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Miles ‘Anonymous’ Taylor defends lying on CNN, says he owes colleague Anderson Cooper ‘a beer’

Former DHS-staffer-turned-CNN-contributor Miles Taylor has come out in defense of himself lying outright on air about the fact that he is anti-Trump author “Anonymous” after finally revealing his identity, saying he owes his colleague, Anderson Cooper, “a beer” over the ordeal.

What are the details?

Taylor wrote a lengthy Medium post published Wednesday revealing that he is Anonymous, the alleged “senior Trump administration official” who penned the widely-read New York Times op-ed and subsequent book slamming President Donald Trump’s character from the perspective of a White House insider.

But it was quickly revealed that Taylor recently denied to his current employer and the network’s viewers that he is, in fact, Anonymous.

in August, CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Taylor directly, “You’re not Anonymous?” to which Taylor replied, “I wear a mask for two reasons, Anderson. Halloweens and pandemics. So, no.”

Miles Taylor in August: I didn’t write anonymous op-ed

On Wednesday night, Taylor was a guest on CNN host Chris Cuomo’s show. Cuomo began the segment by telling the contributor, “First, what matters most, certainly to me: You lied to us, Miles. You were asked in August if you were Anonymous, here on CNN with Anderson Cooper, and you said no.”

Cuomo asked, “Now, why should CNN keep you on the payroll after lying like that?”

Taylor answered that he wrote in his book “that if asked, I would strenuously deny I was the author, and here’s the reason: Because the things I said in that book were ideas that I wanted Donald Trump to challenge on their merits.”

“We have seen over the course of four years that Donald Trump’s preference is to find personal attacks and distractions to pull people away from criticisms of his record,” he continued, explaining, “I wrote that work anonymously to deprive him of that opportunity and to force him to answer the questions on their merits.”

Taylor complained that “to this day,” neither the president nor the White House has challenged his writings.

Regarding his false statement on CNN a few months back, Taylor said, “When asked by Anderson whether I was Anonymous during that time period, I said what I was going to do, I temporarily denied it, but I’ve always said I would ultimately come out under my own name.”

“But that said, I owe Anderson Cooper a beer,” Taylor told Cuomo. “I owe him a mea culpa, and the same thing for other reporters who at that time period asked me, ‘are you Anonymous,’ and I said no, because I wanted that work to stand on its own two legs.”

The book, titled “A Warning,” reached #1 on the bestseller lists at both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Taylor claims he donated much of his proceeds from the deal.

Before moving on to more questions, Cuomo told Taylor, “You know what the problem is with having lied is that now you are a liar, and people will be slow to believe you when you lied about something as important as whether or not you wanted to own this.”

Taylor acknowledged, “That’s the truth,” calling his choice to remain anonymous “a torturous decision.”

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Joe Biden blames every single COVID-19 death on Trump, says ‘all the people’ would be alive if Trump had done his job

Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden said during a CNN town hall Thursday that “all the people” who have died of COVID-19 would still be alive if President Donald Trump had responded properly to the pandemic.

In Biden’s view, President Trump is directly responsible for every single person who died from the novel coronavirus that originated in China late last year and spread around the world.

“If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive,” Biden said. “All the people — I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.”

Biden did not specify what data he was referring to, which is likely because no such data exists to prove that every one of the nearly 200,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths was preventable by some presidential action. Even nations that implemented earlier and more severe lockdowns and travel restrictions than the U.S. have suffered COVID-19 deaths.

It becomes particularly difficult to blame the deaths in a place like New York City on the president’s response, although New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly tried to do so. Cuomo has taken to calling COVID-19 the “European virus,” blaming Trump for not banning travel from Europe sooner than he did, and ducking responsibility for the deaths caused by his policy of sending people infected with COVID-19 into nursing homes.

Even media outlets with a tendency to be critical of the president could not allow Biden’s outrageous claim to stand unchecked. The Washington Post, in a fact-check article titled, “Biden’s CNN town hall: An occasional whopper,” accused Biden of “making this up.”

“There is no data to support this, even if the president had moved rapidly in January to deal with the coronavirus and been able to persuade the Chinese leadership to be more forthcoming about the situation,” the article states.

Biden’s claim that Trump could have prevented all COVID-19 deaths is an escalation of a previous claim the former VP has made, that if Trump had called for a lockdown a month earlier than he did then he could’ve saved up to 60,000 lives.

President Trump restricted travel from China at the end of January. Biden, who at the time was in the midst of the Democratic primary, continued holding campaign events well into March even as it became clear COVID-19 would have a significant impact on the U.S.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta made a similar claim against the president on CNN, as the panel was discussing a report that the White House scrapped a plan to send masks to every household via U.S. Postal Service in the spring. Gupta cited an anonymous source who told him Trump could have saved 80% to 90% of lives by following the right guidance on COVID-19 dating back to February.

CNN published a Q&A post in late February telling people not to wear masks unless they were sick or interacting with sick people.

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Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper slammed for scrapping social distancing as the cameras pull away

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and CNN host Anderson Cooper were criticized on social media Thursday night, after viewers noticed that the two threw social distancing out the window as the cameras pulled away after carefully staying far apart during the candidate’s town hall.

What are the details?

Pundit Steve Krakauer shared footage of the incident, tweeting, “Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper are making a point of social distancing during the CNN Town Hall while on the stage. But when they think they’ve gone to commercial break, they get so close to each other that Biden is whispering in Cooper’s ear:”

Sure enough, the clip shared by Krakauer shows that after Cooper signs off for a commercial break, the cameras pull back but continue to show Biden approaching Anderson and the host leaning over as Biden appears to whisper in his ear.

Neither of them were wearing masks, which is noteworthy since Biden has repeatedly vowed that his administration would impose a federal mask mandate as long as it is legal.

The town hall was held in a parking lot and 35 cars were allowed for the “drive-in” event.. CNN reported that it “CNN is following all of the local guidelines and restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic,” according to the vice president of its special events team, “and everybody attending and working the town hall will have their temperatures taken and will answer screening questions.”

The outlet noted that in Pennsylvania, where the event was held, “wearing masks when outside of the home is mandatory.”

But Twitter users noticed that Biden and Cooper did not appear to be following the rules.

Several people called both men “frauds” and re-upped the common accusation that CNN is “fake news.” One person tweeted, “They are so phony. It’s sad that so many people are blind to it..” Another asked, “Can you catch Covid if the cameras aren’t rolling?”

Fox News” Pete Hegseth reacted to the footage, describing it as ‘mask-mandate Joe whispering sweeting nothings to @andersoncooper.”

Some folks wondered exactly what the two were discussing.

Others said the moment reminded them of when CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was caught on camera immediately removing her mask after a White House coronavirus briefing in May.

But there were those who came to Biden and Cooper’s defense, with one person tweeting, “They are both tested daily. They have to be in order to do their jobs effectively.”

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WATCH: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell issues classy response after being smeared by CNN’s Anderson Cooper

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was absolutely grilled for 23 minutes by CNN’s Anderson Cooper last week over his endorsement of the experimental drug oleandrin to treat COVID-19.

President Donald Trump expressed enthusiasm for the potential treatment after Lindell and Housing and Urban Development Secretary and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson promoted the drug during an Oval Office meeting in July.

“You really are a snake oil salesman. I mean, you could be in the Old West standing on a box telling people to drink your amazing elixir that there’s no proof [of],” Cooper said to Lindell during the CNN interview. “How do you sleep at night?” he added.

Lindell joined Glenn Beck on the radio program this week to to set the record straight (something Cooper never gave him the chance to do) and explain why he thinks the liberal media is pushing so hard against certain drugs like oleandrin and hydroxychloroquine.

Lindell said he’s been under attack ever since he “went all-in for this great president,” referring to his vociferous support for President Trump, but was still surprised by how hostile Cooper became during the interview.

“I was surprised. It was to be a five-minute interview. It was 23 minutes. Twenty-three minutes of attacks,” he said. “I’m going, wow, I must really be on the right page here, you know, struck the right chord.”

Glenn called Cooper’s interview an “absolute bloodbath” and noted how no one questioned fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo’s experimentation with various “natural remedies” for COVID-19, as recorded on-line by his wife Cristina Cuomo.

“It’s like hydroxychloroquine,” Glenn said. “It’s almost as if people don’t want things to work.”

“I’m so branded with the president … people are going to say, ‘Oh, they’re just attacking him again because he backs this great president’,” Lindell said.

“I don’t know why he was getting angry. Was [it] because I kept standing my ground? I don’t know. But it’s like he’s trying to destroy me,” he added. “And I’ve never backed down in my life. I’m not going to back down now. So you’re kind of doing some frivolous things here, Mr. Cooper, because I’m not going to back down.”

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

Want more from Glenn Beck?

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Robert Kennedy Jr.: “Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Now The 3rd Leading Cause of DEATH” In US

In an interview with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed the major problems facing the United States today when it comes to health. This is a MUST WATCH interview before you line up for the COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine for that matter!

This is an interview you’ll want to watch, as Kennedy talks about vaccine safety and efficacy, as well as how Big Pharma has taken over the government to dictate health policy. Their only concern was that YouTube would censor it or ban them altogether, so an exclusive portion of it, deemed too controversial for YouTube, since it involves the elite cabal, can only be accessed HERE!

Now that Big Pharma is in control, “pharmaceutical drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer”, says Kennedy.  That’s huge, but it’s all by design.  Those in power, simply don’t care about us, and nothing is about health, it’s about profit.

“Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer,” says Kennedy. “And Merck sponsors Lester Holt.” Some of the biggest propagandists have a vested interest in making sure the public gets vaccinated, whether it’s safe and effective or not. They also get paid to push pharmaceutical drugs on the population using propaganda.

Because of the rampant pushing of these drugs, “pharmaceutical drugs are now the third leading cause of death in our country after cancer and heart disease,” Kennedy says.  Those numbers dwarf the coronavirus deaths (which are heavily manipulated.) Medical journals have become propaganda for big pharma.

All of this has cost Americans dearly.  We are paying for the propaganda with our health. Parents are being pressured to vaccinate their children even though it’s common knowledge those vaccines are not safe nor are they effective enough to warrant the potential outcomes.  Once a kid gets sick from a vaccine, big pharma has a customer for life. It’s a truly disturbing cycle.

For one example of the hypocrisy, Kennedy says he asked some health officials “how can you be recommending women don’t eat fish during pregnancy, and yet you’re giveng them vaccines during pregnancy that contain hundreds of times the aluminum that fish contains.”

Kennedy also talks about how Dr. Anthony Fauci got so much power and has squashed scientific research while pushing other studies in order to move his agenda forward.  Fauci has billions of dollars of funding at this disposal and can force scientists to comply with his commands and even manipulate the outcome of studies. has a long history of confronting crucial topics head-on, most recent of which is their call for gold $2,184/ounce, as a response of the irresponsible money printing (counterfeiting operation), led by The Federal Reserve System.

Later in the interview, Kennedy discusses how vaccines are created with in-depth detail as to why they cannot be made safe for everyone and efficacy is always low. He also details how the CDC knows that vaccines have caused the autism epidemic, but we are being lied to in order to prop up big pharma.

If you have the time, this interview is eye-opening and could help give you some information you may not have been privy to before. Consider watching the whole thing. It’s truly mind-blowing how low some people will go to make sure we sacrifice our health and pay for it with our money they’ve already taxed.

Make sure you check out’s MOST-RECENT bombshell report on Bill Gates’ involvement in the vaccine monopoly HERE!

ACCESS both the interview and the EXCLUSIVE CENSORED transcript HERE: 
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This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 


In America, vaccinations are monopolized by four companies: Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi. These companies are the biggest LOBBYISTS in Washington.

It’s not only the billions they POUR INTO lobbying that’s disgusting – it’s the media too!

Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer and NBC nightly news is backed by Merck, for example. The United States is one of only TWO COUNTRIES that allow TV ads about drugs!

There are 72 mandatory vaccinations, so these companies have ZERO COSTS when it comes to advertising vaccines since it’s forced upon parents. You cannot sue them, so there are no LEGAL COSTS, and since that’s the case, they don’t do SAFETY TESTING.

It’s the perfect business for them, so it’s no wonder Bill and Melinda Gates UNDERSTAND THE POTENTIAL!

This is madness and it has led to a massive rise in autism cases, as well as asthma, food allergies, and chronic diseases.

Vaccines are the most controversial topic in the world right now since these companies are attempting to BRAINWASH THE SHEEP to form a herd and get their shots, even though it has been proven TIME AND AGAIN that vaccines are BULLSHIT!

The World Health Organization, the CDC, the NIH, and other institutions are FOR-PROFIT when it comes to patenting. They have a vested interest in these vaccines, including that sneaky devil Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It is a mistake to believe anything that doctors tell you about vaccines; they’re the MESSENGERS of doom and have done no personal research on what they administer!

After doing my own research, these are facts that I uncovered. You may draw different conclusions, but know that there are hundreds of thousands of victims from these vaccines both alive and dead.

I tell you all this because the second any medical company announces that the vaccine is ready, you will be PRESSURED INTO it.

The media will present it as the only solution to this virus, which only impacts specific parts of the population.

Ultimately, you OWN YOUR BODY – it’s your property!

Don’t let them get you twisted on this matter.


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Bill Gates ADMITS The Problem With A Vaccine Is Convincing People To Get It

Bill Gates, who has been front and center of the coronavirus vaccine controversy, says that the “final hurdle” he will have to jump is getting people convinced to take the injection. Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates lamented the United States is “not even close” to committing enough crimes against humanity for his liking.

The reason rational people didn’t hear this from Gates is because he said it to Anderson Cooper on CNN and rational people don’t watch CNN. At that town hall, Gates insisted the US was “experiencing a rebound” in COVID-19 infections even accounting for the increase in testing. That increase, the software tycoon reminded his interviewers, was accomplished by local governments in spite of the White House.

There WILL BE A Second Lockdown: COVID-19 Cases “SPIKE”

The media has also done its job and made sure the public is terrified of the virus.

Prepare for Fearful Masses: Toilet Paper Panic Buying Returns As People Fall For “Second Wave”

Gates seemed slightly ticked off that the government wasn’t following his instructions more closely, complaining that “it’s possible to ramp up testing for a new pathogen very, very fast” if they’d just do as they were told. He blamed the higher infection numbers in the U.S., on the nation’s failure to adopt the same measures as everyone else, according to a report by RT.

“Some people almost feel like [Covid-19 is] a political thing, which is unfortunate,” Gates said. Well, if you don’t want people thinkin’ it’s political, stop the power tabs – and that does for every politician from mayors all the way up. “Even to inconvenience themselves with masks requires maybe someone they know to not only test positive but maybe get very sick as well,” he added. Besides the fact that evidence is mounting that this virus doesn’t even exist. The tests are wrong more often than they are right and all deaths are being labeled COVID deaths. Is it any surprise people won’t comply? The data is matching up to what the authoritarian governments are doing.

Gates, who has repeatedly expressed a desire to inoculate the world’s population with whatever vaccine emerges from the research laboratories he is funding, also admitted the shot might be rolled out before it’s working perfectly. “It’s possible the vaccine will be better at protecting you individually and not stop you from transmitting…it’s not guaranteed that the vaccine will be a perfect transmission blocker.”

Gates then alluded to the controversy surrounding the vaccine, warning that the vaccine he wants to inject into every human on the planet does require their consent first. So that’s his “final hurdle.” He, along with the government and the mainstream media will do everything they can to brainwash as many people as possible into taking the vaccine.

Gate implied that if you want your life back and want the freedom you were given by your creator at birth as a human being, you’d have to take the vaccine. Some 70 to 80 percent of the world’s population will have to take the vaccine before anyone can hope to live a normal life again Gates explained, implying there will be no choice.

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WATCH: Anderson Cooper lambastes Rod Blagojevich in contentious interview, calls his excuses ‘bullsh*t’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper excoriated Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former governor of Illinois who had his sentence commuted by President Donald Trump, in a contentious interview on Friday.

Blagojevich defended his statements that he was wrongly convicted, but Cooper dismantled him and ultimately proclaimed his excuses to be “bullsh*t.”

“What’s sad is that you actually hadn’t learned that when you mattered, when you actually were the governor, you talk about working for criminal justice reform, there’s a lot of people in Chicago, there’s a lot of people in Illinois, who actually like spit up when you say that,” said Cooper.

“Because when you were actually in power, and when you were actually governor, and you could have helped thousands of people with clemency cases, you blew it off!” he added, pointing out that he was sued for not even reviewing clemency requests during his tenure as governor.

“So it’s a little ironic, and frankly a little sad and pathetic and hypocritical, you talking about commuting,” continued Cooper. “But you ignored a whole hell of a lot of other people who were hoping you might give them clemency, when you actually mattered.”

Blagojevich responded that he didn’t know how corrupt the criminal system was until he was convicted, and then tried to make excuses about why he didn’t review those clemency requests.

“You do have an obligation to at least admit what you did wrong, and you refuse to do that, and you’re creating a whole new alternate universe of facts,” Cooper exclaimed.

“And that may be big in politics today but it’s still frankly just bullsh*t,” he concluded.

Cooper also rejected outright Blagojevich’s suggestion that they work on criminal justice reform together.

“I’d be happy to work with people on criminal justice reform, but I wouldn’t work with you!” said Cooper.

Critics of the president were incensed that he used his clemency power to help a friend of his who had appeared on “The Apprentice.”

Here’s the fiery Blagojevich interview: