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DoD ADMITS Directed Energy Weapons Are IN USE, Eludes To WAR

The Department of Defense has admitted that directed energy weapons are in use.  Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper said at the Air Force Association’s Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference that America’s air, space, and cyber warriors “will be at the forefront of tomorrow’s high-end fight.”

Tomorrow’s high-end fight? Is there a war coming we don’t know about? But that’s not the only thing he admitted. The Pentagon is going to ramp up their efforts to use whatever means necessary as weapons, using the largest defense budget in history to do it.

The military stood up U.S. Space Command a year ago, and Congress created the U.S. Space Force. The command is charged with operations and the USSF looks to man, train and equip the force. The new service has already submitted a budget and has released its first doctrine — Spacepower.

He also blames the use of directed energy weapons (DEWs) on Russia and China. Esper says China and Russia have placed weapons on satellites and are developing directed energy weapons to exploit U.S. systems “and chip away at our military advantage,” he said.

“In this era of great power competition, we cannot take for granted the United States’ long-held advantages,” Esper said.

The last time an enemy force dropped a bomb on American troops was in the Korean War, according to “China and Russia, seek to erode our longstanding dominance in airpower through long-range fires, anti-access/area-denial systems, and other asymmetric capabilities designed to counter our strengths,” he said. “Meanwhile, in space, Moscow and Beijing have turned a once peaceful arena into a warfighting domain.”

A directed-energy weapon was caught on a live stream a few days ago starting and even making worse those fires worse. After being caught on a United States live website, the energy beam was censored. Why would the U.S. censor that if Russia or China had been guilty?

Are Directed Energy Weapons Starting Fires In California and Oregon!?

Take the time to listen to Esper if you can.  He’s basically outlining a future dystopia filled with war and death on a massive scale using whatever technology they want no matter how “unconventional.” These are interesting times, folks. Pay attention and stay alert. This could be some kind of a psyop disused as an announcement, or it could be something much worse. It’s hard to say right now, but this video is an admission by the U.S. government that this kind of technology exists.

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Air Force veteran ordered to remove American flag face covering for grocery store job — but he’s not having any of it

Air Force veteran Gary Dean told WCTI-TV he’d been wearing his American flag face covering for his job at the Food Lion in Havelock, North Carolina, without any problems for months.

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

But Dean said a manager informed him Tuesday afternoon out of the blue that his patriotic face covering was verboten — specifically because it showed the stars and stripes, the station said.

“Apparently corporate came down and said ‘somebody was offended by the image of the American flag on the face covering,'” Dean recalled to WCTI.

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

But the station said the 69-year-old military vet wasn’t having any of it — and Dean quit.

‘Out of principle’

“As a veteran, my dad being a World War II hero, my best friend killed in Vietnam, out of respect for them I can’t just say … ‘I’ll take my flag and put it in my pocket,'” he told the station, noting such a concession would be against his values. “I had to quit, out of principle.”

Dean added that it also was shocking that the sight of an American flag would be offensive to anyone, particularly in a military town, WCTI noted.

“Why would anybody for any reason be offended by the American flag, the stars and stripes?” he asked the station.

What did Food Lion have to say?

WCTI said it reached out to Food Lion, and the company replied that while it respects the American flag, corporate policy “prohibits associates from wearing clothing with writing, insignia, or symbols.”

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

Here’s the company’s full statement via the station:

At Food Lion, we have great respect for the American flag. Like many other organizations, we also have policies that guide the attire and conduct of associates in the workplace. As part of our effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the well-being of our associates and customers, we’ve required associates to either wear reusable face masks provided by Food Lion or choose to wear a different face covering while working. However, all face coverings must adhere to standards set by the company and communicated to each of our more than 77,000 associates. The policy prohibits associates from wearing clothing with writing, insignia or symbols. The dress code is meant to ensure a consistent and professional representation of our associates inside of our stores.

But WCTI noted that the Havelock store does feature reserved parking spaces for military veterans marked with American flags.

‘An emotional subject for me’

Dean told the station he served in the Air Force from 1970 to 1976: “Four of those were active, two of those were inactive reserve.”

But while many years have passed since then, he keeps those memories alive in his home, which is full of patriotic objects. Dean showed a reporter from the station a photo album of images from when he was in the service — and some of them aren’t easy for Dean to revisit.

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

“That’s my friend who was killed in Vietnam, he was a ranger,” he told WCTI, pointing at a picture of himself and another man. “David Toler. Got shot right through the heart, they brought him home. That’s an emotional subject for me. When you lose a friend that is fighting for your freedoms, you get angry.”

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

Dean added to the station, “You get very angry when people disrespect the flag.”

He also told WCTI that the American flag face covering he was using is a print and wants to make sure it’s clear he wasn’t using an actual American flag to cover his face. But while he’s not angry at the store managers, Dean is still perplexed at why it was so offensive.

“I love this country,” he told the station. “I love that my dad went off and fought for my country, nearly got killed for this country but came back and raised a family.”

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

“I love everything about that flag,” Dean told WCTI. “So, yeah, that is my priority.”

Air Force emergency helicopter Intelwars Shooting US Military Virginia

Air Force helicopter hit by gunfire while flying over Virginia, forced to make emergency landing

An Air Force helicopter was hit by gunfire Monday while flying over Virginia, damaging it and forcing it to make an emergency landing at a regional airport, officials told McClatchy DC. A crew member also was injured, the outlet said.

What are the details?

The UH-1N Huey helicopter — assigned to the 1st Helicopter Squadron at Joint Base Andrews — was flying about 1,000 feet off the ground about 10 miles northwest of Manassas Regional Airport when the incident occurred, the outlet said, citing an Air Force statement.

The injured crew member, who was not identified, was treated and released from a hospital, McClatchy said.

“Initial findings are that the helicopter was struck by a bullet resulting in a minor injury to an aircrew member and damage to the aircraft,” the Air Force said, according to the outlet.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident, McClatchy added.

The FBI “dispatched special agents and its Evidence Response Team to the Manassas Airport after receiving reports that a helicopter was shot at from the ground nearby,” the FBI’s Washington Field Office said in a statement, according to the outlet.

More from McClatchy:

Officials at Manassas Regional Airport said they received a call at about 12:20 p.m. alerting them that “a military helicopter was inbound and that paramedics were on the way,” said airport operations officer Richard Allabaugh.

A second airport official said the injured Air Force crew member was taken to a local facility for treatment. The helicopter remained at the airport as an investigation was launched into the shooting incident.

“The FBI Washington Field Office is working jointly with our law enforcement partners, including the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. One individual in the helicopter sustained a non-threatening injury, for which he was treated and subsequently released from the hospital,” the FBI said, according to the outlet, and added that “anyone near this area at the time of the incident who may have information please call the FBI at 202-278-2000.”

Joint Base Andrews said it had no further details to release, McClatchy noted.

“The Office of Special Investigations is fully engaged with our FBI colleagues on this incident. OSI take threats to our Airmen and our resources very seriously. As this is an ongoing investigation, no further investigative details can be released at this time,” Joint Base Andrews said, according the outlet.

Here’s a clip of a UH-1N Huey helicopter making a landing:

USAF UH-1N Twin Huey Evening Arrival AVL

Air Force false accusations Intelwars Jail Rape accusations rape allegations

Woman accuses service member of rape. Now she’s the one facing jail time after admitting she made up the story to avoid getting caught cheating

A Virginia woman reportedly accused an Navy sailor of rape just to avoid being caught in a cheating scandal — but she’s the one facing jail time now.

What are the details?

Twenty-one year-old Miranda Overton and an unidentified soldier engaged in a sexual relationship in 2018.

To avoid the shame of having her significant other discover the affair, the woman insisted that the sailor raped her.

In 2018, Overton, of Chesapeake, Virginia, claimed that the soldier sexually assaulted her and sodomized her at Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia. The soldier, however, said that he met the woman on an online dating app and engaged in consensual sex with her.

Navy investigators were able to obtain surveillance footage of the evening, which showed the woman and the soldier kissing in an elevator before the alleged rape. Investigators also uncovered a forensic exam in which Overton said she told the soldier during previous online conversations that she wanted to have sex with him.

She later admitted that she falsely accused the soldier because she was concerned that her significant other would break up with her for cheating, and said that she had made another false accusation of sexual assault in the past.

Overton pleaded guilty earlier in February to falsely claiming that the soldier raped her.

She faces up to five years in prison if convicted on a single count of making a false statement to a department or agency of the United States, a statement from the Department of Justice revealed.

The statement added, “Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.”

She is set to be sentenced on June 3.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

Air Force dress code Hijabs Intelwars Military dress code Turbans

Newly updated Air Force dress code will allow hijabs, turbans, and beards for Muslim and Sikh servicemen

A new report by the Air Force Times reveals that the U.S. Air Force dress code will now allow hijabs, turbans, and beards for all of its Sikh and Muslim servicemen.

Previously, the Air Force permitted its servicemen to apply for religious accommodations, which were addressed on a case-by-case basis.

What are the details?

The news, released last week, revealed that U.S. airmen will be permitted to use religious exemptions in order to wear such items during active duty.

The guidelines stipulate that such items need to be worn in a “neat and conservative manner” and be in colors that closely resemble the airman’s uniform. No patterns are permitted unless it matches the traditional camouflage pattern of the military uniforms. The items must also be worn in a “manner that presents a professional and well-groomed appearance.”

Airman 1st Class Gurchetan Singh told the outlet, “I am grateful to hear of this policy change, because it codifies in writing what I already know: The U.S. Air Force values the service and contribution of religious minorities like me.

“Accommodations, after all, aren’t about special treatment — they are about ensuring that religiously observant Sikhs and others don’t have to choose between staying true to our faith and serving our country,” Singh added.

What else?

According to CNN, certain advocacy groups say this is just one step in a series of many that need to occur in order to achieve equality.

SAVA President Kamal Singh Kalsi said that the U.S. Department of Defense should expand the policy to apply across all branches of the military.

“The Department of Defense should have a consistent and department wide policy on religious accommodation,” Kalsi said. “Those who are committed and qualified to serve our country in uniform should be able to do so in a more streamlined and efficient manner.”

Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for CAIR, said, “We support these new guidelines as a step toward religious accommodation and inclusion for military personnel of all faiths.”

Giselle Klapper, staff attorney for the Sikh Coalition, announced that the new update is a “great step forward” in “ensuring equality.”

“Sikhs have served honorably and capably in the U.S. Armed Forces and other militaries around the world, and while we are eager for a blanket proclamation that all observant Sikh Americans can serve in every branch of the military without seeking accommodations, this policy clarification is a great step forward towards ensuring equality of opportunity and religious freedom in the Air Force,” Klapper said.