Oracle Turbocharges MySQL Database

Oracle said it’s made MySQL 70 times faster than previous versions. The new MySQL Cluster 7.2 database can now do 1.05 billion reads per minute, according to Oracle’s benchmarks.

Officials try to speed Houston toxicology

Investigators looking into the death of singer Whitney Houston are contacting doctors and pharmacies across the country for information on her prescription drug use, trying to determine whether it played a role in her death last week at the age of 48.

Goldman Sachs Code-Theft Conviction Reversed

A federal appeals court on Friday reversed the conviction of a former Goldman Sachs programmer sentenced to eight years for stealing the bank?s high-speed trading software.

The State Department Lies With Its Satellite Pictures Of Syria – No Artillery “Deployed”

Analysis of the State Departments satellite pictures, which were promoted by news agencies and various papers, clearly shows that these pictures of artillery guns “operational deployed against XYZ” were all taken of guns training within military barrac…

Iran-Israel Shadow War Spreads to Asia

Incredibly it hasn’t occurred to journalists in the employ of the corporate media yet. Or perhaps they know but they’re just not saying. Either way no Israeli was killed in any of the three attacks on Israeli targets in Asia this week, even though …

Exclusive: Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Was Fired!

Exclusive: Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Was Fired!

Alex Jones reporting from headquarters. After holding my tongue for a week, it is time to expose why Napolitano was unceremoniously fired from Fox News.

A Depressed World Economy is Here To Stay: Bob Chapman Reports 2/3

A Depressed World Economy is Here To Stay: Bob Chapman Reports 2/3

By decree, by the privately owned Federal Reserve, zero interest rates are here to stay. You do not get to borrow at those rates, only the member banks do. In the latest currency swa…