,” Reilly said. “It’s a travesty that the county prosecutor charged him with any crime, for something that is clearly and undeniably protected speech under the First Amendment.”

In a phone call with the College Fix, Michigan state Rep. Beau LaFave expressed his concern over how law enforcement and the judiciary had operated in this case.

“I think in this particular instance it’s pretty clear that an individual at LSSU exercised his First Amendment right to talk about his Second Amendment right and the police, the university and everybody involved made grievous mistakes in charging him with a 20 year terrorism felony. And I think it’s disturbing to have de facto red flag laws implemented by the police, the judge, the prosecutor and the university when he broke, to my knowledge, no laws,” LaFave said.

arrest Austin Elderly man father Gerald mccants Intelwars Off a cliff Push father Rattlesnake Son Texas Texas man Will Ferrell

Texas man, who is a dead ringer for Will Ferrell, accused of luring his elderly father to the edge of a cliff and then pushing him off

A Texas man has been accused of luring his 78-year-old father to the edge of cliff to look at a rattlesnake before pushing him off, police said. The suspect also happens to be a dead ringer for actor and comedian Will Ferrell.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Austin American-Statesman, 49-year-old Gerald McCants left the home that he shares with his father at around 8:30 a.m. local time before returning just a few minutes later excitedly telling his father about a rattlesnake he found.

McCants then asked his father to come see the snake, and the two drove to a cliff half a mile from their home. As they approached the edge of the cliff, McCants allegedly pushed his elderly father on the right side causing him to fall off the cliff, roughly 40 feet straight down.

McCants’ father said that as he was falling down the bluff he could hear Gerald “laughing,” according to the affidavit.

When police and emergency medical services arrived on the scene, they found McCants’ father with deep cuts on his forehead and on the back of head and with many minor abrasions all over his body. He was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

Gerald McCants was arrested and charged with injury to an elderly person, which is a third-degree felony, according to KXAN-TV. He is being held at Travis County Jail.

No motive has been declared thus far in the case.

ammunition arrest Black gun owner Free beacon gun laws Gun owner gun restrictions gun rights Hollow Point Intelwars New Jersey New jersey police nj Permit Second Amendment Twyne Washington Free Beacon

Black gun owner in New Jersey was arrested for carrying a licensed gun and possessing legal ammunition

A black man in New Jersey is fighting charges after being arrested for carrying a firearm and possessing polymer-tipped ammunition — both of which he says he is authorized to do under state law.

New Jersey police arrested Roosevelt Twyne, a 25-year old black American who works as a security guard, in February after officers performed a traffic stop on him due to his vehicle’s tinted windows, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Twyne’s attorney, Evan Nappen, told the news outlet that his client was then charged for illegally carrying a firearm and being in possession of ammunition that officers erroneously referred to as “hollow-point.”

But, according to Nappen, Twyne has a permit for carrying a firearm and the ammunition in his possession was state-approved. Even more, it was the same as the ammunition issued by his employer.

“He had a permit to carry a handgun,” Nappen said, adding that the law “makes it clear that it’s illegal to transport unless you are licensed pursuant to chapter 58. And that is precisely what a handgun carry permit is.”

As for the polymer-tipped Hornady “Critical Duty” ammunition in question, Nappen directed attention to a New Jersey State Police website that says that the ammunition is “not considered to be hollow point ammunition” and is not illegal to possess in the state.

“It’s lawful,” Nappen told the outlet. “It’s publicly announced as lawful because it is. It’s not hollow. It’s filled.”

Nappen added that while the three white police officers who made the arrest did not make any racist remarks during the incident, the issue of race is the “elephant in the room.”

“They didn’t make racist comments,” he said. “They didn’t say anything racist but, on its face, it’s dubious. Let’s just say it’s dubious.”

Twyne said that the arrest has been “traumatic” for him and has unduly damaged his reputation.

“Honestly, it’s been traumatic and has impacted my life in a way that I’ve never experienced before,” he said in a statement. “It’s hard because now even looking for a part time job or any job, it’s made it so much harder for me. Not only has it tainted my name and reputation, which I have worked hard to attain, not just growing up in Elizabeth, but as a black man trying to make a difference.”

New Jersey gun laws are some of the strictest in the nation and include open carry restrictions, bans on large capacity magazines, and red flag laws. In 2016, an actor alleged that he was charged in New Jersey for using a prop gun while filming a movie.

The Free Beacon said that Twyne’s arrest was representative of the challenges of navigating the state’s many complex gun restrictions.

Twyne’s court date is set for April 2.

36-year-old 911 911 call arrest Arrested cell phone Cell phone plan Dispatch Disrupting public service Intelwars Ohio parents Shut of cell phone

Cops arrest woman who repeatedly called 911 complaining that her parents canceled her cellphone plan. She’s 36 years old.

Police arrested a 36-year-old Ohio woman last week after she would not stop calling 911 to tell police that her parents had canceled her cellphone plan, WEWS-TV reported.

On Feb. 13, Seloni Khetarpal of Canton, Ohio, “repeatedly” called police demanding that officers respond to the situation by coming to her home, court documents say.

During the first call, police reportedly warned her that the regional emergency dispatch should be dialed only in the case of an actual emergency requiring police assistance — but she didn’t listen. Hours later, Khetarpal called again insisting that the police do something.

According to court documents, she was belligerent” and insisted that her parents canceling her phone plan was a legitimate issue.

Later that evening, officers did finally come to her house but not for the reason she had hoped. She was arrested for disrupting public service, which is a fourth-degree felony. Khetarpal is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 27.

The reason her parents canceled her cellphone plan has not been reported.

Anything else?

WOIO-TV obtained audio of the second call, where you can hear Khetarpal and a dispatch worker arguing over the legitimacy of the call.

arrest False Imprisonment Intelwars Racism Roots

Man arrested for allegedly forcing woman to watch ‘Roots’ to ‘understand her racism’

A Cedar Rapids, Iowa, man was arrested Monday on charges of false imprisonment and domestic assault over allegations that he forced a woman to watch the 9-hour slavery miniseries “Roots” so that “she could better understand her racism.”

What are the details?

Local newspaper The Gazette first reported that Robert Lee Noye, 52, allegedly held a female victim captive, insisting that she sit with him to watch the television series based on a 1976 book by author Alex Haley in order that, according to a criminal complaint, the woman “could better understand her racism.”

When the woman attempted to move, the complaint stated, Noye threatened her, telling the purported victim to “remain seated and watch the movie with him or he would kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago.”

Noye is African-American and according to the Daily Mail, the woman he allegedly forced to watch “Roots” is Caucasian. Police reportedly told the outlet the two have been in an on-again off-again relationship for several years.

Anything else?

“Roots” first aired on television in 1977, and starred LeVar Burton as Kunta Kinte, a Gambian warrior who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. The show was based on Haley’s book, “Roots: The Saga of an American Family,” which chronicles several generations of the author’s family.

The New York Post reported that the original acclaimed miniseries received a staggering 37 Emmy nominations. “Roots” was remade starring actor Malachi Kirby as Kinte a handful of years ago in a version that aired on the History Channel in 2016.