Standing on The Edge of The Abyss with Green Builder Matthew Stein 1/5

Standing on The Edge of The Abyss with Green Builder Matthew Stein 1/5

Alex Broadcasts from the road on this Tuesday, February 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Today's guest is best selling author, engineer, designer, and green builder Matthew…

Twitter Goes Back To The Future With Mobile App Update, ‘#Discover’ Still Just As Useless

Twitter has just launched a new app refresh for its mobile apps in Android and iOS, as well as expanded its offerings to the Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble NOOK and NOOK color.

Returning to the iOS and Android apps is the ability to swipe ind…

5 tips for road-tripping on the cheap

Chances are the day you could hop in the car with a box of Cheezits and call yourself prepared are long gone, but just because the kids insist on sleeping somewhere other than the car and your doctor insists on you eating something other than Che…

Bottlenose 2.0: Taming The “Share-pocalypse” With A Smarter Social Media Dashboard

There’s a lot of noise in our social media channels. I’m busy clogging up your Twitter feed with my deep thoughts, your friends are sharing their millionth baby picture on Facebook, and Scoble is filming startups in your living room on Google+. There i…

How Many Different Ways Can the Same iPad 3 Rumors Be Reblogged?

We know. You’re excited about the iPad 3. We are too. And so is just about everyone else who follows consumer tech hardware. Rumors about Apple’s upcoming tablet have been pouring in for months, and we’ve been following them just like everyone else.

U.N. experts leave Iran; no nuke deal

Two days of talks with Iran have failed to produce agreement on how to verify that Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced Tuesday.

Apache Web Server Gets First Facelift in 6 Years

The world’s most popular web server just got a facelift. On Tuesday, for the first time in over six years, the Apache Software Foundation unveiled a new version of its eponymous web server, which runs an estimated 398 million sites across the net.