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Nations Should Begin Removing Facebook, Twitter, and Google from Their Information Space

Legal options are a start. The ultimate goal should be replacing Facebook, Twitter, and Google with local alternatives like Russia, China, and many other nations are already doing.

September 24, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – The Thai government has begun legal proceedings against US-based social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This comes at a time when nations around the globe have begun pushing back against the abusive American tech firms and their role in advancing US foreign policy and in particular, illegal US interventions including war.

Not only are these US-based tech companies refusing to follow Thai laws regarding sedition, libel, and disinformation targeting national security and sociopolitical-economic stability, they have pursued a one-sided policy of censoring information critical of ongoing US-backed anti-government protests – shadow banning or outright censoring any and all accounts attempting to share information about documented US government funding behind the organizations involved. 
Virtually every aspect of current, ongoing anti-government protests in Thailand are funded by the US government. 
The US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – an organization created by the US government, funded by the US Congress, and overseen by both Congress and the US State Department – funds everything from the Thai opposition’s core leadership, to organizations petitioning the government to rewrite the Thai constitution, to media organizations promoting the protests, and even groups who physically bring people to rallies. 
Since verifying this information is as easy as going to the US NED’s own official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Google’s concerted efforts to bury or altogether ban accounts discussing this information on the grounds of “fake news” is clear cut censorship designed specifically to aid US political interference within Thailand’s internal political affairs – a violation of the UN Charter regarding political independence and non-interference as well as a direct attack on Thailand’s sovereignty. 
Facebook, Twitter, and Google are Extensions of US Interventionism

Facebook, Twitter, and Google all openly serve as extensions of US special interests having been documented to be working with the US government and the US State Department in particular to use their platforms to help advance US foreign policy. 

This was admittedly done throughout the the US-engineered “Arab Spring” in 2011. 

The New York Times in an article titled, “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” not only admitted to the role the US government played in stirring up unrest in the Arab World in 2011 – but also the role US-based social media giants like Facebook and tech giant Google played, stating (emphasis added):

Some Egyptian youth leaders attended a 2008 technology meeting in New York, where they were taught to use social networking and mobile technologies to promote democracy. Among those sponsoring the meeting were Facebook, Google, MTV, Columbia Law School and the State Department.

Google has also admittedly helped the US government in its efforts to violently overthrow the government of Syria. The Independent in a 2016 article titled, “Google planned to help Syrian rebels bring down Assad regime, leaked Hillary Clinton emails claim,” would note Google’s activities regarding Syria:

An interactive tool created by Google was designed to encourage Syrian rebels and help bring down the Assad regime, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails have reportedly revealed. 

By tracking and mapping defections within the Syrian leadership, it was reportedly designed to encourage more people to defect and ‘give confidence’ to the rebel opposition.

Clearly, more is going on at Google than Internet searches – and a US tech giant involved in an illegal war to violently overthrow the government in Syria is a US tech giant that will willingly involve itself in other US interventions around the globe as it, Facebook, and Twitter are clearly doing in Thailand today. 

Targeting Thailand 
Twitter in particular has been actively involved in boosting the illusion of popularity of Thai anti-government protests – hosting a massive online army of automated and sockpuppet accounts. This “bot army” has helped create numerous anti-government hashtags propelled to the top of Twitter’s “trending” list. These hashtags are then promptly the subject of dishonest news articles across Western and local anti-government media outlets citing them as “evidence” of wide public approval. 

Just how unpopular Thailand’s anti-government opposition is in real life can easily be gauged by elections in which opposition parties lost by several million votes, as well as during anti-government rallies in which even paid, bused-in protesters are unable to fill modestly-sized parks in the Thai capital of Bangkok. 
In addition to boosting the illusion of the protest’s popularity, Twitter and opposition groups also actively suppress and censor accounts critical of the protests. 
Facebook and Google are likewise involved in similar, politically-motivated activities in favor of anti-government protests. All three tech giants have been confirmed to be involved in similar activities around the globe.  

Why should Thailand tolerate foreign companies, operating so dishonestly, and doing so specifically to cause harm to Thailand, its sociopolitical and economic stability, and the Thai people who depend on both for their daily lives? 

The answer is Thailand shouldn’t. 

Nations like China and Russia have long-since fully replaced these US-based tech companies in their own information space. 

Chinese alternatives like TikTok are so popular that they have even created a foothold in the West. Not only are Russia and China able to protect their information space from the malicious activities of US tech giants aimed at undermining both nations, all the profits and other benefits of owning cutting edge tech companies are retained within Russian and Chinese borders. 

Other nations within Southeast Asia itself have been making similar moves to push out US tech companies. This includes Vietnam which has been a long-time target of both US military aggression and “soft power” intervention for decades.
Just as Thailand procures weapons from nations like Russia and China to defend its physical territory, it may also consider moving toward similar deals in regards to acquiring the tools and technology required to defend its information space. 
The creation of Thai alternatives to popular US-based social media and Internet search companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google could be quickly spurred along by recruiting celebrities to switch over to these Thai platforms while continuing legal pressure to finally, completely restrict the use of US alternatives. 

This is not simply because these companies are foreign. It is because they have demonstrated for over a decade now a pattern of abusing their access to information space around the globe to violate both local laws and international laws prohibiting political interference, aggression, and intervention. 
These are tech companies who have aided and abetted real world harm. The nations of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and many others targeted by the US in 2011 with the aid of these tech companies have been the scenes of deadly street violence and even total war. Tens of thousands have died with millions more displaced. 

While Thailand’s grievances with these US-based tech companies at the moment seem relatively minor, it should be remembered that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are aiding protests that ultimately seek to replicate the same sort of disruptive violent instability that consumed the Middle East and more recently Hong Kong, China. 

Legal moves are a good start. Private and public preparations to fully replace these companies within Thailand’s information space will be the only viable long-term solution.
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America’s Broken Syria Project

September 22, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – A recent altercation between Russian forces and US occupiers in northeastern Syria helped highlight the increasingly tenuous position Washington holds not only in Syria but across the entire Middle East. 

After attempting to block Russian military vehicles, US forces found themselves being literally plowed out of the way with overwhelming Russian airpower hovering overhead. 

After complaining that American troops were “injured” in the incident and condemning Russia for “unsafe and unprofessional actions,” the United States announced that it was deploying more troops and military equipment to bolster its illegal occupation of Syrian territory. 

The US also claimed its continued presence in Syria officially seeks to confront and eliminate the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS), but official accounts maintained by the US government and the US Department of Defense on an almost daily basis provide a wide and every-shifting number of excuses. 

On September 20th “Inherent Resolve’s” Twitter account would announce

Bradley Fighting Vehicles provide the rapid flexibility needed to protect critical petroleum resources.

The region the US occupies is also where the majority of Syria’s petroleum is extracted and America’s “protection” of these resources is part of a wider strategy – not to fight ISIS – but to deny the Syrian state which has eliminated ISIS from all territory it controls – both energy and revenue from its own natural resources.  

In essence, the US is in Syria weakening the Syrian government who has led the fight against ISIS and provoking confrontations with Russia who has been key in aiding Damascus against ISIS, Al Nusra, and other affiliates of Al Qaeda. 

The US had been in Syria a full year before Russia’s invitation by Damascus to aid in security operations against ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates in 2015. The Russian military promptly began bombing supply lines feeding ISIS and other terrorist groups from across the Syrian border in Turkey. ISIS’ fighting capacity rapidly collapsed and remains isolated in pockets made inaccessible by America’s continued occupation of Syrian territory. 

A Microcosm of America’s Wider MENA Failure

The confrontation with Russia and the decision to boost America’s military presence in Syria is but a microcosm of America’s wider struggle to maintain its invasive primacy over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

Despite beginning the 21st century with an overwhelming military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq and expanding its involvement in the region in 2011 through the US-engineered “Arab Spring” – US power and influence has visibly waned. Its attempts to control virtually every aspect of Iraq’s internal politics has faltered in the face of Iraqis seeking alternative ties with neighboring Iran. 

While Washington successfully toppled the government of Libya in 2011, it has failed to do likewise in Syria. Not only has it failed to oust the Syrian government, it has transformed the nation into a vector for alternative emerging global powers to contest and roll back US influence in the region. This most notably includes Russia but also Iran and China. 

If at the turn of the century hundreds of thousands of US troops could not transform the region favorably for Washington, its provocative but small actions in eastern Syrian will unlikely make any difference now. 

Against this backdrop is also Washington’s ongoing confrontation with Iran. It’s creation then predictable withdrawal from its “Iran Nuclear Deal” has exposed the US as a malign global player acting in bad faith. Its attempts to pressure and isolate Iran have increasingly transformed into a wider campaign to pressure and coerce a growing number of nations around the globle interested in trade and normal relations with Tehran. 

The US has fewer and fewer cards to play in the region and more specifically in Syria. If Syria and its allies can find ways around crippling economic sanctions the US is using to ravage the Syrian public and undermine Damascus’ ability to ensure ISIS’ defeat endures – the US will be left with empty hands, overextended, and exposed in Syria’s eastern deserts. 

The more confrontational Washington gets with Syria, Russia, and China the easier it will be for each of these nations to justify actions taken to preserve and protect their collective interests – as well as win over a larger percent of the global community to support them in these efforts. Stability is a central key to prosperity. America’s foreign policy has fully revealed itself to be a global engine of instability that is costing even its own supposed allies socioeconomic opportunities and stability. 

US foreign policy is unsustainable. Those still aiding it including Turkey are preparing for direct confrontations Syria and its allies will actively avoid – and if successful – will simply surround, cut off, and let whither the presence of these uninvited foreign forces occupying Syrian territory. While it is too late for America’s “Syria project” to ever succeed in its original goal of regime change, it is not still too late for it to divest from its spiteful campaign to sink the region, its people, and their allies into a quagmire that will only further leave Washington and its allies isolated and impotent upon the global stage.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”. 

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FinCEN Files: Corporate Foundation-Funded Propaganda Tries to Boost US Financial Hegemony

Many eager to smear Thai banks and others in relation to the FinCEN Files quickly repeated the ICIJ’s accusations. None looked into its Soros and Ford Foundation-funded background, motives, or even the veracity of its supposed claims.

September 23, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – The Bangkok Post in its article, ” Thai banks probed over ‘dirty money'” made sure to repeat so-far unfounded accusations made against several of Thailand’s major banks, based on what the article itself admitted was an “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ report referring to alleged leaked files from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the US.”  

What the Bangkok Post and other anti-government opportunists failed to do was investigate the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” (ICIJ) itself, its funding, and thus its possible motives for making its most recent and otherwise baseless accusations. 

No Evidence of Criminality, Just Transactions ICIJ Claims are “Suspicious” 

The FinCEN Files source documents aren’t even fully provided by ICIJ – only an alleged selection picked by ICIJ itself. The alleged data presented on ICIJ’s website provides no information about the transactions beside how much money was transferred and from where to where, not even by whom. The handpicked documents released by ICIJ are “Suspicious Activity Reports” or SARs.

ICIJ defines these, claiming (emphasis added): 

A suspicious activity report is a document filed to U.S. authorities when a bank or other financial institution observes a transaction that seems suspicious. A SAR is not an accusation but a way to alert government regulators and law enforcement to irregular or possibly criminal activity. SARs are strictly confidential – so secret that banks aren’t allowed to publicly confirm their existence.

Thus, ICIJ is publishing the names of people and businesses who have not even been accused let alone convicted of any wrongdoing, and simply flagged as “suspicious.” 

There appears to be claims by the ICIJ – and those repeating its claims – that some banks “turned a blind eye” to allegedly suspicious behavior – but this only means they didn’t file SARs with the US government. 

Besides creating “leaks” the Western corporate media can now manipulate to smear virtually any state, bank, as well as anyone appearing in disclosed SARs made public by ICIJ, there appears to be little other purpose for ICIJ’s “FinCEN Files” project – except perhaps attempting to sell the idea that all banks, worldwide, are accountable to the US government. 

Finally, ICIJ links its FinCEN Files project to allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 elections – allegations of interference that after 2 years of investigation were proven baseless – only further undermining ICIJ’s credibility and revealing its US-centric agenda.

ICJI’s Partners and Sponsors Explain Much

A cursory look at ICIJ’s “media partners” reveals what is simply the Western corporate media including British state media outlet the BBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBC Canada, and many more notorious for their role in advancing Western interests around the globe almost entirely in contradiction to actual journalism, fact, or truth. 

ICIJ’s financial sponsors also read as a “who’s who” of Western “soft power.” They include convicted financial criminal George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Ford Foundation – a funding mechanism the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) itself admits it has partnered with. 

On the CIA’s own official website in a post titled, “The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters ,” it admits: 

… the CIA worked with existing institutions, such as the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, and established numerous “bogus” foundations to “hide” its funding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its other covert activities.

While the passage refers to a specific program the CIA was involved in, the fact that the Ford Foundation willingly abetted the CIA and that it was admitted the US government uses various fronts to hide funding has serious implications regarding ICIJ’s current activities. 

While some content on ICIJ’s website appears to be partial disclosures of information incriminating of Western interets – much of it is not and almost all of it is impossible to verify. This is done to create public confidence and the illusion of legitimacy while in reality ICIJ’s main purpose is spreading false information politically beneficial to the United States and its allies. The ICIJ is one of several manufactured Wikileaks counter-operations.

The ICIJ’s “investigations” almost exclusively targets of Washington’s interests. For example it has a “China Cables” section dedicated to spreading propaganda about China and its security operations in Xinjiang specifically.

Even its “investigation” into money laundering appears to attempt to sell the necessity of strengthening and policing the Wall Street-London dominated global monetary system quickly being circumvented and replaced as more nations seek to overcome growing numbers of US sanctions. 

One post on the ICIJ’s website even claims, “Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligarchs, criminals and terrorists,” as if the US isn’t the global center of oligarchical criminality and terrorism.   

That ICIJ’s “report” conveniently comes out and is quickly leveraged against Thailand at the “height” of Thai anti-government protests – whose core leadership and organizations are entirely funded by the US government, Open Society, as well as the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation – and just so happens to target major Thai banks is a repeated tactic seen in previous US-backed regime change operations. 

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That the Bangkok Post and other Western-linked media organizations uncritically reported the ICIJ’s claims without even providing basic information to readers about its funding or media partners, only further raises suspicions. 

Thailand’s response has been to “look into the claims,” noting that they are just that – mere claims from allegedly leaked documents originating from within the US government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Also notably suspicious is that while Julian Assange faces the possibility of life in jail for his role in Wikileaks and exposing Western crimes against humanity, there appears to be no interest at all in finding the source of leaks being supplied to Wikileaks counter-operations like ICIJ whose work solely benefits the West and its many global interventions. In other words, these are most likely not leaks at all, but deliberate disclosures made to appear as leaks, and selected specifically because their timely utility for US interests.

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A US Government-Funded Petition to Rewrite Thailand’s Constitution

 September 22, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – An organization calling itself Internet Law Reform Dialogue or “iLaw” has for over a month now been organizing a petition nationwide at literally every anti-government rally – big or small, at every opposition venue or office headquarters, and at every major university campus calling for the rewriting of Thailand’s constitution. 

This campaign included a well-funded online marketing campaign along with physical tents and booths with professionally printed banners, brochures, flags, and equipment set up across the entire nation. 

Despite this massive month-plus long effort which also included a “mail-in” signature drive, iLaw failed to collect even 100,000 from Thailand’s nearly 70 million population by the time the opposition organized its anemic September 19th rally last weekend despite rewriting the constitution being one of the three core demands of so-called “pro-democracy” protesters. 

The US Government Funds iLaw and its Efforts to Rewrite Thailand’s Constitution  

Recent news articles like Bangkok Post’s, “Law reform group pitches charter rewrite to public,” would claim: 

The Internet Dialogue on Law Reform (iLaw) says it will formally present a people’s version of a bill to draft a new constitution to Parliament on Tuesday.

The article claims that the petition was signed by up to 90,000 people by the time of the September 19th rally. 

The article also claims: 

iLaw is considering holding a series of forums to show the public why the 2017 charter — drafted at the behest of the military junta and approved in a referendum where dissent was suppressed — must be rewritten, [iLaw representative] Mr Yingcheep said.

What Bangkok Post and others reporting on iLaw and its petition do not report is the fact that iLaw is funded by US-based corporate foundations and the US government via its notorious regime change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 

The US NED’s own official website lists iLaw as “Internet Law Reform Dialogue” and notes that it receives over 1.5 million Thai Baht a year, claiming: 

To foster public understanding and dialogue on the impact of existing and new laws on civil and political rights and to promote freedom of expression. The organization will monitor and assess political and governance processes, as well as the various laws inherited from the military government, and provide the public with accessible analysis of their impact on citizens’ rights. It will also operate a documentation center to monitor and report on freedom of expression violations, and will collaborate with other civil society groups in advocating for democracy and human rights.

This US government-funded activity constitutes political interference and is an open violation of Thailand’s political independence as described and protected by the United Nations Charter. It is also political interference the United States itself would never tolerate from another nation.

iLaw itself admits on its own website that it is funded by the US government via the NED as well as by convicted financial criminal George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, stating (emphasis added): 

Between 2009 and  2014 iLaw has received funding support from the Open Society Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and a one-time support grant from Google.

Between 2015 to present iLaw receives funding from funders as listed below

1. Open Society Foundation (OSF)
2. Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBF)
3. National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
4. Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR)
5. American Jewish World Servic (AJWS)
6. One-time support donation from Google and other independent donors

The fact that it is a US government-funded organization helping advance one of the core demands of so-called “pro-democracy” protesters in Thailand – demands echoed by Thailand’s corrupt billionaire-led opposition consisting of fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra’s Pheu Thai Party and Thanathorn Juangroongruengkit’s Move Forward Party – illustrates the foreign-funded nature of the opposition and current unrest it is organizing. 

The fact that so few out of Thailand’s 70 million population supported the petition despite its central role in ongoing protests also illustrates how unpopular Thailand’s current opposition is. 
Organizations like iLaw are able to operate specifically because of a Western media along with its local partners never mentioning the foreign-funded nature of their activities. When questions are raised, these same media organizations help iLaw and the US Embassy itself deny political interference. 
For the US, its involvement in Thailand’s internal affairs stems from Thailand’s growing relationship with China and Washington’s desire to reverse this by placing into power political groups of its choosing. 
China is now Thailand’s largest trading partner, investor, source of tourism, arms supplier, and a key partner for major infrastructure projects including a regional high-speed rail network. 
What Should Thailand’s Response Be? 
Were another nation to target America’s internal political affairs in a similar manor – funding a group to organize a petition to rewrite the US Constitution and to do so specifically to make it easier for foreign-backed opposition figures to take power – the petition and the organizations promoting it would be fully removed politically and legally – with those involved likely facing jail.  
It is difficult to predict how the Thai government will react to a US government-funded petition to rewrite Thailand’s own constitution. 
Confronting iLaw’s US government funding would indirectly mean confronting the United States itself – a course of action Thailand would prefer to avoid in favor of practicing patience as American might wanes globally and Thailand’s legal structure carefully chips away at US-backed opposition groups locally. 
Peacefully confronting iLaw organizers with a giant printed out image of its US NED funding alongside relevant Thai and international laws regarding political interference, treason, and sedition could work to place iLaw and the rest of the “pro-democracy” opposition’s foreign funding and meddling front and center in public debate if not in the middle of government decision-making owed to diplomatic concerns.
Such a move would also expose media organizations who have omitted or outright lied about iLaw’s funding consistently for months, rightfully undermining the public’s trust in these organizations forward into the future. 
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Thai Opposition Figure Supports US-funded Neo-Nazis in Belarus

 September 21, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – While last weekend’s anti-government rally was short on protesters, the overall movement seems to have no shortage of irony. A movement condemning the current Thai government as “fascist” is now openly supporting Nazi-flag waving agitators in Belarus. 

Student protest leader Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal has recently and very proudly come out in support of ongoing anti-government protests in Belarus. 

In a picture he himself posted on social media, he holds up a sign with Thailand’s national flag alongside – not Belarus’ flag – but the flag anti-government protesters have adopted. It is also the identical flag Nazi collaborators flew during World War II.

The Byelorussian Central Council which existed briefly from 1943-1944 flew the same white flag with a single horizontal red mid-stripe. 

The invocation of Nazi collaboration by current anti-government protesters in Belarus is no accident or coincidence. 

Similarly US-backed protests in Ukraine were also led by Neo-Nazi political parties and militias whose growth after taking power became impossible even for the Western media to conceal any longer.

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The US and NATO have, since the end of World War II, used the remnants of Germany’s Nazis and their collaborators across Europe against its power struggle with Moscow. 

It has been revealed that just like in Thailand, virtually every aspect of Belarus’ current opposition is funded and backed by the US government. The US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) on its official website alone lists over 30 organizations or programs it is funding. 

While Thailand’s “pro-democracy” protesters denounce the current Thai government as “fascist” and “abusive,” they themselves are supporting real fascism backed by the most abusive government on Earth. 

Worse sill, Thai protesters are invoking Thailand’s own fascist past by resurrecting the “People’s Party,” a right-wing fascist movement that overthrew Thailand’s absolute monarchy in 1932 before its leader – a military officer named Pridi Banomyong – fled Thailand with Anglo-American aid and later died in exile while living in France. 

Thailand’s “pro-democracy” movement, worshiping a fascist military coup 88 years ago, taking US government funds and support today, and now supporting a likewise US-funded protest in Belarus flying the flags of WW2 Nazi collaborators says everything in reality about a Thai movement whose rhetoric attempts to say otherwise. 

This isn’t the first time Netiwit has supported a US-funded anti-government protest abroad either. 

He is a vocal supporter of US-backed sedition in Hong Kong, China. 

He has flown to Hong Kong and invited US-backed opposition leaders from Hong Kong to Thailand. 

Netiwit is also openly anti-China and considers himself part of the “Milk Tea Alliance” – a US State Department propaganda tool attempting to string together an Asian-wide united front against China using local US-funded activists since the actual governments and people of the region refuse to join. 

Netiwit has also been invited to the US and British embassies. A picture of him drinking wine inside the British Embassy with Khaosod writer Pravit Rojanaphruk helps further illustrate the level of hypocrisy he and the movement he claims to lead represents. 

Netiwit annually protests in front of the Chinese embassy in Bangkok regarding the Tiananmen Square incident – an event that took place long before he was even born. He does this while dining and drinking wine at the British embassy representing a nation currently invading and occupying nations around the globe where it is torturing, abusing, and killing people. 

READ MORE: Washington’s Anti-Chinese “Pan-Asian Alliance

To protest something dishonestly from decades ago while turning a blind eye to ongoing atrocities today Netiwit reveals to the public exactly the sort of “values” Thailand’s “pro-democracy” movement really represent. 

The protests in Thailand, Hong Kong, or Belarus are about aligning to the West more than to any actual demonstrated set of principles. For Netiwit and his Thai protesters, it is also about undermining Thailand’s relationship with China who is currently Thailand’s largest trade partner, investor, source of tourism, and arms supplier. It is also a crucial partner for several major infrastructure projects including a region-wide high-speed rail network that will pass through Thailand.

Thailand’s “pro-democracy” movement claims it wants to move the nation forward yet it has aligned itself to one of the most abusive and regressive circles of global power – the United States and NATO. By backing US-sponsored political subversion in Hong Kong and Belarus – Netiwit and his movement are also backing the undermining of international law and norms and the peace and stability they were created to protect. They do this to Thailand’s and the world’s own detriment. 

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NATO’s Slow-Motion Blitzkrieg Eastward

September 20, 2020 (Gunnar Ulson – NEO) – When the US announced it would be reducing the number of its troops stationed in Germany many hoped in vain it would be the beginning of an overall reduction of US forces in Europe and a deescalation of tensions between the US, NATO and the Russian Federation.

Many others, however, easily predicted these forces would simply be moved elsewhere in Europe and most likely eastward even closer to Russia’s borders and, as a result, increasing tensions.

AP reported in its article, “Pompeo inks deal for US troop move from Germany to Poland,” that:

Some 4,500 U.S. troops are currently based in Poland, but about 1,000 more are to be added, under a bilateral decision announced last year. Last month, in line with President Donald Trump’s demand to reduce troop numbers in Germany, the Pentagon announced that some 12,000 troops would be withdrawn from Germany with about 5,600 moving to other countries in Europe, including Poland.

The article would add, in an attempt to explain the presence of US troops in Europe and their creep ever eastward, that:

Pompeo has used his Europe trip to warn the region’s young democracies about threats posed by Russia and China and has received a warm welcome.

What threats would those be?

NATO’s creation and use as a balance of power during the Cold War could be argued, but since the collapse and eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO has not only continued to expand in membership including nations sitting directly on Russia’s borders, it has expanded in scope, participating in wars of aggression stretching from Africa to Asia.

If it were ever a tool to maintain a balance of power between East and West, it has since transformed into a bludgeon to fully exploit a perceived absence of it in its favor.

From Libya to Iraq to Syria to Afghanistan, NATO members have destroyed one nation after another from the turn of the century and continue doing so to this day.

A 2011 article in The Atlantic titled, “The Arab Spring: ‘A Virus That Will Attack Moscow and Beijing’,” quoted US Senator John McCain as saying:

“A year ago, Ben-Ali and Gaddafi were not in power. Assad won’t be in power this time next year. This Arab Spring is a virus that will attack Moscow and Beijing.”

The article’s author would then note:

Senator McCain’s framing reflects a triumphalism bouncing around at this conference.  It sees the Arab Spring as a product of Western design — and potentially as a tool to take on other non-democratic governments. 

At an earlier session, Senator Udall said that those who believed that the Arab Spring was an organic revolution from within these countries were wrong — and that the West and NATO in particular had been primary drivers of results in Libya — and that the West had helped animate and move affairs in Egypt.  Udall provocatively added Syria to that list as well.

Without a doubt, and even according to US newspapers like the New York Times, the Arab Spring was most certainly “a product of Western design” and in hindsight it cannot be disputed that the US and NATO in particular had been “primary drivers of results in Libya” with the alliance having used direct military force to topple the Libyan government.

In hindsight we can also see the swath of absolute devastation left in the wake of this “product of Western design,” with turmoil consuming North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

After threatening Russia (and China) that this “product of Western design” was ultimately aimed at them, McCain would eventually tour the pile of rubble that once was Libya as well as visit the fringes of Syria’s still active battlefields. 

Can anyone honestly decouple threats like those of McCain against Moscow and Beijing and the visible destruction created as a result of Western military aggression all along Russia’s and China’s peripheries?

History Repeating Itself 

At the beginning of World War II Nazi Germany used an offensive form of warfare against Russia known as blitzkrieg. It first amassed troops along the border with Russia and then attempted to deliver a swift, focused blow aimed at Moscow to overwhelm Russian forces before they could mobilize and react.

Like many other invasions of Russia throughout history, Germany’s invasion failed and blitzkrieg, while successful against France, Belgium and Poland and even initially successful against Russia, was found to be ill-suited for the depth and distances required to conquer Russia’s sheer geographical size.

Is it hyperbole to claim history is repeating itself with the US amassing forces along Russia’s borders today while it burns the planet down along Russia’s borders and threatens Moscow that it is next in line?

It doesn’t seem like hyperbole at all.

It seems like a slow-motion version of Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg, but instead of attempting to plow over Russia before winter comes as the Nazis attempted in June of 1941, it is instead methodically dissecting Russia’s allies abroad, smothering it along its borders, undermining and attempting to isolate it economically while attempting to foment the same sort of political subversion that kicked-off the Arab Spring in 2011 within Russia’s borders.

Policy circles in Washington and Brussels like to refer to its rivalry with Russia and China as a “Great Power Game.” Considering what the West has done to lesser pawns in this game, nations like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, to those in Moscow or Beijing it doesn’t feel like a game.

It feels existential.

Russia now faces an increase of US troops sitting on its borders. The transfer of 1,000 more US troops to Poland means 1,000 more US troops hovering over Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast which sits on the northern Polish border.

It remains to be seen where other troops leaving Germany will be stationed but it is almost a certainty they will not be going back to the United States, and instead, will be heading further east.

The US and NATO attempt to portray Russia as the villain of this story for bolstering troops along its western borders in response. But these are Russian troops, inside of Russia and Russian troops facing off against the growing presence of US troops just on the other side.

The US has crossed an ocean and a continent to find itself on Russia’s doorstep. These are also US troops that have laid waste to several nations including and especially former Soviet allies and until their destruction, allies of the Russian Federation.

How else should Russia interpret all of this? How else should the rest of the world interpret this?

AP and others in the Western media refuse to state the obvious, but NATO’s existence since the fall of the Soviet Union has been a multi-decade, multi-trillion dollar slow-motion blitzkrieg that has already destroyed entire nations, is destroying many more now and poses as the most pressing threat to global peace and stability today.

When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims Russia and China pose “threats” to the world, there remains the inescapable fact that the US and NATO are the only nations in the 21st century invading and destroying other nations, creating conflict consuming entire regions of the planet and building up troops along the borders of the few nations left outside Western domination.

Until Russia and China do likewise, it is clear the only threat the US and NATO really face is reaching the limits of their abuses, or eventually even having to pay for them.

Gunnar Ulson, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. 

color revolutions Intelwars Thailand

US Comes Out to Defend Anti-Government Mobs it is Funding in Thailand

 September 19, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – The US government who has twice attempted to deny funding Thailand’s anti-government mobs, has now come out openly defending the protests just ahead of a major rally being organized for later today. 

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee in a social media post demanded:

The U.S.-Thai alliance is underpinned by respect for democratic values & human rights. I urge Bangkok to reaffirm commitment to these norms by respecting citizens’ right to free assembly & expression ahead of & during [weekend’s] gathering.

The statement echos similar demands the US government made to China in regards to mobs the US was funding and organizing in Hong Kong. 

Despite the US denying any role in Thailand’s current anti-government protests, virtually every aspect of the unrest has been funded by the US government, primarily through the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the US Agency for Global Media, and its subsidiary – the Open Technology Fund.

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The US NED funds organizations such as “Thai Lawyers for Human Rights” (TLHR) whose lawyer Anon Nampa is a core leader of the protests. TLHR also provides free legal services to other protest leaders and organizations.  

The US NED also funds media groups promoting the protests including Prachatai and the Isaan Record. 

US government funding is also going to an organization called “Internet Law Reform Dialogue” or “iLaw” involved in petitioning for the rewriting of Thailand’s constitution. It’s US-funded tents have been seen at virtually every rally, big or small, across the country attempting to collect signatures to force the government to rewrite Thailand’s highest laws. 

Groups like “Assembly of the Poor” who supply rallies with actual protesters is also listed on the US NED’s official website under “Thai Poor Act.” 

One of the protest leaders who announced the September 19th rally – Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak – has been revealed to have visited the US Embassy on at least two occasions to discuss Thailand’s internal political affairs with the US ambassador. 

The US Agency for Global Media through its subsidiary – the Open Technology Fund – has created communication tools US-funded organizations have been distributing to protesters ahead of the rally later today. 

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With the US government now more openly demanding “space” for agitators it has organized and funded – Thailand is likely at the edge of a deliberate attempt by the US-funded opposition to escalate, just as was seen in Hong Kong. 

READ MORE: US-Funded Agitators in Hong Kong Back Thai Protests

The fact that Thailand’s US-funded opposition openly identifies with likewise US-funded protesters in Hong Kong as part of the so-called “Milk Tea Alliance” is only further damning evidence that Thailand is not witnessing domestic protests, but a concerted, US campaign of destabilization aimed at the current government’s close and growing ties with China.  

color revolutions Intelwars Thailand

CONFIRMED: US-funded Communication Tools Distributed to Thai Mob

September 18, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Just ahead of a major rally organized by US government-funded opposition groups and Thailand’s billionaire-led opposition parties – Western-funded NGOs like Human Rights Watch have been helping promote US government-funded software tools to help agitators circumvent any attempts to restrict or monitor communication during the protests. 

Sunai Phasuk – HRW’s Thai head – posted on social media information about how to access  two applications called “Briar” and “FireChat.” Another app called Bridgefy has also been distributed among the protesters. 

Briar – according to its own official website – was funded by the US government’s “Open Technology Fund” (OTF). 

The Washington DC-based OTF on its own website admits it is part of the US Agency for Global Media – the US government’s official propaganda arm which directly serves in advancing the intrests of the US State Department.   

The software – along with FireChat – has been used in virtually every US-backed protest around the world since their respective creations. 

Gizmodo in an article titled, “How Mesh Messaging Apps Work, and Why You Might Need One,” would report (emphasis added): 

A particular type of app is back in the news on the back of the Hong Kong protests: Mesh messaging apps that allow users to keep in touch without relying on wifi networks, cell networks, or any other type of infrastructure controlled by the authorities… and these apps can be useful whether or not you’re trying to stay under the radar of the government.

Another option worth looking at is Briar, which is only on Android. It’s simple but it’s slick, and it’s designed specifically for activists, journalists, and “anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate”—to that end it uses the Tor network, if an internet connection is available, to prevent outside monitoring and eavesdropping.

Not mentioned was Briar’s genesis by the US government as a tool for subversion, not “activism.”  

Financial Times in its article about Firechat titled, “FireChat to be rolled out as messaging service,” would report (emphasis added): 

FireChat, which has 5m users, came to prominence in Hong Kong during the pro-democracy protests last year by enabling people to get around government restrictions on some social networks or communicate when cellular systems failed. It was also popular in Taiwan during the “sunflower movement”, when student activists stormed the country’s legislature to protest a trade deal with China.

FireChat has been openly promoted by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its subsidiary, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) – both of which are also funding virtually every core organization leading Thailand’s current anti-government protests.  

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Confirming that US-funded Thai protests have taken up the likewise US-funded communication tools is an article by Thai PBS titled, “Protesters prepare for communication hiccups,” noting (emphasis added): 

To avoid communication hiccups during the demonstration in case the mobile signal network is down, protesters start to circle around encouraging others to download Bridgefy or Briar for back-up plan.

Thai PBS also notes that (emphasis added): 

The US designed software has gained popularity since last year during political protests in Hong Kong and also Citizenship Amendment Act protests in India.

It is clear these tools were specifically created and promoted by Washington and its partners for carrying out political subversion around the globe and in direct violation of the UN Charter prohibiting the interference in or undermining of a nation’s political independence. 

READ MORE: US-Funded Agitators in Hong Kong Back Thai Protests

The fact that Western-funded fronts like HRW are promoting the use of US-funded communication tools in Thailand among protesters who openly identify themselves as part of the “Milk Tea Alliance” alongside US-backed agitators in Taiwan and Hong Kong – is further evidence of just how deep and complete US involvement is behind Thailand’s current anti-government unrest.  

This recent revelation should make it easier for the Thai government to pass security laws to deal with growing foreign involvement in the nation’s internal political affairs as well as deal with those receiving support from abroad to undermine Thailand socially, politically, and economically. 

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US Government Gives Award to Hong Kong Agitators it Funded

September 18, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – After previously denying any role in supporting protests in Hong Kong – Freedom House – a subsidiary of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) who had been funding Hong Kong protest groups for years – will be showering Hong Kong’s opposition with awards. 

If there was any doubt about how deeply involved the US government is in funding and backing political subversion not only in Hong Kong, but around the globe – in addition to its multiple illegal wars, invasions, occupations, and other “hard power” interventions – the US government-funded NED through its subsidiary Freedom House has just awarded Hong Kong’s mobs its 2020 “Freedom Award.” 

Image: A previous Freedom House event in 2015 would feature “umbrella revolution” leaders Joshua Wong, Benny Tai, and Martin Lee being “honored” in Washington DC. Despite this open display of support, plus financial support provided by the US government to various organizations linked to each leader, the US would later attempt to deny any role in Hong Kong protests which eventually led to violence and arson.   

It is full circle for the US-regime change pipeline – albeit unsuccessfully- where the US government helps create, fund, and sustain unrest in a targeted country, props it up across the Western media, then showers all involved with “awards” afterward not only to bolster their morale, but to encourage other US-funded agitators elsewhere to continue their work. 

“Freedom Award” Exposes Global-Spanning Political Interference

Freedom House’s website in a post titled, “Freedom House Presents 2020 Freedom Award to Hong Kong and Sudan Protesters,” would claim (emphasis added): 

The special online Freedom Awards event will feature special remarks from former Belarusian presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

Hong Kong’s prodemocracy movement and two groups from Sudan—the Sudanese Professionals Association, represented by Samahir Ali Othman Almubarak, and the Organization of the December Revolution Martyrs’ Families, represented by Dr. Amira Babiker Ahmed Osman—will receive the 2020 Freedom Award at Freedom House’s annual awards event on September 16, beginning at 6:45 p.m. EDT. 

The mention of Belarus opposition figures only further boosts already clear evidence that the US is involved in political meddling in that nation as well – a nation sitting right on Russia’s borders. 

Image: Previous Freedom House guest Joshua Wong (left) and speaker at Freedom House’s 2020 “Freedom Award” event Nathan Law (right) in Washington DC lobbying and receiving US government support for their mobs in Hong Kong, China. 

Freedom House also notes that Hong Kong opposition figure Nathan Law – who had previously visited Washington DC to solicite and receive US government backing – would be speaking at the event: 

Prominent activist and former legislator Nathan Law will speak about the movement for democracy in Hong Kong. Special remarks will also be delivered by Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, recent Belarusian presidential candidate; Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives; and Marco Rubio, US senator from Florida. Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under Law, will offer reflections on the US protests for racial justice.

Were there any doubt that the US was behind Hong Kong’s unrest and in contact with the protest’s core leadership, the US government-funded Freedom House organizing an event in which actual protest leaders are participating should help shed it.  

In order to help those struggling with why US meddling in places like Hong Kong, Belarus, and elsewhere is wrong, first consider the UN Charter itself – Chapter 1, Article 2 which states: 

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

An opposition group funded and run by a foreign country is a direct attack on the political independence of any nation such groups are operating in or against. Hong Kong’s mobs in particular were demanding “independence,” meaning that US-funded opposition groups were attacking the territorial integrity of China as well. 

And if that isn’t convincing enough, just consider if nations like Russia or China were involved in similar behavior – dispersing money and support to opposition groups in the US aimed at ousting the current government, rewriting America’s constitution and laws, or just simply, violently destroying America’s infrastructure – then holding “award” ceremonies in which these agitators would literally fly out of the country to attend in either Russia or China. 

While this year’s Freedom House award ceremony will be online owed to COVID-19, these events are normally held in Washington DC. 

In 2015, three Hong Kong protest leaders – Joshua Wong, Benny Tai, and Martin Lee – would literally travel to Washington DC to “offer the United States a chance to show the world where it stands.” 

The Freedom House post titled, “Beijing’s Ruler versus Hong Kong’s Heroes,” would inject the US right at the center of what was and still is entirely China’s internal political affairs. The event was purposefully scheduled to coincide with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a deliberate slight, and even threat.  

The US had backed Hong Kong’s opposition before, during, and now after their latest, violent attempts to impose their and their foreign backer’s agenda on the Chinese territory of Hong Kong. It is an overt display of contempt for both international law and norms regarding national sovereignty and the principles of non-interference and non-intervention as laid out in the UN Charter itself.  

While we shouldn’t hold our breath and wait for the UN itself to act against the United States, these facts must be pointed out not only in Hong Kong but everywhere the US is involved in attacking the political independence of a targeted nation – to end the illusion of legitimate political opposition so that these nations can quickly and effectively detain, try, and imprison those involved and avoid the bloodshed and destabilization that has partially consumed Hong Kong, or completely consumed nations like Libya, Syria, and Yemen. 

For China, its new security laws regarding Hong Kong were made possible by America’s arrogant and open support of the violence that consumed the territory for months. 

Image: US-funded Hong Kong agitator Joshua Wong (left) poses with US-backed Thai agitator Parit “Penguin” Chirawak (right) who flew all the way to Hong Kong to meet with Wong. It was recently revealed that Parit had also visited the US Embassy in Bangkok on at least two occasions and is now considered a “core” leader of anti-government mobs in Thailand. 

Other nations – like Thailand whose own US-funded opposition openly admires, has visited, and still coordinates with the remnants of Hong Kong’s opposition – must quickly expose and neutralize similar US interference so they can also enjoy the peace and stability now slowly returning to China’s territory of Hong Kong. Perhaps other targeted nations can do so with the help of nations like China who have successfully confronted and overcome US meddling. 


UN Report on Venezuela "Abuses" Written by Investigators Who Never Visited Venezuela

September 16, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci  – LD) – The Western media is touting the results of a so-called “Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” conducted through the United Nations. 

AFP in an article titled, “Venezuela president behind crimes against humanity: UN probe,” would claim: 

In their first report, a team of investigators tasked with probing a slew of alleged violations in Venezuela said they had found evidence that state actors, including President Nicolas Maduro, were behind serious international crimes.

It is only until the ninth paragraph that AFP finally admits (emphasis added): 

The three-person team was unable to visit Venezuela, but based their findings on 274 remote interviews with victims, witnesses, former state officials and others, and analysis of confidential documents, including legal case files. 

Other articles announcing the “investigation” including CNN’s “Venezuela’s government accused of committing crimes against humanity in UN report,” make no mention at all of the fact investigators never set foot in Venezuela before drawing their conclusions. 

Zero Credibility 

It would be unimaginable for police to never bother visiting a crime scene before carrying out and concluding an investigation based on ” remote interviews” with people who claimed to be witnesses. Likewise, it is unimaginable that any legitimate investigation into Venezuela’s internal political affairs can be conducted by “investigators” who never bothered to even visit the country. 

And of course, the UN investigation is not legitimate. Interviews and accusations are where investigations begin, not where they end. The collection of actual evidence is required to substantiate such claims – a collection of evidence the politically-motivated interests behind this latest investigation and its public promotion have no interest in carrying out.

UN “Investigation” Enables, Not Exposes Abuse  

As to why there are efforts to accuse Venezuela of “crimes against humanity” without carrying out a real investigation stem from ongoing efforts by Washington and its European allies to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and install their handpicked proxy Juan Guaido.

In addition to this blatant example of political interference in Venezuela’s internal political affairs – announcing an opposition figure “president” of a country outside of said nation’s own political processes –  the US has spent millions of dollars annually funding opposition groups in an attempt to undermine Venezuela’s political independence. 

The US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) own current webpage admits to extensively interfering in every imaginable aspect of Venezuela’s internal political affairs with funds directed at:

  • Building Strategic Capacity for Local Democratic Actors
  • Cohesive Strategic Communications
  • Defending Human Rights Victims
  • Developing Tools for Agile Communication
  • Empowering Citizens through Local and National Policy Dialogue
  • Facilitating Humanitarian Aid Relief
  • Formulating a Comprehensive Public Policy Reform Package
  • Fostering Scenario Planning and Strategic Analysis
  • Fostering Small Business Enterprise in Defense of Democracy and Free Markets
  • Improving Democratic Governance in Venezuela
  • Improving Local Democratic Governance
  • Leadership Empowerment and Socio-Political Participation
  • Monitoring Human Rights Conditions
  • Monitoring the Human Rights Situation
  • Promoting Access to Justice and Public Services
  • Promoting Checks and Balances
  • Promoting Citizen Journalism
  • Promoting Citizen Participation and Freedom of Expression
  • Promoting Democratic Governance
  • Promoting Democratic Values
  • Promoting Dialogue and Reconciliation
  • Promoting Freedom of Association
  • Promoting Freedom of Expression and Access to Information
  • Promoting Human Rights
  • Promoting Independent Journalism
  • Promoting Political Engagement and Advocacy
  • Promoting the Rule of Law
It is an extensive list of admitted interference the US itself would never tolerate another nation carrying out within America’s own internal political affairs. 

Curiously there is no ongoing UN investigation into the United States’ violations of the UN’s own Charter, Chapter 1, Article 2 which states: 

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

And there is no such investigation into Washington’s actions against Venezuela despite actual, documented evidence existing of America’s violations of international laws and norms. There is also a growing body of evidence of actual violence the US is sponsoring inside of Venezuela as well as open, admitted threats of violence made by Washington against Venezuela and its allies including the blockading and seizure of freight and tanker ships.  

Such “investigations” based entirely on hearsay are a common feature of US-sponsored regime change around the world. Similar “investigations” were carried out in Syria only to be later revealed as politically-motivated and even deceptive by whistleblowers. This latest “investigation” is simply one of many in which the US, its allies, and the Western media are abusing international institutions, transforming them from checks and balances and into political weapons and vehicles for their own self-serving propaganda. 

color revolutions Intelwars propaganda Thailand

Thai Protest Leader Anon Nampa Lies About US Funding

 Substantial documented evidence and even admissions by his organization’s own founder confirm the foreign funded nature of his “activism.” 

September 16, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Anon Nampa, billed by the Western media as a “core leader” of Thailand’s ongoing US-backed anti-government protests, has recently lied about receiving any money or support from the US government.

In a recent Thai/English interview with Pravit Rojanaphruk for Khaosod – a newspaper owned by the family of billionaire opposition leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit – he denied receiving any money from abroad. 

Pravit failed to show Anon Nampa documented evidence proving otherwise and instead simply repeated and reinforced Anon Nampa’s lie. 

Anon Nampa did – however – admit that he spends at least 100,000 Thai Baht a month on his political activities, but did not disclose who his donors were. For a point of reference, the average minimum wage worker in Thailand earns about 10,000 Thai Baht.  

Anon Nampa’s Thai Lawyers for Human Rights is US Funded  

Anon Nampa’s Frontline Defenders profile claims (emphasis added): 

Arnon Nampa is a human rights lawyer who volunteers with the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR). TLHR was established in 2014 to provide legal assistance to alleged violators of lèse-majesté and human rights defenders targeted by the authorities following the military coup of 22 May 2014. 

Anon Nampa’s organization – Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) – is listed as a recipient of US government money via the notorious US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and has been funded by the US government since it was created in 2014.

READ MORE: What is the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED)?

In 2014, the US NED listed TLHR by name – archived here – as receiving nearly 1 million Thai Baht a year. The NED Thailand 2014 page notes (emphasis added): 

Access to Justice and the Protection of Human Rights under Martial Law: To promote and protect human rights. The Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, hosted by the Union for Civil Liberty, will provide legal assistance to those affected by martial law rule. Activities will also include monitoring and documentation of human rights violations across the country.

TLHR being hosted by the Union for Civil Liberty (UCL) is important to note, because the US NED website has since deleted mention of TLHR and instead includes its funding under the UCL which receives a staggering 4 million baht a year from the US government. The UCL lists TLHR – among other US NED grantees – as a member of its union at the bottom of its official website.

TLHR’s Own Founder Admitted to Foreign Funding Multiple Times 

Admissions by TLHR staff itself in the past has made it clear the foreign-funded nature of its activities. 

The Bangkok Post in a 2016 article titled, “The lawyer preparing to defend herself,” would admit (emphasis added):

…[TLHR] receives all its funding from international donors including the EU, Germany and US-based human rights organisations and embassies of the UK and Canada.

In an interview with likewise US NED-funded media portal Prachatai titled,  “Interview with Head of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, on receiving human rights award from French Embassy,” TLHR founder Yaowalak Anupan would fully admit (emphasis added):

We have to thank many organizations which support us, such as iLaw, Cross Cultural Foundation, International Commission of Jurists, United Nations, European Union, British Embassy, Canadian Embassy, among others. 

It should be noted that iLaw (Internet Law Reform Dialogue) and Cross Cultural Foundation (page 31, PDF) are also both funded by the US NED and are listed on NED’s past and current Thailand webpages.  

There is absolutely no doubt that Thai Lawyers for Human Rights is funded by the US government via the National Endowment for Democracy – an organization created by the US government, funded annually by the US Congress, and overseen by both the Congress and the US State Department – according to its own “About Us” page and despite dishonest attempts to still portray itself as “nongovernmental” and “private.”  

Anon Nampa has lied blatantly to the Thai/English-speaking public. Pravit Rojanaphruk and Khaosod have helped repeat that lie – rather than confront Anon Nampa with the documented evidence and even TLHR’s own previous admissions confirming his organization is funded by the US government – among other foreign interests. 

While attempts might be made in the future to eventually excuse or explain this foreign funding by Anon Nampa, the fact that Anon Nampa and his supporters are now openly lying about it means they know what they are doing is wrong and are attempting to hide it from the public for as long as possible. 

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Twitter Censors Blog After Exposing US Funding Protests in Thailand

 September 15, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – After exposing US funding behind Thailand’s current anti-government protests and the US Embassy responding not once, but twice to growing awareness among the Thai public – Twitter moved to censor links to my Thai-centric blog, AltThaiNews

READ MORE: US Embassy Denies Funding Thai Protests Groups Listed on US NED’s Own Website

Attempts to post on Twitter any link from AltThaiNews results in an error message noting that the link was blocked because Twitter determined it was “harmful.” 

US Embassy denials of funding Thai anti-government organizations are as easy to debunk as simply visiting the US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) own official website and seeing core opposition groups listed directly on it.

The US NED is funding organizations supplying the protests with core leaders like Anon Nampa (listed as Union for Civil Liberty).

It is also funding organizations involved in calls to rewrite Thailand’s entire Constitution (listed as Internet Law Reform Dialogue also known as iLaw). 

The US NED is also funding media platforms promoting the protests on a daily basis (Foundation for Community Educational Media also known as Prachatai) as well as organizations that supply actual protesters to the rallies themselves (listed as Thai Poor Act also known as Assembly of the Poor).  

READ MORE: The Complete Guide: US Government Role in Thailand’s “Student Protests”

It is only a matter of time before similar measures are put into place on Facebook who together with Twitter banned my social media accounts on the same day in a coordinated act of censorship a while back. 

That blogs simply exposing information found on the US government’s own official websites is grounds for censorship on Twitter and Facebook demonstrates that these US-based tech giants function more as propaganda tools, methods of managing public perception, and even weapons of information warfare than actual social media platforms used to connect people and share information. 

The fact that Facebook and Twitter already censored me by deleting my accounts but still failed to prevent this information from reaching the public illustrates just how badly the West is losing the information war. The deleting of accounts, the blocking of links, and even Google erasing these blogs themselves will only lead to more innovative, effective, and most importantly – more determined efforts to overcome this censorship. 

Since Facebook and Twitter are managing their platforms as weapons of information warfare, nations outside of the US and more specifically those targeted by US coercion and pressure should consider restricting or removing these services entirely from their information space and replacing them with domestic alternatives. This will not only help protect national security and stability but will create jobs and income that were otherwise previously enjoyed mainly by Silicon Valley. 

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BREAKING: US-funded Front Supports Thai Terrorist Sympathizers

US government-funded “Thai Lawyers for Human Rights” openly defends Thai terrorist sympathizers who burned Bangkok down in 2010. 

September 14, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – The US government-funded front – Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) – funded since its creation in 2014 by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is at the center of current, ongoing anti-government protests in Thailand. 

TLHR’s lawyer Anon Nampa is a core leader of the protests themselves and TLHR uses its platform to provide free legal services to other protest leaders as well as its strong social media presence to promote rallies. It is regularly cited by the Western media regarding alleged “abuses” protesters claim they face as they deliberately break laws and are then arrested by Thai police. 

Today, however, this already troubling foreign-funded sedition took an even darker turn.

“Thai Lawyers for Human Rights” Supporting Terrorist Sympathizers

TLHR posted its support for a group of terrorist sympathizers who faced legal issues surrounding their desire to hold a memorial for disgraced Thai Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol also known as “Se Daeng.” TLHR would use a Thai language hashtag that roughly translates to “stop harassing the people” in defense of the terrorist sympathizers. 

Se Daeng openly led some 300 militants in 2010 known as “black shirts” in gun battles against Thai troops amid “red shirt” (also known as the UDD) rallies organized by billionaire fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. The violence left nearly 100 dead and Thailand’s capital of Bangkok in flames after a deliberate campaign of arson was carried out by his supporters. 

Australian newspaper The Age in an article, “‘Red Commander’ saw himself as Thai William Wallace,” would admit (emphasis added): 

Sawasdipol was formerly a Thai ranger and recruited many former rangers to be security guards for the UDD tented city in Bangkok.

In one recent interview he declared that he had 300 armed men trained for ”close encounters” and armed with M79 grenade launchers.

Reuters in its article, “Red means stop, and anger, in vibrant Thai protest,” would cite the red shirt’s official spokesman Sean Boonpracong, admitting (emphasis added): 

The red shirts’ international spokesman, Sean Boonpracong, told Reuters elements of the army are with their movement. They are known as “watermelons” — green on the outside but red in the middle — and they include the shadowy, black-clad men with military weapons that were seen at the April 10th crackdown.

Even though Human Rights Watch now denies any violence from among anti-government groups it is now clearly abusing its platform to support, its own 2011 report titled, “Descent into Chaos (.pdf)” would admit:

As the army attempted to move on the camp, they were confronted by well-armed men who fired M16 and AK-47 assault rifles at them, particularly at the Khok Wua intersection on Rajdamnoen Road. They also fired grenades from M79s and threw M67 hand grenades at the soldiers. News footage and videos taken by protesters and tourists show several soldiers lying unconscious and bleeding on the ground, as well as armed men operating with a high degree of coordination and military skills.

The HRW report would directly link the heavily armed militants to the red shirt protests by admitting (emphasis added): 

When the UDD refused to break up the protest camp on May 12, Abhisit withdrew his November election offer and warned of an imminent dispersal of the UDD camp.135 Kokaew Pikunthong, a UDD leader, warned on May 12 that a group of 400 to 500 hard-core militants under the control of Khattiya might resist any army attempt to retake the camp.

The same HRW report admitted that these same terrorists attacked journalists including storming the buildings of news agencies critical of the red shirt protests. The report noted (emphasis added): 

That afternoon, arsonists also tried to attack several media outlets that the UDD had criticized as being anti-Thaksin or anti-UDD, including Channel 3 television station, the Thai Post, Bangkok Post, and The Nation. They succeeded in attacking the Maleenont Tower complex, which houses the Channel 3 television station. Karuna Buakamsri, a Channel 3 news announcer, was live on-air when she was told her building was on fire. She later told Human Rights Watch how the presence of Black Shirts outside the burning building made it difficult to evacuate.

Karuna Buakamsri would note how the “black shirt” terrorists were firing war weapons outside her building, noting, “Black Shirts were outside with guns—they were burning cars in the parking lot.”


Khattiya “Se Daeng” Sawasdipol was clearly a terrorist. He mobilized hundreds of militants who carried out a spree of murder, mayhem, and arson across Bangkok that left scores dead including soldiers, police, innocent bystanders, journalists, and counter-protesters. 

There is nothing ambiguous about Se Daeng’s terrorism – those supporting him and what he did are terrorist sympathizers. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights is attempting to portray them as victims of political persecution rather than terrorist sympathizers whose activities would violate anti-terrorism laws in any country on Earth, including in the United States whose government funds TLHR’s activities in Thailand. 

Worst of all is that current so-called “student protests” are not only likewise funded by the US government – they are also backed by the same corrupt, violent billionaire-led opposition responsible for the red shirt protests in 2010. In fact, a look at any protest rally today in Thailand reveals Thaksin Shinawatra’s red shirts openly participating including literally donning their red shirts at “student” rallies. 

This must all be kept in mind when Thai police arrest these agitators – their foreign-funding, their history of violence, their support for terrorism, and the fact that they are now hiding behind “students” for an agenda that squarely focuses on returning Thaksin Shinawatra and his political nominees to power. 

The fact that the Western media continues to this day to depict Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters’ terrorism in 2010 as a “government crackdown” entirely omitting mention of armed elements among the protesters is a warning of just how dishonest they will likewise be when violence again breaks out during current protests.  

Finally, consider how troubling a US government-funded group like “Thai Lawyers for Human Rights'” activities are – hiding behind human rights advocacy while promoting violent terrorists who trampled human rights in the worst way possible – the taking of life amid politically-motivated violence. 

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Thai Protesters: The 4 Stages of Denying US Government Funding

From “our protests aren’t funded by anyone,” to “being a US colony is still better than our current government!” – how Thai protesters backpedal as evidence of US meddling emerges.  

September 14, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – As evidence continues to emerge that virtually every aspect of Thailand’s current anti-government protests are funded by the US government and aim at destabilizing the country in a bid to roll back Thai-Chinese relations – a pattern of backpedaling and denial has emerged from among protest supporters who had said for months, even years that opposition groups were “organic,” “self-organized,” and that protests were “spontaneous” and not funded by anyone. 

It is a 4 step process that ends with eventual, but rarely graceful, admission. 

1. “Our protests are organic, spontaneous, self-organized and are not funded by anyone.” 

This is a lie as easy to expose as simply visiting the US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) website and seeing virtually every core organization involved in leading the protests being funded by the US government.

This includes core leader Anon Nampa, a lawyer who works for Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) which was funded under its own name by the US NED in 2014 – archived here – and continues to be funded to this day under the Union for Civil Liberty (UCL). 

The UCL’s own website lists TLHR at the bottom as a member alongside several other US NED-funded fronts including Human Rights Lawyers Association, the Cross Cultural Foundation, and the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL). 

An organization called iLaw – listed on the US NED’s website as Internet Law Reform Dialogue – is organizing a petition nationwide to rewrite Thailand’s constitution. Its little tents, professionally printed banners, and staff collecting signatures can be found at virtually every protest – big or small – across the country meaning that it is always informed ahead of time of these “spontaneous” and “leaderless” rallies. 

The iLaw website also discloses its US NED funding (scroll down for English) – just in case skeptics don’t believe the US NED website is telling the truth. 

Media platforms promoting the protests day-to-day and whose content can be found in the timeline of any protester’s social media feed includes US NED-funded Prachatai. Not only is Prachatai funded millions of Thai Baht a year by the US NED, Prachatai’s executive director Chiranuch Premchaiporn is listed on the US NED’s website as an NED Fellow. 

Isaan Record and are also funded by the US NED and likewise provide lopsided coverage promoting ongoing anti-government protests in Thailand.

2. “Ok, the US NED funds Thailand’s anti-government protests, but the NED isn’t the US government.” 

The US NED was created by the US government, announced by US President Ronald Reagan on November 18, 1983, at Capitol Hill, Washington DC. 

On its own website the US NED admits it is “funded largely by the U.S. Congress” and is overseen by both the US Congress and the US State Department as it sends “support” to “groups abroad.” 

Claims that a US government created, funded, and overseen organization is a a “private, nonprofit foundation” or is “nongovernmental” is simply another way of saying the US government is laundering money it spends on foreign interference through the US NED first before it reaches agitators worldwide. 

An easy way to prove this and check one’s own Western bias is to simply imagine Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing the creation of a “private, nongovernmental organization” funded annually and overseen by the Kremlin that will support political groups abroad. Would anyone for a moment claim groups funded by this “private, nongovernmental organization” were not Russian government-funded just because Kremlin money passed through it first before reaching these groups? No – of course not.  

And in the very same way, groups funded by the US NED are most definitely US government-funded. The fact that the US attempts to conceal the origins of US government funding behind opposition groups in Thailand – a process best described as money laundering – is only further evidence that it knows what it is doing is wrong and that admitting it publicly would undermine efforts to interfere in Thailand’s internal political affairs. 

3. “So the NED is the US government, but the US just wants to help spread democracy.”

The US government does not want to help “spread democracy.” The US NED – chaired by representatives of America’s oil, arms, financial interests, and even war criminals – does not want to help “spread democracy.” The US has committed the worst crimes against humanity of the 21st century. 

Image: Elliot Abrams is an advocate for US wars abroad in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and even eventually against Iran. He is a war criminal. He is also a board member of the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 

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The invasions of Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003, Libya and Syria from 2011 onward has killed over a million people, displaced millions more, and has left an entire region of the planet spanning from North Africa to Central Asia in perpetual chaos. No other nation on Earth in modern times even comes close. 

The United States’ role in facilitating Saudi Arabia’s war on neighboring Yemen has created a catastrophe the UN itself calls “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” 

It should be noted that it was the US NED who helped fund and organize the protests that triggered the so-called 2011 “Arab Spring” which eventually led to multiple US wars of aggression across North Africa and the Middle East. 

The New York Times itself in its  article, “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” would admit the role of organizations like the US NED in training, equipping, and funding protests that eventually led to regional death, despair, irreversible economic destruction, and enduring destabilization. 

The NYT would admit (emphasis added):

A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington, according to interviews in recent weeks and American diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

It also noted: 

The Republican and Democratic institutes are loosely affiliated with the Republican and Democratic Parties. They were created by Congress and are financed through the National Endowment for Democracy, which was set up in 1983 to channel grants for promoting democracy in developing nations. The National Endowment receives about $100 million annually from Congress. Freedom House also gets the bulk of its money from the American government, mainly from the State Department.

Of all the things that “sprang” from the US-engineered US NED-funded “Arab Spring,” democracy wasn’t one of them. 

The US has predicated its most recent crimes against humanity on “humanitarian interventions” and spreading “freedom” and “democracy.” The US war on Iraq – sold on deliberate lies regarding alleged Iraqi possession of “weapons of mass destruction” – was literally codenamed “Iraqi Freedom.” 

So no, the US doesn’t just want to spread democracy. It is demonstratably spreading chaos and hegemony and many other things around the globe merely behind the smokescreen of “promoting democracy.” The US government’s role behind Thai protests is no different. 

4. “Being a colony of the United States is better than our current government!” 

If a Thai protester hasn’t simply refused to look at evidence or cursed you and stomped away while going through the first 3 stages of denying US government funding behind their mobs, this is the final and most extreme stage where their inability to simply admit they were wrong and that the protests they’ve invested themselves in were not what they thought – manifests itself in this extreme mania. 

They will insist that the US meddling in Thailand’s affairs – despite Washington’s many and egregious crimes against humanity or the fact that it in turn backs the very worst human rights offenders in Thailand itself in the form of fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra and his abusive, violent political machine – is still somehow better than the current government or Thailand’s growing ties with China.

It is the most irrational of all the stages because human nature makes it so difficult for any individual to simply admit they were mistaken and reverse their position. But their arrival at this stage will reveal to the vast majority of Thailand and the world’s public that the protests and the people supporting them are not of sound judgement, are extremely dishonest, extremists themselves, and their cause is in no way just. 

Without even the illusion of legitimacy it will become very difficult for these protests to sustain themselves. It also makes it much easier for the Thai government to arrest the protest’s leadership and dismantle the foreign-funded fronts involved in organizing the unrest before the inevitable escalation toward violence all US-funded mobs aspire toward. 

If the protesters did not want to arrive at this juncture, they should have picked their cause, leaders, organizers, and sponsors much more carefully. And for those that knew all along the US was behind their opposition groups, they need only look at Hong Kong and how US NED-funded agitators there not only failed, but how the US abandoned them once they did. 

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Poll: 85% of Thais Aware of Foreign Interests Backing Anti-Government Protests

Most are aware of US government meddling. 92.2% fear mobs will destroy Thailand’s economy. 

September 13, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Thailand’s largest newspaper, Thai Rath, published the results of a SUPER POLL survey (Thai language) indicating that the vast majority of Thais – at 85% – are aware of foreign support of ongoing anti-government mobs. 

With a sample size of 1,575 people, the poll also indicated that 92.2% feared the continued unrest would impact the Thai economy hard, particularly as the nation – and the world – is still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. 

Regarding pictures of student protest leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak visiting the US embassy multiple times – 85.2% believe it damaged both his own image and that of the Thai nation. 

A majority – 75.1% – believe that foreign interests seek to attack and undermine Thailand’s key institutions in a bid to divide and render the country into chaos. 

The Thai Rath article also noted that the protests are likely linked to a much wider “foreign” nation’s trade war in Asia. 

While Thai Rath never mentions the US by name, irrefutable evidence has exposed virtually every core organization behind ongoing anti-government protests in Thailand are funded by the US government via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 

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The US has made it clear that it seeks to confront, encircle, and contain China in order to maintain what former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once called, “America’s Pacific Century.” 

Nation’s like Thailand count China as its largest trade partner, largest foreign investor, largest source of tourism, now its largest arms supplier, and a key partner in major infrastructure projects including the use of Huawei technology for Thailand’s 5G roll out and a regional high-speed rail network already under construction in China, Laos, and Thailand. 

Attempts by current US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and even the US ambassador to Thailand to recruit nations like Thailand into Washington’s united front against China have gone categorically ignored. 

While US-funded protests seizing power is less likely, the destabilization of Thailand politically and economically – and thus the undermining of benefits it shares with China – is all but guaranteed. It is both a form of coercion and punishment for Thailand’s reluctance to join US efforts to undermine China’s regional and global rise. It is also America’s only remaining method of containing China – a slash and burn of the entire region as it has just done in North Africa and the Middle East following the US-engineered “Arab Spring.” 

Continuing to raise awareness of how the US government and Thailand’s billionaire-led opposition are behind current anti-government protests in Thailand is important. 

That Thailand’s population is increasingly aware of US efforts to destroy their country and their understanding of the true nature behind current protests is the first step in effectively managing them. Cues from Russia and China who have successfully uprooted similar networks of subversion and even terrorism sponsored by the US within their respective borders serve as effective templates to deal with similar US-funded agitators in Thailand.

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US Embassy Denies Funding Thai Protests Groups Listed on US NED’s Own Website

The US Embassy has once again denied involvement in Thailand’s ongoing anti-government “student” protests – despite virtually every core group involved being funded by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy. 

September 11, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – The US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand has been forced for a second time in a month to address growing evidence of its role behind current ongoing anti-government “student” protests.

This time, it is defending pictures turning up online of core protest leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s visits to the US Embassy in 2016 and 2018. An article by Thai-based English language newspaper The Nation in its article, “US Embassy dismisses claims it supports protesters,” would claim:

Allegations in the Thai media that the United States is supporting anti-government protesters were firmly rejected by the US Embassy in Bangkok on Thursday.

The allegations stem from photographs of student leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak meeting then-US ambassador Glyn Davies on a visit to the embassy in 2016.

The article also claimed (emphasis added):

In its statement, the US Embassy said: 

“Ambassadors and Embassy personnel regularly meet with a broad cross section of Thai nationals, not just with students and youth, but also with government, military, business and other leaders. Such meetings do not imply endorsement of any views.”

It went on to reject accusations it was supporting the ongoing protests. 

Yet this is a categorical lie and a lie as easy to expose as simply visiting the US government’s notorious regime change arm, the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED)‘s own official website for programs it funds in Thailand.

The US NED itself is funded annually through an appropriation from US Congress and subject to US Congressional and US State Department oversight – according to its own website. It disperses US government money to programs interfering in the internal political affairs of nations around the globe and is actively facilitated by US embassies worldwide.

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In Thailand, the US NED is funding several core organizations leading current anti-government protests. The US Embassy – who has since 2014 organized NED events in the country aimed specifically at creating “youth” movements involved in Thailand’s internal political affairs – is denying US government funding openly listed on its own US NED website.

US Government Funds Virtually Every Aspect of  Thailand’s Current Protests 

Virtually every aspect of the current anti-government protests in Thailand are funded by the US government.

Core Leadership: Core leader Anon Nampa’s Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) has been funded since its creation in 2014 by the US government via the US NED.

The US NED’s webpage for programs and organizations it is funding in Thailand had openly listed TLHR as a recipient of US money in 2014 – archived here. It has since funded TLHR through the Union for Civil Liberty (UCL) whose website lists TLHR at the bottom as a member. The UCL is listed on the NED’s current Thailand page

TLHR’s own staff would at one time admit that all of their funding comes from foreign governments. The Bangkok Post in a 2016 article titled, “The lawyer preparing to defend herself,” would admit (emphasis added):

…[TLHR] receives all its funding from international donors including the EU, Germany and US-based human rights organisations and embassies of the UK and Canada.

US government-funded TLHR – in addition to supplying Anon Nampa as a core protest leader – also provides free legal aid to other protest members and uses its platform to daily promote anti-government activities. Virtually every protester or anti-government voice online as well as the Western media follows, cites, and on social media shares TLHR’s daily statements and claims. 

Thai Constitution Rewrite: One of the three demands made by “student protesters” has been the rewriting of the Thai constitution. To facilitate this, an organization funded by the US NED calling itself Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw) has organized a nationwide petition drive to sponsor a motion to rewrite the Thai constitution.

iLaw lists its US government funding on its own website here, and it is listed on the US NED’s official website here under, “Internet Law Reform Dialogue.”

iLaw has organized booths at virtually every rally – big or small – around the entire country meaning that despite claims that the rallies are “self-organized,” “spontaneous,” and “organic” – US government-funded iLaw seems to know where and when each one will be and with enough time to organize a booth with professionally printed banners, signage, and staff to collect signatures for a constitution rewrite.

Imagine a Russian government-funded organization organizing a petition inside the US to rewrite America’s constitution and the US Embassy’s reaction to that. It would be easily conceived as nothing short of an act of war and is the best “test” to illustrate just how transparently dishonest the US Embassy in Bangkok’s denials of meddling in Thailand’s internal affairs really are.

Pro-Opposition Media: The US government via the NED also funds some of the largest opposition media platforms including Prachatai whose daily updates and claims about the protests are shared widely by those participating in and supporting the protests.

Prachatai is listed on the official US NED website as, “Foundation for Community Educational Media,” and Prachatai’s director is listed as an NED “fellow” on the NED’s own website
While some attempt to claim that the US NED is independent of the US government despite receiving its funding from it and being overseen by both the US Congress and the US State Department, the fact that US Embassy staff including US ambassadors regularly “check up” on US NED investments illustrates just how close these organizations are kept on their respective leashes by their foreign sponsors. 
Opposition “Academics:” There are a number of supposed “academics” involved in supporting Thailand’s ongoing protests. Virtually all of them are either funded directly by the US government or are recipients of US government-funded scholarships or “study” and “research” programs.
This includes US NED-funded Cafe Democracy/Book Re:Public’s Pinkaew Laungaramsri and Nidhi Eoseewong of Chiang Mai University. In the direct aftermath of the 2014 coup, Pinkaew in an e-mail group would openly admit she would seek to solicit US government involvement in Thailand’s internal political affairs to pressure the new government, claiming: 

I have written to several donors who fund activities of Book Re:public (USAID and OSF) to see if they can do anything to help out in this situation. Although it might not have much impact since the military seems to don’t care to listen to anyone, we still hope that international pressure would at least help make it difficult for the military junta to continue their aggressive treatment towards people.

Pinkaew and Nidhi’s “Cafe Democracy/Book Re:Public” regularly hosts staff from the US Consulate in Chiang Mai – something they proudly brag about on their social media page. 

Other “academics” like Janjira_Sombatpoonsiri who regularly oppose the current Thai government and use their academic credentials to boost the credibility of protests – are involved in research programs funded by US government money through the US State Department as well as through the US military. 
Her biography provided by the Washington DC-based International Center on Nonviolent Conflict notes that: 

She has also published op-eds in Matichon newspaper,,, and The Conversation Global. Currently, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is supporting her research exploring issues such as new civic activism and civic networks against democracy in Thailand.

In other words, Janjira writes pleasant things about the Thai opposition and smears anyone supporting the government she herself in her op-eds regularly attacks – and does so under the cover of her academic titles. 
Matichon has been owned by billionaire opposition leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit’s family for years. is openly listed above as a US NED funded platform. And the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is funded by – according to its own website – convicted financial criminal George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the British government, NATO, US Pacific Command, and the US State Department itself. 
The evidence of US interference in Thailand’s internal political affairs and its involvement in bolstering anti-government groups specifically is overwhelming. And for those still not convinced that there is anything wrong with what the US government through the NED is doing in Thailand – just imagine another country funding similar programs, organizations, and opposition groups inside the US and what Washington’s reaction would be to it. 
US Involvement in Every Aspect of Thai Protests is No Coincidence  
The United States is a nation that has – since the beginning of 21st century – invaded and occupied multiple nations – murdering the members of sitting governments, replacing them with hand-selected client regimes – and has done so everywhere from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Syria. 
The US is also currently involved in arming, training, repairing the weapons of, and assisting in intelligence collection for Saudi Arabia in its war on neighboring Yemen – a conflict the UN itself refers to as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. 
These are all examples of US “hard power” – or direct and indirect military intervention. 
The US also wields instruments of “soft power” with the last US Ambassador to Thailand – Glyn Davies – being specifically trained in, “non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies” – or in other words the use of movements precisely like the one the US government is funding and backing in Thailand now. 
The goal is to pressure or remove the current Thai government – as well as the political order it represents including institutions like the monarchy, military, and courts – and replace it with institutions and political parties that will serve US interests. This specifically is aimed at rolling back growing Thai-Chinese relations. 
China is currently Thailand’s largest trade partner, largest foreign investor, largest source of tourism, largest arms provider – replacing the US, and involved in several key infrastructure projects including a high-speed rail link that will better enable the flow of people and goods to and from China. 
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just openly declared US involvement in the region is aimed at confronting China. Bloomberg in a recent article titled, “Pompeo Urges Southeast Asia to Cut Ties With ‘Bully’ China Firms,” would note: 

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo called on Southeast Asian countries to review ties with Chinese state-owned enterprises, stepping up pressure on Beijing over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

“Don’t just speak up, but act,” Pompeo said during a virtual summit with foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Thursday. “Reconsider business dealings with the very state-owned companies that bully Asean coastal states in the South China Sea. Don’t let the Chinese Communist Party walk over us and our people.”

Of course – the US isn’t going to just make empty demands. Southeast Asia is more than happy to continue doing business with China and is actively seeking to expand ties year-to-year. US demands will be – and demonstratably are – backed by active measures to pressure or even oust disobedient Southeast Asian governments who refuse to heed US demands that in no way serve the best interests of Asia.
The current Thai political order has repeatedly refused to be dragged into the US confrontation with China over the South China Sea. It has also refused other US demands including those regarding suspected Uyghur terrorists Bangkok would extradite to China instead of allowing them to travel onward to Turkey and Syria as demanded by Washington. Months later a bombing in downtown Bangkok carried out by US NATO-linked Turkish-Uyghur terrorists would kill 20.  
Today, US-funded agitators are openly attempting to oust the current government, rewrite Thailand’s constitution, and place into power members of Thailand’s corrupt billionaire-led opposition who have openly declared their intent to roll back Thai-Chinese ties including the threatened cancellation of the Thai-Chinese high-speed railway already under construction and the slashing of Thailand’s military budget to stem Thai-Chinese arms deals. 
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The US Embassy in Bangkok can lie about facts documented on the very websites of US government-funded organizations behind core Thai protest groups – just like it lied about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, “human rights abuses” in places like Libya and Syria where the US sought to militarily intervene, and lies daily about nations like Russia and China.

But people can choose to think for themselves, go to the US NED’s own website, look at documented evidence of the US government funding core protest groups – and ask them why the US Embassy is lying about it – and what Thailand as a nation should do about this foreign interference and the Thais and foreign expats willingly serving as accomplices toward it. 

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Thai Agitator Who Visited US Embassy Numerous Times Vows "Major Rally" in Bangkok

September 10, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak – who had visited the US Embassy at least twice since beginning his protests after the 2014 coup and to specifically meet with US Ambassador Glyn Davies – a specialist in “non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies” – now vows to “lead” a major rally in Bangkok on September 19.

He has openly stated he will pick a venue specifically where political activity is prohibited. This is deliberately to provoke a confrontation the protest’s sponsors have long-desired. 

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Virtually every aspect of the protests Parit “leads” is funded by the US government primarily through its regime-change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – a fact as easy to verify as simply visiting the US NED’s own official website where up to 18 programs and organizations are listed – all of whom are involved in activities related to Thailand’s internal political affairs.

US NED funding involves everything from organizations forming the current protest’s core leadership, to organizing petitions to rewrite Thailand’s constitution, to promoting the protests across the media, to even filling up the protests with people.

US-funded Orgs Will Lead, Facilitate the Demands of, and even Bring People to Rally

Another core leader, Anon Nampa, is a lawyer for “Thai Lawyers for Human Rights” (TLHR) which has been funded since its creation in 2014 by the US NED. It was listed under its own name in 2014 – archived here – and has since been funded under the Union for Civil Liberty whose website lists TLHR as a member at the bottom of its page. 
TLHR not only supplies the protests with a core leader, but also provides legal aid to other protest leaders, and uses its online presence to promote rally times, dates, and locations. 
One of the main demands of these protests includes rewriting Thailand’s constitution. The US NED-funded front Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw) has been organizing a nationwide petition to sponsor a motion to do so with booths set up at each and every protest venue – big or small. US NED-funded iLaw has selected the September 19 rally as the deadline for its petition drive. 
The US NED’s own website lists iLaw as “Internet Law Reform Dialogue” and iLaw itself admits it is funded by the US government via the NED on its “about us” page. A foreign-funded organization engaged in activities to rewrite the Thai constitution constitutes political interference in violation of international laws and norms – laws and norms the US itself would not allow to be infringed upon in regards to its own internal political affairs. 
Attending the rally to help swell its ranks will be members of the Assembly of the Poor. It too is funded by the US NED and is listed as “Thai Poor Act” on the NED’s official website.  
Leading up to and including during the September 19 rally both promoting the event and providing lopsidedly positive coverage will be a network of US NED-funded media organizations including Prachatai, The 101 Percent, Isaan Record, and Benar News. 
Not only is Prachatai funded by the US NED but its director Chiranuch Premchaiporn is listed on the US NED’s own website as a “Fellow.” 
US Interference in Thailand One of Many US Interventions Worldwide
It is not a coincidence that every organization involved in current anti-government protests in Thailand are either funded by the US government or has met repeatedly with representatives of the US government at the US Embassy in Bangkok or through the US Consulate in Chiang Mai. 
It is part of a much wider pattern of Washington’s global campaign of political, economic, and even military interventions – from North Africa and the Middle East where NED-funded protests led directly to US military intervention to Hong Kong where US-funded protesters carried out a violent campaign of vandalism, arson, and attacks on public property and perceived political enemies. 

Not only is every aspect of current protests in Thailand linked to US government interference, many of these protesters coordinate with US-funded protests in Hong Kong. Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak himself had travelled to Hong Kong to meet Joshua Wong and Nathan Law – two US proxies who literally flew to Washington D.C. to ask for and receive from the US government support for their ongoing subversion against China. 
When, Not If: All US-Backed Mobs Resort to Violence
Fears that Parit’s September 19 rally may seek to provoke violence is rooted in Parit’s open support of billionaire fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra, his various political parties – including Thanathorn’s Future Forward/Move Forward – and Thaksin’s violent street front known as the “red shirts.” The red shirts had carried out campaigns of violence in 2009 and 2010. The latter would see the use of war weapons triggering gun battles in the capital that left nearly 100 dead and billions of dollars in damages from subsequent arson. 
Parit has met with red shirt leaders and has participated in red shirt rallies. His “student protest” is in reality nothing more than a rebranding to give the current protests a “clean slate” in the eyes of a poorly informed international audience – but serve the interests of billionaire fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra, his political machine, and a US seeking to place them into power as an alternative to the current Beijing-leaning Thai government. 
While it is not certain there will be any sort of violence at the upcoming rally, it should be noted that this opposition comes from a position of weakness and the current government could simply play for time as the opposition’s weakness grows. To accelerate events and attract “international” – read: Western – pressure, violence will be a necessary component. In this age of cameras everywhere the ability to portray staged violence as a “crackdown” will depend entirely on the Western media’s ability to control the narrative. 
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Thai "Student" Protest Leader Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak Visited US Embassy At Least Twice (UPDATE)

Thai agitator discusses Thailand’s internal affairs with representatives of the US – a nation guilty of the worst crimes against humanity of the 21st century including serial regime change operations.

September 9, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – According to Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s own Facebook account, he has visited the US Embassy on at least two occasions.

He visited once in 2016 and again in 2018. Both times he met with US Ambassador Glyn Davies who while at the US National War College specialized in, “non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies,” or in other words, the sort of subversive interference the US government is now engaged in by funding virtually every aspect of the current, ongoing protests Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak “leads.” 
The US government through its notorious regime change arm the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is funding everything from forming the current protest’s leadership, to organizing petitions to rewrite Thailand’s constitution, to promoting the protests across the media, to even filling up the protests with people
The funding can be found directly on the US NED’s own official website here

It has been revealed that while ambassador at the US Embassy, Glyn Davies conducted NED activities in Thailand – and in particular – promoting “youth” movements trained to involve themselves in Thailand’s 2019 general election using identical language now forming the foundation of current protest talking points.

Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak admits that at least one invitation came to him via e-mail. One wonders what other emails he and others involved in current protests – including verified recipients of US government money – are receiving from the US Embassy and related agencies regarding ongoing efforts to remove the current government and rewrite Thailand’s constitution. 
Also disturbing is Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s visit to Hong Kong where he met likewise US government-funded agitators there including Joshua Wong and Nathan Law – both of whom literally flew to Washington D.C. to testify before and receive aid from the US government. 
Not only did Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’ visit these agitators in Hong Kong – he and other Thai protesters openly coordinate online to promote each other’s political activities in what is known as the “Milk Tea Alliance” leveraging US-based social media platforms and coordinated, manipulative inauthentic behavior to create the illusion of massive support for their respective as well as collective political causes. 
At the moment, it is difficult to identify funding from the US government directly to Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak and his “Student Union of Thailand” (SUT) or funding from Thailand’s corrupt, billionaire-led opposition whom he openly supports. But his repeated visits to the US Embassy and his role in protests organized by US government-funded organizations further illustrates how these protests represent foreign interference merely dressed up as “pro-democracy” rallies. 
It also reveals characters like Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak as unwitting puppets of these foreign interests at best, and willing agents of foreign-funded sedition at worst. 
It’s extremely likely the Thai government has long known all of this information meaning that it has exercised extreme patience and tolerance for a movement that would never – for a moment – be tolerated in the US were a foreign government funding groups aiming to overthrow the political order in Washington.  
For people like Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak – he must consider the implications of discussing Thailand’s internal affairs with representatives of the US – a nation that has committed the worst crimes against humanity of the 21st century including the invasion and occupation of multiple nations – i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen – as well as funding violent regime change across the planet from Venezuela to Ukraine – and now including in Thailand amid protests he himself is involved in. 

Extra Resources: More images and the Thai/English text of Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s gushing description of his trip to the US Embassy below…

Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s First Visit to the US Embassy: (Translation by Google) 
A few days ago, I received an email from American Embassy Officer stating that I was honored by Mr. Glin Davies, the Ambassador of Thailand and his wife invited him to discuss youth issues with 7-8 Youth Driver.
So this morning, I was the first time I tied a tie to a suit out of the house. I took a motorcycle from BTS Ploenchit along the radio road to the front of the ambassador’s home. I walked in with another lady. Security staff checked our national ID card a little before inviting us. Walking down a short road straight into a classic wooden building in the middle of a big lawn.
When we both reached the doorstep, an American Ambassador, a tall, big figure came out to us and took us on the second floor. When I walked up, I saw a group of Thai people who joined the meeting before standing with the man. Americans wear blue suits around their fifties, gently crowned with a bright blue suit and two other American ambassadors.
The man was ?? Glynn Davies the same American ambassador to the Sri Siam women’s group protested a few days ago.
The ambassador invited me to shake hands, greet us, talk to each other. He asked for many raw health substances, but alas in English, I was not strong enough to listen to all the questions, understand all. In fact, it was more nervous than I smiled at my face. Let’s get bored and tell the ambassador that I don’t communicate in English.
Ambassador smiled at me and understood that it’s okay. We talked about the activities I did for a while before he welcomed another new guest. Ambassador and Mr. Jacqueline. Your wife invited us to sit on a couch around a big wooden table with a set of snacks lined up. As we sat down, another group of staff poured us some tea and the conversation began.
The ambassador asked us to introduce myself to him. So he asked me to introduce myself first. I introduced myself as Secretary-General Education Group for Thai Youth Power Activist. When the introduction ended, we began to talk about various issues we divided. About the role of the US in development of Thai education, according to the words of the U.S. ambassador tries to position as a supporter of Thailand’s development. As Thailand will be central to ASEAN, we try to offer possible ways that America will improve the opportunity to learn English for Thai children. Whether it’s an interesting support of English Entertainment Media, empowerment, foreign teachers, and more scholarships for Thai students.
We discussed many things, gender equality, social media, mental freedom, English language freedom, ASEAN hospitality preparation and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). I certainly didn’t miss to fill the topic of connectivity. Integrated with Civic Education for sure.
Truthfully, the point we spoke to each other wasn’t in detail, but it was an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Today’s conversation made me know the humanity of Ambassador Davies more. He was a low speaker. And answer every conversation we speak with. When he talks to the band, he breaks his eyes and sees everyone thoroughly. And when he speaks to someone, including me, his eyes, he looks at me in those eyes of Mr Davies. I saw a hawk flipping wings from the eyes. I thought he was a ?? gangster ?? when he was a deep, polite, but powerful, pious. There was some power in me. I thought this power was the ambassador. Weis read the statement with the front of Minister Don Pramat, central discipline, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
But his horror is that he is too pious. So pious that I cannot foresee what he is thinking in his mind. However, we both know that there is no sincerity in the diplomacy. Such a pity that we have learned. Ambassador Davies for only 2 hours. Otherwise I would have understood many things more.
No matter how sincere the U.S. is to help develop our education. At least it’s better to have friends than to have enemies. Especially friends who at least care about human rights shouldn’t be cut off. And at the end, the most important thing from meeting the ambassador today is.
P.S. I forgot to remove the shirt guy. So embarrassed.
P.S. 2 cheesecake is really yummy
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????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ????????? STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Civic Education ??????
????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????? ????????????????? “??????” ????? ???????????? ???????????????? ????????? ??????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????
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??.2 ???????????????? ? ??
ASEAN ASIA China Intelwars Thailand

New US Ambassador Seeks to Drag Thailand into US-China Conflict

September 9, 2020 (Joseph Thomas – NEO) – The English-language Bangkok Post helped reveal Washington’s growing obsession with Beijing and its attempts to drag Thailand into the middle of its conflict during an interview with the newly appointed US ambassador to Thailand, Michael DeSombre. 

In an article titled, “US turns focus to South China Sea,” the Bangkok Post claims:

Early this month, China held a five-day naval drill near the contested Paracel Islands. Then the US carried out military exercises in the waterway showing support for the free and open Indo-Pacific, as the South China Sea has been subject to overlapping claims by many countries, including China.

 The article then claims:

In an interview with the Bangkok Post, US Ambassador Michael George DeSombre said the US had carried out its military engagement in support of freedom.

“That is what we have done in the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. That is the role we see our military provides in promoting freedom around the world and ensuring other countries have the ability to be sovereign, safe and secure, which is the foundation of our Indo-Pacific strategy,” he said.

This fantastical claims made by the newly appointed US ambassador flew in the face of facts, both in historical and contemporary terms. The new ambassador also never convincingly explained what Washington’s fixation over China had to do with Thailand or what Thailand would gain by supporting the US against Thailand’s largest and most important economic partner.

While another Thailand-based English-language newspaper, The Nation, conducted a similar interview, it included a clear graph illustrating that China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in Thailand was over 13 times larger than the United States’, perhaps letting economic realities speak where Nation reporters were too polite to point out the increasingly quixotic nature of US foreign policy.

The US Tramples National Sovereignty Worldwide, Not Defends it 

In historical terms, it was at the end of the Spanish-American War mentioned by US Ambassador DeSombre in the Bangkok Post that the United States transformed the Philippines into a literal US colony.

The US military brutally put down various attempts afterward at achieving Philippine independence from America including during the Philippine-American War (1899-1902) in which the US used torture and genocide to maintain its grip over the Southeast Asian nation.

Nothing could have been further from “ensuring other countries have the ability to be sovereign, safe, and secure.”

Today, the United States militarily (and illegally) occupies the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

It also carries out deadly drone strikes in Pakistan and Somalia as well as across much of North and Central Africa. The nation of Libya remains destabilised to this day after a US-led war there succeeded in toppling the Libyan government by force.

Concurrently the US is openly attempting to overthrow the governments of Iran and Venezuela after having successfully overthrown the government of Ukraine in 2014.

Beyond open invasion, occupation and subversion, the US also maintains a global network of political interference through US government-funded organisations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), its subsidiaries the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) as well as the U.S. Agency for Global Media which maintains US state media operations like Voice of America and Radio Free Asia.

These networks undermine national sovereignty by propping up pro-US opposition groups and even entire political parties during foreign elections in which these groups represent US interests rather than the interests of the nation and people actually holding the elections. Groups funded and/or promoted by these US organisations are also used to pressure and coerce targeted governments regarding US interests.

It is the sort of interference the US has often cited (with little or no evidence) as a pretext to level sanctions and other forms of punishment against its opponents, but interference the US itself openly engages in around the globe.

Rounding off America’s full-spectrum war on national sovereignty worldwide is its regular use of economic warfare and more specifically sanctions to coerce friend and foe alike to adopt policies conducive to US interests.

This includes sanctions aimed at Russia for spoiling various US regime change wars including in Syria, sanctions aimed at Germany (a supposed US ally) for jointly constructing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Russia and various sanctions aimed at both China and its economic partners including a much more specific economic war focused on Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

Again, nothing could be further from “ensuring other countries have the ability to be sovereign, safe, and secure” if the largest, most powerful nation on earth hangs invasion, subversion and sanctions over the heads of all if its dictates are not heeded. 

US Ambassador DeSombre indulges in an obvious contradiction between his claims over the US role around the globe and more specifically in Asia-Pacific, and what the US is actually doing around the globe.

This includes within Thailand itself where the US government currently funds opposition groups who have recently been carrying out protests aimed at removing the current Thai government from power. This is also not mentioned by the Bangkok Post, not in this most recent article, nor in any other article.

The US Remains Biggest Threat to Asia-Pacific Stability

The Bangkok Post would cite US Ambassador DeSombre who attempted to frame how US policy in the region somehow served Thailand’s interests, claiming:

The ambassador said the US is now focusing attention on the South China Sea to make sure that Beijing does not illegally extend its control over the waterway. 

“That is an important area for Thailand because Thailand, although not a claimant in the South China Sea, depends upon the freedom of navigation for exports of about 80% of your GDP, so export and import flows through a naval situation that is not free and open would be problematic,” he said.

This is a bid to justify continued attempts by Washington to coerce nations like Thailand into taking up a more confrontational stance against China.

However, in addition to China’s massive FDI in Thailand, China is also Thailand’s largest trading partner both in terms of imports and exports. China has also boosted Thailand’s tourism industry, with over 10 million Chinese tourists visiting Thailand a year, a number larger than that of tourists arriving in Thailand from all other Western nations combined.

China is also an increasingly important military partner from which Thailand is buying hardware to replace its aging inventory of US-made military equipment. Recent Thai purchases of Chinese military equipment include dozens of VT4 main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles as well as the jointly-developed DTI-1 guided missile system.

There are also plans for purchasing Thailand’s first modern submarines from China.

Thailand and China have also begun to conduct joint military exercises inside Thailand, balancing the annual Thai-US “Cobra Gold” drills carried out since the 1980s.

Beyond trade and military ties, Thailand is a key partner of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). A joint Thai-Chinese high speed rail line that will ultimately connect China, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia is already under construction.

Thailand thus has absolutely no reason to “confront” China or worry about China cutting off Thai trade (trade China itself depends on).

Only US posturing and US-led conflict in the region could disrupt Thailand’s economic growth.

Already, the US trade war with China has impacted Thai business both domestically and abroad.

US pressure on China in places like Xinjiang where the US government funds and backs militant separatists has spilled over in Thailand with suspected terrorists using Thai territory for transit to hotspots like Syria and terrorists carrying out attacks in Thailand as punishment for Thailand extraditing suspected terrorists back to China in defiance of US demands.

It is the above mentioned network of US political interference and media-might that has been mobilised to first put pressure on Thailand for cooperating more closely with China and when that fails, to shame Thailand while excusing and spinning the terrorism and political subversion Washington aids as punishment for doing so.

Thailand Wants to Stay Out of Washington’s “Great Power” Game with Beijing 

Thailand’s only incentive to heed US Ambassador DeSombre’s call for support against China in the South China Sea and elsewhere is to avoid further US interference aimed at Thailand’s political and economic stability. But by doing so, Thailand would be walking down a blind alley.

This is why Thailand is likely to continue paying polite lip-service to US demands while patiently weathering various methods of US coercion until US influence in Asia-Pacific is sufficiently declined to where it is no longer a threat to either Thailand or the many nations in Asia-Pacific Thailand primarily does business with.

In the meantime, Thailand will continue building its many and multiplying ties with China while balancing these ties with its ASEAN neighbours as well as more reliable alternatives like Russia.

Thailand would also benefit from cooperating more closely with other targets of US coercion to gradually displace US interference while at the same time encouraging more constructive ties with individual US companies capable of doing business in the region without strings attached.

While the Thai government is too polite and too diplomatic to point out US Ambassador DeSombre’s hypocrisy and the true agenda he represents, it is nonetheless important that the public understands what the US is really talking about when it claims it is defending the ability for nations to “be sovereign, safe and secure” in a world otherwise torn apart by the US tramping national sovereignty and triggering crises undermining global safety and security everywhere from South America, North Africa and the Middle East to Central Asia and the South China Sea.

Finally, it is interesting that the US ambassador to Thailand is fixated on a policy that is almost entirely China-centric. The selfishness of US foreign policy even at face value as expressed by US Ambassador Michael DeSombre says all that’s left to say about how the US views Thailand. To Washington, Thailand is a mere means to an end, and an end that involves Washington’s conflict with Beijing concluding in Washington’s favour and at everyone else’s (including Thailand’s) expense. 

Joseph Thomas is chief editor of Thailand-based geopolitical journal, The New Atlas and contributor to the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.  

ASIA color revolutions Intelwars propaganda Thailand

Thailand’s "Youth Protests" Made in USA

US repeats “soft power” strategy targeting youths used to destroy North Africa and the Middle East amid the “Arab Spring” in 2011 to target China-friendly nations in Asia today.  

September 8, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD-ATN) – Imagine the reaction if the Russian government funded programs and events for years inside the US to create youth groups indoctrinated in support of Moscow’s interests – particularly in regards to voting in US elections and the shaping of the US government itself. 

It would be considered up to and including an act of war, with Russian-funded organizations in the US dismantled, those involved jailed for sedition and even treason, and heavy penalties leveled against Russia directly.

Yet the United States itself has been engaged in these very activities for years – directly interfering in the internal political affairs of targeted nations around the globe. 

READ MORE: The Complete Guide: US Government Role in Thailand’s “Student Protests”

“Youth” groups directly invovled in current protests across Asia – from Hong Kong to Thailand – propped up by US government money are the result of years of US efforts to recruit, indoctrinate, and turn the region’s youth against incumbent governments – especially those with close ties to China. 

Washington “Youth” Brand in Thailand

The Western media and their Thai partners have helped build up the “youth” brand of recent anti-government protests in Thailand. 

Despite Thailand’s billionaire-led opposition and the US government itself being behind virtually every aspect of the current protests – they are still described as “youth-led,” “self-organized,” “organic,” and “spontaneous.” 

Of course, with major rallies – including one supposedly organized by secondary school children – featuring expensive stages, professionally printed banners, ribbons, flags, and clothing, promoted by US government-funded media platforms across US-based social media platforms, and serving the interests of opposition parties led by aging billionaires – there is obviously nothing youthful, self-organized, organic, or spontaneous about any of them. 

But where did this “youth” brand come from? 

One of the Thai “youth” leaders – Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak – visiting the US Embassy in 2016 provides a clue. 

In fact, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s visit was just part of a much wider strategy by the US government to manipulate and leverage not only Thailand’s youth, but young people across all of Southeast Asia to create a pro-Western political bloc to weild against a rising China and its allies in the region. 

US “Pivot to Asia’s” Failure Led to Using, Abusing, Hiding Behind Region’s Youth

It was part of the US “Pivot to Asia” which began in 2011 with then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s article in Foreign Policy Magazine titled, “America’s Pacific Century” – a manifesto declaring America’s desire to establish hegemony over Asia.

Clinton would state: 

The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.

Of course, the United States isn’t located in Asia. 

An entire ocean stands between the continents of North America and Asia. Asia’s affairs are no more America’s business than America’s business is Asia’s. For the US to be “right at the center of the action” is a declaration of intent to impose American interests onto the region at the expense of Asia’s collective sovereignty. 

Clinton herself references Afghanistan and Iraq – located in another region the US was “at the center of the action” in – and a region America’s interference including multiple wars of aggression has left utterly devastated by war, infighting, terrorism, economic collapse, and several of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century.  

Image: The US “right at the center of the action” in Iraq. Washington now wants to be “at the center of the action” in Asia.

While Clinton pretended to advocate working with China in her article, she also made sure to promote Washington’s growing investments in confrontations with Beijing. This includes in the South China Sea where the US poses as self-appointed arbiter in territorial claims. It also includes the US State Department’s “Lower Mekong Initiative” in which the US seeks to create tensions between China and Southeast Asia over the use of the Mekong River which flows through the region. 

Clinton also admitted to America’s growing military presence in the region while attempting to deny its purpose was to “constrain China’s growth.” But of course it was for decades and still is Washington’s primary foreign policy objective in Asia to encircle and contain China’s growth – a fact now all but entirely admitted by the US government.

Enter Asia’s Youth

America’s “Pivot to Asia” began with attempts to bend regional governments into partnerships with Washington against China. 

This categorically failed with even the Philippines at one point disregarding an “international” court case the US funded and fought for on its behalf against China – deciding instead to resolve its dispute with Beijing bilaterally itself. 

Other nations that had once maintained relatively close ties to the US – including Thailand – had already begun a pivot of their own – toward Beijing.

With the possibility of persuading existing governments to do Washington’s bidding all but extinguished – efforts began to leverage US “soft power” as a means of coercing or even replacing uncooperative governments. This included ongoing efforts to build up opposition political parties but also to augment them with the region’s “youth.” 

Washington’s YSEALI and Generation Democracy 

This manifested itself in several ways through a series of programs, events, and through huge amounts of funding via the US State Department itself as well as through the US’ notorious regime change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy

One program created in 2013 called “Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative” (YSEALI) sought to indoctrinate a cadre of local youths from across ASEAN – including through trips to the United States itself and “seeding” money provided to start activist groups upon returning home. 

Image: The fruits of US brainwashing – youths who obediently and unquestionably repeat US foreign policy talking points and openly admire the US – the worst perpetrator of crimes against humanity of the 21st century. (click image to enlarge) 

READ MORE: US Cultural Colonisation in Asia Pacific

YSEALI’s own mission statement admits (emphasis added): 

Through a variety of programs and engagements, including U.S. educational and cultural exchanges, regional exchanges, and seed funding, YSEALI seeks to build the leadership capabilities of youth in the region, strengthen ties between the United States and Southeast Asia, and nurture an ASEAN community.

In case one cannot spot what’s wrong with YSEALI’s mission statement, simply imagine a Russian-funded program operating in the US, Canada, and Mexico “building the leadership capabilities of youth” in North America.  

YSEALI Thai alumni are – almost without exception – both anti-China and now fully involved in Thailand’s current ongoing anti-government protests. 

Another program is called “Generation Democracy” funded by the US NED and its subsidiary, the International Republican Institute (IRI).  

Launched in Bangkok in 2017 by US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn Davies – a US National War College graduate who specialized in “”non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies” – it sought to – according to its own website (emphasis added): 

“Young people in Asia are looking to build a vibrant future that is citizen-centered and hopeful,” said IRI President Ambassador Mark Green. “Through Generation Democracy, we look forward to working with them to make this vision a reality.”

Again, imagine a Russian-funded program aimed at helping selected youth build America’s future. By doing so, one can easily see how the activities of YSEALI and Generation Democracy – when looking past its superficial platitudes – constitutes blatant political interference in violation of international law and norms – law and norms the US itself would never allow to be infringed upon in protecting its own internal political affairs. 

An example of how these programs are involved in shaping the decisions of young voters in Southeast Asia and in Thailand specifically – was Generation Democracy’s 2019 workshop held at Thammasat University called, “Get out the Vote (GOTV) Ideathon.” 

Image: The US government via the US NED and IRI funds programs directly involved in Thailand’s elections including this one where students were eventually funded to carry out campaigning during Thailand’s 2019 general election. Imagine the reaction if Russia’s government did this in the US. 

The US IRI’s own website in a post titled, “Thailand: Young People Refuse To Be Silenced In This Historic Election Year,” directly reflects Thai opposition talking points depicting the current pro-Beijing government in Thailand as “authoritarian” and the “youth’s” desire to replace it with “democracy” according to Washington D.C.  

The post claims: 

This weekend, Thais will go to the polls for their first general election in eight years. Since 2014, Thailand has been under a military led government, creating an environment where civic and political participation is severely limited.

Nothing is mentioned about what happened in 2014 or the fact that the military-led government had ousted the previous government – headed by billionaire fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck Shinawatra – which was in the process of robbing nearly a million rice farmers and killing protesters in the streets. 

By the time the military intervened, over 20 people including women and children had died in nearly daily attacks on protests sites. It is no coincidence that both the US government and the Thai opposition it sponsors omit this crucial context. 

Image: White Man’s Burden 2.0. At face value, white Americans presuming to teach Asians how “democracy” works is insulting and a modern manifestation of the West’s racist imperialist past. Behind this facade is clear cut interference in the region’s internal political affairs. 

IRI’s tone is identical to the current Thai opposition’s because the US government directly backs and has deliberately shaped the opposition’s agenda in Thailand. 

In addition to laying the groundwork over the last several years to recruit and leverage Thailand’s youth – the US government through the NED is funding virtually every aspect of Thailand’s current so-called “student protests” – everything from forming the protest’s leadership, to organizing petitions to rewrite Thailand’s constitution, to promoting the protests across the media, to even filling up the protests with people.

The ultimate and stated goal of the protesters themselves is regime change and the rewriting of Thailand’s constitution.

It is a process that has repeated itself all over the world and over many years. 

The New York Times article, “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,”revealed how these same groups now working to shape Thailand’s opposition and the nation’s youth today were behind the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011 – previously claimed to have been “self-organized” by regional youths.

One of the primary forums used by the US government to recruit, train, and equip Arab World youth was literally called the Youth Movement Summit – according to the US government’s website
The 2008 statement titled, “Announcement on Alliance of Youth Movements Summit,” would claim: 

Facebook, Google, YouTube, MTV, Howcast, Columbia Law School, the U.S. Department of State and Access 360 Media are bringing leaders of 17 pioneering organizations from 15 countries together with technology experts next month in New York for the first-ever conclave to empower youth against violence and oppression through the use of the latest online tools.

These young leaders will form a new group, the Alliance of Youth Movements, which will produce a field manual for youth empowerment.

Comparing the lies told then about US political interference under the guise of fostering democracy in the Arab World and the US-led regime change wars these lies served as a smokescreen for from 2011 onward provides a stark warning for similar US efforts to build up “youth” movements in Asia.  

The groups involved and their initial protests merely served as cover for what eventually turned into an open and violent campaign of US-led regime change wars destroying Libya entirely and nearly destroying Syria. 

The US-engineered “Arab Spring” also left Yemen mired in an unending war the UN itself has called “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

Clearly – of all the things that materialized in the wake of the US-engineered “Arab Spring,” “democracy” wasn’t one of them. And “democracy” will not materialize out of the US-backed opposition in Thailand today either. 
North Africa and the Middle East’s fate – and more recently the violence and destruction in Hong Kong, China – helps reveal what the US is really promoting and driving toward in Thailand.

If the US cannot oust the current Beijing-friendly Thai government and replace it with a client regime that will roll back Thai-Chinese relations – it will settle for simply plunging Thailand into social, political, and economic chaos – thus denying China and the rest of Asia Thailand as a potential economic and military ally. 

color revolutions Intelwars Thailand

CONFIRMED: Thai "Student Leader" Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak Met With US Ambassador Trained in " Non-Military Coercive Strategies"

September 7, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – It is now confirmed that “student leader” Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak had met with then US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn Davies at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The meeting – announced on the US Embassy’s own official Facebook page – took place in 2016 after low-intensity US-funded anti-government protests had already been underway for 2 years.

The US Embassy post would claim: 

On June 2, Ambassador and Mrs. Davies hosted a roundtable discussion with youth who are recognized as leaders by their peers and in their community for their advocacy and activism. The group included a high school student fighting for education rights, female students breaking gender barriers in engineering and zoology, future leaders in business and entrepreneurship, and a human rights activist. Several of the guests are active in various U.S. government-funded programs, such as the Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER), the Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI), the USAID Asia MekongSkills2Work program, and the U.S. Embassy Foreign National Internship Program.”

Virtually nothing on the agenda had anything to do with legitimate diplomatic relations – and more to do with the United States’ determination to interfere in local and regional affairs.

YSEALI in particular is a youth program designed specifically to indoctrinate local youths to serve US and Western “interests” at the expense of Thailand’s and the region’s. 

The US government through its notorious regime change front, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is funding virtually every aspect of Thailand’s current so-called “student protests” – everything from forming the protest’s leadership, to organizing petitions to rewrite Thailand’s constitution, to promoting the protests across the media, to even filling up the protests with people.

There have been attempts to claim that not all of the protest’s core leaders are involved with the US government – but with Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak’s visit to the US Embassy now fully confirmed – it appears that even the “student leaders” themselves have compromising ties to foreign interests – and worst of all – have now been caught lying about it to the public. 

Who Was Ambassador Glyn Davies?  

Ambassador Glyn Davies had made headlines in 2015 when the US Senate approved of his appointment to the post after having served as former US envoy for North Korean policy.

The move was meant as a diplomatic slight against Thailand for its courts and military having ousted the US client regime of fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister who served in his place as prime minister from 2011 until the 2014 coup

Davies’ background is peculiar for a diplomat.

Before Davies began his career in “diplomacy,” according to his official biography hosted on the US State Department’s official website, he attended and graduated from the National War College in Washington D.C. earning a master’s degree in “National Security Strategy.”

The National War College trains mid-senior military leaders as well as select members of the US State Department. 

The curriculum includes topics such as “The Non-Military Instruments of Power” which is described as (emphasis added):

Core course 6300 focuses on the utility of the non-military instruments of power in achieving national security objectives. Specifically, the course analyzes the nature, purposes, capabilities, leadership potential, and limitations of the non-military instruments of statecraft, with blocks of instruction on the diplomatic, informational and economic instruments. The course also investigates and critiques a variety of ways to orchestrate these instruments into coherent strategies. The focus here is on coordinating the use of non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies.

There is also “The Global Context,” which is described as (emphasis added):

Course 6500 is to help students understand the world and assess emerging strategic threats and opportunities in the global arena. Students will study selected drivers of international relations, and their impact on a range of nation-states and international regions. Students will examine how states respond to these drivers – analyzing trends and developments within nations, comparing and contrasting regional contexts and national perspectives, and recommending how best to prioritize US interests within and across regions. The course incorporates states, non-state actors and transnational actors in enhancing student understanding of the global context. Through their examination of trends, national responses to those trends, and US responses to changes in the global context, students will develop a working knowledge of the international security context essential for creating, analyzing and carrying out national security strategy and policy. 

A War College graduate versed in “non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies” being posted in Thailand as US Ambassador just as US-backed protests against the new Thai government which ousted the Shinawatra regime was no coincidence. 

After his appoint to his new post in Thailand, Davies immediately inserted himself into Thailand’s internal political crisis – as the New York Times noted in its article, “Thai Police Investigate U.S. Ambassador on Suspicion of Insulting King” – demanding the government give agitators the US government was already at the time funding and backing free reign to do as they please regardless of Thailand’s own laws – including insulting and smearing Thailand’s revered monarchy. 

Davies, the US Embassy, and other embassies of Western governments spent from then until now preparing agitators and organizations for an attempted overthrow of the Thai government and its institutions including the military and monarchy – culminating with current ongoing protests led by visitors to the US Embassy like Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak and US government grantees like core leader Anon Nampa of the US NED-funded “Thai Lawyers for Human Rights.”  

Parit has also visited the UK embassy on at least 2 occasions to discuss the ongoing protests. 

Real democracy is a process of self-determination. There is nothing democratic about an opposition who lost elections in 2019 by millions of votes and now seeks to sidestep the political process with the help of malign foreign interests to seize power by force in the streets. 

“Non-Military Instruments in Persuasive, Inducement, and Coercive Strategies”

Davies and the subversive campaign still funded by the US government after his departure targeting the current Thai government is part of a much larger pattern of US interference and intervention around the globe.

The US depends on two forms of intervention – that of “hard power” as demonstrated in the illegal invasions, occupations, and total destruction of nations like Afghanistan and Iraq or lower-intensity military interventions like in Libya, Syria, and Yemen – and that of “soft power” interventions in which the US creates, funds, and backs opposition groups who attempt to seize power through manipulated elections, street violence, and even proxy warfare.

Davies’ having studied “non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies” enabled him and the US embassy to prepare the “soft power” intervention the US is currently involved in against Thailand.

Considering the fate of other nations and regions destroyed by similar interventions – from North Africa and the Middle East – to nations like Ukraine in Eastern Europe, to Hong Kong, China – the US government’s deep, full spectrum involvement behind virtually every aspect of Thailand’s current protests represents a serious threat to national security, regional stability, and yet another egregious violation of international law and norms.

The fact that the US has just finished up attempts at destabilizing and destroying Hong Kong – and that Thailand’s protest leaders including the above mentioned Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak have travelled to Hong Kong to meet with US-backed agitators there is particularly alarming.

Attempts to deny US involvement are particularly anemic when virtually every single individual and organization leading current protests in Thailand have either direct, documented financial ties to the US government, or have visited dubious diplomats at their embassy concerning topics of Thailand’s own internal sovereign affairs.

Mocking the Thai public for their growing suspicion of current protests and the organizations and individuals involved only further prove just how malign these protests truly are and the sort of threat they pose to the nation’s security and stability.

EU Europe Germany Intelwars NATO propaganda Russia US

Navalny Poisoning – The Real Target is Russian-German Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

US-NATO continue building “momentum” behind Navalny incident – hope to end Nord Stream 2 pipeline before facts emerge, the pipeline is completed, and as all other options have so-far failed.  

September 6, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – Alexei Navalny is the ideal opposition figure for any incumbent government – he is ineffective, unpopular, and transparently compromised by malign foreign interests.

According to a poll carried out by the Lavada Center – a polling organization funded by the US government itself  via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – a mere 9% of all Russians look favorably on him and his work, with most Russians unaware of who he even is.

Germany was the one place the US and NATO needed Navalny to be the most – and in a condition of poor health the US and NATO needed him to be in. 

His continued existence and his monopoly over Russia’s equally unpopular opposition ensures that an effective opposition never takes root in grounds choked by his presence.

For Moscow – Navalny’s continued existence is not only not a threat, he occupies space where a real threat might otherwise emerge.

For the United States and its NATO partners who have dumped millions of dollars and political capital into Navalny’s dead-end opposition in Russia – Navalny’s continued existence is an underperforming investment at best.

“Coincidentally” just as the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline nears completion – a pipeline project that will expand Russia’s hydrocarbon exports, increase revenue, and provide cheap energy to Europe in a business deal that would also help draw Europe and Russia closer diplomatically – Navalny was “poisoned.”

He wasn’t just “poisoned.” He was allegedly poisoned with nerve agents called “Novichoks” alleged to be available only in Russia. Navalny was rushed by a shadowy NGO with opaque funding called “Cinema for Peace” to Germany – of all places.

Delivered right to the heart of what is surely one of Russia’s most important economic and diplomatic projects at the moment – it is the perfect excuse for the US and NATO to pressure Germany to abandon Nord Stream 2 – an objective Washington has struggled and failed to achieve for years.

The US and NATO wasted no time accusing Russia even with no evidence presented that Russia was responsible – not to mention lacking any conceivable motive for the alleged “assassination” attempt of such an unpopular opposition figure at such a crucial time for Russia, its economy, and its ties with Western Europe and Germany in particular.

German state media, Deutsche Welle (DW), in an article titled, “Navalny, Novichok and Nord Stream 2 — Germany stuck between a rock and a pipeline,” indirectly lays out not only the real motive behind Navalny’s alleged poisoning, but the most likely culprit as well.

The article admits just how close to completion Nord Stream 2 is, noting (emphasis added):

Many are looking to Germany, whose Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a prominent example of selective cooperation with Russia despite concerns about the country’s approach to human rights both domestically and internationally.

The Nord Stream 2 project, which is more than 90% complete, aims to double Russia’s supply of direct natural gas to Germany. Running under the Baltic Sea, the pipeline bypasses Eastern European states, sending gas from Russia’s Narva Bay to Lubmin, a coastal town adjacent to Merkel’s constituency in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

It’s noted that the pipeline bypasses Eastern Europe where the US has repeatedly toppled governments and installed client regimes hostile to Russia – complicating Russia’s delivery of hydrocarbons to Western Europe – Ukraine being a recent example.

The DW article then admits:

Critics do not view Nord Stream 2 as purely a business affair, instead calling it a major win for Russia’s image and standing at the international level. The Navalny poisoning, which draws strong parallels to the 2018 Novichok attack on a former Russian double agent that the United Kingdom has accused the Kremlin of orchestrating, further complicates Germany’s efforts to keep politics out of Nord Stream 2.

“After the poisoning of Navalny we need a strong European answer, which Putin understands: The EU should jointly decide to stop Nord Stream 2,” tweeted Norbert Röttgen, an outspoken Russia critic in Merkel’s conservative party.  

His voice carries particular weight, as Röttgen chairs the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee and he is currently running for the party’s leadership.

It doesn’t take an expert in geopolitics to have understood that an attempt on Navalny’s life would have provided a mountain of political ammunition for the US and NATO in its ongoing attempts to sabotage Nord Stream 2 and prevent “a win for Russia’s image and standing at the international level.”

This is the most compelling reason why the Kremlin would not have ordered it – especially so close to completing Nord Stream 2.

It must also be remembered that Navalny was flown directly to Germany after the alleged attack.

Germany was the one place the US and NATO needed Navalny to be the most – and in a condition of poor health the US and NATO needed him to be in. With Nord Stream 2 over 90% complete – there is little time left to threaten, coerce, and pressure Germany to otherwise abandon the project.

The alleged presence of “Novichok” nerve agents – had the attack been the work of the Kremlin – would have been a smoking gun and a virtual calling card left – all but guaranteeing immense pressure from across the West and in particular – pressure placed on Germany to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The DW article covers what the US has already done to pressure Germany, noting (emphasis added):

 The Trump administration wants to sell Germany its own gas, which critics say is more expensive than gas from Russia. Sanctions have bipartisan support in Washington, and the US has already imposed them against companies laying pipe in the Baltic Sea, prompting the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas to pull out of the project in 2019. More sanctions are awaiting the US president’s signature.

Then DW quoted Sarah Pagung – a specialist on German-Russian relations for the German Council on Foreign Relations. The article would note her saying (emphasis added):

“We can’t rule [the canceling of Nord Stream 2] out as an option, but it’s unlikely,” Pagung told DW, although she said Germany could use the Navalny poisoning as an “opportunity” to shift its position on the pipeline without appearing to be caving to US pressure. 

DW all but spells out the true motive of Navalny’s alleged poisoning and his “serendipitous” delivery to Germany for treatment – to serve as a catalyst for the cancellation of Nord Stream 2.

Since Moscow has absolutely nothing to gain from this – it is the least likely suspect.

Since it not only fits into the US and NATO’s openly declared agenda of coercing Germany into cancelling the Nord Stream 2 project, it also fits a pattern of staged attacks and fabricated claims used by the US and NATO to advance their collective foreign policy – they are the most likely suspects.

Consider the much worse and absolutely verified crimes against humanity the US and NATO are guilty of – with the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2011-onward military interventions in Libya and Syria as just two examples. Poisoning Navalny – a failed investment as a living, breathing opposition figure and turning him into a martyr – is a relatively small act of false-flag violence to create a difficult impasse for the German government regarding Nord Stream 2.

The fact that the US and NATO are rushing to conclusions without evidence – as they’ve done many times before when pushing now verified lies – only further incriminates both as the most likey suspects in Navalny’s poisoning.

For Navalny himself – his fate – if he was actually poisoned – is tragic. The very people he worked for and whose agenda he served seem to find him more useful dying than healthy in terms of advancing Western foreign policy against Russia.

There are too many “coincidences” surrounding this incident:

  • The attack itself at such a sensitive time for Russia, its economy, and its ties with Germany in particular;
  • The fact that Navalny was flown by a shadowy NGO to Germany itself;
  • The fact that the US has been openly trying to sabotage the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline all along and;
  • The fact that the “attack” was allegedly carried out in such a clumsy, ineffective, and incriminating way specifically to implicate Russia.
For a US and NATO who have sold the world entire wars based on “evidence” and “accusations” of everything from nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq to lies about viagra-fuelled rape squads in Libya – one more lie about an unpopular Russian opposition figure poisoned in Russia, picked up by a dubious NGO, and placed down right in the middle of German-Russian relations and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline the US and NATO are desperate to stop – fits a disturbing but all-too-predictable pattern.  
The question is why are people still falling for it? Will Germany fall for it, or at the very least, cave – costing itself economic opportunities in exchange for a deeper and more costly role in US-NATO aggression against Russia? Only time will tell. 

color revolutions Intelwars Thailand

US-backed Mobs in Thailand Vow to use Force

US-backed agitator who visited US ambassador specializing in “the use of non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies” vows to seize public areas in Bangkok “by force.” 

September 5, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – As easily predicted, the US-backed billionaire-led opposition and so-called “student protests” they have organized have now vowed to use force. 

The Bangkok Post in its article, “Protesters target Sanam Luang occupation at rally,” would claim: 

Parit “Penguin” Chivarak, a core member of the Free Youth group, on Friday vowed to lead protesters to forcibly occupy the adjacent Sanam Luang when they gather again for a major rally at Thammasat University’s Tha Phrachan campus on Sept 19.

First – it should be noted that Parit “Penguin” Chivarak is the founder of the “Student Union of Thailand” (SUT) and that the “Free Youth” group is simply an umbrella name used to describe what is a network of US-funded and billionaire-led opposition-backed fronts. 

Parit himself has literally been to the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on at least one occasion in 2016 – according to the US Embassy’s own official Facebook page – where he met Ambassador Glyn Davies who specifically studied “the use of non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies,” during his education at the US National War College.

The protest occupation will most certainly violate the law – prompting law enforcement to act and thus resulting in another cycle of the protesters, their political backers, the US government, and the small army of fronts posing as NGOs attempting to portray the mobs as “victims.” 

There is also the possibility that these protests – just as they did in 2010 – will resort to armed violence including the use of heavily armed gunmen to target both security officials as well as the protesters themselves in a bid to escalate toward political crisis and attract “international” pressure. 

This attempt to escalate comes as US-funded agitator Anon Nampa and others were arrested and their bail revoked after they openly and blatantly violated their previous bail conditions. The arrest was immediately condemned by “Amnesty International,” a fake human rights front regularly used by the US and UK governments to justify foreign interventions. 

READ MORE: US Nominates War College Grad as Ambassador to Thailand

The Western media and their partners continue constant coverage of the protests, including their complaints over the repeated arrest of core leaders – despite claiming for months that the protests were “leaderless” – all while making no mention of the protests’ foreign financial and local political sponsors. 

Every Aspect of Thai Protests are US-Funded 

The US government through its notorious regime change front, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is funding virtually every aspect of Thailand’s current so-called “student protests.” 

READ MORE: The Complete Guide: US Government Role in Thailand’s “Student Protests”

Despite dishonest claims that this information constitutes “unfounded accusations,” the US NED’s own official website openly lists many of the organizations at the core of current protests.

This includes Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw), Prachatai (listed as the Foundation for Community Educational Media), The Isaan Record, and the Assembly of the Poor (listed as the Thai Poor Act) – and a quick and simple look at any anti-government protester’s account will reveal the vast majority of their social media posts consist of content produced by these admittedly US government-funded fronts.   

The Protest’s Core Leaders are US-Funded

Thailand’s current protest’s core leadership includes the recently arrested Anon Nampa, a lawyer working for Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) funded by the US NED via the Union for Civil Liberty. It was previously listed individually on the NED’s website in 2014 – archived here

Not only is a lawyer from TLHR leading the protests, the organization itself promotes the protests, provides its core leadership with free legal assistance, and other forms of material support. 

In addition to funding TLHR the US State Department had awarded another TLHR lawyer – Sirikan “June” Charoensiri the 2018 “International Women of Courage Award” presented by US First Lady Melania Trump.

The US Embassy in Bangkok – now denying any involvement with these groups – would at the time openly praise TLHR in a statement celebrating the award, exclaiming:

The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok is proud of Sirikan “June” Charoensiri’s work as a lawyer and human rights defender, and for being recognized by the Secretary of State as an International Women of Courage award recipient.

Ms. Sirikan is a co-founder of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), a lawyers’ collective set up to provide pro bono legal services for human rights cases and to document human rights violations.

Thus – an organization carefully cultivated by the US government for years – propped up financially and politically and even awarded for carrying out Washington’s agenda in Thailand – is now leading protests aimed at overthrowing the elected government of Thailand. 

US-Funded Groups Target Thailand’s Constitution for “Rewriting” 

US meddling is not limited to supplying the protests with leaders and legal aid.

It is also funding fronts organizing a nationwide petition to rewrite Thailand’s constitution.

One front – iLaw – is listed on the US NED’s official website as, “Internet Law Reform Dialogue,” and has been aggressively promoting both the protests and its petition with iLaw booths set up at virtually every rally – big or small – across the country. 

iLaw also admits on its own website that it is funded by the US government via the US NED as well as convicted financial criminal George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  

Another group, ConLab (Constitution Lab) works in conjunction with iLaw in a bid to rewrite Thailand’s constitution and held a recent event at at the US Embassy’s “American Corner” at Chiang Mai University.

US-funded “Media” Promotes Protests 

The US also funds a number of media platforms promoting protests, advertising the locations, times, and dates of protests, advising protesters how to dress and what gear to bring, as well as provide one-sided reporting on the protest’s activities while condemning any action taken by the Thai government to hold them accountable including for acts of violence. 

These include Prachatai, The Isaan Record, Benar News, and The 101 Percent. 

Prachatai – listed on NED’s website as the Foundation for Community Educational Media – in particular has been funded by the US government for years. Its “executive director” Chiranuch Premchaiporn is also listed on the NED’s website as an “NED Fellow.”  

The vast majority of content shared by “activists” on US-based social media giants like Facebook and Twitter is produced by US-funded media fronts like Prachatai. 

The US is funding and supporting a small army of media platforms specifically to promote ongoing protests as well as other “interests” of the US inside of Thailand – merely dressed up as “pro-democracy” “student protests.”  

US-Funded Group Regularly Fills Protest Ranks Up with Members 

Even the protests themselves including the number of people showing up is aided by US government funding. 

One organization calling itself “Assembly of the Poor” regularly mobilizes its members to help fill the ranks of current ongoing protests. Its leader, Baramee Chaiyarat, has openly thrown his and his organization’s support behind the rallies – as reported in The Nation’s article, “Assembly of Poor backs young protesters, slams govt ‘intimidation.’

The official NED website lists Assembly of the Poor under “Thai Poor Act” with Thai Poor Act being registered under Baramee Chaiyarat’s name as “manager” and with Thai Poor Act’s Facebook and YouTube accounts clearly using the name “Thai Poor Act” and “Assembly of the Poor” interchangeably. 

US-funded Mobs Always Turn Violent 

The US NED – according to its own official website – funds similarly dishonest and disruptive groups in virtually every nation on Earth outside Washington’s direct influence. Its website’s financial disclosures are divided into several categories including, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America and Caribbean, and the Middle East and Northern Africa. 

It was organizations like the NED and subversive fronts it funded that deliberately triggered the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011 – creating violence the US would eventually leverage to carry out military interventions in Libya, Syria, and Yemen killing tens of thousands, displacing millions, and leaving all three nations in constant chaos since. 

The New York Times itself in its  article, “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” would admit the role of organizations like NED in training, equipping, and funding protests that eventually led to regional death, despair, irreversible economic destruction, and enduring destabilization. 

The NYT would admit (emphasis added):

A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington, according to interviews in recent weeks and American diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

It also noted: 

The Republican and Democratic institutes are loosely affiliated with the Republican and Democratic Parties. They were created by Congress and are financed through the National Endowment for Democracy, which was set up in 1983 to channel grants for promoting democracy in developing nations. The National Endowment receives about $100 million annually from Congress. Freedom House also gets the bulk of its money from the American government, mainly from the State Department.

While the NYT claims this money was spent “promoting democracy” it clearly served as cover for what was in reality a violent campaign of US-backed regime change which culminated in multiple direct US military interventions, the destruction of Libya, and the near destruction of Syria. 

One thing that never materialized in the wake of the “Arab Spring” was “democracy.” 

The US NED was similarly involved in the 2014 US-backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government – as leaked audio would eventually prove according to Reuters – as well as ongoing unrest in Hong Kong with so-called “student protest” leaders there having literally flown to Washington D.C. to lobby for – and receive – aid in their attempts to reassert Western dominion over the former British colony. 

In both instances terrible violence inevitably erupted with the protesters representing a loud, violent but nonetheless unpopular minority – but with immense foreign backing. 

Mobs in Hong Kong burned down infrastructure, physically attacked the persons and property of anyone criticizing their activities including one elderly man lit on fire. 

It is disturbing that not only are the Thai protesters today openly funded by the very same US government organizations responsible for violent protests and even destructive wars in other nations – but that these same Thai protesters have literally flown to Hong Kong to meet with US-funded agitators there – as well as openly express solidarity and cooperation with US-funded agitators in Hong Kong. 

This “cooperation” between US-funded mobs – including its online manifestation as the so-called “Milk Tea Alliance” – helps further illustrate the artificial, foreign-funded nature of Thailand’s protests – but also helps illustrate the true purpose of these protests – to attack governments in the region friendly with China and eventually surround China with US-backed client regimes that will roll back economic, financial, and even military ties with Beijing. 

It should be noted that China is Thailand’s most important trade partner, investor, largest source of tourism, and a key partner in several crucial infrastructure projects including a high-speed rail link that will connect China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore together. China has also replaced the US as Thailand’s primary military arms provider. 

The US-backed billionaire-led opposition behind current “student protests” had not only vowed as recently as December of last year to “bring people onto the streets” as ThaiPBS would report – but has openly vowed to roll back Thai-Chinese relations if in power.  

Billionaire opposition leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit would literally tour the US before Thailand’s 2019 general election to lobby for support and vow to make Thailand “more like America.” He also vowed to cancel Thai-Chinese projects including the already-under-construction high-speed rail link.

Image: Thanathorn ran in 2019 on a platform that included cancelling Thai-Chinese rail projects in favor of the nonexistent “hyperloop.” It was a proposed policy that would have served only Washington’s interests at Thailand and China’s expense. 

Articles like Bloomberg’s “Thailand needs hyperloop, not China-built high-speed rail: Thanathorn,” illustrates clearly the agenda US-backed political parties and leaders like Thanathorn represent – particularly in rolling back Thai-Chinese relations. The article would note:

A tycoon turned politician who opposes Thailand’s military government has criticised its US$5.6 billion high-speed rail project with China because hyperloop technology offers a more modern alternative.

It should be noted that not only does the “hyperloop” exist only as crude prototypes versus China’s high-speed rail technology already moving billions of people a year – the Thai-Chinese high-speed rail line is already under construction with a new grand station nearing completion built specifically to serve as, among other things, a terminal for Chinese-built high-speed trains.  .

Image: Thailand’s massive Bang Sue Grand Station nears completion and will serve as a terminal for Chinese-built high-speed trains.

Thus – Thanathorn’s proposed “alternative” would mean cancelling actual ongoing construction and waiting years if not indefinitely for theoretical “hyperloop” technology to be developed let alone deployed. In other words – Thanathorn would cancel an important infrastructure project that would greatly expand the movement of goods and people across Asia, just to spite China on Washington’s behalf and leave Thailand with absolutely nothing except PowerPoint presentations as an alternative.  

He has also openly criticized Thailand’s attempts to modernize its military via arms deals with China, with his party co-founder even defending proposed military budget cuts by claiming,” “in today’s world, no one engages in wars any more.”

Violence is Inevitable 
US-backed mobs – whether in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, or Thailand – exist solely to project US power and interests into heart of a targeted nation and will stop at nothing short of either regime change or the permanent destabilization of a country – thus denying its economic and military partnership to rivals like Russia or China. 
Because of this – and the fact that so-called “demands” made by Thailand’s protests are simply window dressing for this ultimate goal – violence will eventually break out. It should be noted that since the original “3 demands” were made at the beginning of the protests – they have quickly expanded and have become increasingly unreasonable specifically so that they cannot be met and the crisis escalates. 
Exposing who is really behind these protests, and exposing who these interests are sheds light on foreign meddling that – to be successful – requires a certain amount of secrecy. While violence may still be inevitable – it could be limited as it was in Hong Kong, China before the US-funded agitators were finally brought to justice – rather than allowed to spiral out of  control as seen in other nations targeted by US “soft power” intervention. 
color revolutions Intelwars NGOs propaganda Thailand

Fake Rights Group "Amnesty International" Openly Meddles in Thailand

September 4, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Amnesty International has openly interfered in Thailand’s internal affairs – demanding that US-funded agitators arrested after blatantly violating their bail conditions to have all charges withdrawn.

The Bangkok Post would report in its article, “Amnesty International presses for dropping of charges against activists,” that:

Amnesty International has called for the government to withdraw charges against anti-government protesters and asked its own supporters to send letters backing the demand to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.  

The statement said the charges, which included sedition, should be immediately dropped.

The protesters include middle-aged lawyer Anon Nampa of the US government-funded front “Thai Lawyers for Human Rights” (TLHR). TLHR was funded under their full name by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in 2014 – archived here – and continue to receive money through the Union for Civil Liberty – as seen on the US NED’s own official website.

Amnesty International’s involvement in Thailand’s internal affairs and its rush to defend US-funded agitators is simply another set of foreign fingerprints left on the protests themselves. 

Anon Nampa and his organization are among ongoing anti-government protests’ core leadership with the US-funded front providing legal aid, promoting protests, and providing other forms of material support.

READ MORE: The Complete Guide: US Government Role in Thailand’s “Student Protests”

In other words – Anon Nampa – a foreign-funded agitator – is literally engaged in sedition – sedition that would not be tolerated in the US or UK from which Amnesty International is primarily based and from which it derives the majority of its funding and political backing.

Yet Amnesty – a foreign front – is directly interfering in Thailand’s internal affairs in defense of agitators likewise funded by foreign interests – and demanding those engaged in sedition be granted impunity from the rule of law.

If this seems like advocating for criminality merely dressed up as “human rights advocacy,” that’s because it is.

Amnesty International Enables Crimes Against Humanity – Not Prevents Them 

Amnesty International is funded and directed by the worst human rights violators of the 21st century including the US and UK governments – who with the 2003 invasion of Iraq alone – killed a million people, displaced millions more, and have created chaos across the entire Middle East as a result.

Image: Iraq after the 2003 US-led invasion. The West is guilty of the worst crimes against humanity of the 21st century. That Amnesty is based in the West and funded by their governments and corporate interests is the first clue that they merely hide behind human rights advocacy, rather than advance it. 

Amnesty International – taking funding from and helping enable the crimes of these Western governments – is merely a front advancing the policies of Western special interests under the guise of advocating for human rights.

It blatantly lies on its website claiming (emphasis added):

We neither seek nor accept any funds for human rights research from governments or political parties and we accept support only from businesses that have been carefully vetted.

By way of ethical fundraising leading to donations from individuals, we are able to stand firm and unwavering in our defence of universal and indivisible human rights. 

Yet throughout its various financial disclosures buried deep on its website, it is admittedly funded by both governments and political groups including corporate foundations run by convicted criminals.

In a 2010 disclosure (PDF) it admits (emphasis added):

The Directors are pleased to acknowledge the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Programme, Mauro Tunes and American Jewish World Service. The UK Department for International Development (Governance and Transparency Fund) continued to fund a four year human rights education project in Africa. The European Commission (EuropeAid) generously awarded a multi-year grant towards Amnesty International’s human rights education work in Europe.

Open Society is founded by convicted financial criminal George Soros – who while attempting to appeal his conviction, used “human rights” as his defense for what was blatant insider trading.

The New York Times would admit in its article, “French court upholds Soros conviction,” that: 

Ron Soffer, a lawyer for Soros, said the appeal would be to the Cour de Cassation, the highest French court. If that appeal fails, he said, Soros would go to the European Court of Justice, where he could argue that his rights to a speedy trial were violated because he was not charged until 2000, long after the trading in question.

Accepting money from a convicted criminal who openly attempted to use “human rights” to escape justice for blatant criminality is hardly “ethical fundraising.” 
The UK Department for International Development and the European Commission both constitute government funding – meaning Amnesty International is further lying to the public about the nature of its funding. 
Amnesty International’s leadership is also a story of corruption and conflicts of interest. 
Amnesty International Thailand’s staff are openly biased and in favor of anti-government protests – exaggerating or fabricating abuses it claims the government is guilty of while omitting the violent background of the opposition.  
Amnesty International’s US front was literally headed by personnel drawn from the US State Department including Suzanne Nossel who went from openly promoting US foreign policy at the State Department to doing so under the guise of advancing “human rights” at Amnesty International. 
Images: Suzanne Nossel went from the US State Department to working at Amnesty International. There is no mystery why Amnesty and the US State Department reflect the same agenda – including promoting war. 
Amnesty International has helped facilitate US-UK led wars in countries like Libya and Syria triggering humanitarian crises, the deaths of tens of thousands of people, and millions more displaced.

It was Amnesty International who helped spread lies about the initial protests of the so-called “Arab Spring” – now admittedly the work of US-engineered subversion according to the New York Times article, “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings.”

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Not only did Amnesty International uncritically repeat the lies of US-backed opposition groups on the ground fabricating stories of government abuses while covering up the armed nature of the their own groups – it helped justify the escalation to the US-led wars that shortly followed.

In regards to Libya, Amnesty would specifically call for:

  • Enact an arms embargo on Libya to prevent transfer of equipment and personnel.
  • Freeze the assets of  Colonel al-Gaddafi and his senior military and security advisers.
  • Make a clear statement that crimes under international law in Libya will be investigated and punished.
  • Suspend Libya from the 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council.
  • Make a fact-finding mission to Libya to assess human rights abuses and whether a referral to the International Criminal Court is warranted.
These were precisely the same demands the US government and its European allies made – with Amnesty International legitimizing them under the guise of “humanitarian concerns.” In reality, the US-led war in Libya was a cynical and long-desired regime change operation leading to the destruction of Libya and its descent into chaos and misery that endures to this day.

The initial “humanitarian concern” Amnesty International helped the US government sell was simply the latest version of “weapons of mass destruction” lies the US and its allies used to justify an otherwise unjust war of aggression.

Image: Under the guise of “humanitarian concern,” Amnesty International helped the US sell its military intervention in Libya which eventually destroyed the entire nation, killed thousands, displaced millions, and has left it in chaos ever since. 
The link between both Amnesty International and interests driving US foreign policy are as overt as US State Department officials literally taking senior positions within Amnesty International itself – to Amnesty International making demands identical to those made by the US government and its allies leading to armed aggression.
Amnesty International’s involvement in Thailand’s internal affairs and its rush to defend US-funded agitators is simply another set of foreign fingerprints left on the protests themselves.

This should further undermine the legitimacy of the protests and have the Thai government – if not ban these foreign organizations altogether – revise NGO laws to clearly establish for the public who funds them, who they are funding inside of Thailand, and have “activists” and “journalists” receiving these funds re-register themselves as foreign agents and lobbyists.

Thus these organizations will still have the “freedom” to express themselves – but afford the Thai public the same transparency these organizations dishonestly demand of the Thai government while hypocritically failing to exhibit themselves.