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Eye-opening number of America’s youth embraces Marxism and socialism, shuns capitalism

America’s youth is increasingly embracing communism, socialism, and Marxism, according to a new report. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation released its “Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism, and Collectivism,” which found that a concerning amount of millennials (anyone born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Z-ers (anyone born after 1996) are in support of eliminating capitalism in favor of socialism.

The survey of 2,100 Americans, age 16 and older, found that 26% of Americans support the gradual elimination of the capitalist system in favor of a more socialist system, especially among younger generations (31% of Gen Z and 35% of millennials).

There were 40% of Americans who had a favorable opinion of socialism, up from 36% last year. Leading the march toward socialism is Generation Z, which 49% see as favorable, up from 40% in 2019.

An eye-opening number of Gen-Z-ers have warmed up to Marxism in the past year, going from 6% in 2019 to an inconceivable 30% this year. Then there was 18% of Gen Z who believe communism is a fairer system than capitalism. There were 39% of Americans who were likely to support a Democratic Socialist politician, and again Gen Z was way more open at 51%.

Only 63% of Gen Z and millennials say that the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom and inequality over the Communist Manifesto.

There were 51% of Gen Z-ers who believe that the United States is a racist nation with a long history of discrimination, according to the poll.

The survey also highlights a lack of history knowledge, where 64% of Americans did not know that the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for more deaths than Nazi Germany.

The report also highlights how younger generations have a bias against President Donald Trump. The survey discovered that 39% of Gen Z believes the president is more responsible for the coronavirus pandemic than Chinese Communist Party President Xi Jinping, despite COVID-19 originating in China.

Sadly, only 44% of Gen Z says that the American flag represents freedom.

“We are seeing the high watermark, politically, of socialism [and] Marxism in the United States,” VOC executive director Marion Smith told Fox News. “Never before in history has the United States seen positive opinions of these ideologies to the extent that we’re seeing today. That’s just a fact.”

You can read the entire report here.

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Police departments across the nation preparing for election violence: ‘I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this in modern times’

Tensions are sky-high heading into the 2020 election, and those combustible forces will be inflamed once the winner of the presidential race is officially announced.

Businesses in major American cities have already started to board up their storefronts in anticipation of potential riots from the election. Law enforcement agencies across the country are also preparing for the worst-case scenario, which could mean widespread violence stemming from the presidential election.

“I don’t think we’ve seen ­anything like this in modern times,” Andrew Walsh, a deputy chief with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, told The Washington Post. “When you look at previous elections, there’s always been the concern when you have large crowds . . . we know [that] can be a target for someone who has an agenda.”

Walsh is concerned that the results of the race likely won’t be available on election night, which could exacerbate the already bellicose situation.

“We just don’t know how long this is going to take, or what this is going to look like, once this is over … and no matter who wins, somebody’s not going to be happy,” said Walsh, who heads the Las Vegas Police Department’s homeland security division.

The New York City Police Department said it would dispatch officers at each of the city’s 1,201 polling locations on Election Day.

“It is no secret that this election is more contentious [than] in years past,” said NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan. “For that reason … our plan also includes the ability to respond to any type of incident that may occur.”

Washington, D.C., canceled days off for police officers starting this weekend. The nation’s capital “spent $100,000 on less-than-lethal munitions and chemical irritants for riot control to replenish a stockpile depleted by clashes over the summer,” The Washington Post reports.

“It is widely believed that there will be civil unrest after the November election regardless of who wins,” said D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham. “It is also believed that there is a strong chance of unrest when Washington, D.C., hosts the inauguration in January.”

According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, the department has canceled all days off for its force in November.

Brown said police and emergency responders are training for “whatever scenario happens on Election Day.”

“Many cities across the country are doing similar planning,” Brown said. “We are all in conversations with our counterparts across the country about what we might expect, but everything is uncertain, and so we’re trying as best we can to anticipate any hazard that might happen, including a weather hazard, snow might happen in our city, along with anything related to protests, embedded agitators that might loot or cause violence or destroy property.”

The Boston Police Department canceled officers’ time off around the election “to provide sufficient public safety.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said his administration is planning for potential violence stemming from the election.

“What is kind of alarming to me is that the preparation that we’re putting into this election we’ve never had to put into an election before,” Walsh said. “I certainly wasn’t asked in 2016, ‘What’s your safety plan for Election Day?'”

Austin Police Department Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon said the department would be on “tactical alert” during the week of the election, and that every officer would be made available to respond to civil unrest.

As early as this weekend, the Texas National Guard plans to send up to 1,000 troops to five cities: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

The Beverly Hills City Council approved “an additional $4.8 million for supplemental police and security services in anticipation of the potential civil unrest around the presidential race,” including “hiring two private armed security firms,” according to the Beverly Hills Courier.

For the first time in Denver’s history, the city is establishing a police command center in preparation for potential post-election unrest.

Denver’s Public Safety Director Murphy Robinson said he is aware of two planned protests on Election Day with upwards of 2,000 people each.

A report from The Federalist states that insurgent groups against President Donald Trump have already planned Election Day turmoil to “make sure Trump leaves the White House.”

“[W]e’re making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way,” the group Shut Down DC said on its website. The purpose of the gathering is to “be together to process our feelings of hope, anger, fear and exhaustion as a community.”

The New Jersey Department of Homeland Security and Preparedness issued a threat assessment in September that warned about “threats from domestic extremists and foreign adversaries have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-government sentiment, nationwide civil unrest, and various forms of disinformation. These threats will begin to converge with the Presidential election in November in a manner not previously experienced by our nation.”

2020 Election Election Day Election protests Election riots Election unrest election violence Intelwars Presidential Election

Businesses boarding up in cities across the country in anticipation of election chaos: ‘It’s pretty scary’

There are still four days until the 2020 presidential election, but businesses in major cities across the United States are already preparing for the worst. This week, there was a major push by businesses to board up storefronts in American cities, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

Many of the large cities have already been plagued with protests and violent riots since the early summer, but business owners are anticipating potentially worse chaos on Election Day, and what could turn into election week(s) when the official winner is declared.

In Washington, D.C., luxury retailers have already begun to board up their shops ahead of Tuesday’s election. Alex Provenzano, who owns a salon in downtown D.C., boarded up his door and windows on Wednesday.

“I’m usually a very positive person; I hope for the best,” Provenzano told USA Today. “But the people are very stressed out, and there is a lot of uncertainty in the country right now. It’s pretty scary.”

There are even barriers and fences being constructed in the neighborhood near the White House.

Los Angeles has already been hit hard by riots over the past months, which has caused many business to board up previously. Now more business owners are preparing for even more upheaval.

The city of Beverly Hills has reportedly already decided to close down the iconic and swanky Rodeo Drive shopping area on Nov. 3 and 4.

Plywood was also seen being put up on storefronts in San Francisco as if a hurricane was imminent.

In Boston, portions of the Prudential Center was boarded up on Thursday to prevent property damage.

In Chicago, businesses along the Magnificent Mile shopping area are boarded up, and there are barriers still remaining from previous protests that escalated into civil unrest.

The Santa Monica Police Department said they have no intelligence of civil unrest on Election Day, but said, “We also know that things can change rapidly and are actively monitoring the situation.”

“We have received questions about reinforcing storefronts. As a Police Department, we cannot tell business what to do when it comes to boarding up,” the SMPD statement said. “However, we understand the need to feel secure and we respect your decisions on how to handle your day to day operations. If you choose to board up your business or want to have the materials ready to do so, we support you.”

In New York City, the NYPD advised businesses located in Midtown Manhattan to “take additional security measures in preparation for the possibility of large-scale demonstrations around the coming presidential election,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The NYPD told businesses they should “move or secure items such as street furniture, trash cans and small planters that are located at sidewalks and plazas adjacent to storefronts before the Nov. 3 election.”

ServiceChannel, which provides facility management software and contractor sourcing for 550 brands, noted that “companies including at least 10 luxury brands had ordered board ups or other security measures at 539 locations around the U.S.,” according to Quartz.

Professionally boarding up a store can cost more than $5,000, and up to $20,000 for a large store, according to ServiceChannel.

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Vietnamese Baptist church burned down in Philly riots, but pastor grateful for small miracle: God ‘granted our prayer’

The riots in Philadelphia have caused major damage to businesses; at least 200 stores have been looted since the civil unrest erupted this week. For whatever reason, rioters targeted the Vietnam Baptist Church in Philadelphia, and set fire to the building on Tuesday night.

Vietnam Baptist Church Pastor Philip Pham told the Baptist Press, “I have no idea why they attacked our church. They burned it from the roof. They threw flammable chemicals on the roof and [flames] burned through the roof.”

Despite the church being a “total loss,” the pastor is grateful for a small miracle amidst the destruction.

Pham received a phone call on Tuesday night from a friend informing him that the church was on fire and there were seven fire trucks there to attempt to put out the blaze. Pham deemed that one thing in the church was irreplaceable: three hard drives containing important information.

Before the purchase of the building, the Vietnam Baptist Church served as a community center, which provided assistance with immigration paperwork, taxes, and marriage counseling. More than 15 years of notable documents were on those hard drives.

“I prayed right away: ‘God, please protect the hard drives,'” Pham recalled. “Other stuff can be recovered. But those files will never be recovered.”

Pham rushed to the church, which was already charred and destroyed.

Despite the destruction to much of the Vietnamese Baptist church from the fire, the hard drives were unscathed – a small miracle bestowed during a time of dismaying anguish.

“I saw the routers and modems and things surrounding the hard drives all burned, melted,” Pham recalled. “But that piece of hard drive, no harm. No harm at all. Just two feet above that, all melted. … That is amazing how God knows our needs and answers our prayers. He is an almighty God. He granted our prayer.”

Following the burning down of the church and the looting in the city, Pham reminded everyone that rage is not the answer. Pham encouraged youth pastors to stress the words of James 1:20: “The anger of man does not bring about the righteousness of God.”

“You cannot use your anger and be justified,” Pham articulated. “I would like to bring this message to all the young people.”

Pham had comforting words to his church members who were frightened and nervous about the turmoil in Philly.

“So many things we don’t know, but God knows, so just trust God,” Pham told his congregation. “Just do right. Don’t copy [those who practice violence], but do what the Bible says and what He wants us to do. Love them and pray for them that they may know Christ, that the Holy Spirit may convict them and they may seek God.”

The Vietnam Baptist Church had been mostly meeting online because of the city’s stringent coronavirus restrictions. Pham was attempting to find a nearby school where he could host the church’s livestream broadcast this Sunday.

“Remember us in your prayer in time of need like this. The church members here need encouragement,” the pastor said. “The majority of us have very strong faith in Christ, but a minority, a few new believers, they need their faith to grow. Pray for their faith to take deep root in the love of God so they can be steadfast in Him. Not focus on the problem, but focus on Jesus. Please remember us in your prayers.”

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VIDEO: Woman tased on flight during furious brawl over face masks

A viral video shows a police officer taser an airline passenger who engaged in a brawl because she allegedly refused to wear a face mask.

A wild donnybrook broke out during a Spirit Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey, to the Luis Munoz Marin airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at around 7 p.m. on Sunday. The video was originally posted online by Twitter user V. Torres Montalvo on Oct. 26, and retweeted by CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, who said the brawl was started after a woman refused to wear a mask after the plane touched down in Puerto Rico.

Begnaud reported that Puerto Rico police identified the passenger as Nyasy Veronique Payne, adding that she “provoked an incident by acting in what witnesses called an aggressive, hostile, & defiant behavior.” Police claim that the woman hit 28-year-old Javier Lopez Cruz soon after the plane landed.

The man who recorded the video told Begnaud that the fight broke out because the woman refused to follow the mandatory mask rules instituted by Spirit Airlines.

According to a witness named “Alfredo,” there was a “young man was moving about the plane, switching seats and not wearing a mask.” Flights attendants instructed the young man to stop switching seats and to wear a face mask in accordance with the airline company’s COVID-19 protocols.

Three women were reportedly traveling with the young man, and were also not wearing masks “most of the flight, & were moving around while the sets belt sign was on,” according to the witness.

One of the passengers on the plane alleges that “three men began yelling homophobic and racial slurs at the three women.” According to the eyewitness, one person hit one of the women, which reportedly caused her to start punching passengers.

Police stormed the plane and attempted to squelch the melee, but the woman continued to attack a passenger in the rows behind her. A man is seen grabbing the woman’s head and pulling her hair, and she retaliates by attempting to hurdle over an airline crew member to assault the man. As the man and the woman attempt to exchange punches, another woman is seen slapping someone.

The airline crew and airport police were eventually able to separate the two warring parties, and the woman was arrested. Payne’s bail was set at $150,000, according to the travel website One Mile At A Time.

Spirit Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

45 children found in ohio child trafficking Child trafficking 2020 human trafficking Intelwars Operation autumn hope Sex trafficking US Marshals

US Marshals recover 45 missing children, arrest 179 in human trafficking sting ‘Operation Autumn Hope’

U.S. Marshals, with the help of state and local agencies, rescued 45 missing and endangered children in Ohio and West Virginia during “Operation Autumn Hope.”

The Central Ohio Human Trafficking Trask Force, Columbus PACT Unit, and the Cuyahoga County Human Trafficking Task Force also recovered 109 victims, who were referred to social services.

The campaign to locate and recover victims of human trafficking involved over 50 law enforcement agencies and non-government partners coordinated across the state of Ohio. The mission is believed to be the “largest anti-human trafficking operation” in Ohio’s history.

Operation Autumn Hope resulted in 179 arrests made by the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, many of which were outstanding warrants. There were 22 people who were arrested for allegedly seeking to have sex with a minor.

One of the missing children rescued is a 15-year-old girl from Cleveland who was linked to “other possible victims to an individual in Columbus suspected of human trafficking,” according to a U.S. Marshals news release.

United States Marshals Service officers from Southern Ohio and Southern West Virginia worked on the operation. U.S. Marshal Michael Baylous said of the13 missing kids recovered by the Cops United Felony Fugitive Enforcement Division; three of the children were missing from San Bernardino, California, following a parental dispute and found in West Virginia.

The operation was supported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“These predators shamelessly target the most innocent and defenseless members of our community,” Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said. “Operation Autumn Hope is sending a loud and clear message: We are watching, we will catch you, and we will protect our children.”

“These vulnerable members of our population usually slip through the cracks,” said Sgt. Dana Hess, director of the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force. “This operation highlighted the vast number of potential victims and allowed law enforcement the opportunity to make contact and link them to services.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R) released a news release about the human trafficking sting.

“The success of Operation Autumn Hope is measured not only in the number of arrests but in the lives that were rescued from this evil,” Yost said. “Every agency on this team looks for the day when no person is bought and sold in Ohio. Don’t buy sex in Ohio!”

Earlier this month, U.S. Marshals rescued 11 children in New Orleans, two of which were in “extreme danger.

On Sept. 21, U.S. Marshals announced that they had rescued 35 missing children during “Operation Safety Net” in Ohio.

On Sept. 17, U.S. Marshals Service completed “Operation Triple Beam,” a 60-day mission to decrease violent gang crime in Oklahoma City. U.S. Marshals made 262 arrests, seized illegal firearms and narcotics, plus rescued five missing children,

On Sept. 4, the U.S. Marshals Service said that they rescued eight “highly endangered” missing children in Indiana during “Operation Homecoming.”

On Aug. 27, U.S. Marshals located 39 missing children in Georgia and Florida during “Operation Not Forgotten.” Authorities said the children were between the ages of 3 to 17. Of the 39 endangered children, 15 were victims of sex trafficking.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement engaged in a multi-agency operation last month that resulted in the arrest of five suspected child sexual predators. “Operation Home Alone 2” was able to successfully “target sexual predators who attempted to lure underage children with the intent of engaging in sexual activity.”

FBI Gretchen Whitmer Henry mcmaster Intelwars Kidnap plot Michigan President Trump Rashida tlaib

FBI says Whitmer kidnap plotter also wanted to hang Trump and Republicans, dismantling Democrats’ narrative

A man charged in an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor also reportedly wanted to harm President Donald Trump, according to the FBI. The allegations would seem to disprove the accusations made by several Democrats that the plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) was inspired by President Trump’s rhetoric.

Barry Croft, a Delaware resident, is one of six men charged in federal court with conspiracy to kidnap. The men are reportedly members of an extremist paramilitary group that was allegedly planning to kidnap Whitmer because of her restrictive lockdown orders in Michigan.

According to posts on social media, Croft threatened to hurt and hang Democrats, as well as Republicans. Croft made threats against present and former elected leaders in private Facebook posts, special agent Kristopher Long said. Croft posted a hit list on Facebook, which included Trump and former presidents, according to the Detroit News.

“I say we hang everything currently governing us, they’re all guilty!!!” Croft wrote in May on his Facebook page. There was also an image of President Trump with the caption: “Wanna hang this mf’er too…”

In late June, Croft shared a photo of a noose on Facebook that listed people he wanted to see “hang,” including former President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), as well as “Democrats, liberals, Muslims” and “all anti-Americans.”

According to the FBI, Croft wrote on the post, “The entire sitting government, is initiating the self destruct sequence. This is an outrage and will be answered!!!%. [sic]”

Another post reportedly said, “I say we hang everything currently governing us, they’re all guilty!!% And what a deterrent, Rope!!!%”

Another social media post read, “Which Governor is going to end up dragged off, and hung for treason first?”

“There is not one ———— serving in this bull—- government that I don’t want to take, stick to a ————- tree, and dangle…,” Croft said in a Facebook video on May 28, the Detroit News reported.

“I’m for hanging Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians,” Croft reportedly posted on Facebook on or about June 24.

Croft, 44, allegedly wanted to “go to war against the government of North Carolina.”

According to the affidavit, Croft had a conversation with an unidentified person where “potential acts of violence” in South Carolina were discussed. On May 4, Croft made a veiled threat against South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who is a Republican.

“I’ll be in Columbia, SC on Friday,” Croft reportedly wrote. “They say they want their Governor in custody. … I want to grab them all, and hold trial.”

“Yup. I’m going. With Sword,” Croft allegedly said online.

Croft also purportedly said, “I’ll die in defense of the constitution.”

In April, Facebook was said to have shut down Croft’s account for violating the company’s “policy prohibiting certain speech or actions.” However, Croft started a new Facebook account and continued to post anti-government rantings, according to the affidavit.

One of the other suspects charged in the alleged kidnapping plot is Brandon Caserta. The 32-year-old is known as “Debased Tyrant,” and was seen on video calling President Trump a “tyrant” and “enemy.” Footage shows an anarchist flag in the background of the room.

Numerous Democrats blamed President Trump for the extremists’ scheme to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hinted that Trump was at fault for encouraging domestic terrorists.

“It’s the sort of behavior you might expect from ISIS and it should shock the conscience of every American. Every American,” Biden said on Oct. 16. “And the failure to condemn these folks is stunning from the outset.”

“When the president tweeted, ‘liberate Michigan,’ ‘liberate Michigan,’ that’s the call that was heard. That was the dog whistle,” Biden said.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) also blamed Trump by referencing his April tweet regarding Whitmer’s coronavirus lockdown of Michigan that read: “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, also a Democrat, suggested that President Trump inspires harassment of his foes.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t get some kind of harassment,” Lightfoot said during a news conference on Oct. 8. “There is a real cause and effect when the President names me in a disparaging way, which is usually what he does, and people feeling like they have license to make what I regard as real threats.”

Whitmer has blamed Trump on multiple occasions of inciting the kidnapping plot against her.

“Hate groups heard the president’s words not as a rebuke, but as a rallying cry,” Whitmer said earlier this month. “When our leaders speak, their words matter. They carry weight. When our leaders meet, encourage or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions and they are complicit. When they stoke and contribute to hate speech, they are complicit.”

President Trump fired back at Whitmer, and once again called for the governor to re-open Michigan.

“Governor Whitmer of Michigan has done a terrible job. She locked down her state for everyone, except her husband’s boating activities. The Federal Government provided tremendous help to the Great People of Michigan,” the president retorted.

“My Justice Department and Federal Law Enforcement announced today that they foiled a dangerous plot against the Governor of Michigan. Rather than say thank you, she calls me a White Supremacist—while Biden and Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa, Anarchists, Looters and Mobs that burn down Democrat run cities,” Trump tweeted.

“I do not tolerate ANY extreme violence. Defending ALL Americans, even those who oppose and attack me, is what I will always do as your President!” Trump concluded. “Governor Whitmer—open up your state, open up your schools, and open up your churches!”

On Oct. 16, a federal judge in Grand Rapids, Michigan, ruled during a preliminary hearing that there was enough evidence against Croft and five other suspects in the alleged kidnapping plot to send the case to a grand jury for possible indictments.

Defense lawyers have portrayed their clients as “big talkers” exercising their First Amendment rights, who never intended to carry out any violence. However, investigators note that some of the suspects surveilled Whitmer’s vacation home in northern Michigan and agreed to purchase explosives and tactical gear.

“You’re crossing a pretty serious line when you go in the middle of the night in multiple cars and stage up at a gas station and … you go to the house of the sitting governor of the state to go surveil their house at night,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Nils Kessler said.

Intelwars looting Looting in philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia riots Philly Philly riot Riots

Police find van loaded with explosives in Philadelphia; looting and rioting continues in city despite curfew

Philadelphia police have launched an investigation after discovering a van that was reportedly loaded with explosives and suspicious items around 10 p.m. Wednesday night. The bomb squad and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives were called in to assist with the investigation.

Inside the abandoned van were explosives, such as propane tanks, dynamite sticks, and torches, according to WPVI-TV. The van was reportedly found at Logan Circle, a large traffic circle with a park and gardens in Philly’s Center City neighborhood in the city’s museum district.

No one was in the van when police approached the vehicle, but an eyewitness told WCAU-TV that they saw a man running away from the van.

The identity of the owner of the van has not been revealed, and no arrests have been made.

Philadelphia police have reported that explosives have been used to try to breach ATMs during the riots. WTXF-TV reported that authorities responded to four reports of explosives being detonated near automated teller machines in North Philadelphia between 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. Wednesday. Police say the cashboxes were still intact after the explosions and the suspects could not steal the money, but significant damage was done to the machines.

This week’s protests that have escalated into looting and fiery riots were sparked by Monday’s police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who reportedly wielded a knife and charged at officers. Police fired 14 shots, killing Wallace.

During the first night of riots, dozens of businesses were looted, and at least 30 Philadelphia police officers were injured, 12 were hospitalized. Looting continued a second night in Philadelphia, including at a Five Below store, where BlazeTV reporter Elijah Schaffer was assaulted by looters.

Philadelphia instituted a citywide curfew from 9 p.m. Wednesday until 6 a.m. Thursday. Despite the curfew, there was still looting in the city on Wednesday night.

More than half of the stores in a northeast Philadelphia strip mall were vandalized Wednesday night, according to KYW-TV.

“One of the stores’ managers told the station a group of about 12 to 15 people drove up to the shopping center at about midnight and went business by business, smashing doors and windows,” KYW-TV news reporter Jan Carabeo noted.

In a different part of the city, a Lord & Taylor and other businesses were damaged by rioters.

No arrests were reported.

“City officials said at least 200 businesses, many of them already struggling in the midst of the pandemic, were the targets of massive looting across the city,” WCAU-TV reported. “To assist police, an undetermined number of Pennsylvania National Guard troops will soon be arriving in the city.”

“I have requested the assistance of the Pennsylvania National Guard,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said. “Their role, first and foremost, will be to safeguard property and prevent looting. They will also provide assistance for our police department and other operational departments as needed.”

The Pennsylvania National Guard troops will begin arriving in Philadelphia on Friday, Kenney said during a virtual news conference on Wednesday.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw delivered an update regarding the investigation into the police shooting death of Wallace.

“As I said yesterday, this investigation has many moving parts and we are working hard to ensure that a fair and thorough investigation takes place,” Outlaw said. “We plan on releasing premise history audio of 911 calls and bodycam footage of the discharging officers in the near future.

“We will be meeting with members of Mr. Wallace’s family, to ensure they get an opportunity to view the materials first,” Outlaw continued.

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 President John McNesby commented on the investigation.

“We’re calling on the city leadership to release the facts of this case, it’s not hard, it’s cut and dry. Release what you have,” McNesby said.

Arizona arizona senate Astronauts Buzz Aldrin Intelwars Mark Kelly Martha mcsally NASA senate race

Buzz Aldrin shuns fellow astronaut Mark Kelly, will endorse Arizona Republican ?Martha McSally

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin endorsed Republican Sen. Martha McSally for the Senate seat in Arizona, snubbing her challenger, former astronaut Mark Kelly.

“Martha, check six – Mark? Buzz – over 100 jet hours in Arizona,” Aldrin wrote on Twitter. “12 o’clock is straight ahead. 6 o’clock is behind. Fighter pilots understand what ‘check six’ means in FTR lingo talk. Martha, wave as you move ahead past Mark, to 12 o’clock, and you win for Arizona!”

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, who is a retired Air Force pilot, was speaking in aviation terms to McSally because she is also a former United States Air Force pilot. As commander of the 354th Fighter Squadron and an A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot, McSally was deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. McSally became the first woman in U.S. history to serve as the commander of any combat aviation squadron, to include fighters and bombers.

McSally thanked the iconic astronaut for his support.

“Absolute honor to have the support of hero astronaut Buzz Aldrin in this mission,” McSally said on Twitter. “We must hold this seat, the Senate, and save the country. It’s a dog fight, and as we fighter pilots say: Fight’s On!”

Besides Aldrin, the celebrated Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot and one of 12 humans who have walked on the moon, McSally has also been endorsed by three other former astronauts.

Former astronauts Tom Stafford, Charlie Duke, and Jack Lousma, shunned their fellow astronaut Mark Kelly to throw support to McSally.

“As former fighter pilots and test pilots, we know what it takes to get in the cockpit of a fighter jet for a test flight or combat: incredible determination, strength and grit,” the former astronauts, who have spent about 2,400 hours in space combined, wrote earlier this month. “That’s why we support Sen. Martha McSally. As the first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and command a fighter squadron, she broke barriers in the Air Force and the military.”

Despite losing the coveted astronaut vote, Kelly is leading in the polls. Kelly, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, is leading by 5.6 points, according to RealClearPolitics.

Earlier this month, Kelly issued an apology after his deputy press secretary referred to police officers as “worthless f***ing pigs” in a tweet.

Intelwars Jews for trump Jews for trump rally New York City New york city protest President Trump Trump caravan Trump parade Trump rally

Massive ‘Jews for Trump’ rally in NYC, pro-Trump caravan attacked with rocks, eggs and paint

There was a massive pro-Trump car parade on Sunday in New York City. The parade was touted as the “largest Jewish car parade in history.” Vehicles left from Coney Island to drive by Trump Tower in Manhattan and finish with a Trump rally in a park in Brooklyn.

The convoy of cars and trucks plastered with “Trump 2020” flags reportedly stretched for miles. Former NYC Mayor and President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was also seen mixed in with the parade in Manhattan.

(Content Warning: Explicit language):

The “Jews for Trump” caravan was attacked by people throwing projectiles, including paint, eggs, and rocks, according to SV News. The egg-thrower allegedly made the mistake of recording himself throwing eggs at the vehicles and uploading the video online.

One man is seen punching one of the vehicles in the “Jews for Trump” parade. Social media posts show counter-protesters stomping on a thin blue line flag.

(Content Warning: Violent images):

As Trump supporters rolled through Manhattan, a black SUV with Trump flags was attacked by several individuals dressed in all black. The truck was splattered with red paint. As NYPD officers detained one man, a brawl erupted nearby. Then a man kicks the feet out from underneath another man, who falls on the pavement hard.

Another fight broke out in Times Square as tensions flared.

The NYPD declared an “unlawful assembly,” and made several arrests. A woman was reportedly arrested for pepper-spraying Trump supporters; she can be heard crying as she is being handcuffed.

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Matthew McConaughey bashes cancel culture, talks about being Christian in Hollywood and defunding the police

Matthew McConaughey gave an interview to Joe Rogan where they discussed a myriad of topics, including the actor slamming cancel culture, talking about being a Christian in Hollywood, and providing an eye-opening response to the defund the police movement.

McConaughey blasted the practice of cancel culture during his appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“We’re making people persona non grata because of something they do that is right now deemed wrong or it’s the hot point in a hot topic right now,” the Hollywood actor stated. “You can’t erase someone’s entire existence. Where the heck does some forgiveness go?”

Rogan asked the “Interstellar” actor if he has experienced any discrimination in Hollywood for being Christian, and he said he “hasn’t had any difficulties.”

However, McConaughey did point out the phoniness of some of his fellow actors.

“I have had moments where I was on stage receiving an award in front of my peers in Hollywood,” McConaughey explained. “And there were people in the crowd that I have prayed with before dinners…many times.”

“And when I thank God, I saw some of those people go to clap, but then notice that, ‘This could be a bad thing on my resume,’ and then sit back on their hands. I’ve seen people read the room and go, ‘That wouldn’t bode well for me in the future for getting a job or getting votes or what have you.’ I have seen that, I have witnessed that. I don’t judge them for it,” he said.

According to a 2014 Daily Caller report, God had only been thanked 14 times in over 750 Academy Awards acceptance speeches over the last 30 years.

One of the 14 times happened in 2014 when McConaughey thanked God while accepting his Best Actor award for “Dallas Buyers Club.”

“First off I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to. He’s graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand,” McConaughey said after receiving his award. “He has shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. In the words of the late (British actor) Charlie Laughton, who said, ‘When you got God you got a friend and that friend is you.'”

McConaughey pointed out that some Hollywood liberals go so far left that they become “illiberal.”

“Some people in our industry, not all this, there’s some that go to the left so far that go to the illiberal left side so far, that is so condescending and patronizing to 50 percent of the world that need the empathy that the liberals have gives and should give to throw somebody, to illegitimize them because they say they are a believer,” McConaughey said. “It’s just so arrogant, and in some ways hypocritical to me.”

Matthew McConaughey Discusses His Religious Beliefs

McConaughey was asked about the defund the police movement; the Texas native delivered a well-thought-out response in attempting to improve relations between police and communities.

“It’s almost like it should have been renamed because ‘defund’ does not sound anything like there’s been money reallocated to different areas of handling some police exercise,” McConaughey said. “It sounds like you got a million and, ‘We’re taking three hundred thousand. Good luck.’ And it’s not exactly what it is, to be fair.”

“The community and the police need to get back together, and the community needs to say, ‘Here’s what’s unfair. Here’s how I feel it’s unfair as a black man or a person of color or whatever the situation. Here’s my problem with my relationship with you as cops,'” the actor explained.

“Well, the police got to get clear to go, ‘OK. Our whole force isn’t screwed up, we have to have law and order. We all agree on that. Yes, we can all agree on that. We’ve got a few bad apples that either need to be trained better so we don’t have those kind of bad apples,'” he continued. “So few of these bad apples need to be removed. But they also we need to make sure we’re training them better.”

“Now, also, the cops need to go to the community and go, ‘Can you all remember and understand our point of view that we’re like the tow truck driver. We’re not called when there’s good news; we’re called when it’s bad news. So we’re coming in looking for trouble. So we’re already under stress when we get a call. Can y’all help us in the way we communicate? Can we get trust again?'” he said.

Last week, online provocateurs users attempted to cancel Chris Pratt because they labeled him as a Trump supporter despite him being largely apolitical. Pratt’s Hollywood co-stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana, and Mark Ruffalo, came to his defense, calling him “as solid a man there is.”

You can watch the entire Matthew McConaughey interview below.

Joe Rogan Experience #1552 – Matthew McConaughey

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California middle school student threatened with jail for missing online Zoom classes

A middle school student in California was threatened with being put in jail for missing online Zoom classes, according to the boy’s father.

Mark Mastrov said his family recently received a letter from his son’s middle school after his seventh-grade son reportedly missed 90 minutes of online classes. Mastrov said his son is a straight-A student who denies missing any classes.

The father hypothesizes that his son may have logged in after the teacher had already taken roll call during three 30-minute classes, causing the teacher to mark him absent. “I am not sure what happened,” Mastrov said.

What Mastrov does know for certain is that the potential punishment prescribed by the school is “ridiculous.”

“Out of the blue, we got this letter. It said my son had missed classes, and at the bottom it referenced a state law which said truants can go to jail for missing 90 minutes of class,” Mastrov told the East Bay Times.

The California Department of Education states that “a student missing more than 30 minutes of instruction without an excuse three times during the school year must be classified as a truant and reported to the proper school authority.” Parents of chronically truant children face fines of up to $2,000 and being put in jail for up to one year, according to the California Department of Education website.

Mastrov immediately called the Stanley Middle School because he wanted “to clear this up.”

“I said, ‘Are you going to come and try to arrest my son at my home, or fine me for not getting him to his Zoom class perfectly, on time every day?'” he explained.

“He can become a truant of the state and he could be arrested,” Mastrov told KGO-TV.

Stanley Middle School Principal Betsy Balmat said, “The letter is part of our responsibility to the state for our student attendance review boards. As always, the schools have a responsibility to ensure students are engaged and learning.”

Balmat added that the family should have been called before receiving the letter. Mastrov said that he never received a call from the school.

The letter read, “When a student is absent without a valid excuse, the student is considered truant according to California law.”

The letter lists six possible consequences for missing too many classes, including being put in jail: “The pupil may be subject to arrest under Education Code Section 48264.”

“Schools in California use their daily attendance numbers for qualifying for state and federal funding,” KIRO-TV reported.

Mastrov has written to state elected officials, asking that the truancy law be changed.

“Obviously we’re in a pandemic and Gov. Newsom is trying to manage it,” said Mastrov. “But if the state of California is focusing on arresting 12-year-old children for missing 90 minutes of school in ten months, it’s ridiculous.”

“Who passed this law in their infinite wisdom?” Mastrov asked. “Who in their right mind could do that?”

“I was told that it was the law. I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Then that’s a bad law,'” he said.

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CNN’s Van Jones attacked by liberals for saying Trump ‘has done good stuff for the black community’ and ‘does not get enough credit’

CNN commentator Van Jones applauded President Donald Trump for the work he has done for the black community. Liberals immediately turned on Jones, lashing out at the progressive pundit for giving Trump even the slightest acknowledgment that the president has attempted to help black Americans.

On Friday night, Jones appeared on CNN with host Jake Tapper. The panel was discussing the final presidential debate, specifically Trump’s comment that he’s “done more for the black community than any other president.”

“Donald Trump — and I get beat up by liberals every time I say this, but I’m gonna keep saying it — he has done good stuff for the black community,” Jones said on CNN. “Opportunity zone stuff, black college stuff. I worked with him on criminal justice stuff. I saw Donald Trump have African American people, formerly incarcerated, in the White House — embraced them, treated them well. There’s a side to Donald Trump that I think he does not get enough credit for.”

Former NFL Hall of Famer and Trump ally Herschel Walker posted the video clip with the caption: “Because @VanJones68 speaks the truth on @realDonaldTrump people get upset. The American people deserve the truth from the MSM!”

Despite Jones being extremely critical of Trump for years on nearly every single subject, leftists were enraged that he gave Trump credit. The praise of Trump was swiftly met with condemnation of Jones, a former Obama White House adviser.

“Jeeesus why is Van Jones still talking about anything? What an embarrassment. @VanJones68,” an online commenter wrote.

“Every time I think Van Jones has turned a corner, he disappoints,” another Twitter user said.

“Yeah. Stop listening to Van Jones,” another person opined.

“Van Jones is a SELL OUT, yeah I said it,” one person declared.

“Van Jones is a Trumper. At the end of the day, that’s who he is,” a commenter alleged.

Besides Jones, 50 Cent was also recently lambasted for showing support for Trump. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler, blasted 50 Cent for saying he would vote for Trump because he was terrified of the high taxes he might have to pay if Joe Biden is elected.

“I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump,” Handler told late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon. Many considered the comedian’s comments to be “racist.”

Jones’ praise of Trump arrives only days after hip-hop radio host Charlamagne Tha God admitted that the president is making a real effort to court young black male voters.

“When it comes to the black people you see showing support for Trump, I just think, you know, it’s because Trump is actually talking to young black male voters. He is directing ads toward them,” said Charlamagne Tha God, whose real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey.

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Glenn Beck unveils new American Journey Experience museum and training center to teach real history backed by truth

Glenn Beck unveiled the American Journey Experience, a place where you can learn the real history of the United States because you’ll be immersed in the documents, artifacts, and stories that molded this great country. The American Journey Experience will be so much more than just dates and names. It will be a place where American pioneers and their accomplishments will be brought to life and you can experience history.

The American Journey Experience features a myriad of American history antiquities, including Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wheelchair, the second electric chair ever built, the original script for Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds,” and original letters written by George Washington.

But the American Journey Museum is not just a museum. The new climate-controlled American Journey Vault stores rare documents that chronicle this nation’s legendary past. Inside is one of the rarest books in the world, an Aitken Bible from 1782, the first and only edition of the Bible ever authorized by Congress. Only 10,000 copies were originally made, and just 30-40 copies exist today.

Having the original documents and actual artifacts allows the American Journey Experience to fight misinformation with facts from primary sources.

The new American Journey Training Center is where college students and adults will be given an education unlike any other. This history lesson is far beyond what you learned from your Western Civilization class back in high school. The training is customized for educators, academic researchers, students of all ages, families, and everyday Americans who are seeking the truth about our nation’s history.

For students, there will be two-week courses. On the first day of this groundbreaking course, you will be asked questions about hot-button topics such as the free market, socialism, abortion, and more. Then the course will provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge backed by historical evidence and not revisionist history. Real history that is backed by truth.

Not only will the instructors provide knowledge about American history and patriots, but they will more importantly equip young minds with the abilities and know-how on how they can be “truth-seekers” once they leave the classroom.

While the American Journey Experience has an incredible array of artifacts and documents, to tell the complete story of America, the museum will need more relics to teach America’s past to America’s future.

Donations will help Mercury One secure critical artifacts such as one of the best pilgrim collections, which was displayed at the Smithsonian. The pilgrim collection from as far back as the 16th century.

With your contributions, no matter how much, you will enable the team at the American Journey Experience to take centuries-old books and digitalize them, making them available online for all Americans to embrace these eminent documents.

Glenn Beck, founder of the humanitarian aid and education organization Mercury One, along with David Barton, the founder of WallBuilders, invite you to embark on an American journey. With your help, the American Journey Experience can help tell the real story of this one-of-a-kind nation and the heroes who built it.

You can make a donation to the American Journey Experience HERE.

To make a donation, you can text “mercuryone” to 56651.

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Trump supporters crash Biden rally, Joe calls them ‘chumps;’ Trump says Biden rallies have ‘tiny crowds’

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden both held rallies on Saturday as both candidates make a final push before the Nov. 3 presidential election. Unfortunately for the Biden campaign, their rally turned into a Trump rally.

Biden held a drive-in rally in Bristol, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia. There were reportedly 170 cars at the drive-in rally for the Democratic presidential nominee.

The Biden rally quickly became a Trump rally when supporters of the president swarmed the area. CNN political correspondent MJ Lee said, “Practically a Trump drive-in rally here now outside the Biden drive-in event.”

Reportedly, the Trump supporters were honking their horns and using megaphones, including one person who chanted, “Four more years!” Biden called the Pennsylvania Trump supporters “chumps” twice during Saturday’s rally.

“By the way, we don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone are doing, the Trump guys,” Biden said. “Look, we’ve got to come together.”

“I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps at the microphone out there,” Biden said, then coughing into his hand. “That’s the job of a president, the duty to care for everyone. The duty to heal.”

Biden seemed extra angry on Saturday

Meanwhile, Trump held a campaign rally in Lumberton, North Carolina. During his speech, the president lampooned Biden over his “tiny crowds” at his drive-in rallies.

“People in cars. I don’t get it. They’re in cars,” Trump said. “There were so few cars. I’ve never seen an audience like this.”

“His partner, the media, the media made a mistake. They made a tragic mistake. They showed the crowd,” Trump told the audience. “They were screaming, ‘Don’t do it! Don’t show the crowd!”

Trump called the rally a “tiny, tiny little crowd.” “You heard a couple of horns — honk! Honk!”

After the North Carolina rally, Trump is scheduled to make two more campaign stops on Saturday in Circleville, Ohio, and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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Chelsea Handler scolded 50 Cent for supporting Trump: ‘I had to remind him that he was a black person’

Comedian Chelsea Handler made a controversial comment this week when she ordered 50 Cent to not support President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Handler told 50 Cent that he’s not allowed to vote for Trump because he is a black man. Many deemed the statement to be “racist.”

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, announced he was supporting Trump earlier this week. 50 Cent’s vote for Trump was more motivated by Joe Biden’s tax increases. On Monday, Jackson shared a screenshot from CNBC’s “Power Lunch” news show. The graphic showed how the highest earners would see their tax rates rise if Joe Biden is elected, surpassing 62%.

“WHAT THE F***! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUTF*** NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f***ing mind.”

The next day, Jackson followed up with a tweet that said, “Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent. 62% is a very, very,bad idea. i don’t like it !” The tweet included a video clip from Fox News discussing 50 Cent’s desire to not pay higher taxes.

(Content Warning: Explicit language):

Then Chelsea Handler, Jackson’s ex-girlfriend, lambasted 50 Cent for supporting Trump. “You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend,” she told Jackson.

To which 50 Cent responded, “oh my God this is effecting my love life now. @chelseahandler I love ya Gator, don’t let Trump and Joe Biden come between us girl.”

“Hey f***er! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily! Black lives matter,” Handler wrote to Jackson. “That’s you, f***er! Remember?”

Handler appeared on “The Tonight Show” on Friday, where she discussed her ex-boyfriend who she briefly dated in 2011.

“So he doesn’t want to pay 62 percent in taxes because he doesn’t want to go from ’50 Cent’ to ’20 Cent’ and I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook,” Handler told late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon.

Handler’s assumption that Jackson has to vote for the Democratic presidential nominee because he is black, is reminiscent of Joe Biden’s abrasive comments in May when he said, “Well, I’ll tell you what: If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Many online commenters deemed Handler’s comment that a black man can’t vote for Trump as “racist.”

Radio host Wayne Dupree said, “This is proof that white liberals are the most racist, rude, and nasty people towards the black community.”

Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the “Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey” podcast on BlazeTV, said, “Chelsea Handler made a documentary about how to be less racist, which means she made lots of money at the expense of black people. Obviously this makes her the voice of black America.”

“The Rush Limbaugh Show” producer Bo Snerdley tweeted, “This woman is the definition of ignorant and arrogant – at the same time. She has the right to “remind” Black person they are Black?”

“Chelsea Handler doesn’t even realize how racist her statement about 50 Cent was,” political commentator Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher said.

During the interview, Handler told Fallon she is willing to “seal the deal in more ways than one” in order for her ex-boyfriend to not vote for Trump. “I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about,” she hinted.

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Brett Favre tells President Trump: ‘Fans clearly do not want political messaging mixed with their sports’

Brett Favre has an idea why sports leagues are experiencing historically low TV ratings — politics.

President Donald Trump participated in a presidential election town hall event for Sinclair Broadcasting this week. During Wednesday’s Q&A event that was hosted by political commentator Eric Bolling, Trump was greeted by his friend and golfing buddy Brett Favre.

The former Green Bay Packers star quarterback said it would be for the best to keep politics out of professional sports.

“The NBA and the NFL are struggling with lower ratings, as fans clearly do not want political messaging mixed with their sports,” Favre said during the town hall, then asked, “So how should the leagues support and promote an anti-racism position without becoming political and alienating fans?”

Trump agreed with the Hall of Fame NFL QB.

“People don’t want to see all of the politics,” Trump replied. “They’ve got enough politics, with me and with everybody else. And they don’t want to see it with football or sports, on Sunday or whenever they happen to be watching.”

“I think it’s had a huge impact on sports, a huge negative impact on sports,” the president said. “And I think that football ought to get back to football and basketball to basketball. And let politics remain separate.”

Trump noted that the NBA’s ratings are “down 70%, more than that.”

In September, Trump commented on the poor TV ratings that the NBA was experiencing.

“People are tired of watching the highly political @NBA,” Trump tweeted. “Basketball ratings are WAY down, and they won’t be coming back. I hope football and baseball are watching and learning because the same thing will be happening to them. Stand tall for our Country and our Flag!!!”

The NBA went hard in the paint with social justice messaging once the basketball league returned to after the suspended season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During its bubble format regular season and playoffs at Disney World, “Black Lives Matter” was painted on the court, and players wore approved messages on their jerseys, such as “Power to the people,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and “Anti-Racist.”

The NBA Finals averaged only 7.45 million viewers during the six-game series this year, easily making it the least-watched Finals on record.

In the first week of the 2020 NBA playoffs, ESPN, ABC, and TNT averaged just 1.875 million viewers per game, TV ratings were down 20% compared to 2019.

Following the poorly-rated NBA Finals, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that “Black Lives Matter” messages will likely not be displayed on the court or on players’ jerseys next season.

NFL ratings were down 10% through the first four weeks of this season.

Game 1 of the Rays-Dodgers World Series had the worst TV ratings of all-time.

Defund npr Hunter biden Hunter biden allegations Hunter biden emails Hunter biden laptop Intelwars Joe Biden national public radio NPR Paul gosar

Rep. Paul Gosar calls for NPR to be defunded over its blackout on Hunter Biden allegations

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) is calling for National Public Radio to be defunded by the federal government. The movement to defund NPR comes after the media organization announced that it would not cover the allegations against Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

On Thursday, NPR managing editor Terence Samuels declared that covering the news story about emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that was left at a computer repair store is a “waste” of time, and discredited the allegations a “distraction.”

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” Samuels stated. “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was … a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

NPR has dismissed the Hunter Biden accusations despite Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declaring the Hunter Biden’s laptop is “not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”

NPR also enacted a blackout on the Hunter Biden story despite an alleged business partner of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, confirming the emails are “genuine” and coming forward with multiple phones that he claims have text messages showing dealings with a Chinese energy corporation and the Democratic presidential nominee’s son. Bobulinksi alleges that Joe Biden is involved in the deal. He also offered to speak with the FBI and senators regarding alleged transactions with the Shanghai-based company.

NPR refuses to cover the story despite the fact that Hunter Biden has not denied dropping off his laptop at the computer repair shop back in 2019.

Rep. Gosar wants to defund National Public Radio, who called the outlet’s blackout “appalling.” He added that he has “already directed my staff to start working” on legislation to defund NPR, which is a federally-funded media organization.

Gosar, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, believes the accusations against the Biden family. He quote-tweeted a post that read: “Joe Biden uses public office to enrich himself and his family. President Trump uses public office to bring jobs and prosperity to American families!” Adding, “This on repeat every day until the election.”

Former Trump administration Ambassador to Germany and Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell was also enraged by NPR’s blackout on the Hunter Biden story, calling it “activism.”

The NPR website states:

Federal funding is essential to public radio’s service to the American public. Its continuation is critical for both stations and program producers, including NPR.

Public radio stations receive annual grants directly from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that make up an important part of a diverse revenue mix that includes listener support, corporate sponsorship and grants. Stations, in turn, draw on this mix of public and privately sourced revenue to pay NPR and other public radio producers for their programming.

These station programming fees comprise a significant portion of NPR’s largest source of revenue. The loss of federal funding would undermine the stations’ ability to pay NPR for programming, thereby weakening the institution.

Elimination of federal funding would result in fewer programs, less journalism—especially local journalism—and eventually the loss of public radio stations, particularly in rural and economically distressed communities.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter censored the Hunter Biden story soon after the New York Post published the report that is potentially damaging to the Biden campaign. Twitter suspended the official account for the New York Post on Oct. 14, and the account is still inactive.

Defund the police Intelwars Mark bender Mark matthew bender police shooting San Bernardino San bernardino police shooting San bernardino protest

Protests and unrest break out in San Bernardino in response to deadly police shooting of armed man

An armed man was shot and killed by a San Bernardino police officer on Thursday night. The deadly police shooting of 35-year-old Mark Matthew Bender Jr. sparked protests and civil unrest in San Bernardino, California, on Friday.

The officer was dispatched to the area at 11:16 p.m. in response to reports of a man jumping on vehicles in a parking lot, according to San Bernardino police Sgt. John Echevarria.

The San Bernardino Police released the 911 audio, in which the caller makes a complaint about a “man who’s really drunk and he’s waving around a gun.”

“There’s a man whos real drunk up here jumping on top of cars, he has a gun, and he’s just going crazy,” the caller told the police dispatcher. She described him as a black man with a white shirt and black shorts.

San Bernardino Police released body camera video, which shows the officer is in the parking lot approaching Bender, who fits the description of the 911 caller. The police officer pulls out his gun and points it at Bender. “Let me see your hands,” the officer instructs Bender, who raises his hands briefly and then puts them back on his side. Bender continues to walk away from the officer and tells the cop, “Man, I’m going to the store.”

The officer puts his gun away and attempts to apprehend the suspect, who tells him, “Don’t touch me!”

Cell phone video taken by a witness shows a police officer attempt to subdue a man outside the King Tut Liquor store in San Bernardino.

The police officer wrestles Bender to the ground and tells him, “Stop fighting, dude.” During the confrontation, Bender is seen on video reaching for an item in his waistband that appears to be a handgun.

Both men get up from the ground, and the officer draws his weapon and fires four shots at the suspect. The video ends as the officer collides with the bystander recording the video.

Bender was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries.

(Content Warning: Graphic video):

A loaded 9mm handgun was recovered at the scene, Echevarria said. The gun was not registered.

“The suspect was large in size and was able to physically overpower the officer,” Echevarria said. “The suspect retrieved a weapon from his pocket and was turning to face the officer. At that time, an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

“The officer saw the weapon, and during the struggle, was able to disengage during that fight for control of that suspect, and was able to back away and protect himself by discharging his weapon,” Echevarria added.

“Bender had a criminal history going back 17 years, Echevarria said, with arrests for allegations of attempted murder, false imprisonment, domestic violence, theft and possession of narcotics,” KCAL-TV reported.

Protests calling for justice in the death of Bender erupted outside the King Tut Liquor store on Friday.

“What I can do, is tear down the system that lifts up crackers with badges, and gives them power to be judge, jury, and executioner,” one demonstrator told the crowd.

Social media posts show demonstrators shouting, “Abolish the police!” “Defund the police!” and “F*** the police!” The protest spilled out into the streets, where protesters blocked an intersection.

Video appears to show a man assaulting a person driving a car slowly through the intersection. Another man keys the vehicle, according to investigative reporter Drew Hernandez. Another car is reportedly keyed as it drives through the intersection, which causes protesters to cheer and clap.

Alexander hillel treisman Alexander treisman Assassination plot Bernie Sanders Intelwars Joe Biden Mass Murder mass shooting

‘Bernie Bro’ with a van full of guns, explosives and $509K reportedly considered assassinating Joe Biden

A 19-year-old man with a van full of guns and explosives was arrested in North Carolina after he made threats online and contemplated assassinating Joe Biden, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Beast.

Around 11 a.m. on May 28, the Kannapolis Police Department was asked to tow an abandoned van from the parking lot of the Third Bank in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Through the window, officers spotted an AR-15 style rifle, a box for a .380-caliber handgun, a canister “of the explosive material Tannerite,” and a box of 5.56-caliber ammunition, according to a police report.

The van, which reportedly belonged to Alexander Hillel Treisman, was towed away, and was later searched. Inside the vehicle police found about “$509,000 in U.S. currency (believed to be [Treisman’s] inheritance), books (about survival, bomb making, improvised weapons and Islam), drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings,” and a Sig Sauer AR Rifle, a 9 mm Luger, a Kel-Tec Sub-2000, a .22-caliber rifle, and a Russian Mosin Nagant M91/30 bolt-action rifle, according to the search warrant application.

Later that day, Treisman arrived at the bank in a Honda Accord and asked about the towed van, according to court documents. Bank employees reportedly contacted police, and they took Treisman into custody.

Police searched Treisman’s Honda Accord and discovered two more handguns, a .380-caliber, and a 9 mm Luger “found concealed in a clothes hamper,” court papers stated.

Treisman, originally from Seattle, was allegedly carrying multiple driver’s licenses from three states: Washington, California, and Florida.

Treisman was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, according to officials say. Local police contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A day after his arrest, the suspect reportedly called his mother, Kimberly Treisman. During the phone call, which was recorded, the mother suggested that he should “jump bail,” according to a report from CNBC.

Local police and investigators from the Joint Terrorism Task Force reportedly asked Treisman about the disturbing materials found in his van. During the interview, Treisman “disclosed he has an interest in terrorist incidents and mass shootings,” according to federal officials.

“Treisman conveyed to the interviewing officers that he had an interest in terrorist incidents and mass shootings, and that he watched YouTube videos and read Wikipedia articles about such incidents,” the search warrant application states.

According to court documents, friends and family stopped speaking to him because of his “remarks and jokes” about mass shootings and the 9/11 terror attacks.

Treisman drove around the country, purchasing firearms in different states, authorities claim.

Law enforcement said they discovered an account on iFunny, a social media platform where users can post and comment on memes, alleged to belong to Treisman. The search-warrant application says Treisman posted a meme about killing Joe Biden.

On April 15, 2020, Treisman allegedly shared an image on iFunny with the caption, “Should I kill joe biden?”

In a conversation with another user on iFunny, Treisman reportedly said he “was going to do a columbine for a while.” The other user condemned him for wanting to “harm the innocent.”

Treisman responded, “My hatred is for the complacent American people who will turn u in for their own satisfaction. But aside from former goals, my eyes on the future. If anything I have to save bernie.”

Investigators concluded the “bernie” mentioned in the alleged threat was a reference to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who dropped out of the presidential race on April 8, which paved the way for Joe Biden to get the Democratic presidential nomination.

On May 3, financial transactions and cellphone records show Treisman was within four miles of Biden’s home in Delaware.

Court documents said between March and May, Treisman made internet searches regarding “information about Joe Biden’s home address, state gun laws, rifle parts, and night vision goggles.”

Investigators determined Treisman’s activity “was consistent with a surveillance and attack plan connected to a possible threat against Joe Biden or other targeted act of violence,” according to a search warrant.

The teenager allegedly wrote a note on his phone that outlined a plot for a mass shooting at a mall food court either on Christmas or Black Friday. The search warrant application states that he made a checklist that ended in “execute.”

Treisman allegedly said he had not attempted to actually harm or murder anyone, telling authorities that his internet postings were “all online threats were part of a persona.”

Investigators claim that they found a trove of “sexually explicit videos and images of minors” on Treisman’s phone.

“Child pornography was found on eight of these devices (three laptops, three hard drives, an additional cellphone, and a flash drive),” an Oct. 6 detention memo states. “A total of 1,248 videos and 6,721 images of child pornography content were found on Defendant’s devices, in addition to 637 videos and images of child pornography containing sadism and/or masochism content.”

Treisman reportedly had no prior criminal history before his arrest. The federal magistrate judge justified Treisman’s detention without bail on child pornography charges because of the other evidence against him.

“No combination of available release conditions would reasonably assure the safety of the community, and that a preponderance of evidence establishes that no conditions would ensure Defendant’s presence in court,” the judge said.

Treisman was denied bail on Oct. 6 pending trial and is currently being held in Durham County, North Carolina.

A lawyer for Treisman and the Secret Service did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

Intelwars ISRAEL President Trump SUDAN Us relations World World Peace

Israel, Sudan agree to normalize relations in deal brokered with help of US: ‘Accomplishment for the White House’

Israel and Sudan announced that they had normalized relations in a deal that was brokered with the help of the United States. Sudan becomes the third Arab country to normalize relations with Israel in recent weeks, along with U.S.-brokered agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which were the first nations in the Middle East to recognize Israel in 26 years.

President Donald Trump made the announcement of the agreement on Friday from the Oval Office at the White House. President Trump was on a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, and Transitional Council Head Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, senior U.S. officials told Reuters.

“The leaders agreed to the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel and to end the state of belligerence between their nations,” according to a joint statement issued by the three countries. “In addition, the leaders agreed to begin economic and trade relations, with an initial focus of agriculture.”

During the call, President Trump took a shot at his presidential opponent Joe Biden.

Trump jokingly asked Netanyahu, “Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal?”

Israel’s prime minister diplomatically responds, “We appreciate the help for peace from anyone in America.”

As part of the agreement, President Trump will notify Congress of his intent to remove Sudan’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, which lifted sanctions against Sudan and will allow international financial assistance into the country. Trump signed the document to remove Sudan from the list while flying on Air Force One on Thursday night following the final presidential debate, according to a senior U.S. official.

Sudan has been listed as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1993 when al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden lived in the country as a guest of the government.

Earlier this week, Sudan’s new government paid $335 million to the victims of the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The terror attacks killed more than 220 people.

The U.S. side of the negotiations was led by Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner, Middle East envoy Avi Berkowitz, national security adviser Robert O’Brien, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and national security official Miguel Correa.

“This is obviously a great breakthrough,” Kushner told Reuters. “This is obviously going to create a big breakthrough peace between Israel and Sudan. Getting peace agreements done are not as easy as we are making them look right now. They are very hard to do.”

Pundits noted that this agreement is a big step in the process of peace in the Middle East. Oren Liebermann, CNN correspondent based in Jerusalem, noted that the agreement is a “significant statement” and “certainly a foreign policy accomplishment for the White House.”

Not everyone was excited about the developments of potential peace in the Middle East. MSNBC host Chris Hayes downplayed the most recent agreement between Sudan and Israel.

“It’s kind of hilarious that in end, the one thing Jared Kushner actually did get done was brokering a bunch of (incredibly cynical and transactional) middle east deals,” Hayes tweeted.

During the news conference, President Trump said the agreement cost the United States “nothing.” Trump also said that there are “at least five” countries who want to “come into the peace deal.”

In September, Trump touted that there were “at least five or six countries” that could potentially make peace with Israel in the near future. Before the signing ceremony for the Abraham Accords at the White House last month, Trump said, “We’re very far down the road with about five additional countries … frankly, I think we could have had them here today.”

“They want to see peace,” Trump said. “They’ve been fighting for a long time. They’re tired. They’re warring countries but they’re tired, they’re tired of fighting. So you’re going to be seeing further announcements.”

2020 Election Energy Intelwars Internet reactions Joe Biden Joe biden oil President Trump presidential debate Twitter reactions

Biden campaign tries to walk back Joe’s ‘transition from the oil industry’ debate statement after being ripped online

During the final presidential debate on Thursday, Joe Biden pledged to transition away from fossil fuels. The statement caused alarm for many who are worried about the economic impact of losing the energy industry, and the potential devastation on the labor force.

Following the debate, the campaign and Biden himself “clarified” his comments about the oil industry that drew ire.

“By the way, I have a transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said during the presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee.

President Donald Trump immediately became giddy about Biden’s revelation by saying, “Oh, that’s a big statement.”

The Democratic presidential nominee responded, “I will transition. It is a big statement,” which was echoed by Trump, “That’s a big statement.”

Debate moderator Kristen Welker asked Biden, “Why would you do that?”

He responded, “Because the oil industry pollutes, significantly. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time, over time, and I’d stop giving to the oil industry, I’d stop giving them federal subsidies.”

Trump pounced on Biden’s statement, “He is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania? Oklahoma?”

Biden claimed that President Trump doesn’t give federal subsidies to the solar and wind industries.

Trump fired back, “We actually give it to solar and wind.”

A fact-check by WUSA said Biden’s claim that Trump “won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind” was false.

“There are currently tax credits available to both the wind and solar industry — like the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit for Wind,” WUSA stated. “It offers tax credits per kilowatt-hour for ‘utility-scale wind.’ It was actually extended under the Trump administration in December last year.”

The internet reacted to Biden’s statement that he would transition the United States away from the oil industry.

“Biden wants to ‘transition’ away from the oil industry. He just killed paycheck earned by hardworking families in Texas. Joe just wants to transition away from Texas. Remember that on election day,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) wrote on Twitter.

“Hey Texas and Pennsylvania, @JoeBiden just admitted he would transition from the oil industry, effectively killing an estimated 11 million jobs,” Rick Perry, Trump’s former energy secretary and a former governor of Texas, said.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said, “I thought @realDonaldTrump was strong last night. Stark differences between Biden and Trump: free enterprise vs socialism, energy independence vs getting rid of oil and fracking, health care options vs govt run healthcare. Strong foreign policy vs buying friends.”

Kendra Horn, a Democratic House candidate in the oil-rich state of Oklahoma, disagreed with Biden, “We must stand up for our oil and gas industry. We need an all-of-the-above energy approach that’s consumer friendly, values energy independence, and protects OK jobs. I’ll keep fighting for that in Congress.”

“If Biden gets in, not only will he destroy the Oil & Gas industry (and millions of American jobs and lives), we can all say goodbye to these unbelievably good gas prices,” Eric Trump tweeted. “Don’t forget the nearly $5 per gallon we were paying under O’Biden.”

“What this translates to is hundreds of thousands of jobs gone in the blink of an eye. This is dangerous. It puts the prosperity of countless Americans at risk, and we cannot allow it to happen,” George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, nephew of former President George W. Bush, and grandson of former President George H. W. Bush, said.

In 2019, traditional energy and energy efficiency sectors employed about 6.8 million Americans, roughly 4.6% of the U.S. workforce, according to a report from the Energy Futures Initiative and National Association of State Energy Officials.

Following the debate, before boarding a plane home, Biden tried to clean up his oil comment.

“We’re not getting rid of fossil fuels,” Biden said. “We’re getting rid of the subsidies for fossil fuels, but we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time.”

When asked if dismantling the U.S. oil industry would cost millions of American jobs, Biden replied, “Well, they’re not going to lose their jobs. … And, besides, there are a lot more jobs that are going to be created in other alternatives.”

The Biden campaign tried to walk back the vice president’s comment on oil from the debate. Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communications director, attempted to “clarify” Biden’s remarks.

“Biden’s team seeks to clarify Biden’s remarks on the oil industry, with @KBeds saying that Biden was referring to ending oil subsidies,” according to Washington Post reporter Annie Linskey.

Biden was also grilled by President Trump over his past comments that showed that he was against fracking. Biden said he doesn’t want to ban fracking, but fact-checkers found a history of Biden being opposed to fracking and wanting to phase it out.

Emails allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop and reported text messages from one of his business partners, allege that Joe Biden was involved in a “lucrative” venture with a Chinese energy corporation, which named “crude oil and natural gas” as the “major drivers” of the company’s revenue.

2020 Election Banning fracking Biden fracking Debate fact check Fracking Intelwars Joe Biden President Trump presidential debate Trump fracking

Biden dares Trump to share proof of anti-fracking comments — Trump posts video; fact-checkers say Biden has opposed fracking

The final presidential debate Thursday was fraught with heated discussion, including when President Donald Trump vigorously challenged Joe Biden on his stance regarding fracking. Biden reacted by demanding the president share proof that he is against fracking, so Trump did just that.

“We’re going to have the greatest economy in the world, but if you want to kill the economy, get rid of your oil industry you want,” President Trump said. Then he asked Biden, “And what about fracking?”

“I never said I oppose fracking,” Biden responded.

Trump reacted by saying, “You said it on tape.”

Biden responded, “Show the tape, put it on your website.”

“I’ll put it on,” Trump declared.

“Put it on the website,” Biden said. “The fact of the matter is he’s flat lying.”

Moderator Kristen Welker asked Biden, “Would you rule out about banning fracking?”

“I do rule out banning fracking because the answer we need, we need other industries to transition, to get to ultimately a complete zero emissions by 2025,” Biden answered. “What I will do with fracking over time is make sure that we can capture the emissions from the fracking, capture the emissions from gas. We can do that and we can do that by investing money in doing it, but it’s a transition to that.”

By the time Thursday night’s presidential debate had ended, the Trump campaign released a video compilation of Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) making remarks opposing fracking. By Friday morning, the video had over 10 million views and over 325,000 Likes.

The video starts out with a clip from the Democratic primary debate in July, where CNN anchor Dana Bash asks Biden if there would be “any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking” in his administration.

“No, we would — we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those, either — any fossil fuel,” Biden stated.

Other video clips show Biden saying, “We’re going to end fossil fuels” and “I’d gradually move away from fracking,”

Harris is seen on video saying, “And, I think it’s critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public lands.” The video ends with Harris saying, “There’s no question that I’m in favor of banning fracking.”

The Trump campaign is highlighting Biden’s extremely wobbly response on the fracking issue because it could influence voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and Oklahoma — states that depend on oil and natural gas from fracking.

President Trump played the video on Tuesday during his campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania. Vice President Mike Pence is also playing the fracking video on the campaign trail, according to The Hill.

CNN did a fact check on Biden’s history of fracking comments and admitted: “Biden falsely claims he never opposed fracking.”

Biden also said he was against “new fracking” in a Democratic primary debate in March when challenged by his opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the issue of climate change. His campaign clarified to reporters that same evening that Biden was reiterating his plan to ban oil and gas permits on public land, not a complete ban on new fracking, which a president cannot do.

On “Anderson Cooper 360°,” CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale said it was wrong for Biden to say he never opposed fracking.

“In this case, Trump is correct, Biden did make anti-fracking comments in 2019 and 2020, and Trump was not lying,” Dale told Anderson Cooper.

Dale mentioned that the official Biden campaign stance is not for banning fracking, but has proposed banning new gas and oil permits on federal land, but Biden’s comments against fracking complicates the situation.

On the Biden campaign website, it calls for “ending subsidies for fossil fuels” in “his first year and redirecting these resources to the historic investment in clean energy infrastructure.”

The Biden campaign is “committed to achieving a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions by 2050,” meaning a complete ban of fossil fuels.

Despite several Democrats promising to ban fracking, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris, the president can not issue an outright ban on fracking across the United States.

Hydraulic fracturing is a drilling technique to release oil and natural gas from deep underground by injecting fluid at high pressure.

Hunter biden Hunter biden emails Hunter biden laptop Intelwars Joe Biden President Trump presidential debate Russian misinformation Russian propaganda

If Trump mentions Hunter Biden’s emails, Joe Biden likely to cry ‘Russian misinformation’ at debate

President Donald Trump is very likely to use the emails and text messages regarding Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings that have allegedly been exposed in reports from the New York Post to confront Joe Biden in the final debate. That became very evident on Thursday afternoon when there were reports that Trump’s special guest to Thursday’s presidential debate would be Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner. The Biden campaign may have tipped off how the Democratic presidential candidate will counter the potentially damaging accusations at Thursday night’s debate.

Kate Bedingfield, deputy campaign manager and director of communications for the Biden campaign, provided some insight on how the former vice president may respond to criticisms from President Trump regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings in Ukraine and China.

“If we see tonight from Donald Trump these attacks on Vice President Biden’s family, I think we need to be very, very clear that what he’s doing here is amplifying Russian misinformation,” Bedingfield told reporters during a pre-date press call.

Bedingfield added that the campaign expects Trump “to continue to bully,” and Biden is prepared for those attacks.

Top Democrats, such as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), have already claimed, without evidence, that the allegations against Hunter Biden are Russian misinformation.

“Well, we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. That’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about the vice president and his son,” Schiff claimed in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Murphy proclaimed, “Joe Biden — and all of us — SHOULD be furious that media outlets are spreading what is very likely Russian propaganda.” Murphy added that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani “is effectively a Russian asset now.”

The Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe dismissed the claims that the alleged emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop are Russian propaganda.

“Let me be clear, the intelligence community doesn’t believe that, because there’s no intelligence that supports that, and we have shared no intelligence with Chairman Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign — it’s simply not true,” Ratcliffe said.

Joe Biden dismissed the reported emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that was allegedly left at a repair shop.

“This is the same garbage Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s henchman. It’s the last-ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family,” Biden told WISN-TV. “Even the man who served with him on that committee, the former nominee for the Republican Party, said there’s no basis to this, and you know, and all and the vast majority [sic] of the intelligence people have come out and said there’s no basis at all.”