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Adam Carolla defends Jimmy Kimmel — says him wearing blackface isn’t really blackface

Comedian Adam Carolla — who worked alongside Jimmy Kimmel on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show” — is speaking up in defense of his longtime friend, and also insisting that what Kimmel did wasn’t blackface.

Kimmel issued an apology on Tuesday following resurfaced sketches in which Kimmel dressed up in blackface.

What are the details?

During Tuesday’s “The Adam Carolla Show” podcast, the host said that Kimmel is easily in his “top three of all time of decent people I’ve ever met in my life.”

“He is the most decent person you’ve ever met,” Carolla said of Kimmel. “He is the most generous person you’ve ever met. If everyone was like Jimmy Kimmel, we’d be living in a … utopia.”

Carolla said that Kimmel’s impersonations of black people such as former NBA player Karl Malone or even Oprah does not constitute as dressing up in hateful blackface.

“I was saying this years ago, and I meant it,” Carolla said. “Blackface is something. Doing Karl Malone is something else, or doing Oprah is something else. … This is not blackface.”

What about cancel culture?

Carolla also insisted that cancel culture needs to stop when it comes to people resurfacing skits, sketches, jokes, or even formerly accepted practices from years back.

“It’s not acceptable now,” he said of certain types of comedy. “If somebody does this now, then we must look at it as something very different from then.”

Carolla added, “If you meet anyone over 45, they’ll tell you they got paddled, they got swatted, the teacher would smack them with a ruler. … Paddling a kid sounds pretty outrageous in 2020 and nobody would stand for it. … But the people who engaged in it at the time when it was common practice or had a context — we don’t need to build a time machine so we can cancel culture them.”

Adam Carolla Speaks Up About Jimmy Kimmel

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