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Anti-Trump vandals going hog-wild in Arizona neighborhood. But Biden campaign signs? They’re left alone.

One thing that’s glaringly apparent in Kevin Beamon’s neighborhood is the support for President Donald Trump.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

As KPHO-TV noticed upon visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona, enclave, pro-Trump flags, signs, bumper stickers, and banners are in numerous yards.

But on Monday night, several of those pro-Trump displays of support were slashed or stolen, the station said.

Not that there are only Trump supporters in this neck of the woods — a few folks have signs up for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, KPHO noted. However, the pro-Biden signs have been left alone, the station said.

Apparently it’s an anti-Trump operation.

“They basically just defaced and destroyed a lot of political signs, which is obviously illegal,” Beamon told KPHO.

What are the details?

Around midnight, Peter Cohen’s security camera caught two people — who looked an awful lot like Antifa types with helmets and black clothing — who tried jumping and climbing up his flagpole, the station said. Soon enough they were able to scale the pole and tear down his Trump 2020 flag, KPHO said, after which they ran off with it.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

The same thing happened 30 minutes earlier in a different part of the neighborhood, the station aid.

It also appears vandals sliced in half Cohen’s Trump signs in his yard because they couldn’t pull the iron stakes from the ground, KPHO reported.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

Down the street, Randy Marema’s Trump flag was left torn in half and hanging in tatters from the top of his front porch, the station said.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

“When they come right up to the doorway and go into a hallway and rip a flag down, that made me feel really violated,” Marema added to KPHO.

‘It’s unacceptable’

Marianne Amato has Biden signs — and sympathy for her neighbors.

“It’s unacceptable,” she told the station in regard to the vandalism. “I would feel the same way if somebody took my sign. Everybody has the right to an opinion.”

‘We can disagree agreeably — apparently, they can’t’

As for Cohen, he raised a spare Trump flag on the flagpole before most people even noticed, KPHO said.

“I’m well stocked, of course, just for this kind of case,” Cohen told the station.

Beamon isn’t impressed with the vandals’ lack of civility, noting to KPHO: “We can disagree agreeably — apparently, they can’t.”

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Brutal news report shows no one showed up for major Biden/Harris campaign event: ‘Not much to see’

When a presidential campaign stops in your city just weeks before the election, there is significant fanfare: Droves of supporters and protesters turn out, there is a massive security presence, and national media from most major networks cover the event.

But when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris stopped in Phoenix late last week, hardly anyone showed up.

What happened?

A news report gaining significant attention online shows KSAZ-TV reporter Nicole Garcia describing a Biden/Harris campaign stop last week in which not a single person was in sight.

“Not a lot of fanfare out here,” Garcia reported. “There’s really not much to see. I’ll step out of the way, but it’s kinda boring out here. So, it’s not your typical presidential campaign event; we don’t see people rallying outside, we don’t see signs or really much of what’s going on.”

During Garcia’s report, her cameraman panned behind her, showing not a soul in sight other than a lone police car.

Garcia contacted the Biden campaign about the lack of fanfare and supporters. The campaign claimed details about the event were not widely publicized because of the coronavirus.

“I’m told by one of the local Biden staffers is that they kinda kept the details about the visit, as far as the timing and the exact locations, they didn’t really want to give that out to the public, because they want to keep the crowds to a minimum,” Garcia reported.

“Pretty much all the people that we saw enter into the parking lot about 45 minutes ago were with the Biden/Harris campaign and the pool reporters,” she explained. “So, you would expect to see — I mean, this is a pretty big event for the two of them to be campaigning together for the first time since the Democratic National Convention. Here in Arizona, our state has established itself as a battleground state, and so this is technically a big event, but not a lot of fanfare.”

Biden and Harris were in Phoenix to meet with Native American tribal leaders at the Heard Museum. They also kicked off their national “Soul of the Nation” bus tour — but no one was there to celebrate with the campaign.

“This is a huge event politically, but you can’t tell,” Garcia went on to say.

BIDEN & HARRIS visit battleground state AZ

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Astronauts snub fellow astronaut Mark Kelly, a Democrat, endorse Republican Martha McSally instead

Astronaut Mark Kelly, who is running as a Democrat to take the late John McCain’s former U.S. Senate seat in Arizona, was snubbed by fellow astronauts last week.

What is the background?

Kelly is running against Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) in a close race to take control of the seat that was left vacant by McCain’s death two years ago. Sen. Jon Kyl (R), McCain’s appointed successor, resigned in late 2018, and McSally was appointed to occupy the seat, taking office in January 2019.

The race is critical for Republicans, who are fighting to maintain their majority in the Senate. Republicans essentially hold a three-seat majority, and they cannot afforded to cede ground to Democrats.

The race has taken on even more importance in the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. If Republicans cannot confirm Ginsburg’s successor, Amy Coney Barrett, quickly enough, the party may have one less vote in Barrett’s favor.

That’s because McSally and Kelly are competing in a special election to fulfill the final two years of McCain’s term. If Kelly wins, he could be seated as soon as Nov. 30 — not in January 2021 like all other election winners.

What are the details?

In an essay for the Arizona Republic, Tom Stafford, Charlie Duke, and Jack Lousma — who have spent about 2,400 hours in space combined — endorsed McSally and explained why Kelly is unfit for the job.

Of McSally, they wrote:

McSally delivered results for Arizona. Just look at the stats: She was ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators last year and tied for the most bills passed into law. Just this year, she introduced legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, started the national Veterans Treatment Courts to help improve the lives of veterans, and she helped write the legislation that gave families and small businesses help to get through the novel coronavirus. Whether it’s helping secure funds for Fort Huachuca, leading on the Drought Contingency Plan or getting Congress to pass land exchanges that give local control back to Arizona, Martha springs into action when her constituents reach out to her with a problem.

On the other hand, the astronauts blasted Kelly, writing that “having ‘astronaut’ on your resume does not mean you’d be a good U.S. senator.”

“Mark Kelly is hoping Arizonans are so impressed with his background that they ignore the fact that he’s supported radical gun control activists, that his plan for the eventual government takeover of health care would end Medicare as we know it, and that he’d vote to raise our taxes,” they wrote.

“On some of the more extreme policies of the Democrat Party, Mark has tried to stay quiet. We can only think of one reason: He doesn’t want to answer for his liberal political views and policies and those of his party,” the astronauts added.

The astronauts went on to write that Kelly must answer for the Democratic Party, which they noted has become more progressive in recent years.

“Mark Kelly has to answer for the policies of his party because if he were elected, that’s what would become law in a Democrat-controlled government,” they wrote. “McSally has delivered for Arizona, while Mark Kelly embraces Democrat ideology that would be bad for our country — leaving us with less freedoms, less security and less control of our lives.”

What do the polls say?

Unfortunately for McSally, the polls have good news for Kelly.

According to the RealClearPolitics average, Kelly leads McSally by 6% in the run-up to the election, a gap significant enough to worry Republicans about losing the seat.

Arizona battleground states Election 2020 Florida Georgia Intelwars Michigan Ohio Polls President Donald Trump swing states Vice President Joe Biden

Polling from battleground states may indicate some momentum for Trump, points to competitive election

New polls released this week from battleground states crucial to the November election may show President Donald Trump gaining momentum against former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Polling from Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Michigan shows Trump and Biden statistically tied. This marks an improvement for Trump, who has previously trailed behind Biden in surveys from these states, which collectively represent 90 Electoral College votes up for grabs on Nov. 3.

Here’s the latest polling

An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Wednesday shows Trump leading Biden 51% to 47% among likely voters in Florida, Fox News reported. The poll also has Trump with a 1-point lead over Biden in Arizona. The sampling error of both polls is plus or minus 4.5 percentage points, placing the differentials within the margin for error, meaning Trump and Biden are statistically tied in this survey.

A Monmouth University poll also released Wednesday has Trump leading Biden 48% to 46% in Georgia in a high likely voter turnout model. This 2-point differential is within the survey’s 4.9% margin of error, again a statistical tie. In the poll’s low-turnout model, Trump leads Biden 50% to 45% among likely voters.

A poll of likely voters in Michigan conducted by the Republican polling firm Trafalgar Group and released Thursday finds Trump narrowly leading Biden 46.7% to 46%. The margin of error for this poll is 2.99%.

Lastly, a Quinnipiac poll of likely voters in Ohio found Biden leading Trump by 1 point, 48% to 47%. The margin for error of this poll is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

A note on polls

As always with analyzing political polling, it is important to remember that polls do not predict election results. These statistical ties do not necessarily mean the election will be close to a tie in these states. Polls are snapshots of a sample of the electorate at whatever time the poll was taken. One poll released at a given time may be an outlier compared to other polls taken of the same state. It is bad practice to extrapolate electoral results from a single poll, or even a handful of polls, but polling is useful for showing trends, whether a candidate is gaining or losing support over time.

Additionally, keep in mind that polls of likely voters cannot be compared to polls of registered voters. They are different samples of the electorate that will yield different results.

So what are the trends?

Previous polls of these battleground states catalogued by RealClearPolitics show Biden with wider margins over Trump, with the exception of Georgia.

In Arizona, Biden was leading Trump among likely voters by as much as 9 points in a Fox News poll taken from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1. Other polls from CBS News or Monmouth taken earlier in September showed Biden with a narrow 2- or 3-point lead over Trump. The ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week is the first poll to show Trump with a lead over Biden among likely voters since a Trafalgar poll conducted in early August. The RCP average of polls for Arizona shows Biden with a 3.2-point lead over Trump, which hovers in the margin of error for most of the polls released.

There’s a similar story in Florida, where Biden was leading or tied with Trump in the vast majority of likely voter polls conducted in July, August, and so far in September. Trump has only outright led one poll in Florida before Wednesday, and that was again a Trafalgar poll from Sept. 1 to Sept. 3.

In Michigan, Biden has enjoyed wider leads anywhere from 4 points to 8 points over Trump consistently among likely voters through August and September. The outlier is another poll from Trafalgar taken from Aug. 14 – Aug. 23 which showed Trump with a 2-point lead over Biden. Given that Trafalgar is the only polling firm showing Trump with a lead in Michigan since April, some may write the poll off as an outlier.

It is worth noting, however, that the Trafalgar Group was the only pollster to correctly predict Donald Trump was leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016. A Trafalgar poll of Michigan likely voters in June found Biden with a 1-point lead over Trump, again within the margin for error.

There have only been three other likely voter polls of Ohio recorded by RCP, and of those three two Rassmusen polls show Biden with a 4-point lead over Trump and a CBS News poll had Trump with a 1-point lead.

Polling from Georgia tells a slightly different story. Consistent polling of likely voters in Georgia began in earnest in July and of nine polls recorded by RCP, Trump led five, Biden led two, and two were tied. Trump’s highest leads were 7 points in a Trafalgar poll taken in July and a WSB-TV poll taken at the end of August. Since then, a University of Georgia poll and a New York Times/Siena poll showed tied results. Trump’s most recent 2-point lead, still being within the margin for error, suggests he’s lost some ground in September since his high water mark among likely voters in August.


The bottom line is the 2020 presidential election in these battleground states is extremely competitive, with most recent polls showing Trump and Biden running neck-and-neck.

Ohio and Georgia are both competitive with trend lines showing statistical ties.

Trump appears to be gaining momentum in Arizona and Florida, where previous polls showed Biden holding a wider lead over Trump.

The Trafalgar poll in Michigan is good news for the Trump campaign, but one poll alone, even by a pollster who was right in 2016, is not enough to definitively say he is leading. If, however, more polling continues to show Biden’s lead in the margin for error, don’t be shocked if Trump carries the state again.

Ultimately there are more factors to a campaign’s victory or defeat than leading or being tied in the polls. Elections are determined by voter enthusiasm, campaign operations to drive voter turn-out, and occasionally disruptive political events no one can predict. These polls won’t tell you who’s winning the presidential election.

But they’re not bad news for the Trump campaign.

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Store manager yells ‘f*** Donald Trump’ at man with pro-Trump face mask. Manager now out of a job.

A Bath & Body Works manager is no longer employed by her Arizona store after yelling “f*** Donald Trump” at a passerby wearing a face mask supporting the president, the
Arizona Republic reported.

What are the details?

Jeremiah Cota, director of strategic initiatives for AZ Trump Victory,
tweeted Friday that he was “accosted” by the store’s manager “simply for wearing a Trump face mask. She yelled at me ‘F*** Donald Trump’ while I was simply walking by the store. I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no.”

In Cota’s clip of the short chat with the woman — whose name tag reads “Karren,” the paper reported — she acknowledges that she’s the manager and that she indeed told Cota “f*** Donald Trump.”

Her reason? “Yeah, because that’s how I feel,” she adds.

Here’s the video. (
Content warning: Language):

Cota tagged Bath & Body Works in his tweet, saying the company was guilty of “poor customer service.” He added in a subsequent tweet that the incident took place at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

What happened next?

Trump Victory Committee spokesperson Keith Schipper told the Republic that Bath & Body Works in a phone call said “how very sorry they were” for what happened to Cota and that they “respect all beliefs.”

Bath & Body Works also confirmed with the paper that it connected with Cota to share its “deepest apologies.”

“We absolutely do not condone these actions as all customers should be treated with respect,” the statement read, according to the Republic.

Bath & Body Works added to the Republic that the company no longer employed the manager, whose name was not released, but didn’t immediately respond to the paper’s question regarding if she was fired or quit.


Schipper also told the Republic that Cota hasn’t been deterred from wearing his Trump mask and that the incident was one of many cases of “intolerance” toward Trump supporters.

“All of our hopes is that there can just be more tolerance so supporters of the president don’t have to have their head on a swivel, looking over their shoulder, wondering who’s going to accost them,” he told the paper.

The virus continues its spread

Trump Derangement Syndrome is still infecting leftists and is showing no signs of dying down. As TheBlaze has previously reported, leftists sometimes turn cranky at pro-Trump objects. For instance, one individual outside a recent Bernie Sanders’ rally didn’t fare too well when a
security guard took issue with his Trump 2020 flag.

Leftists also have been know to flip out at other visual reminders of their president, such as “Make America Great Again” hats:

They’ve also resorted to
taking off or knocking the caps off their heads, spitting at the wearers, and actually stealing the hats as video runs:

And believe it or not, a
retired New York City police officer — during his birthday celebration, no less — said a woman punched him in the face and left it bloody recently over his headgear that merely resembled a MAGA hat:

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Intruder in child’s room charges at homeowner. But homeowner has shotgun — and intruder doesn’t make it out alive.

An Arizona homeowner discovered an intruder inside his Scottsdale home just before 11 p.m. Wednesday and fatally shot the suspect, the Daily Independent reported.

What are the details?

Around 9 p.m., a homeowner told police he confronted and ran off a male who was trying to break into his home, the paper said — and then at 10:50 p.m. a different homeowner told police an intruder had been shot.

Responding officers found Cameron Yoe, 18, who matched the description from the earlier trespass incident, the Daily Independent reported. The two homes are about a half mile apart.

While working in an outbuilding on the property, the family dog alerted the 41-year-old homeowner of a disturbance in his residence, where his wife and three children also live, the paper said, citing a release from police.

The homeowner armed himself with a shotgun and began checking the house, police said, according to Daily Independent.

Then the homeowner entered the room of one of his children where Yoe — holding a large piece of wood in a threatening manner — charged at the homeowner, the paper said, citing police.

In order to protect himself and his family, the homeowner fired at and killed Yoe, police told the Daily Independent.

Police said there apparently are no other suspects, none of the home’s residents were injured, and there is no danger to the surrounding community, the paper noted — although it added that the investigation is ongoing.

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Homicide detectives are now investigating the death of a man who ingested fish tank cleaner. The media used the story to bash Trump.

Gary Lenius, a 68-year-old Arizona man, tragically died March 22 after ingesting fish tank cleaner. Lenius’s wife, Wanda, told police that she and her husband mixed the toxic cleaner, which contained chloroquine phosphate, with soda to make a cocktail they thought would stave off the coronavirus.

Wanda, 61, told police she and her husband both ingested 1 teaspoon of the cleaner — four times the lethal dose.

Gary ended up dead, but Wanda only ended up in the intensive care unit.

The story was immediately propelled into the national spotlight because, at the time, President Donald Trump was pushing hydroxychloroquine, a drug commonly used to prevent malaria and treat lupus, as an effective drug in the fight against COVID-19.

In speaking to NBC News, Wanda said she and her husband ingested the cleaner because Trump praised chloroquine.

The story was immediately condemned on social media because it conflated the safe drug being touted by Trump with toxic fish tank cleaner. Still, others saw the story as evidence that Trump’s rhetoric was endangering lives.

It turns out Trump may have just been a scapegoat for ole’ Wanda.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Mesa City Police Department in Arizona is now investigating Gary’s death as a homicide — and his widowed wife is the prime suspect.

“As this is an active investigation, I cannot go into any details at this time regarding the case,” Detective Teresa Van Galder told the Free Beacon.

Indeed, while Gary’s tragic death was exploited by the media to assail Trump, Gary’s friends knew something did not add up.

The Free Beacon spoke with his friends. They painted Gary as an intelligence man, a retired engineer, who would not willingly ingest dangerous cleaner.

“What bothers me about this is that Gary was a very intelligent man, a retired [mechanical] engineer who designed systems for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, and I really can’t see the scenario where Gary would say, ‘Yes, please, I would love to drink some of that Koi fish tank cleaner,'” one close friend told the Free Beacon.

“It just doesn’t make any sense,” the friend said.

According to friends, Wanda had a pattern of belittling her husband in public. She was once even charged with domestic abuse for hitting Gary. But he testified that he was neither injured nor did he fear for his life, leading to Wanda’s exoneration.

“Gary loved Wanda,” another friend of Gary’s told the Free Beacon. “He trusted her to do the right thing for him, I doubt that he second-guessed when she gave him the chloroquine.

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Crook steals car, drives off, ditches it, then tries breaking into nearby residence. But gun-toting homeowner ends his escapade.

Ryan Johnson Davis’ calendar apparently displayed a full schedule Thursday night.

What happened?

Phoenix, Arizona, police said the 32-year-old allegedly stole a vehicle near 51st and Van Buren Streets around 10 p.m., KPNX-TV reported, adding that Davis dished out a minor injury to the owner who fought with the suspect to prevent his car from being stolen.

Davis then allegedly drove a few miles away to the area of 53rd Street and Indian School Road, where he ditched the car and tried to break into a home, KPHO-TV reported.

But the homeowner had a gun — and wasn’t having any of it. KPNX said the homeowner shot Davis.

What happened to the suspect?

Soon after the suspect was arrested and taken to a hospital with an injury that wasn’t life threatening, KPNX reported.

When Davis was released from the hospital, the station said he was booked into the Maricopa County Jail for robbery, theft of means of transportation, residential burglary, and trespassing.

Arizona Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars Kate gallego Phoenix

Phoenix mayor encourages people to call the police on anyone participating in large gatherings at city parks

The mayor of Phoenix sent out a tweet advising residents to call the police on anyone participating in large gatherings at city parks.

“If residents need to report large gatherings at city parks they can call the @PhoenixPolice non-emergency line: 602-262-6151,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego wrote on her official Twitter account.

Gallego said, “Easter Sunday is the equivalent of Super Bowl weekend but, not this year,” a reference to the closure of park amenities.

“To ensure the health of all Phoenicians and Parks employees there will be NO picnics or BBQ in city parks. Parking lots will be closed unless vehicles display a handicapped placard,” the Democratic mayor, elected last March, also tweeted. “Park amenities such as playgrounds, athletic courts, and bathrooms are already closed and will remain so. Open green spaces and walking paths will remain open to allow residents access to fresh air. Please protect public health and #StayHome.”

Gallego declared a state of emergency on March 17, forcing the closure of bars and restaurants, but allowing takeout, delivery, and drive-thru orders.

Arizona has over 3,300 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 108 deaths, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located, has over 1,800 coronavirus cases. This is the highest number in the state, Pima County is second in Arizona with 591 cases.

This comes after another Democratic mayor, Louisville’s Greg Fischer, prohibited drive-in church services. However, the On Fire Christian Church filed a lawsuit. On Saturday, U.S. District Judge Justin Walker issued a temporary restraining order, which prevents the city from barring the church from holding church services while congregants are practicing social distancing in their cars.

There was also the case of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) declaring that anyone caught attending a “mass gathering” over Easter weekend will have their license plate number recorded by state police and forced to serve a two-week self-quarantine. That decree was immediately opposed by fellow Kentucky statesmen Rep. Thomas Massie (R) and Sen. Rand Paul (R).

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Arizona state House passes bill barring biological males from girls’ sports

Lawmakers in Arizona moved a step closer to barring biological males from competing in girls’ sports.

According to a report Tuesday from the Arizona Republic, the state’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would close off designated female sports “to students of the male sex”:

The emotional hours-long debate on House Bill 2706 culminated in a party-line vote of 31-29, sending the measure to the state Senate, where it will become another flashpoint in the culture wars at the state Capitol.

Rep. Nancy Barto, a Phoenix Republican who is sponsoring the measure, argued it is necessary in the face of a lawsuit in Connecticut brought by the conservative Scottsdale-based group Alliance Defending Freedom and students who argue they unfairly lost out in competition with transgender athletes.

H.B. 2706 would require sports or teams sponsored by educational institutions to be designated as either coed, male or female, with biological males not being allowed to compete in female-designated events.

The bill also says that in the event of a dispute about participation on a sport or team, “A student may establish the student’s sex by presenting a signed physician’s statement that indicates the student’s sex based on an analysis of the student’s genetic makeup.”

The Arizona Republic story points out that a previous version of the bill had more stringent requirements for establishing biological sex in a dispute — which included determining testosterone levels — that were amended after pushback from Democrats, who said they were too invasive.

Language in the findings section of the bill declares that “biological differences between females and males, especially as they relate to natural levels of testosterone, ‘explain the male and female secondary sex characteristics which develop during puberty and have lifelong effects, including those most important for success in sport,” citing a paper from the Duke Law Center for Sports Law and Policy.

The proposed restrictions would apply to public schools and private schools that are part of interscholastic sports organizations, as well as public colleges and community colleges and other higher learning institutions that are members of national athletic associations such as the NCAA.

Naturally, the bill has drawn criticism from those who say that student athletes’ biological makeup shouldn’t trump their perceived gender identity in the realm of athletics.

“Transgender girls are girls, and transgender boys are boys,” Amanda Parris, policy counsel for the ACLU of Arizona, said of the bill in a statement against the legislation last Friday. “Transgender students participate in sports for the same reasons that other students do. They want enjoy the activities, challenge themselves and be a part of a team.”

“Trans athletes are not a threat. We need to protect trans kids—and all LGBTQ+ kids—and ensure they feel safe and welcomed at school,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said last month, urging lawmakers to reject the bill.

Meanwhile, legislators in several other states have also sought to address the question of transgender athletes in girls’ sports. Similar bills have so far been proposed or filed in Idaho, Missouri, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio and Alabama.

Arizona baby Crime criminal Intelwars Phoenix Stolen car Stolen robbery baby Surveillance Video

Surveillance video shows man who stole a car at a gas station — with a six-month-old baby inside

Police are looking for a man who stole a car with a baby inside while the father stopped at a gas station in Phoenix, Arizona.

They have video from a nearby Walmart where the suspect dropped off the 6-month-old child and sped away.

The thief nabbed the car and the baby from a Quik Trip gas station on Sunday afternoon after the father went inside to pay for the gas he had pumped into his car.

The father said that he watched as the thief drove away with his baby.

About ten minutes later, an off-duty police officer discovered the baby abandoned at a Walmart. The child was still in its carseat.

The surveillance video from the Walmart shows the man walk in with the child and drop him off.

The child was later reunited with its family, and is unharmed.

Police are looking for the suspect and the stolen car, which they say is a gray 2007 Kia Sorento with a temporary license plate.

The man is described as Hispanic, in his thirties with short, curly hair and wearing a red shirt with white letters, tan shorts, and black shoes.

Here’s a local news video about the incident:

12 years old Arizona cartels Drug Smuggling Drugs felony Fox News Intelwars mexican cartels mexico Smuggle Southern border US-Mexico border Weapons

Mexican cartels are hiring American children as young as 12 to smuggle drugs and weapons across the border

Mexican drug cartels are hiring American children — as young as 12 — to smuggle drugs and weapons across the U.S. southern border at an alarming rate.

In Arizona alone, the numbers are not only staggering, but growing.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection found that “in fiscal year 2018 there were 36 children arrested for narcotics at Arizona’s ports of entry. In fiscal year 2019, that number jumped to 57. So far in fiscal year 2020, which started in October, there’s been 17 arrests,” Fox News reported Wednesday.

“It’s a problem, we know it’s there. We’re trying to mitigate that issue through education and prevention,” said Alan Regalado, a Border Patrol agent in Tucson, Arizona.

“These teenagers are either smuggling in vehicles, they’re smuggling on their body and in their body, so it’s very dangerous,” he added.

In order to combat the problem, Regalado started T.E.A.M. Kids, or “Together Educating and Mentoring Kids,” a four-week program put on in schools to warn students about border recruiters. He told Fox News the program was first implemented in area high schools, but soon he realized that many of the students had already been recruited by that point and that education needed to begin earlier, even as early as elementary school.

Many of the kids caught running drugs and weapons are able to be charged as adults, since the crime of transporting drugs for sale is a class 2 felony.

In cooperation with T.E.A.M. Kids, Santa Cruz County Attorney George Silva explained that he tries to get the upper hand on cartels by warning students of the steep consequences for their actions.

“At this school I had promised the kids that if you are caught with dangerous drugs I’m sending you to prison and that’s what ended up happening to this 17 year old … this student was an honor roll student, you know he was a very good student, he wanted to go NAU and he wanted to study criminal justice, so he thought ‘I can’t afford to go to college so one way of being able to pay for my college is to run dope,'” Silva told Fox News.

“[Children] do it because they think it’s cool but they also do it because of the easy money … [but] the minimum sentence is 3.5 years and obviously prosecuting them as adults means that they would be convicted felons for the rest of their lives,” he added.

President Donald Trump has taken a hardline stance against the Mexican cartels. In a bold move in November, he announced that his administration would designate them as terrorist organizations, freeing the U.S. government to take decisive action against them.

Arizona Intelwars Rally trump Veteran World War II

‘An American patriot’: WWII veteran gets carried to his seat and honored by President Trump at Arizona rally

A World War II veteran was given a hero’s welcome at a “Keep America Great” rally for President Donald Trump in Arizona on Wednesday, when he was carried by fellow attendees to his seat and honored by the commander in chief when the president spoke on stage.

What are the details?

Reporter Kari Lake from
KSAZ-TV posted a video online showing two men giving the hero a careful lift to his seat ahead of President Trump’s speech at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. The crowd chanted “USA! USA!” and cheered as the veteran was carried to the front row of the venue where he could see.

Lake added, “Got to admit I got a lump in my throat.”

The precious cargo was later identified
by the Trump campaign as 100-year-old Navy veteran Ervin Julian, and the president of the United States did not allow Mr. Julian to go unnoticed.

During President Trump’s speech, he honored Mr. Julian before the inside audience of an estimated 20,000 people, thanking Mr. Julian before the veteran was lifted up by the men who had carried him to his place of prominence. The crowd roared and chanted again as the president faced Mr. Julian and continued to clap for the World War II veteran.

The president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., then approached Mr. Julian and the men assisting him, shaking each of their hands and giving them hats.

“I want to thank you, really,”‘ President Trump said to Mr. Julian, adding, “Thank you for the great job you’ve done. An American patriot.”